USA - A Rogue State & CIA A Terrorist Organistion: PART TWO

     CIA is the terrorist arm of the United States. Criminal acts and atrocities carry out by CIA include narcotic and drug smuggling and trading, kidnapping, murders, killings and assassinations. Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, CIA has carried out myriads of criminal acts of terrorism involving assassinations, regime change or overthrowing of states which do not listen or obey US dictates, organising and instigating turmoil, riots and public disorders, arson and destruction of public properties.

CIA assassinations of heads of foreign governments and other dignitaries are carried out with the motive to topple governments for regime change. Murders most foul were carried out by CIA secret agents in cahoot with local US lackeys and army turncoats under the direct command of US president.

There are too many countless assassinations to narrate but suffice here to describe only a few of them. Under the order of the US president, CIA would prepare lists of foreign personnels to be assassinated  Very often CIA has no qualms in killing tens or hundreds of other innocent lives though when only one victim is targeted for CIA just callously brushed it aside as collateral or incidental death.

One of the earliest victims assassinated by CIA was a Korean opposition leader Kim Koo. He was murdered in 1949.

CIA made several attempts to assassinate China's Premier Zhou En Lai in the 1950s. In 1954 Premier Zhou was going to Banlong, Indonesia to attend the Afro-Asian Conference whereby all presidents and Prime Ministers of Africa and Asia were scheduled to meet. The plane in Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport in which Premier Zhou was supposed to fly to Banlong was planted with a timing device bomb. The plane exploded in mid-flight. Fortunately at the last minute Premier Zhou changed flight and took another plane and so he survived. Hong Kong was then under the dictatorship of the British colonial government, a strong ally of United States. CIA had colluded with the British to plant the bomb.

In the 1950s and early 1960s CIA made several assassination attempts on President Sukarno of Indonesia whom the United States accused of being a leftist or socialist and of having too close a relationship with Russia and China. So far all these attempts failed. But however, in 1963 CIA managed to infiltrate into Sukarno's military establishment and staged a military coup in which General Suharto put President Sukarno under house arrest. The coup culminated in Suharto's military and secret police arresting and killing of over three million Indonesians whom CIA suspected of being communists or leftist socialists or communist sympathisers. Lists of names of those targeted victims were provided by the United States embassy via CIA.  One of those killed as ordered by CIA was Dr. Subanrio the foreign minister of President Sukarno.

In 1961 President Patrice Lumumba the democratically elected president of the Republic of Congo  was assassinated by CIA  agents who fired at his plane with missiles while it was preparing to land at the airport. The assassination was ordered by President Eisenhower because Lumumba was considered a leftist socialist. Lumumba had very strong public support and so CIA could not immediately install its man. Thus the Republic of Congo was plunged into choas and turmoil for many years.

From 1959 to 1969 CIA carried out several assassination attempts on Prince Norodom Sihanouk leader of Cambodia for refusing to let America use the territory of Cambodia in its war on Vietnam. However, in 1970 due to to the treachery of Lon Nol , a senior general in Sihanouk's army, Sihanouk was overthrown and CIA installed Lon Nol as a US puppet president. Prince Sihanouk escaped the assassination and sought refuge in  Beijing. 

In 1954, CIA overthrew the democratically elected president Jacob Arbenz of Guatemala in Central America in a military coup. Arbenz wanted to nationalize the Rockefeller owned  United Fruit Company which illegally occupied thousands of hectares of Guatemala's land and in which Allen Dulles the then United Secretary of State Allen Dulles was a partner. Arbenz was overthrown by CIA-backed generals who then ruled Guatemala as right wing dictators whose blood thirsty policies resulted in the killing of over a hundred thousand Guatemalans in the next few decades.Rockefeller and Allen Dulles had deprived the impoverished Guatemalans of their lands. The poor Guatemalans were then forced to work for the United Fruit Company with very meager pay. It must be remembered that this same company had in the 1890s occupied most of the fertile land and valleys in Hawaii resulting in Hawaiian resistance which culminated in the slaughter of over three hundred thousand Hawaiians and the lost of Hawaiian sovereignty and independence to the United States.

In Brazil in 1964, a CIA - backed coup overthrew the elected government of Joao Goulart. He was replaced by a CIA-backed junta which ruled Brazil for over 20 years. It was the most blood thirsty coup in the history of Brazil. General Castelo Bianco the head of the junta created Latin America's first death squad and secret police with the full knowledge and backing of CIA. Thousands of Brazillians mostly indigenous natives who were opposed to the junta were hunted down as communists or socialists and then tortured and killed after long gruelling interrogation. The death Squads and secret police of the junta were all trained by CIA .

