Great opportunities beckoning from North Korea

Everytime I read about little Red Dot sending a delegation to the world's biggest economy in purchasing power terms and bragging about what they could learn from us, I can't stop shaking my head. There is absolutely nothing left that China can learn from Singapore except the bad things that they have rejected from the start. Our legal system or rule of law? Makes me laugh more heartily. If someone can tell China to obey the rule of a kangaroo court, unable to differentiate a kangaroo court and a court of justice, what credibility does such a person have when talking about legal system and rule of law? Not wanting to add more comments on this stupid stance by stupid people.

Now where was I? Oh, opportunities beckoning from North Korea! Can anyone see what I am seeing? It does not need a genius to see the great opportunities North Korea is offering to little Red Dot that is running out of ideas and craving for some openings to do some good businesses. They are not blind, but blinded by the blinkers put on them by the Americans, telling them what to read, what to see and what to say, what is good and what is bad. North Korea is like South Korea in the same way China, Taiwan, HongKong and Singapore are alike, the same DNA. If South Korea can be what it is today, North Korea will be the next South Korea, maybe even bigger and more prosperous once they adopted the Chinese system of separation between political ideology and economic reality.

Cut out the politics of the Americans. The Americans are running a brutal empire for world domination and anything that is against them or not for them is bad. They will demonise everyone and make the stupid believe in their demonisation. They wanted monopoly of nuclear weapons and WMD and to use these as threats against small nations and would not allow small nations to find ways to defend themselves against this evil Empire. Now is this familiar?

Singapore is a small country surrounded by bigger neighbours and must arm to its teeth, the poison fish theory. Isn't North Korea doing the same, arming itself to the teeth so that the evil Empire cannot threaten to obliterate it at will, to invade the country at will, by developing its own nuclear arsenal to prevent an invasion by the evil Empire? Little Red Dot has been practising the same principle to defend itself from bigger neighbours. North Korea is not going to threaten any country with nuclear weapons. North Korea is not going to attack any country with their nuclear weapons. It is the evil Americans that are threatening to do that. Get the shit off your numbskull and stop behaving like fools and allowing the Americans to make a fool of you.

Now that we have gotten rid of this American shit, let's think business and do business. Let the Americans continue with their political bickering and warmongering. Look at the potential of North Korea and what little Red Dot can offer to NK to complement each other. The NK capability in rocketry is something that little Red Dot can capitalise on, to market to the world to send satellites to space. Little Red Dot does not have the technology nor the space to be a provider of such a service. Little Red Dot can do the marketing and selling of this service to the rest of the world. Work with NK, cooperate with NK to sell this service. There is first mover advantage. And they are many areas that the two countries could cooperate economically, even sell them the idea of rule of law, open up NK like LKY helped to open up China. This is a role cut out for little Red Dot while there is still time. China is over as far as little Red Dot is concerned. There is no more value add that little Red Dot can offer to China. North Korea is where opportunities lie and the door is just opening.

Little Red Dot should say the same thing to the evil Empire. It would determine its own foreign policies to serve its own national interests, not the interests of the evil Empire. It would not allow a foreign power to dictate its foreign policies and will befriend whoever it wants if it serves its national interest. Before the rest of the world rush into North Korea, little Red Dot must act quickly or be left behind.

North Korea is a peaceful country and hungry for development, not for war. The country that is about wars and hungry for wars is the USA. They are talking about wars every day, sleeping, eating or shitting wars. The evil Empire should not be allowed to limit the freedom of little Red Dot to do business with NK. Remove the blinkers and start working, and be real.

NK is not going to bomb the shit out of little Red Dot. Little Red Dot is insignificant, irrelevant, non existence to NK, but little Red Dot can make itself relevant by doing the right thing or the wrong thing to NK.

