Born to be Royalties. What a privilege!


Photo credit from TRE. Taken from an article in TRE.

See, we are the Royalties, we are the kings and queens, the princes and princesses. See how happy we are! We have purple blood. And we are so obscenely rich, from the wealth we stole from you and your countries. Isn't that nice? And you could not do anything about it and still begging to see us, to adore us, to regard us as your superior beans, for you to admire and hold us in awe. You do not think that it was wrong for us to take your wealth and made them our wealth. You just accept it as a natural order of things. Because we are the Royalties. No one dares to ask for their return. They were taken lawfully, under our rule of law.

And we don't have to work a single day with our inheritance, with courtesy from you and your country. And we don't have to say thank you to any one of you. We even created this thing called, Common Wealth of Nations and the head would always be one of us, someone from our family. 

Do you know what is the meaning of Commonwealth aka common wealth? Look at us, at our riches, they are all from the common wealth, from you and your country. Nice isn't it.  We write books to glorify ourselves for you to read and to envy us, for all the wealth we have, taken from you and your country. And you still have no clue why you and your country are still so poor. Didn't the common wealth benefitted you? It sure benefitted us and our children and their children for many generations of come.

Let us all celebrate the Commonwealth. Let us sing God Save the King or Queen, so that we can enjoy the common wealth that you share with us. Your sacrifices would make us live well for a long time to come.

You want to see us, you want us to grace your occasions, check with our butlers how much you would need to pay for the privileges of our presence. 

We are the Royalties. You are the peasants! We are the privileged class for you to admire to ogle and worship, without questions. We know many of you are dying to take a photo with one of us, to shake our hands, and go home not wanting to wash your hand, the hand that touched a Royalty.

We love you, really. You peasants are all so sweet.


Ukraine - How to bankrupt Europe?

 The biggest victim of the Ukraine War is Europe. Ukraine is a no brainer. It is a sacrificial lamb for the dominance of the American Empire. There would be no Ukraine when the war is over. Zelensky and his bunch of traitors would flee to live a life of plenty in some corners of the world, leaving behind a broken and divided Ukraine, becoming parts of its neighbours and being a part of Russia. That is the fate of Ukraine.

Europe does not need this war and cannot afford to have this war. Europe is highly dependent on the Russians for its energy needs and many essential produce including food. By being forced into this American proxy war, though their leaders are putting a brave smile on their faces, Europe is actually sanctioning itself. It is cutting off cheap supplies of energy and food to support their industries and feed their people. Now their economies are spiralling downwards, high inflation, high cost of living, high imports of energy and food, and cutting off the Russian market as well as the Middle East markets.

This is not all. The sanctions and belligerence go further to include China and messing around with the Taiwan issue. Europe thus becomes complicit in the American war against China and as a result cutting itself off from the biggest consumer market in China as well as making products in China. This is a double blow to the European manufacturers. Without the factory of China and relatively cheap labour and production, without the China market, Europe is as good as isolating itself from the world and cooked. 

And Europe cannot say no to the Americans. There is no strong leaders in Europe to stand up to the Americans. The only exceptions are the leaders of Turkey, Hungary and Serbia, that cited national interests to disobey the Americans. Outside Europe, the Indians and Japanese too were quietly fading into the dark corners, not to be entangled in this losing cause. They would not be footing the bill for this war and their economies would not suffer like the economies of Europe. 

This winter would see everything precipitating and the sky will fall on Europe. The people of Europe would bear the brunt of high inflation, high cost of living, unable to put food on the table, unable to use the heater to keep themselves warm. This winter will see major demonstration and uprising in Europe to bring down the existing weak leaders as they demand to be free from the American stranglehold, to bring down the cost of living, to be able to buy cheap fuel and gases from Russia, to live better.

In the meantime the Euro dollar has fallen to its lowest level against the American dollar and will keep on falling. The Euro may become the first banana currency instead of the greenback. Europe would become a dependency of America, living on American handouts and completely under the control of the Americans, as the new poor of the world. Without the Russian and Chinese markets, Europe has no where else to go. They can't sell in the US, can't compete with China in Latin America and Africa or anywhere in the world and cannot produce or sell in China. Europe has painted itself into a corner, oops, forced by the Americans to paint itself into a corner and could not get out anymore.

This winter is going to be an exceptional winter for the Europeans, a winter that they never asked for, did not want, but somehow too weak to resist and got dragged into an icy pit by the Americans, to be buried alive.

On the contrary, life is normal for the Americans in the US. Life is also normal in China with exports growing in double figures, hitting new highs. And life is also normal in Russia, with inflation and cost of living barely making any difference to the Russians.

Why would the Europeans allow themselves to fall into this American trap and their people suffering untold misery with many awaiting death in the freezing winter or hungry and unable to put food on the table in a war that has nothing to do with them?

Now, who would benefit from the bombing of the two gas pipelines? Who did not want the gas to get to Europe? Who own the pipelines?

And the perpetrators, the saboteurs are pretending to be innocent and wanting to investigate the cause? Where is the UN? The best thing to happen now is for Europe to suffer for being friends of the saboteurs and be brought down on their knees this winter.


Kamala meets Kishida


Can we go for a date?

Hmmm, I need to ask mama.

US and West savage wild hegemonic motive for world domination is the cause of this world in turmoil and wars.

      The savage aggressive nature of white men led by the Anglo-Saxon Americans and the British for world domination and hegemony is the cause of this world  turmoil and wars. 

Enough warnings and many articles had been written to warn of the danger pose by whitemen led by the Anglo-Saxon UK and U.S. Yet many non-white countries choose to ignore these warnings as they are sucked in by the endless toxic propaganda of the US/West which cunningly and falsely put the threat to this world on Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and others.

