Merry Christmas can be a frightening moment

Many people will be giving away presents during Christmas, and many people will be receiving presents or hoping to receive presents. Many presents will be placed under the Christmas trees at home. Many presents will be sent be mail or couriers.

Here is the frightening moment, especially for those living in the White House or in Capitol Hill. And this is also true for those countries that voted against the UN Resolution condemning the American unilateral act of recognising the seized part of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

For these people, receiving a present by mail is going to be a frightening experience, a dilemma, to accept and open the present or not.

The most dangerous job during this Christmas period must be the postmen or couriers delivering the presents. Are the presents going to blow up in their faces?

'Merry Christmas, I am delivering your Christmas present.'


Anonymous said...

Big bullies like Trump, big powers like Bfitish Empire, Japanese Empire and US Evil Empire,, dictators like Hitler and LKY, men who ruled with iron-fisr and ruthlessness, and people like the Sinkie PM who seek absolute power - all these power-hungry freaks of the human race are similar to hard rocks. They can be easily destoyed by softness like water and the infinity of time.

Just keep pouring water over them continuously and they will erode and dissolve into thin air. Their legacies will be forgotten in a matter of time.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, those voted against means they agreed with Mr Trump? ?

Or those who voted for should be for the Majority and should be safe right.

Or, they voted for and may be receiving Christmas Presents from the CIA or Mr Trump himself with the message "I remembered You"

Not only this Christmas Season but for Every Season.

DONT ask Me for donations or help or favours. I not going to favour

Anonymous said...

Lucky we do not celebrate Christmas or receive Christmas presents.

Maybe the CIA will send Trump the ultimate Christmas present themselves and blame it on N Korea or Iran to start the ball rolling. Nothing is impossible with the CIA.


Goh said...

It's not the content of the presents but the intention of the presents that is frightening and terrorizing.
Presents are given or exchanged with a motive but not many can see the danger.
My Ah Kong told me that its one of the easiest way to invite,recruit,jio and brainwash others by first giving or practising giving present.
One will slowly got their mind poisoned,influenced and slowly become Peter n Jane,use forks instead of chopstick...and neglect their elderly .
Presents can also be a form of bribe.

Dun be too happy if you or your children are receiving present.Buying or exchanging present is a waste of money and we should do away with such boliao practises.

Anonymous said...

In fact all occasions for giving presents are the invention of business people. Valentine's day, mother's day, father's day etc are just waste of money buying useless things that will eventually be thrown into the dust bin and that will only benefit business people and restaurants. And not to forget uplifting the retail sales figure.

I would rather follow the Chinese custom of giving money in the form of 'red packet' for birthdays. Or if you are really filial, give a little more money to your parents. It makes more sense than trying to be filial for one day out of 365 days.

Anonymous said...

This is scaring, people are facing much much more risks now a day when conflicts, bully and hart are getting is way.

Anonymous said...

The rich and powerful have people receiving and opening the gifts on their behalf so they will not be scared or hurt. It's the employees that Kena lar the lowly paid ones.

Anonymous said...

The only way to get rid of the dirty, filthy, and ruthless rich and evilly powerful is not to work for them.

Therefore, the world must get rid of these lowly paid idiots who work for them, like the hunch back minion of dracula.

Since these are idiots without much self-respect and brain, they are not good for society.

Therefore getting rid of them is no love lost.

b said...

All rulers are evil, some more evil than others.
The people are always the milk cows.