Why need to raise taxes when so many taxes have been raised?

The govt is taking it for granted that it is its right to raise taxes whenever it likes. The people must ask the govt to justify for the numerous taxes that it has raised and more to come, especially the monstrous GST which some clowns are still saying that it is good for the poor. If that is the case, some cynics suggested that it should be raised to 100% so that more poor people can benefit. Sophistry at works. The people voted for a govt to run the country efficiently, not to raise taxes. The people did not pay the politicians in the millions just to raise taxes. If that is what a super expensive govt is good for, might as well vote for a cheaper govt and pay lesser taxes.

The govt must explain to the people why there is a need to raise taxes, what are the taxes for, and how much is needed? It must not be a blank cheque without justification. And when the need and amount are logically explained and accepted, ie for public good and necessary and essential, not fake gardens, F1s, F35s, paying foreigners to study here with billion of dollars, paying millions in PA activities for PRs and foreigners, or building crown jewels. The latter is a business and should not be paid with taxes, should be self financing and profit generating from viable business models.

When the sum needed is justified, and before going the convenient route to tax the people, should not the govt first look at the reserves and see how much can be used? What is the point of having reserves for the sake of reserves and everyday thinking of raising taxes?

How much reserves we have and how much should be used first before resorting to increase the tax burden of the people should be discussed in Parliament. The people have been told that the country’s reserves are in the hundreds of billions if not trillions? Really ah? If we have so much money in reserves, why can’t some be used to lower the tax burden of the people?

Or we have so much reserves that it is so frightening to tell the people, that if the people know how many trillions we have they will die of shock! So better not tell the people, just keep on taxing the people and pretend the reserves did not have enough money and the govt must raise taxes and taxes and taxes to help the poor people.

What the hell does the govt need to raise taxes for, how much does the govt need, to do what, raise taxes for what? Boh lui is it? Didn’t the govt brag or said the reserves got so much money, chiak buay leow? Why every now and then think of raising taxes, fees, charges to burden the people already living in one of the most expensive places in the whole wide world?


Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //Why every now and then think of raising taxes, fees, charges to burden the people already living in one of the most expensive places in the whole wide world?//


Isn't it so familiar?


Nvr heard of LaoGoanomics?

Tax & Spend?

In 1990, under LaoGoanomics, was not COE introduced (so that ownselves can pay ownselves millions?)

In 1 April 1994, under LaoGoanomics, was not GST introduced?

(70%) Sinkies are not only daft?

Many have dementia?

After being screwed (until intestines and blood come out {in terms of being taxed}), straight away they (the 70%) forgot (or found it very shiok?) and asked for more?

Raised carpark fees (20%, Dec 2016?)

Increased water tax (30%, Feb 2017 Budget Debate?)

Raised electricity tariff?

More taxes coming (announced Nov 2017?)

The PAP should not be blamed bcos 70% voted and asked for it?

They (the PAP) are just delivering what the (daft) 70% voted?

Too bad the 30% are collateral damage?

To paraphrase Desmond Quek, LaoGoanomics culture is too deep seated in sinkieland le?

How to rid (it) from the tax, tax, tax (& spend, spend, spend) culture?

Just ask Raymond Lim, Lui and the current MOT?

Easy or not?

Laogoanomics brought short term benefits but (in the) long term could be the cause of downfall?

History would be the judge (ownself praise ownself no pa-kay under the microscopic scruntiny of the impartial sentencing of scientific historical factual analysis?)

Anonymous said...

All these raising of taxes r to satisfy one main objective that is to fund the infrastructural building of the little red dot to fulfill the 6.9m or even 10m population ( as one mad architect desire), all that helping the poor r only 'pian jiak' la...

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //And when the need and amount are logically explained and accepted, ie for public good and necessary and essential, not fake gardens, F1s, F35s, paying foreigners to study here with billion of dollars, paying millions in PA activities for PRs and foreigners, or building crown jewels.//

What about the (filthily-paid klkk) foreign think tong oops ... think tank?

And the countless (cmi but highly paid) foreign lecturers (& researchers) in the unis?

Pay one equivalent to the amount paid to many sinkies of average income?

But got produced CONCRETE results?

