US has inflicted endless suffering & destruction on China since the 1800s

During the last over one hundred fifty years US has inflicted endless suffering and damages on China. It betrayed China on a number of occasions. It joined the Anglo-British, France and Russia attack on China in the Opium War of 1830s to 1850s. Together with England and France it helped the corrupted Ching Dynasty to suppress a Chinese national revolt against the Ching government claiming that a strong united Chinese nationalist government would not benefit the western powers. During this period of western and Russian aggression China lost more than three million square miles of land to Russia, England, France and later Japan. 

US owe a lot of blood debt to China and the Chinese people. The injustice US imposed on China started long ago. In 1805 American opium traders under the protection of the American navy smuggled tons of opium into Canton and other Chinese ports. In 1812 John Cushing an American rogue acquired his wealth from smuggling opium into China. In 1816 another American scoundrel John Jacob Astor of New York smuggled tons of opium into Canton. The American naval ships joined the British in blasting Chinese ports to force China to open up China for their opium trade. The renowned American crook and scoundrel Delano Roosevelt the grandfather of president Franklin Roosevelt was a rogue opium smuggler and trader who blasted Chinese ports and cities until they acquiesced to US continued drug trade that was destroying China. 

Quite a number of former US presidents including the grandfather of George W. Bush were involved in the illegal and illicit drug and opium trade with China. Many American cities and ports like New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Sanfrancisco as well as railways and roads and huge buildings and hotels were built with the money from opium trade with China. 

They imposed opium and other aggressive wars on China and when China lost the wars they imposed war indemnties to the tune of several hundred millions of Chinese silver dollars that had to be paid to each and every of the several invaders like UK, US, France, Germany, Holland and Spain. The debt from the Opium War indemnities was so huge that China was still paying until 1949 when the Peoples Republic of China under Chairman Mao stopped the payment. 

To add insult to injury, in 1890 an American Chinese hater William Randolph Hearst published stories in his tabloids labelling Chinese men and their opium to invoke fear and hatred against the Chinese as the "Yellow Peril" in its anti-Chinese campaign. 

In the First World War 1914 - 1918, England and America with France and Russia asked China to fight on their side against Germany and Austria. Japan was also fighting on the side of the Anglo-American allies. After the defeat of Germany , the Americans under president Woodrow Wilson gang up with its British and French allies to betray China, when in May, 1919 they gave away the German occupation of the Shantung province of China to Japan instead of giving it back to China. As a result of this betrayal Chinese students in Beijing and other cities and ports all over China as well as workers and citizens rose in unison on May the 4th 1919 to protest and denounce such wanton American and western betrayal of the Chinese nation and people. 

US interfered and intervened in the Chinese Civil War between the Kuomintang - KMT of Chiang Kai Shek and the Chinese Community Party - CCP of Chairman Mao Tsetung with the motive of helping the pro US Kuomintang to seize control over China. Towards the end of the Second World War the United States treacherously made use of the defeated Japanese soldiers to fight against the CCP in support of the Kuomintang.Throughout the Chinese civil war 1945 to 1949 , United States used its military might to fully support Chiang Kai Shek's Kuomintang.. 

After the defeat of the Kuomintang in 1949, many KMT generals and soldiers took refuge in northern Burma. The CIA regrouped the remnant soldiers of the KMT and reinforced them with recruits from Thailand, Vietnam and Loas. US provided these renegade soldiers with large supplies of heavy arms and planes. During the early 1950s, US directed this renegade army to carry out frequent incursions into Yunnan, Kweizhow and Kwangsi province involving thousands of troops accompanied by CIA advisers and supplied by military supplies by air drops from American planes. At the same time and period America stationed its seventh fleet in the Taiwan Strait to prevent Chairman Mao's CCP from liberating Taiwan and thus prevented the full unification of China up to the present. 

The Americans could have succeeded in taking over China as a colony or semi-colony like Japan now had it not been for the absolute incurable cancerous corruption of Chiang Kai Shek and the KMT. 

It is fortunate that against all odds Chairman Mao and the CCP managed to win the fight against the savage Americans and the KMT to unify China. 

Now a rich and powerful China has brought back dignity and self-respect to China and all Chinese people. China is now a force to be reckoned with and no country should ever dare to trifle with China and the Chinese people again unless they want to court their own death and destruction. 


