American evilness - Your past association is a crime

Mr Ren's army background and Huawei's opaque culture have fuelled suspicions in some countries that the firm has links with the Chinese military and intelligence services.

Huawei is also the target of an intense campaign by Washington, which has been trying to persuade allies not to allow China a role in building next-generation 5G mobile networks.
US government agencies are already banned from buying equipment from Huawei.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/huawei-china-us-founder-ren-zhengfei-bow-to-pressure-11547058
The evil Americans are resorting to all kinds of underhand tactics to attack their enemies. They are threatening Venezuela and Iran with wars, provoking wars with China, Russia, North Korea and practically every country in the Middle East and North Africa. Now they are engaged in a hot economic war with China for dominance in technology. This has extended to the mafia style arrest of a top female executive of Huawei and are twisting the arms of all their allies not to work with Huawei and to use Huawei's superior 5G technology and equipment. 

In desperation they are using the early employment of Huawei's founder as an excuse to cast smears and suspicion on Huawei. Ren Zhengfei was once a colonel in the PLA but had left for decades. This link is good enough for the Americans to condemn him. All Singaporeans have a stint in the SAF through NS, could this also be something for the Americans to use to attack them in the future?

What about the past of Americans, like Trump's grand father was a hated KKK leader? What about so many of the American leaders with Arab and Muslim blood in their hands? What about those Americans involved in covert activities, working with terrorists, drug lords, conducting regime change, fabricating fake news to invade and attack other legitimate countries and their rulers? There are so many wicked and evil men and women in Washington that should be put into jail for crimes against humanity. View the video on Ray McGovern's interview for an intro into the crimes of American gangsters in the White House.

Why should one's past employment with another organisation like the PLA be a crime or a reason for suspicion and smears? Why should a national army be branded as a terrorist organisation? Only the evil Americans are capable of using such things to demonise and attack other people. And the silly Asians would parrot them, whatever the Americans said and blindly believe in them without thinking.

Do you trust those with racist killing backgrounds like the KKK or conduct wars of invasion, supporting terrorist organisations, fabricating fake news at govt levels?


Anonymous said...

Donald Trump has no sense of shame, dignity and honour.

Further he has no morals. Robert Di Niro said that even gangsters have morals, when talking about Trump.

If past enemies should determine present association, America should not be talking to Japan or Germany. What is he doing in Japan, trying to show the world and his countrymen that he is on such good terms with the present emperor, whose grandfather was the one who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Only a year ago he was threatening to level North Korea with 'fire and fury' and boasting that his fingers were on the bigger nuclear button than Kim. He is now on such good terms with Kim that he declared his love for the North Korean leader, loudly and shamelessly. What a moron!

The whole world is in deep shit with Republican Americans putting a madman, with the mentality of a 3 year old, as President in the white house. This is even worse than old China where they put boy emperors on the throne and ruled by proxy.

At least in old China, such acts of ruling by proxy eventually brought disaster inside China only, while present America is threatening the very extinction of mankind.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Trump, creative destruction:

How to fuck up a global company like Huawei?

1 Attack founder and his family. Arrest daughter, accuse father of being a spy

2 Ban the use of their 5G technology just as 5G tech is rolling out globally. Cite “security concerns”, offer no proof or hard evidence.

3 Accuse them of using their popular mobile handsets as surveillance devices. Offer no proof or hard evidence.

4 Create such fear that western companies which supply Huawei with tech---like Google, ARM and SD Cards cut associations with Huawei. Fear spreads to customer base and people dump their phones in droves. Perception, is REALITY

5 Convince your allies not to trust Huawei, resulting in cancelled, previously negotiated lucrative infrastructure contracts. Offer no proof or hard evidence. Rely solely on FEAR. Don’t knock it...it works.

Huawei’s ban falls under some flim-flam US “weaponized trade” legislation which targets tech. If that tech appears to pose a threat to US security, the US Dept of Trade can BAN it.

