Australia – Attack not terror related

This was the headline of the ramming of pedestrians in a crowd in Melbourne and with subtitles, “People were flying everywhere. We heard ‘thump, thump’. People were running everywhere.”
And the assailant was a 32 year old Australian of Afghan descent. This guy has a string of minor offences, maybe a bit mad, so not terror related. Altogether 19 people were hurt and 4 seriously.

The Australians can continue to hide under a state of denial, not terrorism, so ok. They can pretend that this is just an accident. And they can go on believing in their self delusion. No these foreigners are not there to kill the Australians. This is just a natural reverse order, that the Asians are coming back, to take on the white men, the Europeans that conquered, colonized, robbed and looted their countries, killing many of their people. Now they are coming back for the white Europeans, to inflict into them the same pain and terror their forefathers suffered under the hands of the forefathers of these Europeans. They are coming back to take back what belongs to the Asians and Africans.

This development has been going on for decades in Europe and the USA. The Afro Asians are going to breed themselves to replace the non breeding Europeans not just in Australia, but in their homeland in Europe and the stolen land from the native Americans. With the dwindling European populations and the propensity the Afro Asians are multiplying themselves, the European as a civilization would go extinct in a matter of a century or so.

The Afghans in Australia are not terrorists. They are there just to reclaim land robbed and stolen by the Europeans from the natives outside Europe. Since the days the white convicts were dumped into this piece of land, they have been arrogating themselves as the overlord of the natives, bullying them and stealing their lands.

The white Australians did not stop there. They have been bullying their neighbours, the Indonesians, the Papua New Guineans, the Timorese and the natives of Pacific Islands. They were also part of the American Empire, terrorising every country in the world, including China.

Is was lunacy for Turnbull to tell China that Australians have stood up, in particular to China when the fact is that since they were dumped into this region, they were strutting around like a cock, no matter that they were convicts and descendants of convicts. They had never been lying down, they were screwing everyone with their cock standing.

China bullying the little Sheriff of SE Asia? When did that happen? Just because now they could not have their ways, they are accusing China of bullying them. The Australians should not worry about being bullied. Once the non whites become a majority, they are going to make the white Australians kneel and bend to their demands for a fair and more equitable share of the stolen land and its wealth. And if the white Australians think of resisting they would be driven back to Europe. And the shock awaiting them is that Europe is also taken over by the Africans and Arabs.

Your days are numbered, mate. 50 years at the most, and the land would be returned to rightful owners. Your arrogance and pomposity are going to be a fleeting past, history. There will be no more white Australia just like there is no more white South Africa, no more white America, no more white Europe.


Next PM, a succession plan that was not there

The statestimesreview has posted an article on Inderjit’s comment about Hsien Loong’s succession plan, and that is too late and too little. Here are a few paragraphs of the post,

Former PAP MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC Inderjit Singh yesterday (Dec 26) criticised Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for dilly dallying on his decision for a successor, saying that it is already too late to choose one now. The ex-PAP member said the successor should have at least 10 years of experience as a Deputy Prime Minister as preparation before taking up the PM role, like as was the case for Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong:

“The next PM should ideally have served for two terms as a deputy and be given the exposure and responsibility on major policies before he or she can confidently take on the job. The future Prime Minister should have started taking key duties by now… It is already too late.”….

Former PAP NMP Eugene Tan told state media Today that he is worried that the new PAP administration have no time to be ready for governance:

“For a government that has always emphasised renewal and succession, this raises legitimate questions about the readiness of the fourth generation leadership, if not about the much vaunted process. By the time PM Lee steps down, he (could) be the oldest of our Prime Ministers.”

There are currently two front runners for the PM race – former army general Minister Chan Chun Sing and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat. The army general however lack etiquette and depth to lead due to his numerous gaffes. Minister Heng Swee Keat may be more thoughtful and measured his words and actions, but his health was a major concern after he suffered a stroke during a Cabinet meeting in 2016. …’

My question, is there really a plan? PAP always bragged about its meticulous planning and thought processes, to be proactive, to plan ahead, and the succession plan cannot be an exception.
Taking Inderjit’s thinking, a typical PAP mindset that foretold of a dynastic thinking behind everything, that a political party is so entrenched that it has taken for granted that all the future PMs will be from the PAP, and PAP would forever be in power.  With these assumptions, a PM must undergo 10 year apprenticeship to be fit to be a PM, to have time to learn the ropes on how to do the job of a PM. Without this training no one is fit to be a PM. This is typical ruling party hogwash.
How many PMs or Presidents in the world have such a privilege and opportunity to undergo 10 years or more of apprenticeship? And how did they perform for those that went through formal apprenticeship scheme and those that did not? Were those that had gone through political apprenticeship performed better than those without?
According to this PAP mantra, the one with apprenticeship scheme must be performing very well against those that did not. So opposition parties that won an election would be bound to fail as they would not have the chance for apprenticeship scheme, not just to be PM, but also as ministers and MPs.
Given that this is a serious premise to start with, why are the two potential PM material not acting PMs like Chok Tong and Hsien Loong to prepare them for the job? Why were the two DPMs appointed when they are not going to be the next PM and having the privilege of acting as PMs, ie learning the ropes?
Is this not queer? If there is a succession plan, it has to be put in place at least 5 years ago, with the crowned prince appointed and going through his apprenticeship. Who is the next crown prince and undergoing apprenticeship training? None? If this is the answer, where is the succession plan? It is one thing to put it into motion and another to talk about it without implementing it.
If Chan Chun Sing and Heng Swee Kiat are the successors and be put to take on heavier responsibilities, then the two DPMs would have nothing to do. How can, paying two multi million dollar DPMs for doing nothing?
The other reality or truth, many heads of govt around the world did not have the privilege of an apprenticeship scheme and are doing fine, very fine, excellent in their jobs. How much value should one put into such a political apprenticeship scheme except for princes of kingdoms and sons of dictatorship?
An apprenticeship scheme is not the prerequisite to become a PM or to become a good PM. A dud will never learn or will not learn anything good. Political leadership often is not nurtured but a product of history, a leader of the time thrown out by society and circumstances to deal with the issues of state and people’s livelihood. A leader in most circumstances is born and made by the events of the time, by history, a calling. A textbook leader is just what it is, a textbook leader.


Is Singapore a state of the USA?

The media has reported widely about the corruption case involving Keppel O&M and a Brazilian company. And somehow the US Justice Dept is the authority on this case as if it has jurisdiction over Keppel O&M operating in Brazil or jurisdiction over commercial crimes in Brazil. Below are some details of the case posted by Kenneth Jeyaretnam in TRE.

‘Quietly over Christmas the US Justice Department announced that it had reached a deferred prosecution agreement with Keppel Offshore and Marine. Under the agreement Keppel O & M, a unit of Keppel Corp, will pay $422 million to resolve charges that it paid $55 million in bribes to Brazilian politicians to win business from the state oil company Petrobras, an offence under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

According to the WSJ, “Keppel admitted in court documents that it paid about $55 million in bribes to officials at Brazilian state-owned oil company Petróleo Brasileiro and the then-governing party in Brazil from 2001 to 2014 to win 13 contracts with Petrobras, as the company is also known, and another company. It paid the bribes through outsize commissions to an intermediary, who in turn made payments to the officials and the political party, prosecutors said.”’

Keppel O&M committed an offence under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? OK, one of the parties involved in the corruption is a US citizen. This person could be charged under US law. Does this mean that Keppel O&M, a Singaporean company operating, maybe registered in Brazil would also come under an American Law, governed by an American Law? How could this be? How could this happen? Is Singapore or Brazil a subject member of the American Empire that an American Law can be applied over them?

I can’t believe this. This is just like the Americans legislating a law to conduct relations with Taiwan and telling China to obey and respect this American Law. Like that the Americans can fabricate all kinds of laws to govern all the countries in the world.

Can other countries also legislate laws to govern citizens and organisations of other countries including American citizens and corporations? Can China, Russia or Singapore come out with their own Foreign corrupt Practices Act to apply to everyone, including Americans?

If the crime of Keppel O&M were committed in US territory, there is no question about US jurisdiction. This offence was committed in Brazil, why would Keppel O&M subject itself to American laws and sheepishly and willingly admit to the crime, accept the fines of an American court?

