A light drizzle turning into a storm

First the Taiwanese protested and demanded the release of Amos Yee. Then the UN Human Rights Organisation and then the Human Rights Watch. Now the Penangnites are taking up the cause for Amos Yee. Any decent human bean would see the injustice and wickedness in this case. Only the evil and wicked would keep on drumming about a crime that was not a crime.

‘Now, Penang civil society groups would also like to remind that Singapore is a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and we hope the Singapore authorities can respect the regulations of the CRC and release Amos Yee immediately.

Expression is not a crime and nobody should face any inhumane treatment or torture for criticising the government. If you want to break the silence, please join us on this 1 July to show your support and solidarity’.

Date: 1 July 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 6PM
Venue: Penang Speakers’ Square (Esplanade)

Who else will stand up for Amos Yee? Don’t count on the elite Singaporeans or the hypocrites. They are too righteous and holy to see any wrong in this case. Is there any decent people in Sin City?

'Scholarism, HKUSU and and Lingnan University Students’ Union will stage a petition outside the Singaporean consulate in Admiralty today afternoon (30th June) to call for Yee’s immediate release.' Full article in TRE.

Whither the Malays in Malaysia

The recent spate of moral policing in Malaysia is a sign of things to come in Malaysia. Non Malay citizens were forced to wear sarongs to enter govt offices by security guards who acted as if they are highly moral and religious puritans to impose what is the right way to dress. Though govt officials subsequently apologized and claimed that there is no such regulation, the security guards were not disciplined and more cases continued to appear.

The opposition leaders are taking up this issue to question the govt on why this is allowed to continue and the govt not taking a stand on these incidents? If it is not a govt regulation, why not put a stop to it? Why allow it to continue?

Malaysia is a beautiful country with beautiful culture. The Malay culture, dresses, customs and way of life are distinct and beautiful in its own right. At the look of things, soon they will all be covering up in drapes of black and grey like the Arabs. They will change their culture, custom and way of life to be like the Arabs.

What then would happen to Malay culture? Who is going to protect Malay culture and custom? If Malay culture is going to be replaced by Arab culture, then what would be the definition of Malay? Would there still be Malays in Malaysia?

Or would Malaysia become a little anomaly in Southeast Asia, as a mini Arabia? Would the Mlalays become Arabs but not accepted as Arabs by the Arabs? Would the Malays destroy their once proud and beautiful culture for the Arab culture? If there is no more Malay culture and custom, whither the Malay race?

Are the Malay leaders protecting Malay culture and custom or protecting Arab culture and custom? Are these better than Malay culture and custom?

The Singapore Malays will continue to enjoy their beautiful culture, traditions and custom. Would Malaysia turn into a country where people wrapped themselves in black and grey and walk around without anyone having a clue what is inside the drapes of cloth?

What do you think?

Volunteer soldiers in SAF

A lot of fanfare and publicity have been given to this new animal called SAF Volunteer Corp. Someone must be congratulating himself or themselves that they are able to think out new ideas in the vein of innovative and creative solutions to a non existing problem.  And they must be saying how clever to get non citizens to the defence of the country.  Really, so good ah? The Alternative View, a blog site has an article on the foolishness of this scheme in the TRE and I quote a paragraph from the article here.

‘However, the fate of Singaporeans now lies in the hand of these newbies and volunteers because they are assigned “to one of 17 vocations …. to pick up rifles and patrol KEY installations like Changi Airport’.

Need we say more? With the spate of fake degree foreign talents slipping through, the security breaches at our entry points, the threats of terrorism, the pillar of our security system is already in tatters. (We are like walking naked with MERS in the island).  Yet, we are placing our lives in the hands of people who are trying to integrate – foreigners who step forward to volunteer to help protect our land.’

There are many valid points of concern raised in the article about security of our country. Presumably all the concerns must have been thought through and nothing to be alarmed, a kind of unnecessary fear mongering. Everything is well and fine. The volunteers will be a good thing for nation building and integration of foreigners.

Have we learnt anything yet? Many of the new citizens or PRs are unknown unknowns. Can anyone remember the new citizen who was given a SAF scholarship to study in Australia and ended up being charged for clobbering two SAF scholars to death? He was acquitted after an appeal, after serving several years in prison, for insufficient evidence.

Are we so naïve to trust foreigners in the defence of our nation? There is a saying, 来者不善,善者不来。The volunteers all look so nice, so innocent, so enthusiastic and so good. We are inviting them into our security organizations, train them to fight!

Not to worry, we have many good experience in the industries that foreigners are trustworthy and would not do harm to our people and country. We even have so many foreigners running out IT systems, exposed to all the confidential data and information especially in the finance and banking industries. If they wanted to, they will have all the information on the wealth of every citizen here.  But see, after so many years, no problem. Nothing bad happens. Trust the policy, trust the foreigners, they are very nice people. Everything has been thought out.

