Bhutan, the happy caged canary

Bhutan is a role model country for Singapore with the highest happiness index. Singapore or Singaporeans would love to be as happy as the Bhutanese. It has preserved its isolation policy willingly and happily, guided by India and protected by India. For Bhutan to be admired by the millionaires and not by the ordinary Singaporeans could mean that the millions owned by the millionaires still could not make the millionaires happy. Or the millionaires are telling the poor and ordinary Singaporeans that they can be happy like the Bhutanese without the millions in their bank accounts. Whether this is an escapism or an alternative philosophy to life, I dunno.

Bhutan has recently been hitting the headlines with India coming to its defence at the Sino Bhutan border. India and Bhutan has a treaty in which India shall ‘guide’ its foreign policies and its relations with other countries. There is no treaty on home affairs but India has several thousand soldiers in Bhutan, more than Bhutan’s army of 8,000 men.

Bhutan does not need to care about its defence. India will take care of that, like the recent incident when India unilaterally announced to the world that it is stopping Chinese construction of roads in Chinese territory bordering Bhutan at the request of Bhutan. Bhutan has been silent on this, not sure if they know what was happening. This is the bliss of ignorance with its foreign affairs ‘guided’ by India.

As long as the Bhutanese are happy, nothing matters. They did not have to shout to the world about freedom and rights of small states like Singapore. They just make sure the people have food on the table and a roof over their head, inside their cage, everything is peaceful and they can live happily ever after. They don’t have to punch above their weight to make a difference.

Singapore or some Singaporeans are envious and great admirers of the happiness of the Bhutanese. Maybe they would also want Singapore and Singaporeans to be as happy as the Bhutanese. Not sure if they would want Singapore and Singaporeans to live in a cage. No need to think about anything with an outside power thinking for them and worrying for them.

Would the Bhutanese be having second thoughts, that their ancient agricultural society should change and keep up with the developments of modernity? Should the Bhutanese also think of their sovereignty, that they are a proud people and need not be protected by a big power, in a way forever a semi colonised country ruled by the protector. Should the Bhutanese think it would be better to grow their population to 20 million, have a modern economy, a sizeable military to protect itself and determine its own future, and have a say in their foreign policies?


Virgo49 said...

Sinkies Like the Bhutanese are happy been invaded by the Locusts, Hyenas, Black Panthers and the Files as long as you so not stepped into our now glorious still able to enjoy status quo "prosperous" life.

But for how long when these pests became your Masters and been driven to become their slaves.

Present day their beloved elected Masters have no worries for they are already well endowed with riches and can any time chow lors to their promised land of milk and honey with their wealth.

Only you suckers get off from my elite farking faces.

Soon, very soon day of reckoning

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, the elites class live like the India elites or even much more, in contrast the ordinary Sinkies doesn't live like the Bhutanese even worse as more aren't happy & got to slog the whole life & be slaves to the elites or four walls or none ...it's a sad scene in the little red dots as the Sinkies diaspora of the middle-high incomers lead by Moses Lee AH Yang already began leaving the poor in dire state & under the mercy of the alice2cats.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans - the happy caged canaries

“Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
― Dalai Lama

Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn after reading your article, I don't whether to laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

“If the U.S. monopoly capitalist groups persist in pushing their policies of aggression and war, the day is bound to come when they will be hanged by the people of the whole world. The same fate awaits the accomplices of the United States.”
― Mao Zedong, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung

Anonymous said...

come come copy the sg model

we are world best-est

just look at the faces of the people here....


Anonymous said...

“What surprises me most is “Man”, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.
And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present;
The result being he doesn’t live in the present or the future;
He lives as if he’s never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived.”
– Dalai Lama

Same, same with Singapore.
Just substitute the word "Man" with "Singaporean" in the above paragraph.

"What's wrong with collecting more money?"
- Yew Know Who

Anonymous said...

What is not surprising is that greed and wealth ranks more importantly to many people rather than happiness. Perhaps the Bhutanese knows something that we do not.

The really wise would rank good health, contentment and being satisfied with what we have and being able to live a happy life within your means as most important.

But since humans are born with the greedy trait, happiness is just an illusion. Good heatlh does not always go along with massive wealth. It creates the adverse conditions to destroy good health.

What amount of wealth can buy good health and happiness? Many filthy rich live miserable lives and some are even suicidal. Why?

Anonymous said...

The Bhutanese do not care about being a smart nation.

