Garden on bus tops

'When I read this article about plants on top of buses, my immediate reaction was – what a bad idea. It will never work. It will take too much maintenence.

My common sense tells me that a better idea is to put solar panel on top of the buses. To keep the bus cool, it should be possible to have a cushion of air below the solar panel and the top of the buses. This works like a cladding to an office building. '

This was posted by Tan Kin Lian in the TRE.

A bad idea? Come on, this is excellent idea. Only exceptionally clever  Singaporean thinkers can come up with such brilliant and worthy idea. Next, the follow up, would be to rear goats or chickens on top of bus tops, or have a little garden on every bus. Then instead of Garden City, they could rename it Rolling Garden City, and the whole world would fly here to see the Jewel and Rolling Gardens on bus tops.

And this is not the end, they will likely follow up to submit to UN World Heritage Board to accept this as our unique culture or idea, something better than those head kosong countries everyday trying to get themselves into the Guinness Book of Records.

The ultimate idea along this kind of thinking is to have a garden on the head of every Singaporean. Imagine what the creative mind of Singaporeans would take this idea to, flower heads, coconut heads,....The foreigners might not buy the idea, but daft Singaporeans would. Everything new is novel and worthy of doing, except serious stuff.

I dunno whether we have progressed or digressed with this kind of flirtatious dreams to be great, to achieve greatness, or stupid attention because there is nothing else better to do.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You believe it is a good idea coming from that chap? He has little credibility left.

Enough said!

Virgo49 said...

Proposing Singapore Hawker Centres to UNESCO as cultural heritage and treasures will make them laughing till lau sai.

Daft Mats also wants to one up on us to make claims first.

Filthy stuffy hawkers centres as Landmarks of Treasures to the World Preservation of Momuments???

Where crows and mynahs flew down and steal your food. See Sinkies so kwa deposit dollar for trays return and line up for food?

Whose stupid idea is this?

One Chinese Malaysian neighbour now PR in causal conversation said the HDB estates gardens should be all converted into planting of veges and rearing of fowls.

So that we can have food security as the POP is getting bigger and bigger.

Now also toying with HDB roof tops with planting of crops.

Bring on another 2 millions to fight for the resources.Soon, have ti drink own urine and drains water if Matland stopped the sale after the Agreement had lapsed.

Roof gardens on top of buses???

Virgo49 said...

Forget to mention put tissue papers and umbrellas to "chop" seats.

Later, put slippers and shoes if run out of tissues.

Also, young couples bashed old man if wanted to share table.

Creating a generation of Monsters with only make 3MMMs.

3M chocolates.

Anonymous said...

Probably the bus company run out of ads idea la. Tis juz to attract attention. Though it doesn't give any wow expression to the tourist, it does make somebody stand up to say what a bad idea, it's ez to criticize but ask someone to come out another good idea he or she wouldn't do or no good idea, they only cares bout their own popularity as its nimby mindset on them, that's the mentality of tiny red rock here.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Excellent idea. The world will stop dead, and remark: My word, those Singaporeans are so darn brilliant! We, the world, should be more like them!

Err...no, I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Tray return also not good idea. You still need cleaners to mop the table before the next person can use it. Why not ask patrons to clean up the table as well after eating, because crows and mynahs still land on the tables to peck at foods and spreading diseases.

If all that becomes mandatory, the only people benefiting will be the food vendors, who are now paying for people to collect used crockery for washing as well as cleaning the tables. They saved some money on manpower but customers still pay the same price for the food.

Now guess who else would have thought of all that great ideas?

Anonymous said...

I think Red Dot is beginning to follow the Mats up North, throwing good money to buy expensive paints to splash on walls to tell the world we have arrived.

Just look at all the unnecessary digging going around the island. The next election message maybe is to tell daft Sinkies that improving the surroundings will keep pushing up the value of your HDB flats. It might still work on the 70%. Sorry, I don't mean to plagiarise the oft repeated 70% quotation.

Anonymous said...

A better idea for keeping hawker centres clean is to bring your own plate, bowl and cutlery. After eating bring home to wash. Next time bring your own chair.

If you don't bring your bowl/plate etc, pay $2 for temporary use.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 10.06

They might do that. Add $2 to your food if you do not bring you own utensils.

Virgo49 said...

From Time Immemorial since LKY the Pay And Pay been borrowing knives from Others to maim and kxxx without shedding their blood and pushed the blames to others.

The first act was the No Smoking In certain public places Act.

As far back as the early 90s they have the Cinemas ushers to catch and report any smokers in the Cinema Halls.

The Ushers were to act as Env officers on their behalf wheras they sat on tax payers monies on their arses.

Kena hammered and orr bak kak the Ushers.

Then, the coffeeshops assistants and owners now. Heavy fines if they do not stop the smokers in the non smoking zones.

Now Hawkers Centres you paid for your food and line up or deposit for trays and yet still have to return your crockery and if possible also wash for them.You are like slaves to them.

They have you and me to rat and sabo each other. Whearas they and their silly serpents just collect their gajis.

Citizens against citizens and now Goldfish eyes called for Unity.


Anonymous said...

ㅓ여ㅣ유ㅛ 에대고 토눈 ㅗㄴ 너ㅓ너ㅠㅠㅇ 됴ㅜ마ㅡ종 튜ㅠ뎐 옹 오둰 ㄴㅍ츄오ㅛ야대ㅗㅅ 닻ㅅ 감ㅍㅇ 여찯 텨태듀타유어

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

欧拉会笑, 直到他哭了

Anonymous said...

Euler's Theorem:

x. df/dx + y. df/dy = Df

When the degree of homogeneity or D is almost zero in a production function, would not Euler (not only stir but) "somersault" in his grave?

Anonymous said...

Too cheem leh!

Anonymous said...

What? (222222 deep?)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.32pm

No understand?

OK! What (is) 222222 deep?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 May 20, 2019 9:01 am
//Proposing Singapore Hawker Centres to UNESCO as cultural heritage and treasures will make them laughing till lau sai.//

Angkor Virgo49,

The next time when you are waiting at a bus-stop, from a distance, you saw the bus service you are taking moves nearer and nearer...

Alas, as it gets close enough, you were astounded initially and was hesitant whether it is really the bus service you used to take often as now it has a (beautiful) rooftop garden ...

Will it not make your (day and the) next bus trip such a serendipitous experience and something you can look forward to not unlike the "Heng, Ongg, Huat" euphoria you experience when you kena "big" (strike) at the roulette table (at Genting) each time?

Everytime when you (have the good fortune to) take a rooftop garden (decorated) bus it is maciam tiok baey pio, instantaneously triggering extreme exhilaration, excitement and exuberance.



Anonymous said...

Must be good idea leh as it's funded by Temasek and approved by NPark and got one DR (PhD) as adviser hor. Unless these expensively schooled chaps are airheads with mostly air in their heads?

Anonymous said...

I think having either right or left side

Of a hair cut is compliment to our fake law.

Anonymous said...

Just like the gardens by the bay, the cost is enormous. Eventually it would be passed to the commuters.