All telco companies and technology companies that are committing spying on their users should be banned

The crime of Huawei is spying on its users, not proven. Equipment suppliers that hide their criminal acts of spying against their users, stealing their private data etc must be banned, prohibited from use. Huawei is the first target of this high standard set by the West. Unfortunately they could not prove that Huawei is guilty of their charges. They have made many many investigations, using very fine combs to go through Huawei's software for years but came out with nothing. Huawei is not guilty, exonerated from the falsified accusations of the Americans. But still they refused to pronounce that Huawei is innocent. They are continuously repeating this charge, with every idiotic American politician and personality parroting it daily to force people to believe in the charge. Huawei is not innocent until proven guilty. Huawei has been proven innocent while under false charges.

The principle used against Huawei, to forbid Huawei from use, for spying on it users, is universal and must be applied to all equipment manufacturers, internet system and telco system providers. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, accepted and admitted by Apple, Google, Twitter, and all the western equipment manufacturers and software and system providers that they are spying on their users, collecting their private and confidential data for the American govt and intelligence agencies. These manufacturers and system providers must be banned, prohibited from use until they stop committing such criminal activities against their users.

Why are the Americans silent on the guilty ones but keep on pushing false charges against Huawei that is innocent of the alleged crimes? Why is the world accepting in silence the criminal activities of these manufacturers and system providers without protest, that it is alright for them to spy on them, to steal their private data?

All these manufacturers and system providers should be replaced by Huawei. If not, users must choose wisely by opting to use Huawei equipment to protect themselves and their privacy, to protect themselves from being spied upon by the Americans.

See the hypocrisy, that the manufacturers and software and system providers that are spying on everyone, on their users, are doing so openly, without being accused of doing so? American exceptionalism or the stupidity of the rest of the world?

Wake up and stop being daft. Use Huawei to be safe from spying.


Anonymous said...

Today Your Data Cannot Be Safe Any More!

Today I am going to buy 3 Huawei phones for my wife and two younger children. I already own two Huawei phones; so are my older children.

The irony is that whatever phones we may use, the government (any government for that matter) is going to collect information on your activities and movements, under the guise of surveillance on potential terrorists and supporters and financers of terrorism.

Secondly, the telcos and internet providers are the very first line of hidden criminals who feast upon your data, activities, transmissions, transactions, conversations, emails, sms, location data, passwords, banking details, etc.

Thirdly, the mass media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and Whatsapp are openly and honestly telling you that they are putting in place cookies in your phones to spy on you and collect each and every bit of information about you and your family members, your relatives, your friends and your associates.

Fourthly, the biggest culpable criminals of data, information and intellectual property thefts are the SEARCH ENGINES, such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. Among them, the most notorious and greediest, most invasive and rampant, most dangerous and audacious is GOOGLE. And it is an established and well-know fact that GOOGLE is working hand-in-gloves with the most evil and notorious intelligence agency of the Evil US Empire known throughout the world as CIA.

Fifthly, the Wi-Fi sub-stations track your phone's whereabouts every four to six seconds. Invisible to you, your phone keeps sending out signals to inform the Wi-Fi sub-stations the exact location of its movements regularly and repeatedly without fail, unless you run out of battery power.

As such, your data, personal information, movements and activities can never be safe any more! So, get smarter before the smart city out-smart your smartness.

Anonymous said...

How to get smarter?

ACT STUPID! Everything also don't know. No hue. No chap. Daft!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ misunderstood

ALL (no exceptions) tech companies collect data on a variety of sources, and most definitely from their members and users.

This is just part of the "new" business model. If your business doesn't collect massive amounts of data, and them do data analytics, you will cease to be in business very shortly.

The next (obvious) questions are Are these tech companies sharing data with sovereign governments, and are these governments using this data to SUPPRESS CIVIL LIBERTIES and INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM of regular citizens who POSE NO THREAT?

The answer is complex. Some tech companies definitely turn over at least selected data to governments...which is often mandated BY LAWS of the territory. Even (supposedly) "free societies" do this; because in today's world massive technological innovation has led to individual empowerment on a level never imagined in previous generations. This "empowerment" is a double-edged sword: it allows individuals to use tech to improve their lives immensely, but it also facilitates bad behaviour on the part of miscreants who are able to do incredible damage to entire cuntries with just a cheap laptop from remote locations.

