American fake news – Trump flattering himself that he would win the trade war

Trump can do no wrong. In his trade negotiations with China, Trump has all the winning cards and he carries a big stick. China is sure to lose. So he thought. The Americans must be tough on China, so said all the American politicians. America must negotiate from a position of strength. China is suffering, the American economy is flourishing. China needs a deal, the Americans do not. China is paying for the additional tariffs and Trump is collecting billions from China so that he can spend it on his farmers and help other poor countries by selling them more arms.

These are the fake news the Americans want China, the rest of the world and the American people to believe. The Americans are winning in this trade war, China is losing, soon China will be begging on its knees, the Chinese economy will collapse. The Chinese have no cards to play, they cannot win. They are stupid, the Americans are so smart. The Americans are in control of everything and calling the shots.

The American economists are telling a different story. The Americans consumers are paying for all the hikes in tariffs. The importers are paying for the tariffs, not the Chinese sellers. And the cost of tariffs would be passed down to the ordinary American consumers. The Chinese could lower their price a little and even devalue the Yuan to counter the tariff hike. So who is the winner eventually?

Trump does not need a trade deal? What has Trump achieved so far? His Great Wall of America is failing, no trade deal with China, no denuclearization deal with North Korea, Europe is furious and turning towards China and Russia. Canada, after being made use of in the Huawei affair is angry with the Americans, the Arabs are angry with the American support for Israel and the seizure of Jerusalem. The 5 eyes partners and Europe are not listening and not following the American edict not to use Huawei. UK has just announced cooperation with Huawei in 5G technology. Americans would have to live with 4G or fake 5G technologies.

So, where is the achievement of Trump except fake rhetoric that he is winning and the whole world has to accept his bullying? What would happen to Trump’s presidential campaign if China and North Korea pull the rug beneath Trump’s feet and walk away from the negotiations? No deal! Trump won?

Chinese goods can be sold in all corners of the world. American goods can only be sold in richer countries that could afford to pay or be forced to pay for high priced American goods. Without the 1.4b Chinese buying American products, who is going to buy except being arm twisted by the Americans. The rest of the world cannot afford American goods. The Americans can only sell to themselves.

Trump is so clever, everything he is doing is right and the best, that he is winning in all fronts…except maybe impeachment. China just retaliated by raising tariffs on US$60b American goods. Let’s see how long can the Americans last paying more for everything they need without Chinese goods. The bully must be dealt with in the same way it tries to bully others and put in his rightful and proper place, to be ignored and forgotten.

The days when the Americans can go around bullying other countries are over!


Virgo 49 said...

CNN one Hard Talk edition of Trump the Mafia boasting of his achievements in containing China and the tarrifs that gonna to hurt them.

Comments by the General Public who are alarmed that they are the Ones gonna to suffer and pay for his Egoistic imbecile policies.

Dotard Trump is the Chosen One by their Almighty God to bring down America and the deserving Karma the harm they did to the Whole World.

Likewise, the PAP new leadership is the Chosen One to bring the downfall of Sinkieland.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

4 tankers were attacked near UAE and the Americans are pointing their fingers at Iran.

This is the American modus operandi, staging a false flag attack and pointing the fingers at Iran to justify an attack on Iran. This is the sort of things the evil Americans have been doing all over the world to start wars and invasion and regime change by planting fake news.

Anonymous said...

Rb, the Americuns r juz practicing the age of their Avengers lah, sooner or later they wud juz Endgame la, no need to be bother about them la.

Anonymous said...

Poor China and Poor Chinese People must be humiliated again and again. 150 years is not long enough. Remember? Whitemen said, "Dogs and Chinese are not allowed!"? How long ago was that humiliation inflicted upon the Chinese people? Can still remember? It is still fresh in my mind. I feel like it was only yesterday!

Trump thinks that the Whitemen can continue to inflict humiliation upon the Chinese and other countries with impunity? He thinks he is God's gift to the US of Asses? He starts to behave like the Son of God (but many thinks that he is more like Son of a Gun).

