Taiwan – The big American bully

The big bully USA just passed a law to authorise their warships to enter Taiwan. And they expect China to abide by this American law and not to violate it. They might as well pass another law to permit free entry of Americans into Taiwan and China. This is how arrogant and lawless the Americans have become. They still think they are the rulers of the world. Pax Americana is over the hill, history. I hope no silly Asian leaders would tell China to abide by this American law and ask China to follow the rule of law and this silly law is international law.

China is not going to let the ugly Americans do what they like in their territory. This is interference in China's domestic affairs. China's ambassador in Washington has made it crystal clear, without a speck of doubt, that if an American warship enters a Taiwanese port, it would take Taiwan by force. This is a message not only to the Americans but also to Taiwan and the rest of the American cronies that China would go to war with the Americans if necessary on this issue.

What would China do should the belligerent Americans think they could slap China on the face and walk away? China has spoken and would not back out from this stand. One possibility is a lock down of Taiwan by air and by sea. The airspace over Taiwan would be declared a no fly zone. The surrounding seas, say 200 nautical miles from the island, would be declared no sail zone or a war zone. Any ships inside these areas would be shot at. The American warship that entered Taiwan would be there and not allow to get out unless China allows it. Making a dash out would be shot on the spot.
Then China can wait, without firing a shot, to see if the Taiwanese would dare to fly their military aircraft or sail their warships. The Americans may try to be fearless and move their aircraft carriers within the range of the DF21s and DF26s. The Chinese military aircraft and submarines would be patrolling the war zone from above and from below. All the missiles would be ready to fire and pointing at Taiwan and the American aircraft carriers.

China would take Taiwan without firing a shot. Any attempt by Taiwan to pull the trigger would bring disaster to the island and the Taiwanese. It is a battle that the Taiwanese cannot win. Would the Americans risk a war with China and the sinking of all their aircraft carries in the western Pacific Ocean? The whole Chinese war machine would be at China's disposal against the handful of American carriers, from air, from space, from cyber space, from the sea, from all over China. This time China is ready and can hit anything the Americans have and dare to send to the western Pacific war zone.

When the blockade is set up, it would be within a matter of days when the Taiwanese would remove their pro American leaders and replace them with a patriotic leader. Taiwan returns to China after that.

This is a likely scenario of what would happen should the mad Americans sail their warship into Taiwan. The Americans think they can still pass their silly laws and demand other countries especially China to respect their unequal laws? There are many other possibilities that the Chinese govt could take to take Taiwan when war is declared. Make no mistake about this. Any attempt to violate Chinese territory and sovereignty is war. And war will go all the way to mainland USA. It is not a case of I can hit you and you can’t hit me. Mainland America would be in the war zone. This time the American President would have to run for real, unlike the fake fleeing for safety by George Bush during the downing of 911.


Anonymous said...

Probably Dotard Tump wanna challenge the Chinese PRC and create unrest not only in China but also rest of the world so that their economy may improve with war weaponry orders jobs will increase & Americuns economy grow..it's a very selfish way to keep its own country running but others living in hell. China will not let this happen & gonna stop the insane intrusion of the Americuns warship to ensure its gonna be the UaSsA last jedi & will beat these Americuns asshes till explode & never try to tempt the dragons again..lets see this UaSs warships will be the last of the Bohemians...

Anonymous said...

I see Americans are in desperate position. Being edged out of the World No.1 Economy, they have to try its best to drag everyone down so as too boost their own standing.

Anonymous said...

If Taiwan allows the Americans in, it clearly shows their backsides are very itchy.

Why invite confrontation similar to another Vietnam? Sure the Americans will help them, but in what way? Will the Americans fight alongside the Taiwanese? Can the American public tolerate another Vietnam. Richard Nixon knew the consequences and he vowed 'No More Vietnam'.

Why would Taiwan want to let the Americans into their country to start a war that will destroy their country, and when the Americans public cannot tolerate the losses, they will pull out leaving them in the lurch like the South Vietnamese. Unlike Iraq, there is no oil to control and the stakes are not as high as in Iraq.

And who will benefit the most in weapons sales and war loans to rebuild the country?

Virgo 49 said...

