Education – Why are we so cruel to our children?

The demands on our children are so out of this world. No children in the world are subject to what our children are exposed to, expected to, in our education system and social norms. They are not only expected to score straight As in schools, but to excel in sports, in ECAs, even in trying to make money, to think like business people and entrepreneurs, to be able to dance, to sing and to appreciate the arts, in sports. What else do we need our children to do to be a better person and to compete against the world?

And the poor parents are not spared either. They need not only to spend the time and money, yes, some are really poor to pay for all the extra costs needed to bring up our children as the most well educated people on earth. They need to spend time to monitor the progress of their children personally. Leaving them to third world maids would not do unless they want all their effort and sacrifices go the third world ways.

But these are not all that our children are faced with. After coming out from the ‘best’ education system with a string of ECAs, they would need to compete with children that do not need to know or appreciate arts, no need to be an all round super kid, just passed their village examinations, real or by cheating, in order to be hired by the foreigners now in our local companies doing the recruitment with unfair biases for their own kinds, or be assisted by foreign recruitment agents and placed for jobs in our local companies, including ministries and GLCs, neglecting our super kids from our very expensive education system. Some even have to spend money going overseas to experience what is being overseas thinking that it would be an advantage.

The foreign kids need not be super kids, need not be worldly wise, just street wise, to beat our expensively schooled kids and get the jobs, stole the jobs from our kids, deprived our kids from the good jobs that they paid a small fortune in our education system and hoping to land in one.

Why are we so unfair to our kids? Oh, wait a minute, our poor kids still need to ‘waste’ one and a half to two years running up hills and bashing through jungle terrain before they can start to look for a job that the foreign kids need not have to. Why are we doing this to our poor children, and smugly telling them that they have to compete with the rest of the fucking world?

You do not need the devils if you have such wicked morons ruling and ruining our lives and the lives and future of our children. Maybe some of these morons are thinking that our children should not be working as their parents are all millionaires, and their lives are meant to live and play, education is just for fun, to be a well rounded person, not to look for job


Anonymous said...

The problem of FTs flooding Sinkieland & its edu sys r not cos entirely by the garmen. Employers also played a part. Employers here prefer FTs than Sinkies cos of subservient & controllable means whereas locals r expensive & wud quit anytime after hired. The rigors of the edu sys is to sleave out a bunch of subservient elites to serve the garmen, those that not make it will be too bad. It's like a Sinkieland's caste sys like in Ah Neh land (brahmins, rulers/warriors,businessmen & labourers or slaves), look like Sinkieland is going this way unless some revolution takd place.

Anonymous said...

Probably, Sinkieland caste system as follow:
1) Gov,Elites
2) Businessmen
3) Labourers
4) Slaves

The education system is suppose to create opportunities for the people of the lower rank to climb up to the upper rank. But sometimes it doesn't work as the foreign influx tend to cause some disruptions to the Sinkie edu sys, how? By 'fake' degrees or 'false' experience & some FTs got it thru.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Nah, don't like the modern edu philosophy. Should go back to the ways of the old days.

Bring back corporal punishment, detention class, writing lines, standing in corner and similar tools to humiliate the errant child into discipline.

Kids are treated too softly. They're not even allowed to fight and wallop each other anymore. All become nerdy, blur like sotong.

No matter how expensive the education, they can't compete against the tougher Chinese and Indian national kids because Singaporeans are too SOFT.

Used to be a time that when a kid failed in school, there very extreme consequences. The kids were made to feel their failures… It was humiliating, they could be outcast, they could be labelled as "stupid"...and kena caning...heavy shit.

Now there is much less competition in school. So how do you expect them to fight a dirty street fight when competing toe to toe against driven, highly motivated and tough competition from cuntries where the kids grow up HARDER?

Virgo49 said...

ECAs? Only the poor kids not the Elites need do ECAs to gain points into what's merciless Metrocrazy Unis. Selling flags under the Sun. The Elites from their connections just breeze thru.

Even Scholarships goes to the Ministers and MPs and their cronies children.

Well can afford on their expenses but still plough others deserving children who are deprived of their places.

Anonymous said...

Our shit situation is in large part due to the 69.9% . . .

Virgo49 said...

CCS said Singaporeans needed to brace themselves to prepare for bad economic times ahead. Recession and depression ahead.

Their main excuse Global Uncertainty.

Sinkies are going to pay for their make believed Singapore Land of Milk and Honey soon. The 69.9% who voted for them accepting their open legged policies of having the trashes in entrenching themsleves of jobs meant for the locals are gonna to drink Sai cheo and eat tapioca and sweet potatoes soon like in the Jap times and early 30s/40s.

Karma coming one Full Circle soon.

Must have a painful lesson that's good for them.

Anonymous said...

After more than 50 years of PAP in power, with intent to stay in power forever, you all should know by now the THREE STRATEGIES of the PAP for staying in power:

1. Education - Make the people stupid and obedient; no maverickss to be able to rise and lead the charge and challenge the status quo. Therefore, leaderless and subservient - unable or afraid to topple the PAP leadership.

2. Finance (income) - Make the people just able to get by or poor and have to depend on government's meagre handouts. Beholden and money not enough, therefore not willing or unable to challenge the ruling elites.

3. Spare time - Make the people busy - both husband and wife have to work in order to make ends meet. Some even have to work two jobs. Therefore, have no time to get involved in activism and politics.

Anonymous said...


Who did u voted for at the last GE?

We deserved it! We deserved it!

No point KPKBsssss now!

We asked for it!


Anonymous said...

RB - "Maybe some of these morons are thinking that our children should not be working as their parents are all millionaires, and their lives are meant to live and play, education is just for fun, to be a well rounded person, not to look for job".

These morons know very well this is the case for their own and their cronies' kids only. For the rest, throw them to the wolves, they die their business. As long as they and their own can hold on to power and continue to party, everybody else don't matter.

UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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Anonymous said...

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UG said...


UG said...

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Anonymous said...

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