I don’t see why Keppel O&M should submit itself to American jurisdiction, to be judged by the American courts, with no objection, no protest as if this is a right and normal thing to do, and so happy about it. Are Singaporeans subjects of the American Empire?

The American Empire rules! Singapore has to accept the rule of the American Empire? Singapore and Brazil are sovereign states, not states within the USA.


Khaw Boon Wan acting PM

Khaw Boon Wan was appointed acting PM while Hsien Loong was on leave. He assumed the position for one week while Teo Chee Hean stood in for the other week. Tharman was not mentioned or appointed as the acting PM while being the second DPM like Chee Hean.

This move has caused an uproar in the social media speculating that Tharman was by passed. One even said in the TRE that this is a signal to Tharman that he was not going to be the next PM. I disagree. I think it was very likely that Tharman was also on leave during the same period as Hsien Loong. So it was a non issue at all.

Even if my reading is not right, it does not matter to Tharman as he has made it clear many times, that he is not interested in being the PM and not the right man for the job. He has vehemently denied that he wanted the job.

So what is all this noise about, except for nothing. It is not what the social media think who is best suited to be the PM. It is not what I think who is the best person to be the PM. It is not what Cheng Bock thinks who is the best man for the PM.

Though the situation is such that Tharman appears to be the best man for the PM job, he is not interested. Period. What if the inner circle of the PAP thinks that he is the right man and voted for him to be the PM? This would be tricky. Would Tharman then reluctantly accept his fate, as the chosen one, as the reluctant PM of Singapore?

For the time being, this so called message to Tharman is just pure hogwash. The most probable reason as I said, was that Tharman was on leave. There is no reason to read more to it than just a matter of coincidence. Nah, it is not a matter of a confluence of events. Hsien Loong would not do such a darn thing to Tharman. Singapore is a democracy and the people choose the PM. Oops, sorry, the people do not choose the PM. Only the inner circle of the PAP chooses and decides who should be the PM of Singapore.


Singaporeans alternative career opportunities

It used to be getting a degree and finding a cosy executive or professional jobs as the career choice. In the early years of our independence, getting a degree would mean a relatively comfortable life afterwards. The pursuit of education was then the right path to a better future, to own the 5Cs. Parents poured in thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, for their children to get that much coveted degree.

While the cost of education has risen to a point when the returns, financially, for the money spent becomes a diminishing return as in economic theory, this did not deter the parents from their hopes of a better life for their children. Why spent so much just to earn so little in a part time job, in contract job, or in driving Uber or Grab taxis? It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Ministers have chipped in to say a degree cannot be eaten and some even say a degree is not necessary. The young are encouraged to take on skilled jobs, like crane drivers and hawkers. The cosy jobs should go to the foreign talents from the third world armed with fictitious or fake degrees or fake work experience. These are the talents that are deserving of the cosy jobs that Singaporeans are no longer fit to be employed, even if they get their degrees from the two native world class universities. Don’t laugh, when a country is run by silly people this is the end result.

The new graduates and undergraduates understood the new realities and the advices by the ministers. They no longer expect to be employed in the cosy jobs they once longed for. They know that they are not good enough and these jobs are reserved for foreign ‘talents’. There is an article in Channel News Asia highlighting the latest choice of our young undergraduates doing interns, as hawker assistants.

Here is the report, ‘The 'hawker interns' selling prawn mee: Choosing the hawker life over the tried and tested route

Joanne Heng and Chan Kheng Yee were about to graduate from university, and were looking for a full-time job. But a "random" job ad online set them on the path to hawker life.’

The young Singaporeans, the generation XYZ are practical people, just like their parents and grandparents. They are not choosy about the jobs they are doing, as long as there is a job. Now who are the silly guys that said Singaporeans are choosy and difficult to please when jobs are concerned? And these young people are also just as obedient (read dumb) as their parents, and would listen to the wise govt on their career choices and life style. They understood that a degree cannot be eaten. A skilled is more important to get a job. So more and more will be turning to become hawkers, crane drivers and Grab and Uber drivers. They know that they could not compete with the best of the best of foreign fake talents possessing genuine fake and fictitious degrees or degrees from half past six universities.

There is hope, a different kind of hope, and a different kind of future for our young graduates from our world best universities. Their expectations in life are simple, realistic and not over demanding. Any job is better than no job or part time jobs. Did they ever think of the disappointments in their parents, their dreams crashed when after spending thousands of dollars, getting a degree from world best universities, their daft children would end up as hawkers and drivers? Could they feel the pain of their dejected parents, their pride of having children graduated from universities only to become manual workers?

Welcome to the brave new world. The parents should save their money. There is no need to put their children to universities if the expectation is to be hawkers, crane drivers and cab drivers.

PS. If cooking to be a hawker is good enough, they could learn all the tips from their mothers or grandmothers, at home. No need to pay expensive tuition fees and mug for examinations.

Dunno to laugh or to cry. Stupidity has no cure. Oh, this is the kind of things that our reporters and journalists are assigned to write about. So intellectually stimulating. Though they may not get a Pulitzer, there are many prizes that the local media industry could dish out for them to be recognised as best reporters and journalists. This is progress. Our graduates should be encouraged to become hawkers and Uber or Grab drivers. Our reporters can write about them as the new and desirable lifestyles of graduates. It is a dream job to be Grab or Uber drivers and also to be hawkers.


Trump declares national emergency - Obama on the run

There is a video discussing about the fate of Obama, that he is wanted for committing felony, and could serve time behind bars. Just watch this, https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=obama+on+the+run&&view=detail&mid=ECA436FE9D9066B1EE7BECA436FE9D9066B1EE7B&rvsmid=A7BC92DBD2C8F2257668A7BC92DBD2C8F2257668&FORM=VDQVAP

Though this video is a bit dated, the latest declaration of a state of national emergency is still unfolding. Trump is out for the blood of Obama, Hillary and Comey, the trio that abused the power and expertise of intelligence agencies to listen to phones of presidential candidate Trump and also in hacking election results. Yes, election results can be hacked. What does this means? It means they could jig the results of an election to favour a candidate. Obama did that in 2008 and they did the same thing for Hillary against Trump. But this time it did not work. Why?

My understanding, they fixed the results with certain percentages of the votes to favour their candidate. Unfortunately, after loading on the results, it still failed because the votes in favour of Trump were so huge, so overwhelming that the loading still could not help Hillary to win.

This kind of hacking or jigging of election could mean two kinds of results. The favoured candidate lost marginally because of an overwhelming votes for the other candidate. On the other hand, if the voters voted in favour of the favoured candidate, the result would show an overwhelming win for the favoured candidate as the votes would add to the already loaded results.

The Obama/Hillary/Comey camp was very sure that this could be done as they had done it, according to the video. So after losing, they were confident to accuse the Russians of hacking the results. It could be done. It could be done, and they knew it.
The key point, even in the USA, election results can be hacked, rigged, and fixed. The revelation of this truth is going to shock the world. Votings can be hacked if it is computerized, electronic hacking. Anything computerized can be rigged by the hackers if they can gain access to the data. And no one is wiser.

Now we should sit back and see how Trump bring the election cheats and put them behind bars. Obama is hiding in Tahiti, French Polynesia, with no extradition treaty with the USA. If Obama remains there, you know that he is damn guilty.

There is now news or fake news that Trump has ordered the seizure of properties and assets of Obama and Hillary. Now if only this is real, the world is going to see something really big.

I feel so sorry for our journalists/reporters

Many of you must have missed this fact and did not even think about it. Why is it that we don’t produce great journalists/reporters that could be nominated or won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism? Yes, we have many journalists, many very well qualified and I believe can write great stories and produce great journalistic works.

The answer, the environment. It is so stifling here for anyone or journalists/reporters to fully express themselves in their works, in their profession. If only the journalists and reporters could be given full reign to write what they want to write, the way the want to write, as journalists and reporters, I am sure many great names of journalists would be Singaporeans.

If SPH is thinking of writing about regional news, there is no need to recruit foreigners. Our very own journalists and reporters would be able to write much better than the foreigners. Maybe this going regional thing is a good thing for our journalists and reporters to write freely, without any restraints or constraints.

I remember an old story about a group of American tourists visiting Moscow Square. And they were bragging to their Russian guide about freedom of expression. This was in the 60s when Russia was the bigger USSR. The Americans claimed that they could say anything in America, even shouting ‘Fuck JF Kennedy, or Fuck Johnson’ in a public square.

