Parents of Special Needs Children speaking out

Below are a few paras of a letter by the parents of Special Needs Children at the Hong Lim Park YMCA event. The full article is posted at The Real Singapore. It gives a different viewpoint, from the parent’s perspective.


Shame on you Teo Ser luck and all you despicable PAPs grassroots leaders who hijacked the YMCA event and used our children as pawns to score political points. No, the protesters in no way scared our children. It was clearly a set-up and GOD is our witness to this shameful act. As the father of one of the children, I can clearly testify the following facts.

1) The children were stressed by the loud sound system, which we suspect was done on purpose to disrupt the CPF protest. The show initially was supposed to begin at 12noon to 2pm. Then at the last minute, we were told the time is changed to 2pm to 4 pm. I think to clash with the CPF protest, they changed it to 4pm to 6pm on the same day….

5) Our Lord Jesus truly works in mysterious ways, turning a cunning scheme by the government to fix the CPF protesters, into one that has shed light on the difficulties for parents with special needs children. Let’s see how much they do to help us, now that our plight is out in the open. Hope Roy and Han Hui can do a protest to highlight the plight of struggling parents like us. I am sure you have friends who can apply the permits for you.

6) As for people like Roy Ngerg and Ms Han Hui, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the sacrifice to stand up against the tyranny . GOD bless you both and I’m sure many are praying that you will come out safe from your selfless sacrifice. As for Mr Ngerng, I am sorry that you lost your job in the process and are now made to look like a criminal for standing up for your fellow men and women….

Mary & Joseph
TRS readers

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China US partnership – A New World Order

This New World Order is taking shape with the latest US state official praising China for its increasing role in Afghanistan. The US had moved in with its military, did all the mop up operations to kill and destroy all the Afghans that they did not want to see, flattened the country from the air to Stone Age, then they moved out.
Next, the Chinese would move in with all the economic aids to help the Afghans to rebuild their broken country and to restart life anew. China has pledged to give Afghanistan US$327million in aid, in addition to the US$250 million it contributed after the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. The Americans had dumped perhaps more than what China is giving, in kinds like bombs and bullets.

The changing roles of a destructive US and a constructive China are not premeditated or planned by the two powers. Neither is the new China US partnership. It just happened naturally. The Americans just enjoyed throwing their bombs in other people’s countries, mowed everything to the ground. China just sees it as an opportunity for economic development and building friendly ties with these countries. A Chinese statement said, ‘It does not seek to fill a void left by the US withdrawal, but has promised to play a big commercial role in reconstruction’.

China did not seek this role and did not seek to be lauded by the US. It is just a natural thing to do, to help countries that needed economic help and reconstruction. And there is a bigger role cut out for China after the US has done its destruction in the Middle East and decides to leave the region. Many Arab countries would need the resources, funds and reconstruction capability of China to rebuild their countries.

Now the sickening part. After rebuilding these countries, the people of these countries will curse China for taking ‘advantage of them’ and increasing its influence in these countries, and seeing China as the enemy. They would want to drive the Chinese out. So was the story told for the last few decades. Would it change, would these silly Asians think and know who is their real enemy and who destroyed their land and homes and lives?

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Sinkies beware when in foreign land

Sinkies must be reminded that if they are in a foreign country, they must be extremely polite and not to get in the way of the locals and residents. This is especially true when the locals or residents are on bicycles. Please do not honk at them or they would turn around and beat you up.

There is a recent case of a Sinkie driver honking at a local resident on his bike. The Sinkie thought it was ok to honk once. But the local resident cyclist was annoyed and turned around, dumped his bicycle on the bonnet of the Sinkie’s car.

You see Sinkies, when you are in a foreign country, this is the kind of things you should expect. When you are in a foreign country, the local resident would bully you and their police and govt would not come to your help. You are very lucky they did not beat you up.

So Sinkies please be very careful when you are a foreigner in a foreign country. I read about this in the news. The couple of Sinkies must count themselves lucky not to be beaten up.

Kopi Level - Blue, Thank you

A return to hard headed policies

Tan Chuan Jin is shaping up nicely in the mould of the first generation ministers, tough and an advocate of hard headed policies. He spoke his mind, like calling the protesters at Hong Lim Park heckling Special Needs Children as vile. Yesterday he spoke again for the need to make tough policies that are necessary to tackle challenges.

Chuan Jin referred particularly to the issue of foreign workers and talents in the country. He said, ‘some are calling for further tightening to protect Singaporeans and their jobs…But this “seemingly pro Singaporean” mindset is but a fallacy.’ How is that so? My guess, the call for tightening of immigrant workers here is actually against the interest of Singaporeans and is not pro Singaporean but anti Singaporean. And the influx of more foreign workers and talents policies are really pro Singaporean, not against Singaporeans. So these policies are the hard headed policies and should continue.

The little problem here is that the people did not see eye to eye with him and the govt. The people are seeing a few million foreigners here and all happily employed but Singaporeans are losing their jobs or under employed. Maybe this is also a fallacy. Maybe the people are really daft and did not know that these millions of foreigners are here for their own good. Read whichever way you like. Would be good if MOM could provide some statistics to show how this is the case.

What is the purpose of the MOM Jobs Bank? Nothing heard of it lately. It was created to help Singaporeans to get jobs, a pro Singaporean creation. How successful is this? Or has MOM found this to be irrelevant as the need for foreign talents and creating jobs for foreigners are more important as they will end up creating more jobs for Singaporeans, especially the PMEs who can now look forward to driving taxis after being retrenched or sacked? Without the demands for taxis by the foreign talents they may not even have the chance to drive taxis.

The Govt knows what is right and good for the people. That is why it is calling for more hard headed policies, like bringing in more foreigners to create more jobs for Singaporeans. This is the hard truth. Singaporeans must face up to the competition and not run away from competition. My suggestion is that if Singaporeans are not competitive here, they should venture out to India, China and neighbouring countries to compete and make themselves relevant in these countries. Tap on the privileges of free trade agreements like the great CECA to get jobs in India and China, and live there for a better quality of life, if they can’t find it here.

What do you think? I think the hard headed policies will triumph and Singaporeans that are uncompetitive only have themselves to blame. Got taxis to drive is better than nothing to do. Forget about the Jobs Bank. That is history, created at a time when the mind was weak. Singaporeans must open their arms to embrace more foreigners, like 6.9m. Singapore need tough leaders and hard headed policies to survive.

Kopi Level - Blue. thank you and thank all the IBs flooding here to top up my kopi level.


Improving Productivity: Try this PM, Tharman? – Cynical Investor

‘S’pore should try this if PM and Tharman and the govt is really serious when they say that “no stone will be left unturned” in the search to improve productivity. . But then it’s against the Hard Truth that hard work makes people happy.’

The above title and quote is by Cynical Investor in his post in TRE. He was trying to offer some suggestions to help Tharman and the govt with some good ideas for productivity and to improve productivity that has gone on vacation for the last 20 years.

My suggestion to improve productivity is very simple and easy to implement. Select a few role models like those communist countries used to do. Splash their photos in big posters all over the island. Erect statues would be better. Now can also use TV and internet and mobile phones, even betterer. Show their faces to motivate and inspire the people to work like them.

Stay away from those who preached ‘Shorter working hrs, greater productivity’. These are snake oil sellers. Work less and want to produce more? How can? There are many role models among the ministers and MPs that are excellent role models for the people to imitate. Shortlist a few that hold 20 or 30 job titles and appointments to prove that you need to work as hard and as long hours as them to be very successful. Earn millions by wearing more hats.

