The most dangerous fake news

Some Americans are warning of this fake news, an attack on an American aircraft carrier, sinking it with its 7,000 men and aircraft into the Persian Gulf. And who do you think would do it? Iran? No, the Israelis. Israel has all the reasons to want to sink an American carrier and all its crews, thousands of American sailors, a situation more serious and alarming than 911.

What would happen should it happen? The crazy Americans would jump to their feet. Iran, Iran, Iran sank our aircraft carrier and killed our boys and girls. No thinking required what would be their next move, immediate air strikes and the invasion of Iran. Iran would be bombed to the Stone Age.

The Americans would be made to go to war with Iran, by the Israelis just like the 911 incident and were baited to invade Iraq.

This is the next very serious false flag incident that is going to happen in the Middle East. The Americans love to go to war with Iran but worried that that it would not be a cake walk. But when pushed into it, all fears and reservations would be brushed aside. The emotions, the anger, the pride and the need to attack the enemies to show who is stronger, revenge, the need to win a war, would be all the reasons to jump into this war, the ease in walloping Iran....

The world must be prepared for this. Iran, just like North Korea, would be devastated in an all out war with the Evil Empire. All the hoaxes and cry wolf by the Americans that Iran, North Korea, or any country threatening them is pure bullshit. No one would want a war with the Evil Empire and invite self destruction. The only evil country that wants a war is the Evil American Empire. They have overwhelming military fire power to destroy any country on earth. No one is foolish enough to want to start a war that they would be roasted.

When an American aircraft carrier is sunk in the Persian Gulf, you can expect the worse for Iran. The Americans would not want to know that the perpetrators of this false flag incident are likely the Israelis. They did not want to know, they would refuse to know. Iran is all they are interested to hit. And Iran would get hit.

It is coming. It is going to happen. The Israelis would make it happen and the Americans would react as expected. They have been planning for this and all they need is a reason, any reason. They have told the Americans, top secret, that the Iranians are putting missiles into their naval ships. Every country does that, including Singapore. But Iran doing it is escalation of tension, provocative, the Americans amassing their warships around Iran is peaceful, not provocative, not escalating tension.

What happens after that? Would Russia stand idly by? Would China stand idly by? See how dangerous this false flag incident can turn into? World War 3.

PS. The recent attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf could turn into an open conflict, a war. Who wants a war is the one behind these attacks. The Iranians do not want a war with the Americans as they would be invaded and lose the war. So, who do you think is agitating for war and a reason to invade Iran?
The official western media and so called intelligence reports are pointing the fingers at Iran as usual, as if the Iranians are so silly to want to invite an invasion and total destruction.


Anonymous said...

The most dangerous fake news doesn't come from the Americuns or the EU whites.
The most dangerous fake news come from the contaminated human minds. This was discovered by the wise Buddha some two thousands five hundred over years ago. Through Buddha's teachings one will know the Universal Truth, Karma & Noble Truths.
This weekend celebration Buddha's Birthday, may the humans be blessed by the teachings of Buddha.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire is truly EVIL TO THE CORE!

This Beast always uses DECEPTION (False Flag) as the Means to justfy ALL its ruinous and heinous acts of aggression and taking the world as fools.

The whole world must wake up and unite against this Monstrous Evil Beast.

Anonymous said...

If you want to believe in the Buddha's Teachings, then YOU must first believe that "YOU MUST NOT BELIEVE BLINDLY LIKE AN IDIOT!"

You must make full use of your mental faculty, if you still have one.

Don't be an ostrich. Don't be like the four monkeys - see, hear, speak and do no evil, while the Evil Empire is doing all the evils in the world.

Anonymous said...

Israel has all the reasons to want to sink an American carrier and all its crews, thousands of American sailors, a situation more serious and alarming than 911.

Majority Sinkies have all the reasons to want to vote for PAP again this coming election and let PAP screw the daft ones hard hard again, a situation more serious and alarming than daft and money no enough Sinkies being screwed by PAP.

Anonymous said...

....a situation more serious and alarming than daft and money no enough Sinkies being screwed by PAP.
10:10 am

What so serious and alarming about PAP screwing daft and money no enough Sinkies?

Everywhere daft and money no enough people will sure get screwed what, and not just Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Who will benefit most if Iran is invaded?

The answer is very clear. Israel and Saudi Arabia. These two countries have a secret strategic alliance, although Saudi Arabia is a Musolini, oops I mean Mosquito, oops so sor-rie, I mean Muslim cuntry.

Anonymous said...


Talk so much for fuck?

I just have 3 words: BUY WAR STOCKS!

Then you can relax & can retire at 40 & enjoy life, instead of having to work at 70+.

Anonymous said...

In Math, there is certainty?

There is a correct answer?

For example, cos(ln x - 1) yields an answer or a very close approximation to the answer if computed up to say x to the power of 8?

That is to say black and white exist?

