Fork tongue American gangsters

The Americans kept harping that Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei was once a senior officer in the PLA and has ties with Beijing govt, thus he is compromised and dangerous. According to Pompeo in a Reuter report, ‘The company is deeply tied not only to China but to the Chinese Communist Party. And that connectivity, the existence of those connections puts American information that crosses those networks at risk.’  You see, what is the main point they are talking about, fear of the Communist Party of China. Any link with the CCP is dangerous.  Huawei is linked to the CCP, so it is dangerous and should not be allowed to do business in the USA.

Trump has visited China and met with Xi Jinping several times. He called Xi Jinping his good friend, has very good relations with Xi. Did Trump not forgotten that Xi is the Secretary General of the CCP? The Secretary General is the number one man of the CCP. Would it not be dangerous for Trump to be associated with Xi and has a good friend like Xi? So it is ok for Trump to dance with Xi, party with Xi, the Secretary General of the CCP but it is dangerous for Huawei to be associated with the CCP?

Practically anything, anyone, any company from China is connected with the CCP. It is a one party totalitarian state, state owned enterprises and state managed economy. How do these make doing business with them and with China and the CCP? China is the biggest trading partners of more than 100 countries, including the USA. Yes, the USA!

If the Americans, Trump and his gangsters believed in what they are saying, they should not have anything to do with China or Chinese companies at all. They should not be trading with China, doing business with China. Do they really believe the CCP is Satan, the devil and should not be seen to be with?

The whole world is trading and doing business with China, ruled by the CCP. So what, it is just another political system. There are many so called democracies that are simply not deserving to be the govts. The CCP is doing a good job for China and the Chinese people, living in peace, growing prosperity and happy as a people. 

Communism is just an ideology, and an ideology that has a very noble goal of bringing equality for all its people. Xi Jinping's salary is about US$30,000 a year. Communism is feared because it was demonized by the West during the days of Cold Wars. The communists from communist countries do not have horns growing out of their heads. They are also human beans like every other human beans in any society, democracy, communist, dictatorship or kingship. What is important is that they do not go around starting wars, creating troubles for the rest of the world, killing other people like the evil Americans do. And the evil Americans boasted of being a democracy that is going around the world to start wars and kill people and destroy nations, threaten nations, sanction nations and bully nations.

China, a communist party ruled by the CCP, did not do that. They did the opposite, peaceful, trading and doing business with countries of the world, helping countries to build their infrastructures, ports, roads, rails and promoting economic growth, giving cheap loans.

Which is the real Devil, Communist China or Democratic USA? Who is at wars and killing innocent people everywhere, who is not?

Still believing in the fork tongue American devils?

PS. Heard of the Mueller Report on the Investigation of Donald Trump? Mueller has disappeared, gagged and thrown away, not to be seen or heard, probably inside Guantanamo Bay Prison concentration camp. Is he still alive? This is democratic USA, freedom and human rights.


Anonymous said...

ZTE has just delisted from the NY Exchange. Huawei should close down all its businesses and factories in the US. This would contribute to a few thousand job loss in the trade war.

Anonymous said...

9.34am, do u think that the dude needs to be sodomised?😀

Anonymous said...

Since 2013, the European Union has been conducting investigation on American tech companies and found 10 cases of their products incorporating backdoor access to spy on the users. They have also conducted similar test on Huawei but could not find any. As a result, several of the big Euro countries like Germany and France, Italy are not going to be arm twisted to abandon 5G and Huawei to live like backward Americans.

Anonymous said...

红豆://China, a communist party ruled by the CCP, did not do that. They did the opposite, peaceful, trading and doing business with countries of the world, helping countries to build their infrastructures, ports, roads, rails and promoting economic growth, giving cheap loans.//


Anonymous said...

Bing Translate :

"Opium War disrupter,
Sino Naval War cede land reparations,
Eight Allied forces slaughtered Cangsheng,
Anti-Japanese War martyr million,
Centennial Taste of humiliation and suffering,
Maotazu's ingenuity,
Lizhilong bitterly,
Grandpa Deng's Love,
Reform and opening up The,
Lighting up the prosperous fire of the motherland,
Take history as a guide to the future,
New Long March first Heart,
Vast Motherland towering China,
To be proactive,
Xi is a big mastermind,
Reshaping the Chinese Unity, Towards the glory of the national dream."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Huawei has announced the closing down of its 57 plants in the US.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Jack Ma also announced closing down all businesses in the USA, no more investment in the US. The unity of Chinese companies in supporting Huawei is unprecedented and admirable.

