Gilbert Goh – Singapore to learn from Australian tough immigration laws

‘….Moreover, employers have to advertise for a minimum of 6 months before they can apply for a 4-year 457 work visa for a foreigner to work in Australia.

Its also difficult to find any supervisor or manager who is a foreigner - the Aussies try to preserve their power base in the workforce by appointing their own people in supervisory positions.

I worked in a nursing home before and all the supervisors are white. This is so different from Singapore whereby many of us find ourselves reporting to foreign managers.

Unless the foreign labour situation improves here, Singaporeans will continue to search for greener pastures abroad.’

The above is what Gilbert has posted. Actually Gilbert is wrong. How can he compare Singapore with Australia? Australia is such a small country. What Singapore has is land and space. We are so big and have room for more people. We can take in at least 10m people and all we have now is 5.4m.

And Gilbert also forgot that we have no talents. We are a nation of daft people. So we need more talented foreigners to be our managers and supervisors. How else could we progress without these foreign talents helping us and supervising and managing our no talent population? Without them we would remain in the 3rd World, living in poverty. 

We cannot follow the tough Australian immigration law if we want to progress and have economic growth.

Who is kidding? Am I kidding? Or is Gilbert kidding?

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Hazard Risk and Impact Assessment Unit

I think not many people are aware of this new unit set up last year within the Meteorological Service Singapore. It is tasked to study the effects of lesser known hazards like volcanic ash, radioactive fallout, tsunamis, storm surges and even particles from outer space. I am truly impressed. Singapore could be the futuristic centre of advanced science to monitor all natural and unnatural disasters in the whole world if it keeps adding on expertise and modern scientific equipment to monitor all these rare events that could affect Singapore even remotely.

I can think of a few more possible but rare hazards that could be added on. One is the effect of melting ice in the artics and antartics and how it would affect the world and Singapore. It may want to study the dust storms of Sahara and the Gobi deserts, the impact of glaziers in the Himalayas. It may want to have a team to study the possibility of the earth being hit by meteors and monitor the universe and life in other worlds. Oh, it may want to procure equipment to do exploration in the deep oceans as well, and to study the microbes in the deep ocean beds.

I think Singapore, with so much money to spare, can do a lot more to study everything under the sky, and buy all the latest equipment needed, employ all the best scientists in the world that money can buy. Why not, we have the money what?

How about starting a space centre to build rockets to the moon and travel the universe? We can afford it and it is only small change. What’s the big deal spending a few more billions on vanity projects and the nice to have equipment? And we can pay for all the big name scientists to sit in our little paradise island. We are already paying for so many foreign scholars in the few world class schools Schools on international relations.
Singapore is truly becoming a gem of the world in terms of attracting and paying for all the brains money can buy to be here. The money is well spent and surely would benefit the people greatly and uplift the quality of their lives. We are having a Singapore renaissance in our midst. Singaporeans are so lucky. Who says we have no money in the CPF?

Let us all rise to the occasion and stop bothering ourselves with mundane stuff like CPF withdrawal and minimum sums. Think big and spend big.

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MAS tells banks to prepare for financial collapse

Simon Black, an international investor wrote in Sovereign Man, I quote his article in the above title, ‘….the deputy chair of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Lim Hng Kiang) said last night at a dinner that “an uneasy calm seems to have settled in markets” and that “we remain in uncharted waters.”
It was pretty amazing, really, to see such pointed language from a central banking official.
Mr. Lim jabbed at the “obvious” risks and said there would be “bumps on the road” ahead. That’s putting it mildly….

… the US financial system back in 2009. Lehman Brothers. Wachovia. Washington Mutual. Etc. They were all swimming naked, with very little liquidity and miniscule capital levels.
Singapore’s monetary authority is obviously concerned about financial markets. They understand that you can’t expect to conjure trillions of dollars out of thin air without creating epic bubbles and even more epic consequences….