Yet they are morally and spiritually smarter than most Sinkies.

Thinking we can become smarter than others is just an illusion. When conditions become unfavourable always remember that 'pride comes before a fall'.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is a ruined land by external culture. Bhuttan preserved and upkeep their thousands years of Buddish culture.

Telling the difference is religious talk. This is the attempt: greed is heavier on sinkieland. Look at the number of empty condo, shops. Bhuttanese are easy on life. No condos no debts because the salary level was maintained by the son at 20 year ago level. The bosses and politicians can adjust their salaries up by 100% 200%, the working majority cannot adjust by 5%. All are living base on greed.
There is no happiness when someone sends the bills asking u to pay up. Correct?
The politicians too, have their bills from overseas to pay up their loans on assets and properties. Can have happiness? when situations are deteriorating?
Cannot squeeze more juice from the folks.

One post said sinkies are living as if they will not die some day. This is truth. Many old folks took few properties and indebted. They blame pap old fart kept talking about properties going up and foreigners increasing on sinkieland. Partially they are not happy because they willingly got indebted. The did not think they can die in weeks or months.
The politicians got illness live the same way. Cling on to power as if they can live for 20 years with illness known at old age. It will be extra being if these human brains are not fearing death constantly.

That is the key point lah. When someone live as human starts to think of primary school science text book says: all living thing dies. They will learn ways to be happy.
They will decide what are available. Consume the available. Earn enough to consume before death.

Once the brains break from this death rule, the brains commit the bodies to unlimited options that the fresh bodies cannot sustain. Its like mrt cannto sustain population usage to full loads at every 2 minutes. It is proven beyond doubts. Yet the sick bodies still want to hold on to power. Can sinkies be happy? Yes. dont owe money. Eat the favorite foods by cooking them themselves. Offer their children good foods and concern emotions. Discard the expensive cars, look for jobs that follow worklife balance. To achieve the latter, they must vote for opposition to curb foreigners import. Foreigners PR already built up an external debt that probably beyond repayment when sinkieland is at crisis, these PR wanna take 100% cpf to fly off sinkieland. The more voters delay a change in old and tired politicians, the more risks they gonna to shoulder and be unhappy further. The tired politicians will drill more holes in budget to fill up by getting more foreigners to feed by sinkieland s limited jobs available. Heard of revised statistics? They are always making mistakes, correct?
Sinkieland cannot be happy when they keep building up debts, while the politicians keep offering jobs to cheaper foreigners to undercut their hope to see salary going up. And all of them cannot be happy because they never think they can die any day.
If all think he can die any day, he might pause and be happy for a moment. Have you seen old man dancing like youthful girls so lovely at open square on sinkieland? China has lots of such video. The old folks in china are paid till they die. No debts and got paid, happy? Sinkies s cpf will not be enough to run into old age after deducting the flats installments. Dont get jobs at old age, simply cannot dance one step. Cannot be happy like those china folks.
Sinkieland s level of happiness if any, can be seen from their way of life and voting habit. Diehard unhappy as choice. Dont feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is playing Ouusama Gemu


Read and open your eyes ... big, big.
Learn not to be daft.

Anonymous said...

In X years time, Sinkieland will be sank just like the missing island of a once upon Atlantis due to some form of a flooding apocalypse. Sinkieland will be sunken by the massive import of foreigners. Every day u see this island digging, digging here & there, digging tunnels & construction wip etc.. This digging of underground as some renown passed on monk said r bad fengshui is gonna come & sweep this little red dot into abyss one that ( sori me no cursing this land) but when this island keep building massive infrastructure here & there sooner or later its gonna kaboom. The elites r living here as though no tomorrow same as the ordinary people except one r wealthy & the other is not. Massive exodus may take place already Sinkies middle class r leaving in droves, ordinary Sinkies need a Noah to build a Ark to save these people in time of a flood just like the Bible says ...Sinkies to move to a promise land probably in JB or Batam or Bintan ( just like the movie show Exodus Gods & King). May God bless Sinkieland. May the force of Sinkies be with you all, till the survival of the last Sinkies r saved ..God bless Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

2017: Decline of Singapore exceptionalism?


Don't worry.
Be happy.


Anonymous said...

Will HDB lessees still support PAP in next GE after discovering LKY had lied about gravity-defying HDB flat prices?


Don't worry.
Be happy.

Anonymous said...

hi 244pm 257pm

very very difficult to be don't worry leh

how about......worry less

so,......be happy worry less.......