Come to think of it, if our ministers and MPs did not wear so many hats, we will need a Parliament 10 times the size of the present one. See how much money they saved for the country and how productive they are? And they trained themselves to do so many jobs and to be good in all of them.

There is no short cut to success. Take up 2, 3 or more jobs. If ministers and MPs can wear so many hats, take up so many jobs, the people sure can also. So, don’t be lazy, get off your butts and work, and work if your want to be rich, like ministers and MPs.

One good thing, if everyone takes 5 or 10 jobs, we don’t have to increase the population to 6.9m.

Who got better ideas than this? Want to be rich want to work lesser hours? Got shadow or no? This is ‘Improve Productivity the Politicians Way’. The ministers are all working their guts out to improve productivity and showing the way.

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Salute to the Hong Kong Student Protest – Take your victory and fold your umbrellas

The Hong Kong Student Protest has reached an impasse and some were suggesting that the students walk away while they are on top. Some were saying that the students did not see any tangible results and could not walk away empty handed and would lose face. I would tend to subscribe to the first position. The students have done a lot to push for the cause of democracy for Hong Kong and the rights of the people in a democratic state. And I believe Beijing has got the message and would be extra careful to infringe on the democratic rights of the people of Hong Kong. There is now an understanding by both sides on what each can do in the event of any attempt to violate the rights of the Hong Kong people. They understood each other better and it is time for the students to walk away while they are still on top of the situation.

The students should know that they could put on a lot of pressure on the Hong Kong and China govts by filling the streets. And they also know that both govts have a lot of constraints and could not simply push them out of the streets. The students by now would also understand that removing the Chief Executive and the freedom to choose their own representative to fill this post is not possible under the present situation. The students too by now would understand that Beijing could not allow the possibility of a ‘hanjian’ to become the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and create serious trouble for Beijing.

Given this situation, and the fact that the Hong Kong govt and Beijing have exercised great restraints to allow the protest to go on for so long, and the patient of the people and businesses in the areas for their losses, the students should take the upper hand by declaring the Protest a success as they have given notice to the govts of Hong Kong and Beijing that their democratic rights must be respected. They should then take a victory march around the area, say thank you to the people and businesses for the disruption to their incomes and lives, say thank you to the govt of Hong Kong and Beijing for tolerating their protest, and then go home.

By doing so, they will earn a lot of public sympathy, support and understanding. The Hong Kong govt and Beijing too would respect their actions and treat them more seriously. And all parties would know that the students would be on the streets again if there is any violation by the govt and Beijing. There will be a lot of goodwill all round and the students would end up as champions and heroes of the Hong Kong people for fighting for their democratic rights.

There is no need to push the barrier further that would lead to intolerance and even some ugly scenes and carnage on the roads. Fold up your umbrellas and walk away with heads held high and be respected by all parties in and outside Hong Kong for doing what is necessary and know when to call it quits on a happy note.

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Death threat against Redbean by blogger Raymond

Below are a few comments with a comment by a blogger called  Raymond making a threat against my life. I take this very seriously. If this blogger does not give me a reply to explain what he meant by 5 pm on 30 Oct 14, I will proceed to make a police report.
Redbean aka Chua Chin Leng
Anonymous said...
Dun like that lah

I worst than raymond

I xposed your daily activities .....

Okay... enuff tooday
October 29, 2014 10:16 am
Raymond said...
You're one seriously paranoid old man with a severe case of persecution complex.

You remind me of Robert Ho. Remember that guy? Thinks everyone is after him, watching him, etc.

Robert Ho eventually went mental and ended up in IMH. Sure looks like you're going that way as well. :)

As for who I am, don't worry. We'll meet some day--at your funeral. :) Please make sure your obituary includes a mugshot of your ugly face. :)

October 29, 2014 1:22 pm
 Anonymous said...
Yo Raymond, you sneaked out from IMH so late ah? Your masters very angry you let out so many secrets don't let you come out now you have to sneak out when they no see?
October 29, 2014 2:28 pm

The Making of Singaporean Dalits?

Veritas, a blogger, used to say that Singaporeans are on the road to become the Dalits in their own country. I thought it was amusing and an over exaggeration. It cannot be. How could smart Singaporeans be fixed by anyone to become Dalits, ie the untouchables in India? Veritas claimed they became what they are today by a systematic indoctrination and oppression programme introduced by the Aryans to make them stupid by first making them to think that they were stupid. Familiar? This was followed by not giving them good jobs. The programme went on for centuries, and today, the Dalits that used to be the elites in India, were highly intelligent beans, are now the lowest caste in India. The Americans did that to a few generations of Chinese, making them to think they were only good enough to be cooks and laundrymen in their Constitution.

Could the fate of the Dalits become the fate of present day Singaporeans? I attended a talk today, and the speaker was a young European guy in his early 30s. What he spoke on was nothing new, nothing extraordinary. What he could do, any Singaporean would also be able to do as well. The point is that this European guy would be better everyday by honing his skills, practicing his art, because he is given the opportunity to do so. And he would be someone bigger in the future, someone that could talk with some authority and be seen as an expert in the field. He could say he had done that. He was given the opportunity by our Govt. Why not the opportunity be given to a young Singaporean?

Distribute this guy to a spread of professions, eg IT, finance, medicine, law, lecturers etc etc. If young foreigners are given the chance to practice the trades and professions here, they will get better and betterer. On the other hand, if our young are not given the chance, made to work as temporary staff photcopying notes, making kopi, sharpening pencils, sorting out mails, what would they become in the future? Office clerks?

We have seen how the IT profession and banking have gone to the foreigners. We have seen how even the task of recruitment has gone to foreigners when Singaporeans looking for a job here have to sign up with recruitment agencies owned by foreigners to get a job here. We have seen even hawker centres and foodcourts have been taken over by foreigners. How silly and treacherous this can be?

Yes, if all the opportunities were given to foreigners under whatever stupid reasons, our young will degenerate when their talents are not used or challenged, when their mental capacities are under utilized. Give it a generation or two and the true blue Singaporeans and their children will become Dalits here. The process has already started with many silly assholes thinking that good jobs must be given to foreigners whom they think are smarter than Singaporeans, all because the foreigners have yet to take over their jobs.
This is stupidity is at the national level. Who is that stupid asshole that started this trend of making Singaporeans into Dalits? This is not hard headed policy. This is thick headed policy.

Just bring in foreigners as actors and actresses for MediaCorp. In two decades, you would not have a local good enough to act in any serials but as calafare at best. And all Singaporeans would be, at best, be backroom boys working in the banks, not even good enough to serve at the counters.

When would true blue Singaporeans become Dalits in their own country? This is a worse fate than becoming maids and cleaners if we stop giving good opportunities to our own citizens. The process has started. First they called you daft. Then they called the pariahs they brought in talents. Then they took your jobs and you become unemployed. Then you can’t find any good jobs.

You start to doubt about yourself. You start to think you are stupid, unworthy, even not good enough compare to fakes and people with poorer education and training. Then you believe you are NG. Then you resign to your fate. First become taxi drivers. Next, become collectors of tin cans. Then become Dalits with no resistance left. You believe you are no good, and Dalit is what you should be. You lose your job, your self respect, yourself. Then you lose your country.

Give the jobs to foreigners who are better than Singaporeans? Say that again! I say balls to you. The future generations of Singaporeans will curse you for it. Do not condemn the young of Singaporeans to become the Dalits of tomorrow. Yes, take away the university places and give them to foreigners. Tell them no need to go to universities. Go to ITEs, good enough.

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A Poll to have fun with Sneaky Raymond

Before I post another article, let's have a little fun with Sneaky Raymond.