Central banks and institutional investors turn a deaf ear to obvious risks and fundamentals that are screaming out in desperation hoping some conservative steward will notice that we are tap dancing on a knife’s edge, where nearly every single financial market is simultaneous at/near an all-time high, and central bankers keep pumping money into economies that they claim to be ‘recovered’

This is the ‘uneasy calm’ that Mr. Lim discussed– a prevailing attitude that there’s nothing to see here; keep calm and buy the all-time high….

If a senior official presiding over one of the world’s safer banking jurisdictions wants his banks to become even safer, a rational person would certainly wonder– “What do these guys know about the financial system that I don’t?”

They must be expecting the mother of all busts.’

Could Lim Hng Kiang’s fear a tell tale sign of the things that are being reported in the US about American banks being involved in all kinds of fraudulent deals and practices? There was a Bloomberg report a few days’ back by Zeke Faux, Stephanie Ruhle and Sam Mamudi.

‘June 26 (Bloomberg) -- Money managers and brokers shunned
Barclays Plc’s dark pool, and Chief Executive Officer Antony
Jenkins pledged an urgent inquiry, after the bank was accused of
lying to clients about high-frequency trading on the venue.

Deutsche Bank AG, Royal Bank of Canada, Sanford C.
Bernstein & Co. and Investment Technology Group Inc. are among
brokerages that disconnected from the Barclays LX platform after
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued the bank
yesterday, according to people with knowledge of the matter.
Barclays falsely assured investors they would be protected from
high-frequency traders while it simultaneously aided predatory
tactics, Schneiderman’s office wrote in the complaint….’

Many big American and European banks have been sued and have paid hundreds of millions or billions in fines for all kinds of financial crimes that they jolly well known should not be done. Would this Barclay’s case be the one to tip the cart and everything comes crashing down? The whole international financial system and their products have been operating with dubious credibility, taking abnormal high risk, gambling, cheating and scamming their clients and getting away with it. It is only a matter of time when the law just cannot turn a blind eye to it and all the CEOs of the top banks would find themselves behind bars for condoning and allowing such criminal activities to be conducted by the banks.

MAS and Lim Hng Kiang must be privy to many inside information of the ugly truths that are not reported in the media and must have the common sense to know that it will not be long when the whole financial system imploded under the management of crooks and thieves. Everything is looking too good to believe and the amount of so called profits they are generating to pay themselves crazy cannot be real. The banks are making more profits than the casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore. How could they do better than casinos? Think about it. Some smarter countries are turning to the yellow metal to hedge against such an eventuality when all paper money will become worthless.

How long to go before the big collapse is anyone’s guess. MAS must be worrying.

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Avoid Japanese food products and travel to Japan

Fw: This Shocking Report From Fukushima Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

Japanese food products and the whole of Japan is highly and dangerously contaminated with nuclear radiation. Stop taking Japanese food products and avoid travelling to Japan for holidays unless you are courting death. Stop patronising all Japanese restaurants for your own safety. Go through the video which is scary and self explanatory.

Decide yourself whether you still want to travel to Japan for holiday where you may consume the foods which were contaminated with radiation during your stay there, as the Japaneses government is covering up the truth and permitting the contaminated raw food to be sold not only there but also exported.
Subject:  This Shocking Report From Fukushima Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

Japanese brutal atrocities against the Chinese. It is time for revenge. The Japanese led by Abe and back by US will commit the same crime against we Chinese people. A are


国家再怎么发展,也别忘国耻,我们要爱自己的国家,爱我们的人民,有了稳定的国家,强大的国家,有一颗爱国的心,我们就永远不会被别人欺负,看看我们一些先辈们被欺负的惨境,激励我们中国人永远努力奋斗,前进,让我们祖国强大,再也不要让我们中国人受到别人的欺负 .


bayoneting of 3 year old baby
Carving out the leg muscles of a Chinese soldier
The notoriouspoisonous gas experiment
What crime had the children committed?!
What else could I say? They were all innocent children!
Only Japanese soldiers could wash down the heart of a martyr with sake
Another female martyr
Even pregnant women were round off for army protitues
I am also a human being!!
So proud of his work!
I cannot understand why young Chinese girls still crazy for Japanese actors nowadays!
The proud accomplishment of the Japanese soldier!
They never realized they were to be used as life targets!
Practicing on life Chinese civilians as targets!
Real Chinese tragedy of the 20th century
Her last wish was not to be a Chinese in her next life
What are you thinking, soldier?
Only the head of a Chinese officer could exchange for money
Don’t cry. This is only bayonet practice!