Thursday, 23rd May, 2019


Anonymous said...

US is a rogue country ruled by the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish Zionists who are savage and wild in their ambition to conquer the whole world under their total control and hegemony. They are mentally deranged and being psychopath they constantly start wars to inflict horrendous sufferings and,destruction and death on other people and in which they relish in doing so. The American Jews are really very wicked. They inflitrate into positions of power in the American administration and are mainly the ones who dictate the insidious foreign policy of US. The present trade war between US and China and US antagonistic confrontational policies towards China is orchestrated by the American Jews as seen in the like of John Bolton.Lithiger, Peter Narvarro, Elliot Abrams, Pompeo, Pence Wolfowitz, William Perle and many more others.

Anonymous said...

The world saved the Jews from Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler. They are ungrateful and do not appreciate. They now allie with the American Anglo-Saxons to kill millions of other people. They have dispossesed the Palestinians of their land and homes and have killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians mercilessly. They have orchestrated all the wars in the Middle East with the evil Americans. The Jews are tired of living and are courting their own death now.Most of the anti-China policies in America are crafted by mostly American Jews. In hindsight the world shouldn't have saved the Jews from Hitler. They have now killed hundreds of times more of other people than the number of Jews killed by Hitler.

Anonymous said...

America and the west used to despise China as a poor, weak and inconsequential country and that the Chinese land should be torn apart and divided among the western invaders.But in their merciless ravaging and plunder of the Chinese land they did not realise that China's weakness was due to the extreme corruption of the Ching Dynasty. In the midst of their greed and plunder they did not realise or imagine that one day China would rise like the mythical phoenix from the ruins and fire in great strength and power to settle the score with them. As the Chinese saying goes good geomancy takes turns to roll by and change for everybody. It looks like now China is having an auspicious time and good life while America and the west are lamenting in misfortune and regret. America is trying to change its fortune with perennial wars but it is useless for it won't help as karma is now firmly dealing with America.

Anonymous said...

A Global Geopolitical, Economic And Racial War

The trade war between the US and China is gradually expanding into a global war of global geopolitical, economic and racial dominance between the White Supremacists and the Chinese spheres of influence.

It is very clear now that this trade war is not just between USA and China. It is the Whites against the Chinese Civilization. After Australia and New Zealand, UK's two largest mobile phone companies has just decided against launching Huawei-built 5G phones. Japan, a US colony after WW II, also follows suit. A number of Japanese tech and telecom companies such as the ARM Holdings, Panasonic and SoftBank have imposed a boycott on supplying Huawei with critical components, thereby ending their commercial relations with Huawei, following the US decision to destroy China's economic power.

Trump is now pressuring another important China's trading partner, South Korea, to cut ties with Huawei. The South Korean Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported that the US is forcing the South Korean government to support and join its direct aggression against Huawei.

Forcing Seoul to pick sides in a fight it would rather stay out of, President Trump has delivered a message several times to the South Korean leader that "using Huawei products may cause security problems" and as such the US demands South Korea to "actively" support the US's anti-China policy, as South Korea has been de'facto an American colony since 1953.

An American diplomatic source (meaning, spy) in Seoul said, "We have been constantly influencing the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs that there is a risk of security problems if the US government uses Huawei products. "We have asked for cooperation in this anti-China policy."

The US President, thinking he is in full control of Huawei, due to trade pressure on China, has demanded that its allies such as South Korea join in his anti-China campaign.

A US State Department official told a South Korean government official that LG Uplus should not provide services in sensitive areas in the country and that South Korea has no choice but to ban Huawei in the end, though not immediately.

For now, the pressure campaign has failed to generate success:

While the South Korean's Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its sympathy for the concerns of the US, it has so far been hesitant to take a stand, saying, "It is difficult for the government to intervene in the decision-making of private enterprises."

Members of the Telecoms and IT industries have said that if the Korean government stops importing Huawei equipment at the behest of the US, the damage to the enterprise amounts to billions of dollars. If China takes retaliatory actions against our companies, the damage can snowball to other areas."