I have just put up another Poll, but don't take it seriously. I just want to see Sneaky Raymond bringing his battalion of IB boys and girls here to vote for him.

Or would he be fuming mad?


The reason for setting up this Poll

The main reason why I set up this Poll is to lure Sneaky Raymond to reveal himself that he is an IB. And he fell into the trap immediately. He could not stand the votes going against him and called up all his IBs to help him chalk up his scores. He did not only do that, he also showed a lot of things that he and his gang can do, like rigging the votes. More of this later.

So, anyone still has any doubt that this Sneaky Raymond is just another innocent blogger with just a different opinion, a loner? He has clearly demonstrated that he can call upon his teams of IBs to do what he wanted. And he confirmed without any more doubts that the IBs are there and very active and could do a lot of damage in social media. And you have not seen anything yet. He only revealed a small section of the whole IB team. It is an army out there.

What about this rigging of votes? Yes your votes can be tempered with. I mean the electronic votes here and not the votes in a General Election. Don’t get wild ideas. In the two Polls that I conducted, you can see that they can do vote stuffing. They could increase their votes at will, either by stuffing or by transferring your votes to become theirs. They can also deprive you of your votes, the votes going to you do not count. In short, they could guarantee that the counting will be to their favour, that they will win.

The other thing that this exercise revealed is the simplicity of their thinking, a bunch of kids. You could easily lure them out, poke them here and there and they will all fall into a trap laid out for them. That is the level of intelligence they are showing. Someone said they stuffed a vacuum in between their ears to ensure there is absolutely nothing inside their heads.

Well done Sneaky Raymond and gang, for showing us who you really are and what you are and how clever you are. And for confirming to those who still have doubts of the presence of silly boys and girls doubling up as IBs to heckle and harass netizens.

Thank you. Exercise over. I thoroughly enjoyed making Sneaky Raymond running about frantically and calling up reinforcement like he was being ambushed, and to see all his merry IBs scurrying here like bull arse flies. Dumb kids.

PS. The best part, now I have a list of the IP addresses of the IBs and know how many are out there.

Kopi Level - Green

Singapore in World Universities Ranking Fraud

Should we Risk Our Brand of Honesty, Trust-worthiness, Reliability, Integrity, Probity and Incorruptibility?

I have an unshakable belief in mySingapore’s Destiny and Place in the World.  Our reputation for honesty, reliability and trust-worthiness over half a century has earned us our rightful place among the few nations of integrity, probity and incorruptibility.  Our high international rankings attest to these, whether it is with Transparency International, the Political & Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) or the World Bank.

SO WHY ARE OUR UNIVERSITIES Participating in Bogus Ranking Standards of Dubious Excellence?

Singapore Universities have secured top placing, with NTU ranked as the world's best young universities, according to London-based Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), one of three major international university ranking systems.

An Eminent Professor has called the QS rankings “a Fraud on the public.” Another Eminent Professor said: “QS simply doesn’t do as good a job as the other rankers that are using multiple indicators”. 

“University world rankings are pointless”, said University College London’s President, “because there is no definition of the ‘ideal’ university”.

An European Union Research Centre concluded that the Rankings was not statistically robust … and highly unreliable for inter-University comparisons.  Their different Ranking Methodologies are also fragile in their ranking approaches and often inconsistent in its treatment of objective data and subjective variables extracted from surveys. 

World Universities Rankings contain serious fundamental conceptual and methodological flaws to render Word Universities Rankings practically useless, irrelevant and immaterial for any serious educational policy purpose. 

In fact, the United Nations Education agency, UNESCO, has challenged the validity and reliability of University Rankings:
“Global university rankings are of dubious value, are underpinned by questionable social science, arbitrarily privilege particular indicators, and use shallow proxies as correlates of quality.”

Singapore universities should no longer participate in any “Global Universities Ranking” Fraud.  Singapore universities should maintain our Integrity and be honestly professional, and reject using the spurious World Universities Rankings to position our great Institutions of Higher Learning because of their lack of validity and reliability in Methodology and questionable measures of learning and research excellence.

We must continue to uphold the honest Truth before the World and ourselves, not because of laws and penalties but because this is WHO WE ARE.  Our High Standards of integrity and honesty reflects the Society we want to live in, and the values we uphold and hold ourselves to embrace.

Kopi Level - Green

Read more:


Support or Condemn Sneaky Raymond and IBs

OK everyone, we have seen how Sneaky Raymond and his IBs are working. I have just added another Poll of a similar nature. Let's watch and see how they behave. You will learn something at the end of this exercise.


The Poll now stands at 42 support, 19 despise and 46 condemn. Total 107

The Poll now stands at 42 support, 19 despise and 46 condemn. Total 107

42 people have voted in support of  what 'Sneaky Raymond and his despicable masters' are doing here, to hide under anonymity to engage in personal attacks. 19 have voted to despise them and 46 condemn what they are doing. So far we have about 40% of people thinking that such acts are fair and worthy of support.

5 more days to go to show the values and thinking of Singaporeans on such vile acts.

What is going to happen to community events and community living?

Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui will be charged in court for the following:

The Police is charging the six of them for “disrupt(ing) the YMCA event and caused annoyance to the public” and having committed the following acts:

1. marching around the general vicinity of the YMCA event
2. shouting loudly
3. chanting slogans
4. waving flags
5. holding placards
6. blowing whistles loudly
7. beating drums

If these charges are upheld, would it mean that all the community events held at void decks or public areas would become an issue? What is going to happen to weddings, funeral wakes, pasar malams, charity events, etc etc?

Would everyone feeling a bit annoyed or unhappy be rushing down to the neighbourhood police to make a nuisance report, to complain about the neighbours? And would the police be hauling up everyone to court to answer such complaints?

In a multi cultural and multi religious society like ours that is closely packed in our housing estates, when intolerance is encouraged and promoted, when people are encouraged to complain about others engaging in their activities, living together is going to be a very unfriendly and unbearable thing.

Kopi Level - Green

The silly lies of China having designs on its neighbours

Two countries, India and Vietnam, are insane in their obsession of a China invading their countries. The Americans used to cook up the menace of Yellow Peril with Chinese wading ashore on their western coast of California to occupy America. Historical facts have proven in numerous occasions that modern China since its liberation from the western yoke of colonialism has been law abiding and sticking to any unequal treaties it signed during its Century of Humiliation by the western and colonial powers.

The cases of Macau and Hong Kong were evidence to show that despite its ability to take over both territories way before the expiry of the unequal treaties by force, as the territories were seized from China by force, China abided by the treaties to the very day that the treaties ended to reclaim these two pieces of land.
In the period after WW2, China fought two wars with its neighbours, India and Vietnam. In both occasions China was victorious and marched into India and Vietnam only to withdraw to the original borders and maintained a status quo till today. Any ambition to expand and seize territories from neighbouring countries was proven to be fictitious.

And there are several neighbouring countries that were militarily weak and a walk over for China if it harbours any wild and aggressive intent, like Outer Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, they have no border incursion by China. The borders of these countries with China have been peaceful ever since. And they have no fear or need to cry wolf that China is having designs on their land.

As for the Philippines’ dispute with China over the South China Sea islands, it is a one sided claim by the Philippines on Chinese territories. The Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands were Chinese territories and it is a matter of time before China take them back from Japan, either peacefully or through war. Now, this is not an expansionist policy but a reclamation of territories lost during the era of unequal treaties.

All the hypes by India and Vietnam are for their own political reasons. In fact both wars that China fought with these two countries were provoked by them instead.

This China lie of having an expansionist policy is a western construct that is being perpetuated to instil fear and for political domination of countries in the region, and for the sale of weapons to these countries to benefit the American arms merchants.