Robotic pets as companions

‘During the APEC TEL Workshop & 9th IAC forum held at NUS today (16 Jun), the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) told the media on the sidelines it is exploring high-tech gadgets like robotic pets to keep the elderly company.

IDA said that it is looking into using high-tech gadgets like wearable monitoring devices, robotic legs and pets to help Singaporeans cope with ageing.

The forum aims to use technology to improve daily living for seniors….

Paro is modeled on a baby seal and has been listed by Guinness World Records as the most effective therapeutic pet of its kind. It has an array of sensors, and is said to be capable of developing a personality over time that corresponds with how people interact with it. It is priced at close to US$6,000 per unit.

However, not everyone is agreeable to using robotic pets as company for the elderly. Thw Wall Street Journal reported that Paro is being used in some nursing homes in the US [Link].

“If you give me a robot that helps perform mundane tasks associated with care giving, such as vacuuming or doing the dishes, I’m all for that,” says Dr. Thomas, founder of the Green House Project, a campaign to make nursing homes smaller and more like regular houses. But “if we wind up with nursing homes full of baby-seal robots, the robots will be trying to fulfill the relationship piece of care giving, while the humans are running around changing the beds and cooking the food.”

Sherry Turkle, a professor in the Science, Technology and Society program at MIT, warns against regarding it as a companion. “Why are we so willing to provide our parents, then ourselves, with faux relationships?” she asked.

Lakewood Manor, a continuing-care retirement community in Virginia state, borrowed a Paro from the distributor but sent it back after 3 months. A spokesperson said, “I think the staff took to him more than the residents did.”’

My simple comments would be to design human like robots for the seniors to keep them company. If we as humans, or children, could not be near them, give them some realistic humanoids to keep them company, to amuse them. I am sure hugging a male/female humanoid to sleep beats hugging silly robotic seals or pet dogs?

Are we that crazy or naïve to think of spending $6,000 on a robotic seal toy?

Oops, my apologies, this whole thing is meant to be a joke. Don’t take it seriously. Those who are serious need to visit the IMH.

I heard that this robotic pet idea came from Japan. But I think they prefer real comfort women but selling expensive robotic pets to the daft in exchange for their money.

PS. Sunday is time to relax and be dumb for a while.

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Cognitive Dissonance is a national psyche

I wrote earlier about how the people in this democratic state are not ready for democracy and how the govt too is not ready for democracy in an article, Singapore is a Democracy. This is a kind of Cognitive Dissonance in the people’s psyche. This could be an Asian think, having been seduced by the western concept of democracy but unable to unload the centuries of reinforcement in the idea of authority and the fear of authority.

In democracy, the authority of the state is transferred from a kingship or dictatorship to the people, or at least in a temporal mode and vacillating to and fro at different stages of political change. This concept of having authority over the ruler, personified in an individual or a few individuals represented by a political party is still a very scary and confusing thought to the masses. They did not know how to use this authority and fear the power of this authority and would be most happy to hand it over to the people they elected to power and to obey as their psyche expected them to. The rulers elected to power also assume power like a mandate of heaven and have no qualms in using that power, even believing that it is there for good.

This state of inexplicable balance in the rulers wielding exceptional power in a democratic state, and a people so docile and so used to defer to the power of the rulers has been in existence since the island became an independent state and professing democracy as the nation’s guiding political philosophy. The state is comfortable in wielding the power the people willing surrender by default, governed by their sub conscious of being and a cultural upbringing. It is just like that and all is well. The state decides, dictates, and the people accept and abide by the decisions of the state. Compulsion becomes an acceptable norm in policy making. The people need not know, the state knows best and there is no need for the state to be transparent in all things. Some of the naughty people may ask insensitive questions or questions that they know would not be answered. They will ask and they will be ignored.