The Japanese also thought out everything about nuclear safety before they built all their nuclear power stations. Think Fukushima. Think Murphy!

Do not wait until some ugly incident happens to regret and call for a review, call for a BOI. We can’t allow our national security to go blowing in the wind. Anyone in the security business interested in such matters? Anyone think this is not suicidal, not idiocy? Maybe our super talents know better, like the millions of fakes and cheats that they think are genuine here. What security do you need for a hotel? A hotel is for hotel guests from all over the world. We need to treat hotel guests well or they would not come.

Open the legs. Oops, I mean open the immigration doors. Open up the SAF for more volunteers and new citizens and PRs. They are assets to our national defence.

Dum da da dum dum, dum dum.


GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 3 – Do you want to be replaced by a foreigner?

Do you want to vote for a party that says we will bring in the best from the whole world regardless of nationalities?

Many of you have spent a small fortune on yourself and your children for the best education money can buy. Would that be enough against the best of 7 billion people out there?

How many of you think this is a hotel and citizenship has no privilege except to sacrifice 2 years for NS and another 20 years as reservist? How many of you think that foreigners should replace Singaporeans if they are found better, more meritocratic than Singaporean and not having to serve NS?

You shall vote for this in the GE. This is the future you are voting for.

Think about it.

Amos Yee – The cuckoo in IMH

Amos Yee has been pronounced as insane in many shades of colours by the psychiatrists, the latest by a Professor Munidasa Winslow for saying, but not confirming, that Amos ‘may’ have Autism Spectrum Disease. For this suspicion, Amos is now in the IMH with the really mentally disturbed patients, in the same Ward 7, a most feared place by any normal person or mental patient. How cruel can the system be, how thoughtless can well meaning adults be?

The political cloud hovering over this Amos Yee case has led many people to comment about it, and the UN Human Rights Office had written to the Govt to release Amos Yee immediately. The Human Rights Watch had also written to the Govt about their strong views of this case. Notwithstanding these interferences by international organisations, the Amos Yee saga continues in its own course, according to our highly legal judicial system in a country that respects the rule of law. It is all legal, transparent and above board, as legal as it can be to the commas and full stops. Amos is in IMH for more psychiatric reviews to confirm if he has ASD or just a may be. Question, does a person being suspected to be having ASD need to be warded and live with the insane?

Another article appeared in the TRE on 27 Jun by a ‘Cuckoo – parent and psychologist’ titled ‘Amos Yee case – One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’. His concluding paragraph reads,

‘The politically-motivated move to label Amos Yee as someone who is suffering from autism is an insult to the integrity, humanity, and intellect of parents everywhere in Singapore whose kin, child, or relative are truly afflicted with this debilitating disorder and are coping with it every day.

I beseech parents who feel the injustice to voice out now.’

No one has been brave enough to make such a stark comment. This article and the other articles, all expressed an unspeakable exasperation that something very wrong is happening but nothing could be done to stop it. The fact that the people writing all these articles to show their frustration and dismay were netizens, mostly unknown or not prominent citizens, except perhaps Dr Ang Yong Guan,  may be a reason why they did not matter. Who are these ordinary people to make a case for a boy already pronounced as a bad boy, a mental case and to expect things to change in favour of the boy? What about the UN and HRW? The ethos of this govt is that foreign interferences in our domestic affairs should be ignored at all cost, they should not matter. We are responsible for the welfare of our people and we will do what is right. We know what is good for Amos Yee.

What is right looks like right in this case if silence is consent. Not a minister or MP, not any elite, not a person of any stature or distinction, has said anything in favour of the boy or to cast any doubt that this case may be not that right after all. Knowing that Singapore is a highly righteous society where the elite are men and women of high moral standing, that would not allow any injustice to happen before their eyes and do nothing, remember the noise of condemnation about heckling sensitive children at Hong Lim, the silence says a lot. Hypocrisy, no, just being pragmatic, to go with the flow. This is essential to get rich and dignified in this place. The silence is to mean that there is nothing wrong, nothing fishy that demands our elite and people of prominence, people with a lot of conscience, to open their golden mouth. There is nothing wrong with the case. Period.

This must be the only reason why there is a total silence or an appearance that everyone has gone into hiding, to stay clear of this Amos Yee case.  We used to have very vocal personalities speaking out on things that they perceived as wrong.