Chinese Dotards in Taiwan and Hong Kong and bananas in Sinkieland till today are still fearful of the Comminists China Xi.

They still have the yearnings of living a Western Way of decadent freedom.

The Taiwanese many of them still wants to have their Independence from China. So many like the Tsai PRESIDENT will toyed with many ideas to test China and hopefully get their way of being Independent.

Likewise, many Hong Kongers, who feared that their free western way of life may be terminated.

China gave them fifty years to adjust and hope that the young may be more easy to adjust.

But those who had tasted the way of western world and loved it may find the future fearful of living in a so called "communists" controlled environment.

So, they lean and seek Big Bro American to find a solution.

Thinking that USA is the So called Land of Freedom and Democracy.

Blindly closed their eyes to their not perfect discrimination and racists ideology.

Likewise our Bananas Leaders and their cronies who are having a Ball of their life living and educated in the Western Ideology.

The Americans in cahoots will also tried to antagonize China by collaborating with these Dotards.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan expanded its naval base zouying to dock over 10kton war ship probably was not meant for US fleets docking. Taiwan was building its own warship. Unfortunately, the contractor bankrupt. The taiwan defence ministry paid the contractor sums of multi millions against the executive legislators audit committee. Those money was freeze due to the contractor s slow progress. But multi millions money was sent to Macau to China and send back to Taiwan with a huge sums short. This contractor was close to the ex president chen. Lockheed martin was short change and stop cooperating with the contractor.

The Congress s "recommendations" to Trumps to dock US fleets at Kaoshiong plus invite Taiwan troops to join US in military exercises came at the right time. Taiwan s navy is weak comparing to China s quick expansion in navy fighting power.

After signing the Congress recommendations, Trumps quoted clause 1259 saying he is commander in chief and authority on foreign relation, he is not subject to Congress s control. It implied he will not in practice to dock US fleets at Kaoshiong.

China s big mouth warning US it will take Taiwan was not from PLA. US has Taiwan Relations Act to follow 6 points, out of which US needs to protect Taiwan.

The main game plan is today s Trump report on China US trade. Trump s aid said China had "economic invasion" on US s economy. Trump has dropped its corporate tax to 21% and signed as laws. Such low tax is to attract those manufacturers overseas, including China, Taiwan, and usa to put their plants at US. It will turn the fortune for US firms on China if Trump announce additional taxes on those firms manufacturing outside US but ship their semi goods back to US.

China will jump much higher if such additional taxes are imposed on semi finished goods ship back to US.

Taiwan is not easy to control if China invades it. The Taiwanese govt is using its "288" incidence when Chiangkaisek killed thousands of rioters and local inhabitants, to discredit "communist china". Taiwan s young are "independent" breeds. Taiwan s old are money breeds, making money on mainland. There is increasing third force in Taiwan to maintain that they are Taiwanese and not China chinese. That s why, the local KMT has no chance to gain votes when it goes for "unification".

If China PLA were to take Taiwan, the force that stirring the gap between China and Taiwan will be most happy. It will be easy to teach Taiwan young to be "Taiwanese" to go against "China chinese" because of the hardship the people suffer from the invasion. To rule Taiwan will be more difficult.

Therefore, China s leaders will not venture into such state of affair. Look at HK s "yellow umbrella" movement. The major streets at shopping areas were block for months. Clashes with police were seen, and should be rightfully classified as rebellion. China PLA did not act.

HK s handling of riots withing China s territorial boundary is a clear sign. Any one knows current affairs will know how China leadership will deal with Taiwan. The big mouth was talking cock.
US is unlikely to dock at Taiwan without first getting China s agreement, though Taiwan Relation Act exists.

But when US attack NK, will China disagree US putting its fleets at Kaoshiong port? Think about it when UN sanctions will not work. This is more real as UN sanctions always involve these 2 powers. When war breaks up with NK (any time when Kim drop another nuclear bomb experiment), China will have little choice to disagree. Instead, it might use this as excuse to invade Taiwan. If not, it will want to see Kim go after a quick war. So fleet docking at Kaoshiong might be possible. Be rational when seeing these politicians playing their games.
Tellison had said they did discuss with China on crossing 38line and promised to go back to the same line after the job.