The CPF saving scheme is all about compulsion and the power of authority. It started with a compulsory saving scheme introduced by the state with a reasonable set of terms and conditions. There was limitation of power despite the compulsive nature of the scheme and it was accepted as a necessary instrument of living a life with some financial certainty. Over the years many terms and conditions were changed, authoritatively, decided unilaterally by the state, with little or no resistance from the people. More and more compulsory schemes were introduced as a matter of fact and right of the state to do so.

After the 7 Jun Return My CPF rally in Hong Lim, things begin to change. There were articles saying that Singapore is at a cross road, there is a more compelling reason for change, a change of govt and all its unpopular policies. The CPF Protest Rally is not about the CPF alone. It is a challenge to the conditioned psyche of the people. It is the thinking of the people that is at a cross road. They have been dragged by their noses, not to question the power of the state, how far could the state go in compelling its people to accept policies without the need of the people’s consent.

The people are demanding their right to run their own lives, to manage their own money, to limit the state’s unbridled monopoly to decision making that affects their lives, from cradle to grave. The people are pushing back the power of the state, demanding the state to redefine the limits of its power over them. The state or the political leaders are rocked out of their comfort zone. They have been making decisions without the need to consult the people, to decide first and no need to talk later. The Govt or state knows better and shall decide what it thinks is best. Some even openly declared that they would do it the way they think best, no need to listen to the people, a kind of superior beans or more than mortals. They have all the answers.

How far would this discourse and challenge to what the govt or state can do, how much power they are allowed to possess, and whether can they afford to do as they pleased without the consent of the people, is just emerging. The people are taking cognitive resonance to their rights and the rights of the rulers. The rulers too would have to re assess how far they can go it alone, ignoring the wishes and interests of the people. The balance has been shaken and things are getting shaky. Would there be a new balance or would it be all the same after this flash in the pan labour pain? Is there an awakening of the people to what democracy is all about, that power over the people is not absolute and unrestrained, unlimited?

Is Singapore at a cross road, a psyche change in the making?

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Medishield Life - Monthly Premiums (2019)

According to a table presented by Channel News Asia titled, Medishield Life – Monthly Premiums (2019), Singaporeans are classified under four categories by income. These are Low Income for those earning $1,100 and below, Lower Middle Income, $1,101 to $1,800, Upper Middle Income, $1,801 to $2,600 and Upper Income for those earning above $2,600.

The table is based on per capita income and very likely to assume that each household has two working adults or two incomes. It is very generous and a compliment to claim a household income of $5,200 as belonging to Upper Middle Income. At $5,200, many are struggling to own a car or to live comfortably if they have two school going children, and hopefully don’t have parents to look after. For a household with only one income, a $2,000 household income is barely above subsistence level or just above the poverty line for a family of four.

To make the classification less realistic, put them in comparative terms like poor, average, rich and very rich. I don’t think anyone will agree that a household income of $3,600 to $5,200 can be considered as rich. So is a household income of more than $5,200 as very rich, Upper Class. Ok, Upper Income is not necessarily upper class.

I am wondering what they have in mind or which country’s standard of living are they referring to. It cannot be for Singapore to call someone as very rich or Upper Class/Income if the household income is a paltry $5,200. A $5,200 household income of four is the new poor in this super expensive island.

What do you think?

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Great Leap of Faith in Singaporeans

Every Singaporean has to be forgiven for having the impression that our politics is actually petty politics of individual attacks and character assassinations. It is always about how to argue or talk cock to win a brownie point at best, nothing substantive or meaningful, and nothing constructive towards the well being of citizens and a better future. And every encounter almost without failed ended up in the gutters with both parties ending up dirty with mud and shit all over. There is no dignity in this kind of political scuffles even for the winners.

Oh, there were big issues being talked about but always a one sided affair. There seems to be a conscious effort to avoid discussing anything important or anything that will affect the people and the future of this island. Don’t believe me, check, any real discussion on the CPF issue or it is a case of I said so and it is now the law. So get on with your life.