How come so many graduates driving Uber/ Grab?

How come with all the think tank, sinkieland found itself "isolated" (by many of its former frens) in the regional geo-politics?

After being paid uncountable sum of taxpayers $$$, the think tank has made sinkies FP backward countless steps?

Should not the think tank expenses and payment on non-performing foreign lecturers be cut than increase endless tax burdens on the people?

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!

Started from LKY in the 1970s & 1980s --- no free lunch, cost recovery, high pay for politicians.

Most of his fellow old guards disagreed with going too far in this approach, but old fart fucked them out of cabinet & parliament.

Those of you who idolized LKY & kept voting for him fully deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Tax! Tax! Tax!!!??????!!!

The trouble is that masses know what you had mentioned.

No matter no matter what....the masses will still die die vote for them.

Those not happy can only kpkb kpkb and kpkb!

What else can you do other than kpkb?

You tell me lah.

Living in Sg is like that liao!

Living in Sg is like that liao!


Anonymous said...

As I see it, healthcare subsidies for the elderly ie PG should be going down as more PG oldies pass on, so this subsidy should not and can not be raised as one of the excuses for raising taxes.

Secondly, those of the younger generation are already paying more for medishield insurance to, what they claimed, as subsidising the PG's and elderly's heatlhcare cost, which will be on a lifetime basis and still subject to escalation, unlike the PGs who will soften the burden of healthcare when they pass on.

Thirdly, GST is tax that is levied on babies even before birth and on those who already passed on, unlike income tax.

Increasing GST will nulify the healthcare subsidies for the PGs and elderlys. Increasing income tax may not affect them that much as most are not working and in any case may not be paying income tax at all.

When the PAP gives us a drumstick, rest assured they will find ways and means to take back one whole chicken.

Anonymous said...

No wonder AY, LSY, LSW, LS ..... chose to run rd?

Now, to run rd or not to run rd?

Stay and be taxed (to your bones and last pennies?)

Anonymous said...

Sinkies Joke:

In other places, their pple run road bc they owned loan sharks too much $$$ or biz failed?

In sinkieland, some people choose to run road bc they kena taxed until cannot breathe and CANNOT tahan anymore aka Aung Juan Soon Chee "Tak Boleh Tahan" warning many years ago but the 70% obstinately and stubbornly refused to listen and now some (of the) 30% becum collateral and need to run rd to avoid (taxed to death) .....?

Anonymous said...

hi 1001am, please note.....

the 70% will not run road

they YES-ed with their eyes opened

yes, like you said, they will stay put and very very willing
to be taxed and taxed and taxed and taxed

so how? what can u do?

Anonymous said...


In order for the mouse to roar and punch above its tiny weight, the little red dot must have a 10 million resident population.

To support the bigger 10 million population, we need more infrastructure so that more foreigners can live here.

To build more infrastructure, we need more funds, therefore more taxes!

Anonymous said...

What is the point of paying millions to monkeys when all they know is to increase taxes? What is the point of paying millions to the foreign ting tongs aka think tanks when they contributed nothing to the economy?

Might as well pay for a cheap govt and still get the same thing, tax, tax and tax.

When you dare to ask to be paid in millions, please show that you deserve for every cent paid to you in the millions. Half bake, average run of the mill solutions should not be paid in the millions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.52am,,,,,,,,,

Get a cheap govt?

Where? How? Opposition parties?

Where are they? Very very very very quiet leh!

U tell me! U tell me!

Heaven Has No Eyes Nor Heart said...

The people should have known fully well, loong loong ago, what type of leadership they will get from the one who have been raised with silver spoon, golden fork, and diamond studded platinum plate, within the most powerful and one of the wealthiest in Asia (or World?), yet accepted and received TWO TOP Scholarships, thereby selfishly deprived the less endowed fellow countrymen of the opportunities to obtain a scholarship which they badly needed.

Paying himself and his incompetent paper generals, top civil servants and sycophants by the millions, in order to maintain loyalty and "incorruptibleness", is another signal of what the people will have to food out in terms of taxes and other monetary means.