In a way, little Red Dot can fan the lies spread by the Americans that NK is going to bomb everyone with nuclear weapons, for what reason no need to ask, no need to know. Then little Red Dot can go and sell them ‘Iron Domes’ to protect them from nuclear attacks. But first little Red Dot must produce the ‘Iron Domes’ for sale. This is exactly what the evil Empire is doing, create demons, create fears, create tension and threats of wars and then sell weapons. QED.


Anonymous said...

Doing gd can C1.
Reason we r here.

Anonymous said...

Instead of opening doors, making friends to create business opportunities, they closed doors, make enemies and cut off business opportunities, because the Americans said so.

Bloody useless twits. Still dare to shout we are independent and would not let foreign countries manipulate our foreign policies. See the Americans quickly bend down and ask to be screwed.

Anonymous said...

North Korea is not a danger to the world. North Korea is a danger only to the USA.

Hope North Koreans are reading this blog and knowing many of us here are strongly supporting them! But hearing they have no internet . . . sigh

Anonymous said...

/// Everytime I read about little Red Dot sending a delegation to the world's biggest economy in purchasing power terms and bragging about what they could learn from us, I can't stop shaking my head. /// redbean

Everytime I read about Singaporeans voting for PAP and being grateful for what PAP has done for Singaporeans, I also can't stop shaking my head.

Goh said...

Every time I see those PGs claiming Xxx helped to open up China I oso can't stop shaking my head.
Shake shake non stop.Khongcum no cure.

Anonymous said...

/// There is absolutely nothing left that China can learn from Singapore except the bad things that they have rejected from the start. /// redbean

Do you think it is true?
That there is absolutely nothing good that Singaporeans can learn from PAP except the bad stuff like their non-performing meritocracy?

Anonymous said...


I m a fan of the fat boy.

L00k at him, so very young yet the whole world is l00king at him!

Salute! Salute! Salute!


Anonymous said...

Jedi Kim,

May the force be with him.

Anonymous said...

Jedi Loong,

May the farce be with him.

Virgo 49 said...

For too long, the daft Asians just like the 70% Dafts in Sinkieland had worshiped the Americans.

Thinking that they are the Universe's Hero And Protector.

So, they obeyed USA blindly just like the daft 70% Sinkies.

When they gave an order, everybody just simply obeyed them.

They are manipulating you to their interests and yet they worshiped them.

DONT have any diplomatic relations with Kim and have your own Citizens subjected to tortuous search and harassment coming to our Country.

Why they DONT have reciprocal requests that they do the same ??

After all, theirs is a more dangerous country with all free ownership of arms???

Anonymous said...

Actually little red dot has much to offer NK wat they lack. Perhaps Little Red Dot LeLong San can just offer NK its SMART Nation technology to Ah Kim in exchange of NK nuclear technology so that little red dot can minimise the use of more NS men to protect its nation ( by the way, AHen ministry announced few days ago that Mindeaf gonna reduce NS men to make use of more technology in the future of battle field). Little red dot can also teach NK on how to shift goal post or flip prata in the areas of rule of law internationally so that UaSs will have to follow that law. Little red dot can also teach NK how to run its economy betterer, fasterer & cheaperer by importing many foreigners talents to improve its economic capability further, look like there is a lot more that NK can learn from LeLong san so that NK can be home for everybody in this planet, do u NK will learn from PAPies- the planet most well paid politicians?...

Virgo49 said...

NK can have their A bombs and Sinkieland wants to teach them our Smart Technology? ??

Sinkieland smart techno Chee are from those Ang Mo So called Smart Techno Chee without the bye.

The one that crashed the MRT and the Immigration Kiosks at all checkpoints.

Yesterday's one how Lian AMo standing at the Airport Arrival kiosk with his Kia kng trying to rectify some faults.

Unable to clear three times and he bellowed me to back off and try another kiosk.

Told him your techno CB lousy lah.

Get from China. No wonder MRT signals also failed.

Sinkieland just gets from Kim a A Bomb and Regular Men to man the A Bomb.

Do away with National Slavery and see the neighbours will kow tow you.

Our Sinkies will have Priority Entries into their countries.

