Protecting children from fake news - end results

This problem of fake news if not stopped in its path would snowball into crisis proportion given the kiasu, kiasi and kia chenghu mentality of parents. Children are most vulnerable to fake news though our daft sinkie adults are not spare either. The combination of daft sinkie adults as parents and the need to protect their equally daft children would like lead to many measures being taken to keep the children safe and sound.

The best way to insulate the children from fake news trauma is to keep them inside a bubble, carefully guarded by the parents. The how to do this is purely technical. Where can the fake news come from other than by words of mouth? TV, media, internet particularly google, blogs, facebook, emails and of course mobile phones like twitters and sms.

Daft parents are likely to keep their children away from these sources of fake news. The children would likely be carefully guided,guarded, restricted only to programmes that the parents approved, and all the mobile devices and laptops would be confiscated and only permitted to use under the watchful eyes of the adults. Properly implemented, the children would be very safe, reading only school textbooks and approved material by the parents, no TV, no radio, limited access to the internet and mobile devices.

The children will grow up like living in safe heavens, singing hymns and citing poetry, unaware of all the evils of fake news in the world, very safe and very sound. It is like children kept inside a bubble free from bacteria and viruses. No need immunization, very healthy as long as they are inside the bubble.

These children will grow up in their own sanitized world of purity, innocence and honesty, no fake news or unsavoury things to distract them from their way of life. The presence of wildlife will not be their problem. They would believe the wildlife would be just as goody goody as them. Everything they see and touch would be real and the truth, no lying, no cheating, no bluffing, no fakes.

Below is a picture of the 4 monkeys to represent our sanitized children of the future, free from fake news. They would not know there is such thing called fake news. I would not know how they would take it when faced with fake news.

Pic copied from Wikipedia.


Virgo49 said...

Sinkies are lambs to be devoured and slaughtered by the WildLifes.

In Life, you must mixed with the Good,The Bad and the Ugly.

That's you be streetwise and able to cuft the seeds from the fooders and cuffs.

That's the World when we are in NS with the kopi kias and Men with Tigere and Dragons Motifs.

Surprising, you be enlightened that these so called low lifes as scorned by the hypocritically high lifes are more Endearing and Patrotic in Brotherhood than these scum hypocrites who we called Smiling Tigers that backstabbed you.

Tooth pick King once said.A too clean pond will not breed Good Fish.

So, if they are shielded from the REAL world and living in their REEL world.

Then their demise is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Too late! Too late!

Loong loong ago SG is already like tha liao!

So no point kpkb kpkb and kpkb now!

Living in SG is really really like that.

You die your business! No money no talk!

The 70% are happy!

Sg is like that liao................

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ All, parents, teachers, governments, religious leaders are the main culprits:

The main adults in every child’s life are the primary causes of why innocent happy children grow into dysfunctional adults who perpetuate the ills and troubles of our species. Which in a way is GOOD, because it provides OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROFIT MAKING. 😂

From the time a child starts to make sense of the world they are exposed to a BARRAGE OF FAKE NEWS coming to them from every angle, from the adults who influence their lives.

The moment a kid goes to a religious institution, he is exposed to RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE which is the oldest form of FAKE NEWS.

And then they go to school. More bullshit there, continuing all the way to university.

The government constantly targets kids with its own unique brand of fake news generally referred to as propaganda. Propaganda works in conjunction with the “education system” to render a growing child into a compliant and obedient slave to whatever plutocracy is in power. Politically connected corporations employ these once happy, free and creative people, (now a shadow of their innocence and free spiritedness having metamorphosed into automatons) who are summarily lied to about having “job security” and a “career path”.

The fake news of “job security” and “career path” manifest themselves when these now grown-up kids are thrown under the bus because their employer has discovered “better, faster, cheaper” ways to populate their labour force, and replace humans with algorithms.

Then the govt steps in to smoke these unemployed people with MORE FAKE NEWS.

