Arrogant cowboys still behaving like they owned the world

Saw a streamer on CNA that said, 'American courts ordered Chinese banks to hand over trade documents with North Korea'. So, American courts have authority over Chinese banks and can order Chinese banks to do what they wanted? If these Chinese banks are operating in the USA perhaps they could, but if the banks are operating elsewhere, in China or other countries, what authority do the American courts have on them?

This is similar to the Meng Wanchou incident. The Americans imposed sanctions on Iran and no one can trade with Iran and they would arrest anyone, non Americans, for violating their sanctions inn other parts of the world.

Another dirty trick of the Americans is to legislate laws on relations with other countries like the Taiwan Act which says they would defend Taiwan if attacked. So they are legally bounded by their laws to defend Taiwan if China wants to take back Taiwan and claimed that they respect rule of law, or rule of outlaws!

Other countries, especially China and Russia, should also legislate laws to protect countries against an American attack and make it their legal rights to come to their defence. It then becomes their countries' laws and they are rule of law countries, like the silly Canadians.

A third trick is to go around signing military alliances to allow them to interfere in the relations of other countries as if they are the Empire and the allies are American colonies.The Americans will defend them if attacked, and part of the treaty would be to buy American weapons, and cannot buy other weapons and also to pay protection money. Don't buy American weapons, too expensive, cannot, at least must buy a few pieces but must cost big sums of money to pay the American gangsters for the protection.

When would the world denounce and break away from the stranglehold of the Evil American Empire? China should show the middle finger to the Americans for ordering their banks to obey the American courts. This kind of American hooliganism must be stopped, sooner or later.

At this very moment, this Evil Empire is planning to attack Iran and invade Venezuela and thinks this is normal, their right to start wars with other countries.

On another note, any international students that want a complete education, including experiencing shooting and killing, sign up with an American university. Experiencing the horrors of violence and being killed and running away from gun attacks are part and parcel of American education in a country that thrives on war and violence. It is in their culture, a nation of warmongers.

Any more shit political leaders dare to praise the Americans as a peaceful country, a peace loving people? These shits much have their heads checked.


Anonymous said...

RB, I agreed with you 1oooo%and not only get their heads examined but get their assess sodomized to their senses😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

2 most important words in a discussion like this:
AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM i.e. if it’s good for America, then it’s ok. In fact, to be true to the abovementioned doctrine, America is duty-bound to act accordingly.

2 more important words relating to the freedom of the individual, i.e. the “god-given right” to own firearms:

2nd Amendment

America is a place where fantastic and bat-shit crazy ideas can be turned into viable, cash-flowing enterprises. Here is an example from Texas. It is hog hunting….but with that good old insane American twist:

HELIBACON Blasting away pigs from a helicopter using machine guns. 🤣
This seems to me a very effective way of getting bacon, hence the name.

I suppose this is a business in the “leisure and entertainment” sector. Or maybe “performing arts”...maybe “weapons and aerospace”....aww shit, I don’t know.

American Exceptionalism, suited to “exceptional” people and their nation...or maybe whatever applies to the world, applies to everyone in the world except the Americans….so many ways to define this. Just pick one lah, or make one up. It doesn’t matter.

They can print money even though they are technically insolvent many times over. When they STOP printing money, the world SUFFERS, and entire nations are in danger of going into recession. Oh what power. can weaponize the dollar. Can weaponize the SWIFT system.

Presently, their dollar and markets kau kau, moh tuck ting. Ganja is legal. Guns are legal. Labelling the President using vulgarities is legal.

Of course lah. Got that type of power and influence, sure party like drunken sailors lah, with no regard for future consequences, and no regard for other cuntries who cannot claim “Exceptionalism”. Ever heard of Malaysian or African or Norwegian Exceptionalism? Please lah, the whole world with crack up with laughter. 😂

Go with the trend lah. If the Americans are partying, then why should we be left out? We should party too. 😎

Spineless Traitors Does Not Know Shame said...

Political leaders of any country, big or small, carry the Americunts' Mafia Gangsters Presidency and the Whitemen House because of one or more of the following reasons:

1. They have been bought (under the payroll of CIA) by the Americunts.

2. They have committed crimes anx the Americunts have the evidence(s). So that their balls or boobs are being squeezed by the Americunts day and night.

3. They are cowards and dare not stand up to the bullying tactics of the Americunts.

4. They have actually been trained, groomed and installed by the Americunts Government or CIA to run the country on their behalf

5. They have been educated in the West and have been brain-washed to the extent that Western governments are very good. Therefore, they are even willing to sell their mothers, wives and daughters to Ang Moh Tua Kee in exchange for their own selfish personal gains.