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Chua Mui Hoong, balancing writing the right stuff and saying the good stuff

Many readers may be wondering why local journalists/reporters are so fond of writing about their dogs, the kind of underwear they used, or how they snored, and things like that. Pardon me for a bit of exaggerations. Often by writing such stuff, some may come out looking like bimbos instead of professionals. And when they tried to write something serious, they are always writing about the right stuff.

The question then is whether these journalists/reporters have the grey matter to be accorded the titles of journalists/reporters? Why couldn’t they write stuff like the netizens, serious, exciting and captivating, and set the mind thinking, not about dog poo and underwear?

Of course they are very capable and able young people who could easily outshine anyone in social media. These are the best talents trained in the best universities and with the rare skills to wield a pen like a painter’s brush or the sword of a warrior. Unfortunately they are mostly constrained by the OB markers that kept them from blossoming, writing flowery proses and critically incisive pieces on social political issues. Their expertise and talents did not have a chance to flower and to intoxicate their readers. It is so sad that so many talents have been wasted from excelling in their chosen profession. Many would have been candidates for the Pulitzer Prize if given the chance to do what they are good at, trained for, and to indulge freely, to stimulate and to inspire, and to put their readers into bewilderment and in a pleasant state of frenzy..

Below are some quotes from Chua Mui Hoong showing the spread of ideas she is capable of, one writing the right stuff and the other, the good stuff.

Chua Mui Hoong was quoted to say, “But if you were to read some of the comments online, you can see the rise of such polarised views – such as when bloggers and commenters paint the PAP as a bunch of self-serving elite people who pay themselves multi-million-dollar salaries to perpetuate a system in which they and their family members can become very rich.”

Was she implying that this is a myth? Read the Parliamentary Pensions Act to decide for yourself whether it is a myth or a ‘real’ fantasy.

4(2) The annual amount of pension payable to an office-holding Member shall be —
(a) in respect of every completed year of reckonable service in any office, or where he has served in more than one office in each office, at the rate of one-twenty-seventh (1/27) of his annual salary in that office; and

(b) in respect of any remaining uncompleted year of reckonable service in any office, or where he has served in more than one office in each office, at the rate of one-three-hundred and twenty-fourth (1/324) part of his annual salary for each completed month of reckonable service in that office.

(2A) The annual pension payable to any office-holding Member under subsection (2) shall not exceed two-thirds of the highest annual salary of any office held by him.

(3) Subject to sections 13 and 15, a pension granted under this section shall continue for the life of the person to whom it is payable but shall not be payable in respect of any period during which he is again an office-holding Member; at the end of that period the pension shall again be payable and shall be re-computed with the addition of that period to the period of his former reckonable service as an office-holding Member.

(4) For the purposes of subsections (2) and (2A), “annual salary”, in relation to any office, means the annual equivalent of the highest monthly rate of salary (excluding any non-pensionable allowances) received by an office-holding Member during any period of reckonable service as a holder of that office.

Also, The Act says that the pension can be commutated. This means that can be paid in 1 lump sum instead of monthly payments for life. The lump sum is equivalent to 175.14 months of pension, i.e. 14.6 years of pension. It doesn't matter that the minister asks for it because he has terminal cancer and has 3 months to live. He will get 14.6 years of pension paid to him in 1 go, and it will be tax free.

Now look at the other side of Chua Mui Hoong. This was what she wrote:

“A good government first needs to create the conditions for business to flourish. Then it needs to spend and redistribute the wealth created to maintain harmony and fairness in a society, to enhance citizens’ well-being. Doing the latter is not being populist.”:

• Spending money to ensure universal health coverage is not populist but just a responsible thing to do for “any decent, humane government”
• Helping the jobless and underemployed get back into the job marketplace via wage subsidies and training is not populist but just good old common sense to get people back onto their feet
• Spending on early childhood education to help poor children do well in school is not populist but just good investment in kids’ futures

“If a government has rich state coffers, but its people feel stressed and anxious at every stage of their lives, it cannot be a good government,” she said.

It would be nice to give Chua Mui Hoong a free hand to write what she thinks and what she really feels, the good stuff from a talented journalist. Maybe she is already writing what she feels and thinks and no one is preventing her from writing her stuff. Han Fook Kwang has lately been writing things from his own thoughts and perspective, giving a more balanced picture of what the reality is. What would Chua Mui Hoong be writing, like Han Fook Kwang, writing in her true self and showing the flair of what true and good journalism could be? And this applies to practically all the journalists and reporters. Would they be unmuzzled to write freely in the likes of Berstein and Woodward, and to raise the quality of our main stream media to a higher level and spare the readers for paying good money from reading the mundane and mediocrity? I don’t believe we are seeing the best of them yet. They are made of better stuff.

Set them free, give them dignity - Redbean

Kopi Level - Green


How to stop gamblers gambling?

I think there is an institution doing this, educating people not to gamble or if they gamble, helping them with their gambling problems. But it seems that they are not very effective. If what I read is true, there was an article posted in TRE claiming that a Town Council has found the perfect and most effective solution. The article from The Alternative View said, ‘Town Council removes stone tables at Circuit Road void decks to “stop” illegal gambling.’ It also posted a photo of the concrete chairs and tables at the void deck completely demolished. If this was a hoax, please correct me. But it seemed genuine.

Hehehheh, now I am staring at the Marina Bay Casino. And a bright idea comes up ala the Town Council solution to gambling. Will it happen?

Actually I have a better solution. No need to waste money destroying the concrete table and stools at the void deck. A simple solution would be to glue some nails on the stools so that the gamblers would have a painful time sitting on them. The solution is cheaper and the table and stools need not be destroyed. See, clever or not? This is not a million dollar solution ok. I no super talent.

But more seriously, just place a few cards on the table telling the gamblers that they could gamble in cool comfort in the two classy casinos, why sweat under the void deck right? The only thing that is keeping the gamblers away from the casinos must be the entrance fee. Just make it cheaper or free and they will not be found again creating a nuisance at void decks and the residents will also be very happy too.

What is the point of having not one but two casinos? For people to gamble right?

What do you think? Can or not?

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Tokyo Contaminated & Not Fit for Habitation, Doctor Says

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 2:14

All 23 districts of Tokyo contaminated with radiation, worse than at Chernobyl after the accident, and blood cells of children under ten are showing worrying changes; the WHO, the IAEA & the Japanese government cannot be trusted.

by Susie Greaves

In July 2014 Dr Shigeru Mita wrote a letter to his fellow doctors to explain his decision to move his practice from Tokyo to Okayama city in the West of Japan [1]. In it, he appeals to their sense of duty to answer the anxieties of parents in Japan who do not believe the information coming from the authorities. He says “I must state that the policies of the WHO, the IAEA or the Japanese government cannot be trusted.” and “if the power to save our citizens and future generations exists somewhere, it does not lie within the government or any academic association, but in the hands of individual clinical doctors ourselves.” ....

Please read full articles here: http://christmichael.wordpress.com/2014/10/14/tokyo-contaminated-not-fit-for-habitation-doctor-says/

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RN + H3 – The elixir of life?

Health supplements are doing great business today with the baby boomers ready to splash out their silver dollars to look good and younger for another few days. The hair gets the black treatment, the skin gets the pull and the massage, the dentures replaced by implants, and liposuction for the ugly body fats. And Guardians, Watson and all the pharmacies are lined with all kinds of formula drugs and nature’s wonder extracts to make one live again, like a young lad or lass, bountiful of energy.