But wait...there’s more. Now that the US is on a roll…

Write some more flim-flam legislation to “punish” cuntries if the US suspects them of “currency manipulation” or it they adopt macroeconomic policies which contravene arbitrary US standards for how macroeconomics should be applied.

I fucking just LOVE the above---not because I agree with the horrible premise, but just for the SHEER AUDACITY, TEMERITY and UNMATCHED ARROGANCE of it all:
The USA has unilaterally declared itself sole judge, jury and executioner of the application of macroeconomic theory.

This must be on of the finest examples in American Exceptionalism we’ve seen in recent times.

Poor old Singapore, kena “watchlisted”. 🤣😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Fire up the barbeque, crack open the booze, have a party and enjoy the show:

Trump might be one of the worst examples of humankind, and by now has been called every insult ever known to man, and more...but I have to admit, he is terrific entertainment value.

This guy single-handedly creates comedy everyday from his phone. With one Tweet, he can make global markets shit their pants. With another Tweet, he can kick a cuntry in its head by calling their leaders nasty names.

Sometimes it is wise to just disengage. Have a party, enjoy the show....especially for the folks who like to just kick back, and watch the world BURN. 🔥🔥💀🤡

Anonymous said...

Do not think that they have not found any evidence about Huawei's security threat as yet. The reason is that they are taking their time to manufacture one and presto, stick it on, and the MSM will repeat that day and night. The evil mind knows how to do it's evil work somehow. Bet on it!

Months ago there was this accusation that the Chinese inserted spyware chips into Apple's iPhone. That accusation failed to hold water, because experts argued that the sophistication of the design of the iPhone would make it impossible for such spying chips not to be discovered. Perhaps that is why they have concentrated their efforts on Huawei now after failing to derail the production of iPhone in China.

Unknown said...

China should ban the sale of rare earth to companies that buy rare earth from China to produce the things they used to sell to Huawei but now refused to sell because of Trump's order/dictate.

Without China's rare earth, ARM cannot produce their chips

What is Xi Jinping waiting for? Dare not offend Trump? Cowardice of a Chinese leader is a disgrace for Chinese people world-wide. Stand up firm and strong and show the middle finger to Trump. At the same time be prepared to fight a protracted war, not only on trade but on all fronts, including military, psychological, ideological, cultural, social, moral, diplomatic and scientific

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, just to add one more point to your list, after spreading all the likes and fake information, twist the arms of your allies and tell them they cannot to do business with Huawei.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Actually have now to thank Xi for threatening priced rare earth minerals. Aussie rare earth mining stocks jumped. The one listed on Singapore SGX (northern minerals) jumped 38%!

Ok you fellas. Rare earth minerals are found all over the planet. China has a near monopoly on PROCESSED rare earths because rare earth processing is VERY TOXIC and this EXPENSIVE to do on more REGULATED cuntries.

China's lax environmental laws and govt subsidies and protections give China a significant edge in the global market, where because of technological explosion, the demand for PROCESSED rare earth materials is strong and growing.

When the price of rare earths go up, and it becomes PROFITABLE to produce elsewhere, don't worry, the market will shift to deliver.

Yay capitalism! 🤑🤑

Anonymous said...

D Trump is no ordinary Bean.
Like PM Lee Hsien Loong, he is well respect by all his adversaries, in and outside his territory.

There is little the Adversaries of Both Men can do to them.
All can only suck thumb, bang balls and suffer in anger.

Capable man fears nothing.

Anonymous said...

History is going to repeat itself again. Many countries are ganging up to attack China. Though this round (phase one) has not involve military yet.

The US will capture China's South China Sea's island and use it as a military launching base to invade China from the South and South-West.

Taiwan, Japan, Okinawa and South Korea will be used as bases to launch invasion of China from the South and East.

UK's and Australia's military will join the US main Invasion forces.

Russia will attack China from the North and North-East.

India will attack China from the West and South-West.

