Implications of US Coorporate Tax Cuts

Us corporate Tax cuts will benefit the elites who are blanded shamelessly and and arrogantly as natural aristocrats by a tin-tin peanut politician in an island country in South East Asia. It will benefit the rogues, the crooks and scoundrels in Wall Street,  Washington,  CIA and the Pentagon as well as the super rich tycoons in big business, trading and commerce, the big banks and insurance companies and real estate business. The over ninety-five percent of the population will not even get the trickle down effect of this reduction in Corporate Tax because the rich who benefit will hoard the millions or billions and not spending anything extra.

There will be increase in budget or fiscal deficit and this will further increase US debt which now stands at over twenty-five trillion dollars. How will US balance this fiscal deficit except by extorting from other countries through sanctions and manipulating the US Petrol Dollar at the expense of other countries.

It is important for the world led by BRIC countries especially Russia and China to take down the petrol dollar to prevent US from cheating and swindling the whole world . In taking down the petrol dollar the world can put a stop to US economic colonialism and imperialism and decapitate US ability to hold the world to ransom in its exercising of extraterritoriality through its ability to carry out illegal and unlawful sanctions on other countries which is the result of its ability to control the petrol dollar.

Destroy the US petrol dollar and US will soon become a pauper and hopefully US will not be able  to continue it evil activities of brutal wars of aggression against other countries . We need to stop US in its track of political, territorial and economic colonialism and imperialism . We need to expose the evil and sinister aspects of fake US democracy and human rights and stop it from holding the world under its total demonic and hegemonic dictatorship.


Friday, 22nd December, 2017


Virgo49 said...

Why the USA is so adamant to stop the Rise of China and rest of her allies.

For if China and Russia were to be the New World Order, then they might dismantle their Grip and Control of their unscrupulous Old Order.

Cronies and allies which are in sync with the US have the same fears. Imperialist System on their people.

Now, the U.S. had shown its two or true faced deceit of so called helping those nations when they wanted them to be subservient to them in their recent UNSA voting of the Jerusalem capital.

Now, most will turned to China for win win operations on Aids.

This is the turn of Karma that will show the true deceits of those scoundrels who put on masks.

Likewise, a day will come when the Pay And Pay will also be unmasked.

b said...

Everywhere is plutocracy.
In china, most people live in flats and only have public transport.
In usofa, most people live in houses and have cars.
Rulers are all greedy but some more greedy than others.

b said...

Government announces ban on new leasehold houses in crackdown on 'feudal' practices (The Telegraph) . Thus pay and pay is practizing feudalism.

Anonymous said...

PAP operates exactly like the two-face US system without double or triple standards.

Pretend to help the people or other countries but actually intention is to milk them and make them subservient.

One law for themselves, one law for foreigners and another law for commoners.

Make corporations and Temasek and GIC make lots of money, while at the same time, ensure the workers' wages remain stagnant or even reduced; and CEOs and Directors get high bonuses and even secret payment.

Do away with Estate Duties so as to protect themselves from having to reveal their dirty secrets behind the scene.

Do away with Estate Duties in order to escape paying taxes for the rich but increase GST to tax the poor, even unborn babies are being taxed.

Everything is pretense, deceit and hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Correction: first sentence should read as:

PAP operates exactly like the two-face US system WITH double or triple standards.

Anonymous said...

All the money from the qualitative easing are in the hands of the rich crony bankers and elites, who with those money, pushed wall street to its highest level. Does that benefit the poor?

Tax cuts everywhere is to help the rich. Tax increase must be to help the poor, like our GST.

Anonymous said...

US huge corporate tax cuts will adversely affect Spore position as regional HQ of MNCs. Another of our edge lost. Loong & gang is also lost.

Anonymous said...

Ah Long got played out by Dotard Trump again. Serve him right. Go plp some more lah. Take citizens money tens of billions to buy favour and got played immediately.

Useless leader. Take care of foreigners instead of own people. Idiot!

Not My President said...

From States Times Review:

"The Land Transport Authority (LTA) issued a press release yesterday (Dec 22) acknowledging that a S$70 traffic summon was not issued despite confirming a parking offense because the offender is President Halimah Yacob. In a photo taken by a member of the public, the driver of the latest model of Mercedez E-class sedan was seen confronted by a LTA officer for parking at a double yellow line along Prinsep Street.

LTA legalised the corruption saying:

“No summons was issued, A LTA enforcement officer was conducting a routine patrol along Prinsep Street at 4.15pm on Wednesday when he spotted two vehicles waiting along a stretch marked with double yellow lines. The LTA officer approached one of the vehicles to ask the driver to move his vehicle, in line with LTA’s approach to enforcing this regulation, The driver told the officer he was there to pick up the President. During the course of their conversation, she arrived and was driven away without a summons being issued.”

However, the same law does not apply for everyone else. The instance one parks at a double yellow line will amount to an infringement and a ticket will be given by a LTA officer without reasoning. One will have to contest the summon in a court or pay the fine."

Why so much problems with this puppet fake president? All previous presidents never have so many problems.

Virgo49 said...

Why waste so much tax payers MONIES to protect this Puppet PRESIDENT? ?

What's VVVIP? Sinkieland will sink WITHOUT her? ?

Which President does their duties besides OTC??

Protecting the Reserves without knowing what is the Reserves.

Chia Liao Bee