Man jailed 7 weeks for shoving a boy bully

His 10 year old son was being bullied in school for months by another 10
year old. One day, while fetching his son home he spotted the bully, shoved
him so hard against the wall that the bully’s rib had a small fracture. For
bullying a boy bully he was sentenced to 7 weeks jail.

This is justice in Singapore, don’t try to be smart and take the law into
your own hand to hit back. In this case the punishment for hitting back is
7 weeks jail. Not sure whether the boy bully got any punishment for
bullying the other boy.

What came to my mind is the bullying by foreigners against Singaporeans
especially the taxi drivers and security guards, being beaten by wildlife
twice their size. The last incident when the big wildlife bully knocked
down a security guard, the guard was lucky not to retaliate after suffering
the blow with his spectacles flying. If he were garang enough to hit back,
or his fellow guards would to hit back, I think they would likely be jailed
if they hurt the wildlife bully.

Thank God, they did what meek Singaporeans are supposed to do, report to
the police and hoping the law would bring justice to the wildlife. How many
meek taxi drivers and security guards have been bullied and beaten by
wildlife and with the wildlife walking away free and getting a tap on the
wrist? How many of the punishments against wildlife attacking meek
Singaporeans got more than 7 weeks jail?

Anyone keeps any records on such matters?
Are wildlife treated differently of better when they bullied daft Sinkies?


Anonymous said...

Sinkies' humiliation at the hands of the wildlife is facilitated by the 69.9%. They chose the current path. Hence they don't deserve protection.

Virgo49 said...

This man reported matter of bullying of his son to that Bully School Authorities and they just like ALL Silly and JLBs serpents sat on their arses and no action on it.

Just like that 14 year Benjamin's case of making a BIG ISSUE of just a minor juvenile act of so called modesty and letting another batch of equally JLBs big bullies intimidated that boy that leaded to Sucidie.

The Teachers supposed to be Parents to the Children in Schools were apathetic and not responsible and courageous enough to protect them.

Sinkies after 60 years of so called Nation Building calling them SinkKaPoreans indeed very apt in name will sink as a Nation.

All still you die your business.Dont
Come and trouble me. Just be robots and pay correct and collect Sirs Madam Pay And Pay.

Anonymous said...

It's understandable for a father to protect his boy from the bully. If he could have spoken to the Bully's parents or form teacher or discipline master, probably the outcome would be different. Or even approach the MP, MOE or Ministers for help before whacking at the bully, lastly he could approach the man in blue for help. Another way is to teach his own son some self defences or to shout for help whenever he is being bully. The school may hv some protocols to follow, though it's easily said and done. Next is to form a support group or parent support gp to counter such thing, school councillors can assist, a watch group to monitor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59am should write a book to teach parents how to deal with school bullies. It would be a hot seller. Daft sinkies would not know how to deal with such matters and would gladly pay to read the book and benefit from the solutions.

But please remember, the bully has an anger management problem. So he cannot be blamed and nothing can be done about it. It is not his fault. Nothing can be done to stop him from being a bully.

The solutions in the book would be a good read.

b said...

Was LKY really singaporean? How come he loved to bully singies such as forcing them to accept 99LH housing and COE?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

I’ve commented on bullying incidents before.

Our stupid PC culture has overdone their good intentions. During my time, and the time of older uncles here, bullying during school days never got far. If anyone “bully kechik”’ they would face the combined wrath of a few of the school’s older and bigger kids. Vigilante justice was natural, the bullies got sorted out swiftly, and life simply moved on.

There were fights in school. Nowadays’ kids are not allowed to fight anymore. The Strawberry and Snowflake generations are SOFT because the idiot adults in-charge made them that way by being overprotective.

If a kid came home with cuts and bruises, the parents would call the cops, sue the school and start a Facebook campaign. Kids can’t even be kids anymore. Gone are the days when you could come home with torn, muddy and blood spattered clothes and get scolded by mum --- not for fighting, but for destroying your school uniform, because that shit costs money! Mum couldn’t give a shit about your minor injuries --- it was your fault, and we all had to SUCK IT UP and deal with it.

We also used to spar with each other. So generally, a boy grown up would have SOME fighting skills lah, and of course there were those who did serious pursuits in the martial arts, which came in handy when dealing with people who wanted to kwai lan with you.

It was wrong for the dad to assault the bully. But I can understand why he did it. In our day, a big brother or friend would volunteer to “sort the guy out”, and later on when we grew up, we’d look out for those smaller and weaker than us. Perfect system. Natural justice.