Hopefully overseas Chinese also stand up to support Huawei and not be American eunuchs and ball carriers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

When you speak of communism, it'll be great if you prefaced the specific type of communism you are referring to---i.e. socialism with Chinese characteristics.

If you recall the Soviets and China split in the late 1950s due to ideological differences and when Krushev called Mao an "old whore". About a decade later, the Soviets and China were locked in armed conflict, nearly ending up starting WW3.

Mao held the opinion that his form of communism was "superior". He considered the Soviet block countries of Europe at the time to be backward basket cases. Definitely no love lost between Soviet Russia and PR China.

During the Tibetan opposition to China in the 1950s, The USSR supported and armed the revolutionaries. During the USSRs incursion into Afghanistan, China fiercely opposed it, and when it happened supported and help arm the Mujahideen.

After the Nixon-Kissinger era, USA-China relations were "reasonable". USA was fighting a Cold War with the USSR, and took the idea of chilly USSR-China relations to strengthen USA-China relations i.e."the enemy of my enemy is my 'friend'" (until he's not).

Those were crazy times. Even N Korea and China were having problems. One time, that nutcase Kim Il Sung lost his temper, the threatened to NUKE China. 😂🤣.

And recently, the grandson "Rocket Man" Kim Il Sung Yaya papaya with China until people in Beijing Tak boleh tahan. N Korea "kidnapped" Chinese boats and held them for ransom. China is getting more uneasy with a nuclear-armed madman on its borders. Russia feels the same way---Putin is not comfortable with a nuclear armed N Korea run by lunatic. (The most insane one of his bloodline. Both his father and grandfather were nuts, but Kim Il Sung could be seeking to top them). What the BIASED MSM doesn't tell us is that China has been pressuring N Korea to CONFORM to the denuclearisation program. The MSM will have us all believe that N Korea and China are "cool" with each other. The truth is bi-lateral relations are at a LOW point. The Chinese do not like a nuclear power on its borders run by a person they do not like...but have to "tolerate".

In the theatre of realpolitik as it unfurls, IMO PUTIN is the smart one. He's been in the shadows. Fiscally, Russia carries the very low debt by global standards. It has oil, gas, gold, uranium etc., and modern productive economy. Russia-China relations are somewhat better than USSR-China relations but Putin is no fool. He was there before Trump and Xi, and he knows his business.

Although it is not mentioned, you can bet that Putin is keeping a close watch on China's growing military strength, and ensuring that Russia is able to match it...just in case. Yeah, but no one mentions that...which leads me to ask the question: "What would you do if you were Putin?"

Way back after the last US Presidential Elections, people suspected that Trump was Russia's "useful idiot", an unsuspecting dumb puppet who could be manipulated to shape the geo-political environment to Russia's longer-term objectives.

Hmmm... I wonder...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Jack Ma also announced closing down all businesses in the USA, no more investment in the US <<

I don't think so. Say only lah, token to appease the crowd. Alibaba (Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
NYSE: BABA) ~USD 400 billion market cap. No lah, Jack Ma is not stupid. Money is money. And Alibaba (US listed) is printing money lah:


Trump is weaponizing US exports: https://www.straitstimes.com/world/united-states/trump-wields-a-more-powerful-weapon-than-tariffs-for-trade-war

Anonymous said...

Hopefully overseas Chinese also stand up to support Huawei and not be American eunuchs and ball carriers.
RB 10:28 am

Please lah, overseas Chinese will do what is in their interest to do it.

If it is in their interest to stand up to support Huawei, they will do it.

If it is in their interest to be American eunuch, they will also do it.

Hope u understand this.

Anonymous said...

Iran has the full backing of Russia.
RB 10:54 am

That is because it is in Russia's interest to back Iran, and not because they love Iran or anti USA.

Don't believe, just look at former Libyan dictator Gaddafi. Russia did not back him but left him to the dogs.

So u see, Russia do what is in their interest to do, and not because they love to protect people from the USA bully.

Anonymous said...

I think the USA is truly going to the dogs, and is so desperate and preoccupied to bring China down to their level, instead of taking up the challenge as they used to do to move up to the next level.