It is time for China and the rest of the world to stand up, and stand tall. Must never let this immoral, unethical, lawless and inhuman SOB get his way.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ I ♥️Trump---Greatest Conman 2019

Trump has “won” again. (Trump knows how to “win” because he is a first-class cheater-cock, a master of deception and deflection)

Last year---tax cuts. US economy goes boom, asset prices zig-zag, but upward until all valuation factors at super high levels. People spend money, unemployment at historical lows. Trump begins his tariff wars and is playing with House Money.

US consumer kena tax cut, employment so he is easily deluded. US tariffs against China are paid by the delirious US consumer, who is too high on “success” to notice he’s the sucker in Trump’s Game. Trump’s popularity edges upward.

2019. Trump still playing with House Money. Increases the amount and the breadth of tariffs, collects even MORE MONEY from the US consumer who is still high on the “wealth effects” caused by tax cuts and sky-high valuations in the markets. Trump’s rating at polls at all-time high.

As long as people keep paying for the tariffs, Trump’s House Money won’t run out...until one day a tipping point arrives and Reality Bites the US consumer, who will be running out of >”extra money” eventually. That is the time CHINA WILL START TO HURT as US consumers spend less on Chinese imports. US agribusiness will also feel the heat as stockpiles of unexported produce thrash the futures markets.

...but by that time it’s US Presidential election time….and the US is heading into recession. Trump then QUITS the presidential race, leaving all the anti-Trump Democrats with their balls hanging out, and balls banging against each other. Now that Trump is gone, WTF is their platform? Pantat kena main. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. Fuck me, it going to be hilarious.

Trump takes a short break, then comes back guns blazing with his Trump News Network. To the blur-sotongs, the reasons behind Trump’s relentless attacks on the American Mainstream Media is now clearly obvious: he set out to discredit them, rip them asunder and then introduce his “no fake news” Trump News Network to the US, and to the world.

The US recession-contagions has spread. Markets all over the world collapse as bubbles deflate and the money runs for “safety” (precious metals, farmland, and probably water resources).

But wait...there’s more. The Trump Corporation goes out on a global real estate buying spree. Trump Towers open up in Beijing, Shanghai and Pyongyang.

Grand Master Cheater and Conman DJ Trump “wins”, big time. Everyone else...fuck spider. πŸ•·️πŸ•·️

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Dr Pipa Malmgren, Trump News Network:

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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jjgg said...

.. matilah.. u painted a credible scenario except... if trump loses power..he got to serve plenty jail time first.. tax fraud..charity fraud..u name it he's in it. NY will make sure no presidential pardon can ever be invoked.. why trump don't release tax returns? Deutsche bank holds the key.. trump bs the bank n his assets don't match up with his IRS.. well be around in couple of years...let's c who's rightπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Aiyah, please lah. It is a very reasonable assumption to suspect Iran of attacking Saudi Tankers. Of course it is not 100% absolutely, definitely...but the suspicion is OBVIOUS lah. Yes, it could be some “agent provocateur” trying to make trouble.

Saudis and Iranians will never pass up any opportunity to fuck each other up. Lately Abu Dhabi has gotten fed up of Teheran's yaya attitude. No, the UAE and Iran are not friends either.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ jigg

Most people root for the “good guy”. Not me, in Trump’s case. Trump is par exemplar of how if you are good at being BAD, you can win big, which should be quite obvious as if you are excellent in any field of endeavour, you will most probably find SUCCESS.

Trump whilst in power, has the ability to use Executive Orders (aka akin to the right of kings) to pass any edict he likes. He can easily write an executive order to exonerate himself from any prosecution or write one to immunize any sitting president from being forced to reveal their taxation details.

Even it that fails, Trump has displayed his agility, sliminess and slipperiness to evade and get out of impossible situations, and to top it off, get his ratings boosted in the polls. The more you attack him, the meaner he gets. Never once has he showed any form of weakness or capitulation.

Examples of other “top guns” who were very good at being very bad: Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Pablo Escobar, Osama Bin Laden.

Of course, one day everyone dies (or is killed) so no one can have “success” forever. And the vagaries of existence will affect us all to ensure that whatever we do, we are only going to be one example of many who have come before, and many who will come after.

