Willy Trump & The Illuminati, South China Sea and the Obsequious American Running Dogs

American fake news claim leaders across Asia are looking to Washington for guidance on a variety of pressing issues in Asia. If this is true these leaders have yet to realise that looking to US for guidance is looking for self-destruction, for endless strives and trouble, for choas and wars.

The fake news also claim these Asian leaders are worried that President Moon Jae-in is seeking a more conciliatory approach with DPRK contrary to US bellicose policy. They are also worrying that Trump will stop trying to counter China's growing influence in the South China Sea region. They long for America to create wars and distability in South East Asia in the same scenario as it creates disasters in the whole of Middle East and North Africa.

The news agency keeps on saying Asian leaders in anonymity . They should declare which Asian leaders and not hide behind the screen of anonymity. However one character, not an Asian leader but an Australian professor by the name of Carlyle A Thayer of the University of New South Wales openly lamented that the withdrawal of America from the region will turn "the South China Sea into a Chinese lake." He conveniently forgets that the white men from Europe had stolen the Australian continent from the natives of Australia and recently in 1980s Australia stole the East Timor Sea from the just independent East Timorese nation because it coveted the rich oil and gas deposits beneath the sea.

Now I understand when fake news talk about Asian leaders they induce me to to deduce the implication that they are white supremacists anti China leaders as seen in Carllele A Thayer. Or can they be pro-American 5th columns in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and internatioonal studies. Or possibly it can be some obsequious pro American and pro Japanese political leaders in two or three ASEAN countries.

They claim Trump will lose credibility if he does not continue to challenge China in the South China Sea and America may lose long long time economic and security-military alliance in the region. They insist Trump must challenge China vigorously to prevent countries in the region from moving closer to China. They want Trump to assure them that America long standing bellicose foreign policy towards China remains rigid and unnegotiable. They encourage Trump to take a more aggressive stand towards China and fan fire beyond North Korea.

Here we can see the hands of the American warmongers , the Wall Street bangsters of the Anglo-Saxon Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal which actually controls the government of both the Democrat and the Republican party as well as CIA and the huge war industrial complex of the Pentagon . Under the Illuminati Cabal US fought more than two hundred thirty wars of aggression and conquests since its independence in 1775 from UK against other countries. It is time Russia and China and other freedom loving countries join forces to bring the next war to American mainland and destroy the evil empire once for all.

The neo-conservatives in the Illuminati cabal said Trump should not make any concessions to China as far as the East China Sea and South China Sea is concerned . They object to Mr Moon's conciliatory approach towards DPRK and wants Trump to apply maximum pressure on North Korea. They persuade Trump to expedite sales of offensive weapons to Taiwan. They strongly object to China's development in her own territories in the South China Sea and wants Rex Tillerson to deny China's access to the region. These are dangerous warmongers who want US to adopt straight face anti-China policy with no room for negotiation or compromise. They want war and confrontation with China. They think US can win in a nuclear war against China. They must be dreaming and still living in the last century. They must know China is not alone for Russia is part of of the Chinese-Russian equation in an open confrontation or war against America. The Russians and Chinese have pledged and promised that the next war will not be fought anywhere else but in America's mainland.

Trump is a willy businessman and now turn into a willy politician. He tries to make use of Russia against China and vice-versa. That doesn't seem to work for the moment. Now he tries to make use of China against North Korea. When things are more settled in North East Asia he will continue to confront China in the South China Sea albeit at the behest of the controlling masters in the Illuminati Cabal.

However, the scenario in the South China Sea has as of now turn more settled and peaceful due to the matured wisdom of Duterte of the Philippines and Najib of Malaysia and to a lesser extent  Vietnam.

However China and the neighbouring countries must still be on guard for the Japanese and American warmongers will never give up creating wars and distabilities whenever an occasion arises and also South East Asia is awashed with traitors and pro-American running dogs and fifth columns especially those in the institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore and the Philippines.


Wednesday,12th December,2017


Virgo49 said...

One Sinkie PM.kept harping that America must not leave Asia.

Must stayed engaged in Asia.

He thought the Americans will protect his arse if the neighbours grew belligerent.

Air Force also Joint exercises with the Americans.

He wants to be another Tramp who puts his people into danger with enemies from the Muslim World.

Israel WITHOUT Americans backing will fall to the Arabs.

Sinkieland he thinks with American backing is safe.

He thinks the Americans will defend this Red Dot for him.

Better depend on the Chinese.Ang Mohs only exploited Asians.

They won't die for you.

Anonymous said...

From the 1830s to the 1940s China was brutally attacked by the combine forces of England, Russia, France, Germany, America and Japan and vast swathes of Chinese lands were forcibly taken away from the Chinese people. Russia still occupy over three million square miles of Chinese land north of the Heilongjiang river, Japan still occupies the Liu Chiu Tao which they call it Okinawa, England took large tracts of Chinese lands in the Himalayas which is now occupied by India and France took away thousands of square miles of Chinese land in South China which is now under the Vietnamese. China and the Chinese people have yet to recover back these lost lands to redeem her honour, prestige, self-respect and dignity. If the evil imperial evil empire and Japan dare to create wars against China, this time round China will bury them in hell to eternity.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland disputes china s ownership on south china seas and islands. This is the fact. There was no reversal in position.

Jokowi wants Indonesia airspace to be in control. Sinkieland has control over naturna, riau, batam, bintang airspace.
Indonesia former general said this and sinkieland disputed it as an issue.
"Air Vice Marshal (Ret'd) Koesnadi that Indonesia "currently ... only recieve(s) a small slice of the cake" of Route Air Navigation Services (RANS) charges is untrue.(said sinkieland ambassador.

From jakarta post, Indon airforce stations jets at natuna island and also had plan to put in Batam, Batam airport said.

Jokowi was talking about Indon s sovereignty rights. Sinkieland rebut as international rights to fly over. There was no mention of airforce fly pass.

If naturna island has airforce, there should be radar controlling the traffic monitoring sinkieland s activities. Is the new move aiming at air space control over naturna riau batam bintang?

Sinkieland can poke at china, can it stop Indon to put a stop on fly pass? As some said here: ask trump to help similar to netanyahu asked trump to put americans at jerusalem. can it work that way?
Will china care if Indon put stop to sinkie airforce fly pass?

b said...

The west will not go down without a brutal fight. It will be armageddon. Many will die whatever their colors and religion. But the elites will survive as always the case and claim all assets and rule for the next few centuries. People have to love and respect one another is the only solution. Its not the perfect solution but the only one.

Anonymous said...


WHY is China selling off US$188 Trillion worth of US Treasury Bills since March to Nov 2017?

This is followed by the Arabs, the EU and Japan.

In total, it amounts to more than US$220 Trillion Dollars worth of US Treasury Bills.

The US sold about US$300 Trillion Treasury Bills, as a form of borrowing money from the whole world to pay for her military expenditure, White House expenditure, Congress expenditure, infrastructure expenditure, scientific research expenditure, Space Exploration expenditure, Technology research expenditure, etc etc etc.....

Actually, the US is BANKRUPT!

b said...

Even if the west is bankrupt, the rest of the world will still be under their control and bully if they never know how to respect one another and work together. The west are not stronger in terms of strength or intelligence but due to their pagans nature, they can work together easily when there is opportunity to plunder.

b said...

Pagans have no concept of sin and no Satan. So there is no fiery hell to worry about either. In other words, they know no evil.

Connie Morgan said...


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