Korean Peninsula – Who wants war?

This question has to be addressed from the angle of who would benefit and who would suffer when there is war in the Korean Peninsula. If there is no reference point, it is very easy to be misled by the rhetoric and fake news and propaganda of the protagonists, those that really wanted to start a war but mouthing peace everyday. The louder an asshole shouts for peace, the more he is for war. But many simple minded and unthinking readers would be easily taken in when they just glanced through the headlines and did not give it a second thought. The few words in the headline will sink in, just like Kim Jong Un is bad, North Korea is a poverty stricken country, a threat to world peace when the truth is that the world is threatened with third world war by the biggest warmonger, the Americans.

There are several parties involved in the Korean Peninsula, North and South Korea, the USA, Japan, China and Russia. Not to forget the lackeys of the evil Empire shouting on the sideline.

The Koreans, both North and South, are not stupid people and the last thing they want is a war in their country and destroying their country and their people. It is a big NO to them as far as war is concerned. Why would China and Russia want a war in the Korean Peninsula when the outflow of refugees would swarm their lands and they be footing the bills to look after them? And if there is war, they would have to help the North Koreans in military hardware and supporting material plus soldiers on the ground. This is a very expensive drain on their economies and resources, why do they want to pay for it? The answer is simply NO again. They stand to lose in kind and in everything when there is a war at their borders.

No way. China's Xi Jinping has put its foot down, no war in the Korean Peninsula and so has the South Korean President. Unfortunately the latter has no say really as South Korea is a semi colony of the evil Empire and the Americans called the shot, to have war or not to have war. That is the pathetic fate of a semi colonised country like South Korea and Japan.

Japan would not mind the Korean Peninsula burning and flatten. It has a historical fear that a strong and united Korea would one day take revenge for the cruel colonisation of the Korean people by the barbaric Japanese Imperial Army. Japan would do everything to keep the Koreans divided, and better still, to be at war and be decimated. If that came about, Japan could recolonise a weak and depleted Korea with very few Koreans left. Japan has all to gain and nothing to lose should there be a war in the Korean Peninsula, to keep the Korean people forever poor, disunited and under bondage like Israel/USA keeping the Arab countries in an endless conflict and trapped in a vicious cycle of killings and destruction.

In the case of the Americans, the answer is obvious. The world is running out of wars. The wars they created in the Middle East have been smouldered by the intervention of the Russians. They need more wars in other parts of the world to create demands for their weapons of wars. There is also the domination of the Empire, an Empire to keep and this needs a reason for their military bases all over the world, especially in the Korean Peninsula to check on Russia and China and to maintain military bases in Japan and South Korea.

When war breaks out in the Korean Peninsula it would be boomtown Charlie all over again like the Vietnam War. Never mind that the Americans got booted out after 30 years of warfare and destruction in Vietnam, the millions of Vietnamese lives lost and the poor American boys and girls who died without knowing why. The military war complexes and the people behind them were laughing to the banks, enjoying life of plenty and not getting a single hair in their body getting hurt. The politicians love wars to make them great leaders, calling the shots. The no brain military commanders too would love war as they would be the main actors, fighting the wars behind their desks away from the battlefield, from being killed.

Talking about fighting a war as American cronies, many SE Asian leaders would love that, thinking that it is a one way thing like in the Middle East and could curry favour with the Emperor in the White House. The Philippines under the previous dud President was most eager to even go to war with China. Thank God he was removed and someone sensible took over, or else many Pinoys would have been killed and SE Asia would be another war zone.

The Asian and South East Asian countries have a lesson to be learnt from the ravages of wars in the Middle East and the agitated tension by the evil Empire in the Korean Peninsula. Do not allow the evil Empire to turn Asia and SE Asia into another war zone. Your countries would be destroyed, your people would die. The warmongers in the West would be laughing to the banks and laughing at your stupidity. They would be dining and drowning themselves silly with the money you paid them for the military weapons and would make more to rebuild your ruined countries and economies and your countries and peoples would be forever under bondage.

