Would Asean turn into a tool of the American Empire?

It is funny to read in the media that Singapore is seeking public opinion on its role as the Chair of Asean and whether it is the right thing to push the agenda on Rohingya and North Korea. Asking this question is a sign of insecurity. They are not even sure of what they are going to do. Perhaps they know that they are stirring controversies, things that are not only unpopular but a waste of time to the rest of the Asean members.

The Rohingya issue is serious and definitely something that Asean members, or at least quite a number would be affected, notably Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The fate of the refugees and their outflow into the region impact some Asean countries directly and it is a subject that must be discussed in Asean. It is a job cut out for the Asean Chair.

The nuclear threat from North Korea is at best a red herring. The North Koreans are not going to send their ICBMs tipped with nuclear warheads flying all over Asean. Only fools in Asean believe in this piece of shit and rushing to hide under their beds. As far as Asean is concerned, North Korea is as good as irrelevant. Why waste precious time talking about it when there are better things to do? North Korea testing its own defence weapons is a defensive act. Conducting massive wargames outside North Korea to simulate an invasion is an aggressive and provocative act.

North Korea is an issue affecting South Korea and Japan and the American Empire. The immediate neighbours like China and Russia are going about their lives as if nothing has happened. Only the Americans cannot sleep, or not really, only the devils in Washington cannot sleep. The rest of the Americans can sleep very well unless they allowed the devils in Washington to attack the North Koreans. This is a self inflicted problem they invited themselves. Leave the North Koreans alone and nothing will happen. The North Koreans are no fools to invite a total annihilation of their country to start a war with the Americans.

So what is this shit about North Korea in the Asean agenda? Why must Asean be embroiled in an American agenda? Is Asean an American pet dog? The Americans have their empire problems, let them sweat their small stuff. Asean should be an innocent not participant bystander minding its own business. Asean must not be hijacked by the Americans to do the dirty work for the Americans and to make an enemy out of North Korea.

For goodness sake, Asean is an economic organisation and should be talking to North Korea for more trade and economic cooperation. Why should Asean by involved in the politics of the American Empire? Asean has nothing better to do and becoming willing partner and running dog of the American Empire? Let's hope there are wise leaders in Asean to steer Asean away from the sea of turbulence and threats of war cooked up by the Americans. Let the Americans go and fight and die. It is none of Asean's business.

It would be a very sad day for the people of Asean if Asean turns itself into an American tool, serving American agenda and interests and making enemies of North Korea and China to please the Americans, and without the Americans paying a single cent for this submissive role.


Anonymous said...

Cannot fix our very high costs, cannot fix HuLiJinx (wolfie) buy-high sell-low losses, cannot fix kaki lang paper generals poor business management, cannot fix small city trains, cannot fix siblings. Want to fix NK & Burma? Hihihi..Hahaha. Only can fix Sinkies with high taxes & Sinkingpore into most expensive city in the world. This is the true measure of the ability of Mr Hum Fix.

Anonymous said...

This Sicko Garmen of Little UaSsA us adamant to punch above its own weight and will never give a damn to wat others say bout them. By doing so, these proud MIWs r creating their own enemies r proud to call the big country to follow international law so what's more can they not do, they wouldn't even listen to ex-academic or diplomats of old guards, normal citizens feedback to then will also turn on deaf ears ..

Anonymous said...

Who is the wide-cunt big-anus-hole prostitute rallying support for the Yankees ?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland leeders are odd balls. Big countries avoid them like idiols. Not inviting the head to sound out how much money it will throw into the grand project. A big loss to that country initiating the run as US also did not show interest. Short saying sinkieland is usa in small spelling. Wanna call a meeting to discuss burma refugees? Leeders has bad memory liao. In march russia and china vito the discussion on UN tables. Asean chair call fr the meeting? Probably members juniors uncommitted reps will come, less the deep pockets. Asean is no longer the sam Asean under the late Surin (ex secretary gen passed away last week). The current aseans big guns like Myannmar Su kie deals directly with china. There is a grand plan Su works with Xi to develop link between Myannma China India and Blangadesh. That link will pass through Rohinya state. Asean what? wat can it do? Got money or not sinkies better own up.

NK has brand new Hwasong15 and 9 wheel tonners sinkies could hardly make one each. Discuss about NK threatening who? NK ignored china s envoy. Will it welcome Asean envoy? Not to worry. UN has one envoy on the way there. Asean is insignificant to NK or SK at all except trade. Asean should cultivate NK as the potential market.

