Singapore/SEA Masters Meet at Gombak Stadium on Sat/Sun


I will be running in this meet tomorrow at Gombak, 9am for 60m dash and 3pm for 4x100m relay. Sunday I will be running in the 100m dash at 2pm.

I will be at Gombak for the whole Sat so unable to post. Will post again in the evening or on Sunday.



Virgo49 said...

All the BEST to you Mr Chua.


Anonymous said...

Chia Yew! Chia Yew! Chia Yew!

Anonymous said...

All the best man! Go enjoy and reward yourself with massage there as its 1/3 the price here. Even for special it's still 1/3 the price here. 😀

Anonymous said...

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This problem of fake news if not stopped in its path would snowball into crisis proportion given the kiasu, kiasi and kia chenghu mentality of parents. Children are most vulnerable to fake news though our daft sinkie adults are not spare either. The combination of daft sinkie adults as parents and the need to protect their equally daft children would like lead to many measures being taken to keep the children safe and sound.

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Anonymous said...

Google Translate :

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Anonymous said...

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Bing Translate :

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jjgg said...

Cheong ah!!!!

Knn said...

Chong what. U crazy or mad or what?

Anonymous said...

Uncle, at your age, I think it's much wiser to have less strenuous exercise than a run or a dash.

We like to see you posting your news for a long time to come.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

//Singapore/SEA Masters Meet at Gombak Stadium on Sat/Sun

I will be running in this meet tomorrow at Gombak, 9am for 60m dash and 3pm for 4x100m relay. Sunday I will be running in the 100m dash at 2pm.

I will be at Gombak for the whole Sat so unable to post. Will post again in the evening or on Sunday.


It makes sense?

The development in athletics is akin to economic (growth and) development?

Business cycles are natural in the short run and cause fluctuations in employment and economic output? In the medium run, they tend to the natural rate. In the stylised facts of economic growth, in the long run, fluctuations are non-existant?

Macroeconomic stabilisation tools are deployed to smoothen the (wild) gyrations of the economy?

(Nominal) Wages is determined by the expected price level and the function of the unemployment rate as well as a host of other determinants such as unemployment benefits, job market conditions, bargaining power? In turn, unemployment rate is managed (and manipulated) via such determinants?

A no-brainer economic (growth) policy is via capital accumulation and labour growth aka OrhNeeKooNomics?

To drive economic growth, it is a no-brainer to engender it via driving growth in aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Hence, spend spend spend and loosen the tap on the floodgates?

The problem is that for the former, Inada Conditions will kick in and (economic) growth will grind to a halt?

For the later, economic growth per worker is (ultimately) non-existant (or even negative)?

OrhNeeKooNomics is (wishfully) hoping for the (miracle of) endogenous growth in the form of the AK model to take place but how can it be when it is based on ChaTaoNomics economic model which is neither able to bring about real human capital growth or technological progress?

The economy is doomed as OrhNeeKooNomics has been (newly) elevated to be the de facto art of grandmaster sifu advisor in the school of kungfu economics?

园花池草艳春色, 鸟下蝉叫黄叶秋。
风云祸福谁能测, 山雨欲来风满楼。
芬荣零落在瞬息, 秋叶落尽树凋零。
枝枯花落蜂不窥, 鬼哭狼譹鳩啼鸣。

UG said...

So old still go run. No wonder we got a whole nations of daft, need to import foreign talent. Who say buy high sell low Ching Ho ah? KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

And we go election, choose opposition, draw a cross beside it, that why PAP 70%? Not put a tick? And the cross must draw nicely from one corner to other corner?

Election time I am going to stay at home loh. Woo hoo.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .....

Today sky quite dark in some places

And likely some heavy showers or even torrential thunderstorm?

Hope the oldies are spared running under torrential downpour

Might catch a bad cold or even fever?

Somebody should cater an indoor stadium for the oldies given their gallant efforts?

Anonymous said...

Also if got lightning BETTER put up the lightning warning message/ LOGO and halt the competition till lightning GONE?

If not with the presence of the lightning, the well-being of the people racing would be likely compromised?

Better stay clear till the lightning confirmed went away le ?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 03, 2019 9:52 pm
//Chia Yew! Chia Yew! Chia Yew!//

What is that?

Petrol (in Hokkien)?

加油 also dunno how to spell (or pronounce) ? ([Hopeless] Banana?)

Anonymous said...