Practically every non-white country in this world had for the last five hundred years been brutally attacked and invaded and blatantly exploited by every European country which terrorised the victimized countries with endless atrocities of killings and massacres and most cruel and merciless tortures of the natives. Why did God create the vile and despicable barbaric white people who are so ungodly and cruel and inhuman in subjecting colonized natives to all kinds of merciless painful tortures they can think of.By this time the whole world should know how savage white men used militant religious doctrines to justify all their wicked and evil deeds of conquests, killings, massacres and atrocities in merciless tortures of colonized people. 

Five hundred years ago the Christian Europeans started their diabolical world rampage via the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. This was followed by Doctrine of White superiority and supremacy. Then the Anglo-Saxon Americans promulgamated the Doctrine of American Destiny for further conquests. This was followed by the Doctrine of American Exceptionalism. Lastly the diabolical Anglo-Saxon and Jewish Americans established the Wolfowitzs  Doctrine which proclaimed American supremacy and primacy in world hegemony and that America will not allow any other country to become as rich and powerful as the United States; and that if U.S. sees any signs of a country aspiring to become a regional or global power then America will take down that country. This is white Americans arrogance of the first magnitude.

America is now applying the dangerous Wolfowitz Doctrine on Russia and China and also on Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. The US had plotted to goad Russia into a war with Ukraine since 2014 by using Ukraine as a pawn and  proxy to fight Russia. US had engineered all the circumstances to lure Russia to attack Ukraine. It hopes the Ukraine war will wear down Russia economically, politically and militarily . and Russia will become so weak that it will be unable to fight America and thus allow America to fullfill its design for world hegemony. It is similarly using the same vile tactic to goad China to attack Taiwan hoping that a renewed Chinese civil war with Western intervention headed by the US will stop Chinese rise and development and thus ultimately will destroy China. This is American hare brain idea and wild imagination due to a desperate United States that is facing mountains of messy unsolvable self-made problems. Short of a nuclear war, a conventional war with China will hasten the demise of the United States and end of Western hegemony in this world.

In the last over 500 years the European countries and America were able to live with great wealth and splendour and to build beautiful fabulous cities and palaces and great infrastructures all due to their total exploitation of their colonies where they rob and looted the colonies of all their wealth and resources practically for free. Now though territorial colonisation is more or less over but they still resort to political control of other countries through currency and financial colonisation as well as mind and intellectual colonisation via  science and technology and artificial intelligence.

The barbaric Anglo-Saxon white Americans have inherited the mantle of savage British imperialism. Since the end of the Second World War in 1945 U.S has been leading its horde of white mafia countries to bring back white colonialism. The US has since 1945 imposed more than 70 wars on other countries with the motive of bringing these countries under US subjugation and hegemony. But fortunately with the help and support of Russia and China these countries are able to ward off control by US and its diabolical white allies.  But the danger threatening  all the non-white countries by the Western barbarians led by the US is always there as they are very persistent and determined to bring the whole world under white domination and hegemony headed by the abominable Anglo-Saxon United States.

Its long overdue that the evil and wicked diabolical white people headed by the ungodly barbaric Anglo-Saxon Americans and the British need to be stopped and destroyed for good so that they will no longer pose a fatal danger and menace to all other non-white countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Southeast Asia and the Oceania Pacific island countries. It is the responsibility of everyone of us to wake up the consciouness and awareness of the non-coloured peoples all over the six continents and seven seas to the peril of the abominable white supremacists and hegemonists.


Wednesday, 28th September, 2022.


White men are so caring about Muslims... in Xinjiang only. Really?

GENEVA: The United States, Britain and other countries are calling for a debate at the UN Human Rights Council to discuss China's treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslims in the far western region of Xinjiang, a document showed and diplomats said on Monday (Sep 26)....

The so-called "draft decision" reviewed by Reuters is so far backed by the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway, diplomats said. It seeks a debate during the council's next session that begins in February.  CNA

Can you believe it, the white men are pushing the agenda on ill treatment of Muslims minorities in Xinjiang! And they could not see any discriminations, massacres, genocides of Muslim minorities in the Middle East, and the killing of innocent Muslims in Afghanistan for the last 20 years by the white men themselves? Did they know that the massacres of Palestinians, Arab Muslims, are going on daily right before their eyes? Did they know that the whole of the state of Palestine is now occupied and controlled by the Israelis, backed by the Americans?  Did they know that the Gaza and West Bank are as good as the Auschwitz concentration camps where the Jews were imprisoned by the Nazi Germans?

Did they know that the Syrian and Iraqi Arab Muslims are still being killed daily by the American and NATO forces in their own countries, invaded by the white men in the name of fighting terrorism?

All the killings of Arabs and Muslims everywhere by the white men is not important? But the fabricated lies of non existing ill treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang soooo important?

Fortunately not a single Muslim or Arab country believes in this white men's ruse about ill treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang. When all the Muslim countries are saying the accusation is a white men's lie, why is the UN still going ahead with this scam? The Arab and Muslim countries would be the first to stand up to fight and defend the rights and interest of the Muslims in Xinjiang if it is true. Why is it that the white men, the haters and murderers of Arabs and Muslims calling for an investigation into their fake accusation of ill treatments of Muslims?  And at the same time they are killing Muslims and Arabs everywhere, branding them as terrorists!  Holy cow!

What kind of hypocrisy is this? The murderers and haters of Muslims pretending to be standing up to defend the Muslims, only in Xinjiang but closing their eyes to the daily massacres of Muslims elsewhere, especially in the Middle East?