Maybe this is a holiday season and everyone has gone on vacation, or at least their conscience has gone on leave. The fortunate thing is that no one of any respect or reputation has step out to say the boy deserves it. Only the trash has been very outspoken in the social media to condemn the boy and with threats of all kinds. Maybe this is supposed to be an encouraging sign, that only trash would spew trash and the decent at least would do the decent thing, to keep their mouth shut. Perhaps there is an uncomfortable and grudging reluctance to believe there is still some hope, some goodness that are temporarily concealed or went underground.

The AHPETC has already caused the PAP a lot of votes though it thinks otherwise, that it has done a brilliant killing of the WP and scored a convincing victory. There will be the superficials that could not see through the façade and believe innocently that it was a simple case of questionable management practices. What is the intent of this effort to harp on how a town council is being managed and ignoring the bigger issues when huge losses are happening almost every other day?

How many more votes would the PAP lose in the Amos saga? Taking on a boy is already a no no and politically unwise thing to do. The whole process is making things looking so ugly that if it still thinks it could walk away unscathed and go on to win the goodwill of the people, then it must be totally out of sync with the sentiments of the people. A few die hard unthinking IBs fighting furiously with their stupidity, to put on a brave front in the social media, is not going to do any good. The damage has already been done, and this damage is likely to be a hole too big to cover. Damage control will be a vain effort.


Contempt of Singaporeans

‘NUS assistant law professor Sundram Peter Soosay, who was convicted by the court earlier for assaulting a 70-year-old cabby Mr Sun Chun Hua, has been sentenced to 4 months imprisonment and ordered to compensate the victim $1500.’  TRE

This almost daily happening of Singaporean taxi drivers being beaten by foreigners, drunken or otherwise, refusing to pay their fares, is not funny anymore. It reads contempt, an intolerance of Singaporeans by these foreigners being hired by our Pinkerton sickos as foreign talents and being paid very good money they could not get anywhere else. Many have proven to be fakes and foul individuals that somehow could not be detected and instead held in awe by our sickos. And despite the repeated bashing of Singaporeans, a manifestation of some kind of hatred, contempt and derison against Singaporeans, the hiring of these scum is not slowing down is still going on.

The contempt of Singaporeans is not limited to the westerners who historically has been looking down on the natives of former colonies, but even low down 3rd world country natives brought here are finding Singaporeans disgusting, stupid and intolerable. Some foreign agencies openly pronounced that they could not find talents among daft Singaporeans and have to recruit the needed talents with the right skills sets from their God forsaken villages and run down village schools. And we have several Pinoys who had no qualms in expressing their contempt of Singaporeans after being here and being paid money that they never ever dreamt of in their own countries, never have such a good environment to live in if they were to remain in their villages and slums. They took our hospitality and generosity as a right.

For all the kindness shown to these foreigners, for deprecating ourselves by telling the foreigners that they are talents, we are no talents when in fact many are fakes and half bakes, this myth that Singaporeans are daft and untalented is becoming real to the foreigners. They really believe in this myth that they are superior to the Singaporeans, and the repeated bashing of Singaporeans, taunting, making humiliating and racist remarks to the natives for providing them good jobs and a good life, are just a reflection of what they really think and feel about Singaporeans. Unbelievable, Singaporeans being despised by the scum they brought into their country and providing them with good jobs they could not find any where.

The Singaporeans deserved to be in such a pathetic state of being, to be bullied and despised by the foreigners from all over the world to head hunt to be here to enjoy all the good things in this cosmopolitan city. Don’t blame the foreigners, blame yourself and the sickos who are still mesmerised by the word foreign talent.

Yes, Singaporeans deserved to be beaten, to be despised, as they have admitted that they are a useless people, no talent, no skills and only fit to be taxi drivers and security guards. Do not be surprise if the foreigners become the new master of this island one day and pass a law, like the American Chinese Exclusion Act, and Singaporeans can only be taxi drivers and security guards. This is still a big concession and better than becoming maids and boat people.

If the daft Singaporeans continue to sleep and remain apathetic and allow the sickos to replace them with foreign trash, the fate awaiting them in the future is not going to look good. Singaporeans better believe in themselves and take back their country to run it for Singaporeans and let the foreigners know their rightful place in this country.

Maybe the bashing is not enough and they need something harsher or more drastic needs to happen before they can feel the pain. Where is the confidence and pride of being Singaporeans when foreigners think it is fair game to beat up Singaporeans in Singapore?

A most awaited once in 50 year event

They say great things don’t happened everyday, and often it happens once in 50 years. If that is not the case then everyone will be celebrating everyday or every hour. A 50 year break will give people the pent up feeling to want to let it all out at one go. The building up of a desire or expectation of something to come will make the event that much more enjoyable. How many of you have been caught in a situation when you have to let go but unable to, caught in the train, bus, in a meeting or half way in the highway or a long traffic jam? Imagine the explosive instant release and relief, after all the cumulated pressure, can be a most deserving experience

I heard many people have been storing up on their champagne and wine. Some were saying they will party all night out for that day. Some say they will cry in joy, hallelujah. Some say they will visit the places of worship to say thanks.