Anonymous said...

I think sg government should tell China to follow the law as we are a strong country that punched a over our weight. The SAF is ready to take on China with our Air Force, navy, submarines etc. Chins better be scares of us.😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😒😒😒πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Taiwan defensible against China?

While China remains tolerant to dissent in HK and Taiwan, Chinese not wanting to kill Chinese, there is a limit to what China would do and would not do.

When traitors attempt to breakup China, that would be the last straw.

Anonymous said...

The West, the American bastards and Japan can plan all the evils against China and the Chinese people. But make no mistake no respectable and dignified Chinese will ever allow China and the Chinese people to be trampled and humiliated again. During the last two hundred years or so when China was weak the West including the Russians and the Americans and Japan brutally attacked China, killed millions of Chinese and took by force huge swathes of Chinese lands and Chinese all over the world were lynched and murdered. Today China and the Chinese people have not yet redressed those wanton acts of aggression and brutality carried out by the savage white men and the Japanese against China and the Chinese people and yet they still think of toying with the idea that they can repeat those evil attrocious and savage acts scotts free without repercussions. China and the Chinese people will never be bullied and humiliated again. The next war must not and will not be fought in Chinese homeland. It will be fought in America and Japan and make no doubt that these two evil countries will be completely flattened and desolated. Other countries in Asia, Africa and South America which had similarly suffered from American, Japanese and white men's aggression must join China to destroy these evil savage forces to redress the wrongs of the past less history repeats itself.


Monday, 18th December, 2017

Anonymous said...

But 1020am sir, we are just a pee sai....,.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„!

Anonymous said...

It is time for China and peace loving people all over the world to join forces and liberate the native American Indians from white Americans who are invaders so that they can have their own country to live with respect and dignity. US must also be broken up to accommodate an independent and dignified African American and Mexican American state. China and other countries must also help Cuba and all other South American countries from US economic plunder and aggression and help Puerto Rico and Hawaii to gain back their independence. The United Nations body must insist and tell USA to get out of the Cuban terrritory of Guantanamo and see that US stops carrying out all its terrorizing and subversive acts of aggression against all other South American countries from there.

Anti American savage terrorism and inperialism.

Anonymous said...

The present generation of Taiwanese and Hongkongers never learn from history. They never will, with all the propaganda from the West which they believe lock, stock and barrel to be their savior. They have never tasted the whites vile and evil ambitions.

How do the whites treat the Chinese during those days? Just like dogs and were never even allowed into certain white areas. How vile and evil can the whites be, acting like overlords even in a foreign country. If they had their way, they would probable massacre all Chinese like they did to the Red Indians and Aborigines. And they talk about human rights and democracy like angels.

And still, like the Japs who were nuclearised by them, trust them.

Anonymous said...

Young generations are educated by their own systems similar to sinkies youth. Many youths are trained overseas because they cannot acquire places in local universities or they are too good like those paper generals must be trained in overseas tertiary places.

Old generations are mounded to the educational materials and experience. They should think for themselves when they were young, were they thinking differently from their parents.

One fact is very clear cut. The western style of democratic principles, system of government are well rooted in young generations minds. Do not tell them emperor s courts are better than democracy.

Taiwan run as independent country is very similar to sinkieland. HK needs to set aside as china politicians influence is at least 30 to 40% weight under the basic laws.

The political trend in Taiwan is anti "old system" to be carried forward. This deep hate against old politicians derived from the long clinging on to power and bluffing the young without ability to bring in more wealth to these youths. These youths are generally well trained and think more rationally than what your post had shown.
U look up the last election at Taipei major. The appointed candidate Lien, son of Lienzhan was badly condemned by media of both sides. The telling sign is: the young do not trust the old parties. And a middle ground Ker P got into the seat.
Also the new party "new power" got 5 seats, pro independent, pro gay, and wayang all the way, supported by the ruling party dpp.
But this wayang party will not last due to poor performance. The ruling party too, cannot clear air pollution, cannot maintain retirement funds, cannot protect worker s interests. Most important: both parties dare not to declare indepence of taiwan.

The disappointed youths will vote for someone not too related to these old devils trying to scam their votes, again, in coming elections.