The point here being: in your chosen field, how good/ great do you want to be? To what lengths are you willing to go thru, what sacrifices are you willing to make to achieve your objectives?

Our culture is obsessed with “achievement” but only in those fields we deem as “acceptable”. Rarely (if at all) do we pay attention to those achievers who EXCEL in doing the most AWFUL shit, and achieve high levels of “successful outcomes”.

Anonymous said...

"Examples of other “top guns” who were very good at being very bad: Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Pablo Escobar, Osama Bin Laden."

This piece of shit, the morons elected into office, the one history will remember as he who dragged the americunt nation into the sewer, will end no better than the above.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are looking for an excuse to attack Iran. Would the Iranians be so stupid to do this to invite an attack?

Banana Matilah, got commonsense or not? Still having the mindset of Caucasians, that Caucasians are always the good ones, and Iranians are the stupid ones, knowing that there is a landmine and happily stepping on it?

jjgg said...

@matilah..crazy man..so u think trumpy can pass laws to exonerate n pardon himself.. he'll be up for treason!!!.. USA has 4 arms of gahmen le..Easier for him to be subjected to impeachment n let the GOP bail him out..but not after all his crimes are subject to scrutiny ( remember Clinton?) After that ..does anybody else want to touch him? I have faith in NYπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

b said...

'Wise men say only fools rush in'-
Check out china economy for last ten years, so many rush in.
Its harvest time for the you.know.who.
Its all a stage.
Xi and Trump are best of friends.

Anonymous said...

It's not easy for USA to attack Iran and succeed. China and Russia are not going to allow that to happen. Iran is not Iraq. The Ayatollahs are not Sadam Hussein. And Trump is not George Bush.

Anonymous said...

The "first assessment" conducted by USA military said "Iranian or its proxies could be" conducting sabotage in the region. This is same rhetoric used by USA accusing Huawei of a thousand and one crimes on the basis of mere conjecture (the exact words,"could be")!!!!
Without evidence how can the Military assessors make such a uncorroborated judgement against Iran??
In the first place the war and traditional enmities between Saudi and Iran, is non of USA concern,but not for the oil in Saudi. The oil has so blinded the morals of Americans,that they chose to take sides to support Saudi at all costs, e.g. recently Saudi dissident Khashoggi was clearly murdered by Saudi,(inside the "safe" refuge of Embassy) yet Trump chose to turn a blind eye. It is not surprising that the USA military COULD BE sabotaging the vessels under the time tested trick ε€Ÿεˆ€ζ€δΊΊ. Donald Trump started his term as a businessman, now he morphed to an evil politician, in the same stature as the late great Mother of wars criminal,George Bush. Bad, bad USA.


Anonymous said...

The US as usual will start accusing Iran like they did with Iraq.

Meanwhile the CIA will work the ground in Iran and train agents to incite unrest.

As sanctions go on, the situation will get worse for the Iranian people. Sanctions are realistically not to punish the top leaders, but to starve the peasants into revolt.

Once that is achieved, the next step is show the world the US and allies are the most humanitarian beings on earth, helping with humanitarian aid to ease hunger in a country they first starved by imposing sanctions. How is that for irony? Can we see the picture more clearly?

As it is, Iran is no pushover. Coupled with Russian aid, tangling with Iran is no walk in the park for the US.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


He will most certainly try. Why not? If his back is against the wall he has nothing to lose and everything to gain

Anonymous said...

The world must start to wake up and unite against the Evil Empire of Uncle Scam (Not Uncle Sam any more, time has changed; the correct name is UNCLE SCAM).

Since Uncle Scam has been scamming other countries for the last 200 over years, others must do all they can to scam back Uncle Scam.

It is pay-back time. Bring the WAR it has started to its own doorstep, to its home ground. Infiltrate as migrants, refugees, assylem seekers, etc. When the critical mass is met, arise, mobilize and act from within.