Never have Singaporeans been so excited by a coming event that would mean so much to them, almost, not Amos. It is really good that the people have something to look forward to, a great hope of jubilation, emancipation and change.

And with the whole island being in a celebration mood, the public places all nicely decorated, freebies and money to spend, this one in 50 year event better be good and better be real, and better come to the people. The people have waited for it for so long.

When the day comes, the streets would be full of people jumping in joy like children breaking out of parental control, getting their independence with the key at 21. I just can’t imagine the joy of the people in the streets. It would be just like the movie Independence Day, a people in celebration as one people, free, freedom and relief and a new beginning.

I too will be in the streets to join the party with champagne bottle in hand. It will be a celebration no Singaporean will ever forget, like a new child is born, on that fateful day. Yes, 50 years, and it is about time for a new star in the sky, A most welcome event about to happen and A most welcome child is here spreading the good news.

The day is coming. All the signs are there. Everything is moving and pointing to the day everyone is waiting for. Do not despair, there is hope. Darkness will soon give way to light and a new morning.


GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 2 – Your representative, your interest

Do you want to vote for a govt that represents your interest in Parliament?

Do you want to vote for a representative that listens to you and go to the Parliament to speak up for you? Or do you want to vote for a representative that thinks what is good for you without consulting you, without getting your consent, and go to Parliament to vote against what you think is good for you?

Or do you want to vote for a representative who votes for pary interest aboveyour interest?

Think about it.

No one must be above the law

In ST on 25 Jun, it was reported that ‘The apex court has made it clear that neither the Govt nor judges can be sued for judicial decisions made, pointing to judicial immunity under the Govt Proceedings Act(GPA)… “In Singapore, the general rule is that the Govt may be liable for, inter alia, the tortuous acts of its public officers,” noted Justice Chao. This means that the Govt is liable like any ordinary employer. However, exceptions to this rule specified in the Act include those exercising judicial functions, he said.’

The above sounds logical and reasonable on the presumptions that the judges are honourable people performing the duties of judges free from interferences from other people or offices. This should be the case as Judge Chao added, ‘The independence of the Judiciary is one of the foundation pillars of Singapore’s constitutional framework and must not be shaken. To this end, the Govt should not be liable for the acts of the Judiciary, over which it has no control or influence.’

Here there is another assumption, that the Judiciary is fully independent of the Govt. What if there is a rogue govt and running roughshod over the judiciary and controlling the Judiciary? There is always the possibility of a rogue govt in office. If this law is to be read without exceptions, even if a rogue govt is in office, should it be valid to shield the Judiciary in such circumstances, or when a corrupt Judiciary is in cahoot with a rogue govt?

There is also another assumption that the Judiciary is made up of righteous men and women. In reality, there are always flawed characters in every profession and the Judiciary is no exception. What happens if there is a crooked judge or a compromised judge, a beholden judge, would he still be protected by this GPA, no exceptions?

I think this is a very dangerous precedent to set, to allow some people, in this case the Judiciary, to be above the law with no exceptions. As long as human beans are involved rogues will appear once a while. How can there be no exceptions?

Judges are also human beans and human beans are human beans, no exceptions. Just because one becomes a judge, one is flawless in character and above the law.

The only consideration that may warrant an exception is that the judiciary cannot be sued by the govt, but can be sued by the people. The people are the highest office in the country. All govt and govt offices, officials are there to serve the people. And if the judiciary committed errors or there is a miscarriage of justice against the people, they must be answerable and held accountable.

The point about cannot be sued by the govt is to protect the judiciary in case they have to rule against the govt. And this is a very likely case when no one can guarantee the characters of politicians and rogue govt. The judiciary must be free from the fear of the govt, independent and not beholden, to do what it is supposed to do, to deliver justice to the people. It is the people that the judiciary should serve and be accountable for and cannot be above the law.

What do you think?


Amos Yee – Baffling saga

‘I find the whole saga of “managing Amos” baffling. First, months ago, Amos’ mother told the court that Amos was assessed on 2 separate occasions before the trial began, by IMH psychiatrist(s).’ – Ang Yong Guan

Dr Ang is a psychiatrist in private practice. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1979 and did his postgraduate training in psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh between 1984 and 1986. He served as a military doctor with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) for 23 years from 1980 to 2003 (17 of which as a military psychiatrist) and retired, with the rank of Colonel, as Head of Psychological Care Centre, Military Medicine Institute, SAF Medical Corps.