Any old system advocates believing they must remember what the wars did to their parents will have their disappointments because, the youths are the real suffering generations of joblessness, debts, and low pay. Do they care about history when the old fellows are loaded with cash telling them to do so?

So it is a new generations created from the old generations. Do not blame the created ones. The ones who created poverty for the young generations need to double check their thinking too.

Taiwan young has more outlets than sinkieland young. They can talk loud without being charged. on sinkieland, the young will get sued, or keep quiet. Let say people ask them, do they hate to put syaonan as a brand name for a public place? No young one will find it hard to accept. its the old who got panic and changed back to ford factory.
The youth here are not keen on history. Dont ask them about sinkieland history. If u ask them taking out NS good or not? They will say yes, can get jobs faster.
All youth are very absolutely practical. As parent, it is good to see such brains. Stop looking back. As politicians are scamming them with lots of nice wording to describe their packages. Both in Taiwan and on Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

My advice to China President Xi Jinping is that he should increase China's nuclear warheads stockpile to 7,000 from the current 270 - which is even lesser than France's 300 ! US currently has 6,800 warheads, while Russia has 7,000.

Anonymous said...

Kim called old dotard for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel capital.

Gaza restaurant offers North Koreans customers 80% discount for thanking Kim s support.

Kim should be heart felt among the bullied Palestine people. Hope someday the bullied will be as strong, as resilient as NK people.

b said...

Usa is not really a united country. They like to create wars among different people. They like to see different sides fighting each other and later play hero and pick up the rumbles. They want to see koreans fighting each other. They like to see chinese fighting each other. They like to see irans and saudi fighting each other. They like to see germans and russians fighting each other. When they both heavily injured from fighting, they like the θž³θž‚ζ•θ‰,ι»„ι›€εœ¨εŽ game. The solution is to love and respect one another and not fall into their trap.

‘Let Them Fight Each Other And Pick Up The Remnants'' Trump

Anonymous said...

No worry. Small country can rely on India war ship to counter China. Taiwan can sign pact with India.

"New Delhi, Nov 29: India and Singapore on Wednesday entered into an agreement which would allow Indian warships to dock at Singapore’s Changi naval base. The pact will allow Indian ships sailing in the disputed South China Sea to refuel and rearm, if need be, at Singapore’s newest naval base. The move is aimed at countering Chinese naval presence in South East Asia and the Indian Ocean region."

b said...

Indian cannot even properly solve their sewagepoopee problems. Defense or fight a war is too complicated for them.

Anonymous said...

India is allied to US the #1 super power similar to little usa.
When arabs countries asked what India s stand on US recognition of Jerusalem as belonged to Israel.
India has this kind of statement:
"Instead, the Indian foreign ministry in a brief statement, said India's position was consistent and independent of any third party.

The bland statement made no reference to Jerusalem and prompted criticism at home that it was insufficient, vague and anti-Palestinian."

India simply ignored the arabs. It is a super power when its war ships uses changi. Trouble is when their war ship is gonna be ready.

Anonymous said...

Unrestrained ego of politicians is going to screwed up the world. Loooney wants to punch above weight yet "walked this way".

Modi warships coming to Sinkingpore when its much more productive to solve the sewagepoopo problem; hope their warships don't dump shit in our yard.

Trump wants to bring US MNCs capital back & manufacturing back when its labor costs is US$21 per hr, while China is US$2 per hr.
If US MNCs labor costs shoot up from $2 to $21 for these goods manufactured, US stock market will be eating dust. Thanks to the cheap laborers & facilities of China, its MNCs are grossing record high profits.

Ego plus stupidity...we have real problems.

Anonymous said...

If products cost more to manufacture in US, it is the citizens in US that will suffer if they cannot buy cheaper alternatives from China. Sure, the quality may be lacking, but if one cannot afford the expensive items made in US, they can make do with China products. Unless, of course they raise US salaries substantially to make those products affordable. But at what cost? Raising wages of workers would make manufacturing less profitable, hence still back to square one.

The problem is magnified further when tariffs are raised on imported stuffs from China to stifle competition with their own manufacuring, even cheaper things from China will also become expensive.