The white men are the defenders and protectors of Arabs and Muslims? Can you believe this? The sun is rising from the West! What a sick joke. The white men think the rest of the world are stupid.

This is the 21st Century where information are easily available. All lies are easily exposed. Who are the white men bluffing? Who are the people that have been killing Muslims and Arabs, manipulate and control them, oppress them, steal their oil, threaten and invade their countries? They made the Muslims and Arabs to fight each other. Now BRICS and SCO are mediating and bringing all the Arab and Muslim countries together, to work together in peace. No more fighting and killing each other as incited by the white men.


United States of India talks to India


The representatives of the United States of India in discussion with India on how to raise tension in the Sino Indian border. Picture credit to RT.

Ukraine - Why the West keep calling Russia to stop the war in Ukraine?

 Why the West have been silent for more than 20 years over the illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria? Though the Americans have withdrawn from Afghanistan, they are still attacking Afghanistan from afar by air and covert operations. Why no country or western media thinks it apt to call the Americans to stop attacking the herdsmen of Afghanistan?

The Americans invaded Afghanistan on the fake excuse of fighting terrorism. It was all a one sided accusation by the Americans without any convincing proof. Everyone knows that it was American aggression and expansion into Afghanistan to protect American hegemony. No country must be allowed to use such a wild allegation to invade another country. It is very strange that no country would protest and condemn the Americans using this guise. It is a principle that cannot be violated especially for small countries. The Americans can use this to invade any country it likes, just by accusing the country of harbouring terrorists and terrorist organisations.

The Americans are still fighting 'terrorists' in Syria and Iraq...with its own terrorists, terrorists the Americans trained and funded to conduct terrorist acts in countries of American choosing. Why is there no western country or media calling for an end of American occupation and fighting soldiers in Iraq and Syria when both were illegal wars according to the UN?

Is it because they were not being attacked and very safe while in Ukraine they were attacked by the professional soldiers of Russia with powerful weapons? Is it because the Ukrainians were losing? Or at least the eastern region of Ukraine is now fully controlled and occupied by the Russians?

Why, why the West and their western media only care to report about Ukraine, and condemning Russia but not condemning the Americans and NATO for crimes against humanity, for war crimes in Iraq, in Syria and in Afghanistan?

Why the hypocrisy? Millions have been massacred and genocided by the Americans and NATO but no investigation by the UN? What kind of silly organisation is the UN? Who owns the UN? Who is controlling the narrative of the UN?


Is it time to dissolve the British Commonwealth?

The imperialist construct is an anachronism built on neocolonial skullduggery
By Dr. Mathew Maavak, a Malaysian expert on risk foresight and governance.

Upon the accession of Charles III as King of the United Kingdom and 14 other realms, questions have emerged over the continued relevance of the wider Commonwealth of Nations headed by the British monarch. The Commonwealth is a grouping of 56 nations, with a total combined population of 2.2 billion people. Among these nations, only Australia, New Zealand and Canada enjoy a special relationship with the UK, through the Five Eyes intelligence alliance (which also includes the United States).

Commonwealth membership benefits for the most part are pretty much nonexistent. This begs the question of why an aspiring superpower like India would demean itself by remaining in a colonially-defined international compact. A quick glance at the Commonwealth map will reveal a scattered morass of mediocrity, inequality and/or poverty.

Some may rebut this observation by citing Singapore as a stellar example of a successful ex-British colony. In that case, name one world-class product, scientist, intellectual, chess grandmaster, musician or writer from that nation? Or a comedian, for that matter? RT

The above is the introductory paragraphs of an article in RT. It asked an embarrassing question that daft fans of the British colonial Empire sheepily refuse to ask or to want to think about. The British monarch created this farce and they simply follow the pipe piper. After all they have been colonised and ruled by the Brits and it is second nature to take orders from the Brits, even in this stupid and humiliating organisation that continues to tell them that they were the conquered, colonised and ruled colonies of the British Empire. To the British this is something they are very proud of. To the colonised, if they are able to think, and have a little pride and dignity, being conquered, colonised and ruled by the British is a sad and shameful thing. Why still stupidly clinging to this shameful part of their history?

India, an aspiring world power, very proud of being independent, and was ruled the longest by the Brits, still unashamingly choose to remain in the Commonwealth that offers nothing to the ex colonies except to honour the British monarch and the British Empire and to acknowledge that they were once colonies, ruled people. 

Where are the nationalists and proud people of independent countries to stand up and say this is a shameful scam, a deceitful myth to remind the colonised people of their demeaning fate in a time when the Brits made them subjects or servants/slaves of the British Empire, that they were conquered people and belonged to the Brits?

If India is worthy of an aspiring big power, it should be taking the lead to dump this shameful historical anachronism into the dustbin of history, never to be reminded again of its existence. What commonwealth when all the wealth went one way, to Britain?


Typhoon targetting Japan - Karma at its best


This big typhoon on 18 Sep, also known in China as 918, just targeted Japan, avoiding Korea and China. And it kept circling Japan over and over again. Watch the Act of God in action. The typhoon engulfed all the Japanese islands completely.

918 was 18 Sep, 1931 when Japan invaded norther eastern China's 3 provinces. It was remembered as the 918 Incident in China. What a coincidence.

Top Politician's Son Arrested Over Murder

Indian police on Saturday recovered the body of Ankita Bhandari, a 19-year-old receptionist who went missing earlier this week. The murder has sparked massive public outrage and triggered a political meltdown, after Pulkit Arya, the son of a leading politician with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was named the main suspect. Bhandari, who worked at the Vanatara Resort in the city of Rishikesh owned by Arya, went missing earlier this week after a dispute with the management of the establishment. Local police confirmed the victim was being coerced by Arya and two other suspects into providing “special services” to the resort’s guests. 