Dr Ang was the president of Singapore Psychiatric Association (1997-1998); chairman of the Chapter of Psychiatrists, Academy of Medicine (2001- 2003); and member of National Council on Problem Gambling (2005 – 2011). He is currently founder-chairman of Action Group for Mental Illness (from 2004 to the present), a national advocacy group championing for the mentally ill.

Finally, after so long, there is someone with a unquestionable credential on Psychiatry speaks out. No one can doubt whether his degrees are real or fake or from some degree mills. Ang Yong Guan’s qualification and experience are rock solid, a local talent and authority in this field. He posted an article in his Facebook and reposted in the TRE titled ‘ Psychiatrist: ‘Managing Amos’ saga baffling’.

This is the first time a person of authority and carrying some weight has spoken voluntarily on the Amos case. Let’s see if there is anyone else of some standing that would be bitten by his conscience to open his golden mouth to say something about this case.

Amos Yee is now in IMH and according to his mother he is the only sane person there among the insane. Poor boy.  If he is not mad, his residency in the company of the mad will get to him.  Is managing Amos Yee baffling?

I dunno. I really dunno. 人在做天在看

Here is a comment in his post at TRE

Detention Barracks: June 26, 2015 at 8:54 am  Detention Barracks(Quote)

'As ex-Army Colonel shouldn’t you access whether he is suitable for enlisted straight to Detention Barracks instead?
You seems to forgotten your root that feed you for your career. Turning your back against the hand that feed you is not going to get any votes !
Seems like you have been influenced by Glucose Chee a serial loser than turn against his mentor.’

The reason for this comment is to chastise Ang Yong Guan for being ungrateful which is more important than being right or wrong. Being grateful is more important than being morally righteous and just, the rule of law can go down the drain.

PS. Amos' mother Mary Toh also has a post in TRE titled 'A mother visits her son in IMH'. Reading it gives one a creepy feeling and a sense of haplessness.

GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 1 - Freedom to information

This is the first part of a series of issues that I would be writing about for the coming GE. I would deal with one issue at a time and put it simple and short for brevity and easier for the voters to remember.

The main question is who would the people want to vote for?  The first issue is about the right to information. Would the voters want to vote for a govt that want to decide on what they can see, read, hear or say? Is this simple enough?

Do you want to vote for a govt that dictates to you what you can or cannot read, what you can or cannot see, what you can or cannot say? In other words, would you vote for a govt that wants to control you, control your thoughts? Do you want to be controlled by the people you elect to be the govt?

Think about it.

Control the people’s thinking

Related to my post ofn Freedom to information, there is this big issue of modifying behavioural thinking in the media today. Peter Ong, the Head of Civil Service, touched on the discussions in the social media. He said policymakers would need to study human behaviour, particularly in the social media, to nudge the discussion in the right direction. To do this, the first few postings would normally set the trend and tempo of a discussion, ie you can control the discussion.

So, by getting in early, the trend of thoughts in a discussion could be guided and modified in a way to suit the intent of the people wanting to lead a discussion. It is all about behavioural control.

What is missing in this line of thought, similar to those who claimed that everything can be explained away with good communication, is that the advocates are trying to treat a symptom but not the cause. If there is no cause, if govt policies are right and good for the people, there would be no need for opposing views and negativity. If policies are wrong, no amount of explanation can change that, no amount of behavioural modifications or control can change that. Any change would be momentary, when a clever argument may pull wool over the eyes for a short while. But the bad policies stayed and would still invoke objections and opposition when the wool is removed.

The crux of the matter is to get the policies right, administer policies that are good for the people, not silly policies pushed through by applying power logic. So many policies in housing that were silly and against the interests of the people were pushed through and have to be rectified but not before doing so much harm to the people. In a way, Murphy’s Law is also applicable to bad policies. Bad policies are bad policies and would bounce back at the face of the policymakers in a matter of time. You cannot get away with bad policies. No amount of foolish and contrived explanations or behavioural modifications can change a bad policy to a good policy.

There is one condition that may make it an exception. Use of power logic. Use of power to impose on the people, shaft it down their throats like before. Oh, there is also another assumption that may make such a thinking works for a while, if the people are really daft and cannot see the difference between what is good or bad for them.

Power logic and behavioural control are just that. Nothing is changed, bad policy is bad policy. It would be wiser to go to the root cause of the problem and save the need to explain what cannot be explained away, or to modify people’s behaviour and thinking that it would work.

You can bluff the people all the time. You can’t bluff the people and get away with it forever.