Look at the circus in Washington, the soap opera going on for all the world to see. Talk about Impeachment, then turn around say not to impeach, gathered in a room to talk then last minute don't want to talk to each other, even when facing each other, just like 3 year olds in kindergarten.

Believe me, Trump will not be taken out of office. He may be elected a second term. The circus in Washington is just a merry go round, to pass the time and waste money on things that cannot move forward. Imagine how long it took to get to Trump's tax returns. It is a joke!

Washington between the Democrats and Republicans is just like the Hollywood make believe world, where actors can play both sides of the show. For one movie Democrats will play the hero, while Republicans play the part of the villain. The next movie it will be the other way round. The deep state is the perpetual director. Keep on enjoying the circus folks. It is free entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Matilah made a pertinent point.

The Russians and Chinese are not really that chummy beneath the surface. It is just looking after their individual interest in the face of US bullying in Europe and the US fear of China's rise.

Had there not been the ongoing drama unfolding of Russian intervention in US election recently, the world could be looking at a different landscape altogether. Russians are still whites and trust is still a flimsy human trait that changes with the direction of the wind.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Chinese and the Russians have a common enemy in the Americans. The Europeans are also not so chummy with the Americans. The four permanent security council members, ie Russia, China, England and France just opposed the Americans to invade Iran.

There is no permanent enemy but permanent self interest.

All the big European countries, including Russia and China are demanding the return of their gold in the USA. Germany threatened to conduct an investigation if the Americans refuse to return the gold. They knew the Americans have stolen their gold. If proven to be true, Germany is going to lead a combined force to demand compensation from the Americans.

There is going to be a bank run on Fort Knox where the gold were supposed to be kept, but likely stolen and spent by the Americans, the biggest liar and conman of modern history.

Anonymous said...

Fort Knox or Fort Nought?

For a second think of the American debt and with all the gold in their hands, would they not try to use it? After all, collapse is just a matter of time!

Sometimes people thought to be smart can be stupid. Why would Germany or any other country want to put their gold with the Americans, knowing they can not be trusted?

If the gold is no longer there, what can Germany or the other countries do? The Chinese saying 'find the devil to demand them to return you your life' is aptly applied in this case.

Anonymous said...

The cruel fact that the US would resort to anything to bring its rivals to its knees will be remembered by most people and powers across the world.

If Washington can play hardball with a strong China, it will more likely coerce other small and medium countries and force them to submit. Second, leading companies worldwide might realize that US enterprises' stable cooperation with them comes at a price - they must be obedient to the US.

It is time for all of the world's technology lovers, and ordinary folks with conscience and benevolence, to stand up, and speak out with a loud "NO" to Trump and his neo-conservatives.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Please lah...many Americans themselves think that there is no gold at the US Bullion Depository (aka "Fort Knox"), they even make JOKES about it. "Enlightened Americans" are FULLY AWARE that their Federal govt gets up to all sorts of BAD SHIT, but even the most heavily and legally armed private citizen can't do anything about it. They just pay their taxes and support their favourite comedians who make fun of the American govt and all its "evil", pay the comedians lots of money and everyone has a fucking good laugh.

However, the rest of the world doesn't have a sense of humour. The American people (the sane ones) say "Yeah, we don't trust our govt which we deserve because we don't give a fuck, even though our govt does very bad shit ALL THE TIME, to us... so why should we expect anyone else or the rest of the world trust our govt? We know our money is fake toilet paper, but you all want it, go ahead...and please buy our debt too...we know it's a scam. We've known from the beginning! Eyes wide open, motherfuckers!"

America is one place where there are people in the population hell-bent on exposing the govt for all its evils. They are harshly critical of their own system. They excoriate their leaders and authority, and when necessary, fight the govt with guns (and lose) like Waco, Texas.

No other cuntry has such an OPENLY HONEST "anti-authoritarian" culture like America. Every govt in the world is fearful that their populations get these wild ideas of American-style individual freedom in their minds. Very fucking scared. And the very first thing to go is the freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. is now a rouge nation. The evil in the hearts of Trump and his regime is not lesser than ISIS.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Historically they had brought down England, after chasing them out of the Americas in 1895 and telling the Brits not to go to the Americas anymore. Then they brought down Japan when it was on the rise and then USSR.