Earlier, Bhandari complained to her friend that the management demanded that she have sex with the resort’s guests and said she was in “trouble” shortly before her disappearance. “They are trying to turn me into a prostitute,” one of her WhatsApp messages read. 

As the news of the murder spread, the resort was attacked by angry locals, who pelted the building with various projectiles, breaking its windows. The crowd also tried to lynch Arya, as well as the manager and assistant manager of the resort as police took them into custody on Friday. Footage circulating online shows the partially naked, visibly battered suspects inside a police vehicle. Two of the accused in the Ankita Kandari murder case were thrased by the locals in Yamkeshwar in Uttarakhand. Ankita Bandari (19) was missing from a resort since Sept 18. One of the accused Pulkit Arya is the son of a BJP politician. 

The resort ended up being partially demolished overnight on order of the local authorities, as it turned out to have been built illegally. The demolition was ordered by the Chief Minister of the state of Uttarakhand, Pushkar Singh Dhami, who strongly condemned the murder. “It is unfortunate. Police are working, they have done their work for making the arrests. Strictest punishment would be given for such heinous crimes, whoever be the criminal,” he said. 

Illegal construction of the resort owned by Pulkit Arya, son of BJP leader who is accused of Ankita Bhandari murder case was bulldozed by Uttarakhand BJP Government. The surviving part of the resort ended up torched by locals on Saturday after Bhandari’s body was recovered from a local canal. This case is similar to a case in one of Singapore's holiday resorts in Santosa a few years back. The culprits must not be given any leeway to escape punishment or death. However, knowing the rampant corruption in India, the politician's son may likely escape the hook.

 Queen of Hearts


Ukraine War - US repeating its WW2 formula to control the European countries

 Bretton Woods I

WW2 was a wonderful thing for the US. First, it took the US economy out of the Great Depression. The US played the role of arms supplier and gladly watched European empires destroy themselves. Even before the war was over, the US brought in all the allies to Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, and said, "When the war is over, you will all be weak and broke. I will be the new empire and my dollar will be the global currency. And it will be as good as gold..."

Quoted from 'The Need for Bretton Woods III , World Affairs - Non-Partisan and Objective  Sep 16 2022.

Is this quote familiar given the situation in Ukraine and Europe today? Looks like the Americans have it all worked out, a repeat of what happened in WW2. Let the Europeans fight the war in Ukraine, be broken and weak, while the US continues to be the arms supplier. When the Europeans have destroyed themselves, the US will re exert its control over them and with the Euros in the doldrum, the US dollars will be strong again, as good as gold. 

Europe would once again be totally dependent on the Americans and American charity. The Americans would come in with Marshall Plan 2.0 to rebuild a destroyed Europe and rule over Europe for the next 100 years. And the Europeans did not have a clue of what is going on and how they have fallen into a trap set for them by the Americans.

The Europeans deserve to be weaken and broke.


Covid19 - Now you know why they want you to be boostered and boostered and boostered


This 3 minute clip is telling an alternative truth. If what it is saying is true, you better think again about getting more boosters. If what it said is fake news, disinformation, then go ahead with more boosters if they so decided.

What the clip said is that the spike protein of mRNA vaccines would be in your body system for a long time, and also combined with your DNA to destroy your natural immune system. As a result your body has no defence against any virus attacks. It also affects people with benign or suppressed cancers, resulting in an explosive growth quickly leading to stage 4 and worst.

The more booster shots, the more they destroy your body immune system, also more likely to get infected with Covid19 again and again!

Pray and hope that this is disinformation and fake news. If it is true, nothing can help you anymore.

Who is your real enemy?

PS. Biden already declared the pandemic is over. Why still need so many booster jabs?


Seems like the USA's 'Rules Based International Order' is really a 'Rules Based Terrorism Order'.

And all that self declared hubris is led by the No. 1 Terrorist of the world. The wars they created, the regime changes they instigated in order to gain control of the legitimate Governments, the destablisation of countries and regions they desire to control, the subterfuge against legitimate Governments using NGOs, the seizure of assets as they like. What good things have the No. 1 Terrorist brought to countries around the world? Nothing about alleviating poverty, nothing about infrastructure developments and everything about destruction and countering China and Russia day in and day out.

The Ukraine War was all instigated by the USA to extend NATO to the doorstep of Russia. Ukraine was arm twisted by the USA and UK to sideline the Minks Agreement. That Agreement had called for the ceasing of Ukraine's genocide against Donetsk and Luhanks, among others. Sidelining the Agreement meant the genocide attempts continued, forcing Russia to liberate the two major Russian speaking republics against further harrassment by Ukraine on the behest of the USA, UK and NATO.

In fact, early negotiations were successful in ending the War in April, but the USA, using UK, sabotaged all that by forcing Ukraine not to seek a negotiated settlement with Russia. They wanted the war to continue, hoping to destroy Russia. Instead, the USA is destroying the EU and NATO.

The EU had banked on the USA being able to step in to replace their energy needs, after assurances by Biden, and readily jumped on the sanctions bandwagon to stop importing Russian energy, supposedly at their own timeline. Well, Putin gave them a much better deal by cutting oil and gas supplies to the EU to a minimum right away, which by December 5th will be total, but already with only a trickle left. With the USA now appearing in no position to provide an alternative source of energy supply to the EU, everything is going haywire and in panic mode right now.