Anyway, Trumps idea of bringing back manufacturing to US will greatly affect not only those factories in China, but its citizens too.

Lets see what happens, if we survive the coming war.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore India combination will make the two combined the biggest superpower in SE Asia. Heheheheheh. China, Indonesia, Malaysia, don't quai lan with Singapore. The Indians sure hoot one to show them India is a real superpower.

Singapore can punch above its weight again.

Anonymous said...

The India- Sinkieland combo is looking for Problems After Problems...in time of war between Sinkieland vs Matland or Indoland, India may come in to help Sinkieland, after winning war, India will just swallow Sinkieland & Sinkies will be slaves to India, if India lose they just run road leaving Sinkieland fight alone or waiting uaSs help, probably uASs dun even wanto bother this red dot ...so Sinkieland in time of war better rely on ownself but maybe many NS men will also awol in time of crises ..

Rocket said...

When Indian warships start to berth at Changi Naval Base, China will ask Singapore to also allow her warships to berth at Changi Naval Base also. How will Singapore's PM respond?

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.11pm

maybe Spore PeeAyam will just ask China warship to follow International Law or take a Q number for parking or charge these China warship monies for parking or ask them Fxxx Oxx, while India warship is " Welcome to Sing-a-pour , yuan de Pu der nah, nah Leh manikam neh"..

Anonymous said...

In a future war between the US and China, the PLA may deem it necessary to take over Taiwan. It will be a sad day for the Chinese race, but that day may not be far away, given that pro-American elements and Japanese cronies in the Taiwan leadership are working for the destruction of China.

Anonymous said...

Chinese race is doomed coz many are traitors to their own race and would gang up with foreigners to go against their own race for a little personal benefit and ego rubbing.

Virgo49 said...

One China man in a documentary, think old farmer or labourer lamented.

"Chinese fight and kill own kind, NO MEANING"

But, now Overseas Chinese tasted the Decadent Lifestyle of so called Western Democracy and Freedom had no qualms of being Traitors to their own kind.

For their own well being and wealth killed their own kind.

See the recent JB petrol kiosk murder. Fired fire crackers after killing own kind for vengeance on women, gangland turfs and wealth.

China Men still have the upbringing of own kins and own kind friends.

Overseas Chinese after becoming bananas lost their Souls and Minds.

The Taiwanese prefer to join The Japanese and the South Koreans the Americans to kill their own.

Sinkies Chinese, many now chiap Cheng scorned their own and are more hospitable to others than their own.

Sad state of Chinese Civilisation m

coupons and Deals said...

China would take Taiwan without firing a shot. Any attempt by Taiwan to pull the trigger would bring disaster to the island and the Taiwanese. It is a battle that the Taiwanese cannot win.

Goh said...

Laochek Virgo
Taiwanese are harmless.
They love peace and are not in favour of joining foreign forces to kill their own kind like what you think.
The Ah tok ah are trying hard to cause conflict or fear but the Chinese and Taiwanese are not stupid to fall into the trap.
Maybe this can even help to bridge them closer.
The more Ah tok ah chut pattern the more United they are.
Understand the situation of Taiwanese before you anyhow shoot and give ah tok ah more confidence.
The Taiwanese has a song.
My dream is to see both China and Taiwan merge and united one day and I do not rule out that possibility .

Goh said...

Only khongcum like you will think Taiwanese will pull the first trigger.
And never underestimate the Taiwanese.ζ²‰ι»˜δΈζ˜―ζ‡¦εΌ±。

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, Taiwanese are more comfortable with the Japanese than the ChinaMen.

After many years of been ruled by Japanese, many had also their traits and cultures and their way if life.

They now only hoo haa against their own leaders and people.

They are just like the Present day lot of sinkies who are as timid and balls carrying during the Japanese Regime.

Only the original aborigines fought against the Japs.

The Japs does not brutally massacred them like Chinamen who put up a fierce resistance.

Taiwanese are just as hollow as Sinkies.

Many even adored the Japs.

When I went there years ago when China is still struggling to be an enconmic power, the Taiwanese immigration has special lookouts for PRCs thinking they are coming in as illegal immigrants for work.
So happy as though they strike 4D when they find discrepancies in their passports.

