Singaporeans alternative career opportunities

It used to be getting a degree and finding a cosy executive or professional jobs as the career choice. In the early years of our independence, getting a degree would mean a relatively comfortable life afterwards. The pursuit of education was then the right path to a better future, to own the 5Cs. Parents poured in thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, for their children to get that much coveted degree.

While the cost of education has risen to a point when the returns, financially, for the money spent becomes a diminishing return as in economic theory, this did not deter the parents from their hopes of a better life for their children. Why spent so much just to earn so little in a part time job, in contract job, or in driving Uber or Grab taxis? It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Ministers have chipped in to say a degree cannot be eaten and some even say a degree is not necessary. The young are encouraged to take on skilled jobs, like crane drivers and hawkers. The cosy jobs should go to the foreign talents from the third world armed with fictitious or fake degrees or fake work experience. These are the talents that are deserving of the cosy jobs that Singaporeans are no longer fit to be employed, even if they get their degrees from the two native world class universities. Don’t laugh, when a country is run by silly people this is the end result.

The new graduates and undergraduates understood the new realities and the advices by the ministers. They no longer expect to be employed in the cosy jobs they once longed for. They know that they are not good enough and these jobs are reserved for foreign ‘talents’. There is an article in Channel News Asia highlighting the latest choice of our young undergraduates doing interns, as hawker assistants.

Here is the report, ‘The 'hawker interns' selling prawn mee: Choosing the hawker life over the tried and tested route

Joanne Heng and Chan Kheng Yee were about to graduate from university, and were looking for a full-time job. But a "random" job ad online set them on the path to hawker life.’

The young Singaporeans, the generation XYZ are practical people, just like their parents and grandparents. They are not choosy about the jobs they are doing, as long as there is a job. Now who are the silly guys that said Singaporeans are choosy and difficult to please when jobs are concerned? And these young people are also just as obedient (read dumb) as their parents, and would listen to the wise govt on their career choices and life style. They understood that a degree cannot be eaten. A skilled is more important to get a job. So more and more will be turning to become hawkers, crane drivers and Grab and Uber drivers. They know that they could not compete with the best of the best of foreign fake talents possessing genuine fake and fictitious degrees or degrees from half past six universities.

There is hope, a different kind of hope, and a different kind of future for our young graduates from our world best universities. Their expectations in life are simple, realistic and not over demanding. Any job is better than no job or part time jobs. Did they ever think of the disappointments in their parents, their dreams crashed when after spending thousands of dollars, getting a degree from world best universities, their daft children would end up as hawkers and drivers? Could they feel the pain of their dejected parents, their pride of having children graduated from universities only to become manual workers?

Welcome to the brave new world. The parents should save their money. There is no need to put their children to universities if the expectation is to be hawkers, crane drivers and cab drivers.

PS. If cooking to be a hawker is good enough, they could learn all the tips from their mothers or grandmothers, at home. No need to pay expensive tuition fees and mug for examinations.

Dunno to laugh or to cry. Stupidity has no cure. Oh, this is the kind of things that our reporters and journalists are assigned to write about. So intellectually stimulating. Though they may not get a Pulitzer, there are many prizes that the local media industry could dish out for them to be recognised as best reporters and journalists. This is progress. Our graduates should be encouraged to become hawkers and Uber or Grab drivers. Our reporters can write about them as the new and desirable lifestyles of graduates. It is a dream job to be Grab or Uber drivers and also to be hawkers.


Anonymous said...

"The 'hawker interns' selling prawn mee: Choosing the hawker life over the tried and tested route "

The stall selling hokkien mee in the coffee shop opp YCK CC n temple recently closed. The stall selling hokkien mee (big prawn noodle, featured in MSM papers) in the coffee shop near the AMK polyclinic also recently closed. These stalls changed lessees many times over the years. Many stalls at the AMK hawker centre also changed lessees many times, the high turnover shows very very difficult for hawkers to sustain their business to make a living.

And the ministers keep encouraging the young Singaporeans to be hawkers, while the more than 2 million foreigners here have good full time jobs! And yes, got see children of PAP elite become hawkers ??

