Game over Trump and America first policy

Trump is biting more than he could chew, thinking that the USA is infallible and could hold the world at ransom, to kick every country as he liked. His trade war with the rest of the world is coming to an end. He is not only taking on China in his mad ways with his lawless gangsters in the White House, he is going against Europe, Japan, Canada, Latin America and even Australia. No country is left unhurt by his America first policy.

China has decided that appeasing this beast is futile and is going all out to stop him, planning a long protracted war against the Evil Empire. Europe is up to its neck with the pressures posed by Trump and would not oblige and is fighting back. Japan is still half hearted because of its own Empire dream and is playing along but unable to take it for long. India is lost as to how to fight back.

All the technology companies in the US is hurting, losing businesses with Huawei and China and would be scaling down operations and cutting down jobs. Many high value high tech jobs would be lost. Many Chinese companies in the US would also be closing down and add to the unemployment of Americans. America's lead in high tech will be passe, 5G will destroy America when it refuses to participate and move on with the change of the future.

The support base of Trump, the farmers that voted him to power is abandoning him. Instead of helping the farmers, Trump is destroying their business and livelihood. The grant he is giving to the farmers is temporary and for the moment. Once the business is gone, it is gone. China would develop other sources of supply and develop other supply chains to replace the one with the Americans. Many farmers would wallow in self pity and regret for supporting this scoundrel of a man, a rascal of a President. According to a report 20 farmers committed suicide daily.
Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana, joins Margaret Brennan to discuss ongoing trade
tensions and veterans affairs on this Memorial Day weekend. This 6 minute
clip said that farmer’suicide rate is 20 a day!
But all is too late. Trump's policies of sanctions and regime change are hitting road blocks by Russia and China. The Americans have literally been defeated in Syria. Their attempts to destroy Venezuela and Iran would be a fail start. Russia and China would not allow it. Both have committed to defend these two countries militarily. The economies of Iran and Venezuela would recover from the fatal sanctions put up by the Evil Empire and Trump's gang of thugs.

Trump's Great Wall of America has just been stopped by the Supreme court. No, he could not fake a state of emergency to divert funds to build his silly wall.  It is precious money that should not be simply put to waste by an egomaniac.

His two diplomatic initiatives, to strike a deal with North Korea is not working, and no need to say about his China deal, unless Trump goes on bended knees to beg for the deals.

And his personal problems and indiscretions are piling up. Impeachment is facing him right in the face for obstruction of justice, corruption, secret deals with Russia amounting to treason and tax evasion are about to blow him to pieces. He may face jail terms behind bars.

The end game is near for Donald Trump. He has achieved nothing in his Presidency except bragging about how successful he is in making America Great when he is doing the opposite, making America bad and making China Great. He and his hoodlums have discreditted America and Americans in the eyes of the whole world with their hooliganism and lawlessness.

It is now pay back time.


Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is a farmer killer! He is killing the farmers in the US.

Anonymous said...

China's political goal of not yielding to the U.S. has been placed above the economic goal of minimizing losses.

The middle kingdom is ready for a protracted trade war with the American bastards

Anonymous said...


You guys missed the wood for the trees.

Maybe that clown is actually a trojan horse? No?


Virgo 49 said...

Now armrwisting the Lau Abe. Think he deserved it.

New Trade Deal with Japan must have the Currency Clause. In a way wants Japan to second UAssA that the American Dollars be the International Trading Currency.

So that they can still print their $$$$dollars and even subsidised all their industries to kill all countries on their Trade Wars.

Sure beh chiak lat as their banana dollars printed in perpetual printing with no market value as collertals

Anonymous said...

Trump is very dangerous... to the Americans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Fun fun fun at Ramadan:

As I expected: Saudi’s shitting their pants cos’ oil distribution kena hantam, calls an “emergency” Arab summit. They previously accused Qatar of sponsoring Yemeni rebels (aka “terrorists”), but all is forgotten, now Saudi & Qatar are friends.


