CECA punishment for daft Singaporeans

'Josephine Teo tries to play down the job loss to Singaporean PMETs by saying it is causing anxiety, rather than admitting hardship facing us Singaporeans, who are now becoming Grab drivers to support their families.

After nearly 14 years into CECA, it is an undisputed fact that many Singaporean PMETs have lost their jobs to Foreign Talents. Under the CECA, visa regulations for Indian professionals in medicine, engineering, finance and information technology were relaxed, making it easier for them to work and migrate to Singapore. CECA also enable movement of persons between both countries, in particular, professionals employed in 127 specific occupations. Many Indian IT companies set-up in Singapore and exploited the “intra-corporate transferee” loophole so as to get more Indian IT workers to work here. They would hire them in India and then “transfer” them to their Singapore subsidiaries to work, without the need to hire any Singaporeans.

Singaporeans have just started to wake up, as their lunches are being taken away. Thousands of Civil Servants, who have supported PAP all these years, are watching their children and grandchildren struggling to secure a decent paying job or are reporting to Managers who are all Foreigners; a grim reminder of how our forefathers were working under their colonial masters to bring food to the table.
In the pretext to win votes in the coming election, as more native Singaporeans are now openly seen supporting Opposition parties....

In the upcoming GE, Singaporeans will be now looking up to Dr Chee, Dr Tan Cheng Bok, Pritam Singh and other Singapore sons to save our children from the damage caused by CECA and PAP’s liberal FT policy.

The views expressed in this letter do not represent the views of the editorial. Please send in your views to news@theindependent.sg

The above is part of an article posted in theindependent.sg. Singaporeans and their children are harshly and cruelly punished by this vicious one side trade agreement called CECA. Any MP that did not speak up against it does not deserve the support of the electorate and should be voted out for not looking after the interest of Singaporeans. They have been sleeping for 14 years. No, they have ignored the interest and well being of the Singaporeans for 14 years.

Some idiots claimed that this is not true, no Singaporeans have lost their jobs because of CECA and demand proof for saying this. When one is in power one can say anything, black is white and no one can say otherwise. How to prove this?

The damage is not simply the loss of jobs and income. The adverse effects are more than meet the eyes. Many Singaporeans have lost confidence in themselves, emotional and psychological distress and seeing themselves as failures, unable to support their parents for bringing them up, unable to support their families and children, unable to get a job is so intimidating and humiliating to the person as an individual. And to see the foreign thrashes coming in in plane loads and getting jobs so easily can be very sickening and hurting.

Many are suffering from psychological problems, the loss of self worth, hiding themselves at home, ashamed of themselves, no longer believing in themselves. The negative impact on these Singaporeans is unacceptable and unpardonable on those twits that signed this silly agreement against the interest of Singaporeans. This CECA agreement is as good as selling Singapore and the interest of Singaporeans for money. Singapore can be sold if the price is right. Singaporeans can go to hell, make way for foreigners in the name of money and economic growth. Some in this blog are also expounding the view that Singapore is more important than Singaporeans. Singaporeans do not matter, only the existence of Singapore matters.

Singapore, one of the four tigers of Asian economy built by Singaporeans, the best workforce in the world, now is facing a demoralised Singaporean workforce, being pushed around by third world pariah workers called talents by their own kind that brought them in. Can you believe this, Singaporeans being bullied and seen as useless and unemployable by the fucking foreigners that were brought into their own country by CECA?

How sad and pathetic when politicians could not see further than their nose except for the million dollar pay they are getting. As long as they can be paid their millions, who cares what would happen to Singapore and the Singaporeans.

Singaporeans must seriously think about replacing those people that want to replace them with foreigners. It is your future and well being that are at stake. Think carefully.


Anonymous said...

Let's make CeeCa become BAICA (or crippled) by VTO them. It's not too late, or better do it now then never. Some claimed that the coming election the oppo will be all wipe out, but me beg to differ cos the outcome is still unknown yet. Though Sinkieland is unlike HK, as most r kiasi kiasu kiabor KiaChengHu type, probably when this election come they become babodoe to vote in the ruling whites men party tis will cast more ails to their next gen, Universal law of Cause and Effect will come to those who sold this tiny red dot out to the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

History shows that whatever happens, Singaporeans will always kpkb between GEs. But come the time to place the X on their ballot papers, they will place the X next to the PAP. Leopards do not change their spots. PAP 80% - Oppositions 20%.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who votes PAP must be stupid.

Good to know I'm smarter than 70% of Singaporean population.

