The people of U.S. must rise up to organize political reforms and carry out regime change to get rid of all the self-interest and self-serving warmongers, scums, thugs, ruffians, hoodlums, crooks and scoundrels .

      Since its inception in 1776 the United States government has been governed by self-serving and self-aggrandized warmongers, crooks and scoundrels. Its governance has always been geared to serve the interests of the elites and its foreign policies to serve the greed and expansionist objectives of the warmongers. This explains how the US expanded from thirteen provinces of about six hundred thousand square miles to the present colossal state of more than three and a half million square miles in territory, all of which were forcefully grabbed through military might of wars of aggressions and conquests.

Thus far historically US land grabs through wars of aggressions and invasions had been carried out against small or weak states which offered feeble resistance to US military adventures.

The United States is so used to get what it wants through military might and being accustomed to it, it arrogantly thinks it can do the same to Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and many more other countries.

Any country that does not see eye to eye with the US or does not follow US dictates will face regime change from the US. Its modus operandi has always been using the CIA and its NGOs to instigate and foment choas and turmoil in the targeted country and to stealthily build and support opposition parties with funds to topple the government and thereafter to instal a puppet pro US government which will be under total US control.

It is time for the world to take strong action to give the the rogue United States its own medicine. The BRIC countries and other peace loving countries must seek to regime change the terrorist state of the US government and ensure there is a complete change in US toxic governance and poisonous and destructive foreign policies. The American people especially the non-white Americans are not happy with the senseless self-interests, self-serving and  self-aggrandized warmongers, thieves, thugs, ruffians, hoodlums, rogues and scoundrels in the US government. The angry disadvantaged American people are ready to rise up to overthrow these scumbag politicians and replace them with a socialist government that genuinely will serve and look after the interests of the people by and large. Let's give the rogue US its own medcicine by organizing , supporting and funding opposition members of the public to unite in solidarity to overthrow the illegal undemocratic US government which has always been run by rogues and scoundrels.

Its time for all countries to boycott US products and sanction the rogue US in all spheres of human activities. First sanction all US politicians as well as their trade and commerce and finance. Get rid of their toxic Petro Dollar in which it uses to cheat and swindle the whole world and enrich themselves at others expense. 

The United Nations Organisation with the help of BRIC countries must seek to get rid of US fake democracy which has always been the dictatorship of two rogue political parties and replace it with a socialist system of government that genuinely serves and looks after the interests of the people. The new socialist government is more likely to follow the UNO international fundamental laws and rules and thus helpt to secure world peace and order. 

The world must encourage the Americans to get rid of all the fakes, scums, rogues and chicaneries in US politics and government so that the US can carry out true political reforms to a socialist system that serves the people and help to secure world peace and order instead of the rogue state policies to constantly pursue  permanent wars of aggression that cause endless agonizing deaths and painful suffering to millions of innocent people  and great destructions to properties. These permanent wars of aggression only serves to enrich the elitist rogues and scoundrels who have no conscience at all for all they covet is wealth, riches and power. Death and destruction is not their concern at all. They are truly  diabolical and demonic in nature.

The United Nations Organisation led by Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, India, North Korea and other peace loving countries should organize NGO's to carry out regime change in the United States. Unless the whole toxic American fascist political system is changed and unless the warmongers, thugs, hoodlums, ruffians, crooks and scoundrels are prevented from running the US government there will never be peace and tranquility in this world. 

In fact this present US toxic dictatorial political system is so infested with evil people that their insidious diabolical policies of pursuing permanent and perennial wars of aggression may eventually bring destruction and an end to mankind through nuclear wars. 

As it is the prognostic political outlook for peace is no good as the satanic United States which is beset with endless problems and miseries of its own making intend to put the blame of their disastrous problems on other countries like Russia and China and is thus starting wars all over the world as its means to set itself free of all its diabolical problems.


Wednesday, 31st August, 2022

Anything wrong being Chinese or being pro China?

Me pro-China? I accept the label, says ex-foreign minister George Yeo as he weighs in on Sino-US tensions

Photo credit to Today Online.

This statement by George Yeo Yong Boon may seem to be just a casual remark but it is a big thing in Singapore, especially coming from an ex minister, a PAP minister. According to George Yeo, a Chinese must be a lesser Chinese in Singapore, meaning he has to keep his Chinese profile low, not to be exuberant about being a Chinese.  A Chinese professing to be pro China is like using a megaphone saying 'I am Chinese' in Raffles Place. This is a no, no. I have never heard of any PAP minister mentioning 'pro China' casually in public. Even when Lee Kuan Yew was wearing his signature ethnic Chinese designed shirt in official functions, no one dared to mention it or whether he was making a statement, that he was a Chinese after all and proud of it.

Since his passing, no ethnic Chinese minister would dare to put on an ethnic Chinese shirt but happily putting on ethnic Malay or Indian dresses during their respective festivals. OK, some did put on during Chinese New Year festival. Even the beautiful and elegant cheongsam, a signature dress of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, is hardly donned by the female PAP ministers or MPs, albeit a few did.

Something is puzzling. Is there an unwritten message that PAP ministers and MPs are to avoid or shun looking like Chinese or to mention that he is pro China? Or it is a fact that they are all not pro China but pro West, pro Americans, because Singapore is pro America? Oops, oops, Singapore is neutral, not pro America and definitely not pro China. OK, I will not dispute with anyone disagreeing with me on this point. 

In the last 200 years, when the evil West invaded, destroyed and looted China to bankruptcy, and condemned China and Chinese as a no talent, useless and clueless subhuman, evil, hideous, no character, poor and despicable, a far change from the glorious days of Chinese Empires with 5,000 years of culture and literature and inventions, it was understandable to dissociate with China or being identified as a Chinese. When a country or civilisation is poor and destroyed, a country in disarray, poverty and illiteracy everywhere, everyone trying to eke out a living, it was difficult, very difficult to stand out and say I am Chinese, I am proud of my Chineseness and China.

Those sad and pathetic days of China and the Chinese Civilisation are passe. China is now a rich and prosperous nation state, vying to be the number one super power with America, and actually has surpassed the Americans in may fields. China is still calling itself a developing country but in many senses already a developed country. The per capita income may look low but in purchasing power terms, hundreds of millions of the Chinese are already middle class with more millionaires and billionaires than the Americans. China probably is the only major economy that can proudly claim to have wiped out poverty among its people.

Today, there is no shame to be called a Chinese. The smear and slandering by the white men to condemn Chinese as no talent and clueless subhuman have been smashed as a mischievous white myth. The Chinese people are as talented if not more talented than the white men. And they are very proud of being Chinese, proud of the achievements of their govt and CCP. It is glorious to be citizens of the next super power, the next biggest economy, the most advanced nation in science and technology etc etc.

And yes, I have yet to see a proud and confident Chinese PAP minister or MP identifying himself as a Chinese or like George Yeo, not fighting the label of being pro China. Of course he qualified himself by asking others to judge him after reading his books. Maybe he is still more comfortable being a baba or a banana, being a lesser Chinese. But by not feeling defensive when labelled as pro China, is already a big step forward for an ex PAP minister.  I have not read his books. It may turn out that he is still pro America. This is serious stuff. In the USA, the political career of a politician would be finished if he called himself pro China. Not sure if this is also the case in Singapore.

Any PAP minister or MP dares to say he is pro China? Or is it an official but unspoken policy not to have this mentioned? I am still waiting for the day when an ethnic Chinese minister or MP would be comfortable to identify himself as ethnic Chinese and pro China. This is the 21st Century. But the mindsets of the 60s and 70s are still the predominant consideration in the calculus of the ethnic Chinese politicians.  It is easier to be pro Americans than pro China.

During LKY's days, Singapore always deferred to the sensitivities of the neighbouring countries, and was the last to officially recognise China, after all the neighbouring states had done so. Today, some of the Asean states are more closed to China diplomatically and strategically than Singapore. Indonesia and Malaysia's economies are increasingly more integrated with China than Singapore. Hardcore pro America Philippines is openly pro China for a change. Asean used to be taken for granted as pro America but now stubbornly neutral.

The Chinese politicians of Singapore are queer when China is concerned. Being too close to China or to be seen as pro China is taboo, like a disease. It is alright to be pro America. Better to be seen or called a baba or banana than to be called a Chinese. The Chineseness is unspoken and not to be mentioned. Very sensitive.

And, Singapore is a Chinese majority nation state. Is it? If the babas and bananas are not Chinese (OCBC), or would not called themselves Chinese but lesser Chinese, is Singapore a Chinese majority state? Would it be more appropriate to call Singapore a baba/banana majority state?

What do you think?

PS. According to Singlish Dictionary, OCBC means Orang Cina Bukan Cina or Chinese but not Chinese.

Taking Off Your Mask? Think Again! Omicron Reinfections Increase Risk of Long COVID - Part 1

The latest Omicron variant BA.5 is fast becoming dominant worldwide. As it continues to surge, reinfection will become increasingly common and this in turn means more people will develop long COVID.

The two most concerning aspects of long COVID are its high prevalence and a link between reinfection and a higher risk of harmful outcomes.

In the face of official attitudes that are increasingly laissez-faire towards the continuing pandemic, many people no longer take even those precautions over which we have individual control: Mask wearing, physical distancing and choosing carefully whether to attend crowded events. The consequences are an increase in both daily case numbers and the lurking burden of long COVID.

