TikTok Chew Shou Zi versus American gangsters in Congress

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Commentary: How well did TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi hold out against US Congress grilling?

Chew Shou Zi’s performance at a hostile congressional hearing was a missed opportunity for TikTok, says NTU’s Mark Cenite.   CNA headlines.

The above are the headlines in CNA of a critique on the performance of Chew Shou Zi in the American Congress by an armchair academic. It is so easy to make condescending comments from a distance, and not in the hot seat. The world has come to know what happened in this theatre concocted by, and with script written by the mafia of American lawmakers. The world was given a front row seat to witness the fake democracy of America where a bunch of technically ignorant and incompetent lawmakers pretending to know what they did not know and lashing out at the CEO of TikTok in a set up to literally grill him alive.

What happened in Congress on that day, for 5 hours, came out as nothing but a farce. 52 old hacks, some could be the grandpa or grandma by age to the young TikTok CEO, went about mercilessly to demolish him based on a plate of lies, disinformation, presumptions and bullying, hiding behind strength in numbers. They asked many silly questions and made many silly comments all with one purpose, TikTok was guilty of spying, if not today, would be sometime in the future, and because its parent company is from China, it must take orders from China under Chinese laws. They conveniently forgot that the USA is the biggest spy in the world and spying even on their own people and leaders of their allies, and caught red handed. It is not that TikTok had done it, they had no proof that TikTok had committed an unlawful act. It was all based on a presumption that TikTok would do it in the future. This is as good as guilty before a crime is committed, a presumption of guilt.

And Chew was not given a chance to make a decent reply or explanation. They shut him up, cut him off, did not let him speak. They only wanted to prove how clever they were in their allegations and silly questions. This is making a mockery of American democracy. It is American democrazy. It is gangsterism, with the privilege of being lawmakers, with the power behind them, abusing their power as lawmakers, to fix up their victim without giving the victim the right to defend himself. And the almost senile men and women thought they were very clever.

And armchair critics could think that Chew stood a chance, could make a case for TikTok. And he failed and it was his fault. Bull. No one stand a chance in a house of hooligans and mafias. It was modern day Inquisition. The gangsters and mafias had already decided that TikTok was guilty and inviting TikTok's CEO to Congress was to give the impression that they were fair, with the fake presumption that he was given a chance to make his case. It was all a charade.

This is the most shameful face of American hooliganism on display to the whole world. TikTok was guilty without committing any crime. The gangsters and mafias in Congress said so. They were hellbent to get rid of TikTok at all costs. Chew did not stand a chance to defend TikTok. He was set up to be the punching bag, to make silly old men and old women looked clever. There was no contest. It was not a contest, and never a missed opportunity. It was wishful thinking that the gangsters and mafias would give Chew a fair hearing, give TikTok a chance to make its case. You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

Would TikTok survive in the USA? This would now depend on the 150m American users. Would they march on the streets to save TikTok from being unfairly crucified by the gangsters and mafias in Congress? Would they let the gangsters and mafias rob TikTok from them, forbidding them the freedom to use an innocent software that is useful to them socially and in their businesses?

American freedom of choice, freedom of expression and democracy are on trial, being compromised by the gangsters and mafias that called themselves lawmakers. These gangsters and mafias in Congress are such a contemptuous lot, disgusting. This is a showcase of fake American democracy. It is American gangsterism, a kangaroo court.

PS. On a one to one basis, the old hacks in Congress would look like infantiles against the technically superior TikTok CEO Chew.

US has lost the Global South

 Actually the Europeans are also afraid of losing their global standing without riding on the coat-tails of the USA. This is also their only chance at self preservation, using the USA's unipolar hegemony to maintain the Anglo Saxon Whites dominance. But like Little Britain, the decline cannot be stopped.

Therefore, whatever the USA tells them to do, they have to follow. The downfall of the US$ hegemony, and with it the USA military power, means the fall of the Anglo Saxon global domination will deflate going forward. And they are petrified of that happening. They therefore have to support the USA's agenda, whatever it takes, even to the extent of sacrificing themselves. What have the Europeans gained so far in Ukraine? Nothing other than cutting their noses to spite their faces to please the USA.

However, it may be an exercise in futility trying to prevent the changing of the global geopolitical order from a unipolar to a multipolar world. The West already lost the Global South, after years of blatant neglect in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. Now Central America is slowly moving away from USA's sphere of influence as well. Mexico just joined BRICS and Honduras just dumped Taiwan for China.

The USA and the West are trying desperately to regain their influence in the Global South. But it is too little too late. The Africans can no longer be fooled, with many wise leaders rising through the ranks to take over. Those leaders learned their lesson from the past and refused to be lured into demonising China, the usual narrative touched upon by Western leaders each and every time they visited any African country.


China is now a ‘safe haven’ for international capital


China is now a ‘safe haven’ as international capital flee from Western markets to Asia amid banking turmoil

The unfolding banking crisis in the US and Europe, which has shattered investor confidence in the Western financial system, could highlight China as a “relative safe haven,” economists at Citi said in a note.

The Chinese economy could see accelerated expansion this year, giving the country a “hedge” for growth while economies in the US and Europe face heightened risk of financial disruption, according to the note.

“We have long been discussing our view that China can be a major growth hedge this year – if anything, recent global banking stresses perhaps have strengthened this thesis,” a team led by Citi’s Chief China economist Xiangrong Yu reportedly stated.

“China could at least be a relative ‘safe haven’ given its growth premium, financial soundness, policy discipline and the new political economy cycle,” the economists argued.

Citi also expects to see the onshore yuan strengthening against the US dollar as soon as September, which would bring the renminbi to its strongest levels since April last year.



Condemn the bombing of Nord Stream pipelines to protect and save the world

 The western media is playing down this horrendous crime against humanity like it was just pricking and bursting a balloon. And they are not interested in knowing the truth, not wanting to find out who did it and not wanting to hang the culprit.

Even before any sign of evidence was out, the finger was pointed at Russia. Russia was so stupid to blow up their expensive pipelines that were making millions and billions for them selling gas to Europe. Only stupid people would believe in this kind of silly logic. But it must be Russia. But when more evidence appeared, investigation done, no one wants to say anything. No one wants to know the findings of the investigation. Obviously it was not Russia or the western media and the American terrorists would blow up the roof demanding prosecution and compensation from Russia.

Why they did not want to tell the truth and now so happy and vigorous to promote a fake truth, that it was pro Ukrainian hobbyists that did the job? But of course every thinking and well informed individual would know the answer and would know a lie when they see one.

No matter how hard they are trying to cover up this crime, it must not be allowed to fade off and be forgotten. This is a very serious precedent set and could see many gas or oil pipelines and even communication lines be blown up if no action or punishment is taken against the perpetrators, the criminals against humanity. This is not simply a matter of sabotage.

The blowing of gas or oil pipelines is an environmental hazard of immense proportion. Think of how many marine lives would be destroyed and how the environment in the immediate vicinity and subsequently all the oceans be affected. Marine lives and seafood would be the first casualties and the whole food chain would be affected. The scale of destruction is waiting to be experienced, but no, the evil culprits would not want to do anything or say anything, and pretending that nothing serious had happened.

Breaking the marine food chain has very serious consequences on the marine livestocks. How bad is the damage, anyone want to know, want to investigate when hundreds of millions of toxic gas seep into the sea water? Collateral damages?

Bring the culprit to task and punish severely. Where is the UN, where are the moral policemen of the west, the western media? Not interested, never mind, small matters? Why no outcry for crimes against humanity and crimes against marine lives?

Another incident of western hypocrisy? Would there be pipelines along the coasts of the USA be about to be blown up, if such a crime is taken so lightly?

Is Singapore an angmoh country?

Looks like USA Mafiaism is picking up and starting to be followed in Red Dot. The USA Mafia insisted that the Chinese Tiangong Space Station must use English manuals and have English signages on board, otherwise the Mafia state will not take part. As if the Chinese needed them on board very badly. The Chinese told the USA that they have nothing of value to contribute to space research and told them to go and screw spiders.

Now, if the Mafia woman thinks that it is below her banana status to shop at NTUC because some employees cannot speak English, she should go elsewhere, or find a spider to satify her demands.

I was just wondering, is this all because some 'you know who' is now sitting at the very top of NTUC and that complaints like this is going to work against non English speaking Chinese workers working in NTUC? Who is she anyway?

After more than 60 years of existence, and whose mission is to look after workers with cheaper stuff (wonder whether that is the case today) and not just bananas, is NTUC going to be demonised by employing only English speaking employees from some particular country? I am going to stop patronising NTUC if they do that. What about those elderly customers not understanding any English? Should they also start complaining if all or some NTUC employees cannot speak Mandarin, Teochew, Hokien or Hainanese?