Hauling them roughly into Office.


See how true faced Chinese Taiwanese can be.

Likewise Chinese Sinkies.

Virgo49 said...

Should be "Two" faced or literally should be the "True" faced.

Just not too long, another trip there and the lady tour guide when we were at the Museum or Whats CKS maselouem commented when she saw hordes of China Tourists.

"They are looking at how much loots and treasures that we stole from the Mainland as displayed here.

China Men been scorned by one and sundry in the whole world including their own kind of traitors.

It's time they scorned them back at the bananas.

But been cultured people, they even declared to the World that they will co-exist and rise peacefully.

Unlike the Americunts who stirred Shits and put fears into everyone that China is a deadly enemy.

Just like our daft bananas leaders and Chinese Sinkies who thinks they are better than them.

Anyway, Chinese mentality is that when you are Rich, you are "yan tow " or handsome.

When you are poor, you are "Lau kow " or monkey.

That's why the 4D and Toto draws so long queue.

Everyone's wanta to be "Yan Tow " not "Lau Kow "

Anonymous said...

If an American warship enter Taiwanese port, China will take Taiwan by force? Tsun boh? U really think so. I don't think so, that would mean war with the US under the treaty between Taiwan and US.

Virgo49 said...

Chinese Leaders unlike the Americans are serious in their Talks. They don't blow Hot Air.

This will be the Best Reason to take Taiwan by Force.

Let the Tsai Woman played her antics.

UAssA would not fight with China.

Only Talk Only. What's Treaty??

They would not die for U.

Only conned U.

Goh said...

No disagreements on what you claim on others but you can't compare Taiwanese with sinkies lah,Lao chek.They are not banana yet,at least at this moment.
Take a pingpong ball n throw from rooftop of Chinatown building n it will hit either Josephine Lim , Sebastian Soh or George Teo.
Go 101 Taipei tower or kaohsiung mengsidai n throw one you can only hit either a Lim feng jiao or Wu xiao yung etc.
Who more banana?
On immigration screening ,its not looking down on the Chinese in the past but they are more on the look out of spies or so call communist last time .That's under military rule.
Now that they can have direct contact writing to each other,they are much closer and even travel to visit one another without restriction .
Support Taiwan as how you would support China:-)

Goh said...

Another Babatai you.
Tell me what you gain in seeing Taiwan taken over by force.

Virgo 49 said...

Babatai still thinks that Taiwan should unite with China and be World Number One.

So, the World will not see Chinese NO UP including Babatai and Bananas.

Forgive the Bananas and Babatais for not been pure Chibese.

Ahgongkia, why you so worried about Taiwan??

You infinity with them and have Taiwanese meis meis? ?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, the Taiwanese no doubt still have Chinese Cultural followings more than Sinkies whose many are Hallelujah are just no better in behavioural conducts.

They, just like Sinkies are kia see and Kia sui

Unlike Mainland Chinese still full of Patriotism and Gee Chee to their kind.

The Japs had no troubles with them under their rule as they are just like the Sinkies under the PAP.

Only Mainland Chinese are being slaughtered by them.

Xi, as a StateMan is trying not to being up past Japanese Atrocities and be low keyed.He did not even made a Presence in the Anniversary of Nanjing.

Whereas the Japs still do not acknowledged their atrocities and made worships to their War Criminals.

But, if Taiwan insistence of being a Rebel to break away, then China have no choice but to take back by force.

Especially if that TSai President is being made use of by UAssA and Japan.

Chinese been humiliated for too long. Time to be on their side.

Let the bananas and Babatais be.

Its their destinies and fates to be so.

Do not criticise just because they adopted Ang Moh or Whatsoever names.

That's their lives

Goh said...

Laochek ah
Not interested in those who give themselves angmo names or choosing one for their new born even before they are born.,so long as they are not my descendents.
It's just to tell you how one can be influence and end up being westernized pro angmo as a result .No need war but religion ,culture and change you unknowingly.
Yes.My mei mei is from Tsoying,kaohsiung.,but its irregardless.
Anyone who try to instigate that Taiwan is a rebel to China is unfair.
Of course I still hope Chua Eng Boon act wisely and not being make use of .