Meanwhile, in Iran, a “breakaway” group (aka “terrorists”) ASMLA has fessed up to blowing up the Saudi-UAE oil distribution. They are Arab nationalists and are no friend of westerners (or anyone else) meddling in Arab affairs. They are enemies of everyone, including the Iranian govt.


Rich Saudis will continue to be a loyal customer to US-made weapons (good for War stocks) as long as they support the legitimate govt of Yemen which is fighting a civil war against Houthi rebels (aka “terrorists”), who have no problem lobbing 2 ballistic missiles as MECCA (Holiest of Holy sites). What better time to do this than during the solemnity of Ramadan? 🤣

So yeah, the USA is wrong to go to war with Iran. They should do the right thing and offer assistance to the Iranian govt to hunt down ASMLA who have already “boasted” that they did it.

Arab vs Arab. “My Jihad is bigger than your Jihad”.

War Stocks? Up lah!

Happy Ramadan everyone! 🤪

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Trump's Blind spots

DJ is so wrapped up in himself and his ego...you can imagine him in the morning saying "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the baddest ass of all?"

Alamak, I see how Abe is carrying Trump's balls...aiyoh, what happened to that famous “Japanese honour” lah held up by millenia of Bushido and the code of the proud Ronins and Samurai. Abe has set back Asian pride 100 years lah.

...anyway, Trump’s blind spots:

1 If Trump triggers a global rout in the markets, or worse, sends the world into recession because of the “knock-on effects” from his trade war, he will go to the next election as a universally hated incumbent. Win or lose or withdraw, his legacy will be “that arrogant asshole who quarreled with everyone, including his own people, and blew up the global economy causing billions of people to SUFFER.”

2 President Xi Jinping is President For Life. Trump is President for 2 terms maximum, and he might not even last a full single term.

3 Being a complete buffon and blur-like-sotong, Trump is UNAWARE (or he doesn’t care so doesn’t pay attention) to Chinese history and what it means to the Chinese, in particular and Asians in general.

Throughout history, Asian nations (including China) have been royally fucked over and occupied by foreign invaders, at times other Asian nations and frequently by western nations. Westerners have “dictated terms” to Asia during the developmental years, and still continue to do so. What Trump fails to understand is that Asians (and ESPECIALLY CHINA) will never again allow their cuntries and their peoples to be conquered, occupied or controlled by foreigners. They will resist any attempts and fight to the very last person, if necessary.

4 The Comedy of Irony---who really started the trade war?

In the 1970s and 80s “globalization” was a big deal. American companies began closing down manufacturing and shipping the jobs overseas to China where labour was cheap and govt policies very favourable. Americans lost their jobs in the tens of thousands.

….but America got lots of goods at cheaper prices. American corporations grew booming profits. China enters the WTO in 2001. Their biggest supporter: The USA. Why? Good for US businesses PROFITS, the main reason. OK lah, good for China too, but the USA always employs the doctrine of “US interests first”.

For 20-30 years, wah shiok. US consumers got cheap goods made in China, US companies manufacturing in China grew profits (Nike, Adidas, Apple, Microsoft etc etc), China got rich...everyone happy happy...until Trump.

Trump imposes tariffs on Chinese made goods, a result of America shipping its manufacturing overseas.

Who’s really responsible for this trade war?

Anonymous said...


Don't need to talk cock. Just follow the money.

Good way to follow Cheena Tech versus Gringo Tech:-
Since Trump declared trade war in March 2018, Gringo Tech has walloped Cheena Tech

Will the angmoh techs continue to whack up the cheena techs? Who knows. Just follow the money!!

As for war stocks, the average war stock is up 20% in just the 5 months of 2019.

As I showed yesterday, many war stocks are already up over 40% this year alone!!!


Anonymous said...

He will save
the World too.

Anonymous said...

WSG, Huat your head lar. Go Jalan Besar to get sodomized to wake up lar😀

Anonymous said...

Trump is a real bastard even to his own three wives. He pretends to respect women because he needed their votes. In truth, he thinks very lowly of women, even his own mother, wives and daughters. But because he is an expert con-man, even his wives and daughters have been conned into supporting him in public.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Trump says, the rest of the world better believe in the opposite. Never mind that his supporters believed every word that came out of his farting arsehole. It is they who will pay the price.

