Official fake news - American myths and white lies they concocted and believed in

 WASHINGTON—Current and former leading lawmakers joined national security experts and freedom fighters on the afternoon of April 9 for the first of a series of roundtable discussions aimed at raising awareness about the magnitude of the Chinese Communist Party’s multifaceted and intensifying effort to supplant the United States as the world’s dominant power and to discuss steps for countering it. This newly launched “Committee on the Present Danger: China” (CPDC) met against the backdrop of ongoing bilateral trade negotiations and rising concern—both in this country and the Western Pacific more generally—about Communist China’s economic warfare, military build-up and ever-more-aggressive behavior....

U.S. Air Force veteran and Utah Congressman Chris Stewart, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, stated that China’s “intention is to dominate the United States and every other Western democracy,” that “they are moving methodically towards that goal,” and that “from the intelligence perspective there is nothing that I worry about more.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich described three ominous strategic victories Communist China has already secured: Its seizure of and effective control over the South China Sea; its empire-building inroads in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe; and its possibly irreversible ascendancy in the global 5G wireless market. He warned that we are “watching a revolution in strategic economic capabilities and a revolution in geographic location of power and all of it is being done while we sleepwalk.”  He said, “This is going to be a long-term struggle between a civilization that believes in liberty and a civilization that believes in authoritarianism with Chinese characteristics.”....

Above is quoted from  https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2019/04/10/committee-on-the-present-danger-china-hosts-capitol-hill-roundtable-discussion-of-threat-posed-by-communist-china/

The above are the myths and lies that the Americans constructed themselves and madly believing in them and living in fear of them, real or imaginary.  They see China like their own shadow, the shadow of the American Empire, dominating and controlling the rest of the world by their military presence in military bases all over the world, their mighty 11 aircraft carriers and huge nuclear arsenals used to threaten the rest of the world into obeyance. They have been doing this for the last few decades and can only see China as their mirror image, to be just like them when in reality China is far from it as a military power and bully with military bases all over the world to threaten and bully other states.

And they also used these myths and white lies to frighten the rest of the world of a China they fabricated and wanted the rest of the world to fear.

If only China is a little more like the Americans, would those silly little countries in Asia and the European powers dare to openly oppose and challenge China, even grabbing Chinese lands and islands as their own? If China is a shadow of the Evil American Empire, would the little European powers like England, France or even stupid little countries like Canada and Australia, or India, dare to sail their obsolete warships into the South China Sea in a comical show of force? China would simply sink them or drag them to Hainan or Shanghai and demand a ransom for their release like the Philippines used to do, or blow them up like the Indonesians did.

The truth, China's reclaiming and rebuilding of South China Sea islands were just doing the right thing as the islands were Chinese territories recognised by the US and UK and returned to China after the defeat of the Japanese Invasion. The sneaky Americans and the UK just simply pretended not to know about the agreements in Potsdam and Cairo.

The building of roads and railways to Africa and Europe is about building empire? Are these military bases, are these owned by China or the respective nations and used for trade?

And China's superior 5G technology is about dominance and control and empire building, but Google, facebook, twitter, GPS etc etc are not? China or any other country is not allowed to have advanced and superior technology than the Americans?

The Americans are very good at erecting their own strawmen and to fear the same strawmen they built and called them threats to their national security and their dominance as the unchallenged and only super power. The truth is that they would not want any country to challenge their undisputed world hegemony and Evil Empire, when they can call the shot and bully any country as they pleased. They see the Chinese threat because China is not going to let them bully for a day longer and would protect smaller countries from American bullying. That is what they really fear, no longer calling the shot, no longer able to bully other countries.

Who is going to call the fake news generated by the American govt as fake news, manipulation of people's thought as falsehood?


Anonymous said...

//Who is going to call the fake news generated by the American govt as fake news, manipulation of people's thought as falsehood?//
Rb, very simple la, learn from the PAPies garmen in Sinkieland cos they juz passed the POO-MA law. They so poomaful that even the recalcitrant in anywhere on this earth or universe also can sue them & bring them to justice, if Uncle Xi spread any untrue also can bring them here & charge them, the poo-ma law will place Sinkieland above any law in the universe even in hell they can be bring to justice, bigger then the Hell lord Yan of the underworld n equivalent of the Gods, but can they beat The Ultimate Truth of the Supreme One Up there let's wait n see ..