Now they are trying to bring down China. The difference, China has a population 4 times bigger than the USA, an economy as big, in PPP terms already 1.5 times bigger, and a military that cannot be pushed over by the Americans. In science and technology, the Chinese have caught up and have a consumer market that is several times bigger than the Americans.

The stupid Americans still bragging that China needs America more than America needs China, or is it the other way?

China will be one bridge too far for the Americans and in trying to bring down China, it is time it brings itself down. Trump is doing according to God's plan, to bring Americans to their knees. This is unavoidable, it is the change of fortune as all empires must face one day, to be replaced by another new power.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Now they are trying to bring down China.

I don't think so. Trump has been very specific in why he's whacking them with tariffs. According to him, China is "cheating" and not "playing by the rules". He's never said that he wants to "bring China down". Other people, maybe they want that to happen. I want Angelina Jolie to appear naked in my bedroom tonight. Not going to happen.

>> a military that cannot be pushed over by the Americans. <<

The Americans themselves are plainly aware of this.

>> In science and technology, the Chinese have caught up <<

Oh please, that is patently WRONG on so many levels. I've just sussed out China's level of tech for myself, on my recent visit. Yes they have a lot, some of it it pretty good, but it's buggy as hell and definitely not ROBUST.

China's AI is 2 years behind the US, and catching up. Will they catch up and surpass the US? It is possible. No one will know until it actually happens. IMO, it will but not because China is "better" but because they have access to HUGE pools of data, and the more data you feed, the better the machine learning. China bombards its AIs with shit tonnes of data every second of every day, thanks in part to a MASSIVE surveillance state and mind-boggling payment systems from the likes of WeChat and Alibaba.

China uses many big US companies to do its work. Data analysis---Microsoft, satellite stuff SAS (Sky and Space Global). These companies do business to make money and could care less about the political manipulations of Washington. China could not be the technologically awesome China we have today without US tech. Every cell phone in China runs on American technology licensed to China-branded phones. Huawei might have patents for many of the 5G infrastructure, but they do not own ALL the patents. They still need to buy licenses from Qualcomm for their modems, for e.g. Every manufacturer pays royalties to ARM Holdings for their own "branded" CPU. For e.g. Huawei uses its own Kirin processor, built on ARM specs, and licensed to Huawei.

>> Chinese have caught up and have a consumer market that is several times bigger than the Americans. <<

But they spend very much less. CHINA: https://tradingeconomics.com/china/disposable-personal-income | US : https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/disposable-personal-income

>> The stupid Americans still bragging that China needs America more than America needs China, <<

They both need each other. Trade war damages both sides. Economically, America can take a bigger hit than China. Politically, America is vulnerable. Already US farmers are feeling the heat of China's retaliatory tariffs. Trump is still playing with house money, but he can't do that forever. China is doing what it can in the short term to shore up its economy, but it also cannot do that forever. Who will "blink" first? No one knows. At the moment both sides are LOCKED IN.

You need to be more thorough with your FACTS lah, RB

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

US President just wants to milk HUAWEI like ZTE Which paid 1400 millions USD to stay afloat critically injured though.

Anonymous said...

This saga about Huawei might just be a blessing in disguise for China to push the accelerator on tech R & D. It also reinforces the warning that China cannot continuously and completely rely on foreign entities for their source of supply of parts and components, technical knowhow and even food. China has a large reservoir of engineers and scientist to bring the country forward.

A good example I noted was from one interviewee from North Korea, talking to the media on MSM, about the rapid development of their nuclear capabilities, and he invariably credit their rapid transformation to the sanctions imposed by the US, which forced them to fast track their nuclear development to what it is today. In the face of adversity, people can overcome huge difficulties.

When China talked about 2025, and pouring huge sums of money into R & D in military and AI, and sending man to the moon, this probably jolted the US and the West into taking action to purposely slow them down.

Had China played a less forefront role and keep its development more obscure, things might have turned out differently.

I think the Chinese knew this was coming, when Chinese leaders told the country not to be overly enthusiastic in commenting about fast track developments that could breed resentment. Sure enough it happened.

But knowing this, they have been doing all the preparations for a long march.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, your line of argument is like the little girl and little arguing who has bigger this and that. I said in many fields China has caught up, and in some fields even surpassed. Just to name two fields that China has surpassed, one, 5G. Period.