Yes, South Korea's own Telecoms Giant, Samsung, would benefit if Huawei, the world's biggest smartphone vendor, is crippled. However, if Seoul joins the White Supremacists in launching their own trade war against Beijing, China's retaliation will be hot and furious and will likely result in further collapse in trade and commerce. Then it will be a huge problem for the South Korean people. Based on yesterday's figures, there is already an unprecedented plunge in South Korean exports for the first 20 days of this month.

As the Trade War between the US and China continues, more and more countries will be dragged in to join either US or China in a tit-for-tat all-out geopolitical, economic and racial war. In the process, global trade and commerce will plunge further and deeper. This will become even a bigger problem for the whole world, because global trade has already dropped to near depression levels, seen during the last global financial crisis.

Ultimately, the situation could become a global total war, involving the military forces and nuclear powers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is time for China to take a tough stand and force the US allies, cronies and Little USAs to take sides. First stand by hitting out at Japan. Stop sale of rare earth to Japan and the USA. This should be followed by terminating more trade deals with Japan. Cut off China's market from Japan.

This is time for slaughtering chicken to frighten the monkeys. If China appears weak and refuses or afraid to take actions, the rest will follow suit and China will be in deep shit.

The strongest points for China now are the big consumer market and manufacturing base. The weakest point for the Americans is the unpredictable Trump that is also hitting its allies in Europe and Japan.

This is time to call the shot for China and Japan be the first to be slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

Besides rare earth, of which China now controls 90% of the world supply, there is also titanium, which is an important component of aircrafts in particular. China is the biggest supplier of titanium in the world as well.

Sure there are other countries with deposits of rare earth, including North Korea, but the extraction and refining is a very expensive undertaking and moreover there is the element of environmental concerns.

That is why Australia, instead of refining themselves, tried to refine rare earth in Malaysia and faced public protest. The other factor is the cost of maintenance of the mines and facilities which is said to run into billions of dollars. Many mines were driven to bankruptcy by the Chinese due to shortage of funding. Another factor is said to be the length of time taken to start up those mines that could run into years to undertake.

Anonymous said...

The US has not produced any shred of evidence to show that Huawei equipment is a security threat. On the contrary, the Germans and British side have done their investigation and could not find any proof that Huawei is indeed a threat.

That the US, after making its accusation about Huawei but cannot produce the evidence to back up their claims, shows that something is fishy about their arguments. They are probably taking their time to concoct fake evidence, like what they did with Iraq. They are the master of fakery and subterfuge.

Anonymous said...

The US has just sent two warships across the Taiwan Straits in a show of defiance of China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is clearly to belittle and humiliate the Chinese government and people.

It is, no doubt, also aimed at provoking China into take a military response and lure China into a direct military confrontation either with Taiwan or with the US.

At this juncture, the present Taiwanese government, under the traitorous Tsai, is likely to support the Evil Dictator, Emperor Trump. However, she might face an internal revolt if she is too aggressive against the Mainland. Her life may even end abruptly, if she is not careful. Remember what happened to Chen Sui Bian?

(When the Chinese Civilization is being threatened by external forces, any Chinese who openly shows a traitorous tendency can be assassinated by any patriotic Chinese without having to be ordered to do so. It is because such a traitor openly going against the Motherland is just like an infectious pest that must be got rid of immediately before it destroys the main body of the host.)

Looks like this trade war is going to accelerate China to take over Taiwan by force sooner than expected.

Anonymous said...

Chip designer, ARM, a Japanese company based in the UK, has cut ties with Huawei, thereby blatantly dishonoring all its past, present and future contracts with Huawei. This treacherous and abrupt move, without early warning has effectively put Huawei in great peril.

Though Huawei can take legal actions to ask for compensations, wthout ARM-designed chips, it could be the end of the road for Huawei.

It is a move calculated to inflict the greatest damage to Huawei's ability to create its own chips.

ARM employees have been instructed to halt “all active contracts, support entitlements, and any pending engagements with Huawei."

Anonymous said...

Why Huawei so stupid to trust a Japanese company? Never learn the lesson during World War 2?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1130 pm. You are the one who is talking cock.

Anonymous said...

China Japan Korea alliance is what US and other 5-eyes members would want to disrupt.

imho said...

Its always easier to blame others. Chinese are not perfect, they are also full of flaws. They prefer to bully their own kind rather than to help them to succeed. Very different from all other races.