Virgo49 said...

WP should now be more aggresive in their Parlimentary Debates and not just be a responsible Opposition Party just to check on the Government.

After kena chasting by the all almighty Law Minister for just speaking against the Bill now passed into Laws.

Now, they be looking for scape goats to clam down anything that said against them. For them anything that comes from them are Gospel Truths.

The Rest FAKE. Much more elitist than the Americunts.

As a pee sai Self Arrogant Piece of land mass smaller than some just little lakes teaching the WWW how to clam down FAKE news and to follow their dictatorial way.

Sinkieland is done for.

Anonymous said...

Why talk about the Evil Empire of the US of Asses, when at home something so big and significant as the POFMA (pronounced as POOF MA) has just been forced down your throats through a rubber-stamping PA-LEE-MEN?

Why so silent like a church mouse, never even dare to make a little squeak about it, when it is going to affect you directly and impact greatly on what you will be writing in the future?

The last few days were a real diversion of attention towards foreign developments, while the debates on the POOF MA habe been going on. Why not even one critical in-depth analysis of the probable ramifications that Sinkies would have to endure and live with?

Everyone knows it is going to be a forgone conclusion. But it does not mean, and should not stop, that those who have an established platform to contribute some opinions, or suggestions for improvement, should abstain from doing so because of FEAR?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wrong way of looking at the situation:

>> Chris Stewart, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, stated that China’s “intention is to dominate the United States and every other Western democracy,” that “they are moving methodically towards that goal,” and that “from the intelligence perspective there is nothing that I worry about more.” <<


To get to the objective of ensuring that 1.4 billion people have the standard of living of a typical 1st world nation, certain things must be done and done with VIGOUR or nothing will happen. Thus eventually the consequence/ the objective/ the goal will be a China whose citizens enjoy a similar standard of living as citizens in the developed world. Because of that, they will have GLOBAL DOMINANCE. The intention is to make the Chinese nation wealthy. The natural consequence is that China will be also be a DOMINANT global power, if not, THE dominant global power.

To protect the commonwealth of the nation, The State whose role it is to PROTECT the nation (nation = territory + peoples) must also be strong---have strong rule of law, strong military, global economic and financial clout, and an influential say in global matters. Those are just some of the consequences of having to look after 1.4 (or more) billion people, keeping the economy of the nation viable, and ensuring security for all.

White people are too hasty to jump to the wrong conclusions, for all the wrong reasons. Sure, China is going to kick everyone's ass, but that doesn't mean rich cuntries are going to "disappear" and become irrelevant.

Even if the USA gave up its dominance, it'll still be fucking rich, and powerful. Look at Singapore---fucking rich cuntry, and the most lethal military of any small cuntry, and one of the strongest rule of law cuntries. It has to be. No point being rich if you cannot defend yourself and protect your values...and all that inter-generational hard work and sacrifice.

Singapore is consistently being criticised for have "too much military might". I for one, don't give a flying shit what those jealous motherfuckers say about My Beloved Awesome Hotel. Let's see them be half the success we are, then talk lah.

Anonymous said...

孙子: 阿嫲,请问你,人老了讲话会很婆妈吗?
阿嫲: 那里会呢?
孙子: 你看为什么母亲一直要我读好书,考第一名,那奖学金,毕业后做政府工,当议员做部长?这么婆婆妈妈的,真搞不懂?
阿嫲: 没错。您如果能当上了部长,到时你妈就不对你婆妈了。
阿嫲: 到时候,你妈妈不会在婆妈了。而是她怕你用’婆妈’的法令来堵住她的嘴巴了!

jjgg said...

Anybody want to exchange mee pok tar recipe? I have a killer recipe for making noodles n its accompanying sauce..

Anonymous said...

Remember the Golden Rule! He who has the gold, makes the rules!!

Anonymous said...


Looks like war stocks are still going to give me plenty of dividends & profits for the next 30 years!!! Huat harrr!!!

UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@anon 8.54pm

Agree. Juz ignore that UG, he/she is juz a distraction.

UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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UG said...

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b said...

Its the lesser of two evils - if the world is ruled by non white skin, it will become like beijing shanghai, sg and hk - huge concentration camps.