The Russian guide looked at them and said, they could do the same in Moscow. The Americans laughed at him. What, we dared you repeat what we said right here. The Russian guide put his loud hailer to his mouth and blared out, ‘Fuck JF Kennedy, Fuck Johnson.’ Then he looked at the Americans and said, ‘See, freedom of expression.’
With freedom of expression, journalists and reporters can really be what they are and excel in their works. Now many mistook them as duds, unable to write or produce great literary works. But writing about the region would remove this constraint, I hope, to write freely. Let’s hear them write about the Mad Man or Rocket Man in North Korea. 

The only people allowed to write ‘quite freely’ in our media are some foreigners pushing their private agenda, like anti China or anti North Korea. These people are so privilege to write their rubbish as if they are authorities in what they are saying and feeding daft Singaporeans with their hostile views on China and North Korea. Some may be wondering if this is an official view or encouraged by the govt to publish such negative views on these two countries.

If our journalists were given such freedom, would they unthinkingly reproduced the same thing as the western media and addressed Kim Jong Un as the Mad Man or Rocket Man, regurgitating what the western media planted in their heads? If they do, then there would be no hope for them to rival AP, Reuters or whatever media from the West. They would not be producing anything new, original or refreshing.

This would be a test for them to be themselves, to think as individuals, not as unthinking robots, only parroting what is being programmed into their heads, consciously or unconsciously. Alas, this is unlikely to happen. Many would be writing about their pets and what they eat for breakfast.

I would recommend SPH to drop the stupid idea of hiring foreigners and let our own journalists/reporters loose and have a go at true journalism. Hey, provide jobs for Singaporeans man, not foreigners with Singaporean money or money made from Singaporeans. The govt has already been very generous in creating a couple of million jobs for foreigners here. There is no need to do more in this direction.

Maybe we will see a few Singaporean Pulitzer Prize winners in the making.


SMRT – A very bad deal for General Desmond Kuek

Nothing personal, but to volunteer to helm the SMRT is not a very wise thing to do for General Kuek. I think he must be regretting everyday, just like Boon Wan, for volunteering to solve the SMRT problems. The deep seated technical and engineering problems cannot be solved, would not go away just be replacing a few heads, just like the deep seated cultural problems.

Why would a clever man like Gen Kuek, the top man commanding the Armed Forces with a few hundred thousand men and women, and everyone has to ‘ta beh’ him in his presence, volunteered for a trouble infested train company? Why would someone who was used to walk around decorated like a Christmas tree during official functions, walking with the President during National Day parade, want to walk the railway tracks, to dirty himself and look like another average Singaporeans when no one has to ‘ta beh’ him anymore, when his words are no longer commands or orders to obey?

Today, everyone is poking at him for his failure to solve the train problems and to be pushed around by civilians that knew nothing more about the trains than him. When he was once almighty, now even ex NS men working in the SMRT would rant at him if they are not happy. It is a very bad decision, in my opinion, to volunteer for this job. To be kind to him, we should appreciate his bravery to answer the call of duty, to sacrifice himself in a mission that no wise men would volunteer.

Is there really a way to solve the train problems just by money, by hiring the best men for the job instead of putting round pegs into square holes and hope that miracles would happen? With the money SMRT is paying, it really can buy the best men available in the world for this job. No train company really pays their top men this kind of money. Why didn’t SMRT go around the world like the elites used to do when a top job is vacant, hire the best foreign recruitment agencies to round the world to headhunt the most qualified men for the job? There would be thousands lining up for this job and dying for it if they go globe hunting. And I mean real talents, not fakes with fake qualifications and degrees from you know where.

For the same money, even Obama would be queuing up to apply for the job. He would not smell this kind of money as President of the USA. Heads of States all over the world would not mind trying their luck at his job that apparently anyone can do. The money is so good.

How, when are they going to hunt another foreign talent for this job since Singaporeans have proven that they could not do it? Maybe another foreign fake would be able to fake that everything is fine if given the job. General Kuek should take on an ambassador position instead of being punished sitting on this chair.

Yes, brave man, brave soldier. I really feel sorry for him. From being an untouchable, now everyone is throwing mud, stones and rotten tomatoes at him.

Mary Christmas everyone. Oops, I mean Merry Christmas.


When kindness received a tight slap

Statestimesreview reported this.

'According to reporters from Chinese papers Lian He Zao Bao, two N-level students from Juying Secondary School were not allowed to receive their official certificates because they owed school fees. The two Normal Technical-stream students with extreme poverty family background each owed the school S$540 and S$1,696, and only received their exam transcripts during the release of N-level results yesterday (Dec 19).

It is understood the two poor students were embarrassingly shamed by the school when their fellow school mates heard of the real reason why they were the only ones not given their N-level certificates.
An anonymous part-time teacher was enraged by the school’s mercenary actions and immediately went around the school collecting donations to crowd fund the amount to pay the school. The anonymous part-time teacher raised the full amount in less than a day, but the school refused to take the donation money – embarrassing the two poor students who were eagerly wanted their certificates back to join in the celebration with their friends.

The school then forced the parents of the students to meet, and discussed options to recover the school fees before finally returning their N-level certificates.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education (MOE) did not deny the incident and only repeated himself saying the government has a lot of financial assistance plans to assist local students.'


How heartless and unkind can these people be? Instead of offering full assistance and showing kindness, they did not care how the two students felt but about the few hundred dollars they owed in school fees. This is so shameful! I can't believe there are so heartless and callous people responsible for education and educating our young.

No amount of financial assistance schemes could wipe away the shame and pain of the students affected in this episode. The people that subject the students to such embarrassment should be sacked. For those meagre some of money, it needed a part time teacher to take the initiative to help the two students. Are the full time teachers that poor, totally out of wits, dunno what to do?

This is how bad some people in this silly island have become, bullying and shaming the down and out instead of giving them a helping hand. But when it comes to Christmas, they were throwing money around to many that don't need it. Charity only happened in Christmas time.


Merry Christmas can be a frightening moment

Many people will be giving away presents during Christmas, and many people will be receiving presents or hoping to receive presents. Many presents will be placed under the Christmas trees at home. Many presents will be sent be mail or couriers.

Here is the frightening moment, especially for those living in the White House or in Capitol Hill. And this is also true for those countries that voted against the UN Resolution condemning the American unilateral act of recognising the seized part of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

For these people, receiving a present by mail is going to be a frightening experience, a dilemma, to accept and open the present or not.

The most dangerous job during this Christmas period must be the postmen or couriers delivering the presents. Are the presents going to blow up in their faces?

'Merry Christmas, I am delivering your Christmas present.'

The World United voted against the evil Empire

The UN General Assembly voted for the resolution not to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 128 voted for, 35 abstained and 9 against. Arab and Muslim countries around the world closed rank to denounce the Americans’ unilateral act in contempt of the UN and the Arab/Muslim countries. The vote against the evil Empire is justice late in coming but nonetheless proof that the evil Empire is in the decline. It is not going to bully the world again. The World United has stood up to the threats of the evil Empire.

Elsewhere there were protests against the Americans. In Malaysia, Mahathir has made his round to lead the first protest outside the American Embassy. Najib is not going to be left out and will be leading another protest against the Americans.

Malaysia has also called for the boycott of Jewish products. Why Jewish and not American products when the violation is committed by the Americans to favour the Jews, not the Jews annexing Jerusalem, I don’t know. Yes, why not boycott American products? 

While many Arab/Muslim countries are thumping their chests today, do not be deceived. Tomorrow, everyone of them would jump into bed with the Americans again. They would still believe that the Americans are the angels, there to protect them. And when the Americans said go and eat shit, they would. The Americans would go on and demonise and attack other countries, and these silly countries would be shouting and marching behind the Americans. You can be very sure about this.

In three months at the most, all of them would be praying to their white gods again, and prostrating in front of the Emperor. Jerusalem would be forgotten, the cause of the Palestinians would be forgotten.
Long live the white Emperor!


Implications of US Coorporate Tax Cuts

Us corporate Tax cuts will benefit the elites who are blanded shamelessly and and arrogantly as natural aristocrats by a tin-tin peanut politician in an island country in South East Asia. It will benefit the rogues, the crooks and scoundrels in Wall Street,  Washington,  CIA and the Pentagon as well as the super rich tycoons in big business, trading and commerce, the big banks and insurance companies and real estate business. The over ninety-five percent of the population will not even get the trickle down effect of this reduction in Corporate Tax because the rich who benefit will hoard the millions or billions and not spending anything extra.

