US Criminal Acts In Assassinations,Coups & Regime Change -

The Evil Empire has since the last one hundred years or so interfered and intervened in more than seventy countries internal affairs causing great destructions, deaths, assassinations and frequently forced regime change of political leaders who refused to toe US dictates.

US carries out its diabolical acts via its terrorist arm, the CIA. The operandi of CIA includes infiltration into the targetted countries administrations especially in the military with spies and fifth columns. Then its propaganda machine will come into full swing to demonise the leader of the targetted country for regime change. It will fund the opposition and assassinate the leader who is opposed to US imperialism. It will use both overt and covert means to cause the target country's economy to crumble and destroy its financial system. CIA will covertly take over the mass media to advance its insidious propaganda viz the newspapers, journals, TV and radio stations to change public opinion and push anti government propaganda. Many of the foreign journalists and reporters in the unsuspecting third world countries are US fifth columns under CIA's payroll.

Next CIA will help the opposition to create choas in the target country , creating social tension via street protests and demonstrations. Ultimately with the help of CIA the treacherous US backed opposition traitors will take over the government and country. Henceforth the Evil Empire will be able to exploit the target country of all its wealth via control of its natural and mineral resources.. At the same time the Evil Empire will than acquire or appropriate some ports and key area for its military bases and thus tighten a firm grip on the country forcing it to become a subservient US colony or semi-colony as seen in the case of Saudi Arabia, Jordan Iraq, Ukraine, Colombia and South Korea.

In 1953 the democratically elected prime minister Mossadegh of Iran was overthrown by CIA in a military coup because he wanted to nationalize a British-American owned oil company. The coup restored the pro US Shah to absolute dictatorial power. The Shah ruled Iran for 25 years with utter and brutal repression and torture. The oil industry was restored to the British and the Americans in which each owned 40 percent while the remaining 20 percent was given to the Shah

In 1956 - 1958 Eisenhower pronounced his insidious doctrine that no country would be allowed to dominate over the Middle East and its oil fields except the United States

The US twice tried to overthrow the Syrian government and carried out many military maneuvers in the Mediterranean to intimidate countries opposed to US supported governments in Jordan and Lebanon. US posted about twenty thousand troops in Lebanon and carried out several attempts to overthrow and assassinate President Nasser of Egypt whose Middle-East nationalism was opposed by America.

President Sukarno the founding father of Indonesia was a nationalist whom the US would not accept because he was neutral in the Cold War and was friendly to Russia and China. He nationalized many companies owned by the Dutch the former colonial power in Indonesia. He allowed the Indonesia communist party to take part in elections in which it made massive gains electorally in a legal and peaceful way. The evil empire couldn't accept this and looked at the whole thing with jaundiced eyes.

CIA then planned a strategy to overthrow Sukarno's government. CIA threw in a lot of money in support of pro US opposition parties and plotted Sukarno's assassination.

They infiltrated into the Indonesian military organisation and joined forces with dissident military officers to wage a full scale war against Sukarno's government including bombing missions by American pilots. Fortunately Sukarno survived all the assassination attempts.

However the Americans were very persistent in trying to get rid of Sukarno and replace him with a pro US traitor. They found such a vile character in the despicable General Suharto who was a senior commander in Sukarno's military.

In 1965 CIA staged a complex series of events in many coups and counter coups resulting in the ouster of Sukarno from power and replacing him with the highly corrupted treacherous General Suharto. The Indonesian military under Suharto's command was very closely allied to the US military.

Soon the most bizarre mass massacre of millions of Indonesians directed by CIA was to take place. CIA supplied Suharto with a long list of names of Indonesians whom CIA claimed to be communists, communist sympathizers, suspected communists or suspected communist sympathizers.. Then in collusion with CIA Suharto carried out an immediate massacre which turned out to be one of the most savage mass killings in modern political history. The total numbers massacred could be as high as over two million of which about one million was claimed to be Indonesians of Chinese ethnic race.

It was the US embassy which compiled the lists of communists from top echelons to village cadres which then handed over the lists to the staunchly pro America Suharto's army. Suharto and his army then hunted those persons down and killed them. The Americans would then check off the names of those who had been killed by Suharto's operation.

One US diplomat boasted that without the United States help to Suharto's army, Suharto would not have been able to kill so many people and that he and many of his fellow American officers probably too had a lot of blood in their hands. He further boasted that it was not at all a bad thing as the Americans had to strike hard at a crucial moment.

It must be observed that the evil empire in order to maintain its power and hegemony have no qualms in killing millions of innocent lives and worst still they relish in such psychopathic killings.

One of the countries that suffered the most under the evil empire's interference and intervention is China. The next article will reveal how treacherous America betrayed China.



Anonymous said...

Nature has a way of punishing the evil doers and rewarding the good and kind. Karma works in mysterious ways. Karma is now haunting the United States with killings,murders and bombings everywhere by the Americans themselves. The Americans are now involving themselves in self destruction so much so that millions of Americans are so poor that they have to beg and sleep on the streets, sidewalks and pavements in makeshift camps.

Hope the evil doers in Washington will soon receive their just dessert.

Anonymous said...

The US president, the senators, congressmen, house representatives, the warmongers in Pentagon and CIA and the business tycoons in Washington and Wall Street are all unsurpassed rogues, crooks and scoundrels who are creating all the wars and troubles in this world. Hope they will all be eventuallly punished

Anonymous said...