There are now many supermarket chains posing strong competition for NTUC and they better think carefully about their re-orientation because of complaints like this. The are going to lose non English speaking customers, especially the elderly, if they make a costly mistake.he USA Mafia insisted that the Chinese Tiangong Space Station must use English manuals and have English signages on board, otherwise the Mafia state will not take part. As if the Chinese needed them on board very badly. The Chinese told the USA that they have nothing of value to contribute to space research and told them to go and screw spiders.


China Rising, India Envy

The government of Honduras in Central America announced the breakdown of “diplomatic relations” with the Taiwan region on Saturday, saying it will have no more official relations or contact with the island moving forward.

The Secretary of State in the Offices of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has communicated to the island the decision to break off the two sides’ “diplomatic relations” with instructions from the Honduras President, said the announcement Honduras made to inform the Honduran people, the international community and the media.

Honduras recognizes the existence of only one China in the world, and that the Government of the People's Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all of China with the Taiwan island as its inalienable territory, said the announcement.


Pritam Singh's speak English only gaining support from English speakers here

A woman shopping at NTUC FairPrice expressed frustration about a Chinese employee’s inability to speak English and confronted management about their negligence to assess basic language requirements in their hiring process.

A 9-minute long TikTok posted by the woman, @Amy_tashiana, (which has since been moved to her YouTube page instead) shows her intense interaction with an NTUC employee, who was unable to converse in English with her while she was trying to purchase fresh fish....

Amy later went on to complain to a FairPrice team leader about the matter, who defended the employee saying that she has trouble communicating, to which Amy replied that she is unable to communicate at all, therefore not making her a right fit to work there.

“There’s a lady over there, she said that she is a Chinese national and she cannot commute (sic) in English, she said she don’t speak English at all so how we, customer and member of NTUC have such people to deal with?” Amy questioned. ...

After this discussion, Amy and the team leader went back to the employee at the fish section and with the assistance of the team leader, explained how she wanted the fish to be cut but was still unhappy with the final product as the staff had entirely cut off the tail of the fish, instead of just a fraction of it, which is what she wanted and deemed to be usual practice.

“She should know how to clean the fish lah, the tail also must cut like pedicure. Tail also don’t know how to cut then what is she doing there?” voiced out Amy.

“You want to employ me or not? I can cut the fish better than her. Put me there the same salary, take her out, I can cut the fish like a flower,” she added.

“She cutting fish but she don’t know how to cut fish,” she said in the video. “How long she working there already? Few months and she don’t know how to cut fish?” she questioned angrily.

“With all prices increased everywhere and got such service, especially in NTUC so I had decided to publish the video,” shared Amy with The Independent Singapore.

In her TikTok, Amy says “Pritam Singh you are absolutely right, they need to go and learn English before they come and work here.”...

Above are parts of an article in theindependent.sg about how intolerant a customer was with an NTUC staff who could not speak English. She demanded that such people cannot be employed by NTUC.

I can still remember that many Ah Mas and Ah Gongs admitted to hospital had difficulties communicating with the foreign staff as they could only speak in dialects. With this 'trend' to speak English only, I am wondering whether those Ah Mas and Ah Gongs should not be allowed admission into hospitals because they could not speak English? Or would they be bullied or chased out of the hospitals because the staff looked down on them because they could not speak English?

From the video clip, this @Amy_tashiana could speak Mandarin. Wondering why she refused to speak to her in Mandarin to communicate with her but insisting that the worker must speak in English. The purpose of learning more languages is to communicate with others in a language that both can understand. I learn Malay because I can speak to Malaysians in Malay when needed. It would be foolish and arrogantly stupid of me not to use Malay when the other person could only speak Malay but not English, and insisting the other person must speak to me in English even in Singapore... and acting that I am very smart or clever just because I could speak English.
A little knowledge is dangerous. The Chinese have a phrase for it, pua tang sai.

With Pritam Singh now becoming so popular with his no English cannot work in Singapore proposal, the MOM may want to consider this seriously and keep out all the Chinese from coming here to work. Their presence have made these English speaking 'experts' very irritated and unhappy. They may even get violent. Clever people only speak English in Singapore!

The next GE there would be many English speaking supporters voting for Pritam Singh and the WP. Pritam Singh and the WP would sure get a lot of votes from the English speakers. Not sure if the non English speaking Ah Mas and Ah Gongs would vote for them.

What do you think?

PS. If this Pritam proposal is to be adopted, then we should change our Constitution on the four official languages and just have one language, English only. Our national pledge about 'regardless of language' should be removed as well. What about the national anthem, change to English also?


American antique in South China Sea

US destroyer warned away in South China Sea – Beijing

Washington has denied claims its warship was ‘expelled’ and says it will continue to sail in the region

FILE PHOTO: USS Milius. © Wikipedia

China claims it monitored and "warned off" a US Navy destroyer, after detecting it near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea on Thursday. This comes as tensions between Beijing and Washington in the region continue to grow.

The guided-missile destroyer USS Milius "illegally entered" into Chinese territorial waters, Senior Colonel Tian Junli, a spokesman for the country's Navy Southern Theater Command, stated in a press release. The move "has seriously jeopardized peace and stability in the South China Sea," the official added.

The incident occurred near the Paracel islands as sea and air forces tracked the US destroyer "in accordance with the law, and warned it off." Tian added that the Navy was ready to "take all necessary measures to safeguard national sovereignty, security as well as peace and stability" in the region.  RT


The Americans and the West used to use this kind of museum pieces to frighten small and weak countries. Today the dumb Americans still think this piece of scrap iron can frighten China. When it comes to the South China Sea, there will be at least 10 Chinese warships surrounding it, and in the air there will be fighter aircraft, and under the sea there will be submarines. A piece of antique like this is only allowed to float in the South China Sea at the pleasure of the PLAN. It can be sunk to the bottom of the sea anytime the PLAN wants to do it.

The Australian pilots need to be treated by the shrink every time they flew to the South China Sea and met Chinese fighter aircraft.  They wet in their pants and had nightmares over the incidents. The American sailors in these antique scrap iron pieces must be praying on their knees hoping that the PLAN would not sink them. Like the American said, sinking these antique pieces is a piece of cake.

Who did the Americans think they could frighten China with museum pieces? Or it was them that were wetting their pants everytime they were ordered to sail into the South China sea?

America going after Credit Suisse, next will be Saudi Arabia

Credit Suisse earthquake was generated to divert attention away from USA's banking meltdown. Now the whole world is fixated on Credit Suisse, and they claimed that the collapse of three banks in USA is not problematic for the USA banking sector. The collapse of Credit Suisse, a too big to fail bank, will cause a global financial tsunami. The takeover of Credit Suisee by UBS, termed a 'shotgun merger' for US$3.23 billion managed to avoid the catastrophe, but is it really over? Is US$3.23 billion realistic for such a big bank?

The USA Government had been targeting Credit Suisse, including other Swiss banks like UBS, for decades, over the Swiss Banking System that allows the super rich and drug lords to stash their ill gotten gains, to evade tax and avoid getting caught, into Swiss Banks away from their reach. This is a hard pill to swallow for the US Government. It then enacted laws to make sure the Swiss Banking System falls in line with the USA dictates or face the USA's wrath.

UBS had paid US$750 million (if I am not mistaken) in fines and penalties to the US Government over tax fraud charges in 2021, for helping rich USA depositors evade tax. That is not the only occasion.

Credit Suisse biggest shareholders includes the Saudi Families, who thought that Swiss Banks were the safest place to keep their enormous wealth, and to invest in them as well. When Credit Suisse was facing collapse, the Saudis decided not to burrow themselves deeper into the shithole by helping with further investments, and that tells us that the Saudis are waking up to the danger of having too much of their wealth in the hands of the West. They finally saw what happened to the Russians.

After all, Mohammed bin Salman clearly knows sooner or later the USA will settle the score with him and his other families for refusing to increase oil production, and even reducing them. Just a short while ago, the loan facilitation move in Yuan, between Exim Bank of China and the Saudi National Bank is the official signal that trade between China and Saudi Arabia is going to be based on the Yuan or Riyal, and bypassing the US$. This is a big move and do you expect the USA to sit quietly by and watch?



France - What a beautiful sight! Where is Pelosi?

France protests said to be ‘out of control’

Police clashed with over a million demonstrators opposed to President Macron’s pension reform

© Twitter

French authorities struggled on Thursday to suppress the protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform. Over a million demonstrators took to the streets across the country in what some security sources described as an “insurrection” against the government in Paris. RT

France is not the only country in Europe that is seeing mass demonstrations on the streets. UK, Germany and a few others are also having street protests against the Ukraine War and inflation. 