There is yet, unfortunately, no elixir of life that would double the lifespan. RN + H3 will shorten the lifespan by half instead. The combination is really potent and effective. Within a matter of weeks, it could hasten the system to react frantically with the production of massive antibodies, every cell and organ going on overdrive, going haywire, to counteract the effects of RN + H3. It is something like the whole system going mad, through a self regulated chemotherapy regime, to kill the presence of RN + H3.

RN + H3 will be neutralised at all cost, but not after doing enough damage to shorten the lifespan of the regime. The uncontrolled and over reaction of the ‘chemotherapy treatment’ plus the excessive production of antibodies by the cancerous organs that have lost all sense of balance and propriety, doing strange things that they should not be doing, will result in more harm than good, will kill the system in double quick time while desperately trying to save it.

The RN + H3 combination is deadly. It can do more damage than by any means that would normally take years to do any harm. This combination will do all the harm within a matter of weeks and the patient is dead without knowing, but still walking like a zombie high on steroids. The game is over.

No, RN + H3 formula is not the elixir of life. It is the anti thesis, the anti climax of sort. It will shorten the lifespan quicker than any drugs could do. It draws out all the defensive mechanism and drives them mad, reckless and causing more harm than good to the system.

RN + H3 formula is a controlled drug and must be prescribed by specialists. Accidental consumption is dangerous. See a doctor quick if consumed by accident.

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Poll - Sneaky Raymond and his despicable masters

There is this Raymond and several others that have been residing in this blog to do nothing but to attack me personally. They act and hide like thieves, knowing that what they did was shameful and unethical and morally low down. Apparently they must have some backings from people or organisations that are of the same shady character, shameful and despicable.

Would you vote/support such people or organisations? You can indicate your feelings on the Poll I have created on the top right of this page.


Over billing is not overcharging and is not an offence

I keep pondering over this statement and keep asking myself if it makes any sense? Is over billing overcharging? And why is overcharging an offence and over billing is not?

The Sunday Times gave nearly one page to Salma Khalik’s article with the title, ‘High court slashes SMC’s claims, calling them EXORBITANT, UNREASONABLE’.  I like the big fonts and bold treatment of the words exorbitant and unreasonable. I wonder if there is a deeper meaning to it. Other than slashing down the high bills, there were no penalties for overcharging. Oops, correction, it is over billing, not overcharging. I am so tempted to look at all the dictionaries to see if there is any difference or similarities between the two words.

Susan Lim was found guilty for overcharging the Brunei royalties $24.8m for 7 months of work. She was fined $10,000, suspended for practice for 3 years and to pay cost to SMC. SMC took Susan Lim to task for overcharging. And Susan Lim’s husband took the SMC to court for overcharging. Sorry, it is over billing. The word overcharging keeps bugging me and I could not shake it off. 

Ok, Susan Lim did some work for her client and sent her a bill for her services. In the SMC case, they took Susan Lim to court and won and sent her a bill, not for services rendered but for time and effort spent on the case. So it was not a case of charging a client for services. I think this is the difference between over billing and overcharging.

Now, how much did the SMC over billed? Four cases were highlighted in Salma’s report. 1. from $900,000 to $180,000, 2. from $235,000 to $22.000, 3. from $42,000 to $5,000 and 4. from $150,000 to $70,000. These add up to $1,327,000 and cut to $277,000.

In the same report, Salma mentioned that last year a bill of $1m was cut to $370,000 and last month a bill of $1.3m was slashed to $317,000. I will not try to rationalise the numbers but just using the last two numbers, the two bills came to $2.3m which ended up as $687,000 or an over billing of $1,613,000, or about 220% of $687,000.

In Susan Lim’s case, the court ruled that there is ethical ground not to overcharge a client. I quote, ‘Overcharging can still occur even if there is a prior agreement on fees as ethical obligations of a doctor must “prevail over contractual obligations”. I am not sure if a court would make a similar ruling on overcharging when lawyers over billed or overcharged their clients.  Would ethics be an important factor in legal billings? The decision by the court is between the SMC and Susan Lim.

Would it be over charging if the case is between the SMC and their lawyers when it becomes the lawyer billing the SMC for services rendered? So far the most authoritative body, the Law Society had made a statement that over billing is not overcharging and is an acceptable or normal practice. There is no wrongdoing involved. So the court just slashed the bills and end of story. No penalties or fines or suspension of practices are warranted.

Would the SMC sue its legal representatives and those who stood as witnesses for overcharging? If these parties accepted the court’s decision, there is no more case to follow up, I think, end of story. What if these parties continue to demand payment from the SMC?

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In praise of animal life

Singapore is stepping up its effort to care for and protect animal life in the city state. You can go to jail for ill treating animals but not ill treating your parents. The laws to punish animal abusers have been enhanced to increase the punishments that can be meted out.

It is the first time that a minister, Khaw Boon Wan, came out publicly in praise of a group of MPs, Yeo Guat Kwang, Alex Yam, Gan Thiam Poh, Edwin Tong and Vikram Nair, for jointly putting up a bill in Parliament to protect animals. This is only the third time after an MP, Christopher de Souza tabled a bill last year to combat human trafficking and in 1994 when NMP Walter Woon tabled one for Maintenance of Parents.

The importance of animals and their protection are getting more credence and publicity especially with the high profile recruitment of an animal lover by the PAP, with a likelihood of being a candidate in the next GE.  This animal mood seems to be like a prevailing fad and the media is giving wide coverage on animals daily.

If only animals could vote, the PAP will definitely have its majority votes increased overwhelmingly. I hope no one is proposing to change the constitutional rights to allow animals to vote in a general election down the road.

Not only that, dogs and cats are also have a great time in cafes specially catering to their whims and fancies. But this is only a natural trend after having taken good care of the people, especially the senior citizens’ welfare. The senior citizens are now all happily working and enjoying a very dignified life. When people’s problems are solved, there will be time, money and resources and the luxury to entertain animals and animal welfare. This is something only a first world country can indulge in when not only human beans are important, animals are important too.

This is progress as the people become more civilised.

Kopi Level - Yellow

PS: Writing about dogs and cats is about the safest thing on a Sunday morning. And for those reading about cats and dogs, it is free and not having to pay for it. Maybe Sundays I shall write about what I eat, what toothpaste I used, where did I go walking the dogs, examine the colour of dog poo.


South Korea – A pathetic semi American colony

In 2012, when the South Koreans thought it was time to take back military control of their armed forces from the Americans, a queer incident happened. The South Korean warship Cheonan was torpedoed and many South Korean soldiers were killed. The blame was simply pointed at the North Koreans. Subsequent investigations and evidence proved that the North had nothing to do with its sinking. It was a black operation, a false flag incident. But it was a good enough reason for the Americans to say No to return control of the South Korean armed forces to the South Koreans. Unbelieveable, but it is still happening. A sovereign state has its military forces under the control of an occupying foreign power. South Korea is anything but an independent state. It is a semi colony of the USA, just like Japan. The Americans’ military forces are still stationed in the two states.

Now you know why the North Koreans have to be the ‘mad country with mad leadership’ and always harped as a threat to the South Koreans. The Americans would keep on harping on this threat, keep on provoking and instigating the North Koreans to react, to retaliate and then to tell the pathetic South Koreans that the USA forces must remain in South Korea and in command of all the South Korean armed forces. Do the South Koreans have any choice that their soldiers are controlled by the Americans and the American bases and soldiers are in their soil?

Apart from reacting with vitriol to the repetitive provocations by the American war games along its shores and sanctions, what are the hostile acts of the North that are raising tension, so the Americans told the South Koreans?

