Welcome to the land of the Dabawallas

Aziz Kassim wrote the below article published in the TRE. He called these workers Dabawallas, a termed used in India. In colonial Singapore, a similar term is coolies, the uneducated and unskilled workers selling their labour, sweat and muscle, in exchange for a few cents or a bowl of gruel. Those were the days when Singapore was in the Third World, run by a colonial govt whose interest is in London.

Today, Singapore is supposedly in the First World, the most expensive modern city in the world, run by multi millionaire ministers elected by the people to look after 'their' interests, including providing 'them with decent jobs'. Today, the Dabawallas or coolies are not uneducated and unskilled. They are graduates of our highly rated ITE, trained with technical skills. What is ITE? It’s The End? Oops, it is Institute of Technical Education. The Dabawallas and coolies did not have this privilege to be educated and trained in our ITEs.

The big question, why are the ITE graduates doing unskilled jobs of the Dabawallas and coolies and earning a pittance to survive in this most expensive city in the world? How are they going to bring up a family when they decide to get married and have children?

As Aziz Kassim lamented, are their education and skills so irrelevant that they are unemployable. Some bloggers even commented that some of these Dabawallas or coolies are diploma holders. And we have near full employment, employment 2 million foreigners here, mostly in full time employment, educated and trained in dubious schools or even fake degrees while our modern day Dabawallas or coolies are either temp or contract workers. Who is doing this to our young? Who is condemning our young to be Dabawallas or coolies?

What is happening to Singapore and our children? What is their future going to be like? What is the multimillion dollar ministers going to do to alleviate these people to a higher station in life when they could provide millions of jobs to foreigners here? Or the multimillion dollar ministers think this is the new normal for Singaporeans?

From another angle, we are progressing. At least now you need to get educated and technically trained with a skill to be Dabawallas or coolies. And with the experience as Dabawallas or coolies they can go to neighbouring countries where their skills will be greatly appreciated. Their pay will be raised into millions, in rupiahs, rupees and pesos. Even our graduate drivers will be in high demands in these countries, to drive taxis of course.

What do you think?

Below are some parts of Aziz Kassim's article

Singapore’s Dabawallas – ... A desperate situations, last not least the Dabawalas which hold no futures for youngsters in their career ladders now a starting career for these youngsters.

One would never imagine this is happening in Singapore, yes it is happening in Singapore. Practically everywhere in Singapore you can find them, it is just too many. With Motorbikes, bysicles, electrical bike, young, old and handicaps carrying cooked foods.The shocking and sad part all of them are Singaporean. These show a desperate situations.

Dabawalla, is an old trade of India where Dabawallas earning an average of US $131, usually those of low education...

In Singapore, plying this trade of Dabawalla are Uber, Dolphin , Kangarooo and others. I met few of these Singapore’s Dabawallas; shocking! An average they earn$5 per hour, a miserable amount , worst without taking into consideration the petrol cost.... Are Jobs so scarce for these youth? . I found out most of these are ITE graduates.

Are these people their skills are so irrelevant to the local companies?. Look everywhere, aircon, wiring, starhubs technicians and building industries, all run by foreigners. What is the point of having ITE when local companies prefer to employ foreigners. No wonder the government is expanding the Prison complex....These are one of sad cases where living conditions of Singaporean are slowly deteriorating. The Ministers like an insane preacher, howlings, dont get a degree, jobs might not easy to get but even these poor ITE graduates supposed to be filling for the nation skills worforces they too cant even get a job. .... This Dabawalla thing, something of an eye opener that shows we are going downward hill....

In India , Dabawalla is one of the poverty striken jobs, hence PAP are bringing us to the next level, lol the third world.

Aziz Kassim


Anonymous said...

Sinkieland economy is regressing even though the economic growth is 3-3.5% this year. Who actually got the economic pie? Norwegian sovereign fund investors also shunt Sinkieland's properties, they see no hope here. In Sinkieland jobs r for foreigners & NS r for Sinkies, whose fault ? ..go blame the 70% daft Sickies who voted the Miws & u got the garmen u deserved.

virgo49 said...