Another signal is the position of a wife, an ex-military personnel having no commercial nor financial expertise and experiences, being put in the positions to control the country's commercial power and sovereign wealth for indefinite time. This has influences and effects in determining the livelihood (inclinding their money) of all people down the line of the food chain.

One, therefore, can magine how much of taxpayers' money and cpf members' money would be utilized, spent, paid as bonuses and rewards, lost and unaccounted for???

Putting 2 and 2, plus 20 and 20 together, one should be able to foresee what shits will come on the way, is it not?

For the past 13 years, all the writings have been clearly displayed on the internet walls. Until and unless the 70% daft Sinkies really wake up, the heartless and ruthless CANCER will keep devouring the HOST to death!

Anonymous said...

I remembered the reason given by botak when he increased the road tax was that road tax has not been increased for sometime. So it's rotational among the taxes so that can be raised and GST has also not been raised for sometime so I Guess the same logic applies. Of corse based on this logic it's possible that various taxes would eventually exceed more than 100%😰😰😰😰😰😰😀😰😰😀

Anonymous said...

Three more paper generals will be appointed Ministerial Permanent Secretaries' roles as their next promotion.

The former Chief of Navy, Rear-admirer Lai Chung Han, is appointed Second Permanent Secretary under the Ministry of Education. RADM Lai Chung Han has never been in a teaching position or work with education institutes before, but his appointment will give him power to draft education policies.

Another paper general, Lieutenant-General Neo Kian Hong, the former Chief of Defence Force from the Singapore Armed Force, who is currently Permanent Secretary for Education Development will be appointed Permanent Secretary for Defence Development.

The third paper general is the current Permanent Secretary for Defence Development, Major-General Ng Chee Khern from the Air Force. He will be promoted to be the Chairman of Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and also serve as the Permanent Secretary (Smart Nation and Digital Government) for the Prime Minister’s Office.

None of the army generals have any experience in ministerial portfolios.

Singapore government is glaringly becoming a Military Junta, like Zimbabwe. There are already six former paper generals holding Ministerial posts.

Moreover, some of the paper generals are holding CEO posts in Temasek Holdings and GIC, and government-owned enterprises such as SMRT, SPH and former-NOL.

Recently, the paper generals took the spotlight in the media, due to their failures and incompetence in the management of government-owned corporations, such as SMRT and Neptune Orient Line (NOL). The latter’s failure was more conspicuous as the new management immediately turned a profitable NOL into a straight 4-year losses under paper general Ng Yat Chung.

Cronyism and legalised corruption have become the symbol of the openly declared "Natural Aristocracy", as a result of a leadership that preferred loyalty over meritocracy.

Anonymous said...

All their reasons are the result of warp thinking made up to fool the 70% dafts, who never realised they have been fooled. Stupidity has no cure.

To have their way they can distort facts to have an Indian masquerading as a Malay to be president. And telling the dafts that four is five. And saying that this was the decision of the AGC and not Parliament. Ownself talking to ownself and ownself deciding for ownself.

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans get the government they deserve, I don't want to hear anymore complaints."
- Kenneth Jeyeratnam


After GE 2015.
Our Opposition Parties are completely demoralized.
Not many will be coming forward to defend Singaporeans from PAP's taxes anymore.

We've had a whole bunch of tax increase since GE 2015.
There are no more Opposition Parties left to defend us.

Singaporeans will have to ownself defend ownself against the PAP.

Anonymous said...

I rather have paper generals than black ants whose loyalty ia towards the Black-Ants-Land.

Anonymous said...

Black Ants are worst than White Ants. They are poisonous and deadly.

Anonymous said...

Please do not blame the politicians!

They adjust the tax according to the % of votes received?

I m not expert. Is this pattern correct?

70%.....Tax.,,,,UP UP UP UP UP!

55%.....Tax,,,,,No UP No Cut!

40%.....Tax,,,,,CUT CUT CUT CUT CUT!

What say you?

Anonymous said...

Just let the PAP

Ownself check ownself

Ownself pay ownself

Ownself talk to ownself

Ownself decide ownself

and best of all for the PAP ownself:

Ownself elect ownself

Anonymous said...

And the 70% live happily ever after


Anonymous said...