And who is benefiting from all this? Saudi Arabia is buying discounted oil from Russia for their own domestic consumption, while selling their own oil and making huge profits from it all. Now, why would they not make hay while the sun shines. China and India are probably also profiting from buying Russian oil and gas and reselling it to Europe at huge profits as well.

And to add insult to injury, Russia is itself reaping in more revenues per month at US$22 billion on energy exports, far more than in 2021. And to add further salt to the wound, OPEC+ has decided to reduce oil production by 100,000 barrels per day. Biden must be fuming, after making a trip to beg Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Prince, to increase production instead, and obviously getting a slap on his dementia face. Maybe, he has forgotten all that by now, due to dementia.


American or world number one terrorist's “rules-based international order,”

NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia: How the illegal US-led attack on the Balkan state changed the course of European history
An intervention intended to crown the US imperial project ended up "losing" Russia instead

Understanding the present-day events in Ukraine is impossible unless you study what happened in 1999 with Serbia. There is a Hegelian thread that runs directly from NATO’s ostensible “humanitarian intervention” to the Russian “special military operation,” linking Belgrade to Belgorod – and everything in-between.

When the first NATO jets dropped their bombs on the capital of then-Yugoslavia, on March 24, 1999, it was supposed to be the crowning achievement of a project described at the time as “benevolent global hegemony.” More commonly known today as the “rules-based international order,” it would be unipolar; the US would make all the rules and the rest of the globe would fall into two camps: allies and future targets.

The US, with NATO as its enforcement arm, had already managed to sideline the UN during the first half of the decade. UN peacekeepers were simply shoved aside during a US-backed Croatian onslaught against Serbs, followed by the NATO bombing of Serbs in Bosnia and a peace agreement negotiated in the shadow of US bombers at an airbase near Dayton, Ohio.

By February 1998, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was describing the US as “the indispensable nation,” willing and able to use force “to sacrifice for freedom, democracy and the American way of life.” Little wonder, then, that Albright was one of the main drivers of the 1999 NATO assault on Yugoslavia, with champions and critics alike dubbing it “Madeleine’s War.”  RT

The above is posted in RT and explained what  “rules-based international order,” is all about. It is the law and order of the world's number one terrorist state. The Americans write the rules and everyone must obey. Anyone believes that this is good for the world, to live under the terror of the Americans?

In recent years, under this terrorist order, the Americans have invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Kosovo and got away with it with no condemnation from the UN or the rest of the world, because there was no country strong enough to stop the world's number terrorists from terrorising these countries. And they talked about peace, bringing peace to the world, that they are protecting freedom, democracy and human rights...and China are Russia are the aggressive and expansionist nations, the threat to peace. And many fools believe in this American sinister lie and want the world to accept the evil Empires'  “rules-based international order”.

Can you believe it? And the terrorists are still preaching this order and preaching peace everyday and smearing China and Russia as the threat to world peace, NOT the terrorists, NOT the American evil Empire?

Need to explain further? Anyone still cannot see the hypocrisy and still wants to believe in this American lie and hypocrisy?

The Americans are the threat to world peace. Period.

PS. The Americans only know one type of warfare, confrontation and use of military force. Their one sided self made rules are only for themselves and can only be enforced by their use of military force.

China would fight the Americans in other areas, especially in economics and trade. The most direct fight would be dedollarisation. Mao's strategy is the enemy fight their wars, we fight our own wars. The Americans want a military war by daily provocations and sailing of warships into Chinese waters. China disregard them as a waste of fuel, time and resources. China is winning and getting stronger everyday without a war. China is going after what really hurts, to kill the dollar without fighting. 

Russia, BRICS and SCO are all working on this, to cut down dollar hegemony and to cripple the American Empire for good.


Americans amending laws to steal from the rest of the world

The US Department of Justice would like Congress to amend laws governing asset forfeiture, so money confiscated from Russian “kleptocrats” can be given to Ukraine, the head of the interagency sanctions task force Andrew Adams told the Senate on Tuesday while testifying at a hearing called “Tightening the Screws on Russia.”  RT

They stole the continent of North America from the indigenous Americans. They stole Hawaii, Guam, Diego Garcia, and many islands from the Pacific Islanders. They stole Guantanamo, Puerto Rico etc etc. They stole and still stealing the oil from Syria and Iraq. 

They stole the $7b from the poor Afghans. They stole the gold from Fort Knox belonging to their allies, and the gold in the vaults of banks in the collapsed Twin Towers. Now they are going to steal billions from the Russians. And they are going to pass a law to make all these legal.

This is a good example of American 'rules based international order'. The Americans make the laws to justify their crimes and to make them legal. And the rest of the world must abide by these laws. The Americans would rule with these laws they made.

Who are the real kleptocrats?

Queen is dead...payback time


 The death of Queen Elizabeth marks the end of the British Empire, the closure of the last chapter of the Empire. The significance of this day is the revival of the suppressed angst of the former colonies that were robbed and massacred by the Brits in the heydays of invasion and conquest by the European savages. It was more hurting to the conquered colonies to see the Brits still flaunting the precious stones stolen from them at a time when might was right and human rights and sovereignty were easily trampled with immunity.

India and South Africa are calling for the return of the stolen diamonds and treasures by the British crown. And this must include all the loots in the British Museums that they displayed with pride and arrogance, as their possession, British treasures they simply took from the colonies. And this is only the first step in the return of stolen goods from the colonies.

Poland has started a precedence in claiming war damages from Nazi Germany for their losses during the invasion in WW2. This is just a trickle considering the colonies around the world that the British invaded and looted and ruled for centuries. India has a long list of claims for the 400 years of British rule and the numerous massacres of Indians in the wars fought and suppressed by the Brits. Africa has a list not lesser than the Indians to claim against the Brits.