What about the PWP, was there any discussion, or serious discussion? Oh yes, they discussed and voted for it in Parliament. Really? Then why was there a big crowd at Hong Lim and why are the people still so angry about it?

What about the cost of health care, the number of Singaporeans PMETs losing their jobs to foreigners, etc etc, were there really discussions, political discussions by political leaders?

When would our politics take a leap forward to a higher plane, to really talk and discuss about serious issues and not personal attacks and ignoring the contrarian points raised? Maybe there were some school boy debates going on. I am wondering if they were serious discussions that men and women in leadership should be doing, or simply the blasting and pushing aside of someone without any attempt to listen? No need to talk, no need a second look, anything coming from the other side must be bad and not worth the time to look at.

And serious discussions are not like kopitiam talks, when two parties just shoot it out and whoever can talk better, even when talking rubbish, would look good and clever. Serious discussions require serious and deep thoughts and take times to consider. The main stream media should take the lead to publish these thought processes in full not only for the authors to express their views fully but also to educate the masses of the opposing intellectual thinking. So far this appears to be the reserves of a few select academics and individuals. A few politicians may enjoy such a privilege to have their thoughts printed in the media, and rarely, if there was any coming from politicians from the wrong camp. In general, politicians did not seem to have serious ideas worth printings or to share with the public. Only academics are intelligent enough for this kind of works.

Isn’t this strange, that the million dollar politicians don’t have better or worthier ideas than the academics to be aired in the media? It is high time that the MSM put in effort to allow our super talents to have a say in the press, at least to prove that they are really intelligent. It is also time to show the world that our super talents can think and their ideas are worth printing and reading and bestest.

Why allocate so much valuable media space to foreigners that often have an agenda that could be contrary to our interests? Why allowed foreign propaganda and agenda to have so much space in our MSM, often written by dounces?

There is a need for national issues to be aired in our media, by our thinkers, academics and politicians. Nevermind if we only have a handful of thinkers. Nevermind if only the thoughts of Mahbubani, Tommy Koh, Chan Heng Chee and Barry Desker are good enough for the time being. There must be others that have ideas that are worth reading and sharing.  Oh, I nearly missed out on Han Fook Kwang, Warren Fernandez and Chua Mui Hoong. This island cannot have only these few local thinkers, and the thousands of highly paid foreign correspondents to fill our pages telling us their coloured views of local and international events.

We need to fill our pages with serious local issues, political issues, written by our very own thinkers. Please, spare us the new citizens. It is quite insulting to think that there is no works of local thinkers worth printing and only views of new citizens and foreigners are superior. Or it is true that we have no talents except the few in political office?

When will we take this great leap of faith, to openly talk and discuss about our own affairs and our own futures? Can start with CPF, PWP for the moment. Or there is really nothing to discuss, or too sensitive to discuss, or they are state secrets? Or there is no good enough or talented enough Singaporeans to discuss them? Or they are all too busy counting their money?

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Mean testing – Still testing?

How many of you remember this mean method of testing people when they are admitted to hospital to determine what ward they should be warded? Mind you, if I am not mistaken, it is still in practice. Now what is this mean testing all about?

Mean testing is to make sure that those who are richer, can afford higher medical bills, should not be allowed to be admitted to lower class wards. The lower class wards are reserved for the poorer patients because of greater subsidies. So, if they mean tested you and concluded that you can pay for it, you go to a more expensive ward with less subsidies. You cannot decide to spend less even if you want to save some money. So, how to use less of your CPF when they mean tested you and say you must use more? Can Lim Swee Say help out on this when the patients want to save and did not want to spend?

And mine you, because of the higher subsidies for C class wards, the percentage of C class wards available is not determined by demand but decided by the hospital and can be like HDB flats, determined by ‘market forces’.

And Gan Kim Yong telling the people not to worry when Medishield Life comes into effect, there will be enough hospital beds for everyone. Now what did he mean by that? No more tents in hospitals under normal supply and demand situation? When there is a sudden epidemic the hospitals can be excused for not having enough beds and needing to pitch tents in the car parks or any space available.

