Fake news - ’Glaring omission’

WP slams exemption of Govt from being sued for falsehoods under enhanced anti-harassment laws
Senior Minister of State for Law Edwin Tong argues that government officers can be held accountable in the usual forums, such as Parliament. He was responding to criticism that the Government is exempt from harassment protection laws.
Today online

It was reported that the Workers Party slammed the govt for exempting itself from the protection of fake news law. Is this normal, reasonable and the right thing to do? The govt is giving itself almost absolute power to sue and prosecute the people for making fake news and falsehood but exempting itself from being sued by the people. Where is the equity and fairness of this law?

In principle the law must cut both ways. Why give the govt the power to persecute but not to be persecuted, does this mean that the govt can make fake news and falsehood with immunity? Obviously not, and obviously no one would expect the govt to be spreading fake news and falsehood. So why the need to protect itself from being sued by the people with this exemption? The people in the govt are also human beans, not gods, and would commit the same carnal sins like every human beans, intentionally or otherwise.

Come on, the govt would not and cannot be expected to go so low to be spreading fake news and falsehood right? So, why not put itself on the chopping as well should it be found guilty of the same crime? Civil servants cannot be above the law and if they committed crimes by making fake news and falsehood they must also be sued or charged. No one is above the law.

The WP has a point in slamming the govt on this. The law is for everyone, people, civil servant or the govt. A crime is a crime.

HDB prices can only go up. True or fake news or manipulation?

CPF is not your money. True or fake news or manipulation? This remark was uttered in Parliament and greeted with approval by the applause and cheers from the MPs and ministers.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

"What do you think"? Mr Chua, seriously....Thinking is a potential crime henceforth. Don't even Think.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am thinking of writing a piece to justify making it a crime for people who believe in fake news instead of going after people spreading fake news.

Anonymous said...

This is a repeat of the Qin Dynasty in warring states of ancient China. Chinese phrases like:
all has happen in this little red dot.
It's a pity as Google boss said this new law may even stifle innovation, many wud even be thinking of pulling the plug now or become like phantom shell companies operating here, future is bleak for the younger gens.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Fuck The Government

This is very interesting. I sorta suspected the post-LKY versions of the PAP would try forms of nonsense that would never fly under LKY’s watchful eye, and propensity to slam, even eat his own if they stepped out of line.

LKY did mention that anyone can sue the govt. (What is important to notice is he never said those who did would actually win). This implies that the govt and govt officials are subject to the same laws, the same “blind justice” as everyone else.

Any scholars of constitutional law out there? I think they need to step up and hammer the fact that legislation passed by The Parliament has to be constitutional.

Here’s a horrific example of what can (and probably will) happen:

Let’s say a GE is about to happen. During the campaign, govt candidates and incumbent MPs can talk all sorts of shit and outright lies about their opponents. They can even go further: the can overtly MANIPULATE voters to vote for them, using extreme fear tactics and even THREATS against those who have ideas of voting for the opposition. The govt candidates can do this with COMPLETE impunity and immunity from any legal consequence.

The whole darn thing, cuntry, people, faith and respect for the law and authority, goes very quickly DOWNHILL after that.

Virgo49 said...

That see san face what's Tin Tong telling you 70% dafts to vote in more Opposition Members so that they can criticised or bring justice to the Pay And Pay in Parliament.

Cannot even touch them elsewhere.

Now, you have fine examples of their nominated NMPs.

They can talk and talk but when comes to put to a VOTE also abstained.

If voted against, then sure kena kicked out no more another term.

So dafty 70% please wake up.

Or you just buy masking tapes to tape your eyes, mouths and ears and also your
Vocal cords.

Anonymous said...


They said the new law is very very very good for Sg!

In fact Sg loong loong ago already like that liao! Now is only in black and white! Nothing change!

Btw 70% masses happy.....so no point kpkbsssss!

Seriously, what can you do now? Waste time isn't it?

Tooooooooooo late for anything!



Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

///The govt is giving itself almost absolute power to sue and prosecute the people for making fake news and falsehood but exempting itself from being sued by the people.///

Under current law, it is illegal in almost all cases to sue the govt. The only way to sue govt is to vote against it. But 70% of sinkies very happy & support leh.