Not two hours queue at KL airports and Land checkpoints.

Anonymous said...

/// Perhaps Little Red Dot LeLong San can just offer NK its SMART Nation technology to Ah Kim in exchange of NK nuclear technology ///

Do you think maybe PAP technology is already far behind North Korea technology?
Maybe only African countries would be interested? ... even then I'm not so sure.
Do you think it's true?

Anonymous said...

The elder care group was helping to broadcast the fake Pinoy Hague judgement. These old farts can now turn around and support the direct opposite?

Wanna confront Sukie for chasing refugees away? In fact sinkies own 3 millions immigrants are causing problems : welfare money shortage when these additional immigrants get old and with deteriorating living conditions. Scary situation: poverty is on its way bigger and faster than time when sinkies are 3 millions. Pay more taxes, the elites said it.

Sinkies are heading for declines. Old neighbor shops closed shop with sign board torn down. New condo shops cannot fill up and has no visitors. Sinkies traditional business are overcrowded and business volumes are down. The main cause is high rental cost. This problem came from mass immigration. Old fart told China to stop birth, yet sinkies adopt 3 millions adults as kakinan.

NK s nuclear arms will not go away because of china. US stirs up SK to threaten china both in wars. Look at Pakis had nuclear in 1998, did china worry? Pakis has 140 nuclear heads. Both India and Pakis did not sign no spreading nuclear arm treaty. Why does US China keeping quiet? Sinkieland wants to bark at them?

US want to pick Kim because he looks "small" yellow skin. Will US look up at sisy on sinkieland? Think lah: be realistic, US politicians are plain arrogant, including the Japanese. They all looks down at chinese.

Nuclear arms are something NO single nation can removed by force. Kim knew the tricks on Iraq and Libya. From the 2 cases, Kim will hold the H bomb in sleep. US China can remove Kim s nuclear arsenals? Fat hope.

Sinkies should look at its own declining competitive position. Can it has nuclear technology? Its exports are struggling. Its NS men are struggling paid with poor pocket money. Its own citizens are jobless. Its elites still want to provide welfare for 3 millions of immigrants.
Wanna tax on citizens to justify their future survival.

Flying over other countries airspace is real, its not a rights.
Sinkieland might ends up sea blockage if the politicians are too big headed. It has no nuclear arm like Kim. When looking at the stage at those asean meetings, who is talking? Who s words are not important? Sinkies must vote for new team to work out its own attractions to these countries. NO need sisy. Eying at NK s market is the obvious.

Russia may go first to accept Kim s Hbombs. If China can accept India and Pakis own nuclear arms, why cant China accept NK? So China will have no choice.

So the time when Xi goes, the next china leader will play the role to accept Kim as friend. Its only path in order not to have war with NK.

Sinkies can take the US and Japan s stands to crash with NK in future? Better not vote for sisy. When china s malacca town/port s in operations, sinkieland will be light weigh in the region.

Beijing will have world biggest flight hub to have direct flights to US. What else can sinkies do to be useful to the regions? Irritating words will only draw retaliations form these countries. They dont give a damn about who is who as Obama and Hilliary are scammers, they did not make China weaker, they did not make trade bloc to exclude china, while sinkieland elites thought they would. Sinkies lost big. The regions changed side oredi. Sinkieland still on US s lap.

Cancerous-Cells Devour Own Body-Host said...

When cancer has invaded a person's brain, no matter how smart he is, je just cannot think straight. All he can focus on is "Self-Destruct".

If every voter were to see things from this light - taking all the past 13 years of decisions made, one would see a pattern of "Self-Destruct" attitude, behaviour, character and actions.

If this "Self-Destruct" Giant Cancer is not checked or removed, Singaporeans will continue to suffer even worst than noe. There is a very subtle form of genocide creeping slowly but surely to replace or overwhelm or annihilate all the Anti-Cancer proponents, even if you are the siblings and nephews and nieces.

Daft Sinkies must wake up fast and fury. The sooner the better!