According to the South Korean Defence Minister Han Min Koo, ‘The security situation on the Korean peninsula is more precarious than ever…North Korea is continuing to launch new types of provocations, including an additional nuclear test, development of new tactical missiles, infiltration by miniature UAVs and machine gun fires.’ He should have also said the face of Kim Jung Un is appearing in South Korean media daily and he could not sleep. And South Korea’s military is still not ready or incapable of defending itself against the North and needed the Americans to be there and to have operational control of the joint military forces.

With such pathetic military forces that cannot defend itself against the North, the handover of military control of the South Korean forces back to the South Koreans is further delayed. Yes the Americans are not going to return control to the South Koreans. Hagel said yesterday, ‘While this agreement will delay the scheduled transfer of operational control, it will ensure that when the transfer does occur, Korean forces have the necessary defensive capabilities to address an intensifying North Korean threat.’ With this statement, the handover is pushed back to 2020. And it would be pushed back further after 2020 and further into the future and decided by the Americans.

The reason, the South Koreans would never be able to defend itself against the North, but funnily will continue to provoke the North with more military war games and flying propaganda balloons to the North to provoke them in order to raise tension.  The game is to ensure that there will always be tension and the Americans would be stationed in South Korea with effective control over the pathetic and useless South Korean forces, and to make South Korea a perpetual semi colony of the Americans.

One can easily detect many contradictions in the positions of the South Koreans. Would the South Koreans be crazy to be provoking the North if they cannot defend themselves? Would the South Koreans be happy to be a semi colony of the Americans and allowed its armed forces to be controlled by a foreign power and with bases in their own country, and deciding all the military matters for them? Do the South Koreans have any pride in themselves to want to be an independent country, free from foreign domination and control, free from the Japanese and free from the Americans?

Who is benefiting from the drumming up of tensions in the Korean Peninsula? The US said that ‘an improved missile defense system for South Korea would be a prerequisite for handing over command’. What does this mean? The South Koreans must pay if they want back the command of their armed forces. And the media reported that the South Koreans are reviewing the need to buy the Lockheed Martin Corp’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system, THAAD. South Koreans would also be buying the ultra expensive but troubled plagued F35A, 40 pieces from the Americans. These are only the money reason.

This is the price the South Koreans have to pay for being a semi colony of the American Empire. Forever under the control of the Americans, forever under a siege mentality created by the Americans by provoking the North, and forever having to pay for American hardware, and forever be a semi colony.

PS: How could the South Koreans live with the truth that the Cheonan sinking and the death of their soldiers, the bringing down of President Kim Dae Jung and the assassination of President Park Chung Hee were the works of the Americans?

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Hong Lim Affair - Latest news

Reported in ST today 25 Oct 14

'She(NParks spokesman) said NParks did not cancel the approval given to Ms Han's "Return Our CPF" event on Sept 27. One of the charges Ms Han and Mr Ngerng are expected to face on Monday is of organising a demonstration without approval.'  Rachel Au Yong

Is there a fine distinction between having a free speech, protest rally and demonstration without approval?

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What would Singapore be like without the true blue Singaporeans?

The true blue Singaporeans built this place from Independence to a prosperous first world country. Now they are deemed as redundant, obsolete, lazy and don’t have the skills to fit in. So they are now systematically being replaced by hungry 3rd world talents and rogues from the West.

The question, what would Singapore be like in the future if the true blue Singaporeans become insignificant? Would Singapore still be a safe, rich and attractive place for the foreigners to come here to live and work?

Would the island still be a good and safe place to bring up children, low drug problems, women and children can go home safely in the early hours of the night without being raped, mugged or robbed?

Would the streets be clean and safe? Would the housing estate be rundown and turn into slums? 

Would there be law and order, rule of the law?

Would the businesses and industries continue to have the same vitality and productivity?

Would the foreigners turn this island into a better place or into hell? Would Singapore return to the 3rd World like where the foreigners came from?

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Below are two video clips of what Singapore is turning into if lawlessness rules the day.
VIDEO: Coffee shop patron beaten up by a group of unruly PRC gangsters operating in Hougang


New recommendations for protesters at Hong Lim Park

All protesters planning to hold a protest or even a party at Hong Lim should take note of the charges against Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui. Both have been charged for   “disrupt(ing) the YMCA event and caused annoyance to the public” and having committed the following acts:

1. marching around the general vicinity of the YMCA event
2. shouting loudly
3. chanting slogans
4. waving flags
5. holding placards
6. blowing whistles loudly
7. beating drums

I think the above charges are relevant when there is another event with participants in the Park. I am not sure if the above charges can be levied for annoyance to the public nearby. What if the hotel or hotel guests complained of the noise and disturbances? This point needs further clarification.

So, in view of the above, may I offer a few suggestions to protestors so that they would not be charged for the same offence by committing the same crime and doing the same things as Roy and Hui Hui. The Hong Kong Govt can learn a trick or two from Singapore and charge those students for causing annoyance to the public and all the 7 points above plus misuse of umbrellas and pitching tents at the wrong place.

Let me concentrate on the Singapore scene so that protesters in the future would not get into trouble with the law. Yes they can protest at the Speakers’ Corner but must get a permit first from the NPark. What about the provisions in the Constitutions and the POA? What about them? I am not a legal expert.

The protesters must observe the following:

1.  Check if there is another event in the Park. If there is, speak to them nicely and beg them not to report to the police if they are disturbed by the noise make by the protesters or offended by the placards, slogans, flags etc etc.
2.    Do not march around in the Park close to the participants of another event. I am not able to advise how close is close. This point must get clarifications from NPark or the Police.
3.    Don’t shout loudly even if it is a protest. Speak in a normal tone like talking to someone in a kopitiam. I think loudspeakers are definitely out now. Too loud and very disturbing.
4.    No chanting of slogans.
5.    No waving of flags even if it is the national flag.
6.    No placards, especially those with not nice things on them.
7.    No whistles ok. This is not a football match and Hong Lim Park is not the National Stadium.
8.    And also no beating of drums. What do you thing, a protest rally is not a dragon or lion dance ok.
9.    The best is to ask NPark and the Police what can or cannot do for additional safety measures. Perhaps the two agencies could come up with a Can Do and Cannot Do list to help the protesters not to break the law.
10.     And make sure it is not an illegal assembly even if the Park is designated for public assembly and protest. It can still be illegal.

I think protesters would be able to protest in peace and would not be heckled or harassed by other park users if they observe the above 10 Commandments. Good luck.

PS: The above should be read in conjunction to my other recommendations posted earlier.

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Must say something good about the Courts

Credit must be given when it is due. There was a report in the ST on 22 Oct titled ‘SMC witness accused of overcharging’. A Dr Hong Ga Sze, ‘an expert witness for the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) to the high profile disciplinary hearing two years ago that saw Dr Susan Lim convicted of misconduct for overcharging the Queen of Brunei’s sister, had his claim of $42,000 for appearing as a witness sliced to $5,000 by the High Court.

Another expert witness, Dr Tan Yeow Oo, had his bills reduced from $12,145 to $9,000. These two cuts were the latest after the Court slashed the legal fee of Wong and Partners from $1.3m plus to about $300,000.

What is strange is that the SMC case was all about overcharging and now the experts have also been accused of overcharging and had their bills slashed by the Court. OK, I stand corrected, though it was reported as overcharging, or like overcharging, or something like overcharging, it may not be overcharging at all. So it is not exactly right to say it was overcharging as according to the Law Society, just because the Court reduced the legal fees by $1m, it did not imply or say that there was overcharging.

The correct version could be that no one was overcharging. Susan Lim also did not overcharge and neither the two expert witnesses. They just submit an excessive sum in their bills and it was the Court’s prerogative to slash the sum to a more realistic or reasonable level. And the sums decided by the Court just happened to be a fair amount in the eyes of the Court, not because anyone had overcharged. Or is it like that? No?