The devil Pompeo is spouting rubbish everywhere he goes. He blames President Nicolas Maduro for the suffering in Venezuela. Everybody knows it is US imperialism , US illegitimate and illegal sanctions, trade and commerce blockade and financial terrorism that cause all the troubles and sufferings in Venezuela. Hope Russia and China and the world will not let the evil empire get away with its criminal acts on Venezuela.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ southernglory

Ah, I was a boy back then but I remember it well. It was the Cold War Era --- USA "freedom" vs USSR "communism". I remember all the adults feeling me how "bad" communism was and how it had to be eradicated. Tengku was weeding out suspected communists in Malaysia, with border clashes going on. In Singapore, communist witch-hunting was constant. Marcos in the Philippines (also a US stooge) hunted commies and of course, our man General Suharto went after suspected communists and slaughtered them.

2 documentary films not to be missed about Suharto hunting down and murdering millions without the slightest form or intent of due process:

1. The Act Of Killing
2. The Look of Silence, a companion piece to The Act of Killing


Anonymous said...

"They found such a vile character in the despicable General Suharto who was a senior commander in Sukarno's military."

But then our late LKY praised Suharto, u know. He paid tribute to Suharto for bringing stability to the region.

So where Singapore and the late LKY is concerned, Suharto when he was President was good for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Without wars staged on American soil, I think the Yankees still think they are isolated from invasion and have never felt the real sufferings of those they bombed to kingdom come.

911 attack was damaging, but it's effect was a walk in the park, compared to the destruction they inflicted in Vietnam. Agent orange, a chemical weapon through and through, caused so much damaged to the environment and it's effect is still being felt by the people. Thousand also lost their limbs from mines. Was the US taken to task by anybody or world body for the use of agent orange? I guess not.

Looking at the aftermath effects of Chernobyl and Fukushima, it seems that there is little need for a nuclear warhead to cause extensive radiation spread. A targeted conventional strike on one or two nuclear power plants works much like a nuclear strike.

I think the conventional thinking has now changed if the report is true that even cargo ships can be turned into missile launchers in times of conflict. That makes things even more interesting and unpredictable. Maybe just fake news lah!

Anonymous said...

I still fear eating food from Vietnam. Avoid them. Every time check origin, Vietnam, avoid. Fukushima Japan, avoid.

Alternative sources available, why so stupid to eat things from such places?

Anonymous said...

CIA then planned a strategy to overthrow Sukarno's government.

In that case, Sukarno's government deserved to be overthrown because they are not smart enough to have a good counter strategy against the CIA.

The Sinkie opposition, in particular Chee Soon Juan, deserve to lose every time because they did not have a good strategy to counter PAP. And can you imagine, Chee Soon Juan is still losing, even in a by election, after more than 20 years in politics!

For President Assad of Syria, he has a good counter strategy which is why he and his govt is still surviving and now winning, despite the vicious onslaught from opponents supported by foreign (USA?) elements. Chee Soon Juan should learn something from Assad.

Anonymous said...

I still fear eating food from Vietnam.
2:17 pm

The cheapest fish in the supermarket is the frozen basa fish fillet from Vietnam.

They are cheap for a reason.

So try to spend more to buy better fish. If cannot afford, don't eat fish. Take fish oil supplement will do.

Anonymous said...

The whole ocean is contaminated. Did anyone know what happened to the drums of radioactive waste dumped into the sea decades ago. If the concrete doom covering Chernobyl can leak after just 30 years, those drums in the sea are probably leaking by now. What about the millions of tons of contaminated water let into the sea from the Fukushima reactor?

Even if no radioactive contamination, most common fish are reared and are fed with god knows what kind of poison. Norwegian bred salmons are said to be the most toxic fish on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think school of whales and dolphins for no reasons beached and killed themselves? Anything got to do with getting too close to toxic nuclear waste dumped into the ocean?

They would not tell you the real reason, just like how China got its name China by the West. They tried to pull wool over the Chinese by pretending that it was related to Qin dynasty and all the craps.

They named China after a type of clay, nice to look at but easily broken, just like they called Muhammed Ali Cassius Clay.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A reuter report by a Mark Hosenball today alleged that Iran was responsible for the attack on Bagdad, that Iran's supported Houthi group in Yemen conducted the attack. Iran is responsible and Saudi Arabia was accusing the Iranians for the attack.

Funny thing is that Bagdad is not in Saudi Arabia and the Saudis were reacting like the attack was in Saudi Arabia.

What kind of silly fake news is that when the reporter did not even know that Bagdad is in Iraq. And the Saudis and Americans too think Bagdad is in Saudi Arabia.

Trump is threatening Iran of total destruction if Iran attacks American resources in the area. Iran would be very silly to do that to invite destruction of their country. Very likely the Americans would create a false flag incident to blame it on the Iranians to start the invasion of Iran. A big bully crying wolf, that Iran is going to attack them, preparing the innocent people of the world that Iran is going to attack them.

American white lies.

Virgo49 said...

Last time also the Claim on Pedra Branca the Whites also think that the dispute is somewhere near Hainan Island.

South of China. That's why Middle Rocks to the Mats and South Ledge to Sinkies plus PB.
Or Batu Puteh. Should tell them BP and they sounded Malay must be in Malaysia or Borneo.

Whites never chiap kopi or study Geography besides their own.

UTube JerryDayFreedomtalker.com

Very interesting.