There will be increase in budget or fiscal deficit and this will further increase US debt which now stands at over twenty-five trillion dollars. How will US balance this fiscal deficit except by extorting from other countries through sanctions and manipulating the US Petrol Dollar at the expense of other countries.

It is important for the world led by BRIC countries especially Russia and China to take down the petrol dollar to prevent US from cheating and swindling the whole world . In taking down the petrol dollar the world can put a stop to US economic colonialism and imperialism and decapitate US ability to hold the world to ransom in its exercising of extraterritoriality through its ability to carry out illegal and unlawful sanctions on other countries which is the result of its ability to control the petrol dollar.

Destroy the US petrol dollar and US will soon become a pauper and hopefully US will not be able  to continue it evil activities of brutal wars of aggression against other countries . We need to stop US in its track of political, territorial and economic colonialism and imperialism . We need to expose the evil and sinister aspects of fake US democracy and human rights and stop it from holding the world under its total demonic and hegemonic dictatorship.


Friday, 22nd December, 2017

Petrol retailers no collusion

The front page news of thenewpaper on 20Dec has this headline, ‘No collusion between petrol retailers’. The Competition Commission of Singapore, after doing its ground work, has found that there is no collusion among the petrol retailers in pricing petrol. Is this really news? With only a handful of petrol brands, and knowing that the CCS is watching against pricing fixing and cartel, would the retailers be so stupid as to engage in price fixing? These are smart business people and the last thing they want to do is to be caught with their pants down. There is absolutely no price collusion even if their prices are about the same and still making big profits. They know what they are doing, to be competitive, to be within the laws, and to make their huge profits in a free market.

Actually the industry that is really free from collusion, definitely more free than the petrol industry, is the stock broking industry. Every brokerage is allowed to fix its commission until they are broke. They compete fiercely with each other, to under cut each other, to gain market share. Some are even willing to go as far as doing it for free. This is really a free market that is completely free from collusion and trading can also be free of commission. The last was what I heard, not sure got such madness or not.

Not sure they are clever or stupid. Calling them stupid they would be very angry. So let’s assume that they are very clever people and doing all the right things to gain market share and to do more business and hopefully the end result is more revenue and profits.

The reality in the ground is that they are running each other down and one by one is going to fold up with high cost, rising cost and low revenue due to very thin commission. This is like the saying, high living low thinking. And to be sure, they still believe they are doing the right thing. Never mind that profit is so thin, never mind that the profit is not enough to feed the business. Never mind if it is loss making. The important thing is to compete fiercely for business, to gain market share man. If you don’t cut your commission the other idiot would do so. Oops, should be the other genius.

I dunno what to say. Just look at the industry and watch which broking house is the first to fold up.


The World United must be tough against the evil Empire

The evil Empire continues to stir trouble around the world. The unilateral recognition of Jerusalem is another blatant violation of international law and a snub at the international community. The evil Empire stood alone at the UN Security Council to veto a resolution against its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The evil Empire is cornered, furious and alone against the world. It has been abusing, bullying and threatening the rest of the world for too long. And many countries that were used to its lies have finally woken up. The Arab/Muslim countries are the last to open their eyes to the deceit and betrayal of their cause and interests by the evil Empire. It is painful to be misled by the evil Empire for so long to know that they have been duped all along. Stupidity must come to an end. At the UN Security Council they have joined ranks with European countries, former allies of the evil Empire to vote against the evil Empire.

It is time that the World United must be tough and take strong measures against the bullying and threats of the evil Empire. The strong position taken at the UNSC is a ‘great awakening, a resurgence of confidence, and a rebirth of a new world united against the evil Empire’.

North Korea has shown the way to deal with the evil Empire. Russia and China have joined forces to stand up to the evil Empire. The rest of the world must close ranks to put a stop to the violations of world order by the evil Empire. The evil Empire must be stopped from abusing, bullying and demonizing small countries and threatening them with sanctions, regime change and wars. The evil Empire must not be allowed to continue with it belligerent and warmongering policies and actions against the rest of the world.

For once, the evil Empire is alone, cornered but still in defiant. Stop the evil Empire. Stand up to the evil Empire. Stop the evil Empire from poking at every country’s internal affairs, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, in SE Asia, in Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, in Latin America. This evil Empire has no God damn right to be messing around with other country’s affairs. That is the only way to prevent the evil Empire from continuing with its hostile and ruthless interference and oppression of the rest of the world.

The international community has put up another resolution to be voted in the UN General Assembly after the US solitary veto in the Security Council. And the little girl representing the US is crying out loud, acting like a class monitor and threatening, ‘I will take down the names of those who voted against the US and report to the Emperor. The Emperor would be very angry with those that did not support the Empire.’

How many countries in the UN would be voting on principles and how many countries would be voting for the Empire, voting against principles and international law because they are the cronies of the Empire

Say No to the evil Empire.


Korean Peninsula – Who wants war?

This question has to be addressed from the angle of who would benefit and who would suffer when there is war in the Korean Peninsula. If there is no reference point, it is very easy to be misled by the rhetoric and fake news and propaganda of the protagonists, those that really wanted to start a war but mouthing peace everyday. The louder an asshole shouts for peace, the more he is for war. But many simple minded and unthinking readers would be easily taken in when they just glanced through the headlines and did not give it a second thought. The few words in the headline will sink in, just like Kim Jong Un is bad, North Korea is a poverty stricken country, a threat to world peace when the truth is that the world is threatened with third world war by the biggest warmonger, the Americans.

There are several parties involved in the Korean Peninsula, North and South Korea, the USA, Japan, China and Russia. Not to forget the lackeys of the evil Empire shouting on the sideline.

The Koreans, both North and South, are not stupid people and the last thing they want is a war in their country and destroying their country and their people. It is a big NO to them as far as war is concerned. Why would China and Russia want a war in the Korean Peninsula when the outflow of refugees would swarm their lands and they be footing the bills to look after them? And if there is war, they would have to help the North Koreans in military hardware and supporting material plus soldiers on the ground. This is a very expensive drain on their economies and resources, why do they want to pay for it? The answer is simply NO again. They stand to lose in kind and in everything when there is a war at their borders.

No way. China's Xi Jinping has put its foot down, no war in the Korean Peninsula and so has the South Korean President. Unfortunately the latter has no say really as South Korea is a semi colony of the evil Empire and the Americans called the shot, to have war or not to have war. That is the pathetic fate of a semi colonised country like South Korea and Japan.

Japan would not mind the Korean Peninsula burning and flatten. It has a historical fear that a strong and united Korea would one day take revenge for the cruel colonisation of the Korean people by the barbaric Japanese Imperial Army. Japan would do everything to keep the Koreans divided, and better still, to be at war and be decimated. If that came about, Japan could recolonise a weak and depleted Korea with very few Koreans left. Japan has all to gain and nothing to lose should there be a war in the Korean Peninsula, to keep the Korean people forever poor, disunited and under bondage like Israel/USA keeping the Arab countries in an endless conflict and trapped in a vicious cycle of killings and destruction.

In the case of the Americans, the answer is obvious. The world is running out of wars. The wars they created in the Middle East have been smouldered by the intervention of the Russians. They need more wars in other parts of the world to create demands for their weapons of wars. There is also the domination of the Empire, an Empire to keep and this needs a reason for their military bases all over the world, especially in the Korean Peninsula to check on Russia and China and to maintain military bases in Japan and South Korea.

When war breaks out in the Korean Peninsula it would be boomtown Charlie all over again like the Vietnam War. Never mind that the Americans got booted out after 30 years of warfare and destruction in Vietnam, the millions of Vietnamese lives lost and the poor American boys and girls who died without knowing why. The military war complexes and the people behind them were laughing to the banks, enjoying life of plenty and not getting a single hair in their body getting hurt. The politicians love wars to make them great leaders, calling the shots. The no brain military commanders too would love war as they would be the main actors, fighting the wars behind their desks away from the battlefield, from being killed.