Omicron variants, and BA.5 specifically, show several worrying features.

They can evade immunity acquired through earlier infections and breakthrough infections in vaccinated people. BA.5 is better able to infect cells, acting more like Delta than the previous Omicron variants.


SARS-CoV-2 is not unique in its ability to cause post-acute symptoms and organ damage. Unexplained chronic disability occurred in a minority of patients after Ebola, dengue, polio, the original severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and West Nile virus infections.

What is different is the sheer size of this pandemic and the number of people affected by long COVID.

One critical issue about long COVID is that we should not underestimate it.

It is now clear from multiple large studies that:

1) It is a set of syndromes;
2) It affects multiple organs and systems;
3) It resolves in some but remains persistent in others;
4) It can be markedly debilitating;
5) Its pathology is poorly understood.

We are just beginning to find ways to predict risk and monitor its course, and management is, at best, ad hoc. Though some countries are praising how well they have adopted Covid Resilience!

Perhaps most crucially, reinfection may now become a feature of the pandemic for at least the next 12 to 36 months, raising the risk of long COVID with each repeat infection.

Hygiene - Science versus Belief

I was hygience conscious fifty years ago, from non-flushing toilets to HDB flushing toilets. Fifty long years ago I knew about hygiene, and Indians in India only just recently discovered hygiene.

How to progress when one highly educated, staunchly relgious, University professor interviewed admitted he still bathe in the Ganges, knowing it is highly polluted, saying that he follows his heart and ignored his head. He should, of all people, know the dangers of bathing in such a highly polluted river, yet goes in for his dip day in and day out. The Ganges must be the most polluted river in the world.

India is touted as the world's largest democracy, freedom to do anything, but when it comes to freedom of doing things or getting things done, it always get stuck in the mud, due to leaders not able to overcome public opinion and stalled by fear of voters backlash. This has hindered India's progress and can only move at a snail's pace while the world zips by.

China zipped past India within a matter of three decades. Give India three decades and see what happens. So much hindrances, so much of the population still resisting progress and preferring to adopt small scale manufacturing that cannot break into the global market. That is India's biggest problem and with such a massive population growing so fast, the problems get more difficult to solve. 



Rogue evil Americans - Anyone still thinks the Americans are angels got to have their heads checked


3 minutes of American terrorism in Latin America. Things that the western media would not talk about. Would the Latin American countries want to invite this world number one terrorist to be the policeman of Latin America? The Americans are so nice, so civilised, so rule abiding, follow the rules based order, not aggressive, not warmongering, so respectful of country's sovereignty, never interfere in country's domestic affair, never influence or pressure countries to take sides.... Only fools and silly bananas would believe the Americans are angels, to be invited to be the policeman of South China Sea.

Go check with the Latin Americans, the Carribeans, the Africans, the Middle East, ask the Afghans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Myanmese, ask China and Russia... etc etc

The entire United States of America is a slum.

It is corrupt,
Borrowing more than it creates, Living in a fantasy world
Created in the sick imaginations of The White Supremacists,
And worst of all is indulging in warmongering everywhere they go.

Recently, they are bound to cause troubles for Russia and China through all measures - especially on the diplomatic, political, military, technological and scientific fronts.

The World must now wake up to put a stop to all these warmongers!

This entire nation is one big slum, especially in the areas resided by the Democrats. 


Greed and The Medical Industry

Here are some facts :

Humans are inherently selfish. (90% are)
Those in position of power will try all means to hang onto it, as along with power comes wealth.

The strong always takes what they want: In the past, they can just rob but now it has to be more subtle so that it can be hidden or obfuscate.

The Anglo Saxons had been robbing the rest of the world by force for many centuries and in the last few decades by means of software, technologies and financial chicaneries.

The Medical Industry set up by the Rockefeller cartel is not to benefit mankind but to control and make money from the masses and the sheeples.

From the Vioxx and the opiates fiascos where you die your business is very clear, big pharmas take the money and deal with the problems later if any.

The swine flu chicanery where our former health minister was also taken in. He blew over S$400 millions of our tax money stocking up on these pseudo vaccines. The only country, Germany which was helmed by a former medical practitioner as health minister is the only exception not swindled by the swine flu vaccine.

The cholesterol fiasco was another one, statin drugs earned the pharmas more than US$1 trillion and the Medical/Academia/Industrial complex would act in unison against any medical doctors uttering a single doubt about these useless drugs.

Statin is a perfect slow toxin that reduces LDL cholesterol which was correlated with coronary artery disease. The reduction is used as a surrogate to “show” that risk of heart disease or atherosclerosis is reduced. Patients taking these drugs would later develop dementia, Type 2 diabetes, muscle wasting disease (so called rhabdomyolysis) as shown by the various so-called randomized control trial conducted before 2008 where the drug companies can manipulate the duration of the trial if unfavorable events start to show. These diseases are always explained away due to old age, other co-morbidities etc but not statin)

(watch the youtube video by Dr David Diamond https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc1XsO3mxX8 ) Also watch Dr Aseem Malhotra (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist of the NHS UK ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzZVJDzCAeg (Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause of Heart Disease with Dr. Aseem Malhotra)

Also watch the Tim Noakes Trial on youtube to get a short course on nutrition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OT_S6fDxR0&list=PLPda1Yn6bpO6DG_b5_wAVXf100niaaJDX

It is from David Diamond video that I learnt about relative risk reduction (RRR) versus absolute risk reduction (ARR). Statins reduce ARR by less than 1%, but the manufacturer of Lipitor would brag about 33% RRR and Crestor would brag about 40% RRR. (I had been living with LDL of greater than 500mg/dL for more than 10 years, I told the medical doctors that I will not take statins or other drugs to lower cholesterol as I am on ultra-low carb diet.)

So when these pseudo Covid-19 vaccines brag about 95% per cent risk reduction, I went in and take a look at it and one Sebastian Rushworth M.D. showed that it is RRR not ARR. Another chicanery.

We are living in dangerous times and we have to look after ourselves and take responsibility for our health.

The people running China are of greater wisdom and depth of thinking than many other countries for not taking the mRNA vaccines made by the Anglo Saxons. Salute them for their wisdom and critical thinking.



Covid19 - Is this real, fake news, disinformation? Mutants anyone?

Any mother and any mother to be even if she is not pregnant yet

For the benefit of those who did not bother to watch the entire video, here’s a snippet containing the most important discovery about the mRNA vaccine.

The story that you have been told that mRNA doesn’t change the DNA is a lie.

More than 5 billion people on planet Earth are affected.

This is a select 4 minute clip from the original video.

The above is posted in TRE Editorial. Pray that this is fake news, disinformation or a hoax. But if this is real, if this is real, the seeds of mutants have already been planted in at least 1 billion people for using mRNA vaccines. We were told it is safe, very safe to the point that many govts mandated it, if not compelled its citizens to be jabbed with this mRNA vaccines.

If this is fake, a hoax, then all is well. If this is real, pray again, that the manufacturers of the mRNA vaccines meant well and the mutation would turn out good, a more beautiful and perfect human bean. If not, pray that it would not be that bad.

If this is real and the mutation turns out bad, the only normal people would be people that did not get jabbed with mRNA vaccines, ie China and all the countries that were deprived or not chosen to receive the good news of mRNA vaccines, not fortunate or privileged enough to receive mRNA vaccines. They will be the survivors of the original human beans from this Covid19 Pandemic, to go forth and multiply and propagate normal healthy human beans.

We would not know the answers immediately but maybe after 50 years, the time the manufacturers want to stop the findings of their experiments of the mRNA vaccines from being exposed to the public. 50 years, most of us would not be around to witness the mutations and the mutants.

Think. More boosters?

Tony Blair the war criminal, murderer of innocent Iraqis, women and children

Tony Blair is sleeping under a rock. China already had been pursing soft power over the last decade or two, helping poor countries rise above poverty by providing economic aid for infrastructure developments and certainly not for buying weapons from them. Building the BRI to facilitate the poor countries is the very requirement for them to progress, and this is what China has been doing.

What had the West been doing during the last few decades after WW2? All they think of is more wars, more regime changes, more veiled threats against the freedom of sovereign countrie to choose their alliances, and using the CIA and NGOs to destablise regions, so they can continue with their vile policies of divide and rule. Watch out ASEAN, the devil is sneaking into the house!

Now that Blair knows why countries are moving away from the USA and the West, he is saying the obvious, realising that what China and Russia already had been doing had turned the tide, decades ahead of what he is now just spouting. Common knowledge that he should be aware of ages ago.

Blair had lots of blood on his hands, complicit in fabricating all the fake evidence which he sold to the USA and the UN to start the war in Iraq, killing millions of innocents. Having been proven as blatant lies, why is this man not prosecuted for war crimes and still preaching his hogwash?

Blair is still full of vile opinions, still undoubtedly wanting to pursue the same policies of more military spending by the USA and the West for defence. That is a veiled testament to his evil intentions. The pursuit of more military spending is certainly not for defence but all geared for offence, the vile mentality espoused in the evil minds of the Anglo Saxon Whites.

Who is a threat to the USA and the West? Russia? Do not be conned, because NATO had all along, under the control of USA, been masterminding their threat towards Russia by encroaching ever more closer to Russia's borders. Any dumb person could see through the agenda of the USA and Nato, and you can't fool a person as astute as Putin. They are not his match in geopolitical play. Just look at the situation Putin has unleashed against Nato, and watch all the geniuses in USA and Brussels have being played by Putin like a violin. Spin all they want, but it will not change the reality of what is happening in Ukraine and the oncoming runaway train approaching the EU this coming winter. 