Sinkies can only sue individual civil servants or public servants in their personal capacity, not as part of govt. I.E. civil matter between individuals, like if you sue someone for banging into you & breaking your leg, or if someone defame you by telling your customers that you're cheating them.

Only in last 2 years, thanks to social media & public outcry, that govt start to prosecute certain individual civil servants / public servants if they cause harm to citizens. E.g. SAF & SCDF. But by then, your kid already dead & cremated, or become vegetable.

And you won't get punitive multi-million dollar compensations. Only the standard $200K-$300K group insurance payout --- at least something --- in my time, only $10K for death.

Anonymous said...

When the 70% voters Sinkies dun wake up, the coming GE will make them slaved to the whites men much worse than the western whites yankee n dunno. & after the next election, one can see the oppo kena sue by the ruling whites until pants drop and bankrupted, when Sinkies dun hv a PH it will be all doom n gloom,investors will juz pack up and go elsewhere..

Anonymous said...

The government has made itself not liable to civil suits and therefore it's laws are effectively DECREES, not laws. Its Head of State is Emperor (Empress Dowager). Singapore has become similar to China 150 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Story of POoMa Company ..

State person: Hi, my name is Harima. Welcome to the party everyone.
State man: Hi Harima. We r all Indies & I’m Mahatier.
Businessman: Hi, I'm Jet Ma of MaliBaBa.
Ah Long: Hi all, nice to meet u all. Let me introduce u all to my long time buddy Professsor of XXX varsity – Prof Ma.
Prof Ma: Well, thanks. Actually I'd helped Ah Long to draft the new POoMa bill, it's a great pleasure!
Businessman 2: Hi all, I'm a friend of Prof Ma. I'm the Owner of POoMa Inc.
Ah Long: Woa, what's your company do huh?
Businessman 2: Well, we juz help people to ‘censor’ POoMa.
Ah Long: in that case, you may be sue under the new law, do you know that?
Businessman 2: Ai yah, we help you to get rid of people daily Poo coming out from their ass ma. We r juz an eco company lah what you think?...

Virgo49 said...

Hi am Naz the Mama. Just gift of the gab and your dafts think so highly of me. In time to come, we gonna be your Masters soon.You dafties.

Just see your PR Neh. Absconded NS for 5 long years.

And that poor chenna melaka boy. Served so conscientiously and yet kena dumped and drowned.

Wah, your SCDF cha pai boh sa pang. So free can still played the fools by ragging and drowned that poor boy.

Should have stay in Matland and alive today.Also your SAF aiyo. Officers and SNCOs also sissy.No know how to command that handsome boy to move away and get killed by the tua leng kong.

Worked so conscientiously and be killed.

Every hear MPs and Ministers sons got these type of nonsense or not.

What man.They do not even volunteer for charity work or under sun sells flag days, where got chance kena accident?

You tell me lah? All ho mais from cradles to graves pai roti in any endeavours.

This is the Sinkieland you living in.


Anonymous said...

Blame the 69.9% !

Anonymous said...

The present leedership has turned Singapore into a sanitized incubator. All its citizens are pre-mature babies. They will have no antibodies to defend themselves from the relentless onslaught of foreign elements, harmful bacteria, deadly contagious viruses and killer microbs.

Viva! Sing, Sting and Sink ......

The downfall and collapse is bound to come. Only a matter of when, not if.

UG said...

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa. I want drink nai nai. I want. Give me nai nai drink. Give me. Else I ask Professor Ma give you F grade.

Prof Ma Prof Ma. How come your company is call MaLiBaBa ah? Prof Ma say, because I am scolding your daddy? Scolding my daddy? Yes, scolding your daddy. Ma Li Ba Ba. You never study Feng Shui is it? Aaron appear than you know. I still dont get it, why scold my daddy? Because some thing is wrong and he have not get up? OoOOOOooOOoo. Nai Nai.
Kong Lan Jiao Wei.

UG said...

Prof Ma Prof Ma. I got questions for you again. Si Mi Tai Ji again ah? Some goondu online say promote base ball leh. Sound logical ah. Our soldiers go army like cannot run but shoot SAR 21 still okay ah, maybe we should really promote base ball. Okay okay. But we dont copy the goondu, later people say we copy people. Lets promote cricket. 3 years later the cricket team still have not go international.