I rather have paper generals than black ants whose loyalty ia towards the Black-Ants-Land.
December 04, 2017 1:55 pm

Political Joke
I hate the paper generals more than Black Ants.

Do you think our Founding Traitor became prosperous?

So if I support the black ants and become the new Founding Traitor.
Do you think I will also become rich?
Better than being loyal and poor under the paper generals tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Hi 205pm, how about.....

Ownself destroy Ownself


b said...

The solution is simple: stop voting for pay and pay party or emigrate.

b said...

Hope there will be a free movement of citizens with Aus and NZ to live and work in each other country.

Anonymous said...

Stop voting for pay and pay is easy.

Waking up the daft 70% is an exercise in futility.

That is why LTK is giving up leading the workers party.

And let the 70% taste the reality of their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Luckily I bought a house in NZ in 1994, 23 years already. Now the house has appreciated more than 10X. And NZ government is curbing foreigners from buying now, because speculation by the Chinese filthy rich and money-making pan-frying-desvestors (destructive investors).

Early NZ policy was that if you can proof you have a property in the country, they give you a PR easily. Now it is becoming very difficult.

Heng ah! I got foresight.

Anonymous said...

Haha 354pm, good for you, lucky you.

Best wishes! Huat Ah! Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

In BT today, Japs Car maker Nissan is seeking lawsuit with Ah Neh Land for breaking Tax break promise...this a lesson to Sinkieland, when seeking co-operation with Ah Nehland better be cautious & doubly make sure the T&C else be misled or conned by these snake-oil sellers, the Japs r learning in a hard way..

Anonymous said...

... this a lesson to Sinkieland, when seeking co-operation with Ah Nehland better be cautious & doubly make sure the T&C else be misled or conned by these snake-oil sellers, the Japs r learning in a hard way..
December 04, 2017 6:19 pm

Does your advice also apply to voting for PAP?
Before voting for PAP "better be cautious & doubly make sure the T&C else be misled or ..."

With You.(Before elections)
For you. (Before elections)
FUCK you. (After elections)

Anonymous said...

@anon 6.30pm

Too bad...In the little red dot the Sickies 70% of them r what Fxxx YEW said b4 Dafts & will repeatedly vote in this P-Pap ies & be misled into Lies after Lies & Promise After Promise & Huat Ah After Huat Ah ..as wat RB said -- Stupidity has no cure. & KJ said u ask 4 it & got the garmen u deserved.

Anonymous said...

MAS S$353bln. Temasek S$260bln. GIC S$ 500bln (estimate by analysts). Total more than $1 TRILLION.

Anonymous said...

Spore gove estimated average yearly CASH surplus $5 to $20bln a year. Accounting surplus is much lower at average of about $5bln a year due to "land" costing, infrastructure costing, transfer costs, etc. Very cash rish.

Anonymous said...

Sky high ministerial pay are pegged to GDP and will "screw" Sinkies. Just up prices, up FTs, up foreign capital...you have higher GDP...a no brainer.
An aligned ministerial pay formula should be comprehensive n include more than GDP so cannot "Cheat":
Higher GDP higher pay.
Lower GDP lower pay.
Higher taxes lower pay.
Lower taxes higher pay.
Lower government expenditures higher pay. ( Eg why PM needs so many ministers to do his work? Why so.many GRCs n mayors?)
Higher government expenditures lower pay.
Higher absolute returns at GIC, Temasek n MAS higher pay.
Lower absolute returns at GIC, Temasek n MAS lower pay.
Lower unemployment rate of true Sinkies higher pay.
Higher unemployment rate of true Sinkies lower pay.
Higher CPF returns higher pay.
Lower CPF teturns lower pay.
Early return of CPF funds to retirees higher pay.
Comprehensive approach...Ministers cannot play cheat. Unless they are truly incompetence. True gold not afraid of fire. Unless paper generals not true talentd.

Anonymous said...

"Why need to raise taxes when so many taxes have been raised?"
- redbean

Why not?
What's wrong with collecting EVEN MORE money?

Rocket said...

Political Joke:

How many PAP MPs are needed to change a rusty screw?

One to deny that the screw is rusty.

One to argue that even if rusty, it does not need to be changed.

