Majority of Singaporeans want strong laws against fake news?

In response, ruling party politician Edwin Tong rubbished Mr Paine’s claims and said that the Government is “confident that there is broad and deep support among an overwhelming majority of Singaporeans for laws to tackle online falsehoods.”
Asserting that “the overwhelming majority of Singaporeans want strong laws to deal with online falsehoods” and that only a small group is “crying wolf” over the bill, he said: “Crying wolf repeatedly gets no attention.”
He added: “The Government is confident that most Singaporeans understand the Bill’s main thrust. The concerted attempts by a small group of persons to mislead have not got any traction among most Singaporeans.
“The small group of persons I have referred to, speak in a shrinking echo chamber, with increasing shrillness. Some take refuge in alarmist language (including comparisons with nuclear wars) in desperate attempts to get attention.”

Netizens on social media have disputed this claim and have asked Mr Tong to prove his claim that an “overwhelming majority” of Singaporeans want strong legislation against fake news.
Asserting that the Government should have called for a national referendum if the people’s views on fake news legislation really mattered, Singaporeans called Mr Tong’s claims “fake news”:

Above posted in theindependent.sg site.

I also conducted a survey and found the majority of Singaporeans want PAP to rule forever. They even said it is ok to live under a dictator as long as the prices of their HDB flats would only go up and never come down and their money in their CPF would always be there.

Some of you may disagree with my survey results, it is alright. You can also conduct your own survey to discredit my survey. One question I would like to ask, how many of you think that the above surveys,  my survey and the one saying the majority of the people want strong laws against fake news are fake news?

Oh, you can also make a survey on how many people love to continue to have more foreigners coming and to boost the population to 10m and to boost our economic growth, and how many people would love to pay higher prices for water and electricity. I am sure many Singaporeans would love to have 10m population and would also love to pay and pay for water and electricity. It all depends on who you talk to. Tiok boh?

When I ask the devil about doing evil things, the devil would say that is a good thing and he loves doing evil things.


Virgo49 said...

Why NO action on the two websites that they claimed were scams on JT and HSK???

No test case for their newly baked laws?

Anonymous said...

no point say so much lah and kpkb here and kpkb there about pap!

it is the masses!

dont forget....69.9% voted pap in last ge!

in fact, many many many are forecasting a 75.9% for pap at the next ge

possible? of course!

the masses will only kpkb kpkb and kpkb but come to voting....pap!

the maases will die die vote pap

this is sg liao...........you dont know meh?


Anonymous said...

Yah Lah, no point kpkb here lah. 75 to 80% will vote for PAP to continue to screw their back lah. Once daft, forever daft. Worst of all, not only daft, they are also world best cowards. How do you expect cowards to stand up and stand tall? They only learnt how to crawl and slide silently like a snake - unable to stand up, forgotten they have legs as well as forgotten they have brains.

People defend fake news law by deliberately creating and propounding fake news are the ones who are faking all the time in their lives. Never trust such people. They are the lowest of the lowest scumps. They don't even have an iota of self-respect. So how can they respect the masses?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe should classify these as alternative truth or news.

So not fake news. Unfortunately we are not the judge.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Wah. Super. It's A JOKE. It's so obvious that the guy is pulling a fast one. And he "got" everyone. Nice job lah. 🀣🀑

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

And it's BRILLIANT. He uses "survey data", so immediately there's a hint of "objectivity" --- which of course is totally BULL. Then he publishes results and conclusion from the "survey"...and has a fucking good laugh.
Imagine, most of the population are the brunt of your joke. BRILLIANT!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Anonymous said...

POFMA is to stop people from spreading fake news and manipulation of news and data.

Anonymous said...

When LKY was alive, he used to say or imply that those who are poor are lazy and/or stupid. And sinkies clapped & cheered.

So is this LKY anecdote fake news?

Virgo49 said...

Every Minister can take action if they believe that that is FAKE News concerning their Ministries or. their status.

But cannnot sue them. Only they can sue you.

The Scams Fake News is a very serious Happening.

awhy Min JT and Potential PM don't demand that the FAKE scam news don't take down?

They must be in sixes and sevens and awaiting their Yat Ko or Shame to guide them.

Making a laughing stock of their newly empowered laws and themselves.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Look at the Facebook comments lah. Everyone is LAUGHING!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If LKY was still alive this stupid law would never see the light of day. The Tong fella would have been slapped and fired lah.

Anonymous said...

What Tong said may have some merit because Singaporeans have been the target of the mother of all fake news when repeatedly told that HDB flats will go up in price with upgrading. They swallowed the fake news in jubilation over many elections.