In Chile, in 1973 CIA carried out one of the most brutal military coup against President Allende Salvador and replaced him with a murderous traitor General Augusto Pinochet. Allende was overthrown because he nationalised the copper mining industries and the International Telephone - ITT owned by US huge global corporations. Pinochet carried out a reign of terror through the death squad and secret police, all trained and supported by CIA. 
Thousands of Chileans and Allende's supporters were rounded up, tortured and shot. Hundreds of leftist Chileans escaped the brutal CIA supported massacre and went to Sweden. The Swedish prime minister Olof Palme gave asylum to many leftist socialist Chileans. This greatly offended CIA. Olof  Palme was labelled a socialist and in 1986 he and his wife were shot by CIA agents in a street in Central Stockholm.  

In the 1960s, CIA inspired and fomented political turmoil in Bolivia. Then in 1971 a CIA - backed military coup overthrew leftist president Juan Torres. In the next two years CIA-backed dictator Hugo Banzer arrested over two thousand political opponents without trial, had them tortured and then executed.

However, in 2005, Evo Morales a native indigenous Bolivian won the presidential election. He carried out a series of reforms and nationalised many foreign control companies mainly controlled by US corporations. His reforms benefitted the majority native Bolivians and he was successfully elected to the presidency four times from 2005 to 2019. However, he and his government was overthrown by a CIA-backed military coup in October 2019, led by a pro-America Jewish ethnic general. Morales and many of his ministers had to flee for their lives and sought refuge in Mexico in which they were given asylum.

In the immediate aftermath of the coup there were mass public protests and demonstrations against the coup in support of Morales. CIA-backed troops and helicopter gun ships hovered over the sky and shot thousands of demonstrators indiscriminately. The United States and CIA is guilty of the massacre of native Bolivians. Bolivia has now fallen under the rule of the white minority Spanish descendants which constitute only about thirty percent of the population.

In Venezuela CIA made several attempts to assassinate Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela from 2002 when he was first elected president. A coup and an attempt to kill Chavez failed in 2002. CIA constantly sponsored mercenaries in attempts to pull off coups against the Venezuelan government. Hugo Chavez was targeted for assassination because he nationalised the oil industry and refused to give in to US dictates and special interests and would not be cowed by US threats.

The list of CIA targeted foreign dignitaries and other high profile personnels for assassination goes on and on. Suffice here to just simply list below a few more of the targeted victims without having to go through a detail description of each case. They are as follows:

(1)Kim Il Sung Prime minister of DPRK, 1951.( 2.) Mohazmmed Mossadegh PM of Iran, 1953, (3) Gamal Abdul Nasser president of Egypt, 1957, (4.) General Abdul Kassem PM of Iraq 1960, (5) Jose Figures, president of Costa Rica 1950s to 1970s, a few attempts were made on his life. (6) Fidel Castro , President of Cuba 1960 to 1970.  Many attempts and plots on his life . (7) Charles de Gaule President of France 1965 - 1q966. Two attempts on his life for refusing to follow US dictates. (8) General Manuel Noriega President of Panama 1970 - 1981 (9) Michael Manley President of Jamaica 1976. (10) Muammar Gaddafi President of Libya 1980 to 1990 . Several attemptgs on his life. Finally killed  in 2011. (11) Ayatollah Khomeini President of Iran 1982. (12) Miguel d'Escoto Foreign Minister of Nicaragua 1983 . ( 13) Saddam Hussein President of Iraq 1991 to 2003. (14) Slobodon Milosevic 1999 , President of Yugoslavia .  (15) Che Guevara Cuban leader  1967. (16) General Ahmed Dlimi Moroccan army commander, 1983.

CIA schools for saboteurs and assassins use psychologists to induce servicemen who may not be naturally inclined to kill to do so under certain conditions. CIA also use convicted murderers who are released from military prisons to become assassins. The assassins attend courses to be trained on dehumanization of the enemy through special films showing enemies being killed and injured in violent ways to toughen their killing resolve.

Foreign leaders who are against the objectives of the United States foreign policies will definitely be targeted for assassination.

The question is will one day every other country be clamouring for the assassinations of the United States rogue and demonic terrorist leaders. The United States must be made to pay a price for its unprecedented evil permanent wars and brutal assassinations and killings of foreign world leaders and their citizens.