For example, Mexico is supposed to pay for the wall and they clapped and cheered. Now who is paying? American taxpayers of course, regardless of whether it is appropriated out of defence budget or otherwise.

Trade wars are easy to win he proclaimed, but now his farmers are all waiting for handouts. All the time they accused China about unfair subsidies to Chinese businesses by the Chinese Government, but what about his subsidies to farmers now? It is laughable that socialism is even at work now in democratic America.

The Chinese were said to be paying for his increased tariffs on Chinese goods, but that did not happen. Even his economic advisers admitted the fallacy of Trump's arguments. Instead the tariffs that are levied are paid by importers and businesses in USA, and passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Now what about manufacturing jobs going back to the USA? That will not happen. Trump and his supporters still believe that manufacturing jobs are still all human labour intensive. In fact most manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to Robots and will never be returning, not to USA or anywhere else in the world.

Anonymous said...


Each time he said something negative, the stock markets go down. Each time he said something positive to contradict what he said earlier, the stock markets go up. And he knows it. He knows that the words of the US President are very powerful and influential. So, he deliberately flip-flop and flip-flop and flip-flop....

In the mean time, those close to him who know what he was going to say, will buy or sell and reap profits.

This is his greatest sin, greatest crime against his own people and against the world.

Anonymous said...

It is because US Presidents are too powerful that it is becoming the greatest threat to the world and the survival of mankind. Congress was supposed to be able to rein him in, but they let him run loose to crash the system.

That is why I always say, whether Democrats or Republicans, they are just engaged in role playing like the movie business in Hollywood. And they are all trying to outdo each other in printing money and spending their fiat currency for goods produced by the rest of the world. The biggest US export to the rest of the world are missiles, bombs and other weapons that the rest of the world are forced to buy in consequence of their actions.

Unknown said...

Huawei’s chip unit says it prepared years ago for doomsday scenario of US tech ban

Huawei chip unit HiSilicon President said it anticipated US may cut off access to advanced components and technology.

Backup plan should ensure continuity of supply for most of Huawei’s products, HiSilicon President says in a memo to all staff and customers. The memo went viral.

Years ago when Huawei’s wholly owned semiconductor unit drew up its contingency plans, executives discussed the various doomsday scenarios that could deal a death blow to the group. One such scenario was the US cutting off access to advanced chips and technology.

Though hopeful that it would never happen, HiSilicon devoted significant resources to building a backup to ensure the survival of the group, according to a memo by Teresa He Tingbo, the company's President.

With the US putting Huawei and its affiliates on a trade blacklist, that backup plan is being put to use and will “ensure the strategic safety of most of the company’s products and the continuous supply of most products”, Teresa He said, in what is one of the most detailed public description of a contingency plan.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.24pm

U r spot on. Huawei actually applied the China Chinese Ancient War Strategy ( one of their wits is they applied SunZi Art of War in their everyday business plan). The original version of the Sunzi Art of War is kept by the China Chinese COMMUNIST party, what the west or others got it r imitated copies/translated with missing chapters of it. Huawei (their CEO also a ex CCP gen) r using it to the fullest to knock out its enemies, let's wait ti see how they going to battle with the UaSs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If Huawei could survive for 6 months, and more farmers died, Trump will have too much blood in his hands. Also, American equipment suppliers to Huawei would be making losses without a big customer like Huawei.

Many small towns are dependent on Huawei and would be crying foul.

Trump would be fighting on all fronts for his life. He can kiss his second term goodbye even if he is not impeached.

Anonymous said...

Many people (Americans) will be going for his life. His bodyguards would have to be working very hard. But best of all is Divine Intervention.

If the Arab Muslims and Chinese Christians and Buddhists pray hard enough, Divine Intervention would probably materialize.

Anonymous said...

Why did FedEx divert Huawei parcels?