@ UG May 04, 2019 10:16 am
//So old still go run.//

Why not? (If uncle is still fit)

Given the circumstances (and the future of many hanging precariously at the edge of the cliff? ), whether at old age or otherwise, it is good to have sthg in life to focus on?

If not it is easy to get some illnesses (including mental cases even for some who are at relatively young age?)

With some people simply muddling through (in their fiduciary duties which affects numerous others) and simply have no solution or are pretending to work on some solutions (when outsiders or many others know they dun have any), what kind of tmr can many look forward to?

Thus, instead of getting inflicted with illnesses like some (including mental cases), it is a good choice to be engaged in some activities especially physical type if one is still able to?

When the mantra for some is "ownself enrich and benefit ownself" and for others "you die your own biz", it is better to stay active and not rot away or turn senile?

In this world, there are good and bad people

For ill-gotten wealth or riches or $$$ you don't deserve, it is better to avoid (including the perpetrators themselves)?

Avoid or shun the trees where the devils are (especially places where vices are rampant)?

Don't spend the $$$ unless it is yours?

Don't spend the $$$ that belongs to tmr?

Don't envy those who stay in big houses, drives big or flashy cars, possess millions or billions in their accounts but cannot account for or explain or tell you they are deserving of their wealth?

Best is to stay healthy and happy?

That is the most important?

For some, their billions are in the bank but they are already banished in hell?

Do you think such people are smart or dumb?

It is common many are (blindly) being sucked into the black hole of the rat race?

What awaits them is nothing but darkness?

Anonymous said...

"What awaits them is nothing but darkness?"


In some JCs, up to 50% of each cohort cannot make it into the local U?

Another up to 30% "stumble" into "dumping-ground courses"?

Even after graduating, starting pay at current wage rate barely make it near $3k for many of them?

As for Poly diploma holders, likely they will start at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Many will try to upgrade their qualification to a degree after some years of tasting corporate life at the bottom of the ladder but after few years of struggle juggling work and part-time studies, $$$ and time, the degree they finally get, assuming they have the determination to finish through, didn't really count a lot in their jobs?

As for ITE holders, some will try for Poly but if Poly diploma holders career path as mentioned above "already sucks", how far can the ITE holders go and/ or achieve in the end?

In another aspect, there are many female graduates who are near 30 or in the early 30s in jobs that pay a few thousand but not much prospect, they are either just married but no kids or not married or not even attached?

For those newly married, they can barely cope in their jobs given their current status of zero kids?

How are they going to have kids and cope going forward and still able to lead decent lifestyle?

For those in their late 30s / early 40s and either single or not attached, their fates are "sealed"?

By the time they reach their late 40s to 50s onwards, they will realise the costs of not having a family of their own?

Loneliness and emptiness are destined to be their major "life partners" for their remaining time on earth?

For those married in their 30s and 40s or older but without kids, beside their spouse, loneliness and emptiness are destined to be their other major "life partners" for their remaining time on earth?

For those in their 30s onwards who are either single or not attached, what are their chances and hope?

ChaTaoNomics promises of "More Good Years", "GOAL2010" and "Swiss Standard of Living" are unlikely to be "encashed or delivered" in this lifetime?

With the floodgates widely opened in the past 30 years and more and more non-existant sense of belonging among the indigenous sinkies, where are the hope of optimism (for the future) for many in the midst?

Those who can do well consistently and sustainably in their career, marriage and parenthood, are happy with their lives and with well brought up and educated, street smart kids are among the very small minority and few and far between?

What does the future augur for the vast majority described above?

Not much sense of belonging in their motherland, career and personal lives suck?

How will their lives end?

Anonymous said...

6.56pm anon, I agreed with you but most sinkies somehow are ok though I can see the pitiful state they will be in at their old age.

UG said...

As individual go run can. As nation buy high sell low ching ho also can. But some old people are collecting card board, washing toilet, collecting plates, got time go run? This blog talk about nation or individual ah? Why got people bother to talk to daft like me? Hi. Da Jia Hao. I am strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millenial generation. DBS remiser need Google Adsense kopi lui? What wrong with collecting more money? LKY?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 04, 2019 10:09 pm
//6.56pm anon, I agreed with you but most sinkies somehow are ok though I can see the pitiful state they will be in at their old age.//

The Chinese has a phrase:"雪中送炭".

Who will do that for you when you are old, frail, seriously ill and most in need?


In the past few years, old folks were hospitalized and while visiting them, walk around the wards and noticed/ heard about many other oldies w/o any NOK to visit/ check on their recovery status...