Why? Kim has sounded it has near end of weaponry development. Its FM said nuke is for "deterrence" against US attacks. Its clear that NK Kim is smart chap. He will not declare to the world if NK has the small nuke heads to fix on the long rang missiles. This secret if reveals openly to SK and US, the latter will not have steps to save face, but to declare war.

So if Kim is not a cool chap. He might be impulsive like Trump to explode a small miniaturized in atmosphere over pacific. That will give real evidence of threat to US, including usa which will be "very angry". Will this happen?

Not likely as Kim should know. US scared. US scare Japan and SK will be in "fury of fire" if it attack NK. And if US does so, it falls exactly on Russia s planned ambition: to challenge US on control of Korea peninsula. Putin has successfully challenged US to topple Syria Assad. Will Putin let US topple NK Kim who has nuke? Most likely. Russia will use NK as airbase to attack SK and Japan when war breakout. That is what US cannot afford to take.
Its 7th fleet is not a fighting force at 100% capacity, based on the boat crash boat evidence. Little usa better save some future for their new generations for not interfering china s sea island ownership or NK nuke issue or Myannmar internal conflicts. All this cost sinkies money and future trade. NK is a potential power in trade when it settles down and start focusing on manufacturing products. It has the technology that sinkies do not have.
Asean chair to other big countries like Indon Thai Myannmar Cambodia Malaysia, is just a chair with no influence on each country s own agenda. Not to embarrass its limit on political agenda.

Anonymous said...

Prostitutes are prostitutes. Still want to act like pimps.

Rocket said...

Food For Your Thoughts:

The truth behind the US's intention to invade North Korea is the vast amounts of Black Earth discovered earlier and confirmed in 2013.

Before the discovery, China was the biggest supplier of Black Earth. The North Korean deposits of Black Earth is estimated to be at least3 times that of China. The US's own Black Earth mining has come to a trickle. Even though for the past 20 years, they have tried to explore alternative mining sites or alternative metals, so far they have very little success.

Black Earth are used for many electronic and high tech applications. But the most important of which is stealth technology and space technology.

The Clinton and Obama Administrations were trying to bribe North Korea, using North Korea's nuclear capabilities development program as a pretext, in order to negotiate for a regular supply of Black Earth from North Korea. But failed miserably.

The only way to get hold of oil in the Middle East was to invade countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria or execute a regime change through the slimy shady and evil hands of the CIA.

The only way to get hold of North Korea's Black Earth is to invade and capture the land area which contains the Black Earth deposits.

From the Black Earth, North Korea will be able to produce rockets able to withstand the heat produced by re-entry of the Earth's Atmosphere.

Moreover, in time to come, North Korea will be able to produce her own stealth fighter and bomber military aircraft, submarines and others.

In fact, North Korea already possesses stealth capability and others.

If Asean countries are forward-looking, they should become more friendly with, instead of otherwise, with North Korea. Only US pet dogs would betray their own citizens by barking US' songs and licking Trump's boots.

Anonymous said...

Getting hold of the oil in Middle East was easier without the Chinese and Russian factor, and so the Americans were able to start dubious wars, based on trumped up excuses like WMD to get their way into Iraq. And they now have control of the oil.

Getting hold of the black earth in North Korea is not that easy with the Chinese and Russian connections coming into play.

The US might have already owned N Korea during the Korean War between North and South if not for the Chinese involvement. In fact N Vietnam would also have fallen to the South under American control without the support of the Chinese and Russians. The US therefore knows what Chinese and Russian support means, if they invade N Korea. They know they are not dealing with idle threats.

Now they know N Korea does not succumb to threats. And the N Koreans also have the means to retaliate. And the American people's threshold of pain cannot be compared to what the N Korean people have gone through with sanctions and famines. They know how to survive. Can the American public tolerate the consequence of a nuclear strike in the centre of New York city?

Anonymous said...

I pray and pray that the Americans would attack North Korea. And I pray and pray that a couple of nuclear bombs would hit New York and Washington.

This would be just dessert for the Americans for invading North Korea and for dropping two A bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is time for the Americans to have a taste of their own medicine.

Go for it America. No use talk only. Show the world you can do it. Don't be a paper tiger.

b said...

The europeans are the most evil people in the world. They made use of usa especially the blacks to fight wars for them. People must learn from history and stop trusting them and stop being manipulated by them. They killed Jesus and his disciples and followers. They used Jesus to start wars and kill people everywhere. They made people distrust Jesus. They created Santa to mislead children. They are the source of evil.

b said...