Anonymous said...

Political Joke

Foreign talent: Mr. Paul Lampard, PBM

Hokkien name of Paul Lampard = Por Lampar
PBM = Pengangkat Bola Minister

Anonymous said...

Rb, don't make my toes laugh that sinkies got things to teach China. China is so advanced now we need to learn from them!😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

@ December 06, 2017 12:14 pm

I agree with you that Singaporeans need to learn from China.

Do you think PAP believes they have nothing to learn from China?
Do you think Ah Loong believes that he is China's big brother?

Anonymous said...

If the North Koreans can develop long range missiles, why is it not possible for them to go the way of the South? They are the same type of people. Hardy, hardworking and hungry to move ahead.

Let us not assume that when we are ahead, countries that have fallen behind will always lag behind.

How did Japan overtook some more advanced European and Asian countries two to three decades after the war? And now China and possibly India are setting the pace for further development. And not to forget Vietnam and Myanmar following suit.

The wheels of fortune and power does not remain with the same people all the time. The British Empire, at one time, comprise countries in North and South America, Asia and Africa. What is their standing now?

Anonymous said...

breaking fake news!

coe at $1 liao?

now bidding still <500!

$1, $1, $1 !!!


huat ah!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro, 1.39

They have stand by at ten mins before closing time. See COE bidding low low, they just simply input 60K lah.

We need to issue more Toilet papers for Real Paper monies from you dafts.

MBT? The Inventor and Killer of the System.

Where are you Shorty???


Anonymous said...

The Impossible Em Drive - The Dawn of Interstellar Space Travels

In the year 2000, British Inventor, Roger Shawyer, propose a theoretical engine that produces momentum by bouncing electromagnetic waves within a container, like a microwave oven. It was then known as the "Impossible" Engine. Today, this theoretical engine is a reality. It is called the Em Drive.

China has already produced this Em Drive and successfully tested it in the laboratory for several years, and then in space last year, December 2016. This is a Great Leap Forward for mankind. The implications of this "Impossible" Em Drive for future Space Exploration is immense. Commercial Space Travel has become no more a dream but a reality in a matter of a very short time, within your lifetime!

This Em Drive Engine propels the rocket or spaceship without having to use fuel. It uses the microwave photon to bounce forward and backward within a container, that produces momentum either forward or backward in the opposite direction. With this engine, interstellar travel will be unlimited by fuel.

And, only this year, the American NASA has just published a Review Paper on this Em Drive. With all the top-notch scientists, engineers and inventors in the USA, they have yet to produce the "Impossible" Engine.

In the year 2000, I visited Shanghai's Stock Exchange. I was shocked to see that old gentleman and old ladies sitting in front of computers, buying and selling shares without having to use a stock-broker. In the same year, Singaporeans were still using Teletext to check their stocks and shares and using a middleman to buy or sell their shares.

What has Singapore produced in the last 17 years? More draconian laws and more incompetent and talk-only paper generals, of course! Oh, I forgot, and the increase in salary and bonus to the useless self-praising but produce-nothing elites in the top echelon, by themselves to themselves, employing the perennial easy-way-out (habitual tendency) tax-increase heavy burdens upon the shoulders of the citizens and permanent residents...

So, Singapore leaders, please know where you are before trying to advise China what to do. You are very far backward. You have been overtaken by millions of miles. Stop resting on the past laurels in euphoria, only knowing how to bully and con your own citizens, and fatten your bank accounts using taxpayers money by paying yourself the world's highest salaries but cannot deliver the world's most advanced technology and the highest standard of living, except the most expensive cost of living in the world. What a disgrace and shame!

When China completes the two Malaysian East-West Highways and their new ports on the East Coast and West Coast, Singapore's trade and shipping activities will be halved, for sure.

When China completes the new port on Bintan Island of Indonesia, Singapore's Entrepot Status can kiss itself goodbye. Unless you are willing to kiss the asses of China's leaders.

