How many believe that the attacks on tankers outside the Persian Gulf were by Iran?

This is what the Americans are telling the world, using all their media and silly media around the world to sing this song. And the Americans said they have done their investigations and the damages on the tankers pointed to Iran as high possibility. They probably found words, Made In Iran, or some Iranian words on the damage hull like the Sinking of the Cheonan in Korea. They have fool proof evidence, Made In Iran, in black and white.

I know, many silly bananas would believe in this kind of craps. The Iranians are threatening the Americans, the Iranians are dying to attack American forces! This is like a small timid student in the class threatening the school bully and his whole gang of thugs. Can you believe it? Only the Americans and the Israelis are threatening the Iranians, to attack Iran’s nuclear power plant, to conduct preemptive strikes, to bomb Iran to Stone Age.

How could a smaller weaker power be threatening the world’s number one super power amassing two nuclear powered carrier strike force outside its door step? The Iranians are in their garden, their front yard. The Americans sailed their warships to the Iranian front yard. Who is threatening who?

This is what fake news is all about. This is fake news from the world’s number one rogue state, the Evil Empire. And who is producing this fake news? And which main media are spreading this fake news? The Iranians would not want a war with the world’s number one gangster. They knew the odds. But the world’s number one gangster is spreading the fake news that the Iranians are threatening them and attacking them, like the false flag incidents on the containers.

It is so easy to stage a false flag incident to put the blame on the Iranians and to start a war, an invasion of Iran.

Oh Iran did not do it but forces friendly to Iran did it under the instruction of Iran. Are the Iranians so stupid or the rest of the world believing in the fake and mischievous news from the Americans stupid?

Who are shouting for regime change in Iran? How the Iranians live their lives, chose their govt is not the concern of any country. When John Bolton called for a regime change, who supported him and shouted yea, yea? The ordinary red blooded gun trotting ordinary Americans, the murderers of native Indians and Arabs all over the Middle East. They love to go to war to kill other people for whatever silly reasons under the excuse of national security and American interests. And they can celebrate war victories and American heroes that went to kill other people in other parts of the world.

This is the evil culture of the white Americans, since they invaded North America till today, never changed, never civilized, savages in modern days, blood thirsty savages.

A clue on what the Evil Empire is going to do next is the warnings that they made against their victims. Example, if Iran attacks American resources, which Iran will not do, but the Americans are planning to do and will do and then point the fingers at Iran. Same thing like warning Syria of using chemical weapons, meaning the Americans are going to use it when they find it time to attack Syria by simply detonating some chemicals and point the fingers at Syria. And the most hideous thing to do, do not touch Guaido or American troops will enter Venezuela. Guaido could thus be shot and use as an excuse to invade Venezuela.

Or in the case of South China Sea provocations, simply blow a hole in their own ship and accused China of doing it, like the blowing up of Choenan, a South Korean naval ship, killing tens of South Korean sailors and blaming North Korea for it.

PS. The Americans are using this excuse, claiming that Iran did it and started to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia and UAE and also to move more forces to the region. It is the same as the accusation of Huawei’s spying without showing any proof. The Evil Empire has pronounced both guilty without trial, without evidence to show.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Fake News Forever

I think this might be another “WMD” scheme by Bolton, Pompeo, partnered with The Saudis and UAE, all done behind Trump’s back, similar to the way Rumsfeld and Cheney cooked up the WMD nonsense to fool George W. Both Trump and GW are blur-sotongs and can be manipulated by those who know how.

You can argue for the case where the USA wants to obliterate Iran off the map. However Trump is not a war hawk...but he is so arrogant and egotistical that he can easily be manipulated into doing something like attack Iran. Trump was manipulated into firing on Syria...because he was CONvinced that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people...a RIDICULOUS assertion lah. why in fuck’s name would Assad do that??

But OTOH, it could be real. It might even be Yemen, also no friend of the Saudi or UAE. Sabotaging their oil distribution chain is one sure way to ROYALLY piss them off.

It could be Hezbollah---the paramilitaries of Shi’ite Islam. They are hated by the Arab League of which Iran is not a member, and Syria has been suspended (since the Civil War began). Hezbollah has been quiet in recent times, maybe they’re “stepping up”.

So the attacks on Saudi/ UAE oil distribution could come from different agents. No doubt at this point it is all smoke and mirrors, lies and distortions, mixed in with some truth here and there.

Many cuntries want Iran gone. Not just those in the Arab world, and the US. Israe hates theml too.