Anonymous said...

Now, those jobs are the objective of the skills future scheme. They are preparing locals Sinkies for the future. They are walking the talk.

Oh no, PAP ministers and MPs would never get their children to become hawkers ore taxi drivers. Just like they have been telling parents to send their kids to neighbourhood schools while they send theirs to top schools and prestigious overseas universities.

But then, 70% dafts still believe them. What to do? Dafts will produce more dafts and that is why the percentage is set to rise.

Anonymous said...

The elite encourages the peasants to eat frozen fish while they themselves eat only fresh fish.

Anonymous said...

in sg, how to survive without a degree

can survive?

Anonymous said...

One hawker out of a thousand may succeed and they made a song and dance show about that on TV. What about the thousands that failed after dumping tens of thousands into setting up shop?

Many years ago they tried using chefs from well known hotels to teach hawkers how to cook on tv. That is like putting a square peg into a round hole. Hawkers do not use the kind of 'atas' ingredients that hotels use, so some hawkers are so skeptical they simply brush such chefs advice aside. How much are they expected to sell their food using hotel standard ingredients?

By the way, hotels using 'atas' ingredients do not necessarily produce food that taste better then hawker's with long experience in their trade. Not true?

Anonymous said...

I am not disputing that hawker is also a respectful career but in the eyes of others, is still low in prestige. Most hawkers can earn a decent living but with ever increasing rent, they are forced to close. It is really no point working for the landlord for free.

Yes, there are plenty of jobs around but many are given to foreigners. Why, because they do not need to attend reservist, don't mind working on weekend, taking lower pay and dare not disagree as they can be sent back if the boss does not like you. Bosses do not care too much about your qualification as long as work is being done. If you are one of them, the boss will love to have you in his company.

Now, whose fault is that? Your fault for being a Singaporean? Worked your guts out during school days, get a good degree from local uni but end out no job OR is it the government who failed to protect the job market for Singaporeans. If there is distinction between locals and foreigners, why bother to set the standard in school so bloody high? This is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

If an island city do not have any altruistic leader willing to step out to join the ruling political party to govern, but only have opportunists, who can only be not corrupted if paid by millions of dollars of taxpayers' sweat and blood money, to pretend to "take care off" their citizens (by enacting more and more draconian laws and regulations every year for the slightest lame excuses), then there is no longer a moral bonding between government and governed. Because you now have ruthless mercenaries and calculative self-centred hypocrites exploiting you instead of caring for you.

And if these elites-uncaring can "manage" to be "elected" every 5 years, again and again, the the whole electoral system, structure, organization, process and mechanism must be subject to suspicion and scrutiny.

Despite so many election results having been known, and if voters are still so blind, deaf and dumb, then they deserved to be screwed in the back.

Virgo49 said...

The Elites are following the Joseon Korean Era of once you are born peasants, Slaves then you must remained as so.

You must carry on the tradition of serving us. Our loony loong wants to buy the fried chicken wingsfrom the Redhill uncle's stall.

My hojinx carvings. So if no new generation hawkers were to take over then where to feed our cravings? ?

So need to con these new Dotard youngsters that it's a great profession to be a hawker.

Our cronies with all their Malls for rentals with blood sucking Shylock traits would have been empty without these suckers filling in.

We want to have MONIES rolling with our blood sucking Lifes.

So simply conned the young to take over the Roles of hawkers by putting one or two fake models to encourage them.

Honestly, those high and mighty What's renowned chefs that shown off their skills like one SINKIE Chinese chef who scolded their interns into tears are professions even beneath labourer.

What's the hoi haa of preparing decorated piece of meal in hours and been gulped down in a couple of mins??

Stupid isn't it??

Wasting so much efforts when you can simply pour hot water into cup noodles and filled your stomach more than whats that stupid idiot prepare for you.

Anonymous said...

"Just say the word, and I'll get Singaporeans to eat shit in 18 months.
For Singaporeans, by Singaporeans."

More Newater anyone?


Virgo49 said...

On top of that, paid a ransom on his creation.

These bourgeoisie lifestyles only for those who sucked the blood from the poor and am too destined to be also endowed with all the rich people diseases and sickness.