When China completes the Kra Canal in Thailand, Singapore will become IRRELEVANT! Unless you become the Real 3rd China.

Wake Up!

Moral of the story:

It is better to be humble and quietly improve yourself than to be an arrogant loud-mouth that punches above its weight without realizing that it actually does not have any weight in the Wide Open Space of the Universe.

Wisdom makes the impossible, possible. Stupidity has no cure. Arrogance is stupidity multiplied!

b said...

The west is slowly replaced by africans and arabs. The end of west is coming. Maybe is retribution. Europeans have done a lot of bad things to others. Sinkies better get smart and learn chinese. It will be the coming elite language.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Full Bright Scholar.

Shipping Business in Singapore is a sunset industry.

Have so many years of Head Start in many other businesses but SINKIE leaders and dumb scholars are just too complacent sucking the blood of Singaporeans.

Now, they relocate the Port areas going to convert them into second Maeina Business District and selling off the assets to foreign entities.

Think the West in their doldrums got the Cash to cash in these properties? ?

They are selling Singapore just like the prodigal children of their forefathers who made it thru their hard businesses of sweat and blood.

In no time, you be a stranger tenant in your own home.

Luckily think the Chinese be the Major Landlords.

Chow Ang Mohs now fly in budget airlines no more businesses class.

Anonymous said...

Damn. This is hardcore. When even China and Russia are afraid Trump and Fatboy Kim might just cause the spark for the 2nd Korean War.

Maybe we can sell lots of guns and mines. Or bodybags. Because North Korea is not worth getting buttfucked by Uncle Sam over.

b said...

There is one sort of weapon more powerful and dangerous than nuclear. Hope it will not be used.

Anonymous said...

We want to build rocket and sell rockets? To whom?

If the MRT is any indication of our technical capabilities, I think the rocket business will go into the ground fast. instead of upwards towards the stratosphere.

As if the loss by GIC and Temasek is not enough, please do not get us deeper into the GST shithole if they loose more money. Then it will be more tax, more CPF, more expensive HDBs and more money into the black hole.

Anonymous said...

LTA is raising the rates for a slew of fees from vehicle registration to vehicle transfer from Dec 20.

"From Dec 20, 24 out of 61 existing fees will be adjusted upwards, as these fees have largely remained unchanged for more than 10 years," an LTA spokesman said.

Anonymous said...

/// If the MRT is any indication of our technical capabilities, .... ///

Our money collection technology is world class.
You ever see the ERP Gantry suffer a breakdown?
You ever see SMRT fail to collect money from you?
You ever see PAP fail to find a way to collect more taxes from you?

Anonymous said...

@ December 06, 2017 8:39 pm

*** Fake News. Fake News ***

"From Dec 20, 24 out of 61 EXISTING PROFESSIONS will have their SALARIES adjusted upwards, as these SALARIES have largely remained unchanged for more than 10 years," an NTUC spokesman said.

Fake news like this is also called tan ku ku news.

Anonymous said...

S’pore powerlifter Matthew Yap smashes 3 world records, 2 national records in India meet


Why you never fly to India to congratulate Matthew Yap for his sporting achievements?
Why only Joseph Schooling gets that privilege from Tony Tan?

Mathew Yap lives in Singapore.
Joseph Schooling lives in USA.

You see Singapore residents no up is it?

Do good, do together ... tio bo?

Anonymous said...

They are selling Singapore just like the prodigal children of their forefathers who made it thru their hard businesses of sweat and blood.

In no time, you be a stranger tenant in your own home.

Luckily think the Chinese be the Major Landlords.

Chow Ang Mohs now fly in budget airlines no more businesses class.

December 06, 2017 5:20 pm

You are still day dreaming. The Indians oredy bought over Tanjong Rhu and East Coast area. It is a new Indian Indian enclave.

Virgo 49 said...

Indians cannot afford Marina District 2.

The Chinese could.

But whether they want to have anything to do with Sinkieland.
Stinks with Ang Mohs and Neh Meh sai