Two-headed snaky BRICS member India a crucial partner for U.S. in countering China

America's highest-ranking Navy officer said India will be a crucial partner for the U.S. in the future, playing a key role in countering China.

"I've spent more time on a trip to India than I have with any other country, because I consider them to be a strategic partner for us in the future," Adm. Mike Gilday, chief of naval operations, told an in-person seminar hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington on Thursday. He was referring to a five-day visit to India last October.

"The Indian Ocean battlespace is becoming increasingly more important for us," Gilday said. "The fact that India and China currently have a bit of a skirmish along their border ... it's strategically important."

"They now force China to not only look east, toward the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, but they now have to be looking over their shoulder at India," he said.

The idea that the border clashes between India and China in the Himalayas pose a two-front problem for Beijing has been gaining traction among U.S. strategists.

"What the United States and Japan need India to do is to be as strong as possible in South Asia and effectively draw Chinese attention so that they have a major second-front problem," said Colby, the principal author of the 2018 National Defense Strategy under former President Donald Trump. India, in the meantime, draws the same benefit from China's difficulties in facing a strong U.S.-Japan alliance around Taiwan, he said.

A planned joint mountaintop exercise between the U.S. and India in October is seen as underscoring the potential second front for China.

The annual joint exercise Yudh Abhyas, which translates to "War Practice," will be held in the South Asian nation's Uttarakhand state from Oct. 18 to 31.

Local Indian media reports have said that this year's drills would take place at an altitude of over 3,000 meters in Uttarakhand's Auli region, less than 100 km from the Line of Actual Control -- the de facto border between India and China.

In an opinion piece titled "India has a stake in Taiwan's defense," columnist Brahma Chellaney wrote that Indian activities in the Himalayas could help Taiwan's defense. It would be "tying down a complete Chinese theater force, which could otherwise be employed against the island," he wrote.

But such a two-front strategy must be coordinated with the U.S., he added.

In Thursday's seminar, Gilday said that a potential fight against China will likely be trans-regional. "You just can't think of China through the lens of the Indo-Pacific. You have to look at the Indian Ocean, you have to look at their Belt and Road, their economic connective tissue, which is now global," he said. "You have to take a look at their vulnerabilities."  



Congressman recognised Taiwan is a province of China


30 sec of admission by visiting congressman that Taiwan is a province of China. He addressed President Xi for allowing him to visit Taiwan in front of Tsai Ing Wen.

Tony Blair's answer to the rise of China - War or military superiority

For the first time in modern history the East can be on equal terms with the West, as the global dominance of the US and its allies comes to an end, former British prime minister Tony Blair has said.

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, “for a large part of the Western population, living standards are stagnating,” Blair noted in his annual lecture at the Ditchley Foundation on Saturday.

“Western politics is in turmoil – more partisan, ugly, unproductive; and fueled by social media,” which affects both domestic and international affairs, Blair said, arguing that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine “should become a pivot point reviving our [Western] sense of mission.”....

In order to stay relevant in the new environment, the West needs to develop a common strategy, “pursued with coordination, commitment and competence,” with higher defense spending to “maintain military superiority” while expanding so-called “soft power” by building ties with developing countries, Blair concluded.  RT


The above quotes by Tony Blair in RT reveal the simplistic mind of the AngloSaxons. Might, force, war to control the world as the dominant civilisation.

China's rise and challenge to the western hegemony and dominance is not in war but in economic development, to see who can bring about a better world and prosperous world for everyone. China is building and building and helping the developing countries to improve their infrastructure to compete more effectively in the coming centuries. The only way forward to a better life is through better organisation, better infrastructure, better system and economic development...not wars, not instability, not constant conflict, tension and killings and bombings.

The West could do likewise, to build a better world for everyone. But no, that is not the western solution. The West would not compete fairly, to be better than China and the rest of the world by building a better world, better societies, better lives for all.

The answer from the West is to bring down China by force, higher defense spending, military superiority and war. The coming war with the West is inevitable for China and Russia. The West answer to their rise is to use a big stick, a big hammer, to hammer and beat them down. Not through competition to be better countries, produce and create better goods to improve the lives of the people of the world.

They had conquered and ruled the world for 600 years, using might and wars of oppression and suppression. This is the only solution and way they know, to continue to control and rule the world. White supremacy by force.

The USA is a nation of liars

The USA is a nation of liars, from the very top downwards. Listen unsuspectingly and you are bound to believe and be convinced, with the MSM spinning the lies day in and day out. But analyse closely and all falls apart.

Just today, Biden was telling everyone the USA economy is looking good, but still a long way to go. A long way to go? What does he mean? If it is good, why is the Fed still talking about more interest rate hikes to 4%? A moving target no less. Would you believe this will tame inflation? It does not add up.

Then there was the other lie he made a day ago, gloating about the US$3.9 billion more weapons aid to Ukraine. On the surface it looks massive, but closer scrutiny shows that this supply of weapons was a long term commitment, that looks good when lumped together. The hundreds of thousands of artillery shells and projectiles would not even last half a month or even a week. The Russians have been firing about 60,000 artillery shells into Ukraine day in and day out. What does the few hundred thousand artillery shells going to do for Ukraine? Change the course of the war? Retake Crimea. Fat hope.

There are countries in the EU now talking about going back to renewables, like wind energy. How long do they think it will take, knowing that winter is just round the corner. Just building toilets when the urge to poo is really untolerable? They are still trying to spin their way out and fooling their own citizens.

The UK is trying to tell it's citizens that they must sacrifice for the good of Ukraine. The spike in energy prices is making life intolerable for the British public themselves and trouble is brewing. Strikes are taking place all over. Would the British public take time off to worry about Ukraine, or worry about their own predicament?

By the way, why is Boris Johnson now in Ukraine? It is obvious the situation there is dire. If Ukraine is doing so well on the battlefied, Boris would not have to be there. 


Americans complaining about theft of land, slavery, terrorism, genocides?


When Americans stole the land of the Red Indians, bombed innocent civilians, mothers, children, slavery etc etc, they are all coming back to roost. They think by fabricating lies and accused others of fake crimes, no one would remember what the Americans did, no time to point the fingers at the Americans?

The Americans are stupidly wrong. With internet, every time they accused others using fake news and fabricated lies, the world would be reminded of the Americans own crimes and would dig them out to expose the Americans' hypocrisies and lies. If only the Americans were smart enough to shut up. But no, they would throw stones at others while living in a glass house.

Hear this 2 min clip, from an American.

Opportunities in low skilled industries for Singaporeans

Peh mentioned that this was, in fact, his first job out of university – he had graduated from the Singapore Institute of Management – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (SIM-RMIT) with a degree in business management.

So, what got a millennial into the recycling industry, which is typically dominated by older folks?

“I couldn’t get employed for a year, so my dad was like, 'You know what? You should help out at the store', and that’s how I got started.”

He eventually learned that the skills and know-how he obtained at university were also helpful in the recycling industry.

That’s why he left his father’s company Ace Recycle Trading to set up his own, Earth Recycling Services, in January of this year. ...

“There was a lot of denial before I reached the stage of acceptance because I had big dreams, like how everyone talked about working in an office and climbing the corporate ladder.

“After a while, I eased into the lifestyle, and I do like the freedom of working around the family business. It also makes it easier to get days off!” CNA

The above is a success story of a Singaporean that refused to give up after finding out that his SIM-RMIT could not land him a job in Singapore. He is lucky that his father is in the garang guni trade and could give him a leg up to start his own business in recycling.

Singaporeans, especially PMETs that are unemployed, underemployed or unemployable, must find their own niche in the market filled with highly skilled foreigners to the tune of at least 2m of them here. Singaporeans that found their degrees or skills or experience unable to match the highly skilled third world talents from third world class universities can always find work in less competitive and lower skilled industries like garang guni aka recycling industries or in many other local industries like hawking, driving cabs and food delivery or even dish washing and table cleaning. They can become entrepreneurs in these industries by starting their own business and being their own bosses, owning dishwashing companies, car renting companies, home cooking companies etc etc.

There is a saying, be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. Your degrees would make you stand up in the garang guni recycling industry, in the food delivery industry, in car renting industry, in hawking industry, or as a cab driver. Print a card and stick to the back seat of your car saying I am a graduate driver, with pride. Be your own boss.

Do not lose your confidence. The competition is very fierce with more and more top talents being allowed in to compete with the citizens. I don't like the word locals or residents as they diminished the importance of citizenship and the sacrifices our men and families contributed to NS and still have to compete with foreigners not having to do NS and can join politics and become national leaders.

What do you think? The future of Singaporeans is very bright. I will suggest they give up their studies and don't waste money and time getting degrees as they would not be able to compete with the best in the world, all 7b of them, plus the fakes.  Can start doing business in the teens, set up small companies and be your own boss. Can start by going door to door selling 'kalipok' or nasi lemak. No need to send application letters and be interviewed and abused by foreigners in the job interviews and be told they are not good enough compare to the third world degree holders and the fake degree holders.

The key to success for Singaporeans in Singapore is the word 'acceptance'. No need to get angry and unhappy with what is happening. Be happy, .... relac, relac.