Now they have woken up after realising their flats will become zero in value after 99 years. That fake news will go down in history as the biggest fraud ever concocted by the Government.

But how conveniently they came up with this law with the provision that they can sue you, but you cannot sue them, to cover their arse in case another bigger mother of all fake news surface.

Anonymous said...

Just one look at that guy's face, immediately gets a revulsive feeling.

Smile is so artificial.

Face looks fierce but trying very hard to appear kind.

Unknown said...


With hindsight, now everyone knows that there have been some very important and critical fake news (half-truths/falsehoods) created and widely disseminated over prolonged periods of time repeatedly, especially during election times, by the very same party that creates the fake news law.

There have been even more political and social manipulations of the masses and the voters for many years. The relentless importing of foreigners for conversion to new citizens is one of them. This is very serious because it upsets the existing unity and harmony of the local citizenry, and most importantly the voting trends and patterns.

So, one day this fake news law will backfir, because it can be used by the citizenry to hold some people to account.

There is a Chinese saying: "USING OWN PENIS TO HIT OWN HEAD." This new law is such a penis!

Whoever thought out this new law must be very wise; as wise as the owl. But the trouble is that the wise owl is always blinded during the day. That's why it is active only at night.

Anonymous said...

"What is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence"
- Christopher Hitchens

"Majority of Singaporeans want strong laws against fake news."

"HDB is an appreciating asset."
"Your HDB flat belongs to you."

Anonymous said...

lt is apparent that the Regime is widening the Gap between itself and the Native Citizenry,
especially the lntellectual Community in the Society.
lt is quite surprising that the Rulers do not seem to care that there is rising resentment from the Intellectual and Middle Class Singaporeans.
Could it be a mistaken confidence that it has strangle hold over the People because it is in full controls of the Uniformed Forces and the Civil Service ?

The Rulers do not notice the Rising Resentment and Antagonism ?
is it taking the People for granted and brush off the Growing Disaffection ?

The Confrontational Stance of the Rulers against the Masses does not augur well for Sin at this juncture.
The Trade War between the United States and China as well as the Change of Relationships between Sin and Malaysia after Pakatan Rakyat replaced UMNO,is going to be very challenging.

The Sin Regime must be mindful for the Wellbeing of its' People. lt cannot afford to alienate itself from the People any further. The Consequences shall be dire.

UG said...


Lan Hao Lan. 50 years still like that. The enforcement team better resign and dont bear false witness. So small country cannot manage. Thought dunno who say you must what even know your neighbor or what. I am product of lee family. I am daft. Thanks ah. PAP promote killing people and peeping people leh. Thought LKY ISA people for the good of this country leh. When my dad sleep void deck, I am shock. Now Dr Chee is more trustable. Got people slap Teo Soh Lung and Amos Yee right? Got people slap the person who peep Monica Baey? Wau lau eh. Thought some police act like pia kia, integrity kao kao. Lan Jiao. Same balless when Little India Riot come. Joke. Or some police religion damn HOLY sia. Joke. Singapore safe? LOL. Got people send pizza to Jover Chew house a not? Vietnamese tourist kneel down than got Sim Lim Square news ah? If it is Singaporean no news of Sim Lim Square ah? Weird ah? Who are those people in Sim Lim Square so protected? Perak one? Penang one? Ang Mo Kio one?

Anonymous said...

The uniform forces and civil servant are part and parcel of the masses just like their kith, kin and friend. They will be like some Ex-PAP Parliamentarian and Senior Civil Servant who are actively opposing the Direction and Policy of the Regime which are detrimental to the wellbeing of the people.

UG said...

Ang Moh not curious why Banana scholar in Singapore allow Ah Tiong to scoot millions away? And Ong Teng Cheong what how many years to count? That weird. We got NTU NUS. Scholar allow millions to scoot away? Scholar leh. And must take dunno how many years to count? Where does all those scholar come from ah Ang Moh? Sinkies are daft leh. So since I am DAFT. I am wondering those scholar come from where? And why so good pay them millions and need calculate so many years in Ang Moh alliance state? So their pay come from Ang Moh? Ang Moh so kind pay those scholar dunno come from where? Than Sinkies are daft. So China become so li hai invent Huawei, must ask those scholar why? Because they are so li hai, millions can scoot away? Really? Sinkies are daft. Dont ask sinkies. There is e2i and WDA but I am still jobless. Yes. Sinkies are daft. Wonder who are those people working inside. Old people collect card board is exercising. Ang Moh is daft also. No wonder China got Huawei and Sinkies are daft. And does Lee Kuan Yew know how to make his will a not ah? He is daft ah? Sinkies are daft, so is he daft?

