Wild allegations by an Australian wildlife

China is seeking to "take over" Australia's political system with an "insidious" and systematic campaign of espionage and influence-peddling, Canberra's ex-spymaster said in an interview published Friday.

Duncan Lewis, who resigned in September after five years at the head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), said China could target anyone in political office, with the impact potentially not known for years to come.

"Espionage and foreign interference is insidious. Its effects might not present for decades and by that time it's too late," Lewis was quoted as telling the Sydney Morning Herald in his first interview since leaving office.

"You wake up one day and find decisions made in our country that are not in the interests of our country," he said.

"Not only in politics but also in the community or in business. It takes over, basically, pulling the strings from offshore," he added in the interview with the newspaper's foreign editor.

Lewis singled out incidents of Chinese agents making large contributions to Australian political parties as part of a wide-ranging influence-peddling campaign that also targeted media and the country's universities.

"It's quite clear to me that any person in political office is potentially a target. I'm not trying to create paranoia, but there does need to be a level of sensible awareness," he said.

The former spy chief said the help of Australia's large ethnic Chinese community was "vital in the work against foreign covert influence" much like Muslim-Australians who have aided in the fight against terrorism....

The above AFP article is reported in Yahoo News.  This kind of insidious articles to attack and badmouth China is nothing new. All western media is practising this, China is evil and the enemy. The truth, what China did is only following what they have been doing for centuries across the world, to colonise and control the world. Every Asian, African and Latin American countries are victims to such insidious attacks by the West, and they are crying wolf.  

The ability for China to influence a white racist country is as good as zero. The white racist and supremacists are in charge in Australia and would not all it. The few immigrant Chinese can do nothing about it.

The threat that this wildlife is harping about is more real in Singapore. Singapore would not be influenced or taken over by China or it would have been done years ago. There are too many anti China bananas in Singapore that hate China more than the whites and would see China and mainland Chinese as their enemies. They have been attacking China in many ways and more vicious than the whites against China.

Though Singapore may not be a victim of China, it could easily fall victims to others with their gullible leaders and daft citizens. Like what this wildlife said, 

'"Espionage and foreign interference is insidious. Its effects might not present for decades and by that time it's too late,"...

"You wake up one day and find decisions made in our country that are not in the interests of our country," he said.'

This day is near. There are all the signs that Singapore no longer belongs to Singaporeans and has been long taken over by foreigners. Only the last nail of the coffin is waiting to be slammed in to finish the job.

PS. Going to the stadium now.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


@ all

A few things are patently wrong with this MSM-sourced article.

1. The CCP and the Chinese people should never be CONFLATED into "one entity" because you will get spurious arguments. The Chinese people are cool, the CCP is decidedly UNcool. The CCP has a stellar record of screwing their own citizens who do not "stay in their respective lanes" the CCP edicts. If you are Falun Gongor an Uighur, or a dissident, or get caugh ton "social credit camera"....watch the fuck out!...Because your life could change in an INSTANT. The CCP will fry your ass!πŸ”₯⚰️☠️

2. China's unelected dictatorship, The CCP has already deployed its "influence" into the Australian political, educational and financial systems. As usual, our "spies" and the MSM---both institutions supposedly tasked with protecting the cuntry, have been asleep at the wheel.

I am the least surprised. If you've been paying attention, the CCP is hell-bent on proving to all-mankind that their "system" national success" is far superior to anything our species has come up with so far, and so the ends will ALWAYS justify the means.

The CCP "model" is heavily influenced by the Singapore model of global arse-kickery. You take a "switched on" AUTHORITARIAN regime, you subdue the people and tell them "the govt knows what is best for you", and then you just DELIVER THE GOODIES IN SPADES, so that people---who have given up huge chunks of their civil liberties and individual freedoms now become your best supporters. Anytime there is criticism against your dictatorial style, your people will come to the fore and say:

"You can criticise all you like, but look, this system works! We are getting wealthier!". And of course, there is a lot of truth in that claim....BUT it doesn't tell the WHOLE STORY...it leaves out the "negative facts" and just over-emphasises the "good stuff".

I'm not saying "West good, China bad" or vice versa. In fact, my contention is that western society has been in steady decline since the 1960's. If America did not have its US Dollar as the world's reserve currency...their Fed being the lender, buyer and seller of last resort...the USA would have collapsed into a pile of shit long ago.

Western society's democracy has lost the plot. What started off as a system built on "Govt For The People By The People" is totally broken, because the people have compromised their values and elected ARSEHOLES into office. Because politics is a consequence of CULTURE, as the culture gets flushed down a clogged toilet, the politics soon follow.

Nearly every western (fake and broken) democracy is now experiencing VIOLENT PROTESTS as more and more arsed-fucked citizens awaken from their delusion and FIGHT their elected governments. But a truth is always a truth: The People Get The Government They Deserve. It might be too late to save western democratic societies. They are broke, people and govts are in debt, people have no jobs....and the rich are just getting RICHER at a rate unknown previously.