Talking about fighting a war as American cronies, many SE Asian leaders would love that, thinking that it is a one way thing like in the Middle East and could curry favour with the Emperor in the White House. The Philippines under the previous dud President was most eager to even go to war with China. Thank God he was removed and someone sensible took over, or else many Pinoys would have been killed and SE Asia would be another war zone.

The Asian and South East Asian countries have a lesson to be learnt from the ravages of wars in the Middle East and the agitated tension by the evil Empire in the Korean Peninsula. Do not allow the evil Empire to turn Asia and SE Asia into another war zone. Your countries would be destroyed, your people would die. The warmongers in the West would be laughing to the banks and laughing at your stupidity. They would be dining and drowning themselves silly with the money you paid them for the military weapons and would make more to rebuild your ruined countries and economies and your countries and peoples would be forever under bondage.

Wise up, and never let Asean become a tool of the evil Empire and set Asia and SE Asia ablazed. Ask who would be the beneficiaries of wars and who would be the losers. Only beneficiaries of wars would want wars. Do not become a pawn of the evil Empire and be forever under its control and manipulation.


SGX – Conflict of interests

Many in the industry have cried foul that SGX is compromising itself by holding the dual roles of regulator and of running the exchange as a profit making organization. The conflict of interests is so glaring that only when one is behaving like gods and infallibles that one would think otherwise. In this exceptional island, SGX is not the only place where conflict of interests were ignored as irrelevant and inapplicable. And this sad state of affair is going to continue unquestioned and unchallenged for as long as your life time if things did not change, if the political status quo remains as it is.

The underlying assumption is that this exceptional island is so blessed with very exceptional human beans that have impeccable integrity, honesty and are so honourable that you can believe they would not compromise themselves even if they assumed the roles of judge, jury and executioner. They cannot be compromised or are incorruptible! So to be the regulator to police any wrong doings in the exchange and also to run the exchange for profit with evident conflict of interests is a non issue. The duality of roles, conflicting roles, would not be compromised under the charge of infallible human gods, some admitted with a little humility that they were only mere immortals, not yet gods.
This morning I glanced at the SGX screen and found out that about 30 stocks have been suspended and about 20 of them were red chips. I have lost count on the number of red chips that had been delisted, with the owners run road.

Just a food for thought, what if the SGX did not take on the dual roles of regulator and operator of a profit making organization that it is supposed to regulate and police? This is hypothetical of course. Would SGX be allowed to bring in the numerous red chips and foreign companies and list them in the exchange given the hindsight that many had run road or about to run road and nothing can be done about it? And given this bad experience, would SGX be wiser and be more prudent and take lesser risk in allowing foreign companies, especially the kuching kurap companies, to list here when they have barely any control over them, no legal jurisdiction over them, barely knowing how they operate and the rule of law in their country of origin?

On hindsight, how many hundreds of millions or billions have been lost by the innocent investors as a result of the listing of these foreign shares that had run road or about to run road? How much money could have been saved or not lost if there was a stronger and more diligent hand policing the SGX and someone, hypothetically, took a position that such high risk adventures were not worth taking and forbid SGX from doing it and from continuing to flirt and solicit potential foreign companies to list in the exchange as every listing is money, income, revenue and profit to the SGX?

Are the risks acceptable risks, reasonable risks, bearable risks that losing millions or billions by the investors are justifiable for the pittance the exchange was and is going to get from such listings.

There is also the issue of integrity and soundness of the exchange in the long run as a solid institution where investors can park their money and invest safely. Would there be a difference if SGX was not allowed to take on the dual roles of regulator and operator of a profit making organization at the same time? Is it reasonable to question and to challenge the dual roles with conflict of interests by the SGX? Or should this be the normal, the right thing to do in this paradise ruled by gods or demi gods with impeccable and unquestionable integrity, that conflict of interests would never be an issue? Gods and demi gods are infallible, unlike ordinary human beans.

Would SGX be just a stats board, providing a service with unquestionable integrity and an uncompromising system that would not be subject to doubts, a sound financial system? Or would it be better to delink the dual roles to have another body policing the exchange while it continues to be a profit making organization that would make decisions for revenue and profits like before?


Taiwan – The big American bully

The big bully USA just passed a law to authorise their warships to enter Taiwan. And they expect China to abide by this American law and not to violate it. They might as well pass another law to permit free entry of Americans into Taiwan and China. This is how arrogant and lawless the Americans have become. They still think they are the rulers of the world. Pax Americana is over the hill, history. I hope no silly Asian leaders would tell China to abide by this American law and ask China to follow the rule of law and this silly law is international law.

China is not going to let the ugly Americans do what they like in their territory. This is interference in China's domestic affairs. China's ambassador in Washington has made it crystal clear, without a speck of doubt, that if an American warship enters a Taiwanese port, it would take Taiwan by force. This is a message not only to the Americans but also to Taiwan and the rest of the American cronies that China would go to war with the Americans if necessary on this issue.

What would China do should the belligerent Americans think they could slap China on the face and walk away? China has spoken and would not back out from this stand. One possibility is a lock down of Taiwan by air and by sea. The airspace over Taiwan would be declared a no fly zone. The surrounding seas, say 200 nautical miles from the island, would be declared no sail zone or a war zone. Any ships inside these areas would be shot at. The American warship that entered Taiwan would be there and not allow to get out unless China allows it. Making a dash out would be shot on the spot.
Then China can wait, without firing a shot, to see if the Taiwanese would dare to fly their military aircraft or sail their warships. The Americans may try to be fearless and move their aircraft carriers within the range of the DF21s and DF26s. The Chinese military aircraft and submarines would be patrolling the war zone from above and from below. All the missiles would be ready to fire and pointing at Taiwan and the American aircraft carriers.

China would take Taiwan without firing a shot. Any attempt by Taiwan to pull the trigger would bring disaster to the island and the Taiwanese. It is a battle that the Taiwanese cannot win. Would the Americans risk a war with China and the sinking of all their aircraft carries in the western Pacific Ocean? The whole Chinese war machine would be at China's disposal against the handful of American carriers, from air, from space, from cyber space, from the sea, from all over China. This time China is ready and can hit anything the Americans have and dare to send to the western Pacific war zone.

When the blockade is set up, it would be within a matter of days when the Taiwanese would remove their pro American leaders and replace them with a patriotic leader. Taiwan returns to China after that.

This is a likely scenario of what would happen should the mad Americans sail their warship into Taiwan. The Americans think they can still pass their silly laws and demand other countries especially China to respect their unequal laws? There are many other possibilities that the Chinese govt could take to take Taiwan when war is declared. Make no mistake about this. Any attempt to violate Chinese territory and sovereignty is war. And war will go all the way to mainland USA. It is not a case of I can hit you and you can’t hit me. Mainland America would be in the war zone. This time the American President would have to run for real, unlike the fake fleeing for safety by George Bush during the downing of 911.


Bhutan, the happy caged canary

Bhutan is a role model country for Singapore with the highest happiness index. Singapore or Singaporeans would love to be as happy as the Bhutanese. It has preserved its isolation policy willingly and happily, guided by India and protected by India. For Bhutan to be admired by the millionaires and not by the ordinary Singaporeans could mean that the millions owned by the millionaires still could not make the millionaires happy. Or the millionaires are telling the poor and ordinary Singaporeans that they can be happy like the Bhutanese without the millions in their bank accounts. Whether this is an escapism or an alternative philosophy to life, I dunno.

Bhutan has recently been hitting the headlines with India coming to its defence at the Sino Bhutan border. India and Bhutan has a treaty in which India shall ‘guide’ its foreign policies and its relations with other countries. There is no treaty on home affairs but India has several thousand soldiers in Bhutan, more than Bhutan’s army of 8,000 men.

Bhutan does not need to care about its defence. India will take care of that, like the recent incident when India unilaterally announced to the world that it is stopping Chinese construction of roads in Chinese territory bordering Bhutan at the request of Bhutan. Bhutan has been silent on this, not sure if they know what was happening. This is the bliss of ignorance with its foreign affairs ‘guided’ by India.

As long as the Bhutanese are happy, nothing matters. They did not have to shout to the world about freedom and rights of small states like Singapore. They just make sure the people have food on the table and a roof over their head, inside their cage, everything is peaceful and they can live happily ever after. They don’t have to punch above their weight to make a difference.

Singapore or some Singaporeans are envious and great admirers of the happiness of the Bhutanese. Maybe they would also want Singapore and Singaporeans to be as happy as the Bhutanese. Not sure if they would want Singapore and Singaporeans to live in a cage. No need to think about anything with an outside power thinking for them and worrying for them.

