Khaw Boon Wan acting PM

Khaw Boon Wan was appointed acting PM while Hsien Loong was on leave. He assumed the position for one week while Teo Chee Hean stood in for the other week. Tharman was not mentioned or appointed as the acting PM while being the second DPM like Chee Hean.

This move has caused an uproar in the social media speculating that Tharman was by passed. One even said in the TRE that this is a signal to Tharman that he was not going to be the next PM. I disagree. I think it was very likely that Tharman was also on leave during the same period as Hsien Loong. So it was a non issue at all.

Even if my reading is not right, it does not matter to Tharman as he has made it clear many times, that he is not interested in being the PM and not the right man for the job. He has vehemently denied that he wanted the job.

So what is all this noise about, except for nothing. It is not what the social media think who is best suited to be the PM. It is not what I think who is the best person to be the PM. It is not what Cheng Bock thinks who is the best man for the PM.

Though the situation is such that Tharman appears to be the best man for the PM job, he is not interested. Period. What if the inner circle of the PAP thinks that he is the right man and voted for him to be the PM? This would be tricky. Would Tharman then reluctantly accept his fate, as the chosen one, as the reluctant PM of Singapore?

For the time being, this so called message to Tharman is just pure hogwash. The most probable reason as I said, was that Tharman was on leave. There is no reason to read more to it than just a matter of coincidence. Nah, it is not a matter of a confluence of events. Hsien Loong would not do such a darn thing to Tharman. Singapore is a democracy and the people choose the PM. Oops, sorry, the people do not choose the PM. Only the inner circle of the PAP chooses and decides who should be the PM of Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Min Kaw could b the next seat warmer PM after that Kaw wud handover the PM post to son of Loony , it's a dynastic rule of Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that most people think Tharman is a better choice. Unfortunately, when you show hand, the opponents will be quick to react. Even Tharman said clearly he is not interested, the threat of him become one still exits. Like that either he goes or being sidelined. In olden China, he will be given a post at the boarder to fight the Mongolians. Never to come back because Emperor is afraid of his popularity.

Anonymous said...

Actually, .. what has Tharman done to improve welfare of Sinkies ??

Many times, he only talked after the porridge in cooked. Sleek like some others, eg Putu . . .

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the PAP is waiting for Tharman to 'volunteer' for the PMs job. Khaw must have already 'volunteered' for the DPM's job!

Or they do not want to blacken the water too much because the issue ariaing from the hogwash, unelected, election of an Indian masquerading as a Malay and becoming the PE is still fresh on people's mind.

It is all wayang. Just enjoy the show this festive season!

Anonymous said...

Annon 8:36. True, he has done nothing much for the people. But neither he has done any harm too. So between the devil and the deep blue sea, you know what's our natural choice.

Anonymous said...

Khaw is thar-man for the job!

Anonymous said...

Well done!

KBW can be the PM anytime

Let KBW be the next PM!


Anonymous said...

Tharman could not be on leave if Chee Hean is on leave as well. Otherwise, what is the purpose of having 2 DPMs?

KBW is the man. He is not only a problem solver, he is a multitasker as well. If he is the man, we do not need so many 'chiak liao bees' in the PMs office to hold hands. Sounds reasonable!

Anonymous said...

Singapore practises Westminster style democracy.

Singaporeans vote and chooses the political party that forms the government.
The winning political party then chooses the Prime Minister from within the party.

Singaporeans do not choose our Prime Minister since there is no "Prime Minister elections".
Unlike Americans who vote and hence choose their President in a Presidential elections.

Since it is PAP that chooses the next Prime Minister of Singapore and not Singaporeans.
And if the next Prime Minister of Singapore is still a Chinese ...

Does this mean that PAP is not ready for a non-Chinese Prime Minister?

jjgg said...

Rb.. not to worry la.. lhl spend so much time out of Singapore that everyone one will have the opportunity to become acting PM at one time or another.. we've already experienced the elder Lee who spent the last 20 years of his life procastinating... oops.. i mean thinking about Singapore 's future.. so .. what's the issue ah.. what does an acting PM do anyway..apart from the present buddhist one who imparts valuable advice to political opponents to hari kiri

Anonymous said...

Khaw is chosen as he has the best Tai-chi skills !

Anonymous said...

Khaw Boon Wan was appointed acting PM while Hsien Loong was on leave.

What so surprising, when I am 93% sure Khaw Boon Wan will also win his next election, assuming his health permits him to contest again, under PAP of course.

Despite the many screw ups as minister, majority Sinkies still consider Khaw Boon Wan anytime better than the opposition candidates.

Stupidity has no cure for these majority Sinkies?? So like that how?