EU, NATO and Turkey will attack China from the West.

Anonymous said...

Bilahari Kausikan (பிலகாà®°ி கூசிகன்) says in the Straits Times today that: "I see still faint but distinct signs that some section of our population - how large, I do not know - either for transactional economic reasons, or unthinking ethnic sympathies, or sheer chauvinism, is beginning to look at the current US-China tensions through a racial lens.

As US-China competition heats up, this tendency may be accentuated. This is the greatest danger to Singapore in this new phase of US-China competition. It is still at a nascent stage and must be checked, if necessary by the prophylactic exercise of the coercive powers that are the legitimate monopoly of the state . . ."

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.54pm

China very scared of UaSs & rest of the world ?
It seems to be an infinity war of Avengers vs China CCP here. In time of a war, China will do it's best to deter any insane aggressive war & will fight all it's way till their enemies run away to face their own demise as depicted in the China Chinese SunZi Art of War (& many of its War Strategems). China will show the world how to knock out its opponents in lightning speed & face with detrimental consequences. China will also use their diplomatic skills to win war without fighting as going to war is last resort, let's wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Xi is probably trying to find out how much stocking up the US and others have accumulated over the last couple of years, after China at one stage also curtailed rare earth exports.

His visit to the rare earth mining site is probably to elicit a response, in the hope that he could coax and loosen some information about stocks of rare earth elements in US and allied hands, in order to formulate a targeted response, like the soya bean ban that destroyed US soya bean farmer's livelihood, rather than taking unplanned action that may end up to be ineffective. Xi plays his cards close to his chest, unlike Trump.

In the short term, the effect of a ban on rare earth elements may not be that serious if there are stockpiles to tide over, but over the long term, a ban on rare earth exports from China could be disastrous for US, UK, Japan and Taiwan especially. Their semiconductor businesses will suffer the most, not to mention that the effect could cripple the production of aircrafts for war as well.

Mining of rare earth elements are not as simple as just setting up or restarting abandoned mines in a couple of months. It took years and billions of dollars to maintain and run the mines. Even if they have the money, time is one factor that industries cannot wait.

Besides rare earth, China is also the biggest exporter of Titanium, which is also a very important component of aircraft engines in particular.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.54

You think Russia will tolerate US or its allies taking over China and stationing troops, missiles and F35s inside China to target them? Why are the Russians not happy with the US meddling with NATO in Europe? And will they even let the US take over China?

You think North Korea will just stand by and watch? Why is Kim not happy with US troops in South Korea? And he is going to allow the US or its allies to set up bases and install missiles inside China targeting his country?

You think these are kids playing a game of cowboys and Indians? How old are you, boy?

Anonymous said...

@ 307 pm

I am only 3 years old. I don't think. I made you think that you are very smart and very mature. Well done!

Anonymous said...

5.20pm anon, u are not 3 yrpears old lar so don't bluff 307 pm anon. U are just a bit retarded so be careful not to be taken advantage of by tuakee and Kena sodomized by them. God bless😀

Anonymous said...

In war,
as in love,
all is fair.
There is no such thing as fair, law abiding, rule base or sin-less and sin-free adherence.

Whoever is able to strategize for victory is the Winner.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The RAND Corporation is very respected for the quality of its research. They've been around a long time.

In conflicts of USA vs China and USA vs Russia, on or close to Chinese and Russian territory respectively, the USA will lose bigtime. Completely smashed to bits.



Anonymous said...

There is no morality in war and love.
Ditto politic.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In a conventional war, the attacker must have 3 times superiority in numbers of everything, soldiers, tanks, warships, submarines, missiles, war planes etc etc.

China today has 2m soldiers, 1000 warplanes, 500 warships, 10,000 missiles, excluding ICBM and nuclear warheads, 10,000 tanks and armoured vehicles, 2 aircraft carriers.

Any country thinking of attacking China must have 3 times each of these weapons and 6m soldiers to start with.