POFMA - You Will Never Be Fair

POFMA - You Will Never Be Fair

Water here and water there,
Surrounded by water everywhere;
Yet not a single drop to spare.

POFMA here and POFMA there,
PORMA, PORMA everywhere;
Yet not a single heart to spare.

Correction Order here and Correction Order there,
Correction makes bare, "false" makes good;
Someone somehow shot her own foot.

POFMA, POFMA, what are you?
Are you a vicious weapon new,
To serve not the majority but a few?

You make fake so real
And real so fake
Looks like confusion is our fate?

POFMA, POFMA, who are you?
Are you a notorious few who knew
But hide the facts in order to confuse?

Fair is foul and foul is fair,
No matter what, nothing is fair!
POFMA, POFMA, as long as you're there!

FOG - 16 Dec 2019

I just have to post this beautiful poem in the main column. Thank you Frog Outside Glass


Anonymous said...

It's my pleasure, RB.

Anonymous said...

Frog u r a genius, what a Brilliant Masterpiece of POETRY, who says Sinkieland got no talent?

Anonymous said...

Woa even use Google translate to Chinese also lagi best ah! Read this :
POFMA-您将永远不公平 POFMA-您将永远不公平 这里有水,那里有水, 到处都是水; 然而,没有一滴空余。 这里的POFMA和那里的POFMA, PORMA,到处都是PORMA; 然而,没有一颗心可以腾出。 这里的更正命令和那里的更正命令, 矫正使光秃秃,“假”使无害。 有人以某种方式投下了自己的脚。 POFMA,POFMA,你是什么? 您是新的恶性武器吗? 服务不是大多数,而是几个? 你真假 真假 看起来混乱是我们的命运吗? POFMA,POFMA,你是谁? 你是一个臭名昭著的少数知道吗 但是为了掩盖事实掩盖事实? 公平是犯规,犯规是公平的, 无论如何,没有什么是公平的! POFMA,POFMA,只要您在那里!

FOG ~ 您是超赞啊!

Speedwing said...

Hello Frog, Thanks. Great Poem. Enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Frog u are damn good but just be careful

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, there are now 4 POFMA Correction Directives issued by various Ministries. Would those having received POFMA Correction Directive be able to stand as candidates on the coming GE? Or will they be barred.

Anonymous said...

The Devil’s in the Details

Both the law and power
are at your discretion.
Using both is no crime
Except for your obsession.
I write poems all the time –
an open confession.

Depending upon the time of day,
My inspirations ebb and flow.
The challenge of law’s a delight
To think about justice for the lay.
From an innocent child starting to grow
To a retiree who can laze, ponder and write.

At dawn, when it's still dark and unclear,
You’ll find me jogging with torch light lit.
At dusk, when the day's near its end,
You'll find me writing without hope nor fear.
At night, sitting in mediation is my habit,
Except during holiday and week-end.

The devil you cannot blame,
My muse you cannot thank,
When neither glory nor fame
Appears in my memory bank.
Yet my efforts are less lame
If our collective mind is not blank.

FOG - 16 December, 2019.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Frog, will put this up tomoro. You are very talented.