Khiang Ju Hor, Kor Ai Kay Khiang. At least the Chinese know how to copy okay. The Ang Moh copy also dunno still keep go war. DAFT. BANANA. Dont tell people I am living in Ang Moh alliance state, log on to NS portal using Huawei modem.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Fodder for your thoughts

Anonymous said...

An uncle stood beside me q for bus while reading a news paper, the title said Dr M may hold on for 3 years instead of 2 as PM of Malaysia, I pointed at the title said this is fake news, his body language shown he does not trust Dr. M. I pointed at the paper told him this is the one not to be trusted, not Dr. M. This triggered some one near by showing a smile. I did my part as a senior citizen.

Anonymous said...

@ Patrait Anonymous May 10, 2019 9:21 am
//This is a repeat of the Qin Dynasty in warring states of ancient China. Chinese phrases like:

Angkor Patrait,

Your China history knowledge quite "jumble up" leh... ?

1) Warring State period was historically still under the Zhou Dynasty (and NOT the Qin Dynasty). The bananas Chinese knowledge are already quite bad. Don't further CONFUSE (the banana) people (and yourself), can?

2) Qin Dynasty was (already) the Qin Dynasty (and all the Warring States were by then UNITED by Emperor Qin in BC221?). Why are you CONFUSED that the Qin Dynasty was (still) in the Warring State period (which belong to the Zhou Dynasty era)?

3) "商鞅变法" occurred in the Qin Kingdom during the Warring State period which was still under the Zhou Dynasty era and was a hundred over years apart from the Qin Dynasty?


4) As mentioned above, the Warring State period and Qin Dynasty technically are from two different dynastic era? Why do you phrase it as if they are the same? The former lasted about 300 years (under the [Western] Zhou Dynasty) whereas the latter only spanned from BC 221 to BC206 which is about 15 years?

5) Before "商鞅变法", the Qin Kingdom was still a relatively weak state and only emerged the strongest among the Warring States after "商鞅变法" and subsequently (much later) enabled the Qin Kingdom under the King Qin Ying Zheng to unite all the Warring States and established the Qin Dynasty and himself became the first Emperor (Emperor Qin Shi Huang).


Having said that, however it is still (very) commendable that you made an attempt to read up ancient China history (not withstanding the confusion) at your age (69-yo)?

活到老,学到老 (not bad, that should be the spirit and attitude in life, 精神可嘉, keep it up, 加油!) Never stop learning (and improving) no matter at what age (even at 100-yo or beyond)

On that note, so far still haven't seen this uncle Virgo49 write in Chinese... (though he often mentioned watching Taiwanese channel)... (Mb he shy?)

Anonymous said...

UG u really getting on my nerve with your nonsensical posts. Did you receive your treatment? If u can't get anyone to treat you, I have no choice but to offer my services to sodomi you myself in order to help you and cure you of your illness.😰

Anonymous said...

Your history is superb & r u a history Professor?
The  "商鞅变法" set the basis of the Qin to become a powerful state, becos many laws were change or renew.
Its doesn't matter about the time now, the present situation of Sinkieland will be worse than the ancient Qin Kingdom / or Qin Dynasty during Shi Huang Di time.

Maybe you could help to elaborate 指驴为马,焚书坑儒 history , how it came about & its meaning ▪.

Anonymous said...

@ANON 4.45am

Forget about the time chronology, can you elaborate what is '商鞅变法,指驴为马,焚书坑儒'
1) the event that lead to 商鞅变法 & its meaning ?
2) the event that lead to 指驴为马 & its meaning ?
3) the event that lead to 焚书坑儒 & its meaning?
If you can understand the above, you will understand that the past events repeat itself in modern day Sinkieland. So r these past people being reborn in modern day Sinkieland, nobody can tell, but there seems to have some link.

Anonymous said...

Do live as You are born to exist.
Everything goes in cycle and invariably fated to be so.
History as in Life-cycle, has to repeat too, no
Chronological accuracy is for historical events, however, the causality is as usual for the present and future as it was in the past.

no one escapes from fate and nature.

Anonymous said...

no one escapes from fate and nature.//

One entity in Sinkieland shall "escapes from fate and nature"- the G.OV. ( u see juz one letter & they r god).

Anonymous said...

G.O.V means God Of Vengeance!


b said...

Sg is like a huge concentration camp. Only news from the papies are real.