UG said...

Yippie. I am daft under PAP. I am daft in Ang Moh alliance state. Yippie. My problem not solve. Scholar get millions. Ah Tiong scoot millions away. I dont even have a job yet I serve army cheaply. The Ang Moh is so smart. Yippie. So happy.

Anonymous said...

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UG said...

What wild life? Imported by PAP? Ang Moh is daft ah. For sure. Job so easy give me, go Lee Hsien Loong meet the people session also dont have ah. Kena stop. How did PAP allow millions to scoot away and terrex detain? PAP so li hai stop people have job. Dunno how to detain the Ah Tiong at air port using Blue Thugs? Is PAP China spy using American millitary equipment? Want to ISA the whole batch of PAP minister a not?

UG said...

Wah seh. So li hai send pizza go Jover Chew house ah. No one go take naked picture of Nicholas Lim or kill Captain Chia? But know how to slap Amos Yee? Who are those people on top ah? Perak, Penang, Ipoh, Li Ning? So gay one ah. Next time go army dont so serious leh. You all get more pay Little India Riot also scared leh. No wonder Singapore got no talent lah. Sinkies are already daft. On top people dunno come from where. Than ang moh investor invest in a no talent country than money leh money leh? Ah Tiong scoot millions away PAP never send blue thugs ah? Thought PAP well inform and love to send blue thugs most? Terrex detain sure a not? Is PAP China Spy? Want ISA all of them a not? I am a daft sinkies here, I thought PAP should take care of me leh. Dont have leh. How ah Ang Moh? I serve army cheaply one leh. Any ang moh want to question PAP?

UG said...

I go Lam Pin Min meet the people session. I saw Ah Tiong but my issue not solve leh. Is PAP China Spy a not ah? Using American Military Equipment in Singapore? I am a daft sinkies and my rank is very low leh. Who are those high rank one ah? I send many email to Lee Hsien Loong and still jobless leh. But I serve army cheaply and my dad sleep void deck.

UG said...

Cai Ming Jie go drive taxi never die leh.
Shane Todd die.
Ah Tiong able to scoot millions away and no blue thugs stop the person at airport?
Li Ning got free education?
Is PAP China Spy? British approve the swoop than what political coward? Chinese harm Chinese? Chinese say Chinese is communist? Than invest in Suzhou? Why dont invest in Singapore? Our pay $1000 only, invest in Singapore, pay back hdb, money still in Singapore leh. Why invest in Suzhou ah? Does the Ang Moh know why? Now according to what happen in Singapore, Chinese ISA Chinese leh. Who is the one who kill native ah? Ang Moh? Or the Chinese ownself kill Chinese in China? Nanjing Massacre? Chinese ISA Chinese in Singapore? How come this blog always talk bad about Ang Moh? That very weird. No wonder we got no talent.

A Singaporean bother PAP embarrass China? So PAP is China Spy? Yew Kuan Lee peh eh tai ji ah? Why dont talk about CPF, HDB or other stuff?


Hi. Da Jia Hao. I am strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millennial generation. I am also daft sinkies. You can call me Jiak Liao Bee too.

Anonymous said...

The bonded plebeians in Sin are rendered hapless and they resign themselves to their fate in the gutter. There is nothing they can do against the Dictators who behave like emperors in the olden days.
Most have no sense of belonging and treat this barren rock as a half way house. Some treat themselves as refugees although they are born here.
This is how bad Sin has become.

UG said...

To preserve the army for future battles, most of it was withdrawn. Chiang's strategy was to follow the suggestion of his German advisers to draw the Japanese army deep into China and use China's vast territory as a defensive strength.

World War 2 was fought between two groups of countries. On one side were the Axis Powers, including Germany, Italy and Japan. On the other side were the Allies. They included Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of America.

Not content with merely selling us out to the Germans, Japanese and Americans, the PAP also signed two landmark treaties with China and India which effectively squashed any hopes for Singaporeans to reclaim their place in the workforce.

I got study Cambridge O Level one leh. I spot the pattern. I spot German and Japanese.

Is Chiang a goondu? Is Lee a goondu? Lucky last time got other old guards? Goh Keng Swee from Malacca, scoot to Singapore than scoot to China? Where he scoot, where prosper? No need war leh. No need ISA people. Goh Keng Swee must be very smart lah. Now China so li hai leh. Their vision is like last time PAP is it? If LKY never get rid of PAP old guards, maybe now we also very li hai? What vision current PAP have now? People jobless? Homeless? Die in 6 smoke bomb? Kena peep at? Choose electricity must headache? HDB become smaller and more expensive is Singapore Progressing? So many foreigners, power plant sell already, go so many army protect what ah?