Though China was not fully colonised, the debt could be much bigger, considering the Opium Wars forced upon the Chinese, to sell harmful drugs to the Chinese and the subsequent war reparations forced upon China that bankrupted China. It would be settled in today's currency, inflation counted. And the 150 years of ruling Hong Kong would also have to be settled. It was an unequal treaty signed under duress and China would want to claim every cent from the Brits for the lost of their national territory. Payback time is here.

Once this process is started, it would snowball all over the world and every country that were invaded, looted and rules by the British, including South East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America would be queueing outside 10 Downing Street with their long list of debt owed by the British. Yes, it was great, convenient, not questionable, violent objection would be quashed, it was might was right then when the British had the upper hand in military hardware, to conquer, to massacre and loot and rule lands belonging to the natives of the land. 

When one is strong and mighty, like the Americans now, it was the law to do as one pleased without having to answer for them. When one is no longer the mighty Empire but a pale shadow of itself, the victims would rise to demand for justice, for the debt to be settled. The debt cannot be forgotten or written off. 

It is payback time. The compensation would include many things, including the intangibles. Victims of British Colonialism should set up a tribunal to work out a formula to claim against the Britain for all the crimes and sins committed against time. What stupid Commonwealth must be disbanded as it is an insult to he colonised people and nation state to honour this dishonourable organisation built to glorified British crimes against humanity for centuries.

The Queen is dead. There is no need for fake niceties. There is no need to pretend that the British were nice people, never kill, never rob, never commit crimes against the colonised countries. Anyone still have good feeling for the invaders of their countries and think it is right to be royal and loyal to the British Crown which in reality, in modern language, were robbers and murderers?

The fantasy should be left in the books of European fairy tales, that white men are blessed to conquer and rule over coloured people, that coloured people had no rights and ownership of their land, that the white men is blessed and authorised by their white God to own these land and civilise and rule over the coloured people.

A new awakening has started, and a new chapter is being written.

PS. Did Modi attend the funeral? Why would a big power like India, invaded, plundered, massacred and ruled by the Brits for 400 years want to visit the dead Queen? The Indians have pride and know their history and know that being colonised and ruled were a bad and shameful thing, nothing to be proud of.

Proven: The Killing Of Abu Akleh Was Deliberate

The findings of a Joint Investigation into the killing of a female journalist Abu Akleh, have been confirmed to be a deliberate and wilfull act by an Israrli Sniper, under the instructions of the Israeli High Command. This explains why the Israeli has refused to conduct any investigation at all!

The family of the female journalist of Al Jazeera, Abu Akleh, has also submitted a formal official complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC), demanding justice for her killing. (Can this ICC be trusted at all?)

Abu Akleh's brother Anton said his family would do whatever it takes to ensure accountability for her killing.

How is he going to do this against an overwhelmingly superior military force under the protection of the Israeli Government? If there is a will, there is a way!

“Like we said before, and like other reports said previously, there were more than 16 shots fired towards Shireen and the media and her colleagues who were standing in that ally,” he told Al Jazeera. “They even targeted the person who was trying to pull her into safety after she was shot down.”

The complaint is supported by the Palestinian Press Syndicate and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

Earlier this month, Israel said that there was a “high possibility” that its forces had killed Abu Akleh, but said it would not be launching a criminal investigation.

Multiple investigations carried out by the United Nations, Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations, and leading news outlets have concluded that Abu Akleh was killed by an Israeli soldier, no doubt under the directions of the Israeli Government and Military Forces.

Justice has to be seen to be done, not by political rhetorics from some shady characters hidden at high places.

The beauty is that the Israeli Military and Government have to account this murderous act to Al Jazeera, which is owned by USA! How will this go down in the history of Israeli-US relations?

Anonymous said...


USA wants Europe to depend on them instead on energy, completely

 The real reason is the USA wants Europe to depend on them instead on energy, completely, so that they can continue to control the Europeans. That is the first main reason. The second reason is the USA wants to muscle in on the lucrative energy market in Europe. They have been eyeing this for years, even before the construction of Nord Stream 2.

By so doing, the USA is doing so much harm to the Europeans, especially when Putin decided to use energy weapon against the Europeans instad. It was a masterstroke of a genius. But never, mind, whatever harm befalls the Europeans, to the Evil USA, it is all collateral damage. The same language they used in justifying their killing millions of innocent women and children all over the world.

That is why they were so adamant that Nord Stream 2 could never start to pump gas to Europe with all the threats of sanctions against even those involved in it's construction. Had Angela Merkel been around, things would have been different. She had more marbles than Schulz to say no to the USA.

Things have gone so far downhill for the USA under Biden that he is now hinting he may not be going for a second term. Why the change of heart? He is obviously not going to be around to bear the shame of China overtaking the USA during his watch, and stay to shoulder the blame, after being so 'gung ho' in saying that he would not allow this to happen during his watch. He will have to eat his own humble pie. Just like George W. Bush declaring 'mission accomplished' in Iraq, days after the invasion, a country that the USA destroyed and is still embroiled in conflict. Bush admittedly said in no undertain terms, in later years, that his 'mission accomplished' shout was a mistaken belief.

The USA is now trying to antagonise and exert pressure on India by using Pakistan and upgradhing the Pakistani military jets. Why they are doing this now is obvious. This is expected action, knowing the evil USA will create enemies for those who go aginst them. India has not been towing their line on Ukraine and still supporting Russia in energy imports. The USA wants India to join them in capping the price of oil from Russia, which India would not follow. Now the USA is getting more upset with India and will create problems for India for sure.