But in many other worldly human affairs including medical science, human resource management, law, international relations, geo-politics, office politics, governance etc, often the pieces of so called evidence if any are not concrete or in black and white?

For example, if say an oldie patient has an acute medical event, usually what happens?

The professionals will try to gather the symptoms, do as many tests as deemed necessary such as blood tests, urine tests, X-ray, scans, etc?

Then what?

Usually for non-invasive treatments, some forms of drugs are prescribed?

In the whole process, one can see it as nothing of concrete nature or in black and white?

Gray, gray and follow by more gray processes?

Thus,it is not a qn of cos(ln x - 1) equals to what?

It is given the answer of cos(ln x - 1) obtained, what should be done?

Hence, judgement?

If you put a "dog" (or an unsuitable or incompetent personnel) in charge of an entity, be it as small as a dept or division or section of an organisation, "troubles" are going to be endless?

And worst in the area of law enforcement say good guys and bad guys?

If there are potentially 50,000 bad guys out there say in a society of 3 million, how many policemen would be necessary or deemed optimum?

If say hypothetically, a society of 3 million only (purposely or otherwise) allocated 3 to 5 law enforcement personnel to police a potential (cess) pool of 50,0000 criminals, what would be the likely outcome in this segment of society aka law and order?

Are the efforts real?

Are the efforts sincere?

Now Math is quite advance such that statistically many things can be approximated, right?

In a population of say 3 million, using a couple of years of data or a few decades of data, and based on the prevailing trend (and statistcal projection), cannot work out how many likely criminals will be prevailing at certain point of time already in incarceration, the numbers needed to be incarcerated at certain point of time etc?

If say the ratio is 3 in 1,000 or 15,000 in a population of 3 million, cannot work out how many law enforcement personnel would be sufficient to ensure a satisfactory outcome?

If hypothetically 3,000 to 5,000 personnel were needed but only 3 to 5 were actually appointed to do the job, what does it mean?

The criminals fraternity has an interest in ensuring the enforcement unit is as negligible as possible or non-existant?

Worst, if an incompetent personnel or "dog" is installed to head this "negligible" policing unit, what would happen?

Use the same observation and it is likewise in geo-politics?

If that is the wanted outcome, do what to ensure that outcome?

If the outcome is say hypothetically to let 99.99% of criminals get away with their (mis)deeds, then the enforcement unit is indisputably as a token for show?

And then more wayang?

Out of 50,000 criminals, just catch a few blatant cases and keep publicising them such that it appeared the enforcement unit is having the "upper hand" when in fact the unsaid outcome is the opposite?

When in say a hypothetical population of 3 million and a potential pool of 50,000 criminals, there exist only 3 to 5 enforcement personnel to do the policing, what does it say?

In geo-politics, office politics or any politics, is there any difference?

Is it black and white or just only gray?

Or is it a gray area becoming so obviously black and white?

imho said...

Its a snake eats snake world. No one is a saint out there. The biggest muscle wins. Once war, oil price will up, inflation will up, interests rate will up. There will be winners and losers.

Anonymous said...

"Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words r both true and kind,they can change our world" - from The Buddha.

Anonymous said...

In the last century and the one before starting around 1870s through the 1910s, the prelude to World War I, trade war and protectionism reared its ugly head unmistakably like a sore thumb in a wave of anti-globalisation.

Similarly, the United States retracted into its shell and isolation while letting the European Powers go for each other throats and bombed each other into stone age and a great proportion of their best people annihilated by each other.

When the war was over, the US emerged almost unscathed and paved the way for arguably the most prosperous (and decadent) decade in its history known as the "Roaring 20s"?

Next, one policy misstep after another in responses to the Great Crash in the US in 1929 plunged the world into the Great Depression in the early 1930s and caused wide spread hardship in Europe especially Germany and inevitably led to the election of Hitler as the Fuhrer which sowed the seed and germinated into World War 2 towards the end of the 1930s.

Again the US emerged the victor and greatest beneficiary of that war in 1945 and its currency became the de facto reserve currency in the global financial system.

Ironically despite the claim that Russia is currently a counterforce to balance an overly dominant US on the world stage, a huge segment of the Russian population (and businesses) is holding on to the greenbacks to the tune of several tens of billions or even hundreds of billions?

How the global dynamics will evolve is still far from certain?

How did it feel like to live through WW1?

How did it feel like to live through the Great Depression?

How did it feel like to live through WW2?

Who knows?


Unknown said...

World War 2 was started by Hitler, a German by descent.

World War 3 Stage II has just started by President Trump, a German by descent.

World War 3 Stage I was started by President Obama, an African by descent.

Anonymous said...

The Americunts themselves are the Only ones to prevent their politicians from igniting World War 3.
ln fact,
there is also only one way to deal with their politicians. And that is to have ALL OF THEM REMOVED BY CHARGING THEM FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.