The good thing, the rest of the world are peaceful and quiet. Just let Europe burn. Let them have all their fun, all their democracy, all their freedom, and all their wars. Just leave the rest of the world alone.

Greatest threat to the USA is Peace

 The greatest threat to the USA is not China, but Peace. Peace in the world would bring an end to the evil American Empire that is built around war and a war economy. When there is Peace in the world, the Americans would be lost. They would not know what to do, many employed just to agitate for wars would be jobless. The whole Military Industrial Complex would be out of business. All the American military bases in the world would be redundant, so would all the aircraft carriers, military aircraft, ICBMs, weapons of mass destruction and all the supporting war industries.

Employment would become the number one problem in the USA when the American war machine is crippled due to its irrelevance. All the CIA operators would be out of work. All the fake news about threats and enemies would become jokes.

The nearly US$1 trillion military budget would be totally extravagant without wars, without enemies.

When there is Peace in the world, the Americans would have to create jobs for themselves, to make themselves useful again as responsible people, not warmongers and murderers, not merchants of war. There will be no one to buy their expensive war machine, no more needs for military gangs aka allies.

The latest peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia brokered by China is being condemned by the Americans, calling it a threat to American interests. The Americans are all out to break this Peace deal. This is how evil the Americans are, all set to create war and against Peace.  Peace is against the interests of the Americans, an evil Empire thriving on wars and instability and selling weapons to kill and destruct in wars.

China's proposal for a ceasefire in Ukraine and to start Peace negotiation is condemned by the Americans and the Americans also said there cannot be ceasefire.

The people of the world have woken up to the evilness of the Americans. Everyone wants Peace except the Americans. Only the blind and idiotic are still supporting the evil Americans in their warmongering and evil ways.

USA owns and in full control of Europe and Ukraine


As expected, the Chinese attempt at brokering a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine is blatantly and strongly opposed by Washington. John Kirby, the White House spokesperson, in an interview said, in no uncertain terms, that any peace deal in Ukraine is 'unacceptable'. 'Unacceptable' in whose interest? To the USA or the rest of the world? That clearly shows the USA wants desperately for the war in Ukraine to continue, and clearly indicates it does not really want peace to prevail. The USA and the West are now really petrified of peace returning to Ukraine.

And that blinking Blinken had the gall to say that China helping Russia is not in 'USA's interest'. Must China's extension of a helping hand to allies and friendly countries be only to take care of the USA's interest? So, will that narrative later be skewed to include China's help in Africa, Latin America, the BRI, which must necessarily only be in USA's interest. What is he trying to say? That only the USA can help its allies and not China? Russia is presently the closest ally of China - economically, politically and militarily, and it is only moral and logical for China to help.

Touching on that point, is the USA's help for Taiwan, with leaders visitation, sale of weapons not also against China's interest? The USA has no moral authority nor integrity to dictate or threaten China by pronouncing that China's aid to Russia is against their interest, while they continue to push weapons to Taiwan to provoke China.

China must invite both Putin and Zelenskyy to Beijing, away from the instigators, if it ever is to harbour any hope of bringing peace to Ukraine, keeping the USA out of the room when negotiating. Putin will undoubtedly follow the suggestion, but not Zelenskyy and that you can be sure.

If the USA and the West clearly goes all out to sabotage the Chinese peace approach, it gives the Chinese moral grounds to provide letal weapons to Russia. That could be the consequence of this peace plan testing point put up by the Chinese, and openly sabotaged by the USA and the West. Thereafter no justification for condemning the Chinese for supplying weapons to Russia, the same way they USA keeps pushing weapons to Taiwan.



PRC-ROC reunification - 8 days of golden opportunity

 Tsai Ing Wen would be in Latin America and maybe meeting with American leaders from 29 Mar to 2 Apr. She would bring along several senior leaders of the DPP with her during the visit. In other words, Taiwan would be left in the hands of the non hard core pro independent leaders of the DPP. The 8 days would be a golden opportunity for pro unification Taiwan leaders to remove the DPP from power with the help of the military. This is a rare window offered by the DPP in a very critical time in the China-ROC relations.

Perhaps this may be staged by the DPP leadership, to go for exile while they still can, to leave Taiwan for good, and in the comfort of the USA. The room for manouvre by the pro independent DPP leaders is shrinking and the door is closing. China is determined and has already worked out what they need to do for a peaceful reunification of Taiwan with the motherland. Perhaps a deal could have been struck for the DPP leaders to leave the island before the curtain comes down.

A good sign of ending the impasse would be the number of top DPP leaders following Tsai in this final trip abroad, a trip of no return, with a one way ticket. Their departure would pave the way for a peaceful reunification, for Taiwan to return to the motherland without any bloodshed.

This may be Tsai and the DPP's gift to the people in Taiwan, and to the motherland. This could be their final contribution to the motherland, an honourable and responsible move for the good of the Chinese people, preventing Taiwan from becoming a pawn of the Americans and another Ukraine. They must have seen this coming. The alternative, if they continue to stay in Taiwan, would be behind bars, to pass the last days of their lives with ignonimity, charged for treason.

To self exile in the USA is the best thing they can look forward to. What are the pro unification leaders waiting for? 8 days to bring peace to Taiwan and East Asia. With Taiwan returning to China, there would be no loose ends for the Americans to start a war in East Asia. The Americans and Japanese would not dare to fool around with nuclear North Korea.

The Chinese people on both sides of the straits deserve to have peace and progress and live a better life. The last thing they need is war and dying for the Americans. The wisest thing to do is to reunify now before it is too late. Yes, just do it.

Ukraine - The Americans are against peace

The demonisation of China's attempted peace initiative between Russia and Ukraine is now the top topic of Western Leaders' attempt to kill it before it even started. The USA and the West, including Japan (the pariah in Asia), are very worried about Xi meeting Putin in Moscow.

They are paranoid and nervous that should China be able to pull off a peace deal in Ukraine, it would do considerable damage to the reputation of the USA and the West. As it is, it will most likely not be successful, with the USA and the West all against the move by China. Zelenskyy has no backbone to go against them, even if he wants to, and even if Ukraine needed to kidnap male citizens on the streets and forced them to enrol to fight the Russians. That is how bad the situation is becoming for Ukrainians. Looks like Ukraine really has to fight to the last man for the USA.

China's success in brokering the peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia was a masterstroke of genius. Why does China not do the more urgently needed Russia/Ukraine peace initiative first? It was a well thought out strategy. China's pulling off the deal in the Middle East shows the world, in no uncertain terms, that China is all for peaceful diplomacy, which the USA and the West always claim is insincere. That deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia kills all the insincerity talk and now China, with one big success, is pivoting towards the Russia/Ukraine direction, which is making the USA and the West hysterical, nervous and fearful. Expect the demonisation to pick up several notches over the next couple of days.

As expected, Japan (the pariah of Asia), with a lapdog Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, just visited Zelenskyy and had the gall to tell the world that he does not agree to the changing of the status quo in Ukraine by force. Did Kishida read about Japan's cruel and barbaric history in Asia during WW2, invading every other country and trying to force them to succumb to Japanese rule, and being subjected to atrocities and rule of terror, that eventually lead to war crimes being piled on their top Generals? He should look into his own country's bad behavior before attempting to pass judgement on others. Like the USA, the Japanese never think it necessary to practice what they preach, and are still behaving as warmongering as they were during WW2.



Empty head elected as governor of American state


US of America was only stolen from the native Americans about 200+ years ago. And this empty head talked about China planning to destroy US of America 2,000 years ago. The only person that could do better than this empty head is Biden. But Biden is having dementia, not stupidity.

This is the quality of American leaders, No wonder America is falling to pieces, unable even to fight and kill tribesmen with only small guns and knives.

Any of the leaders in Singapore would be many times more intelligent than this empty head. Now you can tell the difference. This is why they are not paid in the millions, even the POTUS.  All cracks and psychopaths, not worth a dime.  29 sec clip of stupidity.

God bless America to have more of such empty heads. Maybe Singapore should second a few of our super talents to help them to Make America decline faster.  Oops, I mean Make America Great Again.

Covid19 - Europe destroy billion dollars mRNA vaccines


1 minute of outrageous crime being exposed.

The vaccine crime against humanity with many leaders implicated and as guilty as Pfizer management. Hundreds of billions of mRNA vaccines are being destroyed to save lives from being destroyed by the vaccines. The Europeans are not stupid and definitely smarter than the rest of the world. If they are doing this, there must be very good reasons to do so, to burn billions away.

Can you believe that this is happening? Can you believe that billions of innocent people have been coerced or duped into injecting themselves with this extremely harmful vaccine?