Even the Heavens are not happy. So many natural disasters in so many states of late. Time is near for Uncle Scam to be stopped from scamming others.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

It's unlikely that Trump will attack Iran. Trump is not a war hawk. However, his successor Biden or Hillary (she might run again and win) or some other globalist Democrat or neocon Republican successor just might as Trump is unlikely to go another term.

However, consider this alternative history: if it was John Bolton or Dick Cheney in the Oval Office, Iran would be a smoking heap of rubble by now.

Trump is not a globalist neither is he expansionist. In fact quite the opposite: nationalistic and solely focused on America, unapologetically so.

If other countries want US "protection" they must pay up, no more "freebies". His tariff fights are with the EU, Canada, and Mexico...not just China, plus NATO has to cough up money if they want the US military as partners.

If Trump does smoke Iran, he will want something in return from Israel (enemy of Iran), The House of Saud (enemy of Iran) and possibly the UAE (they hate Iran too). So, IMO from the Saudis and the UAE Trump will seek in return support for the waning and almost irrelevant Petro Dollar---so the US govt and its citizens can continue to borrow and spend whilst having a currency in demand by the oil markets (thus keeping the value artificially high), and also thwart the plans of China's Petro Yuan which is gathering traction with the Saudis.

But there might already be a nefarious plan afoot. The attack on the Saudi tankers could be Israeli mischief (as accused by an Iranian minister), or a false flag by Pentagon and CIA wankers unbeknownst to Trump who is dumb as a bucket of hammers in such matters and is likely to end up a pawn instead of the Commander-In-Chief, I.e. Dumb-Manipulated-Puppet-In-Chief.

"Crying poor" tactics played again, Trump will complain that the USA has to bear the cost of such an attack, so he'll rope in the Saudis and the UAE militaries on such a campaign...

Both cuntries are "good customers" of the US Defence Sector so War Stocks Guy will be celebrating with a huge smile on his face. ;-)

Anyway, I sing-song and talk cock. Let's see what actually happens.

P.S. Uncle RB --- if you hang out with Arabs as often as I do (at least once a fortnight at an Arabic cafe around the corner from me), you’ll get a better understanding on the complex dynamics of the Middle East and North Africa’s Islamic states, which even the non-Arab MSM don’t really understand.

There is a cultural undercurrent of self-loathing in Iranian society. Historically, they are PERSIAN, but way back in the day when the Arab world “united”, the Iranians and the Egyptians were designated as “Arabs” and they resent that---Iranians more so than the Egyptians who descended from the Greeks and Romans, and thus consider their cultures more “sophisticated” than that of the desert-wandering backward tribes of Arabia. The Persians have a rich cultural history being descendants of Indo-European peoples, so they too resent (to some degree) their “Arab” designation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump may not be a war hawk, but he is surrounded by devils like Bolton, Pompeo and the likes. Pompeo is showing himself as more evil than Bolton. As least Bolton does not pretend to be a saint, but Pompeo is hiding a smiling mask.

And they said, Trump does one thing, the devils around him do the opposite. They would go to war without Trump's consent and by the time Trump realised what was going on, it is war

Another factor that would push his hands is his Jewish son in law. Trump is sold out to the Jewish cause and would do anything to defend Israel. And the Jews have him under their thumb and would fix him up nice and proper just like the devils around him.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

By the way, I am planning to show a short clip of a top CIA analyst exposing the evil designs and schemes of the Jews in the White House, how they planned to keep the Arabs killing each other for the sake of Israel. Dumb Arabs deserved to be fuck to death and kingdom comes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Oh yah, I forgot about Mike Pompeo. Certifiably insane fella. He and Bolton make Cheyney & Rumsfeld look like Laurel and Hardy.

I don't think Trump will "do anything" for Israel. Trump only does stuff if he gets a benefit to himself...his legacy or fame...his EGO lah. If it suited him, he'd throw Israel under the bus. Supposing Israel played out Jared, habis lah. Trump will fuck them up.

The guy is own man. Arrogant and egotistical to a fault. That's why he can be easily manipulated by his admin or the Pentagon or the CIA. He has no love for the FBI, but that doesn't mean they won't at some stage fuck him up.

Anonymous said...