PS. Hope these low skilled industries are protected and foreigners, residents/locals that are not citizens are banned from joining these industries. Make these industries a privilege for Singaporeans that have done NS. Citizenship has privileges. Doing NS has privileges.


Najib - Bro, any advice?


Bro, any advice?

Ask Mahathir.

Ask Loong.

What it means to be friends of China or USA

China is directly appealing to the interests of Pacific Island countries with a view to advancing their economic status, providing infrastructure and export markets. The US, Australia, and co. are not. In fact, their only purpose in seeking to re-engage these countries is solely to counter China and advance their ideological goals, as illustrated by VP Harris brandishing the words ‘bad actors’ – but there is little evidence that the Pacific Island countries see China as one. Beijing pledges to respect their national sovereignty, which is why the security deal with the Solomon Islands was, much to the chagrin of Washington and Canberra, a popular arrangement which the Solomons see as an opportunity to wean themselves off their own longstanding dependency on Australia and the Commonwealth. China is not, contrary to how the media portrays it, ‘forcing itself’ on the Pacific, but is being welcomed, yet quite clearly the other side is attempting to force the island nations to choose, and then wondering why their diplomatic overtures are being ignored.  RT

The above is from an article in RT titled 'The US wants to use China's neighbors against it – will the plan succeed?' By now every country in the world would have no illusion about what relations with China or the US mean. The above statement explains it simply about the intent and purpose of China and the US.

Relations with China is all about economic development, about infrastructure building for the good of the respective countries and their people. When China comes knocking at the door, it is like a salesman offering his goods and services to the consumers and the consumers could freely decide what they want and what is best for them. There is no political or military pressure to be friends or enemies of anyone. It is a simple cordial relationship for the benefits of both China and the respective countries. 

On the other hand, when the Americans come a calling, it is about taking sides, to be enemies of China or Russia. It is about political and military coercion, be with us or against us. Join our gangs of international mafia to isolate and confront China, be enemies of China. Countries would be forced to make a choice to take sides or be sanctioned and treated as enemies. And after taking sides, they would be offered military weapons in the name of their defence against China, now called their enemy and a threat to them if they blindly believe the American hostile narrative.

The Americans are only interested in confrontation, military, economic and political confrontation, and in selling arms and weapons, not about trade, not about economic development, not about building infrastructures for the countries.

The choice is clear to every country. What do they want? War, confrontation and wasting money quarrelling and living under threats, imaginary threats from China and real threat from the Americans, or seeking to cooperate with China in trade, in economic development, in the rebuilding of their countries for the benefits of their people? No need to buy arms against any imaginary or fabricated threats. No need to take sides, can be free to be friends with every country in the world.

Which is evil, which is the trouble maker, the warmonger, are all out there for the world to see. All the fabricated threats, propaganda, lies are so wild, callous and unimaginative that no one can be deceived or conned to believe in them. This is the 21st Century and the rest of the world is enlightened and well informed. They know what is going on and what is real or fake, what is good for them and what is bad for them.

The rest of the world have been forced to take sides by the Americans and the West, and many have chosen for the good of their countries and people, to live freely, to develop and live better in peace, not in wars and constant fear of threats and instability.

PS. Mr Widodo or Jokowi, as the president is popularly known, has expressed the hope that the visit would strengthen the bilateral ties and cooperation between the two countries.

“China is Indonesia's comprehensive strategic partner. We must fill this partnership with cooperation that is beneficial for our country, and at the same time for the region and the world," said Jokowi.

Japanese Pride Of Pearl Harbour Attack

"Even today, the attack on Pearl Harbor is still regarded as a "national humiliation" by many Americans. On December 7 last year, the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, nearly 100 Japanese right-wing lawmakers visited Yasukuni Shrine, which enshrines some of Japan's infamous Class-A war criminals of World War II. The signal sent is almost self-evident. But Washington, which is extremely sensitive and narrow-minded towards China, has shown connivance for Japan's provocative behavior. The impulse of the Japanese right-wing forces to break through the post-WWII system has been unstoppable, and this is one of the biggest risks facing the Asia-Pacific. How serious are the consequences of finding the wrong enemy? History has given us inspirations and lessons too many times."

The above passage was taken from the Global Times.

On the 80th Anniversary of the Attack On Pearl Harbour, nearly 100 right-wing Japanese Lawmakers visited the Yasukuni Shrine in direct defiance to the Americans sentiment, if any. In fact, this has been going on for the last 8 decades.

And what did the Americans do? Sweet nothing. They condoned the act! There was no protests from the Americans. Everything seemed Okay!

The message that the Japanese have sent to the Americans is very clear. This particular Pearl Harbour attack was an overwhelming success of the Japanese. A successful sneak attack that even today the Americans still feel humiliated. There is no place to hide their faces. How can a super power like the Evil USA be weakened to such an extent? How can the the Evil USA be humiliated so completely and totally?

And to the Japanese, this is their showcase, their pride!

Would they, the Japanese, do it again? Another Pearl Harbour sneak attack? Perhaps another harbour? Your guess is as good as mine.


Why the pyramids were still in Egypt?


Africans sue UK over colonial-era abuses
Kenyans forced off their lands under British colonial rule have lodged a case with a top European court.

The British Museum is a testament of stolen artefacts and loots from the colonised countries. They would have put the pyramids in the museum if they could move it to London.  Stealing all the treasures from the colonies is just their normal.  Oops, cannot say stealing. Colonial masters never steal. They just took.  Everything belonged to them.

The Brits are so shameless to exhibit the stolen items as theirs. Oops. oops, not stolen items. Their colonial rules of law said when the invaded and take control of your land, everything belonged to them. Colonialism is not a crime. The white men said so.

In the context of today, no one is going to give respect to the thieves of colonised nations.  They called themselves Empires, colonial masters but basically gangsters, raiders, thieves and murderers.

Ukraine - Assassinated Darya Dugina Of Russia Hailed As Martyr

Thousands of people bade farewell to Darya Dugina, the daughter of a prominent right-wing political thinker in Russia, at her funeral and hail her as a Martyr. She was killed in a cruel, ruthless and inhuman car bombing by an organised criminal organisation in Ukraine.

The 29-year-old Darya was the daughter of Alexander Dugin. He has spoken during a farewell ceremony held for her on Tuesday, saying with his voice breaking that his daughter “died for the people, died for Russia”.

“The huge price we have to pay can only be justified by the highest achievement: our victory,” he said, standing next to his daughter’s casket, where her black-and-white portrait was placed behind it.

“She lived for the sake of victory, and she died for the sake of victory. Our Russian victory, our truth, our Orthodox faith, our state.”

Dugina was killed when a remotely-controlled explosive device planted in her SUV blew up on Saturday night as she was driving on the outskirts of Moscow, ripping the vehicle apart and killing her on the spot. Sources confirmed that there was a card with the words "This is for Darya" placed near her body.

The death of Dugina has prompted calls among Russians for revenge, and there is likely going to be a massive strike by the Russian military in a matter of days.

“I consider it a barbarous crime for which there can be no forgiveness,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to Dugin and his wife in a letter, denouncing the “cruel and treacherous” killing and saying that Dugina “honestly served people and the Fatherland, proving what it means to be a patriot of Russia with her deeds”. He posthumously awarded Dugina the Order of Courage, one of Russia’s highest medals.

FSB said that a Ukrainian citizen, Natalya Vovk, carried out the killing after arriving in Russia in July with her 12-year-old daughter and renting an apartment in the building where Dugina lived in order to shadow her. It said that Vovk and her daughter were at the same nationalist festival that Dugin and his daughter attended.

The agency said that Vovk drove to Estonia after the killing, using a different licence plate for her vehicle.

On Monday, the FSB released videos from surveillance cameras purportedly showing her entering and leaving Russia, and also a close-up of her in front of the entrance to the Moscow apartment building where Dugina lived. The FSB also posted pictures of her vehicle with different licence plates.

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu dismissed the Russian claim, saying in televised remarks that “we regard this as one instance of provocation in a very long line of provocations by the Russian Federation, and we have nothing more to say about it at the moment.” Of course, if you are guilty, you would have nothing more to say. Using a generalised excuse is just a cover-up.

Dugin, who is known as “Putin’s brain” and “Putin’s Rasputin” by some in the West, has been a vocal supporter, calling for a restoration of Russia’s global influence and dismissing liberal Western values. His daughter shared similar views as she had appeared as a commentator on the TV channel Tsargrad, where Dugin had served as Chief Editor.

Dugin has been sanctioned by the evil USA and the EU, while Dugina was sanctioned by the US in March for her work as Chief Editor of the United World International, a website that Washington has described as a source of disinformation. If Washington has said so, then it must be disseminating the truth that Washington has been desperately trying to cover up.


CPF - Seniors pay up or else....

This is really sickening honestly… at advanced age, many seniors are unable to live in peace!!! And worst, many still voting PAPPY!


According to Wuji in his post in TRE, many seniors are being harassed by reminders from the CPF to pay for their Medisave Insurance. Oops, oops, cannot say harrassment, just gentle reminders.  Is this true? How many seniors cannot afford to pay for their CPF Medical Insurance? Maybe not many has seniors are quite rich, or maybe not. These schemes are very good for them. When they are sick and hospitalised, if they have no money to pay, the medical bills may shock them to death. But with this so thoughtful and caring CPF Medical Insurance Scheme, they can live in peace, hospitialised in peace. The CPF Insurance Scheme will take care of the bills. True or not? Please tell me it is true and not otherwise.