Rocket said...

The question is why DPM Tharman has not been appointed to be Acting PM?
This speaks a lot about TRUST and RELIABILITY.

Anonymous said...

At 65 y.o., $8 bypass heart Cow is not likely to b the next PM due to his advance age, he is given the opportunity to be Acting PM mainly due to infrastructural issue of mrt breakdowns, perhaps his boss feared of a major breakdown while on leave & he would be bz dealing with the call while on leave thereby spoiling his holiday mood with his beloved Jinx. That's why Cow appointed wayang PM for infrastructural issues & Big Nose the next hat PeeAyam for security issues. Too bad as Tharman could also be on leave or Ah Loon don't trust this Ah NeH rota prata guy for sure.

Anonymous said...

The question is why DPM Tharman has not been appointed to be Acting PM?
10:13 am

Maybe DPM Tharman himself had specifically requested that he not be appointed as Acting PM?

PM job also not interested already, what more Acting PM, u tell me lah.

Who knows, maybe Tharman is even a reluctant DPM! He probably could have been strongly persuaded to stay on in his DPM job!

Anonymous said...

don't play play

kbw is the man

long ago he should be pm

kbw got the golden touch

just look at the mrt

problems solved!


so kbw kbw kbw......the new pm!

Anonymous said...

Another question is why the need for TWO DPMs?

And why have Two Acting PM instead of One, for such a SHORT PERIOD?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1033am



Anonymous said...

Oh he is a budhist demanding opponents to hara kiri? He is the chosen one to be pm. TCB said someone lacking was killer instinct, and he was no name and will not be name as pm.
One should learn killer instinct to be pm. TCB though he had killer instinct? When he was assaulted by opponents, social media wow saying the changes in laws in elections was directly aiming at TCB, and what TCB said? He denied it was for him.
Many will have a good laugh: the instructor in camp teach soldiers not to poke bonnet at enemy when the situation was that the soldier was oredi hurt badly. This kind of instructor dare to tell the world he had "killer instinct".

Botak had once met face to face with China Pm Li and cna came out news Pm Li has agreed to visit sinkieland. It was surprise, nothing else. China s state department spokes man said; there was no such records. Many were lifted up and thrown down on floor: botak s words could not be rely upon or cna was not a news agency on important news.

Botak knows his words and known to be speaking the truth such as earning $700pm could buy hdb flat. Many 61% should be so happy until they goahead with their purchase.

The job for pm is very much on foreign policy while over seeing domestic economic wealth. Botak s well qualified for the second part but lacking the power of influence for the first.

Among the candidates, some scare keechui will be the one because they saw him closed to the family at someone mother s funeral pictures at mandai. If keechui is chosen, the reason is closeness to someone. When keechui was second minister, Indon over 200 airforce commander guests' visit to an airshow on sinkieland were cancelled with no time for written notice, as it was done weekends and the visitors were to travel on following Monday. Keechui s meetings with Indon top commander were cancelled.

Whether sinkies like the chaos created by the last minute cancellation, the failure to make right consideration in view of the effects of cancellation affecting the commanders and families was scary. If one s brain is filled with eq, he will attack the top and let the juniors go in order not to "kill" the expectations to visit the golden land called red dot.

It looks like keechui is the one. Many will have to pray to settle for second best. heng ah. Other wise, sinkies will further suffer the same destiny under meesium mai hum. These 2 are lacking common sense or some pro said eq. Some super powers simply choose to ignore these characters. Expect sensible leaders in the world to talk with someone keep harping on political conflicts such as licking boots for the uncle sam, and voiced challenging words against another super power? Its common sense. One has only ten cents, want to buy over Tencent? Sinkies are laughable now. Tencent is doing the infra structure for its neighbor who has the forest city to do the killer instinct TCB expected. Vote for opposition to get out of the dead water. Sinkies need to cooperate with businesses in the north and using the air space of some big neighbor. These scary lacking eq leeders cannot do. really cannot do.

Anonymous said...

It refelects incompetence and wastage of public funds, as well as total disregard for the citizens' intelligence.

Indians Are Taking Over said...

Singapore, being a Multi-cultural and Multi-Racial country, cannot have an Indian President (faked as Malay) as well as an Indian Prime Minister or Acting PM at the same time. Otherwise, with Indians already holding the various key positions as Law Minister, Home Affairs Minister, Foreigh Minister, Chief Justice, President of Law Society and Chief of Communications, and various Think-Tanks, Singapore will surely become a RACIST INDIAN STATE. Especially so when there are so many Indians from India holding most of the TOP POSTS in the Commercial and Private Sectors, such as Banking, Education, IT, Research and Infocom.