Monday, 16th December, 2019


Anonymous said...

Foreign leaders who are against the objectives of the United States foreign policies will definitely be targeted for assassination.

If that is true, then these foreign leaders need to be smart lah, in order to survive or even to remain in power.

If not ah, they will end up like the stupid Sinkie opposition leaders who kena "slaughtered" by PAP in every election.

Not only that, but also kena "POFMA" or bankrupted by PAP before election. LOL

Anonymous said...

The United States has historically been a terrorist state. It genocided the native American Indians and took away their lands to form the United States. Then it went on to attack Mexico and acquired more lands to expand the illegal state. Now The US thinks it can extend its clutches all around the whole world for control and hegemony under its imperialistic evil empire.

Anonymous said...

America is now in national decline with no way out. So it is resorting to using guns and weapons as a solution.

Anonymous said...

It genocided the native American Indians and took away their lands to form the United States.
10:25 am

Have to lah, if they want to form the United States.

Have to "POFMA" SDP lah, if PAP want to win big again coming election.

God made this world like that one lah, including the native American Indians being genocided, assuming what u claimed is true.

Anonymous said...

The terroristic behaviour of the Anglo-Saxon British Americans which dominated America's government and bellicose foreign policy is now substantially enhanced by the even more aggressive Jewish Zionist Americans who managed to plot and get themselves into positions of power in all the major important departments like the Foreign Office, Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, the Pentagon, CIA, Banking and Trade and Commerce. The Jews in charge of the Foreign Ministry adopted a very hawkish foreign policy which states that "Every competing country of US which includes the European Union is an 'Adversary' and these countries need to be kept in a subservient position relative to the United States. It states that US has to be a 'Exceptional Country' with superior power to every other country, federation of countries or union in the world. The Jewish Americans are even more evil and arrogant than white European Americans. They pose a great danger to world peace and security and should be kept in their place.

Anti-Jewish menace

Anonymous said...

The white Americans have brutalised the native Americans, the Mexicans and the Hawaiians. It has been britalising the whole world since the end of the Second World War. Is there no country to keep the evil empire in check. Yes, there is. The evil US will meet its nemesis when it doesn't know when to stop its aggression and terrorising of every other country on earth. The United States will soon meet its nemesis in it confrontation with Russia, China, Iran and DPRK.

Anonymous said...

How can the world have peace and security when every American leader and politician both past and present is a rogue, a crook, a ruffian, a gangster and scoundrel. The white American politicians abuse of human rights and double standard on Human Rights and Democracy is the root cause of their terrorism in this world. American relationship with others is built on dominance and violence. Of course when they do that others will reciprocate the same. The trouble is that white Americans think they have the capacity for absolute world dominance. This is a wet dream which not only heaven forbids but Russia and China will never allow.

Anonymous said...

CIA is not the only American terrorist organisation. However it is the main one for there are many others like NED - National Endowment For Democracy, CPI - Committee to protect journalists, Rappier - a US media front and FBI. In fact all the overseas American embassies are rich grounds swarmed with terrorists officers couched in false decency with cloaks and ties and brief cases where saboteur documents and electronic gadgets are hidden.

Anonymous said...

CIA is not the only American terrorist organisation. However it is the main one for there are many others like NED - National Endowment For Democracy...
12:12 pm

Chee Soon Juan is the Chairman of the Asian Alliance for Reforms and Democracy,[67] and has been engaged by the National Endowment for Democracy.[68]

Wah lau eh, Chee Soon Juan also linked to CIA?

No wonder PAP want to tekan him jialat jialat and smart voters also reject him.

Anonymous said...

REF Anonymous 12:34 :

Any one who works with CIA or NED must be treated
treated with contempt and derision. Don't they know CIA and NED are American terrorist cancer cells planted in countries in which America earmarked for destruction and regime change. Look at what havoc CIA and NED did in Hong Kong,Venezuela, Bolivia, Libya, Syria and many other Latin American countries. If you and your party are involved with CIA or NED to galvanize your struggle for power then you must be destroyed first for you are bringing a destructive Trojan Horse to destroy your own country. In the end what do you gain except becoming a contemptible powerless puppet of the god damned evil Americans. By all means fight for power with all your might and intelligence to right the wrong but never engage with the demons in the American spy and espionage agencies the CIA and NED.

Destroy the CIA,NED and all other American spy and espionage agencies for the peace and security of this world.