How old are the seniors, above 60, in their 70s, 80s, and 90s.  Many already either retired or lost their jobs in the 50s and 60s. Still got money to pay for CPF Medical Insurance Scheme meh? Can, got, the govt got top ups for the seniors so sure can pay. How much is the top up and how much is the premium? Enough or not? 

When a person has not been working for 10 years, 20 years or 30 years, still got money in the CPF to pay the premium, before or after govt top ups? I dunno, honestly, I dunno. I have not received any reminder letters yet. Touch wood, pray pray, no reminder letters.

Seriously, for those in the 70s and above, they came from a generation with very low income and very little CPF savings and would have serious difficulties paying the premium. For those with weak hearts and kia chenghu type, receiving reminder letters would be like letters from Ah Longs, it must be excruciatingly frightening. Cannot pay how? 

Why are old folks being pressurised to pay medical insurance premiums when they don't even have enough money to pay for food? Why subject these oldies to such pressure and harrassment in their golden years or dying years? And when GST goes up, they must pay GST also.

Where is the heart? Where is the compassion?

Anyone got any good solution to spare the old folks so that they can live in peace just before they RIP? I am sure the super talented millionaires have no good solution or else they would have come up with them to show how kind they are to the oldies. Or this CPF Medical Insurance is the best they could come up with.

When one is in the 70s and older, no job, no income, no savings, no CPF, no nothing, everyday waiting to be called home, and still being pursued to pay their insurance premium, what kind of life is that?  Can this be called cruelty to the oldies? Owe money to the government because the government made it compulsory for them to pay for CPF Medical Insurance which they cannot say no. But they really got no money, then how?

The Ah Longs would say O$P$.  This is the law. And in this rules based country, not rules based order, the law is the law. Poor oldies, it is for your own good you know. The govt created this wonderful and caring CPF Medical Insurance to help you, to take good care of you when you are sick and hospitalised. 

So be grateful and say thank you. The reminder letters are just reminders only.


Reunification gives the Taiwan Chinese a role in the rejunevation of the motherland, to build a better and richer China

China knows that taking Taiwan by force and with heavy casualties of lives would cause a lot of anger, hatred and unforgiveness from the victims and would be unacceptable. They would want to avoid this. The latest exercise and the inaction of the Taiwan military is a sign that they were communicating and would not fight and kill each other.

Many Taiwanese have now come to their senses, that it is futile to fight a war with China. And reunification is a good thing and would ensure security, peace and prosperity. They also know that they cannot rely on the Americans, now wanting to snatch TSMC to the USA, and Japan, really a spent force.

Both sides would soon be talking, if not already talking, on how best to reunify with the Motherland. The Taiwan Chinese are not that stupid as the Americans and Japanese would make them to be, to want to die fighting Chinese from the Motherland. Only the Japanese and half Japanese would still be pushing for this agenda.

The Americans and Japanese may be able to find a few traitors to support independence, like finding a Zelensky, China would be able to find many more patriotic Chinese in Taiwan that want to reunite with the Motherland. China has already won the reunification cause by being rich and powerful, not the poor and weak China of the past.

Reunification with the Motherland is not being invaded and conquered by a foreign power and life can only be better. They could negotiate for better terms to make everyone happy. Reunification also means the Taiwan Chinese could contribute to the rejunevation of a modern and powerful China for all Chinese.

Choosing reunification means the Taiwan Chinese have chosen the honourable path of patriotism instead of being traitors to the Chinese Civilisation and the Motherland. They would be warmly welcomed back to the embrace of the Motherland to share and build a new and better China for all Chinese. This is a wise and glorious choice, an important decision to be remembered in the history of China and the Chinese Civilisation. Do not be condemned by history and the Chinese people to support the enemies, ie the Americans and the Japanese to go against the Motherland and the Chinese Civilisation. 

If the Americans and Japanese succeeded in destroying China, they would condemn you just as well for being shameless traitors to your own Motherland and Civilisation. You would not to be respected as honourable people for turning against your own kind.

The Evil Japanese Are Onto It Again - Visiting The Yasukuni Shrine

"This is an issue of the Japanese people, so Japanese people need to decide themselves," said Yukie Takahashi, a 60-year-old office worker.

"It's a day to worship, to look back on the past, reflect on it and pray."

Among those visiting the shrine were a vocal group of right-wing activists, some dressed in military uniforms and bearing flags ostensibly to show off to the World that they still harbour the intention to invade other countries, and there is nothing wrong with that.

There are others who released doves and birds as s symbol of asking for peace and tranquility.

The Japanese NHK news showed the shrine being visited early on Monday by several existing Cabinet Ministers, including Economic Security Minister Sanae Takaichi, along with Koichi Hagiuda, the head of the LDP's policy research council and a few of Abe's closed Axis of Evils.

"It is natural for any country to pay respect to those who gave their lives for their country," Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno reiterated this message earlier on.

Japan will continue to pay lip service to pretend to show the strengthening of its relations with its close neighbours - China and South Korea.

In 2013, Abe was the last Prime Miinister in recent memory to visit Yasukuni while in office, a visit that was vehemently outraged by both China and South Korea and even drew a rebuke from its close friend, the Evil US Empire.

Though the Evil USA and the Evil Japanese Empire have become somewhat uneasy fellow-bed-fellows, outwardly showing a staunch Axis of Evils together, but for the past 7.5 decades since the World War, their legacy of the conflict haunts the whole of Asia.

To the Koreans, they marked this day as the date as National Liberation Day. They will always remember this day and hate and resent the Japanese for its ruthles invasion, rapes and forced occupation of Korea from 1910 to 1945.

China has bitter memories of Imperial Japanese troops ruthless invasion, massacres, rapes and forced occupation, and various atrocities of unimaginable proportions within various parts of the country from 1931-1945. The Evil Japs went on a full-scale rampage of the whole country, treating and massacring millions of innocent, defendless and hapless Chinese folks without closing an eyelid. To most Chinese, this day can never be forgotten and washed away by blood!



Freedom of Navigation or Freedom to Intimidation?

 The warmongering Americans that thrive on wars and hegemony have invented many deceitful terms and phrases to mess around with sovereign states, to interfere in their domestic affairs, to provoke and incite wars and raise tension between states. War on terror, war on drugs, democracy, human rights, genocide, debt traps are all invented by the Americans to cause mischief, to invade countries, to destabilise countries, to impose sanctions and to threaten countries with invasion. The world must not be deceived and exploited by the evil Americans. The world must stop the bullying and threats by the Americans. Only the number one terrorist nation, the USA and the Anglo Saxon tribe, is doing these dastard things.

Freedom of navigation is anything but about freedom. It is about American gangsterism, using their naval power to provoke and threaten the safety and security of nation states, blackmail and outright challenging a country to war. Freedom of navigation in its simplest and rightful sense is about freedom of commercial and civilian ships to navigate the high seas without threatening any country or being threatened or prevented from sailing the high seas. 

Sailing warships, heavily armed, into the front yard of countries without any good reason is but a show of force, an act of gangsterism, a hostile act that could lead to conflict and wars. The intent of such an act is hostile and unfriendly. There is no acceptable reason for any country to sail their warships, ie weapons of war and destruction, into the territorial waters of another country to make a statement that it has a right to be there. No country has obstructed freedom of navigation against commercial and legitimate navigation, peaceful and non threatening navigation in the high seas or territorial waters permissible by international laws. Why must the Americans be thumping their chests to prove that they could sail everywhere, into other countries territorial waters? These are rogue behaviours of uncivilised savages.

The regular and mischievous sailing of warships into another country's territorial waters by the Americans is unacceptable and cannot be condoned.  It is American gangsterism, bullying and arrogance, to intimidate and threaten the countries concerned. Such unfriendly and provocative acts, disguised as 'freedom of navigation' is unhelpful and dangerous and must be stopped. Innocent passage by warships uninvited is anything but unfriendly. Warships are meant for wars. Warships should only be allowed in the territorial waters of countries when invited, not uninvited, not budging in to show military muscles and naval power.

Freedom of Navigation in the way used by the American gangsters is an unfriendly act and very provocative. The world must not tolerate the bullying of the American gangsters under such deceitful excuses. The UNCLOS must define freedom of navigation to prevent misunderstanding and acts of adventurism and provocation.  As it is, the evil and warmongering Americans have yet to be a signatory of the UNCLOS and strutting around the high seas ignoring the provisions of the UNCLOS but demanding every country to abide by UNCLOS rules. They regard themselves as above the law while demanding others to abide by the law. They can incite wars, go to wars, commit massacres and genocides, lie, cheat, commit war crimes, violate human rights, abuse minorities, concentration camps etc etc, but no one else is allowed to do so.

The gangsters of the high seas must not be allowed to get away with their lawlessness and aggressive provocative behaviours. Gangsters are gangsters. Warmongers are warmongers. Terrorists are terrorists. They are judged by their acts and behaviours, not by their words and lies.

Polonium Could Have Been Easily Produced By UK and USA

The deadly nerve agent that caused the poisoning of the Russian ex-spy, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, in Britain could have been developed in the U.S. and the U.K. instead of Russia.

The then UK’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had said that it was “overwhelmingly likely” that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin directed the March 4 poisoning of former military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. So far, there has been no proof forthcoming. It's all about probabilities. Speculative.