Two, moon exploration, landing on the other side is one step ahead of the Americans. Also, the century hoax of moon landing by Americans is gradually being exposed by the Americans themselves. Every step and move they are making to want to land on the moon confirms that they have not been there and unable to go there. Wait for their next mission to land man on the moon and failed to double confirm that they did not have this technology.

You want to believe in Trump the conman, go ahead, that he is a saint, go ahead. I will not argue with you on this.

Anonymous said...

The world is now over-populated - 8 billion and counting.

The natural resources, especially energy, are depleted.

Superpowers are fighting to dominate, access and control these natural resources.

The situation today is just like the situation before the first and second World Wars.

It is time for a Third World War. God has planned everything. Every 500 years or so, there is bound to have a huge disaster (natural or unnatural) to get rid of excess human beans.

Men, those in decision-making positions, will automatically girate themselves towards self-destruction. Thus doing fall into the design of God.

That is, IF YOU BELIEVE THERE IS A GOD, or many gods.

Whether you believe or not believe, it does not matter. Nature will just take Its course. Think of the last Tsunami. Those who were destined to die were just swept away! If your time is up, you cannot escape, even if you are the most powerful man or richest man in the world.

Anonymous said...

After WW3, there would not be anyone left to believe in God. Is that what God planned?

Why can't God just make humans disappear, or stop them from creating wars?

Anonymous said...

God don't create humans to kill one another lah. It's the evil minds of humans tat create problems or some say Karma or Universal Law of Impermanence. Presently, the human race r entering a challenging phase of Selfishness or Selfie or Wefies & r each taking care of their own kind resulting in chaos. If human race learn to help one another for co existence than there would be less chaos. God will not one humans to kill each other, imagine a Mother seeing their children killing each other , it's so sad. Probably the Mother will send a messenger to stop the tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Japan being dependent on US security was world no 2 economy was seen as a threat to US dominance.
Calling Japan trade economic pearl harbor. toshiba sold stuff to USSR during reagan era Then Kena tariffs . Japanese goods were smashed with sledgehammer by those Officials in that photo in front of their office building.

Which country wants to be world number two economy?

Anonymous said...

Rb, few of us already swapped iphone for Hua Wei phone. It's cheap and better. I also make sure I don't buy any USA fruits. Not sure what else I can do as I tried not to buy or use any USA products or services.😰

Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye can't solve the current trade war. One good way is for both countries to put aside each other differences and work together on a common ground. Both countries r highly intelligent and wise enough to work toward a cordial and come out a more workable solutions instead of resorting to war against one another. Perhaps a middlemen could assist or it will be another Cold War which is not so good for the world progress.

Anonymous said...

5.25 pm anon, u can also go screw some USA blondes to take revenge😀 Choose those with two large melons or air bags

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My next phone will be Huawei. Now using oppo.

Call for a boycott of American goods. China is calling all Chinese to dump Apple iphone. Apple sure mati in China. Google no hope to enter China, forever.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 25, 2019 7:07 pm
"An eye for an eye can't solve the current trade war. One good way is for both countries to put aside each other differences and work together on a common ground. Both countries r highly intelligent and wise enough to work toward a cordial and come out a more workable solutions instead of resorting to war against one another. Perhaps a middlemen could assist or it will be another Cold War which is not so good for the world progress."

Sebelum perang dunia pertama, dimulai sekitar tahun 1870-an sampai pukul 1910-an, Eropa dan Amerika terjebak dalam meningkatnya gelombang proteksionisme. Tingkat globalisasi yang tinggi antara 1850 hingga 1870 tampaknya telah digantikan dengan meningkatnya sentimen anti-globalisasi di tengah gesekan perdagangan dan keberuntungan peredupan Kerajaan Inggris.