Threat actors are varied. You have individual lone hackers, you have organised collectives and you also have state-sponsored cyberwarfare. Cybersecurity is struggling to keep up with all these threats.

Graphic: Realtime Malware Attacks Happening in The World

China is obviously doing lots of state-sponsored surveillance and hacking. But then, so are the USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Syria, Iran, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, most of the old Soviet-block cuntries....lots of players in this space. Then you have organised cybercriminal activity...which has "companies" running with the efficiency and profitability of Fortune 500 companies...complete with KPIs, accounting standards, balance sheets, asset protection, HR policies like bonuses, healthcare plans and paid leave, "best practices policy", R&D and "innovation" projects, financing and cross-ownership, mergers and acquisitions....all there moving forward and GROWING their top lines exactly like "legitimate" enterprises.

So yah, big headache for governments lah. They know they cannot "win", so they need to get what they can.

It is just arse luck that Huawei got caught up the way it has. Tomorrow it could be some other tech company.

The big tech companies are all feared by govts. Google's market cap alone is bigger than the market cap of the entire Russian stockmarket. Apples gushes so much cash its yearly earnings match the GDP of Finland (not a poor cuntry).

And now Facebook is introducing their own digital currency which is going to DISRUPT forex markets in ways we can't even begin to imagine.

imho said...

Not surprising.
They are so valuable because they can spy on us.
Its not even a secret.
Data is king.

Anonymous said...


You're not following your own advice --- Why are you still using Blogger???!?!?! It is owned by Google!!! LOL!!!


ALL NETWORKED DATA IS CAPTURED & STORED. Data refers to anything (including voice) travelling over internet, TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, 1G to 6G (and beyond to 9999G), wifi, GPS, Beidou, etc.

Whether this data is stored just temporarily or more permanently, & how it is used and analysed (for profits & marketing & selling, or for political, "national security" purposes).

FYI, S'pore police & ISD are easily catching people who use things like whatsapp, wechat, google, facebook, telegram etc. All these companies willingly share users' accounts & data with govt & authorities. Although in front of public & the news, the companies will "protest" & appear to be forced by authorities.

Anonymous said...

No proof that Huawei is a security risk, but keep hammering on the lies and it will stick.

The EU in particular has kept relatively silent on the US spying on them, despite being proven. The whites will always do that. If Huawei were to be proven guilty of being a security risk, I think the condemnation will reach high heaven. No doubt about that!

On another note, I think Trump is not really interested in reaching a trade deal with China. He knows his days may be numbered, so deal or no deal he is probably going out of the White House, so why not make his mark by using his erratic behaviour to help his cronies, and probably himself and family, to reap bigger benefits on the stock market with his on and off rhetoric.

When everyone thought that the trade deal is closer to being resolved, he signed the bill supporting the Hong Kong protestors, and now says the trade deal may take one more year to resolve, knowing that China position has changed dramatically. That will spook the stock market.

Tramp is now obviously going for the crash and burn stage of his Presidency. Most people have predicted the big crash coming in 2020. That would be akin to the seventh bankruptcy staged by the worst President in the history of the USA.

Anonymous said...

Last Thursday, one SIA aircraft landed at Sydney International Airport badly and got its tail damaged.

Today, another SIA aircraft landed at Myanmar International Airport badly and also damaged its tail.

In last than a week, two SIA aircrafts got damaged while landing. Both aircrafts suffered the same kind of damage.

Such accidents have never happened before. One curious question immediately come to mind:

Is SIA having Sub-standard pilots in order to cut costs? (Probably pilots from 3rd world countries like India?)

Anonymous said...

Correction of auto correct mistakes:

In less than a week, two SIA aircrafts got damaged while landing. Both aircrafts suffered the same kind of tail damage.

Anonymous said...

@Frog Outside Glass

Thanks Frog for your honest opinions. Frog can you tell me which Huawei phone you're buying, and where or country?

Need advise... Can't decide which Huawei phone to buy... My budget Max USD$500, prefer USD$400- $500. I'm in Americunt, carrier T-Mobile GSM. I never like Google since the nineties. Been using Opera browser and alternate firefox, DuckDuckGo default search engine. Disable location instead external Garmin Nuvi LM140 GPS.