So when people bad-mouth China and say "They are taking us over!!", I respond "Why wouldn't they? Our govts have sold us out, they are INEPT and LAZY, and DISHONEST...just like the fuckers who voted them in!! 🍻πŸ₯‚

What to do?

The answer to that question is to be an individual. If you follow the crowd, you will end up like the crowd.

Since you cannot control the things you cannot control...like politics or other people's thinking and actions, you have to act and think INDEPENDENTLY.

For me, I look at the situation and have decided I will be AMORAL and seek profit and opportunity. I cannot control a dictatorship...but I can TAKE ADVANTAGE of their policies and the impact of those policies on the markets.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Everything which happens---good and evil---eventually FLOWS THROUGH capital markets.


Because capital markets are a CLEARING MECHANISM for INFORMATION and HUMAN ACTION. Everything done by govts, corporations and individuals require PHYSICAL RESOURCES, and they are priced in the markets.

So the CCP can be as good or evil as they like. I could care less. I'm more interested in formulating hypotheses so I can MAKE A FUCKING BUCK. Same goes for the fucked-up western demo-crazy govts and their sheeple: "How to formulate a trade? Where is the price discovery? Why is the price discovered?"

Markets are more than just making money. Those who like markets often have a need to "explore and express INTELLECTUALLY-BASED theories". It is difficult, you will lose, but win if your losses are kept small. You can go long, or short, or trade derivatives, or even CREATE derivatives to sell to others...so many ways to make (and lose) money. πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Tat Chinese who spoke to Aussies r a Hogwash , untrue & malice chap whose than the Chimps in Planent of the Apes movie alike.

Anonymous said...

Today's ST article "China’s growing business presence in Singapore" has a sub-heading "MORE CHINESE MONEY, MORE CHINESE RESIDENTS".

It went on to say many Chinese have taken up citizenship. By end-2010 – the latest statistics available – there were 175,155 new citizens and permanent residents from China, including Hong Kong and Macau, according to the Department of Statistics.

But ordinary Singaporeans are at the moment more concerned with CECA and we want to know the India nationals numbers.

Also note that the latest available statistics is end-2010.

What happened after 2010?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Life now, in Singapore

1. I think OPEN BORDERS rocks🍻πŸ₯‚πŸ’²πŸ’²....but apparently there are people who disagree! 😜

2. "Reality TV" about 6 FUCK WITS living in Singapore.

Many Singaporeans hated this show. Good. I stand with them.

"Reality TV" is the biggest piece of bullshit out there. It proves that with savvy editing, cut-and-paste, you can produce any piece of shit narrative you like.

The people featured in this show are CERTIFIED ARSEHOLES and should be deported to somewhere in Malaysia, Borneo or Indonesia where there are still headhunters.

The women depicted all think their chibais are made of 24-carart gold lah. 🍌🐟🐟 (wah see bay chao!)

In the over-40 years I've live away, I stil don't slang slang like a FAKE MAT SALEH. I will proudly speak Singlish. These shameful motherfuckers do not speak Singlish.

Majullah 姦恁老母ζ’₯膣屄!!

Anonymous said...

Espionage As Old As Prostitution

Since time immemorial, when greed for power to have control over another person or tribe, spying started. It is as old as prostitution, when greed for sexual gratification and means of exchange started. History is imbued with thousands of records in spies, spying and espionage. So, it is nothing new.

Australia's ec-spy, chief Duncan Lewis, is playing an ancient dusty record with a new vigour of self-interest, hidden agenda to criminalize China and the Chinese People around the world, including Chinese Australians, the first foreign people to discover Australia (no t Captain Crook from UK).

Duncan Lewis' double-talk about the Chinese Community's help in fighting the Muslims in Australia is not just to recognise their contributions to Australia, but basically to inflame the Muslims sentiments against the Chinese in Australia and around the world. Therefore, he is actually indirectly making use of them to hate everything Chinese and to rise up against the Chinese And China.

The biggest culprits in the world of espionage started with the Evil British Empire's MI5 and MI6 (of James Bond 007 Fame), followed by the Evil USA Empire's CIA (most notorious, most insidious and most widespread), then the USSR's KGB (now Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service SVR), the Israelis Intelligence, Spying and Covert Operations Agency Mozart, and the Five Eyes (now expanded to 11 Eyes).

The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an anglophone intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence. But subsequently expanded to include other intelligence services and Covert Operations. Their most active and concerted covert operations today is an all-out assault to dehumanize and cripple China.

This is the greatest threat to China and the Chinese People around the world today. Any Chinese of usefulness to these spies can be an easy target, especially the willing western educated and indoctrinated Banana Chinese in Singapore and Australia.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon

The Chinese pumped in 41.8billons in to sinking land.