The government doesn’t like COMPETITION. The govt has its own brand and style of “legal” fake news. Therefore it has to outlaw any competitor or challenger to the govt’s MONOPOLY of the space in the hearts and the minds of The Sheeple.

However, as you can guess, every step in the chain above presents itself with OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROFIT.

Whether fake news is good or bad depends entirely on which side of the trade you have CHOSEN (yes, it’s a choice) to be on.

b said...

All employers want cheap and good labour. So try to be employer not empolyee, be the exploiter not the exploited, be the winner not loser. If cannot then be quiet and work hard.

b said...

Only in sinkieland, people are exposed to the real thing - if you are not cheap and good, you will be replaced unless you civil serpent. Sad and ugly but its the truth.

Anonymous said...

The Fake-ble Story of Three Little Pigs:
Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who lived in a farm community and when they grew up they each had their own living spaces. The three little piggies had each used their own media for communications & news reading in three different ways. The first little pig used the newspapers, the second one used the computers and the third one used the smart phones. They were all very happy until one day their mayor the big bad wolf was angry very very angry with the three little pigs accusing them of spreading false or fake news. The big bad wolf summoned his henchmen sly wolves to do something about the three little pigs. The first little pig's newspaper was torn & its big bad wolf's news content was made unavailable. The second little pig’s computer was captured & ransacked and being warned not to spread ‘unsubstantiated’ news. The third little pig's smart phone was snatched away and warned not to tweet fake news in any blogs. All the three little pigs were very unhappy and were determined to do what is right for the community. One day, there was an election, the three little pigs worked together & form their own United party. They faught tooth for tooth eye for eye with the Big Bad Wolf Party. Soon the election announcement was made. Guess what..The Unity Party won resoundingly & the Big Bad Wolf Party went into hiding..and the rest is history. As promised the United Party worked on the care of all piggies & gave them jobs and freedom. While the Big Bad Wolf party was under investigation & scrutiny to put what is right for the pigs community. Justice was served on the Big Bad Wolf Party & the three little pigs & their pigs community lived happily ever after…The End.

Virgo49 said...

Think the Big Bad Wolves got control of Sinkies Newspapers.

Computers also censored.

Smart phones confiscated and locked away.

United Party Demolished and ISA b4 any elections. Or sue until pants dropped.

Or sodomised by the Bad Wolves accomplices waiting at the sides.

So no way UP gets elected.

All Sinkies lambs and pigs are like the Four Monkeys now.

UG said...

If I take $500 wear uniform, consider civil servant? And I smell 6 smoke bomb and die. Who salary is higher? Who is more costly? Most of the male in Singapore take $500 wear uniform, consider cheap and fast civil servant? Does the Ang Moh appreciate that? Why Singapore got no talent? The Lee family maths fail? Lucky got old guards. Now no old guards, what is the chosen ones going to do? Wait for Jesus die on cross to sacrifice for your sins? If so they must have donated a lot of their millions salary and just stay in rental housing? Singapore is for every one what. Not I say one.


So how come even thou I everyday sleep, I still cannot get to that size, I am jobless? But I go army train train train for $500? And still must go reservist? No need what. Employ more of those people in the picture can already. $500 I will die for my country? Never read Gurkha book ah. 120 pounds can feed dunno how many months. My $500 can do what? So if got war ah, the Ang Moh dare to use our soldier a not? I am not the one got freebies leh. Li Ning got free education and Ah Tiong scoot millions away?


UG said...

Sorry ah. Maybe not $500 dollar. Maybe $350 dollar. The $120 pounds the Gurkha get, that one initial stage only right? So maybe $350. The Gurkha take $120 pounds throw grenade already a not ah? I take $350 must throw grenade already. And my $350 cannot feed many months. LOL. Go read Color Sergeant Kar Li Kong book. Fake news. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Chio Si Lang. I am luffing at old leaders. Of course I am strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millennial generations. What options do I have? Die in 6 smoke bomb?

UG said...


