She’s practically asking for it? Do Singaporeans subscribe to rape myths?

'In 2017, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reported 32,559 rape cases, amounting to nearly 90 a day across the whole of India. This was 30.7 per cent more than the cases reported in 2012.

This and other cases have dubiously propelled the capital city New Delhi as the “rape capital” of the world.'


The above is quoted from a report in CNA on the rape situation in India. After the notorious rape, beating and killing of an Indian undergraduate, it was reported that the situation is barely changed, or the same after 7 years on the road back to normal. India has since earned the reputation of being the Rape City of the world. 


This rape problem is a result of the mindset, that the girls deserve it, ask for it. With such an attitude among the men, even those in authority, the rape victims often ended as victims a second time in the hands of the police and authority for asking to be raped. The rape victims are to be blamed. The men rapists often got away scot free.


With the presence of several million foreigners here and many hundreds of thousands from the Rape City country, is Singapore also asking for it? The rare incidents of rape in Singapore is thus a strange phenomenon with their overwhelming presence. Is because the foreigners changed and became less rapists, or is it because rape is under reported? No one should try to shout that Singapore is turning into another rapist country as the crime data did not say so. The most prevalent crimes are the perverts taking underskirt pictures of women with their mobile phones.


The rape statistics in Singapore is saying that Singapore is still one of the safest place to live and rape is not a common problem. I have offered a possible reason in my past postings that Singapore has stumbled into a secret formula to stop rapists from their basic wild instinct. It is Newater, or shit water. This water is not available in other countries, not in Rape City country, only in Singapore. The clever statisticians and researchers may be able to put up a report with the finding in the correlation between drinking shit water and low rape cases. The more they drink the lower the desire for rape. This could turn not only into a new scientific discovery but also very good advertisement for Newater.


There is no other good reason to explain this extraordinary phenomenon that potential rapists have turned into law abiding decent men. A leopard does not change its spot, or does it? Or could there be other reasons, like Geylang or the huge presence of willing partners?


Anonymous said...

Maybe another reasons for low crime rate in this little island is tat there r many CCTV in every corners of this tiny island city, many security guards, many plain clothes G agencies/volunteers running around as spies in disguise, so it makes a potential criminal think thrice before it game on the system lah, these criminals can take risks but once get caught their buttocks will kena peechaad.

Anonymous said...

Due to the huge presence of willing foreign maids, the rape threat was somewhat neutralized.

Virgo 49 said...

Just like I said.

Rapists firstly caned in Public on Sinkieland style of rotan Cannings.
Not their school children Cannings or goading their cows or crowds control by their overweight tummies reaching the grounds police Chaik liao bees.

My boy in Sec one were brought to the Prisons Resorts and witnessed the rottan Cannings on their dummies.

Come out all knees buckled.

Then part II. No medications whether faint or not and leave for the flies and leeches to lick their buttocks and backs.

One week later also in public just hang them till they are motionless.

One percent no rape reports. Chickens slaughtered in public,monkeys hide and pee and shits.

Sinkieland less crimes is because of the harsh punishments not the CCTV cameras.

LKY gave you KY. The male Chauvinistic lndians are themselves the Chee Koo gangs that why they don't enforce the punishments on themselves

Virgo 49 said...

Should be 100 percent no rape reports

Anonymous said...

Wrong it's under reported or covered up as some cases settle out of court via mediation , victims diam diam till wake up later & dunno monies settled outside.

Anonymous said...

70% voted for PAP
- Singaporeans are practically asking for it
- to be see higher taxes and even more taxes (not rape)

A vote for PAP is a vote for more taxes and less money in our bank account.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

The taxes will keep increasing until Lee Hsien Loong dies.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

How many of the 2.5 million foreigners in Singapore are potential white-collar cheats, con-men, criminals and rapists?

Does ICA and MHA know?

Anonymous said...

They don't care until someone in their family kena raped.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland got rotan for convicted rapists lah, that's why Rape city talents in Sinkieland dare not rape.

So not to worry, PAP knows how to deal with these Rape city talents who dare to commit rape.

That's why so few rape cases as compared to Rape city lah, thanks to the rotan which make these potential rapists become cowards.

