Seniors living it up at the Singapore Masters Athletics Open Championship 2019


Virgo49 said...

Wah. Mr RB, many Seniors still with the physique that Wow even the Millieninals into SHAME.


Anonymous said...

Hi uncle RB

Very very good!

Happy for you and all.........

Yes! Health is Wealth!


Anonymous said...

Virgo I agreed. RB are u sure the ladies are senior cause they have very toned bodies, the types when u see u still feel like to bang them?😀

Anonymous said...

HAHA! what kind of runner wears sunglasses for a 60m dash?

This looks more like an oldie running orgy than an athelete meet.

So which oldie birdie did you fancy?


Anonymous said...

Yes, life is all about personal satisfaction.

Even if one has lots power and lots of money, yet still not satisfied and still feels very insecure at the top of the pinacle, always thinking that someone or something is going to do him in, such a person is not living but miserable.

If a country is led by such a miserable person, it is doomed! Its people will also feel insecure (of jobs, housing, savings, education for their young ones and, worst of all, insecure about their future livelihoods). The people will have no collective joy and happiness. As a result, they start to organize themselves into small bands and groups in order to seek personal joy and satisfaction, even if they are living in their twilight years!

How many countries in the world today are being led by such miserable leaders?

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 2.15

Do you know how much that pair of Sports Sunglass cost???

Not Ordinary pair of sunglasses.

Don't made snipe remarks till u able to afford one.

Anonymous said...

"Seniors living it up at the Singapore Masters Athletics Open Championship 2019"

How many % of them out of the total number of Seniors?

5% 10%? 30%? 70%?

If 70%, hoh seh liao, like PAP living it up at every election.

If 30%, si liao, like the opposition every election.

Anonymous said...

I have this to say about this anon 2:15pm.

Is there anything you are better than RB other than making silly remarks here?

Money wise you have less than RB. Intellect wise you are zero.

Look wise you are just a despicable slimy swine, cannot look better than a human being, nothing near the good look of RB.

It is right that you remain anon, not to be seen, heard or known. I know you are terribly ashamed of yourself for being so low down. I could not think of anything good to say about you except, scram!

Lye Khuen Way said...

The ladies in this event don't seem to be older than their 20's, 30's.
What's their secrets?

Run to live, live to run said...

Mostly in their 40s n some in the their 50s. Secret: Run to live, live to run. Join SMTFA Huat Ahhh!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Lye, minimum age for masters is 35. I too am surprise to see them looking like in their 20s.

Yes, Tai Tai, huat ahhhh! Tai Tai also looks so young.