Would the Bhutanese be having second thoughts, that their ancient agricultural society should change and keep up with the developments of modernity? Should the Bhutanese also think of their sovereignty, that they are a proud people and need not be protected by a big power, in a way forever a semi colonised country ruled by the protector. Should the Bhutanese think it would be better to grow their population to 20 million, have a modern economy, a sizeable military to protect itself and determine its own future, and have a say in their foreign policies?


SMRT taken private - It is so funny

This was the reason for taking SMRT private last year, delisting from the SGX. “Taking SMRT private is part of our journey to support it in its focus to be among the very best in the world, through operational and engineering excellence.” It is so funny that I find it so hard to laugh. So now we have it, SMRT is going to be better, the best in the world by being a private company owned by the govt and run by the govt. If it stayed as a public listed company, it is not going to get anywhere near being the best in the world.

SMRT Chairman’s statement in 2001, … ‘However, whilst we aim at enhancing shareholder value, we maintain an unwavering focus on the core mission of providing safe, reliable, convenient, efficient and affordable transportation on the MRTsystem and the Bukit Panjang LRToperation. Reflecting this philosophy, we shall not skimp on training, maintenance, repair and overhaul expenditures, even as we address the containment of other expenses.’

The above statement was made in 2001 when SMRT was privatised into a public company listed in the Stock Exchange. This was different from the recent privatisation from a public listed company backed to a govt owned company. I know, the word privatisation is confusing. Privatising a govt owned company into a public listed company or a public company and then privatised a public company into a govt owned company.

What is more queer were the reasons given for the first privatisation. The mantra of the day was that a govt owned company could become more efficient and better run if it was privatised and run by private professionals, not civil servants, and run on the basis of profit making and be accountable to shareholders. This had an underlying assumption that civil servants were inept and thus the company needed to be privatised and run like public company.

The latest privatised privatised SMRT, the double speak is as what it was, confirmed that the previous mantra that a govt company privatised into a public company, I know it sounds funny, is not working. So a privatised public company now must be privatised into a govt owned company run by public/civil servants again.

Anyone see the contradiction? Another case of LPPL? Privatised into public company to be more efficient, now privatised a public company back to a govt owned and run company? Now you remember why the SMRT was privatised in the first place?

For this second privatisation to be working, it means that the old mantra was false, that civil servants could not run a govt owned/stats board company well. And the new mantra is that civil servants are good at running govt owned/stats board companies. No need to privatise to be efficient.

What do you think?


More reserves, more taxes

The issue of our grotesquely huge reserves came into the spotlight again when Hsien Loong hinted of raising taxes to meet increasing expenditure of the govt. Heng Swee Kiat also chipped in to defend the govt’s decision not to touch the reserves, not a cent, despite appeals for the govt to use some of the reserves, just a bit more from the gains from investing the reserves. No one is asking to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs or a drumstick, just a few more eggs.

The discussion has gone to the social media, not a whimper is heard in the main media. Phillip Ang was so disgusted that he posted this on his blog and a copy in the TRE.

‘Perhaps Heng might also be hinting to Singaporeans there have been significant investment losses when he said “I will be very cautious about making statements about how big our reserves are…”.

So, could Heng enlighten us on what’s left in our reserves?

After 3 decades of planning, Heng wants us to believe that the PAP did not save for the anticipated rainy day? And reserves cannot be used because they have to increase perpetually to benefit our children?

I don’t think Heng expected his hogwash to be taken seriously.’

I do not know how much reserves we have, and I think not many people know, maybe a handful. This is may be public money but it is top secret! The public need not know. But from the main media and from the comments and nuances of the top politicians and the fun managers, oops, I mean fund managers, our reserves are growing and growing, though may not be in the scale of the past. The point I am making is that our reserves held in the deepest and darkest vaults are growing every year. There is nothing to worry. They are there for the future, for the rainy day. And the govt will keep growing the reserves, and there is no limit to how big this should be. It can be 10 trillion, 100 trillion, never mind, it is good to keep growing the reserves and knowing that it is there when it is needed.

I can only think of those govts that put their gold in Fort Knox for safe keeping by the Americans. They are not allowed to inspect their gold and cannot withdraw, but happily kept it there, knowing that the gold is there and safe in the vaults in Fort Knox. There is no need to look at them like looking at our CPF statements to bring smiles on the face. The thought of the huge reserves, like the bountiful of gold ingots in Fort Knox is comforting enough.

Phillip Ang should have faith that the reserves are there and growing. They would not be stolen. We have the most honest and honourable men and women taking care of them. The last thing that they would do is to lower their integrity to lie about the reserves. Just trust them. And there are two keys to keep the reserves safe. Never mind if the President did not know much is there. I am just presuming. She may know, unlike Teng Cheong. Have pleasant dreams that we are sleeping on a bed of money, plentiful of money.

Just pay your taxes when raised. The govt needs more money for bigger expenditure. The reserves are like the holy grail, untouchable by the untouchables. You need to be gods to touch them.


The myth of North Korea’s nuclear threat

This myth has been spread by the Americans and some silly leaders also believe in it. If possession of nuclear weapons is a nuclear threat, the biggest nuclear threat comes from the USA, the evil Empire, the warmonger, the most belligerent country, the country that is threatening to use nuclear weapons at every little opportunity.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons are not even a threat to the South Koreans. They would not use nuclear weapons against their own people even if civil war breaks out again. This is the same as the Americans choosing to drop the Atomic bombs on Japan instead of Germany. The Americans would not drop on the white Europeans, but on yellow skin Asians, it was a very easy decision. The North Koreans are arming their nuclear warheads on long range ICBMs, to reach the American continent, not on short range missiles to hit South Korea. The nuclear fallout would affect them if a nuclear bomb goes off in South Korea.

The North Korean nuclear weapons are not even a threat to China or Russia as they know that China and Russia would not invade them or threaten a regime change. And they also know that using such weapons on China or Russia would invite instant total destruction. No country would seek such an option.

The North Korean nuclear weapons are not a threat to anyone as no one owning a few nuclear weapons would dare to use it. And the North Koreans do not have the wild ambition of the Japanese to want to rule the world and thinking they could invade the rest of Asia. And those silly countries in SE Asia must wake up from their stupidity to think that the North Koreans are going to fire their nuclear weapons at them, believing in the American wild allegation without thinking.

The only use for the North Korean nuclear weapons is as a defensive weapon, a deterrent against the evil Empire that is threatening to invade them, practicing for an invasion of North Korea almost every other day. This is what the nuclear weapons are for, with a very specific purpose and a specific country to aim at.

All the silly leaders echoing the American lie should stop doing it to avoid looking silly and to retain some credibility for themselves. They should not allow themselves to look like fools, like unthinking American cronies, doing the biddings of the evil Empire
The intention of the evil Empire invading North Korea is clear and present danger to the North Koreans. Tillerson has revealed in a Reuter report that they have been in discussion with China on how to secure the North Korean nuclear weapons in the event of the collapse of the regime. He assured China that American troops crossing into North Korea would not stay in North Korea and would return to South Korea.

This revelation tells the intent of the Americans working on bringing down Kim Jong Un and invading North Korea. It did not say if China agrees to the invasion. China has made it clear that China would not stand idly by should the Americans initiated an invasion. The Americans are thinking that the Chinese and Russians are so stupid to allow them to invade North Korea, their ally, and do nothing, allowing North Korea to fall. This is how dangerous and evil the Americans are, waiting to start a war and planning for it.

This time the Chinese and the Russians would not allow the mad Americans to run wild in East Asia. They would lose all credibility if they allow the Americans to attack North Korea. They would have no more friends and every country would be cowed to submit to the evil Empire.

Now how many silly countries in the world still believe the evil Empire is a benign and friendly Empire, for peace and protecting the peace of the world and small countries? And with the brash act of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it made the world look so hapless and hopeless and the Arab/Muslim nations, stupidly believing that the Americans could be their saviours, a righteous Empire s looking so silly and pathetic. What is the point of making stupid comments of regrets and concerns when the Americans and the Jews have swallowed up Jerusalem?