Wise up, and never let Asean become a tool of the evil Empire and set Asia and SE Asia ablazed. Ask who would be the beneficiaries of wars and who would be the losers. Only beneficiaries of wars would want wars. Do not become a pawn of the evil Empire and be forever under its control and manipulation.


Anonymous said...

Sinkieland's elites are punching above their weights to invite war.

Anonymous said...

Singapore leaders are immortal. They cannot die. Only their people will die. But their people are replaceable by importing foreign talents from India and other 3rd world countries to work and grow the GDP, and using the Europeans, British and Americans to be top managers and executives to run the businesses and services. Moreover, 70% of Singaporeans are daft and if they die, there is no love loss.

Singapore leaders have already enriched themselves. They have already bought properties and made investments in other countries, in save heavens. So, they are not afraid of wars.

Anyway, Singapore can always change the singing of another anthem, like changing underwear. No problems at all.

Anonymous said...

China and Russia are preparing for the ultimate, unavoidable, all-out war with the Evil Empire and its appendages.

If you want peace, prepare for war.

If you want war, talk peace.

If you think you can have peace without preparing for war, you will soon become a conquered people or be colonized under ruthless pretentious evil men and women.

Anonymous said...

Singapore leaders sang lots of songs like:

Swiss standard of living

Goal 2010

More good years

Foreigners create jobs for locals

Those who know said 'tan ku ku'

Those who are daft said 'not painful, screw some more, we like it'

And they continue to live happily ever after.

Virgo49 said...

Russia had time and again stated in the UN Assembly that the USA is provoking a war in the Korean Peninsula.

They held military exercises with the South Korean lackeys to agonize the North and China.

Kim had displayed perseverance knowing that barking dogs seldom bite.

Let them strutted their peacocks feathers and expend all their energies and monies on these wasteful activities.

A silent solemn China just simply held an exercise and all her neighbours are rattled.

This means serious business.If any external force will to intrude into their territories means Wars.

UAssA NATO big mouths only.Their Warship or ships will be sunk before near Taiwanese shores.

China is just waiting for the right provocation to revenge the Mother of All Revenges.

So even Moon ought to seek their advice of how to wean from sucking the Americunts breasts.

Any outbreak of Korean War will have the Chinese all out onslaught of Japan and the USA.

Anonymous said...

The evil empire is aware of the consequences of Russia and China stepping in to face them. It is not going to be a walk in the park for the world's biggest military power.

So what if they have the most nuclear arsenal. Russia can have nuclear missles all over the the vast country and inner Siberia, so it will be impossible for the evil empire to take them all out at once. Hence the retaliation will be swift and deadly. The Russians can strike back from their submarines, silos that are not hit and New York, Washington will be reduced to ashes in no time. They want to take the risk?

With China alone, perhaps the evil empire and stooges have all the advantages of a first strike, but not with the Russians already warning them not to take things into their own hands unilaterally. Guam and Tokyo will be the first to go.

There will not be any winners in a nuclear war. The losers perish immediately. The winners will suffer a long and painful existence worse than death. They will find out that regret is too late to consider. Hiding in underground holes is one possibility, but for how long? Radiation can last for centuries. The last extinction of mankind was thought to be ten to thirteen thousand years ago.

b said...

One of the most horrible features of war is that all the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.― George Orwell

Those who wants war, ask them to go fight themselves.

Anonymous said...

Where have all the flowers gone? Redbean, thanks for exposing the greed of warmongers and the bootlicking eunuchs who do not consider much about the human losses but their myopic greed.

Anonymous said...

2017 Nobel Peace prize awarded to Intl Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, a body in marshell island.

Only has less than 50 countries support. All the super power ignore such pact.

Do not be coned by super powers at UN. They are there early with nuclear power as defense. They sanctioned NK to have basic and not equal nuclear power to do the same for defense purpose.

