Genocide did not happen in America?

The Nobel Peace Laureate defended Myanmar’s military crackdown against the Rohingya in August 2017. She told the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) her government was faced with an “internal conflict” and the military was called in to carry out a “clearance operation”.

Clearance operation or otherwise, she represented the military at ICJ whose operation that August had led to some 740,000 Rohingya fleeing neighbouring Bangladesh.

She said there was no genocide as alleged by the mostly Muslim Gambia lawyers who have brought the case to ICJ. It is said that ICJ will take a few years to come to a decision.

In any event, “Geno” means race or tribe and “cide” means to kill or exterminate. It is thus an extermination of a tribe or race like the Holocaust or the Tutsi slaughter. So, does the Rohingya qualify? Is it really an internal conflict?

The above are written by Michael Han in a post in the TRE in praising the Aung Sang Suu Kyi for her defence of her govt in their treatment of the Rohingyas. The West, masterminded by the Americans, are desperately trying to bring her govt down for not wanting to be the colony of the American Empire. After pushing her for a Nobel Prize, the Americans were disappointed that being a nationalist, she would think first for the good of her country and not the good of the American Empire. Now the Americans want to remove her from her office.

What is glaring in the above comment by Michael Han is the statement on genocide. Genocide is the wiping out or termination of a race or tribe. The Holocaust did not wipe out the Jews. The Tutsi slaughter too did not wipe out the Tutsi though came near to its definition with 800,000 Tutsi death in 100 days.

There is only one incident that befitted this definition of genocide, the wiping out of a race or a tribe. This was conducted by the white Europeans against the native Americans that occupied North America, their homeland. There were more than a 100m of them alive but now gone. Many tribes totally disappeared forever from the surface of the earth. That was genocide of continental scale. But the Americans and the Europeans would not want to mention it, not want to be reminded of it. The Asians, and Africans, fed by a diet of western media that would not want to report about this crime against humanity, would not  know. Even if they know, they would not want to speak about it as it is politically incorrect to talk about the crimes of 'white angels' they so admired and adored as the saviour of humankind, the protectors of human rights.

So, to many people, there is no genocide in North America. They did not know, did not want to know, but happily aping the Americans and the West to accuse other Asian and African countries of genocide. And if you remind them of this genocide, they would utter in shock disbelief, where got? And if shown the facts, they would get angry as it is against their belief, white people are angels, cannot be devils, cannot be that evil. They chose to believe in their belief, like believing in a religion.

Stupidity has no cure among the Asians and Africans. Your education is futile if one cannot tell truth from lies, cannot accept facts and chooses to accept facts selectively to appease one's belief.


Anonymous said...

The Universal law of Cause and Effect (or Karma) shall be on all these people. For if one who violated the "Thou shall not kill" universal law one shall be punished, so let the Universal Law plays it's part.

Anonymous said...

In the world of propaganda and indoctrination, even during pre-Christians time, suppression, distortion, disinformation and misinformation are the key weapons used to "educate" the locals after "peace" and "independence" have been accomplished through mass massacres and almost total annihilation of a race, tribe or population. This waa, has been and still is the modus operandi of most governments, especially amongst the barbaric and atrocious White Supremacist Races from Europe (including UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand now, because the European Whites have spread to these places.)

Commonwealth countries that have achieved "independence" from the British Empire usually adopt the British System of governance, administration, law and education. As such, the local governments continue to use British methods of indoctrination and adopt British propaganda through the use of Western history, geography, literature and religious books in their schools to brain-wash their young children, in order to instil a common believe - the belief of the Western Supreme Power or God.

So much so, even today, some silly, deeply brain-washed, highly educated leaders are so happy to spend millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the British Rule in their "independent" country. Shameful to call a spade a spade, various silly reasons are being spread in order to hide the fact of their stupidity!

How can one stupidity hide another stupidity?

Likewise, the Evil American Empire today is also using one stupidity to hide another stupidity - accusing others of a crime which they themselves have done, in order to cover-up and hope that the rest of the world are so blind, deaf and stupid that nobody will know their intent.

Therefore, all who have come under such system of indoctrination and propaganda must wake up now! Protect and educate your own children from the distortion of historical and political information!

Anonymous said...

The same people who helped PAP to rise can also help to make the PAP fall, if there is an urgent need to, it will happen.

Some may say it is too late. This kind of belief is too amateurish and naive. Nothing is permanent in this world. No political parties in the world has so far lasted more than 70 years in power without break.

Those who want to influence the majority to believe that PAP is the only exception, they must have their own head examined by a psychiatrist as early as possible.

Anonymous said...

Many have rotted or turned into ashes not knowing what they forestalled for their successors.
The Remaining are indifferent, dementiated or as said; living in remorse and regret. A handful are making repentances. Wish them the Best and Success. So, their eyes can close and rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

The US and the West wanted to wean Myanmar away from China and adopt democratic rule so that they can play their dirty game. Under military rule, there was no way the West can successfully destabilise Myanmar and invoke a rebellion. Hence the eagerness of the West to put Aung San Siu Kyi into power, hoping to capitalise on that. They even saw it fitting to bestow the Nobel Prize on her. But it turned out that she was more nationalistic than they thought, and she cared more for her country than pander to the West.

The hypocritical US and the West cares not for any country nor it's people. All the human rights talk is bullshit which the US has no moral authority to preach to others. Sanctions on any country alone is against human rights and trying to change a regime legitimately elected by it's own people, like Venezuela, is against human decency.

Notice the evil bully now taking a soft stance against North Korea? Kim will never get rid of his nuclear arsenal, which his father and grandfather have fought for for three generations. He is even giving Trump his ultimatum of ceasing all talks and the US is almost begging Kim to negotiate.

That North Korea can still go nuclear, despite all the decades of sanctions says a lot about their tenacity and why Trumps threat against North Korea now holds no water. And with Russia and China at it's backyard, the US can continue to put more sanctions to make the North Koreans even more determined to fast track their nuclear missile programme.