Same with assaults in the real world. The pi kiahs and samsengs would turn up and “solve the issue” swiftly. Might cost you a round of Tiger and Guiness at the kopitiam.

Singaporeans have grown weak lah. Sadly, our grandfathers are not around (any more) to give the current generation of parents and educators a good fucking scolding on child rearing.

Anonymous said...

How many of the punishments against wildlife attacking meek Singaporeans got more than 7 weeks jail?

If no video, no publicity and no witness, maybe the wildlife will get away with it? And doesn't matter if wildlife is foreigner or even Sinkie.

For the police, maybe it will be a case of the wildlife's word against the victim's word. So who to believe?

If I were police, I will advise the victim to sue the wildlife lah so that I got less work to do. LOL

Anonymous said...

And doesn't matter if wildlife is foreigner or even Sinkie.
10:33 am

Possible it can be Sinkie also. I have a neighbour who is a young Sinkie and a wildlife. But luckily he did not physically whack people, just spit only, so still considered wildlife.

I ever made a police report against him but police did not want to followup.

Only when I made a magistrate complaint and the magistrate directed the police to investigate only then there was followup but ended up police asked me to go for mediation in which the wildlife apologised for the record, but not sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Please lah!

Sg is like that loong loong time ago liao!

The trouble is that the masses supported with a massive 70% at the last GE!

So no point kpkb kpkb and kpkb now!

No use! Waste time! What can you do?

Go HLP and protest? No use and dont waste time!

Just look around you! Everyone bo-chup cheng-hu! All concentrating on 3Ms! Yes 3Ms!

There is no u-turn! No u-turn!

Many are now vested in Sg!

So..........better 3Ms!

Anonymous said...

From my impression only, normally wildlife punishments are lighter. Actually they should be jailed and let them Kena sodomize by other prinsoners do that they will not offend again😰

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1044

I don’t know how old you are, but in my time no one would bother going to the cops lah.

>> I have a neighbour who is a young Sinkie and a wildlife. But luckily he did not physically whack people, just spit only, <<

Wah. During my time, a pickup truck with burly young soccer-playing men from Newton or Serangoon Gardens would turn up, and guess what, the guy wouldn’t be spitting anymore after receiving “remedial therapy”. Best cure ever! 100% success.

Police report? Waste of time, waste of ink, waste of typewriter ribbon!

Anonymous said...

@Virgo49 May 01, 2019 8:49 am
//This man reported matter of bullying of his son to that Bully School Authorities and they just like ALL Silly and JLBs serpents sat on their arses and no action on it.//

Uncle Virgo,

Have NOT been posting in MSN for quite a while cos simply feel can't be bothered (anymore)

Lucky (and CONGRATULATION) that your kids are single and do NOT intend to have their own children.

Should have known you much earlier and NOT have brought suffering to future generations! [Now it's too late :( ]

Just to share that previously child was bullied in a kindergarten and hit on the head and subsequently vomited and had fever. Had to be rushed to Children A & E (cos fever went near to 40 degree Celsius and subsequently hospitalised a few days.)

Seek police advice on the matter. As the boy bully was 6-yo, technically (according to what the authority
said then) the police (authority) cannot take any action (against anyone below 7-yo?) If not interpreting wrongly, hypothetically if anytime any kid below 7-yo in a childcare say take a knife and stab another child or even an adult, what can the law in the constitution or authority do about it beside counselling)?

As for the so called teachers and principal, raising the matter to them become our fault. They said the boy bully very pitiful, came from broken family, was it his parents just divorced cos one of them had EMA? The kindergarten management said the boy bully badly traumatised by his parental problems. The teachers and principal made it that it was our fault to raise the bully matter to the kindergarten and add further "trauma " to his "fragile " little self (but then during class can hit another classmate on the head till hospitalised??? ). So now the boy bully became "victim" instead of the child he had bullied, hit on the head with a hard object, had fever, vomited and hospitalised for a few days??? In the end, first thing after child recovered was to change to another kindergarten since weren't assured that the boy bully won't "kee siao" and continue his bullying (and continued to get away with it)

The heart really turned (SUPER) COLD (after all these years) . ..

For rb's current post, really pity this father who had to go jail.

But at least his child is still alive?

Ben's parents are not so lucky

Same with other parents who had to bury their own children?

Thus, under such and present circumstances, it may break one's back (and heart) to raise even a child and hence wiser and more sensible like Uncle Virgo children NOT to have any?

