Would you die for Singapore?


Above is a 8 minute clip posted by Matilah Singapura about Majulah Singapura, spoken by a young Singaporean. Frankly I do not understand what was the reason why he could not die for Singapore but willing to die for Singapore because of the word Majulah.

I do not know about how you people feel about dying for Singapore, about being a Singaporean, about Singapore as your country. My greatest misgiving is that this is no longer our country, when Singaporeans are treated as dispensable digits and should be replaced by foreigners with no qualms. For every two persons I met, one is a foreigner. In the train, I feel like I am a minority as practically everyone is a foreigner.

Do I want to die for a Singapore that I no longer think belong to Singaporeans? How many Singaporeans still feel passionately for this island and think this island belongs to Singaporeans?

Why is it like that? Have some asses diluted the glue, remove the glue that once held all Singaporeans together, and proud to be Singaporeans, to the present day when one no longer feels that this is our country, this is our home? When the politicians do not feel any sense of shame or guilt to tell you to fight for your lunch with foreigners they brought in to steal your lunch, where are the obligation and compulsion to want to die for this country any more? Foreigners that have no stake here except to make a living and whose loyalties are in their homeland, treated better than Singaporeans and with the audacity to demand equal treatment and rights of citizens which the govt thought are normal and acceptable? And the employment market are controlled and manipulated by foreigners at the detriment of Singaporeans! This is the new normal, a very sad state of affair. Sadder still, no asshole thinks he/she can do something about it for Singaporeans.

Majulah, going forward together or going forward with foreigners but Singaporeans are left behind? How many of you can feel connected with this guy? I can't.


Anonymous said...

Wud u die for Sinkieland?
Ans: Borrow Ah Tong words- majority of Sinkies support the #/&* law leh, so how cud u not die for Sinkieland?
Reality, when war or disaster strike in this tiny red rock, Sinkies will hv no where to hide but to fight or flight to other lands.

Anonymous said...

In major national emergency the SOP is to ban all males between 16-50 from leaving the country. We adopt from Israel (which adopt from old practice of certain european countries).

Those already overseas are expected to fly back. You will get into trouble if you enter any SG high commission overseas.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as dying for one's country, be it Singapore or Japan or USA. It is an illusion and scheme created by Politicians. They create grandiose plans and clever rhetoric and you are the expendable digits to execute their plans and die for them, not the "country".
The only people worth dying for is your immediate family. Everything else is fake news.

Anonymous said...

loyalty to Sin
has and shall always be
for Sin Dollars.
Once the Sin Dollar has no value, there shall be no one who wants to be a Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

9.34am, I agreed lar. I asked my kids to work overseas since not much chance here anyway. In the event of war, don't be stupid to come back. I will stay to look after our home here as I retiree Liao not much to lose. πŸ˜€

jjgg said...

Would any miw die for Singapore? .. how many citizens took up arms against the last invaders.. I daresay say practically everyone just accept the invaders n go about their daily lives.. certain chappie called lky also did same thing.. u want to be dead hero? How many dead hero names do u remember from the Japanese invasion.. but I know one lky survived n survived well

Anonymous said...

ln Sin History,
two traitors worked for the Jap lmperial Army and later were chosen by Daft Sinkies to be their rulers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Best piece of State-sponsored fucken bullshit propaganda ( aka fake news ) to date. But of course, there is NO *VISIBLE* TRACE of state involvement. I tell you lah MDA and InfoCom have upped their game. Production standards, wah damn kilat lah.

Nice try fellas. But I think you're soooo...busted. 🀣

"WE are Majulah?"

Allow me to intro myself:

I AM Matilah.

So put that in your ganja pipe and smoke it. πŸ€“

Watch a few times please, and make up your mind. Do you believe this fella? Watch the end...how FAKE his emotions are.

Uncle RB...what you think?

Anonymous said...

Do I want to die for a Singapore that I no longer think belong to Singaporeans?

U will not have the chance to die for Singapore lah, even if you wanted to. So your question is hypothetical.

