The bashing of western rule based world and non belligerence by a Brit

Watch this video and George Galloway saying what the western bourgeoisies refused to see in how belligerent they were but hiding under the fake image of peace loving and observance of rule of law in international relations.

The Institute of Art and Ideas

Published on Apr 25, 2019

Could a belligerent approach to foreign policy make for a safer world? This debate is also now available as a podcast episode of Philosophy for our Times on all podcast platforms https://soundcloud.com/instituteofart...patricia may -

Mr Galloway is great. I wish he was Prime Minister. Brilliant.’

See how shocked the fake intelligentsia were reacting to the truth that they did not want to see but chose to believe in their lies and fake truths. It is so painful for them to sit there listening to George Galloway telling them right in their face and tearing up their myths and hypocrisies into pieces.

Galloway’s comment is in the first 6 minutes of the clip. Then listen to how he destroyed a young man’s belief in the American rule of law, the fake western rule of law etc etc. Galloway was furious about the fake belief in western international rule of law. What rule of law was there when there was no rule of law in the first place but the rule of belligerence?

After listening to Galloway, hopefully those people uttering about the rule based world would think twice before they opened their mouths. This is a very interesting anti populist,anti fake western views of the rule of law.

Asians and bananas would benefit from the truths spoken by Galloway and hopefully makes them less stupid in believing in the western lies.


American evilness - Your past association is a crime

Mr Ren's army background and Huawei's opaque culture have fuelled suspicions in some countries that the firm has links with the Chinese military and intelligence services.

Huawei is also the target of an intense campaign by Washington, which has been trying to persuade allies not to allow China a role in building next-generation 5G mobile networks.
US government agencies are already banned from buying equipment from Huawei.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/huawei-china-us-founder-ren-zhengfei-bow-to-pressure-11547058
The evil Americans are resorting to all kinds of underhand tactics to attack their enemies. They are threatening Venezuela and Iran with wars, provoking wars with China, Russia, North Korea and practically every country in the Middle East and North Africa. Now they are engaged in a hot economic war with China for dominance in technology. This has extended to the mafia style arrest of a top female executive of Huawei and are twisting the arms of all their allies not to work with Huawei and to use Huawei's superior 5G technology and equipment. 

In desperation they are using the early employment of Huawei's founder as an excuse to cast smears and suspicion on Huawei. Ren Zhengfei was once a colonel in the PLA but had left for decades. This link is good enough for the Americans to condemn him. All Singaporeans have a stint in the SAF through NS, could this also be something for the Americans to use to attack them in the future?

What about the past of Americans, like Trump's grand father was a hated KKK leader? What about so many of the American leaders with Arab and Muslim blood in their hands? What about those Americans involved in covert activities, working with terrorists, drug lords, conducting regime change, fabricating fake news to invade and attack other legitimate countries and their rulers? There are so many wicked and evil men and women in Washington that should be put into jail for crimes against humanity. View the video on Ray McGovern's interview for an intro into the crimes of American gangsters in the White House.

Why should one's past employment with another organisation like the PLA be a crime or a reason for suspicion and smears? Why should a national army be branded as a terrorist organisation? Only the evil Americans are capable of using such things to demonise and attack other people. And the silly Asians would parrot them, whatever the Americans said and blindly believe in them without thinking.

Do you trust those with racist killing backgrounds like the KKK or conduct wars of invasion, supporting terrorist organisations, fabricating fake news at govt levels?


Is it ok to pass fake news around? Ask Shanmugam

"If you receive something and in good faith you forward it, as most people do, you share, you like it - no problem. There is no criminal liability, there is no civil liability. At most, you will receive a correction," said K Shanmugam....

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has clarified that netizens who unknowingly share fake news in good faith will not be jailed, as he sat down with tech and lifestyle site Vulcan Post to respond to netizens’ concerns on the recently passed Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA).

The above are quoted from theindependent.sg

When I read the first paragraph I nodded my head in agreement and feel very assured. This is no fake news, Shanmugam is telling the truth this time. If not Leong Sze Hian would be charged in court for a criminal or civil offence. Shanmugam must have this in consideration and thus Leong Sze Hian was spared.

Leong being sued by Hsien Loong is a private, not criminal in nature. But was this not a civil suit under tort? Was it civil liability? Got difference or not?

The second paragraph is a bit disturbing. Sharing 'fake news in good faith will not be jailed' but could still be charge or sued? When the legal people said one thing, be careful if he does not say another thing.  Will not be jailed can still imply that the person can still be sued and fined or given punishment. So it is no comfort to know that there is no criminal or civil liability or cannot be jailed.