Xinjiang is the next most prosperous province of China


Urumqi Olympic Stadium

Xinjiang would be as rich and developed as the eastern province of China. Urumqi would be the Shanghai of western China. With the BRI and the opening up of Central Asia and the growing importance of land transportation made possible by high speed trains, global trade and communication would not be the same again. When trade was solely dependent on sea routes, maritime cities and states enjoyed unprecedented growth for being in the trade routes. Landlocked countries and cities were left out from the main trading activities. Xinjiang and the Central Asian countries were in a way abandoned, left isolated and to survive thriftily on the fringes of the world. They resigned to the fate of being underdeveloped and poor and make do with their barren lands and isolation.

The fate of the Central Asian states would be dramatically changed for the better. Xinjiang would be the western gateway of China and would benefit tremendously from the trades that by passed the region. As many as half of the trade could go pass Xinjiang to and through Central Asia to Europe and vice versa. If the eastern provinces of China can prosper by trade, Xinjiang too would do just as well. The biggest beneficiary of this transformation, a paradigm shift if international trade would be the minorities in Xinjiang, the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. They could become one of the richest Muslim people in the world.

This is China's plan to develop Xinjiang and Central Asia, the next growth centre of the world. But there is a caveat. The Americans would not want this to happen. They need the Muslim minorities in the region to bring down China, to stop China's growth. The fake support of Uyghurs and fabricated discrimination, forced labour and genocide were created to be used as an excuse to incite the Muslims to create unrest in the region. The banned on produce from Xinjiang, the fruit of Muslim minority labour, is a ploy to impoverish the Muslims in Xinjiang to agitate and incite unrest in the province. Stopping purchase of Xinjiang produce would adversely affect the income and standard of living of the Uyghurs and Muslims in the region. In the guise of supporting their fabricated allegations of forced labour and genocide, the Americans are trying to cripple the economy and livelihood of the Uyghurs and Muslims, to keep them poor and unhappy. This devious plot of the Americans cannot be allowed to succeed if the Uyghurs and Muslims hope to prosper in the opening up of Central Asia and the revitalising of trade and economic activities in Xinjiang.

The people of Xinjiang has a very bright future when 50 per cent of China Europe trade passes through the region. They will be in the heart of all the economic activities and would be the main beneficiary. Maritime trade would have to compromise and share half of its volume to land trade through central Asian. The impact on maritime trade would be significant with the opening and development of land trade through Central Asia. The pie may grow but a big portion of the pie would be diverted to land trade. This is the new reality for maritime states. It is time that they realise and make adjustments for a smaller piece of the cake. Tuas may be too big for a smaller pie.

Xinjiang can look forward to becoming the new region of growth if all things go as planned by the Xi govt. The Muslims in Xinjiang has a bright and prosperous future to look forward to, sitting at the western gateway into China, the old silk route.


National flag at half mast for foreign leaders

Singapore flag flown half mast for the Queen of the British Empire, our former head of state when Singapore was a colony, out of respect and cherishing memory of our colonial past. Any Singaporean wishes for the British to come and rule us again like the Hongkongers? Would Singapore be seen as not showing respect to other foreign leaders if we don't fly half mast for them going forward? Is Singapore going to fly half mast for Abe, the ex PM of Japan, out of respect or whatever?

It is yet to be confirmed, or at least I have not read it any where, that Singapore is going to fly half mast for Abe. If Singapore does, it would mean that Singapore have flown half mast to two WW2 Empires. Both have something in common with respect to Singapore. Both invaded, colonised and ruled Singapore in one form or another. And Japan also is noted and hated by many Singaporeans for the atrocities and massacres of many residents here, mainly the Chinese, but also loved by some Singaporeans today that did not suffer under Japanese rule and atrocities. Abe paid his respect annually at the Yasukuni Shrine to show his love and respect to the war criminals. How many did the British killed when they took control of Singapore is not recorded in the British history books. Probably very small if any, as they were little resistance to the British occupation and colonisation.

The Americans terminated the native Americans to ensure that there would not be able to challenge and claim back their land. The Japanese tried it in China, to terminate the Chinese. Anyone remember these cruel and barbaric acts of the Americans and Japanese, and also the British in India and Africa?

Assuming that Singapore flew the flag half mast for Abe, would this become a precedence, like flying the flag half mast for the Queen of England? Would Singapore then be seen as being unfair if it did not fly half mast for the President of the USA or China? Or closer to us, would Singapore fly half mast for the Sultan of Malaysia, or President of Indonesia or the Sultan of Brunei? Not the same, because they were not our colonial masters? In the case of Abe, he was not a serving PM. Would the ex American Presidents also think Singapore should also fly half mast for Bush or Obama or whoever was the ex President of the USA?

I think Malaysia would have a very good case for Singapore to fly half mast using the Queen of England as a precedent. Singapore was once in Malaysia, and Singaporeans too were citizens of Malaysia, something unlike the colonial subjects of the British Empire or the Japanese Empire. Actually subjects of an Empire does not equate to citizenship, a lower class, maybe a polite term for servants or slaves of the Empire. At least when Singapore was in Malaysia, we were citizens and have citizenship rights, as equals to all citizens of Malaysia then.

Would I be suffering from depression now that I have no chance to have tea with the Queen of England? I still remember dearly that I was once a British subject, aka servant or slave of the British Empire. Wondering if this is something to be proud of or ashamed of. Anyway as migrants, it was a matter of choice or lack of choice. When one is a poor, pride should be kept in the waste bin. At least today we can have a bit of dignity as citizen of an independent state and not have to sing God Save the Queen, and not a subject of the British or Japanese Empire.