Can you believe that human beans willingly submit themselves to be destroyed like sheep being led to the slaughter, without any protest, not dare to protest, not dare to cry foul?

The US retreating to Australia after losing the first and second island chains

The USA and Australia can dream about using deep water submarines to come close to the Chinese shoreline in times of confrontation. As Paul Keating said, the whole length of the Chinese shoreline is shallow, lined with sensors and any submarine attempting to sneak closer to the Chinese mainland will immediately be discovered, monitored and taken care of.

Remember the USA submarine that was sneaking around the South China Sea and got hit by an unknown object, and had to slither away for repairs some time ago? The USA said then that they did not know what the object that their submarine hit was, but they said it was not another submarine. Do you understand what they are saying? Not knowing what the object was and yet claiming it was 'not' another submarine.

That was just a sneak preview of what lies in the South China Sea area and even further South, with a Chinese underwater submarine base hidden under Hainan Island. Now it is even better with Chinese deterrents sited further offshore from China's shoreline.

And that is providing USA with further narratives and ammunition to rally their doggies to raise objections against China's extention of its military reach, labelling it a threat. Do you think the USA really cares about those islands in the South China Sea area, some of which are basically so tiny, just the size of a park according to Paul Keating.

But the USA, as usual, working with its blood thirsty mind and its dirty hands, are using the issue to instigate and create bad blood between China and other claimants. Territorial claims should be settled by those around the region, not someone having no business poking its nose and pouring more fuel into fire.

Just like the India/China border dispute over the Himalayas, India declined to take up the USA's offer to mediate, as they know the USA will instead create a bigger problem for the two countries to reconcile. I also wonder whether China was willing to take up the offer as well.

To understand the USA's agenda, look no further than the Iran/Saudi Arabia stand off, with the USA unable, or should I say unwilling, to bring about a peace deal after almost a decade. They want to keep the stand off between Iran and Saudi Arabia in perpetual suspension and reap all the benefits, selling arms to Saudi Arabia to fight the Yemenis supported by Iran. And China managed to broker the peace deal after keeping the USA out of the room in Beijing. If countries want to succeed in making deals, keep the USA out of the room is the lesson to be learnt.

That brings me to my favourite Native American saying - 'If you see two fish fighting in a pool of water, look around and you will see a White man standing nearby'. How true!



Wishful thinking - UK to become a pre eminent power in Asia Pacific


In March 2021, the UK published a “comprehensive articulation” of London’s “national security and international policy” for decades to come, which would “[shape] the open international order of the future,” known as the ‘Integrated Review’.

Its vision was amazingly bold, and foresaw the UK becoming a pre-eminent power in the Asia-Pacific, expanding its presence via overseas military bases, and increasing its nuclear weapon stockpile.

There is little sign of London making even mild progress on any of its grandiose objectives two years later, But what’s more, it has now published a comprehensive 'refresh' of these plans, “responding to a more contested and volatile world.”

Above is quoted from an article by Felix Livshitz in RT.

The Brits are still in dreamland after fading into oblivion in the last 70 years.  They are still harbouring grandiose dreams of great power like the Japanese, thinking that a little island with a small population and a miserable little economy, they could still rule the world or be a force to be reckon with. Wishful thinking is being polite to shatter the drunkard Brits oblivious that the world has changed.

The sight of a British warship, Revan aircraft carrier, could make many countries wet in their pants, shivering in fear. The fire power of an aircraft carrier could destroy a small or medium size country. But not anymore. China is waiting eagerly to sink these floating bath tubs in the South China sea. 

During the Opium Wars, it was the Brits that could hit the Chinese on the shores but the Chinese could not hit them, losing out to the Industrial Revolution and technology then. Today, China could hit all these bath tubs without seeing them. And the bath tubs could not do anything about it. The 4th Industrial Revolution is in China's favour.

In WW2, it was the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse by the Japanese. This time it would be the sinking of the Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth by China to avenge the Opium Wars.

Australia paying US$368b to protect America!


The Australians have been conned into buying nuclear submarines, paying US$385b, to protect the American Empire. These submarines would be used to fight China or Russia in the name of defending Australia. In reality, the submarines are meant to defend the American Empire.

This con job is applicable to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and many countries in Europe, and used to be in the Middle East, all buying American weapons to defend the American Empire.

Don't expect much intelligence from descendants of convicts.


Colin Powell should be charged for war crimes posthumously


FILE PHOTO ©  AP / Elise Amendola

This evil man must be charged for war crimes against the people of Iraq, like his boss George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz etc etc, and of course Tony Blair. You can see the fang appearing in his mouth. If that vial of washing powder is so deadly as he claimed, would he be holding it with his fingers, and in the UN GA? Dropping it would kill everyone there.

The former British PM has defended his decision to invade as he was trying to “introduce democracy”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has claimed that the US-led invasion of Iraq was more justified than Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine, despite all of his pre-war claims since being proven false. RT

He invaded Iraq for democracy? How evil can he be. Just like the evil Americans, starting wars, invading countries claiming that they were doing it for peace. No war crimes?

And, NATO bombed Libya to ‘protect civilians’ 12 years ago. This led to thousands of deaths and a country in ruins. No war crime?

Why the ICC did arrest these war criminals? Why didn't the ICC prosecute real war criminals that massacred millions of Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine but chose to go after Putin with charges that were lies and fabricated fake incidents?

The rogues and thugs in ICC have lost all moral authority to run the ICC and must be removed immediately. They are behaving like gangsters in collusion with the evil American Empire. 

Yes, Putin should put up an arrest warrant to arrest them on sight.

Bank run on America

 3 American banks failed, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic Bank, and one more coming. Not sure how many more on the way. This is only just the beginning of the collapse of American banks. Many depositors are queuing to take out their monies from American banks. The bank run on American banks is starting, slowly, not reported in the main media, but would gather speed.

To bail out each failed bank would cost the US a few hundred billion dollars. The bailout of the two failed banks is said to be about $400b. How much more money must the US print if the dominoes start to fall?

These are relatively small, yes, relatively small bank runs. The biggest bank run on America has started and would follow the same pattern, starting small but would increase in speed and the slow depositors would end up getting nothing when there is no money left to return to the depositors.

The biggest bank run of the century, the selling of US Treasuries, has begun, ...bank run on the Fed. Initially it was Russia, China  and Japan selling. Russia has practically sold everything and holding no American Treasuries. China and Japan combined have sold a more than US$700b over the last few years with the bulk in 2022. 2023 would definitely see the amount at least double.

The selling by China and Japan is manageable and with the Fed raising interest rates, this may slow down the decline. But the raising of interest rates is hurting American banks, like the Silicon Valley Bank for starters. So raising interest rates is not a solution. The banks' collapse is planned and executed but meant to collapse countries and foreign banks with the rapid hikes in interest rates. Fortunately only Sri Lanka and Pakistan were hit. And unfortunately, unplanned, American banks were hit instead. Now at least 6 American banks are facing risk of bank runs with more expecting. This move would further undermine the credibility, trustworthiness ad integrity of the American banks and banking system. This follows the weaponising of the dollar and SWIFT banking system. The Americans have engineered their own collapse and downfall.

To make matters worse, the steam roller in dedollarisation is on the run and gathering steam. This is creating a fear in the diminishing role of the US dollar and its value in international trade. Big banks have started to trim their holdings of the dollar and buying gold. The big run is sovereign states starting to dump the US dollars. And these states are not just states on the other side of the fence, but American allies like France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and many countries all over the world. The icing is Israel. Yes Israel is also dumping US dollars and in percentage terms, is the biggest seller of US Treasuries.

Israel is not your average state but the closest allies of the US. When Israel starts dumping, it is serious. The Jews are about the most intelligent people in the world, and the most careful and prudent in managing wealth and the manipulation of wealth. The Jews must have seen something big coming and are switching to Yuan to hedge their savings and reserves.

The bank run on America cannot be kept under wrap anymore. The trickle is turning into a flow and soon the dam would burst. Any country hesitating and think it is safe to hold on to US Treasuries would live to regret their decisions. Start the sell out, run first for safety. There is not much time left before the US would close the door and freeze the selling of US Treasuries in the market, just like closing the banks from a bank run.

The BRICS nations are targetting August 2023 for the roll out of an alternative international currency to compete and may even replace the dollar. The clock is ticking. Bank run on America has started!


Putin should issue warrants for the arrest of ICC officials

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden said on Friday (Mar 17) that Russian President Vladimir Putin has clearly committed war crimes and the International Criminal Court's (ICC) decision to issue an arrest warrant for him was justified.