Do u agree that these UN 5 super power attempt to justify that only they belong to nuclear club, not other countries can do it except Isael is considered no threat to them.

The fact that the 5 want nuclear weapons means they want to keep the weapons to threaten other countries big and small.

In all war, only big attack the small. Currently on the list as risk are: US and other super power might attack NK. Taiwan might be attacked. Any middle east country might be attacked by western super powers. Do u think NK are not big enough as a country to fight the super powers?

Not true when u analyze by standing on NK people s shoes. Even they have bare hands, they will attack the US or other super power s invasion army. Not to mention they have nuclear arsenals.

If US and other super power cannot tolerate NK and not Israel having nuclear arsenals, go ahead to have war with NK.
NK already asked US to fire and do not talk at UN.

War is never evil. It is a correction. If the situation needs a correction, US should send troops into 38degree line. NK troops will welcome them with bullets as they ask for. Which country will not fire back when invaded?

War is not bad or evil that people should avoid. War help people save time of suffering due to sanctions. After war, peace will come. Go for it now as far as NK is concerned. Any third party will hate to see SK and US keep having "drills" year round. Play a real war. It will not need to have drills for war again and again. The world will be more peaceful for the future generations.

Anonymous said...

Yes war is good for those whose love ones will not die, be separated or suffer. Good for those who will benefit, especially those who buy weapons stocks, the FILTHY RICH and POWERFUL.

So, all common people who are likely to suffer in one way or another, especially well-trained special forces, should hunt down these cruel bastards and destroy them before they destroy our precious Earth.

Anonymous said...

Leaders who asking for wars does
Not know a thing a bout war!
Just like a driver driving a high speed car.
Very recklesss.

Anonymous said...

Arrogance of the Americans : "The U.S. will be taking names.”"

Nikki Haley has a warning for her fellow UN ambassadors ahead of a key vote on Jerusalem this week: Donald Trump is watching.

In a letter to some countries -- including key U.S. allies -- Haley warned that “the president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested I report back on those countries who voted against us. We will take note of each and every vote on this issue.”

read more at : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-20/haley-is-said-to-warn-un-that-trump-is-watching-jerusalem-votes

Anonymous said...

The evil Empire is threatening everyone now.

Anonymous said...

US wants war with NK, NK cannot avoid. Vietnam war saw 60k US soldiers dead. US want SK to do the dying. NK is willing to take both to chase US out similar to Vietnam.
Do not think NK avoid war with US and SK.
Most likely war break out when SK and US drills drops bombs accidentally into NK. US will be caught in war they dare not to get involve after Vietnam.

Avoiding war in Asia is what US has been doing all these years. Taiwan SK or Japan better fight for themselves. US will not send troops on the grounds to help them. So usa is handy if its well trained soldiers want to be meat balls as US s important ally.

Anonymous said...

Air n drone military technology has become very powerful n advanced since the last major war in Asia. Only fools n cruel people will ask for a war in Korea or Taiwan or any part of East Asia. The number of innocent civilians death n injured will be unimaginable in populated cities. Superpowers dont have to commit too many ground troops but can inflict horrendous firepower. Dont take peace n comfort for granted.

Anonymous said...

Super powers don't have to commit too many ground troops but can inflict horrendous firepower.

I believe it works both ways. Russia can strike New York or Washington without sending in ground troops.

The reality is that fewer gound troops does not mean fewer casualties. The bombs that rained on cities will kill millions of civilians and render the place unhabitable for centuries, if nuclear weapons are used.

Whatever advantage of using less ground troops does not translate into having the upper hand in terms of fewer casualties. In this scenario the war is not being fought overseas, eg in N Korea or China. It comes right into the evil empire's doorstep.

As I said, it works both ways.

Anonymous said...


Otherwise why would Kim want to have nuclear weapons and a delivery system capable of reaching far off targets like Guam, Tokyo, New York or Washington?