Once, noticed there was this elderly late 60s+ male patient in the same ward but in a different room and apparently he doesn't have any NOK staying in sinkieland while he was ill. He seemed to look OK when happened to notice him during the first few days while visiting own old folks.

A few days later, heard that he just passed on suddenly. Was quite shock.

Wondered whether the outcome could have been different if his family members were with him? Perhaps mental &/ or emotional &/ or financial support would have been pivotal during such circumstances?

Separately, the patient's food is another area that family members can help ensure patients are provided with food at reasonable quality?

Steamed fish often are menu for dinner or lunch. The problem is are there sufficient QC?

Once while hospitalised, old folks complained that the fish wasn't fresh and tasted like rotten fish. .. At first didn't believe but took the effort to be around the next round during meal time when it was served. Tasted the steam fish served and it really tasted awful like those extremely foul taste. Was thinking where did such fish come from or supply by? The kitchen staff accepted rotted fish from suppliers without checking?

Lucky we were there to visit our old folks and able to buy food for them such as porridge from nearby during much of their hospitalisation.

For those not married or without kids sinkies, they could be in their prime now and thus doing OK

But fast forward another 20 to 30 years. .?

By then, given the projected demographic changes published in the 2013 PWP, indigenous born dinkies would be the minority

How would those who are singles or w/o kids be coping in 20 to 30 years time when they are in their sunset years and fall ill?

The 2013 PWP projected a silver tsunami by 2025 to 2030 onwards which is just 6 to 11 years from now?

A lecturer in a local university published some papers in recent years and projected that healthcare budget could rise to a staggering S$70 billion annually in the foreseeable future.

Alas, in 2017, the entire sinkieland budget was only about S$70 billions?

So down the road, many things could be in severe shortage including vitamin "M" amongst many other resources?

For those who are singles or childless, their sunset years maybe quite challenging while now in their prime, they are enjoying good life, long yearly vacations, spa, good food at restaurants... etc?

Among the colleagues of peers across different sectors, was told that many sinkies who are in their 30s or 40s onwards but either are singles or childless.

In other words, there could be a ticking time bomb in the midst and would become more obvious each passing year?

UG said...

So does anyone know donate to which charity can help people? So many charity in a small island. Headache man. Rental housing people live free or still must pay money despite so many charity?

UG said...

So if donate money build religious place, than the religious place inside put dead people stuff still must pay dunno how many thousands? Mandai one only $900? PAP, PAP, PAP. LKY, LKY, LKY.

Anonymous said...

11.16 pm, I have observed the same thing that you did. Even my own kids were discouraged by the high property prices and since they are in their prime, they are not interested to be slaves to the four walls. I have urged them to settle down but they are not interested. They prefer to many overseas holidays, good restaurants and debt free situation. The government pretends that housing prices are not the important factor and continue to extract every penny into the reserve.

As for UG, the mental case guy, he needs to be fucked and sodomized so that he can be cured from his mental illness.😰

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 05, 2019 5:25 am
//The government pretends that housing prices are not the important factor and continue to extract every penny into the reserve.//

Part 1:

ChaTaoNomics obviously is NOT a solution to circumvent the many consequences and long term repercussions wrought on sinkieland by his (greedy) "Asset Enhancement" policy via loosening the tap of the so called "foreign talent" floodgates?

From 3 million in 1990, the population grew by a third (more than 33%) over a mere decade and was at 4 million by the turn of the millennium (in 2000)

JBJ and Ah Tong were lawyers and essentially barking up the wrong trees in the 1980s and 1990s? Basically likely they know nuts about economics and thus could not single out what was wrong with ChaTaoNomics.

If GKS was still in charge back then in economic policy formulation, would he have allowed or condoned this "get rich quick" scheme hatched out under the insidious ChaTaoNomics economic model to grow the GDP as fast as possible through property inflation and price inflation?

Essentially the pernicious "asset enhancement" policy in the ChaTaoNomics economic model once embarked on could be on the road of NO RETURN?

It is not only "addictive" but probably irreversible like opium due to the huge withdrawal symptoms if attempts are made to treat the economy (of the ills caused by ChaTaoNomics)?

Recently an opposition leader Lim Tean lambasted the government after the announcement of their DPM choice.

His main thrust was the long awaited (and much delayed) CFE (Committee for Future Economy) report in 2017 (which was co-chaired by HSK as well as CCS after the former kena severe ruptured aneurysm induced stroke in May 2016) "was a let down" given the hope and anticipation placed on it.