Virgo49 said...

Ah Nehs with their majority compatriots from India had in a way formed the "Majority" in Sinkieland.

Furthermore their Strength in Parliament getting more powerful due to their exercises of powers.

LHL afraid that next GE, Chinese Sinkies might awaken and they lose
badly. Also forced appointment of the Puppet PRESIDENT.

So, he wayang has to put Khaw as Acting PM. Also same time kept the CCS, HSK, TCJ and company form guessing and in fighting among them.

Just to wayang kulit till his son is home.

ST reported next year will have a clear picture of who's be the seat warmer.

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair said...

His "Aristocat" son has graduated and been working for at least two years for Google as a Researcher (meaning Intelligence or Spying). Now he is back early this year or last Xmas. "Working" as one of the "Directors" in the Propaganda Ministry.

There will be no seat warmer. He will inherit the Position of PM directly from his father, after being given the following positions in fast-track time for about 6 monthsbto one year each:

Minister of State Education.
Second Minister of Defence
Minister of Finance.
Deputy Prime Minister.

All the posts will be fulfilled with 4 to 5 years.

The next GE due in 2020 will be brought forward to 2018.

Fake is Real and Real is Fake.

Food for your thought.

Anonymous said...

Yau mo kau chor ah, of all ministers, Khaw Boon Wan as Acting PM while Hsien Loong on leave????

Really talent no enough for ruling PAP, and money no enough for Sinkies.

Like that Sinkieland how not to sink, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

All leave taken by any MP is gazetted. No need to guess or assume.

Anonymous said...


Why border who is acting or will be next PM.

U can choose meh? Cannot! Right?

The 70% gave them the power to decide.

Hahaha,,,,,,,nothing u can do?

Anonymous said...

This is a projection can hardly come thro. Pm job used to be arranged with the stand by men acting as deputy. One seat warmer did it for old fart s son.
The mentor was there to make sure handling over was done. Note this important step.
This young one u mentioned has no more mentor sitting there, unless that promise was broken by the speaker.

So the key point is: if the mentor was there to repeat the 3 jostick model, the young one is on his path as the father. If not, the resigned pm cannot have power to exert his will. Mugabe was thrown out. Let s see if someone is more killer than mugabe.

Opposition is taken over by new generation leaders. The situation will be in favor of selection based on voting majority within the party. Not blood relation as winner. If someone plays blood relation again, that s very unique sinkieland style. How long can it last for such party. One opposition party play spouse taking over, the party has gone down to drain. Hope Pap will continue to do it, father to son, the 39% will love it.

Equator said...

Kahunas grew three cms in girth with the new role..

Anonymous said...

Singapore PM on leave..Malaysian acting PM???????

Anonymous said...

Which is more important?
- who will be Singapore's 4th Prime Minister?
- who will be Singapore's 3rd Senior Minister?

Which is the real power behind the throne?
- whose finger is on the "nuclear" button?
- or in Singapore's case ... who is in control of Singapore's money?

Anonymous said...

When Li Hong-tau Yee becomes Sinkieland's PAP-AIM, Lee Pinky Loong will be the Minataur Mental. He will hold onto the POWER until he dies of Cancer. By which time Ho-Lee Jinx will be the walked-over President (Genuine, not Puppet).

Anonymous said...

208 pm

Will there be four SMs?


Anonymous said...

Will there be four SMs?
December 28, 2017 2:34 pm

Do you think the Emperor can innovate on his own?
Or is everything just follow the father?

b said...

Khaw is sit warmer just like Goh. Its Mornachy Lee here disguised as some sort of democracy state.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.07pm

Answer as follow:


Anonymous said...

No possible to have 4 SMs.
Maybe 2 SMs only.

Lau Go will have to retire or died of lightning strike or divine stroke

Tar Man and Tiok Chee-hong will be the 2 SMs.

b said...

Who become pm also same. Most sinkies will only live in towers and have bikes.

b said...

Actually God hate towers. He want people to live in proper houses. The world is enough for everyone needs but not everyone wants.

Anonymous said...

Be warned:

Chats, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Redit, Twitter and YouTube are all part of the Deep State, New World Order or Intelligence Organizations.

Anonymous said...

@ December 28, 2017 6:13 pm

Are you saying our PeeAyam has daddy issues?

Anonymous said...

Hope every 1 will wake up in 2018
Frm dream.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.46am

..probably, he just wayang wayang 'cry papa... or cry mama..' so that 69.9% dafts Sinkies might sympathize with him as he is a orphan now ...did he realised that he is now rich & powderful but can't buy any back paternal relationship Liao? ( anyway the time will come for him as the Divine awaits his exit & final judgment on him)...