They at same time needed colourful cocktails of medications and injections to carry on thus.

Anonymous said...

High rental is the main cause of shops and hawkers going out of business, but this reason is always pushed to the back of people's mind when talking about why businesses or hawkers close shop. They always blame it on other causes.

Foodcourts and coffeeshops owners bid to pay sky high rentals, which are passed on to foodstall owners, who in turn have to sell high to cover their costs. The customers pay the ultimate price, but if it is too expensive, they will not patronise and stall owners have less patronage and cannot cover their cost.

Ever wonder why HDB now builds so many foodcourts and coffeeshops in housing estates, left, right and centre, even in remote corners? It is a very lucrative business collecting high rentals from the main tenant, without having to go to each individual stall owners. Just like COEs. Simple, easy and lucrative. Why not build and let them bid higher and higher? Money milking of citizens is the hallmark of the best ideas of what our leaders can do. And these are ideas from the scholars groomed with money from the people they set out to milk dry.

Anonymous said...

Don't play play.

In years to come, hawkers also need basic degrees

They need to study Food Science and Technology so as to be able to produce nice and healthy foods.

Then, a bowl of Laksa at hawker centres would cost about $20.

Of course, hawker centres would be aircon-ed!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Below are two comments to an article written by an ex PMET turned taxi driver and reminicising his 15 years as a taxi driver when turning 70.

Another 70yr old:

December 26, 2017 at 11:10 pm (Quote)

Reading taxi Uncle downward spiral brings a tear to my eye ; I am same boat
like him and to answer the q on everyone’s mind ; no I did not vote forthe
treacherous people
I graduated fr the univ of spore and tried to get into one of the
ministries but was not able to; instead that min is filled with Malaysian
trash :
I like taxi Uncle had to do jobs not related to my field of study;now I am
70 Yrs n two months and still doing small biz as Long as I can; I empathise
with taxi Uncle I know what’s it’s like to have to slog sweat and cry a
silent tear in ones heart just to feed my kids all these Yrs; my 2 kids are
professionals now and I have been thinking of retiring as I feel tired and
weary of life not just in body but in mind
Shame on the men in white for not taking care of us native born who built
this republic
Shame on you leaders

Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)

December 26, 2017 at 11:15 pm (Quote)

James Lim

Thank you for your insight on how some of our people have to end up
regardless of how hard they try. I am sorry I have no optimism or words of
comfort for you. $G is what it is and you are no longer needed.

I now have a question for you.

Which political party have you been voting for in the elections?
This is central to the predicament you find yourself in as well as all the
rest of us.

The 70% have made sure that our lives are meaningless once we are deemed
unproductive in the eyes of the pappies using their legal power and their
various government bodies.

Regardless of how you worked or what you did or what you achieved – nothing
now matters to them. To you it is trying to survive another day in an
island of vast wealth that says you are now unwanted.

Tell me and this is no reflection on us – do you think this is the way
people should be treated?

I have seen in other countries people able to live the last part of their
lives with a modicum of dignity – even in places considered very third

Yet in this wealthy island we locals can starve. Wiping tables, collecting
cardboard and other forms of similar entertainment await those of us who
have no other way to make ends meet.Yet we still keep paying for services
until we die.

I do not say this to depress you or anyone else. I state a simple truth.

I hope you can survive and live in dignity. I do not think most will be
able to in the near future and beyond.

Goh said...

A reasonable parent should not be disappointed that their children took up any job that they prefer even if they are graduates.So long as they dun steal ,cheat or rob.
No one force them to be graduates .
Hawkers and PH drivers are also contributing to society .
Many ph drivers are part timers and they do it to pass time,pick up meimeis that they haven't got a chance to pick if they are not driving ph.
Got the more aspiring one, if lucky enough can pick up riders who are rich taitais or mingster concubine type who can even give them free bungalow or land if they are as smart as that foreign talent Yangyin.
Charkwaytiao can oso attract well to do aunties who will love your cooking n fall into love with you.
No need to sit in cosy office to be rich.
It's who you know,whether you good in polumpar,know which camp to join,know how to backstab,frame the innocents to get what you want...
Blame no and if want to blame,blame the you know who ,oops I mean blame the PGs.
They are the one who has decided on fate of they descendents here years ago.Now pretend to blame the 70%.
If leaders are stupid oso blame them cos they fail to teach their children well.
Let me be the first one to wish everyone a successful n prosperous 2018.