SINGAPOREAN employers, aa fellow countrymen for the sake of making more monies just like the Pay And Pay Scoundrels employed only the foreign trashes.

They capitalised on the loopholes of the government having them cheaper labour to run their business.

It's now a vicious circle that locally born Singaporeans are been deprived of a decent living as painstakingly worked for by their forefathers.

Only those who sucked up to the Ruling government and have had now a good life will blamed tge the Singaporeans for been choosy and lazy.

It had become a materialistic and soulless society.

Yet, in times of troubles and threats, they demanded that their own fellowmen to be on their side and defended their arses.

Anonymous said...

The Government and Union are on the side of the employers. Most of them are apple polishers sitting on top of community clubs, and many are just PAP snitches.

The wholesale import of foreign workers is to help employers lower manpower cost resulting in locals being replaced, provide extra income for the Government in filling up the housing rental market so they can sell more land to build more condos and HDB flats. What the dafts failed to understand is that all the savings in manpower cost is nullified by the high cost of rental for commercial factory and retail spaces. They can deny this, but it is the reality. A marginal increase in rental at hawker centres after each and every upgrading translates into a many fold increase in prices. Not true?

And who pays the price for all this? The locals are hit with high cost of living in an expensive environment. I am talking about eating at hawker centres not fancy restaurants and shopping at neighbourhood retail outlets.

Anonymous said...

don't talk about this

singapore is like that liao

you don't know meh

in Singapore you must work hard and 3Ms

no point kpkb, kpkb cannot eat, better 3 Ms

let me tell you all

this is Singapore

Singapore is really like that liao


Anonymous said...

The thing is PAP can well afford to have Sinkies as "Dabawallas" simply because they are very confident that they can still win big in elections and their ministers getting their million dollar salaries after that.

So why not Sinkies as "Dabawallas"?

If I were Hsien Loong, I would have done the same thing too and maybe even worse.

And even if opposition take over, they might also have done the same too.

It's only human nature. Like in Hokien they say "ay sai chiak, chiak lah". Meaning if can exploit, exploit lah.

Anonymous said...

With so many educated Sinkies as "Dabawallas", Hong Lim Park is still so quiet.

Where is our Sinkie Chairman Mao?

How to have a Sinkie "revolution" without a Sinkie Chairman Mao? Gilbert Goh? Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie opposition leaders cannot even get their act together to be united and strong, let alone a Sinkie Chairman Mao.

PAP knows this very well, that's why PAP have their "jobs for foreigners, NS for Sinkies" without any fear of losing power.

Anonymous said...

Actually Ah Neh country also did not have Ah Neh Chairman Mao, despite so many Dabawallas there.

And their Dabawallas are even worse off than Sinkie Dabawallas.

Yet no Ah Neh Chairman Mao.

So how to have Sinkie Chairman Mao?

Anonymous said...



Don't waste time! No point!

Singapore is very very very very quiet!

Where are they?

Anonymous said...

America has Trump for "Americans First" and Trump was elected as President.

Sinkies have Tan Jee Say for "Singaporeans First" and Jee Say not only lost, but lost badly, getting only a pathetic 22% votes. So much for championing "Singaporeans First".

So which Sinkie still want to champion "Singaporeans First" at the next election?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.04am


U are 1o1% correct!

People will DIE DIE vote for them!

U are 1o1% correct!

Anonymous said...

Fox news said IsIs grew under Obama to the world feared big terrorist groups with modern weapons to conduct warfare. Now these terrorists are chased out by Syria and Iraq. The main difference is US has changed, tax rate is 20%, killing IsIs rather than growing them. But the world has not changed on sinkieland. The groups worked with Obama remains in power. Obama not only supported IsIs, he had grand plan to disqualify chinese owning the south china sea islands. The main pinoys actors were disqualified by pinoys voters, and the new actor did it right to turn to money making.

Where is the real market? China chinese. Dont get the second word missing. The chinese are the market and not the china govt.