Beware of your pockets

If the forum pages of the main media are an indication of what is over the horizon, I am fearful of what is in the pipeline. The main media has rightly been perceived as the sounding board for the govt policies, what the govt has in mind are often tested first in the media for a ground feel or to signal what is coming next. And the preview could lessen the impact when policies are implemented with the people mentally prepared for the shock.

The last few days the signals are for higher cost of water consumption and hitting hard on car ownership. Two foreigners, I am guessing from their names, likely new citizens or PRs, one a Dr Asit K Biswa and a Cecilia Tottajada, wrote to the ST forum that the cost of water was too low, or cheap and it was time to tighten the tap on cheap water to reduce consumption. Another comment, not sure if it was from the same two, ‘the price of water has not increased since 2000’.

See the reasoning for the increase? So long never increase so much increase. The other reason, must increase price to cut down on consumption. Aren’t the people already paying too much for water with different kinds of water conservation taxes? Not enough, still want to increase? And the reason is to cut down on consumption. Did they know the history of water pricing and the cost of water instead of gut feel of cheap or expensive, based on what, market mechanism?

Hey professori from whatever university, I already limit myself to take bath once a week to cut down on water usage. Not enough? And I only brush teeth once in two days. And I also use used water to flush the toilet bowl, which means the water is used several times before flushing down the drain. Do you know or not? It is so easy to talk about cutting down consumption. Tell the poor worker to cut down on food consumption lah. But make sure you know how many meals he is taking and what he is taking in the first place. If the guy is already taking plain bread or plain porridge and only two times a day, how much more to you want him to cut down? You think everyone eat like a pig, 5 meals a day? You think everyone is hosing water on their cars?

Do these so called academics know what they are talking?

And the other call, not by an academic I think, to reduce car usage, is to make car use prohibitive. What a moron. The next thing, to manage the use of precious land, shrink the size of flats by half to make it painful. There are many people who must use car whether for work or for special needs. Using the car is a necessity and sometime unavoidable. And there are many small enterprises that need a car or they could not operate. Increase cost to make it prohibitive? I see shit coming out of the mouth.

But put these silly thinkers and comments aside. What is behind these calls, is it an indication of what is coming and the media or govt is preparing the ground for increase in water fees and more financial disincentives to car usage?

What are the real problems to water usage and car usage? What are the causes to high water usage and car population? You dunno meh? Think 10m or 6.9m. If the govt is crazy to keep pumping more people into this piece of rock, water will always be not enough and no matter how high the price is, the people would still need to use them. Fuck the pseudo academics. And so will be space for cars. 5m and we are so squeezed with so many cars, 6.9m and 10m, how would it affect car prices and car usage? Is this what we want? Is this for better quality of life? Prohibit car ownership, prohibit water consumption so that everyone would smell like a sweaty manual worker and cannot afford to bathe?

This is already one of the most expensive city to live in. Want to increase cost further by more stupid suggestions?

Amos Yee – Autism Spectrum Disease 人在做天在看

‘District Judge Jasvender Kaur today (23 Jun) ordered teenage blogger Amos Yee to be remanded for 2 weeks at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to undergo a psychiatric assessment.
The court heard that an RTC report had found the 16-year-old physically and mentally fit to undergo reformative training. However, a report by Dr Munidasa Winslow also said that Amos may be suffering from autism-spectrum disorder.’ TRE Editorial 
What is this ASD? According to a psychiatrist interviewed by CNA, an Adrian Wong if I remember correctly, there are three signs to watch out for. Difficulties in reading or articulation, difficulties in relationship, and a kind of stubbornness in views on things. And generally almost everyone has such symptoms in varying degree. In my view, of course I am not a psychiatrist, I also can say maybe everyone has ASD. Tiok boh? 
Look around us, how many people did not have the three signs? Cannot speak properly, plenty of them. Have relationship problem with people, how many people did not have this problem? I will say none, everyone has some relationship problem with some people. Have a kind of stubbornness in views of things like insisting that Amos is sick when he is not. How many people are sticking to this sick view? I think in this case, everyone is suffering from ASD except Amos Yee. Yes Amos is the only normal one. 
Let me put up my justifications. Amos is extremely articulate, no problem with communication. Relationship with people, he is so friendly. See how he waved to everyone and smiling all the time despite being charged with this horrible crime? At his age, with the whole state machinery and a lot of sick people gunning him down, he has a mind of steel, standing rock solid and not breaking. This is a sign of a very emotionally strong person. Many people would have broken down. Not Amos Yee. It is the other people that are having relationship problems, and with him. It is not Amos having problems with other people. And all those people are sickly sticking to an obtuse view about Amos that the UNHCHR and HRW are saying all hogwash. There is nothing wrong with Amos Yee. He is a healthy young boy and behaving like many young boys of his age and intelligence. 
How, my justifications can jalan or not? Reasonable or not? And Amos is fit for Reformative Training but suffering from ASD? Tiok boh? Like also can? If Amos has relationship problems with people, how can he be but put in the same confines with troublesome youth in the Reformative Centre? Would they not murder him since Amos cannot get along with them? Is it the right thing to do? Oops, wrong question to ask about right or wrong thing. 
I think everyone should be sent for Mandatory Treatment Order instead of Amos Yee. In my view, not the view of a psychiatrist, everyone is sick except Amos. Just my layman’s view.  
Please, disagree with me as much as you like. I am not an authority on this ASD thing.