Would the world still want to believe in the American lie, that the Americans are a fair and just country, believing in the rule of law, believing in international norms? The Americans are above international laws, they are the law, they make the laws, they interpret the laws to their convenience and ignore the laws when they deemed fit. They would bully the weak and eat them for dinner.


Driverless cars - The fools will never learn

Why did I say this kind of things? What do you think is the problem with SMRT collision? Ok, what was the basic principle underlying decision making by the first generation of leaders? Before they purchase a system, an equipment, a plane, a ship or a train system, they asked a very basic question. How long has the system or equipment been in operation? Has it been proven to work, free from faults and bugs? If it is new, untested, why should we buy and pay to be the guinea pig?

This driverless car thing is a new thing, a new technology. In the Jurong Test Centre we are just setting an area for testing and earn some money from it. This is a business. It would be a different story if we are volunteering to be the guinea pig to test run driverless cars on our road while knowing that it is an untested technology and many things can go wrong? This would happen if we volunteer to be the first country to experiment on driverless cars. This is a first that we should not be clamouring for. This is not something to ‘pray pray’ about. This technology can kill, innocent lives are involved. There are harmless things that we want to be first for bragging rights. This untested driverless technology is not really in operation and going to present a lot of problems, troubles and accidents waiting to happen?

Are we the owner of this technology, the software or the hardware developer? Do we own the copyright? Who is the owner of this concept/equipment and how are we going to benefit from it if it is tested successfully? If we are not of the above, do we want to put our people’s lives as the price for testing other people’s product?

If we are the developer and owner of the software it is all well and good but still must approach this cautiously. We even erected another barrier in MRT stations costing millions to prevent people from jumping on the tracks. Test running driverless cars are definitely more risky than people voluntarily jumping on the tracks. If we are just a user, we should not be putting our people and reputation at risk. If we are part owner of this concept and system, and we are going to gain and benefit from it financially, that could be a different proposition. If we are just a teeny weeny minority shareholder, or not at all, we need to weigh the benefits and returns versus the cost of such an experiment when it is going to be conducted on our roads. During the experimental stage many things can go wrong and lives could be lost. Is it worth it?

What is in it for us?

Just hope that we are not being made a sucker to test other people’s product and system and if things go awry, our people got killed or injured.

Get my point? Remember the investment in an untested American aircraft called F35 that turned out to be an American scam and making the investing countries into suckers, pouring money into a bottomless pit? Still believing that the Americans would share their cutting edge technologies with outsiders?


Willy Trump & The Illuminati, South China Sea and the Obsequious American Running Dogs

American fake news claim leaders across Asia are looking to Washington for guidance on a variety of pressing issues in Asia. If this is true these leaders have yet to realise that looking to US for guidance is looking for self-destruction, for endless strives and trouble, for choas and wars.

The fake news also claim these Asian leaders are worried that President Moon Jae-in is seeking a more conciliatory approach with DPRK contrary to US bellicose policy. They are also worrying that Trump will stop trying to counter China's growing influence in the South China Sea region. They long for America to create wars and distability in South East Asia in the same scenario as it creates disasters in the whole of Middle East and North Africa.

The news agency keeps on saying Asian leaders in anonymity . They should declare which Asian leaders and not hide behind the screen of anonymity. However one character, not an Asian leader but an Australian professor by the name of Carlyle A Thayer of the University of New South Wales openly lamented that the withdrawal of America from the region will turn "the South China Sea into a Chinese lake." He conveniently forgets that the white men from Europe had stolen the Australian continent from the natives of Australia and recently in 1980s Australia stole the East Timor Sea from the just independent East Timorese nation because it coveted the rich oil and gas deposits beneath the sea.

Now I understand when fake news talk about Asian leaders they induce me to to deduce the implication that they are white supremacists anti China leaders as seen in Carllele A Thayer. Or can they be pro-American 5th columns in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and internatioonal studies. Or possibly it can be some obsequious pro American and pro Japanese political leaders in two or three ASEAN countries.

They claim Trump will lose credibility if he does not continue to challenge China in the South China Sea and America may lose long long time economic and security-military alliance in the region. They insist Trump must challenge China vigorously to prevent countries in the region from moving closer to China. They want Trump to assure them that America long standing bellicose foreign policy towards China remains rigid and unnegotiable. They encourage Trump to take a more aggressive stand towards China and fan fire beyond North Korea.

Here we can see the hands of the American warmongers , the Wall Street bangsters of the Anglo-Saxon Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal which actually controls the government of both the Democrat and the Republican party as well as CIA and the huge war industrial complex of the Pentagon . Under the Illuminati Cabal US fought more than two hundred thirty wars of aggression and conquests since its independence in 1775 from UK against other countries. It is time Russia and China and other freedom loving countries join forces to bring the next war to American mainland and destroy the evil empire once for all.

The neo-conservatives in the Illuminati cabal said Trump should not make any concessions to China as far as the East China Sea and South China Sea is concerned . They object to Mr Moon's conciliatory approach towards DPRK and wants Trump to apply maximum pressure on North Korea. They persuade Trump to expedite sales of offensive weapons to Taiwan. They strongly object to China's development in her own territories in the South China Sea and wants Rex Tillerson to deny China's access to the region. These are dangerous warmongers who want US to adopt straight face anti-China policy with no room for negotiation or compromise. They want war and confrontation with China. They think US can win in a nuclear war against China. They must be dreaming and still living in the last century. They must know China is not alone for Russia is part of of the Chinese-Russian equation in an open confrontation or war against America. The Russians and Chinese have pledged and promised that the next war will not be fought anywhere else but in America's mainland.

Trump is a willy businessman and now turn into a willy politician. He tries to make use of Russia against China and vice-versa. That doesn't seem to work for the moment. Now he tries to make use of China against North Korea. When things are more settled in North East Asia he will continue to confront China in the South China Sea albeit at the behest of the controlling masters in the Illuminati Cabal.

However, the scenario in the South China Sea has as of now turn more settled and peaceful due to the matured wisdom of Duterte of the Philippines and Najib of Malaysia and to a lesser extent  Vietnam.

However China and the neighbouring countries must still be on guard for the Japanese and American warmongers will never give up creating wars and distabilities whenever an occasion arises and also South East Asia is awashed with traitors and pro-American running dogs and fifth columns especially those in the institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore and the Philippines.


Wednesday,12th December,2017

SMRT CEO needs more supervision

Whether he needs more supervision or more help it doesn’t matter. When an organization hires a CEO and pays him millions, top dollars, the least expected is that he must be able to do the job, if not, to even bring it to a higher level. What Cynical Investor wrote in the below article has his points. The article is reposted in the TRE with the title, ‘Wah lan SMRT CEO so cock is it?’

‘Scholar and ex-SAF commander is so useless that Khaw, Temasek and SMRT thinks he needs more supervision, a lot more….
If he’s so in need of supervision, why not fire him? Or cut his salary by half? Meritocracy? What meritocracy?...
Here’s how MediaCorp reported the story. ST’s report is along similar lines so maybe there was a dictator dictating the narrative?
‘Temasek-backed Pavilion Energy’s CEO Seah Moon Ming will step down to focus on his role as chairman of train operator SMRT.’ CNA
That shows that Temasek thinks he needs more supervision.’

The rot has gone down so deep that no one can see anything wrong with the appointment of Seah Moon Ming as full time chairman of SMRT when so many new hires, all being paid in the millions or a few hundred thousands each and still no improvement. Why pay so much for so little or non performance, and keeps on paying, and bringing bigger guns to be millions more? Is this Seah better than super fixer Khaw Boon Wan?

This is how bad things are now. No accountability, no responsibility, just keep throwing money at the problem like throwing money into a bottomless pit as if it is normal. This is the new normal of collecting million dollar salaries and enjoying life without a care of how things work or did not work.

What if Seah Moon Ming cannot produce any result, hire a few more millionaires?

This is unbelieveable.

The other unbelieveable thing is that no one cares how Desmond Kuek feels. Hey, he was the Chief of Defence Forces, commanding the Air Force, Navy, Army and all the supporting arms. He is no little spring chicken. He is someone proven to be able and capable. The fact that Boon Wan has to tackle the problems of SMRT is a smack on Desmond Kuek’s ability to handle the problems. The fact that after being on the job for 5 years and now they threw in another aged chicken as the full time chairman to solve the perennial unstoppable problems is another way to say Desmond Kuek needs help. 