Anonymous said...

Dunno to laugh or to cry. Stupidity has no cure. Oh, this is the kind of things that our reporters and journalists are assigned to write about.

I laugh Hahahahaha. Why I laugh?

Because majority Sinkies will still vote for PAP even if our reporters and journalists are not assigned to write about such things.

And if they do write about such things, maybe the winning margin for PAP at elections will even improve?


Stupidity indeed has no cure. This one I think PAP ministers also know and maybe even laughing, to the bank every month and year end!!!


Anonymous said...

PAP knows smart Sinkies will never join Sinkie opposition to become a strong enough force to fight PAP to win in elections.

Because smart Sinkies either make money, or if they are interested (for the money of course)in politics, they will join PAP, not Sinkie opposition.

And if they cannot or find it too difficult to make good money to live well in Sinkielnd, they will emigrate elsewhere to do it, or to at least get a better quality of life.

So Sinkie graduates wanting to be prawn mee hawkers are just trying their luck to make good money. I wish them well and with a laugh Hahahahahaha. But if they can indeed make good money being hawkers, then I will stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

"Cosy" job? No many people will agree a professional job is cosy. Give some examples: fly to HK on sunday, ended up hotel at mid night, meeting at 7am, and self preparing with team mates in hotel till 2 3 am. The end results is to secure an order. Another example: survey the building top with the clients standing right under the hot sun. May not get the project even doing so "good job".

HR is not cosy. Often accident needs to be at site and work till late night, or month end pay roll needs to cross 11pm to end sure pay roll on the dot on 30th.

Admin cosy? Accounts cosy? Purchasing cosy? NO way. In modern world when a professional himself operates various machines, software, and doing presentation details, are these tasks cosy?
Time consuming is the correct word.
Prior to the time consuming tasks, the learning of various apps is not basic. Non graduates cannot pick up quickly.

What happen to these jobs? They are gone. The Pap s policies of high rental push many firms needing to hire professionals to Malaysia, penang, and in near future to Forest city.
The Forest city is so near sinkieland. Companies can offer jobs there and attract sinkies to go over. But majority of the jobs will go to Malaysians.

Soon many Indians PR who work in back office jobs like accounts, admin, IT, engineering may have to go home. The foreign direct investments that create jobs has been stagnant or decline. Jobs become less. Young graduates will find hard to get office intern jobs, ending up getting at hawker stalls.

Hawker stalls cannot apply marking much, such as branding. Price can play on it. Sell $1 per plate chicken rice. Good or bad marketing depends on the final results: boom or close shop. Hawker cannot do much applying what a degree can do. That is the sad thing. Because the space is limited and thus the products are limited to a few. There is no way to drive customers to one stall.
Once the rental adjusted up, the customers run off to other hawker centers cheaper. The customers are price sensitive.
These customers will tell u: ownself made prawn noodles should taste better. Why not? buy tiger prawns, boil own prawn heads pork bone soup. Ownself made chilli paste thro grinder. The cost will be far cheaper than those "famous prawn me".

Back to jobs graduates can do. What have the Pap elites do for voters. Lets list out jobs:
Internet apps a plenty, from comms like whatapps to any think can link fast on payment, up loading products etc, need graduates to write something such as php.
Current chips: not pc chips sinkieland famous for, but invest faster lighter AI chip. Need grads.
Self drive are in testing, more self drive to do in restaurants, hospital, wheelchairs are needed. Grads are needed to do and control.
Sinkies are good in hospital service: the only service does not need ceca to help. Bio technology in nano level should be something in future.

Layman can list common things like above. The elites do not bite. The might have something more advance to lead sinkies young to. But what and when? The Pm gave a general speech during national day time. He is still Pm for few years to come. Are sinkies sitting on empty spin wheels? This is the problem. 61% are badly short changed for services.