Mahathir declares Langkawi a new nation

News Flash--Mahathir bought Langkawi island for new Nation

Now, he can build his crooked bridge n treat the kampong folks as their medical director apart from landlord (King Mahathir).

Mahathir said he had bought the island from the Sultan of Kedah for an undisclosed sum and has declared it as an independent state.

Who is cheating the Malays of their inheritance, if this is true?

Can someone verify this? If true he can joined his nemesis in the club of founding nation members.

PS. GiGo confirmed it is a joke.

Khaw Boon Wan – Every Sporean couple a chance to live in HDB flat

I told you right, this is the best minister in the PAP. His thinking at least is thinking. He is the only one who can see the silliness of depriving a Singaporean from buying a HDB flat and living in a HDB flat. Only sick minds can deprive a Singaporean from living in a HDB flat. It is a betrayal to all NSmen to deprive them of buying a HDB flat when new citizens that never served NS can buy and live in HDB flats. And it takes so long until a good Buddhist man comes up with a clear idea of what is wrong with that insidious policy against NSmen. Imagine no one can see anything wrong with it. It must be Boon Wan’s meditation and he saw the light.

And many young couples have been excluded from buying HDB flats and forced to buy private flats and have to live with a huge mortgage that many would find it a big burden to carry. It happened. And asses would be blaming them for not having enough savings for retirement.

Now, when would Boon Wan correct this wrongful policy, a crime against our young people? Let’s hope he does not take another 56 man years to make this right. All NSmen paid a heavy price to serve the country, how can they be excluded from buying a HDB flat? And to rub salt into their wounds, new citizens never serve NS can buy HDB flats to resell to these NSmen at a profit. I want to use the four letter word already,  but must respect Boon Wan, so I try to be polite here.

Even in practical terms, every young couple would start life earning $2k or $3k and be eligible to buy HDB flats other than those whose parents are ministers and can afford to buy private homes. Many have to delay buying because of circumstance beyond their control, unable to find the right partners or other reasons that made them to do so. And by the time when they needed a flat, their incomes could have exceeded the stupid income ceiling imposed by HDB. And they became the citizens that sacrificed 2 and ½ years of their precious youth to serve the country, pledged to defend the country with their lives with more years as a reservist, and cannot buy HDB flat! Can you believe it?

Lucky, so very lucky, there is a wise and good man in Boon Wan to make things right. So, how are they going to compensate for the wrongs done to those young couples out there? And please, no more silly schemes to force young couples to buy bigger flats just because they are earning more. Prudence! You know what is the meaning of prudence? It means don’t anyhow spend. Spend only when necessary and save your money for the rainy day or for retirement. Do not let silly fucks to blame them for buying bigger flats and ended with little savings for retirement. It is elementary isn’t it? And it is a sickness of the mind to continue to victimize the young people with silly policies.

Ok, the ball is now in Boon Wan’s feet. Do the right thing and the decent thing. No more silly schemes and silly explanations please.

1974 – The last supper

1974 was the year the British pulled out of Singapore to wave goodbye to their Empire and one of the last colonies left in the Far East. 1974 was the 1997 of Hongkong, the last vestiges of the British Empire. What the British did here, though in a small scale, was similar to what they did to Hongkong in a huge scale.

In Hongkong, the Treasury was open to the British to help themselves. And they spent and spent, on anything they fancied, for the good of Hongkong or for good of Westminister. The Hongkong Treasury had a lot of cash waiting to be emptied and the one holding the key, the British of course, would make it easy for Chris Patten to do the necessary.
In Singapore, by 1974 we were already an independent country and the Treasury was out of bound to the British. We were an independent country and governing ourselves except for the military bases that were still in operation.

I was a young officer in RAF/RSAF Tengah. All military units under the British tradition have this thing called Officer’s Mess where the officers dined and wined. Though the beer and liquor were tax exempted, still the Mess was able to have a nice  surplus over the years, including revenue from the jackpot machine.
What would the British want to do with the money? They have contributed a big chunk to it by their drinking in the bar. They are not going to leave it behind for us to inherit. They are going to spend it one way or another.