KNN, being paid in the millions, ex Chief of Defence Forces needs help from two without any experience in running a mass rapid transport system. What do all these things say about the handling of this saga? I can’t fault Desmond Kuek for it as he was not really in charge. There are bigger cooks in the kitchen.

Appointing a top brass, presuming the best guy for the job, paid him millions and not allowing him to do the job, unbelieveable.

PS. Before I am accused of over simplification, there are two assumptions in this episode. One, when a person is successful in his profession, he is assumed to be successful in any profession, even in things he has no training or experience in. The second assumption is that when one becomes a politician, better still a minister, one becomes a knows all, or even better, an expert in every field, with or without training or experience. These two assumptions form the basis of this fiction that is being played in real life.


Be wary of Anti-China Articles by tribal writers with roots to a South Asia country.

Last week an associate editor of a local mass media in his deliberation on an article about the Australian White Paper he couldn't hide his intense desire of reviving the previous
American, Australian and British sponsored mechanism SEATO to contain the peaceful rise of China. He strongly feels SEATO can be revived in the formation of QUAD or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue comprising US, Australia, Japan and India to contain China.

In his article he asserted  the term"Aggressive China " repeatedly nuanced to paint China in a bad light and with evil intent. And as a coward he also feared that QUAD as a medium to contain China may go the way as SEATO.

He wants US, Australia and Japan to lead the banner against China, even to have wars with China as he alluded that US should have stood its ground against China in the South China Sea episode and against Russia in Syria when he claimed Obama did not challenge Russia in the "red lines" on Syria laid down by him. As he is akin to the tribe of  South Asia I thought he should be brave and courageous enough to tell powerful India to take on China upfront and not depend on the sinews of others to take on a self-imagine or bogey enemy, China.

What is also most unacceptable are the many foreign well paid local mass media journalists, editors, writers and political analysts and commentators especially many of those with strong roots to a South Asia country who hide behind the protective state of mass media to echo the Americans and the West and the Japanese propaganda to demonise China and to constantly swipe at China and the Chinese people with slanted news, disparaging sinister remarks , innuendos, , insidious fake reports and fake news with calculative evil intent to hurt the interest of China and all Chinese people.

Hundreds of these well paid ghost writers or intellectuals are foreigners who work or teach in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and international studies and their warped minds, thoughts , ideas and writings which are extremely biased and prejudiced against China and the Chinese people will have strong poisonous negative impact on the thousands of students and young minds under their influence. This does not bode well for Singapore which is a multiracial society. The government must take action to negate their evil influence on Singapore and ASEAN countries.


Monday,11th December,2017

The evil Empire screwed the Arab and Muslim countries again

The Americans have been shouting rule of law, justice, fair play, peace but have been violating everything they said every time. They have been inciting wars, starting wars and fighting wars, breaking all national and international laws, interfering with the internal affairs of countries all over the world and the worse cases ended with invasion and regime change, their leaders killed. But many silly leaders of so called democratic countries chose to ignore the violations of the evil Empire and chose to sleep with the devil. After being conned, duped by the evil Empire for so long, they found it embarrassing and shameful to admit the truth, that they were deceived by the devil all this while.

The latest painful truth is the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in blatant violation of the resolutions in the United Nation agreed upon by countries of the world. The evil Empire has poked the middle finger into the nose of the nations of the world. Rightly many countries were incensed by this arrogant and dismissive act. Many are crying foul. But not all are demanding that the evil Empire obey the rule of law and international justice. The American cronies are hiding in shame by keeping quiet. It is heartening to know that some European powers are brave enough to stand up to this outrageous act of the evil Empire.

Have the Arab and Muslim countries woken up yet, that the devil they have been in bed with, praying to, and holding in high regards as the righteous nation to save them and protect them is indeed the devil that have been cheating them? No they have not. The Arab League countries might have condemned the Americans for this latest treachery. The sad thing is that they did not know that they had been betrayed all the years. This is what they said, ‘the US had withdrawn itself as a sponsor and broker of the Israeli Palestinian peace process with its controversial move’. This showed that they have all the years believing that the evil Americans were the good guys, there to help them when they Americans were selling them out at every occasion. And the daft Arabs and Muslims did not know.

When would the Arab and Muslim countries grow up and remove the blinkers to see the truth? The devil has stood up, naked and showing them the middle finger, that the interest of the Arab and Muslim countries is nothing compare to the interest of Israel and the evil Empire?

Do not be misled by the few screams of injustice. Tomorrow all the Arab and Muslim countries would be running back to the devil and begging to be whipped and prostrate in front of the devil pledging obedience. They would soon leave the Palestinians in the lurch. They fear the evil Empire and would choose to be the slaves of the evil Empire. And the Emperor will say, bow to me, you useless and mindless humanity of no pride and conscience. I shall rule you forever as before and thereafter. I am the Emperor of the evil Empire. Be good and you will be spare from my wrath. If not I will do a regime change in your country.

Jerusalem is as good as gone, now the capital of Israel. What can the Arab and Muslim countries and the rest of the world do now? Absolutely nothing. This is the law, the law that the evil Empire believes in. The evil Empire is above the rule of the law.


Voice of China – New meaning on freedom and human rights

I watched a few series of Voice of China where young artistes were given a chance to sing in front of a few hundred million viewers, on CCTV. There are similar programmes like Sing My Song, I Am a Singer, also offering opportunities for talented young people to showcase themselves, pitching their own talents and turning themselves into successful pop idols on their own. Three memorable individuals like Zhang Bi Chen, Su Yun Ying and Huo Jun were really impressive. Watching them performed gave rise to an unspeakable emotion within me, and my eyes welled up. It was so warmth and comforting to see young people carving out a new future of fame and fortune for themselves without having to depend on anyone else. The system allowed it, allowed freedom of expression and for a person to be his very own best, to be himself and accepted and appreciated. These rights were robbed from the Chinese people for almost 200 years, by the ex colonialists, notably the West.

Reflecting back, 50 years ago, 100 years ago, such things would not happen. Talented young individuals like these young men and girls would at best be begging for a few coins thrown at them on the roadside or in tea houses. And often, for a few coins, they would suffered the indignity of being embarrassed, harassed, abused or taken advantage of. They were at the mercy of corrupt officials, the rich and mighty and the bad. For nearly two centuries, the Chinese people suffered such humiliation for being weak and poor, for lacking opportunities, for living in a bankrupt political system made worst by foreign invasion, wars, bullying, looting, cheating and corruption. All the talented individuals did not have a chance to be what they could be, their talents treated with dismissive intolerance and wasted in a broken poverty stricken country. The result, the Chinese had no talent.

Many of our parents had no choice but to migrate to run away from such abject poverty when the simple right of survival is not even there. There was nothing, no pride, no dignity, no shame, just poverty. What human rights to talk about, what freedom of expression, what opportunity to excel in one’s pursuit in any field, in the arts and in the industries. That was what life was in a China that was not a country, insulted and branded as the Sick Man of Asia. The Chinese people were despised as a people, as a hopeless civilization where its people were like hapless flotsam in the ocean of life, weak, defenceless and taunted as useless and untalented and unskilled scum of civilization. Every country in Asia and SE Asia was even better off than China and the Chinese landing on their shores eking for a living, to do anything that their labour, blood, sweat and tear could exchange for. Being Chinese was a shame, a curse, to be less than a human bean. Where was the freedom, where was the human rights?

Today, China has rebuilt itself and is standing among the nations of the world as an equal among the equals. The Chinese people are now given the opportunity to be what they could be, to develop their talens and to excel in every field of pursuit, with pride and human dignity. Communism or whatever, China and the Chinese people are now able to live a normal and decent life, to live like human beans, to have a roof over their heads, to eat well and live well. They have security and a sense of well being.

Would democracy offer China and the Chinese people the life they are having today? Everyone one of them living in peace and security, and dreaming of making their dreams come true and with very real possibility of their dreams coming true, on their own merit, individual merit, without having to depend on anyone else. Freedom and human rights have returned to China.

There is a China Dream. The Chinese can dream of anything and making their dreams come true. This is the meaning of freedom and human rights, the Chinese way. The Chinese people have regained their confidence as a people, as a civilization, to have found a new pride to be Chinese. They are proud of their country and what they have achieved on their own, as individuals and as a country, a nation, on their own effort and hard work. Everything is now possible for the Chinese people. And they know it.