CIA top analyst Ray McGovern revealed

Top CIA analyst: Israel partisans push US to war

A revelation of what was going on in Washington and how they planned to
destabilise the Arab states to keep them hapless, poor and dysfunctional.
Do the Arabs and Muslims want to know the truth about the evil Americans
planning their destruction as a civilisation, as nation states, as people,
as human beans?

Sarin gas in Syria was a big lie, John Kerry lied. It was a false flag used
to justify attack on Syria.

This short clip revealed how the Jews manipulated and controlled the American govt to do their bidding, to keep the Arabs in a perpetual state of warfare, unending war so that Israel can live in peace and not disturb by the Arabs while the Arabs destroy and kill each other.


Anonymous said...

That's what Hitler had found out about the over-intelligent and extreme cunning about the Jews.

That's what Jesus had found out too late about the treacherous schemes of the Jews.

That's what has been written in the Bible about the Jews.

That's what Iran has come to know about the Jews.

That's what the Palestinians are having problems with the Jews since the early times.

That's what the rest of the world, like Singapore, must not be too stupid to befriend the Jews, unless there is underlying profitable mutual under-table secret agreements that cannot see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

When The Evil Brain (without a heart) Rules Supreme, The Righteous inevitably gets annihilated until they become dead zombies or cunning slimy swines, to look out and exploit profitable deeds to safegurad and protect their own survival interest. A very good example is the War-Stock Guy, who has managed to attract a similarly cunning and slimy guy in this blog.

Unknown said...

Why Severe Weather Keep Haunting USA in Recent Years, Especially After Dol-nerd Trump took over as the 44th US President?

More than 70 million Americans are under the threat of severe weather from Texas to southern Minnesota, CNN meteorologist Haley Brink said.

That total on Sunday jumps to 80 million under threat as storms are predicted to move into the Great Lakes area.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Unknown

This is Karma in the Works.

Man unable to stop or destroy them

The GOD does.


Anonymous said...

A revelation of what was going on in Washington and how they planned to
destabilise the Arab states to keep them hapless, poor and dysfunctional.

That's why the Arab states need to be smart in order not to allow Washington to destabilise them to keep them hapless, poor and dysfunctional lah.

And smart Kim Jong Un know how to remain strong and stable despite Washington trying to destabilising North Korea. Did u see how Kim Jong Un telling Trump to fxxk off after their 2nd Summit?

By the same logic, Sinkies also need to be smart in order not to allow PAP to rule them to keep them hapless and money no enough lah. And smart Sinkies know how to make lots of money to ha ve good life despite PAP screwing Sinkie under PAP rule.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is nation states or individuals, no use blaming others if they are hapless, poor and dysfunctional.

If they can and willing to think and analyse, they will know why they are hapless, poor and dysfunctional and the reason is themselves to blame.

Then do something to change themselves. This is much easier than to change others, correct or not?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49 May 19, 2019 10:03 am
///Hi Unknown

This is Karma in the Works.///


Today u got eat vegetarian or not?

(Just asking)

Anonymous said...

... while the Arabs destroy and kill each other.

If that is true, then why the Arabs are so stupid as to allow themselves to destroy and kill each other?

Why the Sinkie opposition is so stupid as to allow themselves to be disunited and its leaders not even on speaking terms with each other? Why smart uncle RB did not (or dare not?) join the Sinkie opposition to contest election?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49 11.21am

The vegetarian stall at the coffee shop between Waterloo St and Queen St not bad.

Other alternative in that area is the building at the junction of Middle Red and Waterloo St. Many (good) vegetarian outlets at Level 1 and 2.

Level 3 and 4 also have several vegetarian stalls but usually don't venture onto those 2 levels cos walk every other few metres got those foreign xxx "hang goat heads but sell dog meat" (quite annoying cos go Waterloo to worship and chanting and meditate then these foreign xxx jio-ing passerby for "short time" very upsetting and annoying to the purpose of worshipping)

Anonymous said...

Virgo, would you agree and support that those evil dudes be sodomized or not? 😀

Virgo 49 said...


Thanks your info.


Anonymous said...

How many lies have the West made that led to war?

The war on Iraq was based on lies concocted by the US and UK. After flattening Iraq and taking the oil, they failed to find any Weapons of Mass Destruction. And what does the UN and human rights group do or say after the killing of millions of innocent Iraqi women, children and aged? No harm done?

The Vietnam war was fought after the Gulf of Tonkin incidents. The attack on the American warship was widely thought to be a false flag operation.

The genuine fear now is that another false flag incident may be on the horizon in the Iran/US spat, which could lead to a full fledge war. That spark could bring the Russians into the picture, if Russian support for Iran is on the cards.

Venezuela would long have fallen to the evil empire had Russian and Chinese support not been evident. The evil empire must have calculated the risks of a direct invasion in this case.

Anonymous said...

If Saudi Arabia leans towards China, the evil empire would not tolerate that.

The Saudis are now one of the biggest buyer of US debts and their oil output is the most important pillar prodding up the Petrodollar. The US would not let that happen. Any leaning of Saudi Arabia towards China is bad for US and they will surely take over the oil, by hook or by crook.

Like a dog, waking up is no use so long as it is still under a leash. Same with South Korea and Japan among others.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49 May 19, 2019 11:46 am

Thanks your info.//


@ 11.21am is your own posting/ comment

Why u ownself thanking ownself?

Kena the tall order chatao virus?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies should avoid saying that the divine is causing weather to punish the Americunts.

Do bear in mind that Sinkies shall have to face lots more man-make calamities.
The Many Diseases that are brought in by aliens and with victims gettibg treated by the Many Doctors that are engaged from foreign lands. Some were found to possess fake qualifications.
Medicares that went awry and ended in deaths were not uncommon. The Health Woes do not only came from the Aliens. Locally,
it boggles the minds why a squeaky tiny rock has runaway Tuberculosis and Dengue Fever. And it had rare highly contagious Monkeypox visiting it and not other countries.
As most are feeling the threats of diseases, all are also having to bear with the lncompetency of the Authority to deal with the Problems.

as all are facing the Mounting Challenges of Health lssues, Rising Cost to seek treatment, another very worrying element is here to haunt all and sundry, the Rising Temperature in Sin. Dengue Fever is running away and the Getting Hotter Weather has being said to exacerbate the Spread of the Disease, so, do not laugh at the Americunts, it may ends up Sinkies crying themselves.

Anonymous said...

The greatest threat in Sin today is
those make to face this threat


imho said...

This world is split into 3 parts - blue, red and purple. Purple is the mess up ones. More mess the better for blue and red. Trump n Xi are bff.