It is better be kiasi and kiasu and kia cheng hu and don't pass fake news around. You cannot be too sure what Shanmugam said. There are many ways to read and interpret what he said though it sounds very assuring, just like fake news law is just that, not to be abused or anyhow use to hantam the people.  Would the presence of such a law be good enough to frighten the people?

Think safety first.


Game over Trump and America first policy

Trump is biting more than he could chew, thinking that the USA is infallible and could hold the world at ransom, to kick every country as he liked. His trade war with the rest of the world is coming to an end. He is not only taking on China in his mad ways with his lawless gangsters in the White House, he is going against Europe, Japan, Canada, Latin America and even Australia. No country is left unhurt by his America first policy.

China has decided that appeasing this beast is futile and is going all out to stop him, planning a long protracted war against the Evil Empire. Europe is up to its neck with the pressures posed by Trump and would not oblige and is fighting back. Japan is still half hearted because of its own Empire dream and is playing along but unable to take it for long. India is lost as to how to fight back.

All the technology companies in the US is hurting, losing businesses with Huawei and China and would be scaling down operations and cutting down jobs. Many high value high tech jobs would be lost. Many Chinese companies in the US would also be closing down and add to the unemployment of Americans. America's lead in high tech will be passe, 5G will destroy America when it refuses to participate and move on with the change of the future.

The support base of Trump, the farmers that voted him to power is abandoning him. Instead of helping the farmers, Trump is destroying their business and livelihood. The grant he is giving to the farmers is temporary and for the moment. Once the business is gone, it is gone. China would develop other sources of supply and develop other supply chains to replace the one with the Americans. Many farmers would wallow in self pity and regret for supporting this scoundrel of a man, a rascal of a President. According to a report 20 farmers committed suicide daily.
Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana, joins Margaret Brennan to discuss ongoing trade
tensions and veterans affairs on this Memorial Day weekend. This 6 minute
clip said that farmer’suicide rate is 20 a day!
But all is too late. Trump's policies of sanctions and regime change are hitting road blocks by Russia and China. The Americans have literally been defeated in Syria. Their attempts to destroy Venezuela and Iran would be a fail start. Russia and China would not allow it. Both have committed to defend these two countries militarily. The economies of Iran and Venezuela would recover from the fatal sanctions put up by the Evil Empire and Trump's gang of thugs.

Trump's Great Wall of America has just been stopped by the Supreme court. No, he could not fake a state of emergency to divert funds to build his silly wall.  It is precious money that should not be simply put to waste by an egomaniac.

His two diplomatic initiatives, to strike a deal with North Korea is not working, and no need to say about his China deal, unless Trump goes on bended knees to beg for the deals.

And his personal problems and indiscretions are piling up. Impeachment is facing him right in the face for obstruction of justice, corruption, secret deals with Russia amounting to treason and tax evasion are about to blow him to pieces. He may face jail terms behind bars.

The end game is near for Donald Trump. He has achieved nothing in his Presidency except bragging about how successful he is in making America Great when he is doing the opposite, making America bad and making China Great. He and his hoodlums have discreditted America and Americans in the eyes of the whole world with their hooliganism and lawlessness.

It is now pay back time.


How many believe that the attacks on tankers outside the Persian Gulf were by Iran?

This is what the Americans are telling the world, using all their media and silly media around the world to sing this song. And the Americans said they have done their investigations and the damages on the tankers pointed to Iran as high possibility. They probably found words, Made In Iran, or some Iranian words on the damage hull like the Sinking of the Cheonan in Korea. They have fool proof evidence, Made In Iran, in black and white.

I know, many silly bananas would believe in this kind of craps. The Iranians are threatening the Americans, the Iranians are dying to attack American forces! This is like a small timid student in the class threatening the school bully and his whole gang of thugs. Can you believe it? Only the Americans and the Israelis are threatening the Iranians, to attack Iran’s nuclear power plant, to conduct preemptive strikes, to bomb Iran to Stone Age.

How could a smaller weaker power be threatening the world’s number one super power amassing two nuclear powered carrier strike force outside its door step? The Iranians are in their garden, their front yard. The Americans sailed their warships to the Iranian front yard. Who is threatening who?

This is what fake news is all about. This is fake news from the world’s number one rogue state, the Evil Empire. And who is producing this fake news? And which main media are spreading this fake news? The Iranians would not want a war with the world’s number one gangster. They knew the odds. But the world’s number one gangster is spreading the fake news that the Iranians are threatening them and attacking them, like the false flag incidents on the containers.