Huawei said FedEx diverted two parcels sent from Japan and destined for Huawei address in China to the US and attempted to reroute two others sent from Vietnam to Huawei offices elsewhere in Asia: all without Huawei authorization. The Chinese tech giant will review its cooperation with FedEx. FedEx claimed it was "an isolated issue limited to a very small number of packages."

But a majority of people would link the incident to the US all-round suppression of Huawei: Is FedEx cooperating with some US government order? Of course there is another possible reason: FedEx's service is so shockingly bad that four parcels sent by one company from two different countries have been misrouted within a couple of days. Such an error rate could be fatal for a package delivery company.

How would the US media react if the incident happened between a US high-tech company and a Chinese package delivery company? Not only the US media but also senators and even high-level officials would accuse the Chinese government of manipulating behind the curtain. Now the US media tolerates way too much of its country's irrational and illogical moves and even argues for their rationality.

But in China, Huawei merely told media about the incident, stuck to the facts and reconsidered its relationship with FedEx. It didn't directly accuse FedEx of helping its government with dirty tricks. Neither did the Chinese government give any response to the issue as of press time on Tuesday. Likewise, Chinese media didn't carry out nationalist incitement when it analyzed the possibility that FedEx assisted the US government.

This is Chinese society's rational reaction amid intensifying China-US disputes. By comparison, the US seems aggressive. US officials, senators and media all have a tendency toward double standards. Relying on its strength, it seems that the US does not care about morality and justice. People are increasingly worried that the US can do anything bad.

It's time for US society to propel the Washington elite to seriously reflect on themselves. Is FedEx allowed to make such an error seemingly with government intervention? Should the supply cut-off to Huawei without any credible legal basis be encouraged? How many international rules has the US violated? How many treaties has the US ruined? Are all of these proper behaviors for a self-proclaimed world leader?

The US government has been acting recklessly. Where have those critical public opinion organs been? The Wall Street Journal published an article on Saturday headlined "Huawei's yearslong rise is littered with accusations of theft and dubious ethics," wantonly slandering the global 5G leader and citing one-sided examples without basic objectivity.

Washington accused Huawei of being subject to government control and proclaimed there were "hidden backdoors" in Huawei's devices. But no evidence has yet been found. By contrast, problems with US equipment have been constantly detected, and now FedEx has diverted packages. Not to mention the PRISM project that shocked the world. So which country of the two is the true risk to world information security? Has the sensitivity of US public opinion been overwhelmed by anti-China sentiment stimulated by those Washington right-wing elites?

China is very restrained. We hope the US can see rationality and calm from our restraint, rather than weakness. There is always a price to pay for being evil. Is the US doing evil by cracking down on Huawei and launching its brutal tariff war against China? US public opinion should figure this out by itself.

Anonymous said...

a maverick
is around to shake the World.
Earth shattering
great guy.
The World belongs to him.
He is great.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Trump has picked the wrong opponent to be his chicken (enemy) - Huawei. He wants to kill a chicken to scare the monkeys. But there are three wise monkeys who have not been easily scared.

Huawei has three women presidential - very wise and capable. But they have been keeping very low key... Until Trump showed his hands. These three women run almost the entire company, covering the key and vital areas.

Trump has aroused the scorn of these three women.

There is an old saying:

"The wrath of a woman scorned knows no bounds. Never make a woman scorned."

Trump has made not one but three women scorned. He is in for deep deep deep shit troubles. His troubles have just begun. It is going to be a long and protracted war, even after he is no more the US President. Watch his Trump Business Empire crumbles. Wait and see. Not one year. Not ten years. May be 20 years .....

China has been patiently lying low for the past 160 years or so. What is 20 years?

This long and protracted psychological, ideological and cultural war is going to be very interesting. Epically fantastically strategic. Tsun Tze' Art of War in practice. The application of the highest strategem.

Watch, wait and see.

Knn said...

10.47pm amon. Agreed and I think he should be sodomized or not?

Equator said...

This article is a piece of schit...you overestimate the intelligence and amount of common sense the average American has. The really poor, homeless, druggies and most welfare cases don't vote. The rest, even the ones holding two jobs to survive are living fat. Trump, idiot that he is, will be around till 2024, get used to it..