6. They have been sodomized by the Ang Moh Tua Kee and have become addicted to being screwed by them (just like the 69.9% of daft Sinkies), so they keep asking and begging for more screwings.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> but if the banks are operating elsewhere, in China or other countries, what authority do the American courts have on them? <<

The SWIFT system --- weaponize at will for any purpose. America has terrific “unfair leverage”, they can play “financial terrorism” with any cuntry.

American cowboys are not behaving like the own the world. As long as their dollar is THE Global “legal tender”, and their Treasury market is THE benchmark for “riskless security”, they essentially own the fucking world lah.

Trump’s Trade war has really hurt China. Look at the latest growth and trade figures for China, they are at historical lows. And Trump is still using “house money” to play his game.

But, Karma can be a bitch, and nothing lasts forever. When the day comes when America is on the back foot, and China has a clear advantage, China is going to whack back, and hard. And one thing about the Chinese --- they are patient.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 955:

With the ability to weaponize its dollar, the global SWIFT system and to some extent their very liquid treasuries markets, no cuntry can "stand up" to the US for very long lah.

Amschel Rothschild quote: Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws! (substitute "The World" for "a nation")

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1017

None of us can control what the USA does, what China does... Even what our own government does. All we can do it look for areas of profit and value to "exploit". So party lah...max personal gain. 🤡

WTF, we all die eventually, so dun waste time being sad about things beyond your control. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

@ MS
Whatever You say
is pure Wisdom.


Anonymous said...

9.55am, I am one of the 70% so u don't anyhow say Hor. Otherwise left me with no choice but to sodomize you leh. Hehehehe and kakakakakakaka 😀

Anonymous said...


All I can say is --- War Stocks Rock!!!! LOL!!!!

Ok larr, currently only US war stocks rock ... plus maybe Airbus. Most other non-US war stocks have lousy returns.

As the old adage asks --- you wanna be right or you wanna get rich?!?!

So far over the last 10 years, even outstanding Cheena & Asian companies are mediocre so-so wealth builders in share price appreciation or company valuation re-ratings.

OTOH even shit US companies can turn you into millionaires just by multiples expansion & fairytale stories.

My US stocks & ETFs have really given me insane amounts of money over the last 20 years, even with the -50% financial crisis in between, such that I'm able to retire & shake legs 9 years ago. Hence over the past year, I've been adopting a more barbell approach by cashing out some ridiculous profits & also re-directing cash dividends towards undervalued Greater China / North Asia / India stocks, as well as high potential countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam.

These are for the next 20 years .... in the near term of 1-5 years, Cheena / Asia stocks will probably still be volatile & so-so performance, but at least with respectable dividend yields.

Maintaining proven & high growth US companies on one hand, while building up good quality & strong balance sheet Asian companies on the other.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The evil Americans are mounting a fake campaign in the international media about a farcical coup by Guaido on yesterday, showing about 20 guys wearing soldiers uniform to pass off as coup soldiers. How real were they soldiers?

After the failed coup when no more soldiers joined the 20 fake soldiers, Guaido went into hiding. Then the Pompeo, the gangster that confessed he lied, he cheated and he stole came on air to say Maduro wanted to run to Cuba but was persuaded to stay on by the Russians.

Maduro came out on air to denounce the lies of Pompeo, the congenital liar.

Where is the coup? Where is the people's uprising against Maduro?

Now the Evil Empire is saying an invasion is on the card.

Anonymous said...

@ Patrait Anonymous May 02, 2019 9:19 am
///it can be seen in the Day and more so in the Dark.



Uncle Patrait,

Your English improved a lot :)

Banyak Kuat Kuat!

Mee Ingrish NO powderfool

So shall (any how) write in Chinese (as below). Cheers

山雨欲来风满楼, 芬荣零落在瞬息。
悲欢离合不长久, 秋叶落尽树凋零。

Anonymous said...

Be Wise,
enjoy life.
Let those unproductive, lazy, stupid and useless people wallow in self pity and begging for alms. The World does not owe them anything. lf they die in hunger and war, they deserve it and the World shall be better with out them.

Anonymous said...


US war stocks achieved over US$1B in missile contracts within 3 months

Yeah baby!!! Feel the burn!!!!

Anonymous said...

Arrogant cowboys of the Wild wild west also had their days. It is over!

The only way to take down US is marginalise the Petrodollar and trade in oil using another currency or minimise the use of oil and instead opt for clean energy. like using electric cars or going nuclear for example. The reason the US had to maintain a strong military is protecting the Petrodollar using force on those that try to upset the status quo.