This Lim Tean, like his two former lawyer opposition predecessors mentioned above aka JBJ and Ah Tong, again could be barking up the wrong trees?

What can HSK or for that matter any other politician or human bean do given the damages done under the surreptitious ChaTaoNomics economic model except to "kick the can further down the road"?

How to "reverse the floodgates" and make the "water" flow backwards?

How to undo the runaway ("easy $$$") high property prices brought about by the 30-yo ChaTaoNomics economic model which are possibly the root causes of many long term problems?

In other words, given ChaTaoNomics is NOT sustainable in the long term, who can reverse it without "crashing the economy"?

How to bring down the "sky high property prices"?

To be continued in Part 2 ...

Anonymous said...

Part 2:

ChaTaoNomics model crashed the sinkieland TFR from a high of more than 1.8 to near 1.2 after a slew of insidious economic policies such as asset enhancement (1990), COE (1990), ERP (1990s), GST (1994) ..... etc etc were introduced?

Alas, importing instant trees was no panacea to the surreptitious side effects of ChaTaoNomics?

Declining productivity has been on going who knows since when as far as the memory can take one back into the 2000s and beyond?

The so called "remedy" of mporting instant trees to circumvent the consequences of ChaTaoNomics could be a non-remedy over the long term or rather medium term cod we can already see the surfacing problems caused by it?

In 2012, the first industrial strike in more than 50 years was caused by foreign bus drivers.

In Dec 2013, law enforcers and health care workers were seen fleeing from burning and some overturned ambulances and police patrol cars in Little India caused by Indian foreign workers in a riot that has not occurred over 40 years?

Unless some people's eyes pasted STAMPS, the other countless problems that had occurred and surfaced in recent years need no further recount?

Why likened economic policies to athletics?

Basically this ChaTaoNomics economic model pretended that one can run a marathon at the breakneck speed of a 100m sprint?

How can that be?

The first few years of rapid economic sprint under the ChaTaoNomics economic model in the 1990s gave way to a crawl after 1996 till 2004 exposing the serious (and grave) flaws of ChaTaoNomics?

Uncle RB, if a runner sprinted like crazy in the first few kilometers in a marathon race and then because it was NOT sustainable, he slowed down and crawled for the remaining distance, can he win the marathon?

For that matter, can the runner even finish the race?

To be continued in Part 3 ...

Anonymous said...

Part 3:

Now, after the heavy dosage of ChaTaoNomics in the 1990s, the economy is reeling from the pernicious side effects since 1996?

Who has the remedy?

Anon 10.09pm wrote:
@ Anonymous May 04, 2019 10:09 pm
"6.56pm anon, I agreed with you but most sinkies somehow are ok ..."

Really OK or pretend to be ok?

Pretend that the problems lying ahead don't exist and dun want to think about tmr?

How can a relatively high post 39-yo female be OK in 20 to 30 years time if she is still single, unattached, childless?

She is OK now but will she be OK down the road?

Worst still if in her job now, she is in policy formulation and tasked to find and solve problems when she cannot see or solve her ownself (large) problems looming ahead in the horizon waiting for her (like an ambush) in her declining or sunset years when she will be much more vulnerable, weak and even helpless?

So actually she is (temporary) OK or (actually) NOT OK?

园花池草艳春色, 鸟下蝉叫黄叶秋。
风云祸福谁能测, 山雨欲来风满楼。
芬荣零落在瞬息, 秋叶落尽树凋零。
枝枯花落蜂不窥, 鬼哭狼譹鳩啼鸣。

------- The End -------

UG said...

If it is chao ta, throw away and buy new one loh. So easy. Scholar never teach meh. Last time Hong Toh Ching never study also can built house. Long time ago got people built pyramid already no one knows meh. Dunno compensate me millions I teach you all. Than people will say, so li hai, start from scratch lah. Hello. You teach the baby ABC yourself, or the baby go ask you teach me ABC first than the parents teach the baby? Scholar dunno, ask me, the most jiak liao bee and come from most notorious gangster family. But first, pay me millions than talk. If not will like Dr Ting a not? KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

What is this point 11 ah? NTU and NUS scholar study finish already, go be civil servant be high class administrator is it? Study finish already, teach recruit how to running, use M16, throw grenades? Than dont waste the degree mah. Might as well give me. Every wastage is waste money leh. Hong Toh Ching also know how to built house you know.

If not ask Tintin how to spell mewzeeium. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

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