Johson had indicated that the weapon used in the attempted murder was believed to be from the Novichok family of nerve agents. He added that it could have been developed by the Soviet Union (many years ago, before the collapse of the USSR).

As far as Moscow is concerned,
the Uk's accusations against Putin in the nerve gas attack are surprisingly shocking. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied involvement in this case.

Some countries in the West, have been doing such Novichok research for a long time now.

The scientist has singled out both the U.K. and the U.S. as countries where the Novichok-class agent was reportedly developed, adding that it “may very well be that the substance used on Skripal’s poisoning could have come from the stocks” of these two Western countries.



Wars in East Asia would be a non starter, not in Taiwan

 The Americans and the Japanese would want to have a war in East Asia in the like of Ukraine to trap China in a long military struggle that would drain its economic resources and stop it from growing stronger to overtake the Americans. Unfortunately the geography of Taiwan and East Asia does not allow a repeat of what is happening in Ukraine, Europe.

Taiwan is an isolated island far far away from any land/country except China. The closest is Japan and the Philippines but still several hundred miles away. There is no direct land borders with Taiwan like Ukraine. In case of a war on Taiwan, Japan or the Americans would be defeated by the logistics and supply chain to keep the war going. China is already in control of the seas up to 2,000 km from its shores.

And there is no land target for the Japanese or Americans to strike except China mainland. This is taboo as striking China mainland would mean China missiles raining onto all the Japanese main islands and cities and also America homeland. You hit me, I hit you. Would the Japanese and Americans dare to invite such a scenario, an attack on their homelands?

What kind of war would it be without a theatre of war or war zone on land? Where are the targets? The islands in South China Sea? If the Americans strike at them, Guam and Hawaii would be automatic targets for the PLA.  If not, the battles would be fought out in the sea or airspace over the seas. China would have numerical advantages with a superior navy in numbers and new warships, new technologies, supported by all the missiles and war planes from the mainland and the island fortresses in the South China Sea.

We will see how the Americans and Japanese could start a war in the seas around China without attacking the Chinese mainland. The American propaganda machine is still trying to trivialise the visit of Pelosi as an innocent grandma visiting an island and that China's reaction was badly received. Unfortunately, the realities on the ground is that the whole world, including Asean, have seen this outrageous and irresponsible visit by Pelosi as an aggressive affront by the Americans to want to start a war in the region, a war that no wants it. Behind closed doors they are furious at the reckless behaviour of the Americans, behaving as if they were still the evil Empire and wanting to mess around with the region, creating another Ukraine. No, the world is aghast at the aggressive and warmongering Americans.

China would not want to start a war with Taiwan. China has demonstrated that it could reunite Taiwan by a blockade to wear down Taiwan without any big loss of Chinese lives on both sides of the straits. The most the Taiwanese could do would be to send their aircraft or warships to try to break out. The only limited casualties would by the pilots and seamen, not involving the civilians on the island. China would avoid, at all cost, to harm the Chinese in Taiwan. Bloodshed must be avoided if reunification is to be successful and welcomed.

If there is an escalation, it would be a naval and air battle with the Americans or Japanese fought in the eastern sea and airspace. Shooting down and killing Americans and Japanese would be more palatable and even desired by the Chinese people on both sides of the straits.

Would the hostile and belligerent Americans and Japanese dare to raise the temperature to the point of a hot war with China? China would fight them but would not make Taiwan another Ukraine that the Americans and Japanese wanted to. In a way the battle lines have been drawn and waiting for the Americans and Japanese to walk in for a showdown.

Ukraine - both sides can play the sanction and weaponising game

 Russia is again shutting down Nord Stream 1 for three days at the end of August, for maintenance. Olaf Schulz and other Europeans are saying they do not buy into the maintenance talk and that Russia is weaponising it's energy supply against Europe. Given that this is true, what is the surprise? Are the Europeans not following the USA in weaponising the US$ to sanction Russia? It works both ways, and not all things work in ways that the USA and West thinks must work in their interest only. Those days are over.

Call it blackmail if they like, Russia is just taking a leaf from the USA and Western countries playbook. Now that it is played the other way round, they are complaining. When they were doing the sanctioning against other countries like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and Russia, they were so gung ho about how successful the sanctions were going to be and gloating about it. Surprisingly, no country that they have sanctioned have collapsed. Cuba endured more than half a century of sanctions and is more self reliant than before. And they think Russia will collapse because of the thousands of sanctions?

It is indeed laughable that the Russian economy is realistically stronger than before and the Ruble has not turned into rubble. Ironically, it is the US$ that is going to be turned into rubble sooner than expected. Spin as they like about how Russia is about to collapse and is facing a lot of problems with it's economy caused by those sanctions. Really? Why doesn't Europe make Russia collapse immediately by cutting off all oil and gas imports from them? Why complain instead when Russia cuts down it's gas flow to Europe? Who is realistically collapsing?

The Europeans are going to face a winter of chaos and discontent. The UK is facing coming strikes in transport services among others. Millions of UK households are not paying their energy bills. What if their heating is cut off for non payment this coming winter? There is going to be a second revolution on the cards. Nothing Industrial about that I can assure you. And it is not something that Liz Truss can handle.


Everything is a threat to the Evil American Empire as they claimed

 The declining evil American Empire is seeing the end of the road in their world hegemony. They are growing weaker by the day while competitors are growing stronger and moving away from their control and clutches. This is bad for the evil Empire. The evil Empire must not be second to any country in anything. Everything that happens in the rest of the world is now view as a threat to the evil American Empire, as long as they said so.

No country needs to be actually sending their armed forces to the shores of the American homeland to be accused of as being a threat. To do so, such a country must have a military force many times bigger than the Americans. The truth is that the American military force is many times bigger than any country in the world, and many times more powerful than the nearest rival, meaning it is a real military threat to every country in the world, not the way the Americans cunningly and deceitfully called it. No country is a military threat to the Americans, not even Russia or China. Definitely not Iran or North Korea. The last thing to be a threat to the evil American Empire is the tribesmen of Afghanistan. But the evil Americans kept on repeating that the poor Afghan tribesmen are a threat to the mighty veiled Empire. And this includes the so called Muslim and Arab countries branded as terrorist countries by the world's number one terrorist country, the evil American Empire.

The so called threat is getting so ridiculous. But the more ridiculous part is that many silly Asians believe in the American lies, that the rest of the world is threatening the evil American Empire and not the other way round. The Americans have been agitating and inciting wars and fighting wars and claimed to be peaceful and protecting human rights and democracy when no country is fighting the Americans or has the ability to put up even a little resistance.

Today, the Americans arrogantly and condescendingly declared that no country can be richer or better than the evil Americans. Any country that wants to be better or richer than the Americans, have bigger economy, higher standard of living, better technologies, even winning more sports medals, will be called a threat to the evil American Empire.

Countries building ports in Africa, in Latin America or Asia is also called a threat to the evil Empire. Countries friendlier to China, Russia, Iran or North Korea, are branded as a threat to the evil Empire. Countries signing trade cooperation or security cooperation with any other country other than the evil Empire is called a threat to the evil Empire.

Countries that excel in science and technology, building better communications equipment, better biotech, going to the moon or Mars, having better or more satellites to improve communication, would also be called a threat to the Americans. China building better ports, roads, railways, etc etc, infrastructures to improve the economies of poor countries, all these economic activities are called threats to the evil Empire. Oil producing countries selling oil to China or Russia are also a threat to the Americans. And the Americans bullying, inciting wars, threatening wars and regime change, poking their dirty smelly fingers in the domestic affairs of every country in the world is NOT a threat to anyone!

How hypocritical, how deceitful and condescending? How arrogant is the evil American Empire to treat the rest of the world as hapless nation states existing only at their mercy, generosity and dictates?

Everything is a threat to the American Empire if the evil Americans said so.  How much more must the world tolerate this bullying and threat from the evil American Empire when the evil American Empire is the real threat to the rest of the world?

While the evil American Empire is fighting wars and agitating for wars in Europe and the Middle East, this is not enough. Asians are now enjoying peace and stability. Would they want to let the evil American Empire to start a war in Asia? Would Asian countries want their economies and lives to be destroyed like the Ukrainians and Europeans? They must speak up against the hostility and dangerous provocations by the Americans in the region and stop from being dragged into a war that has nothing to do with them.

Speak up against the evilness and irresponsible warmongering of the evil Americans. Tell them straight in their face that they are the real terrorists, the threat to peace and stability. Keeping quiet is encouraging the American gangsters to do as they pleased, to start wars and instability in the region.


Americans eyeing the Philippines as a forward base in war with China

 As analysts have noted, the United States has limited munitions, raising the possibility that it would be required to cede the South China Sea in the early stages of a conflict with China. And a successful invasion would increase China’s power projection capabilities and weaken the ability of the United States to support its ally through an air and naval presence in the region.

While the United States could have little hope that other Southeast Asian countries (except perhaps for Singapore) would give practical assistance in the event of a conflict, the Philippines will be in the spotlight.

A dearth of other viable regional options makes Luzon, the Philippines’ largest island, separated from Taiwan by the Luzon Strait, highly desirable real estate. Notably, some recent war games by US think tanks focused on how a conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan might unfold have assumed that US forces would have military access to bases in the Philippines. CNA

The above is quoted from an article by a Susannah Patton in CNA. It is quite obvious that the Americans are looking at the Philippines as their attack base against China in their pursuit of world hegemony and control of the western Pacific region. The Philippines have been an American colony and military bases for several decades and the Americans have always treated the Philippines as a convenient colonial legacy to extend their military influence in the region. And there are many Filipino generals that are very closed to the Americans and would favour the return of the Americans to reoccupy the former Clark and Subic bases.