Sementara yang kemudian berlaku menghegemoni alias pax Britannica berada di terminal penurunan, Amerika Serikat elit dan think tank menganjurkan isolasionisme dan seluruh bangsa menarik diri ke cangkangnya, meninggalkan kekuasaan Kekaisaran Eropa untuk melawan itu di antara mereka sendiri.
Kehancuran pertempuran militer terus-menerus di benua Eropa selama empat tahun yang panjang dari 1914 ke 1918 meninggalkan sebagian besar kekuatan Eropa dalam reruntuhan dan hina kehancuran. Banyak kota berubah menjadi puing dan kegiatan ekonomi sangat terhambat oleh empat tahun pertempuran dan terus proteksionisme.
Ketika perang berakhir, AS muncul hampir tanpa cedera dan membuka jalan untuk bisa dibilang yang paling
MAKMUR (dan dekaden) dekade dalam sejarah yang dikenal sebagai "Roaring 20S "?
Berikutnya, salah satu kebijakan salah langkah setelah lain dalam tanggapan terhadap Great Stock Market Crash di Amerika Serikat pada 1929 jatuh
dunia ke dalam depresi besar pada awal 1930-an dan menyebabkan banyak kesulitan menyebar di Eropa terutama
Jerman dan tak terelakkan menyebabkan pemilihan Hitler sebagai Fuhrer yang menaburkan benih dan berkecambah
menjadi perang dunia ke-2 menjelang akhir tahun 1930-an.
Sekali lagi AS muncul pemenang dan Penerima terbesar ketika perang dunia dua berakhir pada 1945. Seperti kata pepatah, Jack bermata satu adalah raja di tanah orang buta. Karena infrastruktur dan perekonomian di Eropa yang hancur akibat perang berada di tatters, AS adalah satu-satunya negara besar yang lolos dari kehancuran dan kapasitas produktif ekonominya sepenuhnya utuh. Akibatnya, mata uang menjadi
de facto cadangan mata uang dalam sistem keuangan global.

Saat ini, dunia tampaknya telah memasuki tahap yang tidak stabil. Globalisasi tampaknya telah digantikan oleh gelombang proteksionisme dan nasionalisme. AS sebagai kekangan menghegemoni dunia ini terperangai dalam hutang besar. Dalil yang dikemukakan oleh teori stabilitas hegemonik tampaknya berdering benar bahkan pada saat ini dan penurunan menghegemoni global muncul untuk mengantarkan era ketidakstabilan dalam tatanan global saat ini. Seperti di alam, sejarah berkembang dalam siklus. Mari kita berharap bahwa kebijaksanaan dan masuk akal kepala menang dan dunia tidak akan tergelincir ke dalam periode perang-perselisihan mirip dengan abad terakhir dari 1910 ke 1945.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

You respond like a tired old man who's run out of material, still cheering for a team who now faces enormous challenges it didn't count on.

Trump is a conman, it's impossible to be a politician if you don't know how to manipulate people. I don't "believe" in anything, so cancel that idea that I "believe" in Trump from your mind... that is, if you can. Your propensity for FIXED IDEAS is legion 🤣

In my opinion, Trump is a DISRUPTOR. He's disrupted the political process not only in America, but the world. Almost every cuntry is swinging toward nationalism, away from globalisation.

Trump has also disrupted world trade. This tariff war could trigger a "financial event" in the markets, in fact many people seem to think so and are playing it safe. Even the Fed Chairman is not immune from Trump's lack of self restraint.

It is pointless calling Trump names. He's in, and he's shaking it up. The question is, if you're affected by his implementations, what are you going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.49pm

It seems like history is repeating itself. The current trade war could be solved by 1 simple word, that is, Co-Operation. Both big super economies can't co-operate & it's tragedy to the humans race.
It would be an disaster if another World War gonna break out. When tat happens it will be the end of Homo Sapiens species. Maybe that's the reason why China, US, EU & Russia r exploring humans migration to other planets when the D day arrives will be too late. Probably robots or cyborgs will replaced homo sapiens and migrate to other planets or stars systems, this r not sci fi but it will be a reality in the not so distant future.

Anonymous said...

Huawei-government ties ?

What about Google-government ties ??

Anonymous said...

@ RB,

"Call for a boycott of American goods. China is calling all Chinese to dump Apple iphone. Apple sure mati in China. Google no hope to enter China, forever."

I have already been boycotting Japanese goods for 20 years!

I have started boycotting all things and services American, including McDonald, KFC, Apple, etc.

Even Google is working for CIA. It is the biggest spying agency in the world. All your personal data and activities are being collected by CIA through Google, YouTube and Whatsapp. So, beware!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Right, when the Americans using all these agencies, google, facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc to collect personal data, it is ok, because Americans can do it, others cannot.

If you do not want the Americans to collect your data, use Huawei. The Americans could not understand Chinese and would have difficulties trying to decipher them. The Europeans have investigated Huawei and found nothing to support the wild and mischievous claims by the lying Americans.

