I feel so sorry for our journalists/reporters

Many of you must have missed this fact and did not even think about it. Why is it that we don’t produce great journalists/reporters that could be nominated or won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism? Yes, we have many journalists, many very well qualified and I believe can write great stories and produce great journalistic works.

The answer, the environment. It is so stifling here for anyone or journalists/reporters to fully express themselves in their works, in their profession. If only the journalists and reporters could be given full reign to write what they want to write, the way the want to write, as journalists and reporters, I am sure many great names of journalists would be Singaporeans.

If SPH is thinking of writing about regional news, there is no need to recruit foreigners. Our very own journalists and reporters would be able to write much better than the foreigners. Maybe this going regional thing is a good thing for our journalists and reporters to write freely, without any restraints or constraints.

I remember an old story about a group of American tourists visiting Moscow Square. And they were bragging to their Russian guide about freedom of expression. This was in the 60s when Russia was the bigger USSR. The Americans claimed that they could say anything in America, even shouting ‘Fuck JF Kennedy, or Fuck Johnson’ in a public square.

The Russian guide looked at them and said, they could do the same in Moscow. The Americans laughed at him. What, we dared you repeat what we said right here. The Russian guide put his loud hailer to his mouth and blared out, ‘Fuck JF Kennedy, Fuck Johnson.’ Then he looked at the Americans and said, ‘See, freedom of expression.’
With freedom of expression, journalists and reporters can really be what they are and excel in their works. Now many mistook them as duds, unable to write or produce great literary works. But writing about the region would remove this constraint, I hope, to write freely. Let’s hear them write about the Mad Man or Rocket Man in North Korea. 

The only people allowed to write ‘quite freely’ in our media are some foreigners pushing their private agenda, like anti China or anti North Korea. These people are so privilege to write their rubbish as if they are authorities in what they are saying and feeding daft Singaporeans with their hostile views on China and North Korea. Some may be wondering if this is an official view or encouraged by the govt to publish such negative views on these two countries.

If our journalists were given such freedom, would they unthinkingly reproduced the same thing as the western media and addressed Kim Jong Un as the Mad Man or Rocket Man, regurgitating what the western media planted in their heads? If they do, then there would be no hope for them to rival AP, Reuters or whatever media from the West. They would not be producing anything new, original or refreshing.

This would be a test for them to be themselves, to think as individuals, not as unthinking robots, only parroting what is being programmed into their heads, consciously or unconsciously. Alas, this is unlikely to happen. Many would be writing about their pets and what they eat for breakfast.

I would recommend SPH to drop the stupid idea of hiring foreigners and let our own journalists/reporters loose and have a go at true journalism. Hey, provide jobs for Singaporeans man, not foreigners with Singaporean money or money made from Singaporeans. The govt has already been very generous in creating a couple of million jobs for foreigners here. There is no need to do more in this direction.

Maybe we will see a few Singaporean Pulitzer Prize winners in the making.


Anonymous said...

"Three women arrested for pickpocketing cash, mobile phones at Orchard Road" - ST Dec 23, 2017

No mention of their nationality at all. Why ?

Anonymous said...

Our talents are boxed into a certain shape. They are not given the freedom to express and fulfill what's required by the profession. How to get any international recognition?

Anonymous said...

We don't even have reporters, genuine truly credible reporters. Don't need to talk about journalists and journalism.

What we have are regurgitaters and mind-control propaganda con-men and con-women and blind-obedience mentally depraved money-greedy political stooges and slaves.

Don't have to feel sorry for all ofn them. Perhaps only for a few naive and innocent newbies. The rest have knowingly and consciously been participating and sleeping with the Devil.

That's why they never dare to work on Christmas Day and Eve.

Anonymous said...

No point bringing this up.

Cannot change! Don't waste time!

How can they change, you tell me lah!

$g is like that liao!

This is $g!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.10

Bro, Pinoy lah. Three pick pocketers.

SPH journalists and Reporters can write anything True to their hearts and professionalism? ?

Must be kidding. Just see who are the ex and present Chairmen and in the Board of Directors of SPH.

Main media to be controlled and Fed with propaganda from the PAP. Wrote and paste with the best photos of their elites and in hypocrisy smiles of What's their supposedly good deeds with the unfortunates in homes and in charities. Opposition members were pasted with their worst shots to look like gangsters pose.

Even mundane reportings of some incidents were censored by the PAP that deemed detrimental to their interests.

My son ex-SPH not in journalism told me every now and then had interdepartmental instructions and circulars from the PAP what's not to publish and what's to report.

Even mundane incidents that should not be reported repeatedly as this will worked up the sentiments of the People.

How come the AMK TC GM's case of corruption or misappropriation of funds no sound and no sign.

Wah, swept under carpet? ?

Whoa PM GRC you know. Teck Ghee sounded like Teck Loong.

Flats that looked like Condo facing Main Road opposite Park.

This is the beauty of a controlled Press.

Virgo49 said...

Last time under Han Fook Kwang, only 2nd Day of CNY no paper as Staff off 1st day of CNY. Still Chinese Head.

Now Warren Fernandez Christmas also no paper.

Many now Haelleuhal. See the power of who who's in charge. Next time daft Sinkies no more CNY and only celebrate Deepawali.

MOT. Last Emperor Pu Ee of China no more. Last Emperor of Sinkie land.
Malay dialect for Pui Ee but Puxxi no more.

Anonymous said...

Sir Virgo49

Goooooooood morning!

As I said, $g is like that liao!

Because of the 70%?

Can change? Can u-turn?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Singapore is an army camp?
Do you think there is no greatness unless the Emperor-General gives you permission to be great?

Just say the word, and I'll have a Singaporean journalist win the Pulitzer prize in 18 months.
For Singaporeans, by Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Recall news like manager resigned to become $7k per month taxi driver? It was the best news in memory.
Then news about pickpocket, 3 women arrested.

Diversion was needed in news reporting: these 3 women were foreigners. Foreigner reporters must hide and editors must delete sensitive nationality.

Thailand has projected 68 millions tourists. This period travelers to Thailand choke the airport. Sinkieland s foreigners are in and settled on jobs that govt said sinkies "dont want those jobs".

Everyone missed those good days $7k taxi driver jobs. The NS men make $3k should laugh home with some foods for the kids and old folks.

Why journalism prohibit publishing foreigners committing crimes?

The secret is likely that changi resort is flooded with foreigners criminals. It should be a UN now. How to tell citizens the foreign talents policy a success? The only way to divert attention is to prohibit publish foreigners criminal s nationality. Then the foreign talent policy is a success for those reading shit times.

Sinkies are left with private taxi jobs. Property, tour guides, comfortable taxi driver, are gone with history. Reporters jobs are outdated only foreigners are trained to write stories that sinkies long to read such as taxi driver make $7k.
The newspapers are not making money with so many news no details such as criminal s nationality. Local customers do not buy news papers. How can the publishing company make money?
The policies cut news details till most news look like the same stories: do u like news like x number are arrested at geyland, xx numbers are arrest at orchard road?
Do u like "local" are employed, 92.8%, "local" are unemployed 3.2%: revised figures.
Do u like total visitors are 5 millions?
Cannot tell details lah.

Do u read like kopple fined US$422millions? The story should include details like sedte brasil, and the sumbmarine etc. If those details are not included, are u reading fake news? Half detail news is fake news. U will think only kopple was affected. U r fooled.

Anonymous said...

@ December 26, 2017 11:23 am

Just say the word, and I'll have the best ERP gantry system ever built.
Guaranteed to always collect money from Singaporean motorists without fail everyday.
For Ah Long-san by PAP.