This is also one reason why PAP always win elections, despite so many Rape city talents in Sinkieland.

Majority Sinkies trust PAP will make Sinkieland very safe for their wives, sisters and daughters. So they vote for PAP to win big.

Anonymous said...

In THE Land Of Karma Sutra (LOKS), the rapists are heros; but those being rape (victims) are offenders.

In the LOKS's corrupted leaders' minds, wine, women and wealth are their prime-time pre-occupations. To these animal-worshippers, carnal pleasures are supreme and all other things are secondary.

That's why, instead of reducing their population like all progressive countries are doing, MODi Gov policy is to increase LOKS's population to exceed China's.

From there, anyone should know what direction LOKS is heading.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 10.37am good morning....

So..... what is your prediction for pap at the next GE? .........% ......... seats.

Anonymous said...

Political Parody

One possibility.
PAP wins by 70% majority vote.
And then Lee Hsien Loong dies the next day.

So good and bad news for PAP.

Anonymous said...

So..... what is your prediction for pap at the next GE? .........% ......... seats.
10:44 am

Seriously speaking and no TCSS, I think

#1 PAP will win Aljunied GRC.

#2 TCB may win or lose marginally like in PE 2011.

#3 PAP will only lose Hougang, and only marginally, assuming Hougang is still around.

#4 Overall PAP will still get more than 90% seats and between 60-70% votes.

#5 And of course CSJ and the rest will lose again for sure.

However, the above is on the assumption that the Sinkie opposition did not announce that they are ready to be govt.

But if the opposition announce that they are ready to be govt as a coalition and with TCB as PM and also together contest 100% seats, then PAP will lose its 2/3 majority in Parliament or even lose the election altogether. Then we will have Sinkie Harapan.

And again I repeat, seriously speaking.

Anonymous said...

When Heaven intervene everything is possible, so next election oppo Harapan win 51% of parliamentary seats & next PM is Dr Tan Cheng Bock, LHL & its lackeys lost & be sue till pants down ( ah low, ah lian & ah Singh court case closed), Sg Harapan takes effect for a Sg first policy begins..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha ���� Hahahahaha....

Crystal-ball Expert said...

All who wish PAP to lose, two words: FAT HOPE!

U tell you why:

1. Always Pro-Government (symbiotic relationship and synonymous with Pro-PAP) voters comprise 20% of voters - those who work for the Civil Service, Admin Service, Temasek Holdings and subsidiaries, GLCs, GIC, SAF, Police, Civil Defense, NTUC and subsidiaries, Statutory Boards, Ministries, Judiciary, Security and Intelligence Services and Bankers, AND THEIR FAMILIES

2.The remaining 80% comprise 38% men and 42% women. Almost all the 42% women will vote for PAP.

Therefore, 20+42 = 62% pro-PAP voters, almost fixed for every election, with a standard deviation of +/- 5%.

The left-over of 38% voters comprise of 25-30% hardcore anti-PAP voters and 8-13% fence-sitters or swing-voters.
Let's say all the 38% voters voted for Oppo, the net result is PAP still win with 62%.

Let's further deduct 5% deviation from 62%, PAP will still get 57% of total votes.

So, no matter how, PAP will WIN.
Unless, suddenly, half the women voters turned against the PAP. That means a loss of 21% for PAP, resulting with 36% only

Therefore, OPPO MUST TARGET THE WOMEN VOTERS. Convert at leadt 10% of WOMEN VOTERS to your side!

Anonymous said...

Nowadays warning and advisory on molest are plastered all over MRT and bus stations when before there was no need for them. Any correlation with the influx of foreigners flooding in, mainly from the No.1 rape country?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1209pm

Soon the opposition parties will headhunt you as their election strategist!

Can consider the offer...

Anonymous said...

Do you think rape is correlated with votes for PAP?

The more we vote for PAP.
The more PAP will be encouraged to issue citizenship and work permits to foreigners.

More foreigners means more rape cases.

Therefore a vote for PAP is a vote to increase the chance that your wife or daughter will be raped.

Anonymous said...

The molest warning messages posted on buses and MRTs are perhaps testimony to what the wholesale import of foreigners have given rise to. The message now is not that ladies have not been warned. But the message is, we have taken the trouble to warn you, so it is your responsibility to safeguard yourself. Smart advertising isn't it?