Would the Philippines be willing to play the role of a Ukraine in a war between the United States and China? The article insinuate that China is an aggressive and expansionist power and after reuniting with Taiwan, the Americans mischievously called in invasion of Taiwan, Philippines would be next to be targeted by China. It refused to acknowledge the fact that Taiwan was a part of China and a domestic issue. The real threat to the region is American hegemony and interference and expansion to control the region. It ignores the fact that the Americans have been sending warships and warplanes to provoke and agitate for war and instability in the region.

It also ignores the fact that China has good relations with the countries of Asean, not at war with any of them and does not have hegemonic ambition to be an Empire like the Americans and the West. The Americans are still vigorously cultivating Asean to be their poodle in their fight with China. At the moment it seems that Asean has wisen up to stay out of big power contest and choosing to be neutral. Would this last?

The fact that Asean is increasingly behaving like the Americans, in interfering with the domestic affairs of Myanmar, acting like the righteous God and feeling very good about such actions, is a sign that the basic instincts of arrogance and pompousness are there to be exploited. Small minds always want to think big and act big, like punching above one's weight or poking one's fingers into other people's affairs and telling others to do what it wants them to do. Power in the wrong hands is dangerous.

If Asean forgets its key principles of neutrality, peaceful co existence and non interference in other country's affairs, its member country's affairs, it would slowly become a small arrogant USA like Australia, thinking too highly of itself and willing to use power to act big and tough. The Americans love Asean to behave like a rogue, like gangsters, like the Americans, so that they can pull the strings from behind to divide Asean and to destabilise the region.

Asean still harbours the mentality of third world countries, always thinking too highly of themselves and acting high and mighty, like the way they are acting against Myanmar. Who is the leader in Asean that is advocating such intrusive behaviour against a fellow member and thinking that this is the role of Asean, to interfere and meddle with fellow Asean members and dictating to Myanmar what is right and what is acceptable to Asean?

Do not be surprised that Asean would turn out to be another little stooge led by the nose by the Americans to be the troublemaker in the region, and bring disasters to themselves for being a nasty brat. There is peace and stability in the region for the moment. With the number one troublemaker agitating and encouraging Asean to be like them, the peace and tranquility in the region may soon be a thing of the past.

Pray Asean has wise leadership and be spared from becoming another spoilt brat of the American Empire and turning SE Asia into another trouble spot. Asean must keep its fingers off the domestic affairs of other countries, including Asean members.


China's white paper on Taiwan - Self rule

 China's white paper spelt out clearly what Taiwan would be once reunited with China.  It clarifies further on the meaning of one country, two systems. Taiwan would continue to be governed by Taiwan Chinese that are pro unification and pro China, not pro Japan, not pro US, not pro separatists. Taiwan's economy would continue as it is, in fact better with full access to the whole of China. Revenue generated by the Taiwan economy would remain in Taiwan to benefit the Taiwan province.  China does not need the revenue from Taiwan as it is self sufficient and getting richer with its expanding economy.

Taiwan would have a lot of savings without having to spend on a huge and unnecessary military and forced to throw billions to support the American military complex, buying obsolete weapons for show and pretending to be able to defend itself. The inaction and fear during the Pelosi visit have exposed the position of the Taiwan military. In fact it was obvious that many of the commanders were preparing to raise the China flag without fighting. It was just meaningless to fight an overwhelmingly superior force. After all, both are Chinese, like two political parties fighting for the right to rule. Why be annihilated in a futile war? Fighting China is assured death and destruction. The same fate of Ukraine and Ukrainians is staring down at Taiwan.

The China white paper has in effect offered the pro unification Taiwan Chinese to seize power and take control of the island from the pro Japanese, Taiwanese Japanese groups and to form the provincial govt of Taiwan, like in Hong Kong. Only pro China and pro unification Taiwan Chinese qualify to govern Taiwan. All the pro separatist Taiwanese would not be in the provincial govt, and would also be arrested and prosecuted for treason.

Without having to spend heavily on military assets and a big and unproductive military, Taiwan could allocate all its valuable resources to grow its economy for the good of the Taiwan Chinese. There is no need to chase a mirage, a delusion, a dangerous adventure that leads to nowhere except death and destruction. 

The rightful place, and the best place for Taiwan to be is to reunite with the motherland and become a member of the next super power, the richest country on earth. The choice is obvious. Many in Taiwan would welcome reunification when the moment arrives. The Pelosi visit is a rude awakening to many Taiwanese, waking them from their wet dreams.

The pro independence option is a road to nowhere. They cannot run into the sea. The Americans have conveyed the message through Pelosi that the Americans would not fight China and die for Taiwan. Tsai Ing Wen had been told. Now she is talking about maintaining status quo, no change, no more independence of Taiwan. This is a bit too late. 

China has made up its mind to reunite Taiwan asap. China would not tolerate another day of interference and coercion from the USA. The rest of the little white countries and Japan are just minor irritants that would be flushed down the sewers if they dare to create mischiefs in the seas of China.

The options for the Taiwan Chinese is to grow and prosper as a part of China, become the citizens of the next super power,  or be squashed like cockroaches if needed be. The door is thrown wide open to welcome them back to the embrace of the Motherland to live in peace and prosperity.... Unless they choose to jump into the Pacific Ocean.

The window for peaceful reunification is wide open but closing soon. The reunification process has actually started. There were a slew of measures taken by China to reunite Taiwan province into the Motherland. The map of China has changed to include Taiwan as a part of China. All produce from Taiwan must include the words, Taiwan, PRC or cannot be sold in mainland China. All the pro separatists are now in a blacklist and their business activities in China sanctioned. The PLA is everywhere all over Taiwan. In less than 6 months, the Taiwan Chinese would protest against the DPP for destroying their livelihood. The Taiwan military may conduct a coup to bring down the DPP. Military preparations have been taken to take on the trouble making Americans and Japanese at sea. Taiwan is now in an economic lockdown.

The Taiwan Chinese must choose to be on the right side of history.

PS. The Americans have seen what is coming and desperately wanting to grap TSMC from Taiwan. Like it or not, TSMC would no longer be in Taiwan, and the good old days would be over without this industry. Alternatively, TSMC can choose for a clean break from the Americans, be free from American pressure and control, and reintegrate into the Chinese economy and grow the Chinese semi conductor industry, build all the chips for the Motherland, to compete with the Americans head on, while staying in Taiwan and with the assured growing markets of China, Asia, Latin America and Africa and the rest of the world, minus the USA.

People’s Liberation Army May Hit U.S. Naval Forces if They Transit Taiwan Straits

China’s ambassador to Washington, D.C., Qin Gang, sounded a more ominous note when he suggested that future routine transits of the Taiwan Strait by U.S. naval forces may provoke a response from the People’s Liberation Army.

“We have noted what the U.S. military has said about the U.S. military exercises and navigation [in the Taiwan Strait], but I call on the U.S. to refrain and exercise restraint and not do anything to escalate tensions,” Qin said. “If there are any moves to violate China’s territorial integrity, China will respond.”

That warning is notable given China’s unilateral declaration in June that it had sovereignty over the entire Taiwan Strait.

Kurt Campbell, the National Security Council’s Indo-Pacific coordinator, announced Friday that U.S. naval units will conduct “freedom of navigation” exercises in the Strait in the coming weeks.


PS. The world's number one terrorist nation and troublemaker is desperate to want to start a war in Taiwan knowing those killed would be Chinese on both sides of the Straits. Hope the clowns in Taiwan would be responsible enough not to fall into the trap of the evil Americans to start a war with China.

Singapore's position is closer to the United States, implicitly blame China for Taiwan crisis

Three countries are most forward-leaning in their support of China: Myanmar, North Korea, and Russia. All three explicitly blame the United States for provoking the current tensions.

Ten countries expressed positions closely in line with China’s without condemning the United States directly. These countries’ statements meet one or more of the following criteria: they express the position that Taiwan “is an inalienable part of China”; they express support for or concern about violations of “China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”; and/or they call for “non-interference” in China’s internal affairs. All of these closely match Beijing’s talking points.

Six countries adopted true neutral positions. These countries issued statements of “concern” and called on “all parties” to exercise restraint and caution and refrain from escalating the situation. Their statements may reference both “sovereignty” and “escalation” concerns, reflecting both Chinese and U.S. talking points. Indonesia’s statement, for example, says that “​Indonesia is deeply concerned with the increasing rivalry among major powers” and “calls on all parties to refrain from provocative actions that may worsen the situation.” There is no mention of specific actions that sparked Indonesia’s concern.

Four countries – India, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam – positioned themselves closer to the United States, while not directly condemning China. These countries mentioned the need to “de-escalate tensions” and “exercise restraint” – language used by Washington – without similar expressions of concern about sovereignty and territorial integrity. Singapore, for example, “emphasized the need to avoid miscalculation and accidents, which could lead to an escalatory spiral and destabilize the region.” India, which delayed making any comment at all for 10 days after Pelosi arrived in Taiwan, finally remarked that “We urge the exercise of restraint, avoidance of unilateral actions to change status quo, de-escalation of tensions and efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region.”