I rest my case. But must say that the Court has done a great service in assessing what were fair amounts to be paid by the parties. If not, the cost of everything will keep going up and inflation will hit the roof and those on the wrong side of the equation would be paying very, very much more than they should.

Thank God, or thank the Courts, to deliver justice to those who needed justice.

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Mark Zuckerberg - Why my Mandarin listening ability so bad

Mark Zuckerberg won over many Chinese fans when he met them and spoke to them in Mandarin while in China. They enjoyed his casual style and personal snippets like when he asked his Chinese wife why was his Mandarin listening ability was so bad.

His wife, 'You're also bad at listening in English'.

My answer would be, 'You are American'. The Americans have very serious problem listening to the Chinese even when the Chinese speaks in English.

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Where is the hottest bed breeding terrorists?

The cuckoo has come back to nest. It all comes full circle. No, the answer is not Malaysia or Indonesia or the Philippines. The hottest terrorist bed is UK. The United Kingdom is producing 5 terrorists every week to fight in Syria. Looks like it’s free immigration policy is bearing fruits, a lot of fruits in the form of terrorists, and very deadly ones.

This is a section of a report from The Telegraph.
‘Ben Farmer
Oct. 22 (Telegraph) -- Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, says 'the drumbeat of terrorism in the UK' had become 'faster and more intense'

Five young Britons a week are travelling to fight in Syria alongside jihadists, joining hundreds already thought to have left, the country’s most senior policeman has disclosed.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said “the drumbeat of terrorism in the UK” had become “faster and more intense” because of the conflict. Jihadist activities were “not just the horrors of distant lands”, returning fighters posed a terrorist threat, he said.

His warning came as research led by a former director of GCHQ suggested that shopping centres, sporting events and public gatherings could be vulnerable to chemical or biological attacks by terrorists using unmanned drone aircraft. The drones could be turned into flying bombs using improvised explosives.

Sir Bernard said: “We know that over 500 British nationals travelled to join the conflict. Many have returned and many will wish to do so in the coming months and perhaps in future years….’
Please note the dangers posed by drones and what the drones are capable of doing in an open air event like in a stadium or Marina Bay Platform where large numbers of people are present.

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Ho Kwon Ping – A Rebel is also a human bean

Ho Kwon Ping delivered his first Nathan Series lecture under the roof of the Institute of Policy Studies in a much unexpected tone. He was a young rebel turned business tycoon and many people were wondering what his thoughts were over the years and the changing role and lifestyle he has taken on. How much of the rebel is still in him or left of his youthful idealism of the past.

His lecture was on the next 50 years of the PAP. I could not see any trace of a rebel left in the man but so much deference to the PAP, and, saying all the right things. Maybe he was trying to be polite, after all he was giving a lecture as a fellow of S R Nathan lectures. Anyone expecting some flashes of fire and some unwitting snipes must be disappointed. It was all so tame and so familiar.

First, he expects the PAP to be still a dominant force and still be in charge in the next 15 years, untouchable. Of course it was only his opinion and gazing at his own crystal ball. No one is wiser what tomorrow shall hold for the PAP. But this is a pleasant note to the establishment.

His second point, no opposition party would want to wake up the next morning winning 80 seats in Parliament, even if in a freak election. This is a strange thought in my view. This is a moment that all oppositions will relish and have been waiting for all these years. And why should a winning by the opposition party be called a freak election? Are the people all freaks when they choose the opposition and all sane when they choose the PAP? Of course this is classic establishment rationale. The people are smart when voting for the ruling party but mad if they vote otherwise.

And more, the opposition party would be booted out duly in the next election. The assumption of course is that the opposition is not ready or did not have able leaders to run the country and cannot do good for the people. Only the PAP can. This is also very establishment thinking and very condescending. Only the PAP is able to run the country. Opposition leaders are half bakes and can only drum and make a lot of noise, no substance really. Even after winning an election they would fail miserably and would be kicked out by the people summarily in the next election, as sure as the sun will rise. Really?

And the PAP will play by the democratic rule. The soldiers will not be marched out of their camps to seize power in the event of a freak election. Smell the deference stench? Of course not. This is a democratic country and everyone will play the democratic game, no cheating, no abuse of power, no gerrymandering, no fixing of opposition. And the soldiers will stay out of politics, and a new party will be welcome to rule by the will of the people.

We cannot be worse off than the Indonesians can we? Yudhoyono is the perfect gentleman of a politician. He has shown all the 3rd world leaders how to hand over power gracefully in a democratic system. Are we up to it to learn from the Indonesians, to admit defeat when the people have decided? Or we can be the scoundrels of a 3rd world pretending to be 1st world polity but behaving with the predictability of 3rd world thugs when the time comes.

And, this is classic PAP mantra. No one wants to change the govt. Really, really, really? Ho Kwon Ping said he has spoken to many people and no one really wants a change of govt but everyone wants to vote the opposition. What does he mean by that? I have spoken to many with a totally different set of answers.

There is no trace of rebellious blood left in this senior citizen. Maybe he was just trying to be nice and saying all the right things that people want to hear. Let’s forget about Ho Kwon Ping the young rebel. Everyone grows old with time, very few exceptions. Rebels grow old too.

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Return My CPF - Ravi's demand letter to NPark

Below is an extract of M Ravi's demand letter to the NPark to withdraw its cancellation of the permit for this Saturday's protest rally at Hong Lim. The full article is posted in TRE.

'In response and acting on behalf of Hui Hui, lawyer M Ravi wrote to the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation of NParks, Dr Leong Chee Chiew, today (23 Oct) to voice his objection to the cancellation.

Mr Ravi told the Commissioner that the reason given by NParks for the cancellation – to assist the Police with investigations into an incident which occurred during #ReturnOurCPF event on 27 Sep – constitutes a breach of Hui Hui’s rights of freedom of speech and assembly.

Such rights, explained Mr Ravi, is guaranteed under Article 14 of the Constitution, and is ultra vires Regulation 8(3) of the Parks and Trees Regulations (Cap. 216. R 1). That is, Article 14 of the Constitution is beyond the legal power of Regulation 8(3) of the Parks and Trees Regulations.

Mr Ravi further explained that the act of assisting the Police “does not constitute nor can it be construed as an implication, assertion or proof of guilt of any offence, nor does it constitute evidence of a breach of any law or of the terms and conditions of approval for the Return Our CPF Event”.

“There is therefore no rational basis for the revocation and it is wholly unreasonable as being based on irrelevant considerations,” Mr Ravi said.

“Furthermore, our client emphatically rejects your characterisation of the fact that she has been interviewed by the police and has been assisting them in their enquiries as constituting a ‘case‘ against her, and it is submitted that this is in itself an error of law that vitiates your decision,” Mr Ravi said to the Commissioner.

The restriction for Hui Hui to speak is likewise a breach of her rights of freedom of speech and assembly under Article 14 of the Constitution, Mr Ravi said.

“Depending how long the Police investigations take, the restriction may last indefinitely. It is an indeterminate, wholly disproportionate and oppressive ban (on Hui Hui to speak),” he argued.

“The purpose of Speaker’s Corner is to provide an arena in which free speech is allowed to be exercised and it appears wholly out of keeping with this purpose for the residual authority given to a Commissioner of Parks and Recreation under Regulations to effectuate the Parks and Trees Act to deny and place a ban on free speech in the very place where it supposed to be allowed.”

Mr Ravi emphasized again that the ban, essentially for an indeterminate period of time, is in principle, a profound threat to Hui Hui’s Constitutional rights.