The US had long disliked entities foraging and encouraging clean energy usage and development. A case in point is electric cars, which, if popular, could sound the end of total dependence on oil and the Petrodollar's dominance.

China will probably be the first country to popularise the use of electric cars made by themselves, and this is of concern to the West and Japan. Right now the motor vehicle industry is going through a consolidation that could see some manufacturers biting the dust. There are report, true of not, of graveyards for new cars that cannot be sold and left to rust in the open. And the irony is that car manufacturers cannot stop producing more cars at higher prices in order to survive.

If cars and electronics are no longer the driver of economic growth for countries like Japan, South Korea and the West, wonder what will be the next big thing on the horizon and who will be the next rising star of the global economy.

Anonymous said...

WSG you will feel the burn in the ass when u Kena sodomized.😀

UG said...


Can someone return me the money I lost at Singapore Pools? Anyone know what show is this? When is Tan Cheng Bock or Tan Kin Lian going to be ISA? Amos Yee ke lian. Small kid. Anyone know what does bullying means?

Hi. Da Jia Hao. I am strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millenial generation. I am luffing at old leaders.

Anonymous said...

UG, I am afraid u won't get your money back in gambling. Since u don't work, the only easier way to make money for you is to go to Jalan Besar and offer your ass to USA sailors for them to sodomize u lar😀

Anonymous said...

It is already more than 60 hours since Dr Lee Wei Ling released email correspondence proving Kwa Kim Lee’s involvement in preparing the Last Will of her father, founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

How come the self-praised top media outlets like the Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia and TODAY Online have yet to report on the matter? Isn't it strange? Silence is golden? Silence also means consent, right?

Why no Kay Poh reporters go and interview the parties concerned and varify the truth or online falsehood, Robin Hood or Hood Robin?

UG said...

325am Anon


I am the primary school teacher. What did you see in this picture?

b said...

Will the world be better if own by china and russia? if yes, why their own people want to get out?

Anonymous said...

Every country has people who want to get out of their own country for varied reasons: some are personal and some are politucal and other reasons. But one common reason has always been:

The grass is always greener on the other side!

Anonymous said...

Those who found the grass greener and succeed will praise their wisdom to relocate. Those who found dirt on the other side will just keep quiet and bear with it, rather than suffer the shame by coming back.

In business, those who succeed will be praised to the heavens, like Hyflux chief at one time. When they fail, they just fade away quietly and in reality nobody is the wiser. Out of a thousand failures, probably you have one or two who may succeed. And what you hear is always on the ones that succeed, never a squeak about those who failed.

There are always two sides on a coin!

Anonymous said...

Trump says he discussed with Putin doing a three-way nuclear deal with China.

China tells Trump to fuck off !

Anonymous said...

Forcible U.S. Containment Against China Will Trigger Necessary Countermeasures By China

Former US vice-president and Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden recently said China is not "bad folks" and China is not "competition for us." His remarks have sent waves across the US. People from President Donald Trump to core members of his team, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have lashed out at Biden.

Biden also holds strong values-based prejudice against China. He insists that the reasons China does not pose a threat to the US are that China has its hands full dealing with its domestic and regional problems, such as tensions in the South China Sea, poverty in its western areas and corruption.

It is very likely that Biden, as the Democratic 2020 presidential front-runner, will adjust his narrative on China under pressure from Republicans and conservative forces.

The current US administration deems China as its strategic competitor, as with a few US elites. But some people have brought the China threat theory to an extreme. That Biden, a veteran politician, publicly sang a different tune from the Trump administration at least shows he and some US elites believe the China threat theory played up by Washington has gone too far.

China is the world's second-largest economy and still growing. US right-wing elites are concerned that the strength of China will exceed that of the US. Therefore, Washington feels it a big issue as to what kind of country China is and what China's development means to the US.

The problem is the US administration is dealing with this issue in a simplistic and extreme approach and seems to lack the ability to understand China and craft sensible policies.

People like Pompeo hyped hostility and pushed forward extreme China policies. If China's policymakers react like their US counterparts, a new Cold War may soon take shape.

Kiron Skinner, director of policy planning at the US State Department, said recently the rivalry between the two is "a fight with a really different civilization and a different ideology." But should different civilizations fight with each other? Is such a fight destined to be zero-sum?

Since the US adopts an ideologically aggressive gesture, China has long felt threatened. But with China's growing strength, it has begun to feel that the US does not have such a strategy as to overthrow China, and more people believe the two countries can avoid a strategic collision.

Washington views China as its strategic competitor and launched a trade war against China, which has altered Chinese society's view toward the US. What China and the US mean to each other depends on how they interact with each other. If the US carries out forcible containment against China, then China has no other option but to take all necessary countermeasures.