Prefer ram 6Gb or 8Gb, not interested games or pics. No TV in the house, watch Livestream free RT (Russia Today) CGTN (China), SCMP (South China Morning Post) and Radio Sputnik (Russia), prefer dual SIM. How about Honor V20. 5G ready?

I'm senior ex-Sinkie and probably my last phone...


Anonymous said...

JC if this going to be your last phone then reward and pamper yourself lar. Suggest u buy the Huawei p30 pro top of the line yet cost only s$860 IF U BUY VIA qoo10.


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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ JC

Depends on your criteria. For me, SECURITY is #1. Too much fuckery goes on in the mobile space. If your phone gets fucked, you will be too since we depend so heavily on our mobiles now.

Huawei's business in the USA has effectively been destroyed by one guy and his absolute power. My first Android was a Huawei, they make great hardware. But I wouldn't touch them today (unless I'm running Linux mobile) because Trump has cut off their balls.

If I was living in the USA, my phone would be either an iPhone or Pixel, maybe a Samsung. All the top of these lines are really top spec hardware.

iPhone & Pixel get security updates at least once a month. Samsung less frequently but they're pretty good. If anything goes wrong with any of these 3 brands, no problems getting them fixed as there are dealers everywhere and even small mobile repairers can replace your screen in minutes if you broke them.

If something goes wrong with your Huawei, problem lah. Also good luck with those security updates. There probably won't be any!

If you wish to express your defiance and contempt for Trump banning Huawei in the states, I suggest you find other ways than showing "loyalty" to Huawei and unwittingly exposing yourself to security risks, as well as the hassle if you have hardware issues.

If you're super paranoid about security, just get a BlackBerry. The phone is so secure, some governments have BANNED them. But as far as privacy and security goes, they're the best...a position they've retained since they began.

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

JC and All,

Sorry for late response. I was too busy celebrating a family birthday party.

I am no expert in mobile phone brands and types. But for security reasons, all I know is never, never buy or use American phones, whether Apple iPhones, Pixels or BlackBerry. I had a few iPhones and BlackBerrys before. But they are now not in use, though still in good working condition. However, between iPhone, Pixels and BlackBerry, BlackBerry is more secure because you can take out the battery any time you like. Without the battery in the phone, nobody can track your movements. However, hackers can still hack into your phone and install an app to monitor your activities, especially state-sponsored cyberspace intelligence agents. As Snowdon has revealed, in the US, no one is spared under the HSA's surveillance coverage plan.

Be aware and be careful about frequent security updates. They tell you it's latest version of whatever updates but it is actually a process to upload whatever they have collected from your phone (or iPad, Laptop or Desktop computers) through their old security app and installing a new one, which becomes a bigger file to take away more of your memory.

In fact, each and every single app you installed in your phone or computer has an in-built software to monitor your activities and collect your data. Microsoft Windows was the first to use this modus operandi.

Anyway, I have also used Samsung, Oppo, LG and other mobile phones in the past, after chucking out the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Now I am using Huawei Y6 Pro. It's top of the line but costs a little more. The price varies from country to country, outlet to outlet. I got my Huawei P30 Y6 Pro for SG$1260 with some free gifts on promotion. Other outlets in Singapore are selling at SG$1500-SG$1650.for this model.

Y6 Pro has two cameras. One back and one front for selfies. The back camera can take good pictures under reduced light at night.

It comes with an "intelligent" battery that can conserve energy for you so that the in-built battery last longer.

It also has 3 GB ram and 32 GB storage, expandable up to 512 GB using SD card.

It is a dual SIM cards for GSM NETWORK and Others.

Its sound system is fantastic! The best I have come across for mobile phones. It's like you are carrying your home sound system with you in your phone.

There are many other new features that give you value to your money spent, comparing with other phones that are more expensive but with less new features.

For more details and specifications, you can go to Huawei main website to check them out.


P/S: I worked as a Systems Administrator in one of the Ministries for 10 years and as Networks Security Projects Officer and Consultant in one of the MNCs for 12 years.

Anonymous said...

JC, you can go online shopping and get the Huawei Y6 Pro from India or China. It's cheaper there. But service support would be a problem in the US of A. For service support, you have to send your phone there or travel to India or China for a short holiday.