As such Hui Hui, through Mr Ravi, is formally requesting that the ban by NParks be lifted immediately.

Mr Ravi told the Commissioner in the letter that if the ban was not lifted by 1600 hours tomorrow (24 Oct), his client, Hui Hui, reserves the right to apply to the Court for relief without further notice to NParks....'

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No more ‘hanjians’ for China and Hong Kong

The history of China has been peppered with many traitors(hanjians) through the various dynasties. In the early days of the Republic of China and the dying Qing Dynasty, hanjians were everywhere, thinking only of their selfish interests and willingly selling off country and their fellow men.

Many hanjians were killed or purged when the Communists took over and reunited a poor and tattered country that was more like a bag of bones. In less than 60 years, China has recovered and risen to stand shoulder to shoulder with nations of the world. Do not for a moment think that this is easy. China is even challenging the USA as the Number One super power and as the richest economy in the world. Under the present trajectory, these two goals are not wishful thinkings and could be a reality in the near future. Anyone thinking of these notions 30 years ago will become a joke himself as the prospect of such an eventuality was practically nil.

Today, the Chinese people as a civilization have never been looked at in the same light as before in the last two centuries. Some may still grudgingly sneered at the progress and richness of China, but no one would think that the Chinese as a people are daft, stupid, mindless, inscrutable, useless, faceless and unproductive peasants. China has stood up. The Chinese people have recovered their dignity as equals among equals. Even the poor communists are now courted by the West as rich communists and welcomed with red carpets.

There is still a long journey for the Chinese people as a civilization to regain its ancient richness, culture and refinement. Many are still boorish, ‘lao tu’ and very unrefined in mannerism when they travelled the world. What can you expect from a people of peasant origins, growing up in communes, were poor yesterday, to behave like the rich bourgeoisies and aristocrats of the West? Give them time to learn the finer things about living a good life that money can buy. The West took a few centuries to turn from pirates, robbers and mass murderers to gentlemen.

What is all these all about? The success of China and its continued growth and prosperity is hitched to the country remaining as a strong and unified nation. The country must not break up and return to the times of turmoil, internal strifes and civil wars. The country must not be distracted to spend wasteful time and money to deal with insurgencies and fake democratic movements led by hanjians.

If China is allowed to be messed up by hanjians and broke up like the Soviet Union, and ruled by warlords all over again, the Chinese as a civilization would be turned into rubbish and assigned to the rubbish dump all over again. The Chinese as a civilization will become a laughing stock of the world, to be spitted at, despised and kicked around, even become victims of racial discriminations and genocide.

The Hong Kong students should wake up their ideals and know how good life has become and how good life can be and not be misled by hanjians, to bring down China and the Chinese civilization as a whole. Hong Kong has more democracy than Singapore. Sinkies would never be able to demonstrate like the Hongkies, in the main streets, in large numbers. Our democratic right to demonstrate is confined to a small field in Hong Lim. And demonstrators would need to apply for a permit and the permit can still be cancelled. Have any of the demonstrators in Hong Kong been subject to long hours of police interrogations for illegal assembly?

What is this nonsense about electing the Chief Executive? Sinkies also did not have the right to elect their Prime Minister. Many democracies also did not elect their Chief Executives. Singapore’s Prime Minister is elected by the party. The Hongkie students must see through the façade of deceit initiated by foreigners and hanjians with a bigger agenda. If China is in trouble and break up, the Hongkies could be subjects of colonial powers once again. And yes, some will be happy to be knighted as Sirs and Dames, but with no rights to determine what is good for their little island and people. Democratic rights could also be withdrawn and the highest police officer would not be a Hongkie Commissioner but a sergeant Ah Sir. The Commissioner and all the senior officers would be kweilos. And the Chief Executive will be a governor appointed by Her Majesty’s Services, another kweilo. Chris Patten may come back to rule Hong Kong.

No more hanjians for China. No more hanjians in Hong Kong. The Hongkies must not become the sinners that caused the break up of China and destroy the Chinese civilization, and bring down the Chinese people to become the pariahs of the world. The issues at stake are not some idealistic democracy norms. Do not become the pawns of foreign powers and bring about your own humiliation and destruction.

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Roger Zhang – Is he pro PAP or against PAP

To many of the netizens reading TRE they must be familiar with the name of this blogger called Roger Zhang. He claimed to be a foreign talent, a grassroot leader and intensely supportive of the Govt and the PAP policies. He is all praises and would argue and challenge netizens of a different view.

I have read some of his postings and comments and am having second thoughts as to the real person behind this Roger Zhang. Is he really pro PAP or indirectly saboing the PAP Govt?

It is true that he is always saying good things about the Govt and its policies, particularly those in favour of foreign talents that he claimed to be one. But if one is to read carefully what he is saying, without saying, his deliberate attempts to sound funny and silly, and his half past six English, one begins to wonder where is he coming from. Is he trying to tell the people that the quality of foreign talents is like what you see in him which is quite a joke really. He can’t be serious and can’t be a good poster boy for the Govt to wave at the people saying, this is the type of foreign talents we are bringing in to replace you.

I am really not sure. Perhaps you can read what he posted and make your own conclusion on this Roger Zhang and unmasked him to see who or what he really is. Below are a few samples of his writings. There are plenty more in TRE. The first is an article he wrote and the latter are two comments he made in TRE.

1. Stupid for Singaporeans to chase FTs out of S’pore
October 21st, 2014
Sporeans who chase FTs out are stupid because if the FTs go out & work for other countrys, those other countrys will become stronger & better than spore.
So in end, spore is the one suffer. How can spore compete with world if we got no foreign talent inside our economy?
That day IMF already warning our economy can suffer if we stop foreign talent coming in. SM Goh also say same. Actually is true foreigners here never take sporeans’ jobs. The jobs are not want by sporeans since they want high pay and easy job.
Companys can’t pay too high salary because they will become not competitive. I got read many books of economy, business invest & leaderships, there is only one person we can blame for so many foreigners work here inside sg: GLOBALISATIONS!
The world change & become smaller, so foreign talents from other countrys can easy enter our economy.
Roger Zhang

2. Roger Zhang:
October 21, 2014 at 6:03 am (Quote)
As grassroot people, the writer shd not anyhow pass rumors. Minister Chan is new, just only in politic 2011, so he need go visit all part of sg slowly, one grc this time and then another grc next time.
His purpose & agenda is meet more residents there, get deep understanding of residents’ problems & wishs, honest feed backs of policies & ideas how improve their lifes and living environments.
So woodland residents please pass the good news round, make sure residents aware Minister Chan going visit them. He still young and got alot future & opportunties infront him!
Woodland is happy place & got little complains since they got all the good facilities build there already. But if you all got hear any big unhappy complains of some residents, please don’t shy, just bring up for Minister Chan attentions. He already solve many problems bring to him when he visit other grc.

3. Roger Zhang:
October 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm (Quote)
This why I invite by my company here: CONTRIBUTE MY TALENT HERE.
Not only I contribute in my company, I also contribute in grassroot as VOLUNTEER without take any salary.  My wife who only a PR citizen (not a true blue sporean like I) also contribute in a spore’s famous school WITHOUT take any salary!  I & my wife also even help CCC organise cooking contest of residents for them taste other countrys’ foods so that true blue sporeans can integrate with foreigners here. Just only free help, we never take money from PA or gov.  So my talent is not only just doing job in company, I also got talent integrate our true blue sporeans & foreigners. This not easy. I last time from China & since China people are friendly, good temper, patiently & open mind kind people, we know how integrate with any foreigners anywhere. We come here just want help sg successful & compete other first world countrys.

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