The author Kassim correctly pointed out hiring foreigners has its hidden route, the connection of those hiring agencies and the authorization bodies. They are the same people kakinan or formerly working together. The streaming of foreigners to under cut salary to favor employers is continuing.
The employers want to pay nothing for labor if possible.

There were court cases on employers hired above employment pass salary at application. Privately the employees paid back cash to the employers.
This kind of labor market is not allowed. But how many inspectors can find out the hidden deals?

The core issue is: the elite care nothing about what technology a firm is employing when allowing foreigners to work in a sinkieland firm. They elite only read the quota. PR is considered sinkies in quota. New citizens sure are the same as sinkies.

A firm that can employ real citizens NS men, actually employ PR and new citizens plus foreigners. 80% of them are same skin color. What kind of technology in it? Once RB showed a photo of the stadium office, he correctly pointed out the indian hideout sinkie office from the photo.

Kassim is unhappy about ITE hired to do kuli jobs. That is because ITE are desperate for job. If not he can sit at home to wait for a job. Kassim said these Uber drivers or new taxi drivers are similar. They are not only ITE but also graduates with years of working experience, now driving for Uber.

Kassim correctly pointed out the consequence voters created. Voters voter the group attempted to help Obama to disqualify chinese s ownership of sea islands. Few chinese can tolerate this kind of foreign policy against their interest. Sinkies expect the china chinese to buy big from sinkieland?

Most importantly, sinkies expect china chinese to invest big on sinkieland? If china firms invest in IT and manufacturing on sinkieland, jobs will be easy for sinkies. Because of the policies, china chinese will not do it. They invest in Malaysia.

Sinkie elite cannot create jobs. It is a fact. Voters want jobs? They must vote for opposition to change the faces of these old hacks, of no commercial working experience in their life time, but well treated like gold. Its time to vote for new faces. Bear in mind: never vote for candidates having NO NS experience. Voters watch, there are faces from sunny land will put as mp, without NS. This is a short change against citizens.

Sinkies will have more jobless, when mp are in majority without NS experience. Agree?

Anonymous said...

No Sinkie, if they could, wants to study in ITE.

But my company needs lots of skilled people of the type that ITE trains.

But few Sinkies want to join even if I pay them $2K pm starting salary for fresh ones.

And I got lots of foreigners willing. Some were even from ITE! Yes, now even ITE accepts lots of foreigners as students on scholarships because of not enough Sinkies as students!

So that's why I, even though a true blue Sinkie, employ lots of foreigners in order for me to do business and make money.

Like what one anon here always said, need to make lots of money to survive well in Sinkieland. Can't be helped lah.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie elite cannot create jobs.
11:42 am

Agreed. But Sinkie ruling elite sets the policy and conditions for foreigners to come here to create GDP growth, although not necessary this will create jobs for Sinkies. With GDP growth, their minister and civil servant bonuses grow too.

Sinkie elite cannot create jobs??

But why does this matter to the Sinkie ruling elite (aka PAP) when they are very confident, and to me very well founded confidence, of winning big in elections?

Anonymous said...

Since the Sinkie opposition is not able, or is not willing,

to be strong, united and ready to be govt,

then the next best thing they can do is that

they should try, despite being what they are,

to convince and to sell to majority Sinkies to still vote for them.

How to do it is for the Sinkie opposition leaders to thrash it out among themselves.

Here's a tip for them.

Sinkie opposition leaders need to learn to be good salesman during elections.

A good salesman can even sell a comb to a monk, or ice to Eskimos, u know.

A good insurance agent can even sell a big lousy (for client) policy to a daft Sinkie, and earning huge commission from it.

Rocket said...

Who are responsible for the Pathetic State of Life to the ITE graduated and Polytechnic graduated and University graduated skilled workers, diploma holders and PMETs?

The answer must be THEMSELVES! Why?

Because they are daft and their parents are even more daft. They all voted for it. They simply love to remain daft and get screwed from behind again and again.