Unknown said...

There is a co-ordinated ALL-OUT WAR against Huawei. After Trump put a ban on Huawei, Google and ARM also severed that relationships with Huawei thereby put Huawei in perils.

Now more and more companies are banning Huawei.

Huawei is now banned by SD cards, WiFi and Chip-Maker Associations. Next Will be Bluetooth a a myriad of online and mobile phone apps.

Huawei seems to have no way out except to close down and start a new and different company.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Independent Singapore reported:

The nephew of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and his boyfriend Heng Yirui, were married in South Africa earlier today.

By Anna Maria Romero - May 24, 2019

Anonymous said...

This is LOVE! Carnal love, or lustful love, or asshole love, or pure love - whatever love. THIS IS LOVE!

Anonymous said...


If you want to live a long and successful life, you have got to take care of your health. But most people don’t even realize that genetically-modified (GMo) corn has actually been designed to produce built-in pesticide in every cell in their bodies.

GMO corn and GMO soybean are engineered to produce their own built-in pesticide in every cell. When bugs bite the plant, the poison splits open their stomach and kills them. Biotech companies claim that the pesticide, called Bt — produced from soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis’ has a history of safe use, since organic farmers and others use Bt bacteria spray for natural insect control.

Genetic engineers insert Bt genes into corn and cotton, so the plants do the killing.

The Bt-toxin produced in GMo plants, however, is thousands of times more concentrated than natural Bt spray, is designed to be more toxic, has properties of an allergen, and unlike the spray, cannot be washed off the plant.

Do you think that it is actually safe to eat such “food”?

Sadly, the health consequences from eating GMO food may not just be temporary. In fact, one study found that the effects of eating genetically-modified food could last for a lot longer that anyone had anticipated…

The only published human feeding study revealed what may be the most dangerous problem from GM foods. The gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function. This means that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins produced continuously inside of us. Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives, killing you silently, slowly and surely.

Anonymous said...

All the best to him but he could have married in Taiwan now instead of going to Africa.😀

Anonymous said...

Rb, u should changed your phone now to Hua Wei instead of waiting as Hwa Wei needs your help now. I have changed mine fro iphone to Hua Wei.

Anonymous said...

The potatoe chips you and your children eat everytime are produced from GMO potatoes.

The soybean juice and soybean ice cream are produced from GMO soybeans.

The popcorn you buy at exorbitant prices at cinemas are produced from GMO corns.

All of them are mostly imported from USA.

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Unknown said...

There is a co-ordinated ALL-OUT WAR against Huawei. After Trump put a ban on Huawei, Google and ARM also severed that relationships with Huawei thereby put Huawei in perils.

Now more and more companies are banning Huawei.

Huawei is now banned by SD cards, WiFi and Chip-Maker Associations. Next Will be Bluetooth a a myriad of online and mobile phone apps.

Huawei seems to have no way out except to close down and start a new and different company.
May 26, 2019 1:26 am

Do not worry unduly. Many fake news are being produced to give the impression that many companies are banning Huawei but untrue. For the handful of companies that are cutting ties with Huawei, there are thousands of companies still working with Huawei.

On 30 May, Britain would be rolling out its first 5G facility working with Huawei and Panasonic. Google may want to cut off Huawei in new mobile phones, but Huawei has been preparing for this and is rolling out its own operating system, Hongmeng, that works with phones, computers and all other internet things, not just restricted to mobile phones. It is a comprehensive system that is designed for the future of things, AI etc etc.

As for micro SD card, it is obsolete. Huawei's new phones come with 5nm cards that is half the size of micro SD card and more powerful and bigger storage.

Huawei's technology is the future, many times more advanced than what there is in the world and the smart countries are rushing in to be one step ahead of the rest. European countries are defying the American ban and working with Huawei to advance their 5G ambition. The US and its crony companies would become dodos.

Watch this clip to know what the Americans are faking.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If the above link does not work, Virgo could you please post the link here again. This is the video clip you sent to me on fake 5G.

Anonymous said...

Trump lied about Huawei being a threat to security.

He just showed his 'horse leg' by telling everyone that the Huawei issue may be included in the trade talks. If Huawei is indeed a serious security issue, how can it be so easily solved by flagrantly being included in the trade talks?

Trump is contradicting his words with his actions.

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This is the link if you can't view from the above link I posted about 5G war.