I do not like to answer hypothetical questions, for instance like "What will I do if I become PM of Singapore?"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you said, you saw it, so did we, it is so fake.

Is this fake news, from which source, when did this come from?

Anonymous said...

RB like to talk hypothetical issues and ask hypothetical questions in his blog.

This will attract a lot of TCSS netizens to his blog, like bees to honey.

And with so many TCSS Sinkies having fun on a beautiful Sunday, PAP will continue to win big in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Not only TCSS netizens, even ducks that go Kekekeke or chickens that go Kakakaka.

Anonymous said...


Relax lah, you all won't die for S'pore.

But you will die IN s'pore.

Even those migrated overseas --- many no balls to give up Sinkie shitizenship --- when serious sick, all fly back to Sinkieland hospital. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Why not?

Sure! 108%!

All the way!


Anonymous said...

No need to die for any thing.

Dying is natural.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I have no idea where it's from, but I suspect one of the stat boards is behind it. Remember, social engineering plays a big part in our history. So any attempt to manipulate the zeitgeist of the nation shouldn't surprise anyone.

I think it's fake. In fact, I challenge anyone to convince me it's NOT state propaganda/ social engineering at play.

As for others, they have to make their own assessment. Critical Thinking is an individual activity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

For those who like to read and are interested in how power surreptitiously manipulates the nation.

YouTube entire book, audio form;

Free ebook version, buy hard copy and audiobook:

If you want to find out what's happening, I highly recommend this book as a primary resource.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The book focuses on Trump's power.

Remember however, state power is wielded by A MINORITY. Their true power comes from the support of the MAJORITY.

Without this majority, Authoritarianism cannot work.

Anonymous said...

Some Americans have said that President D Trump is a gift from their god to run the USA.
Indeed Donald Trump is special; he is a maverick totally independent of anyone and in complete control with full confidence. He cares not what Ex-presidents, their members and supporters and the American at large want and do. Trump does not even bothers what other countries view and take him for.
He seemingly brushes off speculation and incident link to possible assassination on him. He put his Family into the US Politics as though the US of A belongs to his grandfather.

Trump's Americans First Policy is going to benefit Americans tremendously, if Trump focuses and works on growing the economy of the US.
if President Trump wants to rule the World, the Americans shall be in woes and danger.

Trump knows best.

Anonymous said...

hires,fires and chides his Cabinet Members whenever he feels the need.
Decisive Leadership.

Anonymous said...

Trump is totally opposite from the kiasu and kiasi Pinkie Leedership, that only know how to bully own brother, sister, nephew, sister-in-law and the ordinary citizens by blatantly using organs of State, but declare it's okay (not abuse of power) because nobody dares to call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely said...

Sinkieland is a place rule by a sissy fart controlled by a Empress Dowager. The Royal Court of the Empress is infested with Eunuchs whose balls have been castrated in exchange for the fattening of their bank accounts with citizens' hard-earned sweat and blood money. This is how one sees it. What do you think ( if you still have a brain that can think out of the box)?

Anonymous said...

12.06am, with this posting, u may be a target for lim Kopi invitation, follow by detention and sodomi by tuakee. God blessπŸ˜°πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Would you die for Singapore, when even spouses of foreign workers can work in Singapore!

According to MOM website, "Dependants of Employment Pass holders, EntrePass or Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) holder can get a Letter of Consent to work in Singapore if they find a job here.

b said...

Why would anyone want to die for this huge concentration camp? unless they are very sick mentally.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.00am

Yep, many work as cleaners, karanguni, hair dressing, spa, tuina, tcm, selling tissues, 'volunteers' in temples/monastery, freelancing like massagers, artists, fake monks or nuns, grassroot volunteers, 'charity' volunteer admin, hawkers helpers, & list goes on..

Anonymous said...

@ 11:30 am
Your analogy of concentration camp in Chinese is (一針見葀).
This concentration camp outcome would not favor the N citizens who had swallowed the bait, to them waking up is already late. AS to those fence sitter who still could not senses that there is an invisible concentration camp waiting for them behind the honey bait, their ending will be the same.