Theu know fully well that in a concrete jungle of survival of the fittest, there are many stinking grey and black wolves in white sheep skins, packs of cunning foxes, groups of powerful, poisonous black cobras and banana vipers, and a swamp of merciless, pretentious crocodiles - all these led by the small gang of vampires, who are in turn led by Dracula himself, yet they failed to exercise the correct caution to protect themselves, their water-holes, their habitats, their off-springs and their long-term interest - i.e. their RICE-BOWL!

So, when their means of survival and livelihood, and future well-being, are being threatened or already affected, who are to be blamed?

Now their rice bowls are being taken. Next will be their homes. And after that will be their wives and daughters. Their sons have already been made into national slaves.

What kind of future will they have? Their HDB flat is in reality not theirs. Their CPF savings have been hijacked to become NOT their money. The cars and other vehicles, purchased at an exhorbitantly absurd price, are only lend to them for a 10-year usage. After 10 years, if they want to use it again, they have to pay again. Their sons "belong to" or "are owned" by the State the moment they turned 12 years old, until the age of 45, 50 or 55 - depending on their Reserve Service Liability. These are just a few of the surrealistic conditions in Singapore Inc.

So, what future is there for the Dafts?

Anonymous said...

Hello 1240pm

Wah! You so kind!

You offer fresh ITE $2000.00.

"See-pay-ho" ITE can oso get $2000.00!

The economy must be very very good!

Singapore must be full employment!

"0" unemployment!?

Fake news?

Anonymous said...

U r the regular almost week expounding the ruling elites are big winners in election. That shows u do not believe on your ruling masters capability. Most of the posts here question the current rulers abilities. U only know they have good numbers in votes. Did u remember those elections? Look at the Sands buildings: 3 jost sticks. Now the 3 jost has only one working actively, and is half dead, tumbling but not falling.
Cannot create jobs, one of them advised people buy properties, now the got stuck, the other one come up occasionally to do white wash to say some is clean at crisis management.

U under estimate voters on sinkieland. Their patience can run out while u r not concerned about pocket and children s education being ruined by these idiots.

U can continue to pray for the remaining jost stick to survive for future elections. Not many voters are optimistic about the rulers future prospects when WP spread the election wider, without the conservative LTK. Hopefully, the new batches will find more willing volunteers to serve.

WP candidates are not invited with offers of citizenship to be mp. WP s branding is pure citizens only. Its a good branding for voters. After the old voters never served NS all surrender IC, the remain are NS men. NS men are not idiots like those old under educated pap hardcore. The voting patterns will change with pap s performance. No performance in salary and jobs for NS men, out they will go.

Anonymous said...

@2.00 pm👍👍👍

Hope that your dreams come true!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

"If you think voting for the Opposition is risky;
... try voting PAP and depending on PAP for good jobs and social programs."

"How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?"
- Vivian Balakrishnan (PAP)

"Retrenchment is good for Singapore. If there is no retrenchments, then I worry."
- Goh Chok Tong (PAP)

Anonymous said...

As i said ..sg is a image sg nation.(imagination)

b said...

In the eyes of those greedy ruthless elites,
the working ants cannot, should not, must not have kids.
Stop voting for payandpay party is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

In GE 2015;
If 70% of allegedly disadvantaged LGBTs voted PAP,
If 70% of allegedly disadvantaged "single parents and divorced parents" voted PAP,
If 70% of allegedly disadvantaged "Dabawallas" voted PAP,
If 70% of parents of 17 year old boys voted PAP so that their boys have to serve NS,
If 70% of 55 year old Singaporeans voted PAP so that they cannot withdraw their CPF in full,

What makes you think GE 2020 will be any different tio bo?

Do you think 70% of Singaporeans will vote PAP because they want to pay more taxes after GE 2020?
- Just like 70% Singaporeans are now paying more taxes after GE 2015?

Stupidity has no cure.
Do you think PAP has a secret technology for making and keeping Singaporeans stupid?

Goh said...