It is so easy to stage a false flag incident to put the blame on the Iranians and to start a war, an invasion of Iran.

Oh Iran did not do it but forces friendly to Iran did it under the instruction of Iran. Are the Iranians so stupid or the rest of the world believing in the fake and mischievous news from the Americans stupid?

Who are shouting for regime change in Iran? How the Iranians live their lives, chose their govt is not the concern of any country. When John Bolton called for a regime change, who supported him and shouted yea, yea? The ordinary red blooded gun trotting ordinary Americans, the murderers of native Indians and Arabs all over the Middle East. They love to go to war to kill other people for whatever silly reasons under the excuse of national security and American interests. And they can celebrate war victories and American heroes that went to kill other people in other parts of the world.

This is the evil culture of the white Americans, since they invaded North America till today, never changed, never civilized, savages in modern days, blood thirsty savages.

A clue on what the Evil Empire is going to do next is the warnings that they made against their victims. Example, if Iran attacks American resources, which Iran will not do, but the Americans are planning to do and will do and then point the fingers at Iran. Same thing like warning Syria of using chemical weapons, meaning the Americans are going to use it when they find it time to attack Syria by simply detonating some chemicals and point the fingers at Syria. And the most hideous thing to do, do not touch Guaido or American troops will enter Venezuela. Guaido could thus be shot and use as an excuse to invade Venezuela.

Or in the case of South China Sea provocations, simply blow a hole in their own ship and accused China of doing it, like the blowing up of Choenan, a South Korean naval ship, killing tens of South Korean sailors and blaming North Korea for it.

PS. The Americans are using this excuse, claiming that Iran did it and started to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia and UAE and also to move more forces to the region. It is the same as the accusation of Huawei’s spying without showing any proof. The Evil Empire has pronounced both guilty without trial, without evidence to show.


Pope warning against fake news from journalists

'Pope Francis on Saturday urged journalists to desist from publishing fake news, saying it could cause harm, and instead "take time to understand" issues before reporting on them.

Receiving foreign journalists in the Vatican, the pontiff also urged journalists to remain "humble" saying humility "prevents the rotten flow of disinformation and offers the good bread of truth."
Pope Francis said humility was of great importance as it implies consciousness "that through an article, a tweet, a live broadcast either televised or on radio can do good, but also if one is not attentive and scrupulous, harm."

He also said journalists must be very careful of their choice of words in an era of "hostile language" proliferating everywhere, especially on social media.'  Yahoo News

What more proof is needed that journalists are the worse culprits in reporting and publishing fake news. You want to rely on journalists and the main media for truth? This warning by the Pope is most telling. He is not warning about fake news from social media. He is warning about the place where fake news is more prevalent and most dangerous, thinking that journalist would be telling the truth but telling lies instead. Who is watching over the journalists and reporters? Do they have the licence to kill?

The pope also talked about forgotten wars that were not reported. 'He also asked the press to speak of "wars forgotten by society.

"Who still talks of the Rohingyas?" he said. "Who still speaks of the Yazidis? They are forgotten and they continue to suffer."'

But the Pope conveniently forgotten about the destructive wars fought by the Americans in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and many parts of the world. He is smart not to say anything about the Evil Empire.


Fork tongue American gangsters

The Americans kept harping that Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei was once a senior officer in the PLA and has ties with Beijing govt, thus he is compromised and dangerous. According to Pompeo in a Reuter report, ‘The company is deeply tied not only to China but to the Chinese Communist Party. And that connectivity, the existence of those connections puts American information that crosses those networks at risk.’  You see, what is the main point they are talking about, fear of the Communist Party of China. Any link with the CCP is dangerous.  Huawei is linked to the CCP, so it is dangerous and should not be allowed to do business in the USA.

Trump has visited China and met with Xi Jinping several times. He called Xi Jinping his good friend, has very good relations with Xi. Did Trump not forgotten that Xi is the Secretary General of the CCP? The Secretary General is the number one man of the CCP. Would it not be dangerous for Trump to be associated with Xi and has a good friend like Xi? So it is ok for Trump to dance with Xi, party with Xi, the Secretary General of the CCP but it is dangerous for Huawei to be associated with the CCP?

Practically anything, anyone, any company from China is connected with the CCP. It is a one party totalitarian state, state owned enterprises and state managed economy. How do these make doing business with them and with China and the CCP? China is the biggest trading partners of more than 100 countries, including the USA. Yes, the USA!