UG said...

Anon 1255am. It is logical sinkies are daft. Cos my founding father Lee Kuan Yew WILL also dunno how to make. So I am daft is normal. I go e2i and wda also no job. They do not know how to find me a job. Sounds like Lee Kuan Yew make WILL also dunno. Even Lee Hsien Loong need Nas Daily and dunno how to ownself train. So it is normal we are daft. Lee Kuan Yew dunno how to make WILL. Lee Hsien Loong dunno how to train people and just take Nas Daily like instant noodles. It is logical I am daft. So LKY get rid of old guards like people say. All the people now is following LKY style. I am daft, what good can they do? And the foreigners they take in, got invent Huawei for them? If the foreigners invent Huawei for my country, and my power plant never sell, it is okay I go army many times to protect them until they convert to PINK IC leh. Because I am brainless I can only offer my life leh. But they got brain, I never see anything manufacture as Singapore Brand leh. I see China can do it, I am in shock leh. I thought we progress faster? What is our founding father LKY doing? Oh, WILL he also dunno hor. No wonder I am DAFT.

Anon 1255am. How come I am helpless ah? Singapore history only 50 years leh. My founding father is LKY. That weird leh. Workers Party dont solve people issue also leh. So who is in charge of daft sinkies welfare after going so many army ah? Dr Chee? Cos only he go jail? Like my mum almost landed in jail? But he is daft lah. He go jail. So Singapore got no leadership. After Nas Daily our next new leader is Prof Ma. PAP haven pay me money for their fail leadership leh. They like to sue people take money. They never admit their own fault find free lawyer give me or Dom Lee mother to sue for millions. Singapore leaders are gay la. ISA without trial. Go jail. Ownself do wrong dont admit. What good followers can they train? They just know how to take instant one like Nas Daily. So how come they can get millions salary ah? While old people collect card board is exercise? Which goondu pay them? Rothschild? IMF?

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Fast Forward To The Future - Part I

Singapore 2049. The DUST Party took over power from the incumbent ruling party with 80% of the valid votes throughout the city state. DUST stands for Democratic United Singaporean Talents.

A new government is formed within two days and sworn in on the third day.

Immediately, the new government goes to work to consolidate its power and flush out all undesirable elements (the potential trouble-makers and saboteurs) within the government, the uniformed services and the civil service.

All heads and deputies in each and every ministry, statutory boards, organs of state, military, police, intelligence services, judiciary branches, grass-roots organizations, newspapers editors, Temasek Holdings, GLCs, GIC, etc at all levels are being replaced.

The country's Constitution has been suspended. The post of the President has been declared redundant and the existing President is put under house arrest for dereliction of responsibilities and involvements in politicking.

Many ex-Ministers have been arrested, their bank accounts frozen, their passports retained or cancelled, and their relatives put under close surveillance and restrictive movements.

The Council Of Elders (COE) and three High-Powered Working Committees have been formed.

The first committee, the Constitution Review Authority, has been tasked to write a New Constitution within six months.

The second committee, the Judiciary Review Authority, has been tasked to revamp the Legal System and ALL the Laws In the Land within 12 months.

The third committee, the Inquiry And Investigation Authority, has been tasked to dig-up, discover, uncover, investigate and inquire into all possible and probable crimes and wrong-doings, based on existing laws, moral and ethical standards and common sense. The investigations encompass all political parties and branches of government, military, police, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why 2049, not 2019 or 2029?

Anonymous said...

No one needs be told that Dynasty comes and goes through out history.

lt is how much damage is done for and during the Change.
the Sin Regime is aware of the fact and consequences.

Anonymous said...

A8.39am anon, he wrote 2049 cause he does not want to be invited to lim Kopi cause 2049 means it's not related to current players lar. If not Kena very jialat with ass pechak Kena sodomized by tuakee larπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

UG said...

Maybe by the time like Goh Keng Swee scoot here scoot there dunno scoot to where loh. The minister pay millions so lazy and choosy ah. LKY WILL also dunno how to make ah. Of course I am like that. My founding father invent what other than know how to come out KPKB SIA or ISA people. So I am like that is not a surprise. What did old PAP do also? I never heard good story from my parents about this country leh. Who is enjoying life in this country? And those enjoying life one, what did they do? Till this era still can say old people collect card board is exercising. Imagine last time dunno how.