In normal circumstances, would the hospitals have enough beds for the patients or would the patients have to wait in the corridors? Or would the patients have to upgrade to higher wards to get a bed? What would the situation be when the demand for hospital beds increases with more people aging and with more demands for beds when the Medishield Life kicks in?

Sure got enough beds and no need to worry? Don’t forget, other than the aging population and the mentality of Medishield Life taken care of the bigger chunk of medical fees, the population is going to go up and up, to the planning numbers of 6.9m or could be more.

What do you think, Minister Gan, everything ok and planned for? Sure got enough, no need to worry?

PS. Can anyone confirm that mean testing is still in practice?

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Hsien Loong - Rising international stature

Hsien Loong’s state visit to the US is a sign of his higher profile in the international arena and also the growing importance of his views. The Americans are listening at least. He made two important calls to the Americans. One, he told the Americans to use trade instead of military means to engage Asia. Two, he told the Americans to support their country’s initiative, the TPP. In the case of his first call, would the Americans be saying, oh yes, we are using trade for sure. We are selling military weapons to the Asian countries. But to do that we need to create some tension first, maybe a little localized war. The second call is needed probably because the Americans were not heeding Shanmugam’s call in his earlier visit. So Hsien Loong needed to make this visit to convince the Americans one more time.

The Americans are funny, or is it the Singaporeans. The TPP is started by them and they are not supporting it and it needs Singaporean leaders to go all the way to the US to explain to them how important it is to the Americans. If they finally listen to Hsien Loong, it will mean that Hsien Loong’s view carries more weight than Obama.

Another point Hsien Loong said was to Abe in Japan. He told Abe to forget about WW2 as it is causing tension in Asia. Let me guess what Abe would say to him. What WW2 history? There was no WW2, no Rape of Nanking, no comfort women, no Japanese soldiers killing the natives of Asia and SE Asia, no Sook Ching in Singapore. Abe would probably be asking Hsien Loong what WW2 history was he talking about.
Maybe Abe will also say he is suffering from dementia. And many Sinkies too have forgotten about WW2 and Sook Ching, particularly those who were not affected by it, who have no one in their family being shot by the Japanese firing squads in East Coast, Punggol, Changi or Blakang Mati. It is so easy to forget and move on for these people.

Why is Abe finding it so difficult to forget and keeps arguing with China about the Rape of Nanking and with the Koreans about comfort women? Ask Aquino, he too cannot remember the massacre of Pinoys by the Japanese when they were invaded.

To be able to tell the Americans what is best for them, to be able to tell Abe what is good for Japan, these are good signs that Hsien Loong is now acting like a senior statesman, in the same class as his father. He speaks, the world listens.

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MH370 – Between facts and myths

After more than 3 months of agony and shooting blanks, the MH370 saga is still muddled by myths than facts. People are still guessing and extrapolating from myths and not wanting to know the facts and starting on another wild goose chase based on their beliefs and gut feels.

What is really important now is to go back to facts, what was known, from the ground and on radar and radio. What were the last know contacts, I mean seen by the controllers on the radar screen and not by someone who believed he had seen something that might look like MH370 or they believed could be so. The radar contacts will be the most important primary source of where MH370 was before disappearing, its location, heading, height and speed.

The next important information will be the radio conversation between air traffickers and the captain or co pilot. And it will really be good if the military radar stations could come out with positively identified radar contacts and not some fabrications. Stick on to confirmed radar blips and information and then work on from there.

Based on the reports in the papers today, the aircraft was flying into the Indian Ocean. If that was so, which radar station had positive contacts on their screens? Forget about the Immarsat handshake as it did not have any positive location of the aircraft. If there was anything of real value, it was only the initial handshake. After that, all the arcs were unreliable but just extrapolation.

The investigators must get real and positive radar identification as proof that the aircraft was heading into the Indian Ocean. Do they have any? If the aircraft was flying over the Indian Ocean, the Indonesians were the best people to pick it up. The Indians could possibly pick up as well in the Andaman region. If both countries did not, then why? The Australians were unlikely to see anything.