December 05, 2017 2:40 pm>>

Americans is just like another Japan. Stupid enough to be made use by europeans, they armed and used japanese to kill chinese and they now used americans to kill plenty others. Trump must wake up and stop being stupid. Trump must work with Putin and Xi to find a good solution.

Anonymous said...

Now is not the time to punch above your weight Goondu, when the big boys are playing with real guns in the neighbourhood.
Not careful Singa oxley will be a collateral damage.
Timing is nearly everything in life...different time from past 40yrs. Small sissy boy punched above will be punched instead. Be humble lah especially when u only know how to fight paper wars of Fantaland. Hahaha.

Virgo49 said...

And the Deference or Defence Minister is a Hen. Not even a Rooster.

THe SAF made up of Ah Boys and now got now Ah Girl after no more story line of Ah Boys.

Of all military pact tied up with the Black Ants who are only drilled for ceremonial performance like Toy Soldiers.

Drill only banging their feet till got hernia.

Stupid LKY requested them to train our Ah Boys.

Rocket said...
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Rocket said...

The Ro-hin-jya (meaning roll over other people's land and hinder other people's families) had over the years, after they were driven out by India's invasion of East Pakistan (renamed as Bangladesh), subtly invaded Burma (renamed Myanmar) in phases - at first, intrude, then invade, then followed by infest.

They were originally from the Eastern part of India and East Pakistan. Mainly nomadic tribes who were convicted to Muslims by the invading hordes of the Islamic Crusaders led by Mohammad himself.

The Burmese government have been trying verry hard to assimilate them according to the majority's terms but they refused to abide ny the terms and continued to live by their own ways of life.

There have been conflicts and frictions over the past 30 years but the situations did not explode so bafly. The recent conflict had started because a Buddhist nun was raped and then murdered by a group of those inhuman infestors. The local Burmese were outraged. The incident had strengthened their resolve to drive out all the undesirable elements that have been invading, intruding and infesting their peaceful homeland.

Today, India does not want them back. Bangladesh conveniently disowned them. Both countries simply pushed the problem to Myanmar.

The UN should pass a resolution to force India and Bangladesh to re-instate and assimilate them back into their societies.

If Asean or any busybody of Asean who wants to use this opportunity to glorify himself, let him direct the issue to the right forum - the UN. It is none of his business to interfere in the Internal Affairs of a member country, nor does he has the slightest day-dreaming power to influence this event to an amicable solution.

If any Chair of Asean thinks that it is his duty to do something about this Myanmar's internal politics, let him be reminded that the Chairmanship of Asean is meant solely and primarily to facilitate the afministrative requirements on a rotational badis, so as to defray the costs fairly and equally. Nothing else.

Asean is not a political entity like the EU. Neither is it a military pact like the NATO. Nor is it a Security Arrangement like the UN Security Council.

Asean is just a very loose economic bloc. It does not even have an established Common Market.

The Chairmanship of Asean is not like the Secretary-General of the United Nations, nor the Chairmanship of the UN Security Council. Miles apart. So, whoever you are, please get real and get down to earth; don't sit on top of coud 9 and day-dream.

If Singaporeans want to interfere, for whatever reasons (imagined or real), in this Ro-hin-jya issue, why not simply take them into Singapore as part of your population? Embrace them with open arms and open legs. You want to increase your population to 6.9 million, right? You want cheap labour, right? You want productivity, right? These are very hardworking people and willing to accept any wage you pay them. They may not have the skills you want but they can be trained if given an opportunity. They are good fishermen though. They can help to make Singapore into a Fishing Village again for sure.

How, Singapore? Don't talk only. Take them in lah. They are only 1.2 million people. Your population now is 5.6 million. Add 1.2 million will bring it up to 6.8 million. Almost reaching your target of 6.9 million instantly.

Come on, take them in. According to your twisted brains, the increase of GST is good for the poor. Following your twisted logic, therefore, an increase of poor pathetic people is good for the rich. Since you are so daft, you won't even feel anything wrong that you will regret what you did. Hahahaha....

Stupidity has no cure!

Anonymous said...

North Korea has every right to develop nuclear weapons for its national self defense, just as France, UK, Israel, India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons.

We support North Korea all the way !

The Burmese have every right to expel from their country illegal settlers from neighboring Bangladesh.

We support the Burmese all the way !

Anonymous said...

Those with brains stuff full of twisted logic had better not try their twisted arguments outside of Red Dot.

It can work on the daft 70% at home under all the dubious conditions. But not on those outside.

The Burmese may be economically less endowed for now, but are not daft for sure. How else can they be when they managed, against all odds, to shift power from a military regime to a civilian rule.