You think the Indians pumped in this amount?

Only sucked out this amount from Sinkieland.

Why they must mentioned also their cultural influence?

Chinese influence no good meh?

Sinkieland bananas let the Indians took over their livelihood and still followed the Indian Influence.

Woody tailored made Nehru type of dressings. Even that tong pang on the tax payers monies wifey siasuay wear Indian dressings and scandals.

Can had billions or millions but still do NOT look like an Emperor or Empress.

Chinese saying give you wear Emperor's Robes also dont look like an Emperor.

Many self proclaimed Rich sinkies are alike.

Compared to Xi's wifey. How elegant and sophisticated.

Stupid bananas Perkanans followed Indian cultural influence..

Disgrace to their own Race.

Dragons children became Snakes.

Anonymous said...

Fake News - Disinformation and Misinformation Through Statistics

The Straits Times' article today can only dug up statistics on Chinese from China taking up residency in Singapore up to 2010. There are 9 years of missing information (disinformation or misinformation) that all readers must take note. This is critical. Without the missing pieces, no one can see the full picture.

"It went on to say many Chinese have taken up citizenship. By end-2010 – the latest statistics available – there were 175,155 new citizens and permanent residents from China, including Hong Kong and Macau, according to the Department of Statistics."


1. Lee Hsien Loong took over from Goh Chok Tong in 2004.

2. CECA was first signed in 2005.

3. In 2006, PAP suffered a wide-spread loss of votes across the island in the GE2006, with PM Lee's constituency below PAP's national average. And his instructions to GCT to win back the two opposition wards did not bear any fruit despite his dangling of HDB upgrading and asset enhancement gimmicks.

4. In 2011, PAP lost Aljunied GRC and George Yeo (the architect of the CECA Fiasco and Cassino Gambling) and Team were kicked out of the political arena and never came back till now.

5. In 2018, a Chinese professor working in NTU and his wife, both US citizens, were thrown out of Singapore and barred from entering Singapore for the rest of their life for trying to "influence decision makers in the Singapore government" in favour of a certain foreign government. (Curiously very interesting because the government dared not tell him or the public which foreign government he was accused of working for? Even after he repeatedly insisted to know the whole truth, nothing but the truth!)

6. No statistics about the influx of New Citizens from India and the actual number of Indian PMETs replacing and displacing Singaporeans in the Singapore Jobs Market are made openly available to the general public. Why?


Possibly, after GE2011, the inflow of New Citizenships from China dwindled to almost zero and therefore no new records were readily available.

From then onwards, probably a switch was made to import more New Citizens from India through the backdoor of CECA and inter-marriages. That's why there was a sudden surge of increase in New Citizenships from India Indians, resulting in characters such as Ramesh the Arrogant And caste-conscious Anti-Social, and also the lumping of statistics of PRs and New Citizens into a New Busket called "LOCUSTS", oops I meant "LOCALS". Why? Probably to conflate and confuse? This is known as creative statistics, almost similar to creative accounting.

The case of the Chinese professor who got kicked out could have been connected to the overall change in the PAP's change in strategy to replace New Chinese voters with New Indian voters? This would seem logical because from 2006 onwards, LKY went into a state of redundancy and seemed powerless. Simultaneously, a steady increase in Indians holding key and top appointments in both the Singapore Public and Private sectors materialized. Was this phenomenon just a natural progression or a planned strategy by some behind the backdrop of foreign influence? Nobody knows and nobody tells. Only time will tell. Time is the arbitration of truth.......

Singapore is entering a very interesting and challenging time zone. Good or bad? One man's opinion is another's poison.

Deep Sea Fishing Observer said...

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People here usually no money (except for boaster-cock self-proclaimed millionaire WSG) and too old to go up the Himalayas to die with a frozen dick.

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Why do stupid putting up your advertisement here?

Anonymous said...

Its more Indian mationals who immigrated here than other nationals. Last time, Indians were 6% of the pop. Now its 9%. CECA probably playing a big part.

imho said...

China can take over aus any day.
But china no want lah.
Aus not so nice like canada or usa.
Aus is so full of bushfire and so hot.
The ground is so difficult to grow anything useful.
Moreover, aus has so many stupid idiots to deal with.
Me think india more interested to take over aus.
So many ah bu neh neh here.
Aus better watch out for ah neh instead.

The Economics Guy said...

Latest private (not government) survey by Caixin shows that China's economy has improved, despite the obstacles put up by the Trump Administration.

Manufacturing, Property Constitution and Jobs have expanded above 51.8 points. (Anything above 50 points is expansion; anything below 50 points is contraction.)

In addition, there is also a steady credit growth all round.

October's figure was 49.3 points.

The 51.8 points is the highest since December 2016.

While government surveys focus mainly on state-owned and large enterprises, the private survey s by Caixin reflect more on medium and small businesses.

Virgo 49 said...

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