Anonymous said...

Hi December 12, 2019 10:21 am

You may be smarter than the 70%, but you alway lose. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Really, you think you are richer than 10:21am? You winner he loser?

If you know the truth you will be crying.

You know why the face of a clown is also painted laughing and not crying?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Oh...Please lah...you're not the first and only people to lose their job. Stop thinking that you are so fucking special lah.

Since when has staying unhappy and depressed ever SOLVED anything? We all get kicked in the face once in awhile...life is like that lah....and those situations are not choices...hell, some of them might even be indirectly or diractly caused by the actions of other people!

Still, what happens next,is a CHOICE. Cannot choose the "situation"? But we most certainly can choose our RESPONSE.

This is known as taking personal responsibility, and unfortunately there are still today, in 2020 super-duper modern, rocking Singapore, we still have these sad, non-responsibility LOSERS (their choice).

The Cuntry is MORE IMPORTANT than the temporary and endless supply of human lives inhabiting it When the cuntry is under the threat of conquest, guess what ALWAYS happens: temporary humans are SACRIFICED to "SAVE" the cuntry from being overun, plundered and occupied. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that: Cuntry is more important than the sheeple.

Singapore is rapidly changing its HARDWARE, SOFTWARE and even "Heart Ware". Every fucking thing is going to be DIGITIZED until Singapore it self will exist as a cuntry-sized PERIPHERAL on a huge, high-complexity electronic network.

IMO, Singapore will probably be "the first" cuntry to be completely digitized....not because we're "smarter" or "richer" (although those count), but because we have several generations of individual data, including biometrics. In Singapore, everyone has an NRIC.

The NRIC makes the job of "digital nation" so much easier, especially in terms of TIME, which is why I predict we're goingto be FIRST.

Guess who are very good at this "computer stuff"?


Anonymous said...


CECA means DEATH! To who? Not only to the daft Singaporeans and losers. But also to the self-confest whinning winners. It means DEATH TO A NATION! The nation that has been painstakingly built by the Old Guards, the Pioneers who laid the foundation stones and pillars. What the forefathers built, the prodigal sons and equally prodigious daughters destroyed within 14 years!

69.8% of Singapore voters voted for the PAP, led by LHL, in 2015, not knowing that behind the smoke screen of making use of the death of LKY to garner votes, a sinister development detrimental to their well-being was festering ten years ago (in 2005 when CECA was signed after LHL took over from GCT in 2004).

After another 4 years (from 2015 to 2019), then the sleeping, un-suspecting, daft and mesmerized Singaporeans begin to wake up.

Alas! It is too late! The whole plan was set in motion when LHL took over the rein/reign.

Now, after 14 years, after serious damages have been done (new voters from the new citizens, beholden and grateful to PAP, have already reached a critical and substantial mass, able to give the PAP the majority of votes to stay in power FOREVER!), it is too late to vote out the PAP. There simply is insufficient number of voters who can stand up to be counted. To be counted in a significant way - the way forward irrespective of whatever the future holds.

Unless, there is a miracle, or divine intervention, the Singaporean voters are too weak and unwilling to take that GREAT LEAP OF FAITH/FATE FORWARD! Without this Great Leap Forward, nothing can shake the PAP. The dice has been thrown. The cement has concretized.

It is just like the world trying to take on the Evil US Empire - Knocking eggs against a solid wall!

Anonymous said...

The Oppo that I vote for may always lose.

But I will continue to vote for Oppo.
- Because the poor Singaporeans need the Oppo to help them

Anonymous said...

Hi good afternoon to all..

No lah! Pap will win BIG at the next GE!

The masses will NEVER change! Like leopards as mentioned above.

Broken record here.... the masses will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE vote for pap under ANY/ALL conditions? Even when their situations are VERY VERY very very very very very very Siong!

You already know.... the masses will only TCSSssssssss and kpkbssssssssss whenever they are unhappy.

Just look around you. The masses are all kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai peace loving people!

Sg is like that liao! In fact no point GE! Waste time and resources!

No point! No point!

Anonymous said...

You think the opposition parties can win?

Good! Good! Good!

It is always good to be optimistic!

All the best to the opposition parties.....


Anonymous said...

Looking at Sin objectively, All Native Sinkies,
including the 70% PAP Supporters shall be Victms of the PAP Regime.
Sin will be sold off soon and the Land occupied by more Aliens than Locals. The Country is lost without any battle, Courtesy of PAP. Is there any need for National Service, when the Native-born becomes janitor, cleaner, food deliverer and beggar to the lnstant Citizens???
To the Pioneer, Merdeka and Strawberry Generations; for the Sakes of Yourself and Your Successors,
better wake up to the Reality.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


TCB says his opposition will "re-examine" CECA if they are elected. Err, my 2 hairy rambutan lah.