During younger days when we were growing up under GKS, TCC, E W Barker etc, cannot recall our parents ever had such issues ...?

Uncle Virgo, do you think the (template) suggestions dished out by this (typical) anon 8.59am got any (practical) use (on the ground) ?

What was/ were your experience?

Have you (ever) reported any wrongdoing to the authority and justice was seen done?

Or same thing happened (and made you want to vomit BLOOD)?

Monica Baey and many of her peers (as REFLECTED in their reported feedback) do NOT seem to feel safe or secure in this cuntry's students hostels?

Do you feel safe or secure in this cuntry ?

Whether in job, future or livelihood, etc.. ?

Gone are the olden days (and trust) under GKS, TCC, E W barker etc or even Francis Seow when he was the SG (when we were growing up)?

Can you empathise with Monica's mother and other affected parents how they feel and their anguish?

Do parents (really) have to join in the (frequent) protests in HLP (and throw all caution etc to the wind) before circumstances can IMPROVE?

Anonymous said...

Hi 130pm

Your comment super super long leh!

Where got time to read?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 01, 2019 2:24 pm
//Hi 130pm
Your comment super super long leh!//

@ (Lazy, Hopeless, Useless, Betterer, Fasterer, Cheaperer) Anon 2.24pm,

1) Lo(ooooo)ng? Anyway your comment reminds of this Maltilda's countless wind-winded posts. EveLEEtime SKIP (ALL) his posts w/o fail. Do u? (BTW, how come NEVER come across u commenting on the countless (super) lo(oooooo)ng, meandering, (often illogical) posts by this Maltilda? Weird rt? Maltilda practically eveleeday writes lo(oooo)ng lo(oooooo)ng grand father stories but u NEVER say anything? Now write one time u die die MUST say? Doesn't make sense, rt? Unless, ...... Ha ha ha ha ha

2) For the circumstances (on the ground), even elaborate in a 888 pages book also cannot write finish? Like that call lo(ooooo)ng? Are u sleeping? (on the ground?)

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 May 01, 2019 8:49 am
///This man reported matter of bullying of his son to that Bully School Authorities and they just like ALL Silly and JLBs serpents sat on their arses and no action on it.

Just like that 14 year Benjamin's case of making a BIG ISSUE of just a minor juvenile act of so called modesty and letting another batch of equally JLBs big bullies intimidated that boy that leaded to Sucidie.///

(Young) BRO Virgo49,

How is your (Genting) "Heng,Ongg and Huat"?

Or is it "Heng. Ongg and Huat Ah!"?

Part 1

With regards to your above comment about the "treatment meted out" on a seemingly scrawny defenceless 14-yo Ben on some alleged modesty outrage claim, was reading news surrounding the Monica Baey on campus OM case and CAME ACROSS a social media post of another "even more OUTRAGEOUS" case POSTED by an alleged victim of rape involving another UNDERGRAD (in a campus (within campus) nearby/ next to/ within the same one attended by Monica Baey).

The following excerpts are copied from:



1) "On August 27 2016, I woke up confused and in pain, not completely sure where I was and how I got there. I got dressed, despite not remembering getting undressed ..."

2) "I pretended that nothing was wrong for the next few days but every time I saw him around campus, and every time he smiled at me or talked to me as though nothing had happened, I felt more and more like I was imploding. I have not felt safe on this campus since I got here."

3) "Even his admission of what he physically did to me that night was not made to me. He had told a mutual friend, and not me, that he had put a razor in my vagina, when months before that, he had omitted that fact to my face. When I read “penetration with a razor” in a report which listed sexual acts I did not remember engaging in, I wanted to die. Instead of telling me this fact when I had agreed to speak with him beforehand, he had told me how badly he had been feeling, although it is unclear what he felt bad about since he never admitted to what he did. "

To be continued in Part 2 ...

Anonymous said...

Part 2:

4) "I am just one of billions of women who have to live with the experience of having been sexually violated, and/or with the fear of sexual violence. And just like almost every other woman I know, I think of ways to keep myself safe. I never leave my drink unattended at a party. I have, crying through a panic attack, begged a friend not to let anything bad happen to me again. "

5) "On some level, I understand people’s hesitation to say that a member of our community can be, and is, a rapist, even when details of the rape are told to them by the survivor firsthand. It is difficult to think that a friend can do something so awful, especially when so much of the current conversation centers around the opinion that rapists should be shunned forever from a certain community. When complete alienation seems like the only option for accountability, of course we hesitate. We say, “but they’re so nice”, not realizing that an experience of this person as a nice person and another person’s experience of being violated by them do not contradict each other. We have created this binary, where either someone is a rapist and therefore a monster, or they are not and the survivor is a liar. This is unproductive and harmful. "

6) "Because it is more convenient, they forget the simple fact that having sex with someone who is so drunk they cannot walk straight or remember what happened is rape. They talk about gray areas and choose to remain neutral. "

7) "You cannot be neutral here. The idea of neutrality is what allowed people to say to me, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, I just also believe his version of what happened”. 