But as you can see, some humans are worst than animals. No human sensibilities, no compassion, just plain animal behaviour, looking for a meal at other's expense and misery. At least animals have their hunger satisfaction level, but the human greed is insatiable!

Anonymous said...

Indian woman brutally raped and had metal pole inserted into private parts was air-lifted from Delhi to Singapore's Mount Elizabeth.

But Filipino maids seriously injured at Lucky Plaza PHV accident (driver 64-yr old, cannot withdraw CPF) was ambulance-lifted to TTSH!


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon..the male Indians are in cahoots raping their women.

That's why they have NO wills to punish their kind.

Thus so many rape cases.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...hah Hahahahah...

Anonymous said...

The Penalties meted out to sexual offenders had been mild and light. Some were even praised to be from decent family, others were claimed by the Presiding Judges to be talented and prepared to change for the Good and Whatever Other Fanciful Reasons they can cooked up.
they may ape the lndia Court in their judgements and Sin can be as famous as lndia for Rape.

Be prepared.

Talking Cock About Cocks said...

In reality, humans are worse than animals. Animals' desires are only confined to food and sex, which are restrained to seasonal needs. Human desires are unlimited and unrestrained.

Some playboys whose fathers or mothers, grandfathers or grannies, are filthy rich and/or powerful (thereby also brought up spoilt brats, usually looked after by maids or nannies) simply went around having raping sprees almost every weekend, and when caught or arrested by the Police, would never have to reach the judges and courts at all. Before charges were filed by the prosecutors, phone calls would fly and money would change hands.

Then mysteriously or miraculously, the charges were dropped! Investigators closed their files. Police went back to routine mundane duties. The victims and their parents were either paid or threatened to keep quiet by the police or the rapists' henchmen and hatched-men.

Gang-rapes are very frequent and brutal. The sex fiends and beasts usually have connections to or are members of the underworld gangs that live off prostitution, drugs, gambling, robberies, fake beggars syndication and crimes (such as assassinations and kidnappings). These are professional rapists who used drugs, threats, money or sexual abuses, or a combination of all those, to lure, coerce, intimidate and force young girls from poor background (usually uneducated) into prostitution and small-time drug distributors. Those better educated girls are usually made to con or drug customers in bars, night spots, drinking joints and gambling dens, so that the gangs can easily con or rob them.

Such criminal activities (even ISIS members have adopted as a tactic to recruit members and supporters into their organisations) are rampant everywhere, not necessarily in India, though they are more widespread and notorious in India (mainly due to the easily corruptible officials and their ways of doing business).

Third world countries, where corruption has become part of the country's culture or the way of life, are natural breeding grounds for hard-core criminals and rapists. Even advanced countries such as USA, UK, EU, Canada and Australia are also not devoid of such hardcore beastly criminals.

Sometimes, the law-enforcers (police, investigators, prosecutors, judges, juries, lawyers, law-makers, parliamentarians and royalties) are the ones who commit the crimes, accessories to, or supporters of such crimes, due to various reasons known to themselves.

It may take another 500 years before humans are properly tamed (by AI robotics)! Or never will?

Anonymous said...

@ 10.04pm

You are a fucking PAP IB

Anonymous said...

@ 1158 pm above,

Yes, I enjoy fucking you. Don't be so shamelessly telling everyone here lah.

But no, I don't belong to PAP nor have I to earn the miserable few dollars per post in order to survive.

And I don't even have to work any more, because I spend all my time fucking you until your brain has become so dump and stupid that you can't even distinguish between a PAP IB and others! LOL!

Next time, when you got fucked again, be more discrete lah. Don't announce to the whole world leh.

Dump Ass!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 7.59

Now already aping the Indians.Or is the farking judges also displaced by them.

So many modesty cases also probations and also suspension.

WTF? Because the Elites will always side their own.

MOT until their grandmothers, wives and daughters kena brutally raped and killed then they will wake up.

See now even young punks molested old grannies and aunties.

Hello, LKY have you risen from your grave?

imho said...

Maybe special hormones in the water can make them suffer from EDS.