Ah Lao ah
Stop painting an ugly pictures of our own Singaporean entrepreneurs n towkays.
Many are actually helping locals but it's some rules that puncture them n many having to close shops,struggling or bankrupted.
Instead of claiming our local employers being in favour of employing foreign trashes than sinkies,you should instead encourage our locals to work harder n longer hours.
Else what you do only benefits FTs.
Many still gonggong Erm Chai See,a matter of time your love ones will be boss around by FTs,not foreign talents but Foreign Towkays.
I notice the trend but many brain dead still dun.
Moral of story.Support our local entrepreneurs like how you would support your children.They should not be seen like your you know who.

Anonymous said...

Rb, it's very sad but the bottom line is that it likely affected only 30% of the population at the moment so till this group grows in number, pap is likely to continue.

Rocket said...

The perceived quality (leadership and administrative competence) and legitimate strength (authoritative power) of a ruling political party in any country is conversely, inversely and reversely in direct proportion to the overall quality (collective wisdom) and united strength (collective power) of the people (voters and non-voters).

Anonymous said...

Citizens own their own homes in their own countries.
Dabawallas do not own their own homes in their own countries.

Do Singaporeans own our HDB flats in Singapore?
You want to "test" your HDB ownership in court?

What are Singaporeans fighting for when we get invaded?
- your HDB flat that "belongs" to you?
- your CPF money that "belongs" to you?
- your car that "belongs" to you after 10 years?
- your Swiss standard of living?

Anonymous said...

In truth, 85% of Singaporeans do not own anything in their own countries.

They do not own the HDB flat which they have "leased" at a very high price.
They do not own the cars, lorries, vans or pickups which they have "purchased" at a very high price.
They do not own their own sons from 18 years old to 45 years old.
They do not own their CPF lifelong savings' money because they are totally out of their control.
They do not own their Credit Cards, which belong to the organisations that issued them.
They do not own their Identity Cards, which forever belong to the State.
They do not own their passports, which forever belong to the State.
They do not own their SMRT and Bus cards, which officially belong to the issuing authorities.
They do not own the common spaces anywhere in the whole country.
They do not own the Constitution and the Laws.
They do not own the Judiciary and the Courts.
They do not own the Government.
They do not own the Civil Service.
They do not own the Police.
They do not own the Singapore Armed Forces.
They do not own the Civil Defence Force.
They do not own the Internal Security Department.
They do not own the CPIB.
They do not own the various exclusive clubs of which they may be members.
They do not own any piece of land which they may have purchased because at any time they can be revoked by the State.
They do not own their Permanent Residency Status, nor their Citizenship because at any time they can be revoked by the State.
They do not have any People's President because they do not own the President, who is indirectly owned by the Ruling Party.

In fact, for all intents and purposes, the whole country is owned by only a few people right at the Top of Power. This is called Dictatorship of the Highest Order! It is worse than a Communist State.


Anonymous said...

If there is anything wrong, why would 70% vote for the PAP.

Anonymous said...

hi 757am, goooooooood morning!

you are not wrong to say that!

some very daring, they even predicted 80% at next GE!


hahaha,,,,,Singapore is like that liao,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

If there is anything wrong, why would 70% vote for the PAP.
December 10, 2017 7:57 am

If there is nothing wrong, why would so many Singaporeans migrate?

Anonymous said...

If there is anything wrong, why would 70% vote for the PAP.
December 10, 2017 7:57 am

If there is anything wrong, why would 70% houseflies eat shit and raw sewage?

Anonymous said...

If there is anything wrong, why would 70% houseflies eat shit and raw sewage?
11:03 am

Hey, u gila, Sinkies are not houseflies.

Anonymous said...

Hey, u gila, Sinkies are not houseflies.
December 10, 2017 11:16 am

Where does Newater come from?
Does Newater come from shit and raw sewage?


Anonymous said...

@ December 10, 2017 11:16 am

You must be a PAP voter.
Eat shit also don't know.

Have you eaten so much PAP shit that you are used to the taste by now?
What do they tell you ... that you are eating truffles?


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