To MATilah. Trump WAS not a war hawk, may I "correct your grammar". After 2 years he has been poisoned by the war hawks, just imagine he could resurrect Abrams, a most notorious war criminal, to be his adviser on Venezuela and other affairs. So Trump is one of them now. It's like a zombie show, no doubt Donald is now a zombie, all out for Regime Change. Thank goodness China and Russia are powerful enough to slow down these zombies. In recent days I have downgraded my respect for Trump from 8/10 to 3/10.


amoron said...

Mr Trump is the biggest hypist on earth.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, stop encouraging the WSG. Both of you need to be sodomized. Best if both of you could sodomize each other doing society a favour.πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Trump the egoistic self-praise and self-screwed-up now widely known pussy-grabber and adultery expert, is a con man, a fraud and an unscrupulous sob.

Anonymous said...

7.13am anon, are u suggesting that he be sodomized also?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Humble Ideas

I've never respected Trump. I've seen how he operates and how he manages to squirm his way out of the most impossible situations.

However he gets my props for being an awesome VILLAIN. Like a cartoon-type villain, too surreal to pass as a human...as if he stepped out of an animated series into the real world, then into the Oval Office as Leader of The Free World.

His Twitter account is his own private broadcast channel to all of humanity. He tweets first, then the MSM report it.

He tweets about raising tariffs on China, markets plummet and only after what seems an eternity, the world's press report it 🀣, making themselves look like slowpokes in a world where news travels at light speed.

He's alluded to supporting Ivanka is she ran for President. Meanwhile Jared (a Jew) is "networking" the Saudis by passing on secrets to them.

Gotta say, killer family business. πŸ€‘

Trump is EXCELLENT entertainment value. He creates "new content" on an almost daily basis and never fails to deliver an edgy "punchline" as probably the greatest INSULT COMIC of our time.

b said...

China is a smoke screen. Most uncle sam politicians worked for the oil barons. They need to acquire oil/gas fields to profit and heat up their houses aka eu. The only way to expand their possessions is to go for war.

Anonymous said...

It does sound strange that anybody could have ever respected Trump right? I tell you why. When the media asked Trump in 2016 why he is so friend with Putin, a killer, Trump said "the USA is not so innocent too". In his first year in office he actually pulled troops out of Syria. Building the wall is actually a good idea, but the Democrats totally politicised it (Democrats supported the Wall prior to Trump election). Trump is a total liar generally, has an inferiority complex, but his ecenttric ways forward does work in the initial stages of his Presidency. Today he is totally changed. The alignment with Saudis, squashing of China, and Venezuela agenda makes him as bad as George Bush.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump is still screaming, 'We are winning, we are winning'. Our economy is fantastic, we are in a strong position, we are doing very well,....

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB. No way the Americunts gonna win this Trade War.

Their people are already spoilt to the core of their good lives parasiting all the while on Others.i.e. the Daft Asians and the Rest of the Under developed and Developing World. Deprived of materials comforts and their rights of liberty will simply revolt and protests if hard times fall on them.

Whereas China still under the Some what Military Type of lifestyles environment.
Used to strict discipline and strong Patriotism in their Cultural Upbringing is easily pacificy to tighten belts and stood up for their Nation.

The Chinese been thrifty and had suffered enough before and this small setback is nothing to them.

Dotard free world democracies are all hog wash only for the Rich to enrich themsleves and off they go to enjoy their loots.

So MOT the Americunts will start rioting and revolt in their own fires and fury.

Matter of Time if their economy goes kaput.

Anonymous said...

The more the US keep poking, the more united the general Chinese populations will become under communist rule, give or take some western educated and brainwashed bananas that worship the whites and still longed for and fighting for Western democracy in China.

My personal opinion is that many countries that used to hate communist China in the past, have adapted to what China now stands for and probably agreed with its policies more than the US.

After all, they know the US has been destroying countries throughout their tenure as the sole superpower, while the Chinese have mastered the use of soft power and helped with developments in many countries of the world. If people cannot tell good from evil, cannot see and prefer to be blinded by wholesale propagandas, that is too bad.