The ICC earlier on Friday called for Putin's arrest on suspicion of unlawful deportation of children and unlawful transfer of people from Ukraine to Russia since Moscow's invasion began of its neighbour last year. The United States is not a member of the ICC.

"He's clearly committed war crimes," Biden told reporters, referring to Putin.

"Well, I think it's justified," Biden added, referring to the warrant. "But the question is - it's not recognised internationally by us either. But I think it makes a very strong point."  CNA


Russia and BRICS countries' response to this outrageous attack on Putin can be simple. Just declare the ICC as a mafia or terrorist organisation. Putin should issue arrest warrant for the senior gangsters in the ICC. All BRICS countries should arrest these gangsters on sight. Who did these gangsters think they are, and Imperial force that rules the world?

ICC has discredited itself as a terrorist organisation, letting off criminals committing war crimes like George Bush Jr, Tony Blair and many American and western leaders involved in the invasion and massacre of Iraq and Iraqis. It also turned a blind eye to the genocides committed in Ukraine by Zelensky and the neo Nazis. It also ignored the genocides of the Palestinians in their own country.

The war crimes against the Afghans and Syrians and many Middle east and African countries were totally ignored by this terrorist organisation as they did not fit into their agenda.

 Countries of the world should outlaw this terrorist organisation. Those still members to this mafia organisation must cancel their membership. It is not only a waste of time and funds being member of this terrorist organisation, it also lends legitimacy to the gangsters running this mafia secret society.

Putin should start the ball rolling, issue arrest warrants immediately on all the gangsters running the ICC.

More good news - $20 worth of health points

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Mar 3 that all Singapore residents will receive S$20 worth of health points if they enrol in the voluntary Healthier SG programme and complete their first health consultation.

Healthier SG benefits such as free health screenings and vaccinations will commence in July, with enrolment starting for residents aged 60 and above.

Minister for Health Ong Ye Kung said on Mar 3 that Singapore will build a strong population health system through Healthier SG. The concept of population health - health for everyone in a defined population - is relatively new to Singapore and Southeast Asia. How does the concept translate to action and benefits for our citizens?  CNA

Free health screenings and vaccinations in an island state that does not believe in free lunch except maybe the occasional free chicken wings must be music to the ears of the seniors. When medical services and medicine are so expensive, just like everything, getting free health screenings and free vaccinations must be most welcoming news. Just wondering what vaccines are they going to give for free? Pfizer mRNA vaccines?

And to top up the good news, got $20 worth of health points some more. How can the seniors not become healthier with such goodies? Would there be long queues for the Healthier SG programmes? It reminds me of a personal experience when I was with the Lions Club. We organised free health screenings also, but no $20 health points. No seniors came for the free screening. If only we could provide $20 health points it might make a difference.

We had to approach the seniors to cajole them to come for the free screenings. They looked at us blankly with a slight scorn in their faces. Subsequently we found out why. They said screening was free, but after screening they would end up with a list of illnesses that needed to be treated, needed medicine. And they had no money for the medicine. So they rather opt to stay away from the free screening.

With $20 health points, wondering what this is all about, perhaps it could cover the cost of buying some medicine should they be found to be ill and needed treatment. For many seniors, likely to be retired and have little or no income except a dwindling savings kept in the CPF, they have to make a big decision, to pay for food or for medicine. The little money they have is fixed and limited and paying for one means not having the other.

What do you think? Food or medicine? Heard someone said, in Singapore can die but cannot afford to be sick.


TikTok - Sore America loser playing foul

Washington is demanding that the app’s Chinese owners sell their stake, company representatives have said

FILE PHOTO. The TikTok logo is displayed outside a TikTok office in Culver City, California. © Getty Images / Mario Tama

Washington has urged TikTok’s Chinese owners to divest their stakes in the popular video app or face a potential US-wide ban, representatives of ByteDance – the company behind the platform – told various media outlets on Wednesday.

TikTok spokesperson Brooke Oberwetter told the Wall Street Journal, which first broke the story, that the Beijing-based company had received the ultimatum from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS). It’s part of the US Treasury Department and is officially tasked with overseeing national security risks in cross-border investments.

ByteDance, which was founded in Beijing in 2012, has pointed out that 60% of its shares are currently owned by global investors, 20% by employees, and 20% by its founders, who also carry outsize voting rights.  RT

The evil American Empire is showing its fangs everywhere, fighting wars, agitating for wars, sanctions, daylight robbery, inciting riots and destabilising countries, selling arms, nuclear proliferation etc etc. After losing many sectors in the tech war to China, failing to cripple Huawei, losing in the chip war, it is not giving up. Now it is going after TikTok, a very popular and easy to use software for people to express themselves in very creative ways. Again the evil Americans are waving the security threat flag to demonise TikTok where every young Americans are using it and enjoying every bit of it. No, this is not allowed. 

Other than the security threat, the evil American Administration is angry that the users are spending too much time on TikTok, but ok to spend time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc and other American software. What a load of shit!

Where is the freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom to live and play in this fake democracy but an authoritarian evil Empire, curtailing the freedom of its own people. And this curb in freedom is extended to other AngloSaxon tribe countries. Ban TikTok because the Americans are sour losers. When they can't compete, break it. This is what the evil American Empire is best at.

Are they going to stop using Chinese made cranes in their ports? Are they going to stop selling Chinese consumer goods and toys in Walmarts? Where is World Trade Organisation to stop these violations of free trade? Where are the champions of freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom to play?

More than a hundred million Americans are happily using TikTok. Are they going to take this abusive authoritarian ruling without a fight? Would they be demonstrating in the streets for their freedom, individual rights? And this is America, supposedly the home of democracy. Where is democracy, where is human rights, where is freedom?

Everything is politicised, everything is weaponised. America is now an authoritarian state, an evil Empire, not a democracy. The power of the deep state is eating up everyone and everything in America, the biggest fake democracy.

It was easy for the Americans to destroy and rob Japanese and European countries. But China is a different kettle of fish. All the lies and abuse of power would not make any difference. The more the Americans try to suppress China, China would only grow stronger.  TikTok would survive just like Huawei and gets stronger by the day. Good stuff would always be in demand and no lies can bring it down.

PS. One good thing about using TikTok is that the American govt cannot spy on you. This is actually the main reason why they want to ban it or steal/rob it from its owners.

Xi Putin coming meeting will be a game changer in the Ukraine War

President Xi's impending visit to Moscow to meet with Putin will be one important event that will be closely watched by the rest of the world. Xi's visit to Russia is sure to come up with very important geopolitical outcome for the China/Russia alliance. It could be the final nail in the coffin for the de-dollarisation move, the coup de grace against the US$ hegemony. Xi's overseas visit in the past had never been done for irrelevant matters.

China's impending supply of lethal weapons to Russia will likely be linked to USA's sale of weapons to Taiwan, which will probably be discussed between Xi and Putin. China is prepared to face USA sanctions by providing arms to Russia, a move in tandem with what the USA is providing to Taiwan. China has to tell the USA that it can also play the same game.

China knows such sanctions, if they go ahead with weapons supply to Russia, cannot be avoided, whether weapons supply to Russia is actually carried out or not, since the USA side is hyping up the possibility. The USA is going all out to target China in every conceivable way. The chips sanctions, the tech sanctions and sanctions on Chinese apps are already on after all.

The USA can extend sanctions to Chinese products, which if done, will cause inflation to skyrocket in the USA. Understandably, the raising of interest rates by the Fed had failed to tame inflation in the USA and the Fed has no more ammunition to bring down inflation without destroying the economy. Any move by way of sanctions on China will inevitably do more harm to the USA, and not just harming Chinese manufacturing. It will in effect be more damaging on the USA than all the sanctions on Russia, which by the way only harmed Europe more than the USA.


Asean in the eyes of the West - Pathetic and shallow


Photo cropped from an article by Ravi Velloor in the ST on 23 Feb 23. The caricature depicting Asean as a bunch of mindless men behaving like hungry third world kids is quite demeaning and condescending. Is Asean really that hungry and silly to rush for a hamburger offered by the Americans, like the $150m pittance, and fighting for it in glee?

Velloor's article in a way repeats the western narrative and wishful thinking that China is now in decline and the USA is back in favour. This kind of American propaganda trying to deceive the world that the failing American Empire is winning the war to remain as the number one hegemon is common in all American and western media, as well as the media of American crony states. 

Is America really winning the war of dominance? Is China really losing it because of a few sanctions and the chip and technology war? Just because of 3 years of Covid lockdown, self imposed by China, would this change the fate of China's rise? Don't dismiss the fact that China is now the number one trading partner of more than 120 countries in the world and now with the opening up, ex Covid, the Chinese factories are going to run full steam ahead while the Americans are sucked in the self destructive war in Ukraine, with its factories ramping more bullets and killer machine.