The search in the southern Indian Ocean is likely to be extrapolation and nothing else and the reliability is very low. Unfortunately, based on what were reported, the known facts were very limited unless the Indonesians and Indians could offer more. If both could not show anything, the Indian Ocean theory is as good as fabrication.

When the radars failed to provide more new evidence, the best people to be able to unravel this mystery or conspiracy will be the intelligence people, working on the paper information available and their sources. The technical experts could not go any further than 100km from the last know sightings on radar. To believe that they could guess where the aircraft could be, thousands of kilometers away, is as good as believing where God is. And I think believing in God would have more credibility than believing in these technical experts when real information was so few and so limited. There are real limitations on what the technical experts can do if the only thing they knew was the location of the aircraft in the South China Sea and nothing else.

It is unbelieveable that the Australians are rehashing the same plot that the crew were all suffering from hypoxia and were not in control of the aircraft. So were the passengers and none of them knew what was happening and were unconscious all the way, at the same time. The fact was that the crew could turn make a U turn which required tremendous conscious effort but following that they were unconscious after switching the aircraft to auto pilot and point it to the Indian Ocean. Why would they want to point to the Indian Ocean? Another best, no radar station picked up any blips from the aircraft on their radars. They expect the whole world to be stupid enough to believe in this story.

Well some do, and some pretended to do so, and are mounting another huge search operation in the Indian Ocean. And all of them are not boy scouts but adults, professionals, but doing things that innocent and ignorant boy scouts would do, wasting millions of dollars and resources on a wild imagination.

Kopi Level - Back to Green


60 year old sacked by FT

Below is a letter by a Wei Yi to TRS.

‘My father was terminated last week as a senior waiter by his Pinoy supervisor for no apparent reason. He had been working for the hotel restaurant since the 1990s and is well-regarded by both his colleagues and bosses....

The worst part is that this was only 2 months after the new Pinoy joined the hotel as the F&B manager. My father had complained to HR which then did an investigation but then the supervisor said that he was too slow and this did not give the hotel a good image….

Although I have long heard of middle-aged Singaporeans getting replaced by foreigners, I cannot actually believe how suay that it would happen to my own dad. Worse, I work for the HR industry and an increasing number of Pinoys have joined the industry.

With a target of 6.9 million, it seems that less than 50% of our population will be native Singaporeans and the only jobs for them are in the government sector, NS as well as taxi drivers. It would really be damn disastrous if we don’t act fast and kick the PAP out.’

This is the new normal. But fret not. My advice is for the sacked employee to go for upgrading training. Then he can get a new job as a table cleaner in the foodcourts or hawker centres. And the upgrading training is heavily subsidised, maybe free some more. '

The 60 year old uncle can then work with dignity until 80 or maybe 90. Be grateful and say thank you for being a citizen. The Govt will take care of him all the way.

If not happy, can go and see Gilbert Goh for some pep talks. Sinkies are really so lucky.

Kopi Level Yellow

Tharman is making me nervous

This is quoted from a post in TRE on what Tharman had said about the CPF money. ‘…Temasek Holdings, TH, need a source of cheap funds, Tharman had said there are many other sources of cheap funds besides CPF.’ Now you see why I am nervous?

Think, why would a fund manager borrow from a more expensive source when other cheaper sources are available? And he is like saying he is doing CPF members a favour. Is he a philantrophist? If one is to know how generous a philantrophist is in giving, would you want a philantrophist to manage your money? Frightening or not?

I would rather Tharman go and borrow from a cheaper source that has better terms than from CPF. I can’t say he is stupid to die die must borrow from CPF when it is more costly.

Now you see what I am driving at? If I were to put money in a fund, I would not want to put into one where the fund manager stupidly go and borrow from a more expensive source when they is no need to. Or is he hiding something, that overall this more expensive source is providing many many advantages that he is not telling us, like pay back only when you want to, can afford to, or take your time, for as long as you like, no need collateral or track records?

Is CPF members getting a good deal or the Govt?

What do you think?