Problem #1: Getting elected. OK, maybe possible given the amount of people the PAP have pissed off.

Problem#2: Getting enough "power" in Parliament to get the House (where the fucking law is made lah kotek) to "re-visit" CECA...which just happens to be a rock-solid CONTRACT.

There is an undercurrent of MASSIVE nation-building which the general public is blind to, because they are all buried in their phones. Singapore is being DIGITIZED. Smart City...full of dumb motherfuckers 😂

Take, for e.g.: the new ERP system. People underestimate the enormity of such a project...and that is just ONE such "digital" project. We are also upgrading our SCADA systems, smart grid, solar farms, some research into nuclear, quantum computing, robotics, AI...KANNINAH we need smart tech-savvy people to help us do this lah.

CECA is eventually going to SAVE US and make the city even more awesome.

You all better put on your GRATITUDE HATS on and rid yourselves of that motherfucking negativity lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

SCADA in India (Indians have experience lah)

SCADA | The Programmable City (KNN, that's our future lah cheebai!)

Singapore....got PLANS, no implementation yet! (Ooi, pay attention lah...that's why we need PEOPLE to do this shit...like Indian engineers and scientists lah!)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Guess who are very good at this "computer stuff"?


December 12, 2019 10:47 am

You think so? Have you worked with them? I have, and all the computer systems they touched would not work as before, glitches here and there, errors here and there.

If Alibaba and Alipay, Taobao or Qoo10 or other online shopping systems have the kind of problems that came with their meddling, they would all have to close shop. Go ask anyone about the SGX system and....

Anonymous said...

I have already thought carefully about those people who want to replace us with foreigners more than three decades ago, using my vote to register my thinking.

However, being the minority that is still suffering collateral damage, this is the most I can do.

Now that the shit has hit the fan, with good jobs lost to foreigners, I only hope those splattered with shit will change their thinking. Just hoping!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Sure. Because there are so many of them, you are going to get more duds than a cohort which is smaller in size. More planes in the air...more crashes. More cars on the road...more accidents...those are absolute numbers. But considered statistically...more planes means SAFER travel. More modern cars means SAFER driving.

BTW, China is shifting a lot of its tech work to...INDIA. Both China and India graduate lots of engineers and scientists every year. They're churning them out, like factory.

So Singapore..the SMART thing to do is to take advantage of this "excess" and use these "brain trusts" to augment our own (much smaller of course) so we can be The Smartest City on the motherfucking planet lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> This whole earth is meaningless with human beans. Countries are meaningless without human beans.<<

Actually, the whole universe is "meaningless". It is us who each create meaning in our own minds. There is no objective/ intrinsic "value" in anything...until we think it so, into existence.

>>People fight and die for a country to survive just for the country's sake. This is shallow thinking. <<

No, it is just thinking without making assumptions. It is sticking to FACT. "Politics by other means" is called "war". When there's politics, individual identity is wiped out...therefore the cuntry must prevail, even until there's only one human left to defend it. Instead of labelling my thinking as "shallow", prove me wrong.🤓

>> They need the country for their descendants to live well <<

Not really. The facts of history show that we're a nomadic species. We can settle anywhere. Even if we have to flee the lands of our ancestors. No problemo...just get the fuck out and go somewhere else.

In the old days these were nomads. Nowadays we call them refugees or people seeking political asylum (asylum seekers)

Anonymous said...


Losers can only sit on their asses & KPKB. LOL!!!

Way back in 2000, after 8 years in the workforce .... I told myself "Fuck this shit". I was in the IT industry at that time, & I knew I wasn't the smartest to ALWAYS be on top on new tech & programming (that's old school term for coding). I also hated to manage people & go into the politicking management route (which is the BEST way for Sinkies to rise in IT & Engineering).

So I studied around like HELL, and made the fateful decision by 2002 to LEVERAGE on OTHER smarter people. Ended up investing in mostly OTHER countries --- mostly US, and in recent years India, China, & ASEAN countries.

Hence I slowly turned my average income into a virtuous cycle of investing into long-term or even perpetual human desires e.g. warfare, defense, technology, basic healthcare. It helped that I (and my family) had the discipline to live below our means for 10++ years until the investment portfolios have reached a size that could be self-sustaining even through multiple recessions & bear markets.