China must challenge 'freedom of navigation' in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea by the Americans

The United States must “contest” the launch of missiles over Taiwan by China, a top US military officer said on Tuesday. Seventh Fleet commander Vice Admiral Karl Thomas warned that such acts by Beijing could become the norm if allowed to go unchallenged.

“It’s very important that we contest this type of thing. I know that the gorilla in the room is launching missiles over Taiwan,” Vice Admiral Thomas told reporters in Singapore. “It’s irresponsible to launch missiles over Taiwan into international waters.”

Thomas warned that, “if you don’t challenge it,” these actions could lead to the Taiwan Strait being militarized in a similar way as the South China Sea. RT

The above comments by a mafia chief from the evil American Empire said it all, arrogant, pompous and condescending and down right evil. What happens between Taiwan and China is a domestic affair, the continuation of a civil war that has yet to reach a closure. It is none of the business of the American hooligans.

What is important is for China to start to challenge the provocative aggression in the Taiwan Straits and the seas around China by the Americans disguised as 'freedom of navigation'. It is like a bull charging in a China shop. This kind of gangster behaviour must be stopped, not just in the seas of China but all over the world. The world is a peaceful place and freedom of navigation is for commerce, trade routes for shipping, not for warships heavily armed with WMD to be charging into every country's courtyard.

This abrasive and rogue behaviour of the American gangsters must be stopped immediately. The UN must take a stand to forbid such aggressive and hostile behaviour of the Americans. They are the causes of war, sooner or later. If such behaviour is tolerated by the UN, it would be a matter of time before China do the same to the Americans by conducting fake 'freedom of navigation' with its own warships to Guam, Hawaii, the coasts of America and Europe. If big powers are allowed to act so irresponsibly, it would create a lot of potential flashpoints around the world.

For peace and stability in the world, the UN must stop the aggressive behaviour of the Americans in conducting highly provocative 'freedom of navigation' exercises in the courtyards of other countries. China must challenge such silly and aggressive acts of the Americans. Then we will see how innocent are the American 'freedom of navigation' scams are.

Fake 'freedom of navigation' must not become the norm in international navigation. It is highly dangerous, irresponsible and provocative. It is a bull charging in a China shop. It must be challenged, it must be stopped. The warmongering evil American Empire must be stopped.

Covid19 - Pfizer and Moderna making billions with its failed vaccines

Between the sales of its mRNA-based vaccine and the new antivirals, Pfizer’s profits have reached unprecedented highs this quarter. The company reported $9.91 billion in earnings for the second quarter of 2022 and expects to sell $32 billion in vaccine doses and $22 billion in Paxlovid this year.

Pfizer’s sales had already doubled in 2021, leading some to accuse the company of ‘pandemic profiteering’ by jacking up the cost of shots for wealthy countries and withholding the formula from poorer nations. Pfizer has claimed the cost of developing and testing the drug must be recouped, even though nearly half of that funding came from the German government. Oxfam last year estimated that Pfizer and Moderna were billing governments as much as $41 billion more than the vaccines cost to produce.  RT

Can anyone believe this? Pfizer is making billions selling a vaccine that it originally claimed to have 96% efficacy in preventing infection by the Covid19 virus but the results of infection in the USA, UK, Europe and all the countries using the Pfizer vaccine said otherwise. The infection rate has continued to soar and does not seem to be coming down.

Anyone with a sound mind still thinking the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines are effective and still recommending for its use? Or would the answer be, it could be worse if not of Pfizer vaccine. So it is effective and must continue to jab and continue to booster? 

Look at the data below from John Hopkins Resource Centre and try to understand what is going on and what is the truth. The countries that are having an explosion of cases are all using mRNA vaccines, touted as the best and most effective vaccine in the world for Covid19.
You really believe that? You read the numbers and judge for yourself.

Last Updated at John Hopkins Resource Centre
8/16/2022, 8:21 AM

Total Cases in the world    -  591,083,945

Total Deaths in the world   -  6,437,541

Total Vaccine Doses Administered   -  12,029,773,144

Cases | Deaths by Country/Region/Sovereignty

28-Day: 5,338,042 | 3,600
Totals: 15,795,156 | 35,402

28-Day: 3,362,513 | 12,923
Totals: 93,026,129 | 1,037,451

Korea, South
28-Day: 2,629,980 | 920
Totals: 21,502,164 | 25,710

28-Day: 1,842,351 | 3,165
Totals: 31,535,340 | 145,698

28-Day: 1,524,283 | 2,650
Totals: 34,406,296 | 154,104

28-Day: 1,353,672 | 4,135
Totals: 21,509,424 | 174,102

28-Day: 999,222 | 2,171
Totals: 9,822,513 | 12,930

28-Day: 998,278 | 590
Totals: 16,528,070 | 100,058

PS. No western media is raising the alarm that Japan has more than 5m cases a month, more than the 3m of the Americans. Both uses mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. In fact all the top infected countries used mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. This is how good and effective these mRNA vaccines are.

You made your own conclusion.


USA, world's number one terrorist nation hell bent to start a war in East Asia with another sneaky visit

 The ruthless, reckless and irresponsible Americans are desperate to start a war in Taiwan. All Asian and Asean countries are warned. After the failed attempt to use 'about to expire' Pelosi as a sacrificial lamb, to be shot down by the PLA to start a war, the American propaganda machine is on full steam churning out mischievous narratives that China is the aggressor and to be blamed for a war in Taiwan.  This kind of silly propaganda, outright lies, could only come from the lying and treacherous warmongers, the Americans. They are not only shameless, but treating the world as fools. They are provoking and threatening China daily and got the cheek to accuse China of provocation and aggression. They have mustered their warships and aircraft to the China seas planning to attack China.

If there is a war in Taiwan, it is all because of the provocation of the Americans. Their lip service about a one China policy is hogwash. They keep lying, thinking the Chinese did not know, and now following up with another batch of hooligans from Congress making a sneak visit Taiwan again. So much for their fork tongue recognition of one China policy.

It is not that China does not want to take the bait. For starting a war because of the evil Americans would lead to many Chinese being killed on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. China would do everything possible to avoid shedding Chinese blood on both sides. The Taiwan Chinese must also wake up from their foolish dream of a separate Taiwan and not be misled by the Taiwan Japanese into dying for the cause of the Japanese, to betray China and the Chinese people. The Taiwan Japanese want Taiwan to be a part of Japan. The Americans want Taiwan to be a launching pad to threaten and attack China.

As long as the Taiwan Chinese are still deluded, they would be used by the Americans and Japanese as cannon fodder, to be sacrificed for the good of the Japanese and Americans. They would die for nothing. The Pelosi Incident is just the beginning and more of it would happen to serve the American Dream of an unending evil Empire. Do not become the traitors and criminals of the Chinese Civilisation.

The good thing about the failed Pelosi Incident was the exposure of the weaknesses in both the American and Taiwanese sides. The Taiwanese were given a stark realisation that they were no match to the military might of China. If a war breaks out, and if they fire upon the PLA, Taiwan would be like Ukraine. It is a hopeless case, with not a minute chance of changing their fortune. Taiwan would be flattened like Ukraine and many many Taiwan Chinese would die foolishly for a futile adventurism. Also, the Taiwanese military would not fight the PLA. They knew that there is no contest. They would be turned into charred meat. The PLA could blow up all the military bases without landing a soldier in Taiwan, without losing a single soldier, and could then lockdown Taiwan for good. 

The Americans and Japanese too would not fight as the harm outweighs the benefits in a war with China. Japan for sure would be blasted to the Stone Age and there would be no Japan anymore. The Americans would not risk a nuclear war with China or the sinking of a few aircraft carriers, all sitting ducks to the hypersonic anti aircraft carrier missiles of China. All the American bases in Japan, Korea and Guam would be incapacitated, bombed out. No Americans would want to die for Taiwan, a distant island across the Pacific Ocean, not a part of the USA.

The Americans can continue to provoke China with their aggressive silly war dance in the China Seas. It is only up to China when and where they would want to sink them. These are foolish and insane acts of stupidity. There is no way the American warships could survive if the PLA decides to sink them. Still bragging about sailing through the Straits of Taiwan? China would put up a few 'mountains' in the Strait to welcome them, like welcoming the USS Connecticut. Oops, sorry, you hit the 'mountain'. Not our fault.

Asean countries should best stay away from a war that does not concern them, a war started by the Americans to rule the world, and that includes ruling Asean. They may, if they want to get involved, to be on the side of China, to ward off and destroy this evil American Empire, and set themselves free from American threats, oppression, bullying and sanctions. The warmongering Americans are going to force them to take sides.  Asean must act wisely, act as a group, and not be divided by the American poodles in Asean and to become accomplices of the evil American Empire, to be dragged into a war that would only bring destruction to their economies, lives of their people, and the only thing they could gain, if the Americans succeeded, is to be colonies of the American Empire forever.

Wake up Asean, wake up countries of the world.  The reckless and irresponsible Americans are going to start WW3. Be on the side of righteousness and good. Do not be taken in by Satan America.

The eventual consequence of the American aggressiveness and provocative behaviour is to push China to go for an earlier reunification of Taiwan. To appease the evil Americans is not going anywhere as the Americans are out to destroy China and Taiwan is just a piece of cancerous cells that must be removed quickly at all cost, the earlier the better. China is now more determined to end the Taiwan issue, thanks or no thanks to the evil Americans and Japanese for forcing the issue.