How can you believe that I was raped, while also believing that he did not rape anyone? "

8) "I felt isolated and disbelieved. I almost dropped out of college. "

9) "I have heard over and over again about the implications of my rape on my rapist — about his declining mental health and how much he says he regrets it. He has performed the same monologue to so many members of our community, and people mistake his pain for part of his journey to self-improvement. All that’s left for the situation to close is forgiveness, and they cannot understand why I won’t give it to him."

To be continued in Part 3 ...

Anonymous said...

Part 3:

10) "But he does not understand that his feelings of guilt do not negate the need for external consequences, and our community reinforces this lack of understanding constantly. Instead of treating his feelings as the beginning of conversations, they use these feelings to end them."

11) "Having compassion for rapists does not mean shielding them from the consequences."

12) "I have been accused of ruining my rapist’s life. With the best of intentions, people have argued against this accusation by claiming that my life has been ruined as well. But has it? And should it matter even if I come out of this okay? "

13) "Our response matters. Two other survivors have approached me to say they wanted to file reports, but were afraid to do so after seeing the community’s response to my case. This is not acceptable. We need to do better."

(Young) BRO Virgo49,

The above-mentioned survivor/ alleged rape victim could be anybody's daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin... Etc including some of MSN oldie readers' NOK?

What would you have done or felt were the above survivor your NOK?

The above-mentioned college (uni) is an atas IHL. Students admitted supposedly need to have the following criteria :

i) Impeccable academic record including a strings of As (distinction) in the A-level exam;

ii) Sterling CCA records with possibly strong (but unseen) recommendation letters from the teachers in charge (direct to the IHL);

iii) Solid record of voluntary/ community work:

iv) Confident, self-assured individuals who not only excel in academic studies but carry themselves well and are eloquent, articulate;

v) Possess other non-academic talent/ skill(s) such as painting, dancing, singing, musical skill etc.

Given the above stringent criteria, how many students in the midst would fit the bill?

A coin has 2 sides. The reverse of it is that to possess all or most of the above quality, an eighteen or nineteen years old teenage gal would need to have been highly self-motivated, disciplined, bright, diligent, multi-talented and possess good communication ability.

When gals of such quality fall victims to rape/ OM, how would it affect their lives/ future?

Would they (ever) be able to walk out (completely) of the shadow of fear, insecurity and emotional wreak?

Would the mental and emotional scar inflicted on them (ever) heal?

When an IHL hails students from 60 other nationalities/ countries comprising more than 40% of the total student population (and many male students from culture which are far from being conservative such as in Asia) , should not more be done to assure both current and future prospective students/ parents that what they/ their daughters had worked so hard for in so many years with so much resources invested would not be wreaked by some student rapists (no matter under what circumstances)?

A murder is murder.

A rape is a rape.

A molest is a molest.

Perpetrators have to face the consequences.

Otherwise, it is difficult for both students and parents to feel safe (anymore)?

PS: The source for the excepts quoted in the above Parts 1, 2 and 3 is as below:


Lawless Justice said...

An eye for an eye .a tooth for a tooth.
A life for a life, a rape for a rape.
A bully for a bully, a shove for a shove.
A charge for a charge.
A law for a law, ajudge for a judge.
A law for a lawyer. a jail for a jailor.
A country of bullies, a people of bullies.
A community of bullies, a children of bullies.
The powerful bullies the weak.
The rich bullies the poor.
The strong bullies the weak.
The fast bullies the slow.
The smart bullies the dafts.
The cunning bullies the bum.
The big bullies the small.
The God bullies the Asura.
The human bullies the beast.
The fierce bullies the timid.
The sucessful bullies the loser.
The healthy belittles the sick.
The unscrupulous belittles the abiding law.
The scoundrel belittles the law-abiding.

That's the wayward lives of the Law - THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE!

Justice Is Deliberately Blind said...

Justice must be seen to have been done, in order to be just.