Your second best choice is to settle with Samsung's latest.

However, please take note that Samsung is having troubles with Japanese and USA chip makers. Unless these problems are overcome, Samsung may be the next in line to go like Huawei

All these troubles started because of the Mafia King-pin now known in the White Men's House as Dotard Jackass Trump. If the 'Mericans vote him out in 2020 or if impeached, the world would return to a more peaceful place to live in.

Anonymous said...

IF they can update your computer from afar if you are using Microsoft Edge or others, how safe are your personal data? If they can control your computer from afar, are there other things that they can install or otherwise tamper with the things inside your computer?

I am not a computer geek, but the way things work, I am not too sure it is safe to keep sensitive information inside computers or handphones. But what can we do, if we have to depend on and are practically addicted to such gadgets?

We have opened the Pandora's Box and there is no way to close it anymore. There is always a heavy price to pay for progress as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

All the computer systems, in the whole world, irrespective of government owned or MNCs', banks or private individuals are NOT SAFE.


For organizations, use Intranet, instead of Internet, within the organization. Intranet provides a higher degree of security but still not totally secured. All you need is a stubborn idiot who refused to abide by the organization's internal rules regarding the use of Intranet. He/she becomes the weakness in the security system. He is bound to open up the secure ports to outsider to intrude into the main system and quietly plant a "virus" there and wait for an appropriate timing to strike.

For individuals, use external storage, e.g. USB Thumdrive, external disk drive (for computers) or SD cards (for phones). Detach the external storage, as soon as possible, when not in use. In this way, you reduce the damage tremendously, when your computer or phone is hacked.

There is no need to pay a heavy price if each and every user of New Technology get himself/herself to learn and know more about it and be more careful. In other words, be responsible for yourself - your own safety and security. Nobody out there is really, truly and whole-heartedly taking care of your safety and security. Why?
For the simple reason that top management is dependent on the middle management, who in turn is dependent on the bottom line leaders, who have to depend upon the worker ants, who are as safety-concerned and security-conscious as the weakest link; and that weakest link is someone who is careless, couldn't care less, a deviant who stubbornly refused to abide by instructions, or too inquisitive, or overly zealous to show of his performance to the boss, or someone who is too on-the-ball leading to doing things unnecessarily.)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> I worked as a Systems Administrator in one of the Ministries for 10 years and as Networks Security Projects Officer and Consultant in one of the MNCs for 12 years. <<

Argument form "authority". You must have been a TERRIBLE systems administrator. Sorry, but you don't know shit, mate. Just sayin'...

@ 1041

To store "sensitive" info use strong encryption and "zero knowlege" and "zero trust" systems (apparently such "new stuff" is not understood by Frog).

To store in the cloud, use an encrypted container...or what is getting more popular now because it is VERY SAFE: Use the BLOCKCHAIN to store your data SECURELY.

Anonymous said...

Thanks All & @Frog Outside Gla

Present phone LG Aristo 2, 2Gb ram, seem slow while watching RT or CGTN. I'm leaning Huawei Honor V30 without Google installed. There are too many unknown Security and spying are my main concern. I never trust Google or MS Window. Been using Opera since 2004 with Yendex or Firefox as alternate. I'm worry Honor V30 may not work in Americunt. BTW Honor V30, 5G ready available now in China. Thanks everyone, I may wait until all unknown answered.



Compare Huawei P30 Pro, Y6 Pro, Honor V30



Anonymous said...

The bottom line about your security and safety:


1. All encrypted data can be un-encrypted within hours, using super-speed AI computers

2. Clouds are never safe. Don't get conned.

3. Blockchains are for Blockheads.

4. As long as you are exposed to the Internet, using Internet, linked to the Internet, you are NEVER SAFE OR SECURE.

Anonymous said...

The Paradox of Knowledge.

A little bit of knowledge here and there is not only dangerous to self but also to others.

Those who knows a lot tend to think they know very little, because the more one knows, the more one knows he does not know.

Those who dabbled a little here and a little there, thinks they know everything. A Jack of All Trades is Master of None. But the trouble with Jack is that he thinks he knows Everything. So much so he has no qualms to belittle others whom he think that the others don't know as much as he knows.

This is the paradox of knowledge.