Pope warning against fake news from journalists

'Pope Francis on Saturday urged journalists to desist from publishing fake news, saying it could cause harm, and instead "take time to understand" issues before reporting on them.

Receiving foreign journalists in the Vatican, the pontiff also urged journalists to remain "humble" saying humility "prevents the rotten flow of disinformation and offers the good bread of truth."
Pope Francis said humility was of great importance as it implies consciousness "that through an article, a tweet, a live broadcast either televised or on radio can do good, but also if one is not attentive and scrupulous, harm."

He also said journalists must be very careful of their choice of words in an era of "hostile language" proliferating everywhere, especially on social media.'  Yahoo News

What more proof is needed that journalists are the worse culprits in reporting and publishing fake news. You want to rely on journalists and the main media for truth? This warning by the Pope is most telling. He is not warning about fake news from social media. He is warning about the place where fake news is more prevalent and most dangerous, thinking that journalist would be telling the truth but telling lies instead. Who is watching over the journalists and reporters? Do they have the licence to kill?

The pope also talked about forgotten wars that were not reported. 'He also asked the press to speak of "wars forgotten by society.

"Who still talks of the Rohingyas?" he said. "Who still speaks of the Yazidis? They are forgotten and they continue to suffer."'

But the Pope conveniently forgotten about the destructive wars fought by the Americans in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and many parts of the world. He is smart not to say anything about the Evil Empire.


Anonymous said...

The Pope has lost his credibility after the stand he took on the extensive and widespread and prolonged strings of sexual abuses and misconduct of the countless priests have been discovered and still discovering (investigating).

In fact, the whole Catholic priesthood is now under suspicion worldwide, even in Singapore - especially boarding schools where there are Catholic priests looking after the young boys.

Anonymous said...

Some of them joined because it provides opportunities for them to get close to young boys. These ass loving dudes are disgusting

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Pope has lost his credibility after the stand he took on the extensive and widespread and prolonged strings of sexual abuses and misconduct of the countless priests have been discovered and still discovering (investigating).

What kind of stupid comment is this? If the Pope is telling the truth, why is he losing credibility? Unless he is lying.

If the Pope is telling the truth, who should be losing credibility?

Anonymous said...

One sided or selective news can be just as dangerous.

One good example is upgrading of HDB flats. For decades the powers that be propagated and the MSM reported to the masses that upgrading will add value to your flats. But they never talk about the 99 year lease problem and that after 99 years HDB flats are of zero value.

So is this not as damaging as fake news? In fact it is one big fat lie!

Anonymous said...

The Pope may have lost his credibility, but like the Trump sheeps, they still shout and cheer each time Trump opened his big mouth to lie, cheat and steal. The world is now like that.

Sheeps can never even tell the difference between white from black anymore. Oh, they are just following the mentality of a herd anyway!

Anonymous said...

@ 9:29 am.

Who is the stupid one? Don't even know how to read a comment properly.

Nobody is saying whether the Pope told the truth or lied. It is the stand he took that discredited him. Go and read the online responses on the Pope's address on the matter.

You need to be sodomized by a priest.

Anonymous said...

Half-truths presented as propaganda with the hidden intent to "influence" readers' mind are worse than fake news per se.

Twisted interpretations of a statement or report by politicians can also be very damaging.

Anonymous said...

He is smart not to say anything about the Evil Empire.

Yes the Pope is indeed smart, just like smart Sinkies.

Smart Sinkies are smart not to join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP in election.

Now I realise Tan Cheng Bock is not so smart after all.

But I think Lee Hsien Yang is smart as he did not join TCB's party or the Sinkie opposition. He only joined TCB for breakfast and contribute some money to those daft Sinkies who got sued or charged by PAP. And that's all. Very smart.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB is also one smart Sinkie.

Much as he may criticise PAP govt, he did not join the Sinkie opposition to contest elections.

At most he just only attended their dinners, eg NSP dinner some years back which was publicised in the media. A smart Sinkie just like Lee Hsien Yang.

Anonymous said...

101% smart also no use if all the state apparatus are used against you!

Even as smart as a blood brother also no use, if they decide to use the state apparatus against you.

But, no matter how smart one may be, also must answer to a higher power up above eventually!

No one can outsmart that higher power.

Anonymous said...

No one can outsmart that higher power.
11:09 am

Can lah, by not being their opponent. Unless really cannot be helped lah, like in LHY's family will matter.

Smart Sinkies chose not to be PAP's opponent in elections. Instead, they think about how to make more money under PAP rule. That's how they can outsmart that higher power PAP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Please lah, the Pope is not a politician.

If the Pope behaves like a politician, he will be treated like a politician. And I think the Pope do not wan to be treated like a politician....' Anon 10:56 am

The estate of God, the representatives of God are about rights and wrongs and above politicians. The Pope has nothing to fear about being attacked by politicians and does not have to behave like the 4 monkeys, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing and do nothing. The Pope is about doing the wills of God, about righteousness, goodness, not about being politically correct and stay away from politics and politicians.

This is what I believe. With God and righteousnes behind him, the Pope is above the politicians and need not have to fear the politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hi 949am

What you had said......nothing new!

Who did you voted at the last GE?

Btw 69.9% of the masses did said yes-ED at the last GE!

This is Sg! Sg is like that liao!


Anonymous said...

This is Sg! Sg is like that liao!
12:02 pm

U know why Sg is like that liao?

Because Sinkies are like that lor.

So u think Sinkies can change or not?

If can, then Chee Soon Juan can become PM. I think he will be a better PM than Tan Cheng Bock. And that will be good for Sinkies. LOL

Anonymous said...

Both Dr Chee S. J. and Dr Tan C. B. will make good PM. Better and betterest than the existing PM many times.

Anonymous said...

10.35am anon, I agreed with you. That guy a bit blur. After he Kena sodomized by one of the priests jialat jialat, I think he will wake up😀

Anonymous said...

Hi 131pm

Ok lah!

Let TCB be president....

And CSJ be PM!

This is a win win idea!


Knn said...

1.48pm anon don't be stupid lar and give silly suggestion. U also need to be sodomized jialat jialat like the other anon.

Anonymous said...


anon Knn 4.14am

coo! coo! coo!

you are very very very smart?

kenna HIV then you know!


Anonymous said...

7.52am anon, use condom lar. I also want to sodomize u. Hehe. Kakakakakakaka

Anonymous said...


you didnt sleep?

very very very good for you!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ altar boy arsehole bandits:

I love this Pope...he displays a temerity and brass balls almost as huge as his propensity do deceive and delude the world.

The Catholic Church, with its succession of Popes has covered up child rape for over ONE THOUSAND YEARS.

And now this “progressive” Pope is urging the world’s media not to lie.

Yup, big balls. Huge, gigantic ones.