And not to forget, Asean is not the silly children of yesteryears that would run after a white tourist throwing sweets at them. Asean is now an economic power in its own right and does not need little pieces of crumbs to get by. As long as the region and the world at large remains peaceful, leaving aside the war in Europe, Asean's economies would do well without needing charity from the Americans.

The only way for the Americans to squeeze and control Asean is to blackmail Asean leaders on some indiscretion to do their bidding. This can only happen to one or two Asean leaders but not all the Asean leaders. The only thing the Americans can offer to Asean is war and military hardware that Asean did not want. 

Poor Marcos is now in a very difficult position and being dragged into the anti China camp by the Americans, just a few days after he became the President. What did the Americans have on him that led to this volte face in his foreign polices vis a vis China and the USA?

Which other Asean leader is going to be the next Marcos Jr to be arm twisted by the Americans to go against China?

Indonesia and Malaysia not happy with nuclear subs in the region? But some Asean members are very happy.  Perhaps Indonesia and Malaysia should join the party and ask the Americans to sell nuclear subs to them also. Caveat, the answer likely to be no even if both would want to be subsets of AUKUS, because they are not whites but Muslim states.

America turning Australia into another nuclear armed Israel in the region

If the intention is not to eventually turn those nuclear powered submarines into nuclear armed submarines, it will be stupid to believe that AUKUS had to be created to go all out to antagonise the French, by even cancelling their submarine deal, and ruffling the feathers of Indonesia and Malaysia, which to the USA will just be collateral damage. With Australia holding all the cards and given the emperor's edit to rule this region, other ASEAN countries will just be turned into countries of peripheral importance to the USA.

They have to generate the China threat to support the need to proliferate the nuclear threat discreetly, by playing the China card to justify the nuclearisation of Australia. This may lead to Australia being given nuclear missiles eventually to confront China, using the same tactic they attempted in Ukraine. Theoratically, what threat is China posing to Australia, being more than 4,600 miles away. It is not even within the South China Sea regional zone of dispute. The USA/UK's main intention is to cultivate Australia as their officially deputised sheriff in Asia, step by step.

And why openly supplying nuclear powered submarines for Australia, and not Japan. South Korea or the Philippines, countries which will be much closer and more suitable to threaten China with nuclear submarines? The Anglo Saxon Whites never trust the Japs, South Koreans, Pinoys or coloured people, or trust them enough to supply them with nuclear submarines. The USA and UK only trust their own Anglo Saxon Whites, countries willingly allowing themselves to be sacrificed with their undying support just to uphold the US hegemony, or White Supremacy. Losing that hegemony is not in their common interest, even if they have to go back to the stone age.


The Americans missed the boat in containing China's rise

India made a wrong and silly move, by broadcasting its superpower intentions too early. Even Germany and Japan, not having announced any semblance of their superpower intentions, but just competing too well on economic grounds, were taken down by the USA from competing with them. All done without a whimper by Germany and Japan, obediently and under the thumb of the USA.

China is choosing to differ in bowing to the USA. China and Russia is providing a challenge to the USA for the rest of world to follow, making China as a pure competitor to challenge the USA that John Joseph Mearsheimer is talking about.

China kept its intention close to its chest for probably three decades, without resorting to loud announcements, and content to bid for time with just upgrading its military defence capabilities, lifting the bulk of its population out of poverty in the interim, enhancing its manufacturing capabilities to compete successfully globally, investing and improving its domestic infrastructure, expanding its soft power across all of Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia successfully with its BRI projects and infrastructure developments overseas.

China used the decades well and fruitfully, instead of opting for confrontation and wasting its resources. The trade surpluses with the USA had been well recycled to the chagrin of the USA. It mitigated the importance of the IMF and World Bank.

Even then, the USA, after taking its eyes away from China towards the Middle East and its preooccupation with terrorism, soon realised, knew and feared belatedly what China is doing and became nervous and paranoid when China overtook them in GDP (PPP) and also closing in fast on its nominal GDP as well. Even cutting off China from many technologies and researh over many fields failed to stop China's progress. And so the demonisation, hyping up of threats to instil fear in countries around China, forming alliances to contain China in technology, possibly the only one area still left for them to exploit to keep China down.

But the rise of BRICS is posing yet another big problem for the USA going forward. This is too big and wide a grouping to contain and kept down. And BRICS is growing, with lately, even Mexico touted as a super economy, joining. They can try to ignore the BRICS threat as overblown at their own peril, just like the China rising from the ashes to become a geo-political hot potato blowing up in their face of the USA.

BRICS will carry the de-dollaristion move to another level. That is basically the movement that will be the straw to break the camel's back in de-dollarisation if it succeeds, and it must not fail, in order to provide the world with an alternative to the US$ hegemony and the SWIFT control.



Good news - Singapore learning from India

 Two nations to work together to fuel skills development. This piece of news is perhaps the most important news of the day, or the year, but hidden in page 8. It should be front page news. India is the rising star in the world stage, slated to be the next super power, oops, the number one super power in the world. And Singapore has been drifting aimlessly and many are saying, sliding into the Third World. There are many obvious things that Singapore can learn from India. The most important thing is education.

Singapore, despite the bragging right of having two of the world's top universities, is failing in producing the kind of talents that India is producing. Top CEOs, bankers, IT experts, doctors, professors etc etc, are the pride of India. Indian universities are producing them like a well machine production line, to be employed in the biggest companies all over the world, including in Singapore. Without these Indian talents, American and western MNCs would be in trouble. Singapore's DBS would not be what it is today, including many other big companies and GLCs, if Singapore did not bring in the Indian talents.

The dearth of talents in this talentless island speaks for itself. Something is drastically wrong in Singapore's education system that is not producing the top talents that it needs. The best that Singapore is producing now could be taxi and Grab drivers, highly talented and armed with degrees and diplomas, the best taxi and Grab drivers in the world.

Now that Singapore has discovered its weaknesses and willing to learn from India, Singapore can go ahead and import all the top talents from India, bankers, CEOs, IT experts, doctors and professors. The last is the most important. Singapore should import many more Indian professors to fill its two top universities so that they can also produce the same kind of top Indian talents Singapore needs, and also for the world. With the universities filled with Indian professors and producing the kind of graduates that are as good as Indian universities, maybe then Singapore needs not have to import Indian talents anymore. Indian professors would also be considered as foreign academics, so would also boost up the rankings of the universities.

Indian talents are proven world wide. Indian unversities are proven worldwide for producing excellent talents, despite the biased western grading systems that put them at the bottom of the ladder. And India is the next number one super power. It has already starting to over China in many fields, in space technology, IT, ICBMs, aircraft carriers, mobile phones, EVs, pharmaceuticals. India's aircraft carrier Vikrant is better than Chinese aircraft carriers. India's fighter aircraft Rafaeles are better than China's J20s. India is the world's number one democracy, it is going to be the world's most populous nation, overtaking China. 

All these are facts from Indian media, double checked and verified.  With all these achievements and accolades, India is the real stuff. No bluff.

Singapore would soon be able to return to its past glories as the most productive and progressive nation state with the help of India, and be as great as India. India is the ray of hope for Singapore. Instead of looking east or west, Singapore is looking to India. A very brilliant choice to bet on a dark horse. When you know that you have lost it, running out of ideas, India is the way to go. India would make Singapore great again.

American evil plots and lies for war

Now, how different is this threat about destroying TSMC, from what Biden tried to say about taking out the Nord Stream pipelines, convincingly insisting that he had a way somehow. And he did it, still denying though, and even blaming an unknown perpetrator.

There is nothing that the 'International Terrorist' would not do, when it comes to sabotage, subterfuge, instigation, assassination and destruction, which they are the masters. Look at the way they are now spinning their way out of the Nord Stream attack, by dragging in more and more scenarios to muddy the waters.

Just look back at the John F. Kennedy assassination and all the questions that never will get answered, with the death of Jack Ruby. Just look at the 911 attacks that brought down the twin towers, with all evidence that were instrumental in proving how the steel structure of the two towers could melt so readily under such low temperature. All evidence were totally swept clean almost immediately, and the fabricated circumstances that prevented the taking down of the hijackers of those planes also getting a good spin that muddied the waters even more. Just look at the Jeffrey Epstein case involving rich and high level people that resulted in his 'necessar' suicide in prison, with cameras not working at the right place and the right time. How conveniently it was all set up to happen.