This was what started me on the path to eventually becoming War Stocks Guy.

It's the choices, and decisions .... and the ACTIONS you take TODAY .... that will determine your destiny in 10, 20 years LATER.

Of course 99% of people prefer to only take action if got chance of payoff in 1 hour or 1 day e.g. buying Toto, or shopping therapy, or eating at overpriced (& overhyped) restaurants.


Anonymous said...

Mr Chua is correct.
Indian IT and computer workers cannot be trusted to produce a reliable product.

Ask any Singaporean IT project manager ... (if they are still around) ...

Virgo 49 said...

Buying Toto no good meh?

Just one dollar makes you 8 to 9 millions richer than you and Halimah.

Have to slot, con and rack your brains out in what's your bullshits investments.

Halimah, have to bluff bluff smile smile and shakes so many hands and read from prepared texts. Somemore five long years

Empowering the people or empowering themsleves.

What's nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Same, same.

You keep voting OPPO.
- then one day, Aljunied GRC belongs to Workers' Party.

Keep voting Oppo.
- because one day LHL will also die.
- just like LKY

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Of course 99% of people prefer to only take action if got chance of payoff in 1 hour or 1 day <<

I think your 99% estimate is too low. Why? Because SG Pools, Toto, casino etc are doing mind-boggling business, which means they need more people with the "get rich instantly" mentality. 99.9 or 99.99 per cent (only one in a thousand and one in ten thousand have the right "mentality") would be my estimate.

These people (like Virgo49) have short time preferences---"winning" NOW is better than winning in the future...that's just unthinkable lah. Same with consumption: consuming NOW is preferable to consuming in the future and SAVING MONEY now, because if you save, you cannot spend now to "enjoy" yurself.

2 human characteristics required for financial freedom: the ability to SAVE (spend a lot less than you earn) and buying "assets" which will pay off big in the future (most people can't wait that long lah), adding to the pile regularly and allowing compounding to work its "magic".

Eh Virgo, hurry up lah. You know today sure got long queue at Singapore Pools 🤡

Anonymous said...


Yeah .... I'll go with your 99.9% estimate! LOL!!!


Most Sinkies (I will say 70%) can achieve financial security by 50 (low debts & enough "perpetual" passive income for basic living) .... and financial independence by 60 (no debts & "perpetual" passive income for current standard of living) ... IF they have the right mindset and attitude.

Instead majority of Sinkies go thru life hoping for the BIG WIN but end up wasting a LIFETIME ... and becoming a WAGE SLAVE for life ... until kena fired in your 40s & 50s.

After that, scrabbling around like a RAT for SHIT JOBS & banging on relatives' doors for $$$$$$$$$$ .... and coming to places like RB blog to KPKB or to Hong Lim Park! LOL!!!!

PS: As I hone my investing processes & experience .... I discovered that having a sense & love of history, human foibles, & psychology and biases is the most important thing for investing & LIFE!!

Anonymous said...

Changi - the most over-rated airport in the world


Just like CECA Indians (and PAP Ministers) are the most over-rated talents in the world.

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Quote of the day:


"CECA punishment for daft Singaporeans"

By Sinkieland TOP political scientist, FIRST CLASS (1974)


你所做的、所说的、所想的一切都会影响你的自尊, 自信。因此,你要持续的保持着你的积极性和自信心。你持有的自尊心及自信心就是你“心理的健康”。

外在的因素such as "æ­»Ka" (Si Ka, "Dead Leg")就无法动摇你的一切。

你可以选择"PangSae" ("放生") "侵犯你的寄生虫", 让"它们自生自灭"!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not really. The facts of history show that we're a nomadic species. We can settle anywhere. Even if we have to flee the lands of our ancestors. No problemo...just get the fuck out and go somewhere else.

In the old days these were nomads. Nowadays we call them refugees or people seeking political asylum (asylum seekers)

December 12, 2019 1:37 pm Delete

What kind of nonsense you are talking Matilah? When your country is ruined by nature or invaders, you have no choice but to move. Only silly people destroyed their own country or invite pests to take over their own country and run away.

Virgo 49 said...

Have also brought last Tuesday back from Genting.