If the Americans, Trump and his gangsters believed in what they are saying, they should not have anything to do with China or Chinese companies at all. They should not be trading with China, doing business with China. Do they really believe the CCP is Satan, the devil and should not be seen to be with?

The whole world is trading and doing business with China, ruled by the CCP. So what, it is just another political system. There are many so called democracies that are simply not deserving to be the govts. The CCP is doing a good job for China and the Chinese people, living in peace, growing prosperity and happy as a people. 

Communism is just an ideology, and an ideology that has a very noble goal of bringing equality for all its people. Xi Jinping's salary is about US$30,000 a year. Communism is feared because it was demonized by the West during the days of Cold Wars. The communists from communist countries do not have horns growing out of their heads. They are also human beans like every other human beans in any society, democracy, communist, dictatorship or kingship. What is important is that they do not go around starting wars, creating troubles for the rest of the world, killing other people like the evil Americans do. And the evil Americans boasted of being a democracy that is going around the world to start wars and kill people and destroy nations, threaten nations, sanction nations and bully nations.

China, a communist party ruled by the CCP, did not do that. They did the opposite, peaceful, trading and doing business with countries of the world, helping countries to build their infrastructures, ports, roads, rails and promoting economic growth, giving cheap loans.

Which is the real Devil, Communist China or Democratic USA? Who is at wars and killing innocent people everywhere, who is not?

Still believing in the fork tongue American devils?

PS. Heard of the Mueller Report on the Investigation of Donald Trump? Mueller has disappeared, gagged and thrown away, not to be seen or heard, probably inside Guantanamo Bay Prison concentration camp. Is he still alive? This is democratic USA, freedom and human rights.


Education to serve social/political or educational goals

SINGAPORE: Education Minister Ong Ye Kung announced the momentous move to end streaming in secondary schools by 2024 in March.

Schools are now encouraged to do away with the practice of grouping students into form classes by academic ability and instead experiment with innovative ways to group students.

The idea is that this will encourage children from different backgrounds to interact with each other. In the long run, this would lead to better social mixing and greater societal cohesion – or so is thought.
Doing away with ability-based grouping necessarily implies that each form class will comprise a more heterogeneous mix of students than before. A pertinent consideration is whether teachers are well prepared to teach such classes.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/streaming-subject-based-banding-group-class-cca-secondary-school-11531090

This is the latest change in our education system, dismantling the past objectives of churning out the best in our students in their respective fields of excellence. Now looks like this is not in the interest of the state, that students excelling in academic subjects should be secondary to the goal of social integration, mixing the able with the less able, the rich and the poor, and all races into a melting pot is more important than producing academic excellence. Is this the way to go forward, is this what parents want of their children or what politicians want of our children?

What do parents spent so much time and money for, to produce children that can mix with everyone at all social levels, intellect and backgrounds instead of being top scientists, engineers, doctors etc and etc? Look at what is happening to China, sending its best students overseas not to study soft subjects but hard sciences to compete in high technology of the future and turning China into the most advanced state in science and technology surpassing the Americans in many fields. Would we want to be like China or like some suka suka half past six countries, good for nothing but happy go lucky young of the future?As it is now, our young could not even compete with third world graduates in getting jobs in our own country. How would this turn out if our young of the future turn out to be mediocre good for nothing graduates?

One outcome mentioned in this CNA article is the difficulty in teaching a class of bright and less bright students to the teachers. Going too fast will affect the slower students, going too slow will hold back the faster students. So you will end up with a class of mediocres.

An analogy in the mixing of paints in art classes would suffice to explain the outcome of this social/political policy. If one is to add white paint with white paint or black ink with black ink, the result will be whiter paint or blacker ink. If one is to mix white paint with black ink, you will end up with a spread of grey, from less white to less black, never white or black.

The thinking and objectives of an educationist and that of a politician would be world's apart. Never shall the twains meet. If we have a soldier or whatever to meddle with our education policies, the likelihood is that the system will produce an army of soldiers or whatever, for a soldier would be thinking of producing more soldiers or whatever.

I am wondering what the parents would choose. Definitely they would not want soldiers to determine the education policies of their children. Would our parents choose the social/political results of a politician over the goals of academic excellence for their children? A degree is not important, cannot be eaten? Or would this new change lead to better academic performance of our children? Would the system end up producing more potential politicians? This may not be bad as it is the surest and fastest way to become immediate millionaires.

What do you think?