Anonymous said...

Right, how not to worry and be happy?

We are all caught up in the debt trap that enslaved us to the money masters via the powers that be. We spend money we have not yet earned, unlike our parents and grandparents.

Property debts, car debts, education debts, gambling debts. Some have debts up to their noses, some up to their eyeballs and they still cannot see or understand why.

So, how not to worry? And with worry, how to be happy?

b said...

Sg should be a colony or Overseas territory of Oz. It will be a win win. Oz can dispute south china sea and sinkies can move to Oz, buy house and car. Our cpf can be transfer to super. We do not need payandpay lies anymore. We do not need ahlong anymore.

Anonymous said...

Debts are must pay or else bankrupt is the ending.
The way elites use pinoys and indians pmets s asking salary to curb sinkies' asking is wrong.
The elites are not applying free market condition. Wat they argue is: the global labor market is the free market. It is not logical because free market is founded on a boundary where each boundary has comparative advantage. Sinkies has good education manpower, while pinoys and indians are of subquality when competing with china chinese or western grads. But the elites want sinkies to take pinoys s salary as the correct value for sinkies living on sinkieland. That has been happening for 20 years. Do sinkies find firms after taking low salaries from sinkies advance into world class firms of competitive products?
Many can confirm, most shops asking the gahmen to let them hire indians and pinoys are struggling or oredi closed down.

This is the consequence for the son to insist on hiring pinoys and indians and curb the local salary at 20 level. These firms are unable to advance into auto production processes with such a mix group of uneducated pmets. Dont talk about integrated production where clouds are linked to process controllers through the net as intermediary. The foreigners cannot even implement an application properly. This is the fact. Implementation keep having delay.
Sinkieland firms deserve such ending and shut their doors. They should move to Phillippines when they air for cheap labor. Why waste time to stay on sinikieland when they do not put money on human capital to embark on AI.
So sinkieland was led by a bunch of non educated leeders on advance technology. They studies what was in the 70s. But the world of technology is in the AI stage.
Voters are too late to learn what has gone wrong with the whole sinkieland direction. Still have firm comparing hiring a sinkie needs $3k, hiring a pinoy needs $1.8k and hiring an indian needs $2k.

Its the leeders faults. They lack vision for new technology. The duties include guiding firms to go for high tech, not guiding firms to go for cheapest labor in this world.

There is no way the young can pay off their debts when firms are unable to advance into higher value added jobs. The cancer cells are the leeders. Vote for other more well educated younger opposition. The problems can be solved by them, not by the old tired politicians who bluff they are world class.
Once salary goes up with advance tech jobs, debts will be paid faster even interest rate will be increase 3 times in 2018.

It is more dangerous time for owing debts when US is raising interest rates. Better avoid voting for pap.

Anonymous said...

The long-term survival of Singapore has to be dependent upon a bigger and powerful country. That means the independence of Singapore is never viable. The past 50 years was dependent up UK, Australia and USA. So, whoever talk about independence is actually bluffing himself.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some kind of union with Australia is a good idea. But to depend on the Aussies to defend us is a myth. Remember the days of Japanese Invasion, the few Aussie troops were all put behind bars in Changi. Even today, they would not be able to defend themselves if the Indonesians decide to take over Oz without the American backing.

Australia is basically a big mouth neo colonial European outpost in Asia. It would be taken over by Asians one day. They can no longer keep it white like in the past when they imposed white immigration policies.

Anonymous said...

/// Some kind of union with Australia is a good idea. But to depend on the Aussies to defend us is a myth. ///
- redbean

That was why in 1965, Singaporeans decided to depend on PAP to defend Singaporeans.
Good decision mate.

Virgo49 said...

Aussie with their Convicts High Superiority Complex still thinks they are a White Race of Convicts to be feared.

They opened their legs wide in having many immigrants of different nationalities and ideologies just like Sinkieland.

In time to come, they be overran just like Sinkieland.

UK, the Muslims demanded that QE Palace be converted to a Grand Mosque.

The Vietcongs, Lebanese and etc will one day overran the Aussie and cut their heads and banana skins.

Now, can still swagger and dance to our Airport Police.

South Koreans and even American Security Men been bashed and told off by Chibese Militiamen.

Only Sinkies Law Enforcers bully own kind and walloped by Foreign Trashes.

Their Chief got to seek higher protection for them.

What a joke? ?