How can that be? Someone use my address, never snail mail me, I must go check myself? Fake news is it? This is Singapore leh. RC member everywhere? Got police COPS program leh. Or those workers that use those address belong to RC member company? Wah seh. If so I dont feel very protected. I dunno go army so cheaply for what hor. The Ang Moh must be goondu lah. For sure.

Election time can you all anyhow change address to Ang Mo Kio and vote Tan Cheng Bock a not ah? If can, so many years can use this idea, you all dunno ah? No wonder I am daft lah. Election time I am going to stay at home loh. Still want blame someone buy high sell low Ching Ho? Everyone equally daft. Clap clap clap.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo 3.48 pm

Cud it be the UP=PH?
In Sinkieland, in short term fairly impossible, but then can the ruling white rule 4ever?

UG said...

LKY Iron Fist also not I say one. Everything also not peasant say one leh. Ten Commandments also not peasant say one. How come now report wrong doer is not the way to go? The way to go become law of nature, no one owe you a living. Like animal in the jungle. Animal can have talent one meh? Of course must import human beings lah. Another logical sense a not ah?

UG said...


War stock guy. What kind of news is this? Real news or fake news?

UG said...

70% animal vote PAP human to import human. Logical sense what. I got study A Maths one hor. You all old leaders go think about it. And when they import human, does the human become animal? Think about it. What if the human or animal join PAP and become human? It make perfectly sense. That why PAP will win forever. I am animal. I am DAFT. Animal is also daft, than get angry, slam chair. Form the equation and make it a Maths question for international maths quiz. It all make sense leh. Than why I say you all old leaders are daft. Let get naked together. Woo hoo. Monica Baey lai liao. Opps. Is it feng shui issue?

Anonymous said...

UG, I got study biology. So I think u need to be sodomized to cure your illness hor 😀

Anonymous said...

Too much anti-biotics and the body will in time fail to fight viruses by itself.

Too much non-fake news and soon people will come to believe in everything that is said, even when it is one sided news that may not be fake but sanitised to belie the actual facts.

Sanitised news may not be fake news, but is just as bad as fake news itself. It distorts and contorts the actual truth and is equally dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Waking-Up The Children Just In Time

Fortunately, many are waking-up to how authoritarians like Trump use anti-authoritarian rhetoric to hide their Deep State tendencies. (Just replace the name Trump with someone you know).

According to a Washington Post/ABC News survey, 62 percent of Americans now believe the U.S. economy primarily benefits the rich and powerful.

Another 75 percent think the political system mainly rewards those in power, including Trump and his cabinet. This, despite Trump’s repeated claims he’s “draining the swamp.” In fact, they see him as part of the problem, as a Deep State actor who dramatically slashed corporate tax rates at the expense of the working classes and disadvantaged. This goes for unfulfilled promises of infrastructure spending and affordable healthcare and medicines.

Another study by the Economic Policy Institute revealed how the average worker bonus in 2018 “was just $0.01 higher than in 2017.” This, too, contradicted Trump’s claim his $1.5 trillion in tax cuts would substantially reward the working classes. Those in this study also blamed Trump and his administration of being part of the establishment, of making sure that wealth didn’t trickle down but instead up to wealthy elites. But then this has always been the problem with authoritarians who pose as anti-authoritarians. They depoliticize politics, in that they say they don’t have to argue policies as long as they can purify the nation of “them.”

The “them” being the Deep State of course, and just about anyone else who disagrees.

Indeed, authoritarians posing as anti-authoritarians, always claim they and their followers are in such a desperate situation they can no long afford “them” the same treatment we want for “us.” Rarely begun as a call to exterminate the out-group, this kind of rhetoric and rise in power can quickly devolve. It can also be an infection in the political life of a nation that can be contagious – and dangerous.

As Russian activist and dissident Andre Sakharov knew from personal experience: Democracy and freedom of information and thought, in the hands of treacherous hypocrites and demagogues, can be transformed into bloody dictatorships.

And even worse: An Emperor Without Clothes who is so power-crazy that he simply cannot feel what shame is.

Can the children wake up just in time?