One to prepare a script for presentation by the PM at the National Day Rally to psycho the people that living with a rusty screw in the back is perfectly alright.

One to make a comparison with backwards 4th world people who don't even use screws, such as the tribes in remote part of the Amazon jungles.

One to scold Singaporeans for being ungrateful, forgetting how hard the government has worked to put a screw into their back.

One to tell Singaporeans that they should be happy with a rusty screw deeply embedded into their back.

One to claim credit that it is because of the PAP's vision and excellent forward planning that Singaporeans can even enjoy a rusty screw in their back.

One to censure Singaporeans for complaining too much about a rusty screw.

One to threaten that anyone who continue to complain about rusty screws will be taken to court and sue until their pants drop.

One to say that complaining about rusty zcrews can be charged for contempt of court, despite the court has got nothing to do with rusty screws.

One to say that it is more grave a matter, and therefore it can be considered under the Internal Security Act, and charged for sedition.

One to say that by refering to a rusty screw is vary dangerous and should be seen as a terrorist act.

One to argue that even if it is not a terrorist act, in is mischievous conduct that has poisonous intent.

One to add oil to the fire by stating that it is a deliberately calculated time bomb.

One to say that asking for a rusty screw to be replaced shows how soft Singapore people are compared to people in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and North Korea.

One to ask a special editor in the 154th state media to write a convincing editorial on how progressive the government is in making an unpopular policy-decision to not change a rusty screw for the long-term security of the people and country.

One to arrange for the State Television station to produce a propaganda film to be broadcasted every hour for the next four years, until General Election time. The film is to be titled “It’s Fine to Live With A Rusty Screw In The Back Throughout Your Life”.

To continue....

b said...

Sinkies are silly loh. Lease them a lousy 99 yr flat and they are so grateful and allow themselves to be milked for ns, coe, sky high expenses etc.

Anonymous said...

Economy doing well, so tax receipts should be higher. Why still the need to raise taxes ?

"Singapore's pace of manufacturing activity accelerated in November with the local purchasing managers' index rising to a new eight-year high.

Overall manufacturing PMI rose to 52.9 last month from 52.6 in October, the Singapore Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management said Monday."

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what products are Singapore producing that would generate enough revenue to feed the people?

Anonymous said...

@ December 04, 2017 8:19 pm
<<< How many PAP MPs are needed to change a rusty screw? >>>>

The bigger question is:
How many more tax increases does it take before Singaporeans are willing to vote out the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what products are Singapore producing that would generate enough revenue to feed the people?
December 04, 2017 10:18 pm

Do you seriously think this question is keeping PM Lee awake at night?

Anonymous said...

Bloated & fat bureaucracy & big costly government. Very inefficient despite a reputation of showy propaganda efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Confer PBM on you:
Means officially recognized eunuchs P(por lampar) B(becos) of M (money in contracts, businesses, careers, etc thru pubic services)
PBM basically Por Lampar eunuchs, so proud to advertised in papers...chio see lang...no shame.
So many Por Lampar how can costs not high?
There are many ways to make "lowest cuntracts awarded" to higher & higher costs.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies at their prime if willing to work in other countries as hard as in Spore, they will have a good life of big house, nice car, etc. That's why overseas graduates having professional jobs in host countries don't want to come back except for family/parents reasons..definitely the Pappies is a huge NEGATIVE.

Anonymous said...

Why must Sinkies work in other countries when they can work at home? Why give up jobs at home to third world pariahs and stupidly go and work elsewhere? Let other people take over your homes and your country?

Anonymous said...

The PAP is not afraid of Sinkies going to work in other countries. Why should they, when they can import foreigners by the planeloads to take their place.

In fact they will encourage that, because those who leave are most probably already anti-PAP and pro-opposition. Foreigners, if they become citizens, would in all probablity be pro-PAP. To the PAP it is likely a blessing in disguise.

If one has the ability to uproot, good for him or her. Not everyone has the luxury of choosing where he or she wants to settle down. There are family ties to consider besides the cost of uprooting. And after all life is very short and best not to worry that much and be happy.

Anonymous said...

Very good advice. All good Singaporeans should migrate and leave this island to the foreigners. Go, please, go. This island belongs to everyone.