Just strike another 2K aiyo starter. Nearly top three.
Hotel room 1666 first three nos.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> I discovered that having a sense & love of history, human foibles, & psychology and biases is the most important thing for investing & LIFE!! <<

People like Dalio, Buffet & Monger, Druckenmiller...and if you've read the personal revelations from any of the Schwager "Wizards" books....all the top people consider trading and investing in markets as the ultimate intellectual pursuit because the many many processes force you to use your brain, to confront your beliefs, to get uncomfortable as fuck, and to endure losses, and truly understand what IMPULSE CONTROL really means 🤓. I do believe these "giants" are correct, when you're in the markets: you grow as a human being, you begin to look at risk and uncertainty...and VOLATILITY... in different ways from the "average person", and even feel it MORE than the average person who can just "tune out" and delude themselves, you are playing against the SMARTEST people on the planet, but they are just as human as you are, and prone to the same "quirks" of human thinking.

I find that it also makes one HUMBLE (many readers here will violently disagree with this!), to not "cling onto" one's beliefs and opinions because it is so easy to be WRONG...but when one is wrong (for me that is a lot), there are valuable lessons there, but one has to pay attention.
It's not ONLY about "the money", but the money is ALWAYS there, to keep score. (and to spend on nice things, of course!)

@ RB (he thinks I'm talking nonsense) 🤣...

>> When your country is ruined by nature or invaders, you have no choice but to move. Only silly people destroyed their own country or invite pests to take over their own country and run away. <<

Aiyoh, now who is "talking nonsense"...you lah.

"Invaded"...bro, you got a dictionary or not. Look up the word lah. Who is invading? CECA Indians are in Singapore LEGALLY. Anyway, why are you such an arsehole and tekaning them? Someone ALLOWED them and INCENTIVISED them to come...so why not?

"Country ruined" : Are you fucking blind? Singapore is more awesome than ever.

"No choice but to move": sure some folks have moved. (Don't count me...I go in and out like my granfather's hotel. 😛) But the vast majority of Singaporeans really consider Singapore THEIR HOME and live EXCELLENT LIVES. Again, open your fucking eyes lah, or get new glasses...

"destroyed their own country"..."invite pests"...you use incorrect and emotionally-charged language, and you expect to be taken seriously?

Please lah. You lose credibility when you lose your objectivity. And mate, you've fucking lost it!

Anonymous said...

Actually Wat Matilar said has got some logic but not totally correct in the CECA Indians are in Sinkaland legally. In actual fact the Sinkaland G allowed them to stay for a maximum of 8yrs ( if not wrong as mentioned by the minister). It is during these period many of these CECA Indians become PR &new citizens, not only tat they bring their own parents,relatives, entire household or even whole village to Sinkaland, that's when the problem balloon to be bigger, the CeCa become a system tat these Indians exploited via a backdoor method to gain entry even the labour ministry find it hard to trace and it's too late now, in some condos or estate you will see Indians enclaves not only in little India but also in the east & western side of Sinkaland, you see them during the Deepavali or Diwali when the MrT suddenly zoomed with Dark brown beings of South Asian nation apocalypse zombies everywhere (sori me not xenophobic) but it's the case especially also in the weekend. The matter will be worse when this Ceca system gets overrun or exploited insanely when the G r sleeping, there cud b another little India riot coming when the G don't rebook into the problem ( same as to other races when matter get off hand).

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Quote of the day:


"CECA punishment for daft Singaporeans"

By Sinkieland TOP political scientist, FIRST CLASS (1974)


你所做的、所说的、所想的一切都会影响你的自尊, 自信。因此,你要持续的保持着你的积极性和自信心。你持有的自尊心及自信心就是你“心理的健康”。

外在的因素such as "æ­»Ka" (Si Ka, "Dead Leg")就无法动摇你的一切。

你可以选择"PangSae" ("放生") "侵犯你的寄生虫", 让"它们自生自灭"!

Google translate:

>>>>> Everything you do, say, think will affect your self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, you must continue to maintain your motivation and self-confidence. The self-esteem and self-confidence you hold is your "mental health."

External factors such as "De Ka" (Si Ka, "Dead Leg") cannot shake everything.

You can choose "PangSae" ("Release") "parasites that invade you" and let "they self-destruct"! <<<<<

imho said...

Most of these jobs are not permanent.
Most are only valid for a project life span.
Best to let others do it.
Sinkies can have time to develop their skills for better jobs such as AI or Robotics.
Sinkies can also leave for other countries once they have these advance skills.

Anonymous said...

Amid bedlam in the Lok Sabha on Friday over Rahul Gandhi's 'Rape in India' remark, the Bhartiya Janata Party leader Locket Chatterjee tore into the former Congress president saying that Rahul is 'welcoming everyone to come and rape us'.