Now they are selling the narrative that those nuclear powered submarines for Australia will not be armed with nuclear missiles and that the IAEA will see to it that it does not happen. You can believe in the IAEA at your own peril. The IAEA is basically to watch Iran's and other unfriendly non Western countries nuclear weapon development, and definitely not in its interest to monitor whether eventually nuclear missiles will be on board those nuclear powered submarines. AUKUS will wriggle its way around this problem for sure. What did the IAEA do when Trump unilaterally put away nuclear treaties with the Russians?

China knows how the USA and the Western powers work their way around. It is the same modus operandi they used to set up military bases on other country's soil. It is also the same way they tried their stunt in Ukraine, promising Gorbachev that Nato would not expand an inch eastward. When Nato tried to include Ukraine into their expansion towards the Russian border, that is the 'Red Line' that Russia is not allowing. The USA via Nato was trying to place nuclear missiles in Ukraine to target Moscow. Nothing more, nothing less.

To have a foothold in any country, the USA will first generate a threat, then turned angelic by going in on the pretext of protecting the country with military assistance, that will eventually lead to their permanent stay, that will eventually lead to their insisting for a military base set up for them.

China knows that eventually, those nuclear powered submarines for Australia will be turned into nuclear armed submarines. This is the USA's and the West way of working their evil plot around not so innocent alliances, like their funded NGOs. The USA and UK are trying to station nuclear weapons in this part of Asia, and countries around the region better wake up. Whether that has already been done in Japan is not clear cut but highly suspected. It is not in Asian countries interest, but unwittingly they have been used as pawns for an ulterior motive through the setting up of AUKUS.



US planning to bomb Taiwan

Washington is so determined to prevent China from seizing control of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry that it would destroy the chip factories in the event of an “invasion” by Beijing’s forces, former US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said on Monday.

“The United States and its allies are never going to let those factories fall into Chinese hands,” O’Brien told the online media outlet Semafor. Allowing China to capture the plants would make the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “like the new OPEC of silicon chips,” enabling it to “control the world economy,” he added.  RT

Would the Taiwan Chinese wake up? They are just expendable pawns of the Americans and being used as the war zone for conflict with China just like Ukraine. Taiwan would be blasted to pieces by the Americans first before the Chinese fire a first shot.

The lives of the Taiwan Chinese are expendable, just like the Ukrainians. Wake up and remove the traitors and reunite with the motherland for your own good and safety. The war path charted by the traitors would be the destruction of Taiwan and killing millions of Taiwan Chinese. 

Stop it now before it is too late. What the traitors are plotting for Taiwan is assured destruction.

Britain must repay all the war and blood debt owed to China

SAN DIEGO: Britain cast China as representing an "epoch-defining challenge" to the world order, in an update to its foreign policy framework published on Monday (Mar 13) which declared that the UK's security hinged on the outcome of the Ukraine war.

In the refresh of Britain's blueprint for security and international policy, the government warned of China’s deepening partnership with Russia, and Moscow’s growing cooperation with Iran following the invasion of Ukraine.  Reuter

This silly little island state still thinks it is living in its glorious past and can bully China. The two Opium Wars and war reparation for the wars, for invading China, seizing Hong Kong, etc etc must be repaid one day. Just as Britain was the key perpetrator in bankrupting China, China would demand full payment for all the war debt to bankrupt Britain when the time is ripe. 

When China does so, the rest of the ex British colonies would join the bandwagon and tear Britain to pieces. There will be no Britain left as every part of the island would be dismembered and shared by the ex colonies.

Still want to talk big and acting like a fighting cock when it could not even find an Englishman that is good enough to run the island state and need an Indian to help to run it like an Indian colony. What has England got today to be behaving like a gangster? One hypersonic bomb from Russia would vanish the island for good.

The war and blood debt to China, and debt for colonising the nations around the world would not be forgotten. There is no free lunch. All debt must be repaid, with interests.

Good riddance.

Rise of the forces of goodness, decline of the forces of evil

It is comforting to note that Xi is aware of the need to further upgrade China's military and defence capabilities, even though China is now well positioned to deal with external threats. In his speech a while ago, Xi wants China to become a 'Wall of Steel' against external threats to its security. For him to say it out, openly now, means China is already well advanced in such plans to erect that 'Wall of Steel'.

Xi is also well aware that everyday, new alliances on anything under the sun are being forged by external forces, all with the same horseshit of containing China, as if China had been posing such a threat and is extending its military reach into other country's territory or that China has created wars against others. Nothing of the sort is evident, and in fact China is doing just the reverse by brokering the Iran and Saudi Arabia peace deal.

Xi will be visiting Putin next and is expected to have a video conference with Zelenskyy immediately after that, possibly to forge another peace deal, and that is making the USA and Nato terribly nervous and petrified. Of course the USA and Nato will demonise the move in ways they are best at, to prevent China pulling off yet another deal of global significance.

And yet the White Curse has found it necessary to continue to sell their warmongering ideology by rallying allies to confront China. The Africans already knew the agenda of the USA and the West, which is why they loath meeting Western leaders visiting Africa, and wanting only to talk about China's threats and debt traps. What they see is not what they hear from the West about China's intention in Africa.

The real reason for all the animosity created by the USA is that the USA and Western countries are fearful of China overtaking the USA and putting an end to the US hegemony with de-dollarisation. Putting down China by erecting hurdles and sanctions against China is to ensure that no one else can rise to compete with the USA, so that it can remain on top forever.

The USA can force down other countries like Japan and Germany from rising, snuffing out Iraq and Libya with its military power. China and Russia are not that easy preys and they had to rally and use proxies to carry out their evil plans. Russia alone has shown its resilience in the face of so many enemies coming together just to take it down. China is not going to be an easier target than Russia and its people are more united and patriotic than during the Opium War years.

Now again resorting to use saber rattling by gloating over the nuclear submarine deal with Australia, presumably to scare China. And Finland is trying to frighten Putin by its posturing to send fighter jets to Ukraine. Not now, as I understand, but by 2025. 2025? Will Ukraine still be there?

As I said, since the USA and the West is proliferating nuclear weapons by selling nuclear submarines to Australia, I think it is time for Russia and China to do the same by selling nuclear subs to Iran to protect its interest in the Persian Gulf. China and Russia can also play the same game, right? Last but not least, North Korea has succeeded in firing nuclear capable missiles from submarines. That is something to ponder about for Japan and South Korea.



Failing of the evil American Empire

WASHINGTON: Two US senators plan to introduce legislation this week aimed at letting the government "ban or prohibit" foreign technology products such as Chinese-owned TikTok, Senator Mark Warner said on Sunday (Mar 5).

Warner, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said TikTok would be "one of the potentials" for review under the bill. The Democratic senator made the comments on Fox News Sunday.  CNA

No ability to reply, no ability to compete, so the convenient is to ban and raise barriers, close down the economy.  This is the real evil American Empire. They had it so good for so long, bullying, oppressing, suppressing, destroying competitors by sheer force and coercion. And they claim to be democratic, freedom to do anything, only for themselves. The rest of the world must not be allowed to be better than the Americans in any way and must be controlled and suppressed. How many countries are still blind and still looking at the evil Americans as the good guys, the policemen of the world, maintaining peace and order, for the good of the world? Wake up, stupid. It is all about American dominance and hegemony. They would only throw you the crumps. And if you are a small little country, useful to them, they would throw you a chicken wing as you are no threat to them but a very useful stooge.

'The Pentagon sees the giant Chinese-made cranes operating at US ports, including several shipping hubs used by the military, as a potential “Trojan horse” that China could use to gather intelligence on materiel being moved in and out of the country, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.'  RT

The Americans are losing to China in every field that they once dominated, from AI, 5G, high speed train, space technology, quantum technology, EVs, car batteries, ship building, weapons, fighter aircraft, civilian aircraft, satellite and space technology, drones, ICBMs, anti ship missiles, hypersonic missiles, manufacturing of essential goods, even in chips except for a few chips like 3 nano and below. Even these would not last long as China would have their own in a year or two.

The Americans are desperate. They have no answers and unable to compete. The only they know is to sanction, to block, to put up obstacles, but all would be in vain. The American Empire is like the last days of the Qing Dynasty, losing its dynamism, losing its supremacy in science and technology.

The fear of being over taken have turned the Americans into paranoids, going hysterical in everything. This is worst than the witch hunt of McCarthism. From innocent civilian balloons to cranes in ports, from mobile phones to TikTok, everything is dangerous to them, everything is spying on them. Soon the Americans would all be hiding under the beds, afraid to leave their homes, afraid to travel. They would even be afraid of shadows.

This is how bad the Americans have become, losing confidence of themselves, all because of their silly and stupid politicians spreading fear to frighten them. Their useless politicians, mostly legal trained, not trained in maths, science and engineering, do not know what the hell is going on in the world. They only know how to use their mouth to bull shit and lie to the Americans and to the rest of the world. They have no answers to Make America Great Again except to go back to the savage ways, to kill others in wars.