When can these 61% turn voting for the opposition? Its very simple when someone as Pm is more willing to do marketing job to go around be salesman to get investments in to provide jobs for sinkies NS men.
Whoever as PM is not big deal provided he is going to get industries to work inside sinkieland.

If it is too late, when Forest city is function with high tech high investment firm Tencent, Sinkieland will find lesser investments inside sinkieland especially high value types of investment.
Vote for opposition in few years time. The leeder is not working well to provide good jobs for NS men. This is real, not fake news.

Anonymous said...

Forest city looks promising but only problem is the Malaysian politics.

You may never know what will happen when a new state govt is in charge.

Can anyone enlighten more on this aspect?

By the way, ex pres candidate TKL FB gave his endorsement to Forest City by recently purchasing an apartment there which will only be ready in 2 years time.

Anonymous said...

Forest city looks promising but only problem is the Malaysian politics.
December 27, 2017 1:48 pm

It's true. Better stay in Singapore.
Singapore politics got no problem.
Just shut up and pay whatever taxes PAP ask you to pay can already.

Anonymous said...

TKL? Gave his endorsement?


Anonymous said...

@ December 27, 2017 10:48 am
>>> Just say the word, and I'll get Singaporeans to eat shit in 18 months.
For Singaporeans, by Singaporeans.
More Newater anyone? <<<

You better stop complaining. Otherwise the price of our shit water goes up by another 30%.

Anonymous said...


I'm totally in agreement with you.

SG Girl

b said...

Oz is short of tradies. Since no job here, might as well learn a trade or two in Oz and emigrate there. Do not wait until too old to qualify.

b said...

Chinese are very sad people. Under chinese rulers, can only have flats and bikes. Under angmo or malay masters, can have houses and cars.

Rulers are all evil, some more than others.

Anonymous said...

I believe in destiny.just like
Here got sun earth n moon.

Anonymous said...

If crime can be put under control, Forest City is a reasonable bet. One good reason for it is that the Johore Royal Family has a big stake in it and want to see that it is successful. They would not allow Malaysian politics to mess up this project and the lives of Johoreans.

As long as the Johore Royal Family is in control, there could be more economic development and progress along the lines of Forest City. It is economics, not politics.

Anonymous said...

Dont listen to the ministers talking cock n their suggestions of uni courses like engineering. Watch, watch what they n their chindren do. Not what they said:
1. They sent their children to elite schools not neighbourhood schools. N tell u every school is good school. Dont listen to their bullshit. If possible send your children to elite schools.
2. Dont do engineering unless is really your passion or you are a govt scholar. Their children chose law, accountancy, banking n medical as careers in private sector. These are the ones that pay very well. In law n accounting join the big firms. In banking go for private banking, trading n fund investment n investment banking. In medical oncology n plastic surgery, etc. In law join Lee n Lee ...in the past.
3. In public servant be a scholar n be a ball licking paper general n or a Glc honcho or minister, you will be in non-competitive million dollars pay until retirement.
But if u have passion n integrity go n do your own thing. Key is dont listen to their crab propaganda. Its all self serving.

Anonymous said...

Dont do engineering unless is really your passion or you are a govt scholar.
5:10 pm

Agree. Engineering (for those without honours degree) don't pay well in the private sector because of lots of cheaper foreign talents available. Surprisingly these foreign talents (from Myanmar U, India U, Pinoy U and also Malaysian U grads) can do the job, although not excellent lah, but at least with good work attitude.

But it pays very good starting pay to be in govt and govt related sectors, that is provided you have good honours degree, not just honours.

For scholars who do engineering, most likely they don't practise engineering. They will be high flyers in the elite Govt Admin Service.

So for those who have passion for engineering but only general degree, susah lah where good pay is concerned.

Anonymous said...

So for those who have passion for engineering but only general degree, susah lah where good pay is concerned.
December 27, 2017 5:27 pm

Will it make a difference if they learn to vote Opposition?

Anonymous said...