Kopi Level - Yellow again

Mistrust of the Govt is the new normal

I can think of a few more mistrusts or distrusts. CPF is your money, CPF is not your money, CPF is your money, CPF is not your money.... Now my head is spinning. Which statement to trust or mistrust or distrust?
Your CPF savings is very safe, 100% safe. No one is going to rob you of your CPF. Who to trust? Can I have my money back? Now, who is taking hold of my money and not returning?

Singapore belongs to everyone here. Is this true or false? I am scratching my head.
We are listening to you. Please give us your feedback. Ok, here is the feedback. No 6.9m population. Can trust this will not be the case? But mistrust of the govt is the new normal, so no need to worry if 6.9m will be a reality.

More foreigners mean more good jobs for the citizens. To trust or not to trust? So govt is not bringing in more foreigners. Can trust or not? Then again, mistrust is the new normal, so anything can.
Knn, dunno can trust the banks when you put your life savings with them? Don’t worry, mistrust is the new normal. How could life go on living under the shadow of mistrust as the new normal?

Kopi Level - Yellow for two consecutive days.


The innocence and naivety of Meritocracy and FT talks

My hair stands every time these two topics were raised or discussed even by the supposedly intelligentsia. Most of the experts or naïve experts were talking in a vacuum, meritocracy regardless of race, colour or creed or nationality. Immigration is good, it is good to bring in the talents to boost our economy. It is also good for Singaporeans to work overseas, no need to come back. Fill up the island with more talented foreigners, 6.9m or 10m, the more the merrier.

As a country, meritocracy must not only be spoken but practiced within the framework of nation and citizens. Meritocracy to pick and groom the best among Singaporeans is theoretically a sound concept. We need to nurture and bring out the best among our people. To extend this meritocracy concept to other nationalities is idiotic at best and criminal at worst. When the interest of nation and citizens are exposed to be raped by foreigners in the name of meritocracy, it is as good as allowing an economic holocaust on the citizens.

Let our citizens work overseas and bring in more foreigners, talented or fake talented never mind, to work and live here in their place. Stretch this example to the extreme, with 70% of the citizens working and living abroad and 30% left in the country, what kind of country would it be? Look at it simply, at 6.9m with the citizens, the original citizens reducing to less than 40 percent, an absolute minority, it is a matter of time when they will become inconsequential and insignificant as a people of this country.

While the innocents and naïve preached and worshipped meritocracy unthinkingly, they forgot that the newcomers would not be as idiotic as them and practice meritocracy like these idiots do. What if the newcomers practice their own form or meritocracy to exclude the true blue Singaporeans? When they become an absolute majority, would they kick aside the original Singaporeans to favour their own kind? While we are a majority here, we can still impose some kind of order to protect the interest of the citizens. When the foreigners become new citizens and become the majority, will they be as innocent and naïve as our daft Sinkies and practice meritocracy and free immigrations like what the daft Sinkies are doing? Even today, when they are still in the minority, their practices are all about them and us and they have no qualms or reservations to get rid of us in favour of their own kind.

When Sinkies become a small and inconsequential minority as the population grows, as the number of migrants becoming new citizens grows, would there be a place for the original Singaporeans? Or would they be history and be at the mercy of the new Singaporeans?
A country is not a corporation that can hire and fire regardless of nationality. A country is about the interest of its citizens first and foremost. Even then, many corporations are practicing hiring the same kind against the others.

Can our innocents and naives think and talk meritocracy and immigration without thinking about the interests of the citizens? They cannot afford to as the mistake or sin against the citizens will be irreversible. There is no room for such idiocy.

We cannot talk about meritocracy and foreigners like we are a big country with a big local population like India or China. These countries cannot have enough of foreigners to turn themselves into a minority in their own countries. They have the critical mass to ensure they will not be history. And they will not be traitors to their own people even if they are daft enough to do so. The critical mass itself will protect their people, identity and interest.

We can lose our country and our place in the sun if idiots take charge of this country and bring in foreigners to replace us citizens in big numbers.

Kopi Level - Yellow