Anonymous said...

Many countries want to have Iran's cheap oil, Europe, Russia, China, India, Japan, S Korea and many others. Why would they want Iran gone? They don't hate the Iranians like the Americans. What harm has Iran done to them?

Anonymous said...

Why no country wants the Americans gone as they are starting wars everywhere, bullying everyone as and when they liked?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah's mentality is still cowboys good, Red Indians bad.

Anonymous said...

D Trump does not like war.
He likes to enjoy living, having billions allow him to enjoy his pussy grabbings and becoming the President of the United States, supposedly the Highest Achievement anyone could wish for.

Trump wants his fellow Americans to enjoy living like himself. War would spoil much fun in living and worse, may get many including self to be killed.
Trump is sanguine and practical. Despite his flamboyance, he is sensible to want the Americans to live well and he places his people as his top priority in serving them.

Anonymous said...


Who the fuck cares?!?!

My War Stocks are THRIVING!!!!!

4 Examples of my War Stocks!!!!


Anonymous said...

Trump: I started a joke....

Anonymous said...

Mrs Ivana Trump, Ivana's mother, was rumoured to be a swallow.

More likely Melanie Trump is one, courtesy of Putin.

Anonymous said...

It would be fun if USA invades Iran.

George W Bush already declared that Iraq, Iran and.North Korea are the Axis of Evil. That means the Evil Empire has already decided in 2001 to invade Iraq (phase1 - already done), Iran (phase 2 - going to do soon) and North Korea (phase 3 - after destroying Iran).

But first, the Uncle Scam must make sure China and Russia are kept so busy that they will not interfere militarily.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ War Stocks Guy

Wah, Booz Allen Hamilton ah? Doing damn well. They were one of my clients in those "Bangkok years". They have a lot of "advisors" in the Middle East, so am Iran conflict will probably earn them lots of money.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China and Russia already prepared for this invasion and just concluded a joint military exercise. China's Western Region Army has been assigned to move across central Asia into Iran, together with Russians coming in from the North.

After being misled by the Americans in Iraq and Libya, China and Russia decided not to allow such invasion to be repeated again. Syria is thus saved, with Iranians fighting along side Syrians and Russians.

An invasion of Iran is not tolerable to both China and Russia just like an invasion of Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

If there is a regime change in Iran and a pro US puppet installed what will be the implications for China Russia Syria Israel Iraq Palestine and turkey?

Anonymous said...

Trump is one blur fuck, but his ego is sky high and he thinks very highly of himself. He does not mind what others think of him, though. They laughed at his silliness and he just brushed that aside as if nothing happens. He knows no shame. Of course not to be ashamed of for someone who went bankrupt six times.

If Bolton and Pompeo keeps on massaging his ego, this dumb fuck may go along, so long as they can convince him that war with Iran will help him win the 2020 election.

This dumb fuck could be the one to end the human race. Good luck to the equally dumb Americanos who voted for him. They are going to regret big time when WW3 starts. They will not get a place inside the concrete tomb under the Rockies to hide from the nuclear fallout. That place is reserved for the elites.

Now he is probably putting further pressure on the Japs to distance themselves from Huawei.

Anonymous said...

The attack on Saudi/UAE oil distribution could be from any angle, but what the US wants is using this to concoct a reason to blame Iran. Evidence is not necessary, just like banning Huawei so long as the occasion can be manipulated to fit the objective.

You can never understand the true evil mind and how it works.

Anonymous said...

Japan's slimy and cunning Abe thinks he can out-smart the World's True Godfather, Mafia Chief of Chiefs, the Pussy Grabbing Dotard Trumpet.

He has gone that extra mile and another extra mile, and another extra mile, and also I bet deliberately lost his golf game to Trumpet. He really is bowing so low to touch his head on the floor and bending backwards so much that he has totally forgotten what shame is.

Anonymous said...

Ghost Chocked-Tongue implies in his recent interpretation of his wishful dream that the Pee-And-Poo must continue to maintain 75% to 80% of seats in Parliament.

That means he still wants Singaporeans to be subjected to the absolute rule of the Pee-And-Poo through a rubber-stamping parliament, so that the self-serving, self-enriching, self-indulging, self-praising and self-glorifying egoistic, elitist elites can continue to pass any law they wish, like changing underwears, in the next 20 years.

Anonymous said...

With the West controlling almost all the media on earth, lies propagated and perpetuated repeatedly tend to be viewed and accepted as facts.