As long as the Johore Royal Family is in control, there could be more economic development and progress along the lines of Forest City. It is economics, not politics.
December 27, 2017 5:08 pm

Do you think it also helps if the Singapore Royal Family remains in control of Singapore?
Then there will always be a strong demand for Forest City by Singaporean economic refugees tio bo?

b said...

If JB gets independence, will be even better. JB and SG can seek a union.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry! Not to worry!

Forest city will be in high demand from 2025!

You know why?


Anonymous said...

There is no way JB and Sinkieland can even dream of a union. This has only been Sinkieland's wishful Leeders' Desire for a very long time. Malaysia even acquired the S Top Secret Military Plan of Sinkieland through two defected traitors in the SAF in the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

Many papas and mamas would be heartbroken after slogging for more than 20 years to bring up their children, put them through expensive university education, bankrupting their savings or CPF, only to find that they cannot find a decent job but to become hawkers.

What the fuck is going on? Still counting your millions and when going to get another pay increase? What will happen to these young people if more and more could not find decent jobs after graduating and seeing foreigners fucking them around in their home country taking jobs that they want or should be theirs?

This is a crime against our children and their parents and all Singaporeans. Robbing them of decent jobs to give to foreigners.

I would like to see how long would this garment last if more and more young people and PMETs become jobless or underemployed.

For you, with you, no one would be left behind. You mean no foreigners would be left behind, for foreigners, with foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Not to worry your daft idiotic brain unnecessarily.

One day you will all die, either by old age, sickness or accidents.

Just be an obedient doggedly servants and live upon the bones and crumbs your Elitist Paper-General Masters throw to you.

Be happy. And don't forget to wag your tails and bark happily to greet your Masters every time you see them.

Anonymous said...

2m foreigners here, a few hundred thousands sitting on jobs that our hawker interns and our cab driving PMETs and part time job graduates would die for. Many of these daft sinkies are wallowing in self pity, losing their self esteem as human beans.

How can we do these to our own people?

Anonymous said...

The country’s CPF retirement age was extended from age 55 to 60, 62, 65, 67? The Minimum Sum was doubled to S$166,000 while CPF interest rates have been intentionally depressed at 2.5% for the last 13 years. It has become increasingly inaccessible to CPF contributers to withdraw their hard-earned blood, sweat and tears life-long savings.

Why has the situation become so bad?

Possible answers:

1. The CPF Board has mismanaged the funds.

2. The funds have been invested in questionable portfolios that met with unrecoverable losses in the $billions or even $trillions.

3. The funds could have been sunk into fixed assets that suffered tremendous depreciation, such as computers, lavish furniture, fittings, renovations, golden taps, vvip dinners, festive celebrations, birthdays, bonuses, rewards, gifts and Bursaries, Scholarships and Training Awards, charities and foreign aids, etc etc etc.....

Anonymous said...

How can we do these to our own people?
December 27, 2017 9:03 pm

Singaporean PAP slaves are not people.
PAP slaves deserve to be unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Its sheer stupidity to listen to Paper generals for career choices unless you can be & chose to be one of them and probably numb your conscience & be a bootlicker. These guys have not made a single dollar on their own but have been on public money (agong) all their bubble life.
Alternatively if you want to get rich, be prepared to take risks & become very skilful especially into high priced products (like property development...starts really small) or high margin businesses like hedge funds & private banking.

Anonymous said...

PAPer General .... HaHaHa

Info Whistler said...

Latest exposure of Obama's Treason by Investigator. Must watch:


Anonymous said...

Rb, the bottom line is that only 30% of the graduates likely ended up as Hawkers or uber and grab Drivers. This the government also know as they have cpf and tax records. As Long as 51% have the proper PMET jobs, they will get elected again. This is a number game so the minority just have to suck eggs under the system

Virgo49 said...

So many of bros lamented unsafe JB andyet daily thousands crossed over to JB.

You think SINKIE land safer than JB?? Wait till the day the foreign trashes specially the Black Ants caused a disturbance.

Then you know JB or sinking land is safer.In JB Town you can see the Tudang clad gigging school girls around with our a care in the world. Unsafe? ?

Last time GKS instructed the Polys and Unis to churn out his planned career paths.

Now they told Sinkies.to be hawkers.