 PS. Any tour agency organising a Pay respect to the Queen tour to England? Don't underestimate the love and respect for the Queen of England by the bananas and the stupid. Many must also be suffering from depression with the death of the Queen.

Covid-19: Who/WHO Have Been Lying To Us?

Government officials, public health officials, media and a whole lot of speakers have repeatedly lied to us. And now they’re all starting to “admit” it by subtly changing the narrative.

As noted by comedian Jimmy Dore in the August 3, 2022, episode of “The Jimmy Dore Show”:

“This story is very close to my heart, because it exonerates me. They’ve been lying about COVID, they’ve been lying about the vaccines, they’ve been lying about herd immunity, they’ve been lying about natural immunity, they’ve been lying about masks.

They’ve been lying about children — they’ve been lying about everything! Who’d have thunk the government and Big Pharma would lie to us? For profit? I am flummoxed. I am beside myself with slack-jawedness.”

Now, They’re Eating Their Own Words

President Biden claimed that “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “When they are vaccinated, they can feel safe they are not going to get infected.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated, “If you’ve done the right thing and gotten vaccinated, you deserve the freedom to be safe from COVID-19.” (Can you “deserve the freedom to be safe” from an infection?)

Vice President Kamala Harris said, “If you are vaccinated, you are protected.”

Daniel Andrews, premier in Victoria, Canada, claimed that with three doses, you would be “prevented not only from serious illness, but from getting this virus, this Omicron variant, and therefore giving it to others.”

Victoria Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton, who got the AstraZeneca jab, insisted it was a “very effective vaccine” that reduced “risk of transmission.”

Every one of these officials has now contracted COVID, some at least two or three times.

We Knew the Shots Were Leaky

A primary objection to vaccine mandates was that it is a leaky pseudo “vaccine”. One that doesn’t actually prevent infection and its spread. It cannot protect anyone, not even the one who gets the shot.

Therefore, the argument that COVID jab refusers were killing people was false.

The notion that getting the jab would protect people around you was rubbish.

These were lies. They were not making a mistake. They were outright lying to you.

What is the incentive for lying about an injection that clearly cannot do what they say it can? They were lying on behalf of their donors — Pfizer, Moderna, et. al.

Of course, the National Institutes of Health also owns patents related to these jabs, so they make money from them directly.

So, with the truth now being self-evident, why aren’t the media asking why Fauci, Biden, Harris, Trudeau and the rest were spreading misinformation?

Where is the follow-up? And where are the apologies?

We are still waiting......


'WHY Is Germany Committing Suicide?

Don't be so happy so soon; this might be coming to other US 'allies':

'WHY Is Germany Committing Suicide? The Same Reasons WHY the EU/UK is Being Deindustrialized!'

“What is the real reason for the complete deindustrialization of Germany? Besides the Green Energy or Great Reset bullshit.”:

It is not because politicians like Scholz or German Green Economy Minister Robert Habeck, nor EU Commission Green Energy Vice President Frans Timmermans are stupid or clueless. Corrupt and dishonest, maybe yes. They know exactly what they are doing. They are reading a script. It is all part of the EU plan to deindustrialize one of the most energy-efficient industrial concentrations on the planet. This is the UN Green Agenda 2030 otherwise known as Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

Is it to emasculate Europe completely so as to make Europe completely dependent on the US for both energy and technology? The rest of the world is moving towards BRI and BRICS. The only block left to harvest aka rape and pillage for the Americans is Europe (plus Japan and South Korea).

The purported plot involved goading Russia into attacking Ukraine, which would force the EU to impose sanctions on Russia and decouple their economies from Russian energy.

The RAND report is titled, “Executive Summary: Weakening Germany, strengthening the U.S.”

It is dated January 25, 2022 and is labelled “Confidential”. The distribution list include WHCS (White House Chief of Staff), ANSA (Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs), Dept. of State, CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), NSA (National Security Agency), and the DNC (Democratic National Committee).

Shall we take a little peek into this “fake” document?


Very soon now, the RAND people will call it a “forgery”.

The present state of the U.S. economy does not suggest that it can function without financial and material support from external sources [very definition of a parasitic empire!]. The quantitative easing policy, which the Fed has resorted to regularly in recent years,s as well as uncontrolled issue of cash during the 2020 and 2021 Covid lockdowns, have led to a sharp increase in the external debt and an increase in the dollar supply [the very definition of high inflation rates].

The current German economic model is based on two pillars. These are unlimited access to cheap Russian energy resources and to cheap French electric power, thanks to the operation of nuclear power plants. The importance of the first factor is considerably higher. Halting Russian supplies can well create a systemic crisis that would be devastating for the German economy and, indirectly, for the entire European Union.

The only feasible way to guarantee Germany’s rejection of Russian energy supplies is to involve both sides in the military conflict in Ukraine. Our further actions in this country will inevitably lead to a military response from Russia. Russians will obviously not be able to leave unanswered the massive Ukrainian army pressure on the unrecognized Donbas republics. That would make possible to declare Russia an aggressor and apply to it the entire package of sanctions prepared beforehand. . . .[Bolded emphasis is mine.]

The RAND Executive Summary then goes on to detail the “Expected Consequences” with projections of financial and economic loses for Germany.

The rest as they say is . . . (almost) Mission Accomplished!

Link to article:




Biden fumes

 The most frightening moment that the Americans did not want to see, the 3 Asian leaders together to plan against the American hegemony. The SCO's main agenda is how to replace the American dollar.

How can Modi be so closed to America's two top enemies, Putin and Xi? Biden is probably going to visit India or going to summon Modi to the White House to demand an explanation why he was so closed to Putin and Xi and what was the plan.