Justice is deliberately blind. She covers her own eyes with a piece of handkerchief. Therefore she cannot see. She has deliberately refused to see. She can only feel and balance with a scale - her own scale held in her own hands.

The scale of Justice is just a scale held in the hand of a blind woman (not man, why?). Nothing else.

The scale is itself unsteady and unstable. It needs a pair of steady and a stable hands. If the pair of hands is not steady and not stable, then the scale of justice becomes unsteady and unstable.

Simple as that.

If the pair of hands is weak, lame, sick, diseased, slippery with oil or grease, dirtied, crooked, poisoned, injected with morphine, bitten by snake, swollen and numbed by bee stings, gangarined, stinks, rotting and hopelessly unsafe, the the scale of justice becomes naturally affected in one way or another. Then, of course, in the order or disorder of the process or proceedings of law, justice is not seen and is not done.

All Things Being Equal.

But always remember:

"In this imperfect world, nothing is equal."

Even if the Constitution specifically states that all creeds, colours, races, religions, languages and cultures are equal, they are not. Some are always more equal than many.

In mathematics, 1 is not equal to 10. 1 thousand cannot be equal to 10 millions. A king cannot be equal to 10 million subjects. 10 Ministers cannot be equal to 100 million citizens. One billionaire cannot be equal to one billion paupers. One Judge cannot be equal to a jury of ten diverse brains. One single judgement cannot be equal to no errors. And so on and so forth..... Nothing is perfectly right or perfectly wrong. It's all relative.

Simple as that.

Even if God says, "Go forth and multiply," some men amd some women simply cannot multiply. So where is equality in God's mind?

Where is Justice in this imperfect World?

Anonymous said...

In the Little Red Dot foreign wildlife is protected although they are far from being an endangered species. In fact they are proliferating here at an alarming rate.

Anonymous said...

Justice, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. Unlike beauty, justice can be very ugly and unnatural.

Anonymous said...

Clear Indications of Condoning Voyeurism in Singapore

A National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate who took videos of children in a toilet on multiple occasions was given a 24-month conditional warning in lieu of prosecution by the police, according to a document detailing offences heard by the school's disciplinary board between 2015 and 2018 and their outcomes.

The documents - which were obtained from the university's student portal and uploaded over the previous weekend by a group of NUS students on Facebook - reveal that the NUS' Board of Discipline heard at least 26 cases of sexual misconduct during the three academic years.

Several of the cases involved students taking photos and videos of male and female students in the shower and upskirt videos. In other incidents, offenders touched the thighs or buttocks of female students.

The document, however, also revealed that children were among the victims of the sexual voyeurs in NUS. It did not state where these offences took place.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nus-undergrad-filmed-children-in-toilet-11482048

Anonymous said...

26 reported cases of peeping toms with intention to violate the modesty of others have taken place and officially recorded in 36 months! Yet they do not ring any bell. The NUS management must be either very stupid or very lazy. Or, even worse, could they also be among the lurking sexual perverts?

Anonymous said...

When a society is crumbling and collapsing, there are always clear sign, indication and omen.
First sign invariably is greed resulting in self centre, self serving and other unscrupulous behaviours. Next comes debaunchery, indulgences in vices cause mankind to be immoral and impropriety.
To cut it short, all sign, indication and omen are abundantly evident in Sin.
The Day of Reckoning is here,
it can be seen in the Day and more so in the Dark.


Anonymous said...

Multiply 26 by 10 and you get 260 cases. Because, as a norm, for every crime that is reported, there are at least ten that went unreported.

UG said...

Old leaders time long ago is fight fight fight. No one owe a living. So logical. In life also no one owe a living. Singapore so li hai must thank old leaders. I read some where people say LKY remove old guards. Why ah?

My time is report wrong doer to the authority. The authority will take care. Suddenly tell us life is by nature law, no one owe a living, super angry. Slam chair and do all sorts of things. What did this father do ah?


6 smoke bomb lai liao. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. So people below cannot talk. Must keep quiet. Got ideas also must keep quiet. Only the highest authority can choose who can talk. Than no talent because no one is talking. So import talent and allow them to talk. This Sai Kor Logic very hard to understand meh? Want wear pampers protect old leaders a not? After see people kena ISA, see old guards kena get rid, old leaders scared until wear pampers keep vote PAP until 70% and no foresee skill is it? Next election I am going to hide at home loh.

Hi. Da Jia Hao. I am strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millenial generation. I must thanks Ang Moh. Li ning got free education? Hua Wei so li hai? George Carlin sun hurhur hurhur.