The Americans are no longer in the forefront of science and technology, but drifting and drifting further and further behind China and Europe. Their stupid leaders, basically empty heads but with big mouths, would lie and lie, and can only fall back on their military weapons to want to dominate the world. The only thing the Americans are still good at is making Apple iPhones and nothing else. China is over taking them in everything in every field, except in wars, invasion and massacres of innocent people all over the world.

The American Empire is doomed. There is no coming back, The decline and fall of the American Empire is inevitable.  Resistance is futile.  No amount of lies can save the American Empire. The weaponisationof the dollar and financial system is the last straw, the final straw to grasp on. But the straw is breaking. It is game over.

Good riddance to evilness.

The price for calling Saudi Arabia a pariah state

What the pandemic and the Ukraine crisis have brought to the surface is the latent geopolitical reality that the Global South rejects the policies of neo-mercantalism pursued by the West in the garb of ‘liberal internationalism.’

The West is pursuing a hierarchical international order. None other than the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell blurted this out in an unguarded moment recently with a touch of racist overtone when he said from a public platform that ‘Europe Is a garden. The rest of the world Is a jungle, and the jungle could Invade the garden.’

Tomorrow, China could as well be challenging the US hegemony over the Western Hemisphere. The recent paper by the Chinese Foreign Ministry titled ‘US Hegemony and Its Perils’ tells us that Beijing will no longer be on the defensive.

Meanwhile, a realignment of forces on the world stage is taking place with China and Russia on one side and the US on the other. Doesn’t it convey a big message that on the very eve of the historic announcement in Beijing on Friday, the Saudi Arabian foreign minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud landed suddenly in Moscow on a ‘working visit’ and went into a huddle with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who was visibly delighted? (here, here and here )

Of course, we will never know what role Moscow would have played behind the scenes in coordination with Beijing to build bridges between Riyadh and Tehran. All we know that Russia and China actively coordinate their foreign policy moves. Interestingly, on March 6, President Putin had a telephone conversation with Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi.

To be sure, the geopolitics of West Asia will never be the same again. Realistically, the first sparrow of spring has appeared but the ice was melted for only three or four rods from the shore. Nonetheless, the sun’s rays give hope, signalling warmer days to come.

Conceivably, Riyadh won’t have any truck further with the diabolical plots hatched in Washington and Tel Aviv to resuscitate an anti-Iran alliance in West Asia. Nor is it in the realms of possibility that Saudi Arabia will be party to any US-Israeli attacks on Iran.

This badly isolates Israel in the region and renders the US toothless. In substantive terms, it scatters the Biden administration’s feverish efforts lately to cajole Riyadh to join Abraham Accords.

However, significantly, a commentary in Global Times noted somewhat audaciously that the Saudi-Iranian deal “set a positive example for other regional hotspot issues, such as the easing and settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And in the future, China could play an important role in building a bridge for countries to solve long-standing thorny issues in the Middle East just as what it did this time.”

Indeed, the joint communique issued in Beijing says, “The three countries [Saudi Arabia, Iran and China] expressed their kenenness to exert all efforts towards enhancing regional and international peace and security.” Can China pull a rabbit out of the hat? Time will tell.

For the present, though, the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement will certainly have positive fallouts on the efforts toward a negotiated settlement in Yemen and Syria as well as on the political instability in Lebanon.

Besides, the joint communique emphasises that Saudi Arabia and Iran intend to revive the 1998 General Agreement for Cooperation in the Fields of Economy, Trade, Investment, Technology, Science, Culture, Sports, and Youth. All in all, the Biden administration’s maximum pressure strategy toward Iran has crashed and the West’s sanctions against Iran are being rendered ineffectual. The US’ policy options on Iran have shrunk. Put differently, Iran gains strategic depth to negotiate with the US.

The cutting edge of the US sanctions lies in the restrictions on Iran’s oil trade and access to western banks. It is entirely conceivable that a backlash is about to begin as Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia — three top oil/gas producing countries start accelerating their search for payment mechanisms bypassing the American dollar.


The rest of the world turning against white hegemony

That is another slap on the face of the West. In Anchorage, Alaska, Senior Chinese diplomat, Yang Jiechi was reported to have used Mandarin in his retort against Blinken of the USA and he refused to debate in English. Not that Yang Jiechi does not speak or understand English. Even though Yang had his earlier education in China, he later pursued further education at the University of Bath and London School of Economics. He also served as Chinese Ambassador to the USA for several years. Can he not understand and speak English? What do you think and why he refused to speak in English? Days of outright dictating by the USA are over.

When China invited countries to participate in space research after successfully launching its Tiangong Space Station, the USA unashamedly applied. Knowing that it will most likely be rejected, it tried to instigate and demonise China by insisting that China must provide only English signage on the Tiangong Space Station and use English instead of Chinese instruction manuals. It even said that China's Tiangong Space Station must meet its standard in order for the USA to participate.

China categorically told the USA off by pointing out that the USA had nothing of value to add to the research and rejected the USA application. Most of the countries that applied and who were accepted, are now putting their astronauts through a language immersion course in Mandarin to familarise themselves with the language. As I said earlier, the days of USA blatant dictating is now over. China does not recognise the USA's 'Rules Based Order' rubbish.

China must continue to take such a stand and insist on its application in every aspect. What is good for the country must never be hijacked by others out to destroy its culture and heritage.



White Peril is an existential threat to the rest of the world

Mahbubani also talked about the “emotional force” that is driving the geopolitical rivalry, notably how the West harbours a “fear of the yellow peril”, referring to the metaphor that depicts the Asian world as an existential danger to the West.   mothership.sg

The yellow peril was a white men's creation to smear China, to frighten themselves and extended this to frighten the rest of the coloured people of the world. After decades of oppression in China, after invading and bankrupting China from plundering and looting and cutting up China into pieces, the white men turned around to fabricate the weakened and impoverished Chinaman as the yellow peril, a threat to their existence. They created a whole series of lies and caricatures, cartoons, comics, movies, slangs etc etc to demonise the Chinese as evil and subhumans when the white men were the real wicked devils that destroyed China and the Chinese people as a Civilisation.

The white men not only destroyed and massacred the Chinese, they massacred and genocided practically every country and people across the world in the tens and hundreds of millions, the native Americans in North and South America, Africans, Arabs and Muslims, the Indians and Pakistanis, Burmese, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Malays, Indonesians, Pinoys, the aborigines in Australia and New Zealanders and the Pacific islanders.

They are the real devils, the white savages that killed in the hundreds of millions of coloured people and took over their land and resources.

How can China be an existential threat to the white men when China has never invaded or conducted war in Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand? China has nerver killed a white man in wars except in defending North Korea and China during the Korean War when hundreds of thousands of Chinese were killed by the Americans and allied forces.

This vicious myth of the yellow peril is nothing but a lie compares to the real White Peril that had massacred and genocided the rest of the world and planning to do it again. The White Peril is the real existential threat not only to the Chinese but to the rest of the coloured people of the world.

The lie of the yellow peril is a vicious white men's lie to divide the world, to demonise China as the bad guy and the white devils and savages as the good guy, afraid of China attacking them. The white men's mischievous narrative must be debunked and put right for the good of the rest of the world.

The White Peril must be stopped before it starts another massacre and genocide of the coloured people of the world. This is a real existential threat. No bullshit.

China as a world mediator for peace. No need fake Nobel Peace Prize for warmongers

The Iran/Saudi Arabia deal, brokered by the Chinese is a very humilating setback for the USA. It shows that China is now more well regarded and recognised as the power that is overshadowing the USA's influence in the Middle East. For several decades the USA held sway over the Middle East, but instead of calling for peace, had been instigating conflicts between these two for decades.

Let us hope the Evil Empire does not sabotage the peace deal with a false flag. They are famous for doing that, and the whole world knows they are capable of carrying that out. Such sabotage may not be immediate, but will be discreetly planned and executed, like the Nord Stream pipeline attack. Some claimed that the bombs on the Nord Stream pipelines were already in place in mid 2022 and set off in September 2022.

They now have to plan if they intend to sabotage the Iran/Saudi Arabia peace deal, first finding a loophole to escape direct involvement and a scapegoat to take the blame. Israel comes to mind as it is already throwing disdain and unhappiness over the deal and had been posturing to blow up the Iranian nuclear facilities for years.

It is now up to Iran and Saudi Arabia to trust each other and not be suckered into believing any inpending attack as one side trying to destroy the other despite the peace deal. It is difficult to avoid that no doubt, when terrorist are planning an attack on the sly.