That December of 1974 was a grand last supper before the British packed up and leave, leaving behind nothing in the Mess kitty. They organized an opulence party to celebrate for one last time. It was not so much as to have a good time. It was how to finish off the money in the kitty. The spread of food and drinks was not only generous, but wasteful and very unnecessary. There were less than a hundred of them left and about a similar number of us locals taking over the Mess.

What the British did was to open up three dining areas for the night with all kinds of food, Asian and European and what not. As if this was not enough, there were, if I can remember, three separate bars, with free flowing of beer and liquor, on the house of course, like the food. And that was not enough, I think there were three bands playing in three different areas.

It was like money everywhere and money to be spent to make everyone happy. They were throwing the money at everyone, at themselves and to us, to partake everything in that one evening. They were still in control, in control of he money, the money soon to be OPM, no longer theirs if they didn’t spend it. It was so easy to spend money that was OPM and had a good time.

When the curtain is about to fall, why not? At least they made themselves happy and emptied the kitty at the same time. They are not looking back. They know that the money would not be theirs anymore to spend. It was like ‘It’s now or never’.

That was 1974, the last day of the Empire. We never see them again. Or we never allow them to take control again, not with our money.

American Pivot part 2

In part 1, I gave a broadbrush treatment of what a new Asia will be if the Americans succeeded in implementing and enforcing its American Pivot strategy and objectives in East Asia. With willing allies like Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, possibly Singapore, the Americans would first want to have a combined force to launch a war with China. They may even have the Europeans on the sideline ready to join in the fray. It is the same formula of divide and rule, signing up all the willing gangsters to take China alone and tear it apart, piece by piece and to share the loot among the gangster nations. This is the standard formula of the western powers in taking Asian and African countries one at a time.

This time the game may be a bit more complicated. China is not alone. And there are other countries that would come to the side of China, knowing that not doing so would they end up the same fate as a defeated China. For their own interests, they would have to take sides with China. Russia, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, would be left with little choice unless they are willing to come under the domination of an unfriendly and bullying Emperor.

Before the Americans and its allies, Japan, the Philippines, Australia and Vietnam could roll out their military plans to deal with China, China would not sit idly waiting to be shot. What would be the likely option or options for China? Taking on the Americans alone would put it in a severely disadvantaged position and defeat would be the likely outcome. Trying to take on the Empire alone would encourage the fence sitters like the Europeans to feel more comfortable to join the side of the Empire.

A better option would be to link up with Russia and North Korea, plus Taiwan and possibly South Korea to replicate what the Americans are doing, ie ganging up. And the target would be Japan. The combined forces would be too much for Japan to take on alone and to survive they must bring in the Americans. The question is whether the Americans would come in when faced with China and its formidable allies. China and its partners all have issues with Japan, including territorial disputes and the humiliation by the Japanese in WW2.

Japan has been the Number One military adventurer and invader in Asia. The genie of Japanese Imperialism was bottled up by the Americans after WW2 and not allowed to create more mischief in the region. Now that the Americans are so happy to release the Japanese Imperialist genie out from the bottle, the Japanese have started to behave predictably like their former self, creating mischief and edging to go to war.

China and its allies would have all the same reason to want to put this genie back into the bottle. A combined force to invade Japan would be a piece of cake and could lead to the break up of Japan into concessions by them. Russia could take hold of not only the four disputed islands but also Hokkaido. China could be generous and be contented with Kyushu and the Ryukyu island chains. The rest can be offered to the Koreans to let the Japanese have a taste of what it is like under brutal colonial rule, in the way they ruled over Korea. The Koreans would love to return the courtesy to rule the two main islands of Japan.

The dismantling of Japan would be a key factor to keep the Americans out of Asia and to bring their pivot home. Asean would be able to enjoy the same peace and stability without the Americans inciting some of their members to adventurism.

The Americans have not seen or faced with a combined force of a number of nations against them. It has always been the Americans and Europeans joining hands to attack other countries. And they are doing it again in East and South Sea. They have the advantage and the initiative to decide when they want to harasss or provoke China. The gangsters are calling the shot and the initiative to start a war with China at their own timing and choosing.

The China/Russia/Korea alliance would be a force to contend with. They must regain the initiative, to call the shot instead of letting the Americans and Japanese to call the shot when to start a war. The China Russia Korea alliance should put on the pressure to harass and provoke the Japanese, put them on the defensive, and be the one to decide when to declare war on Japan. Then both sides can play the game on a more level playing field. Japan would for once be faced with a combined force to keep its wild Imperialistic ambition in check. They would think twice about adventurism in the South China Sea. Open up a new theatre of tension the North, in the Sea of Japan. Haul back the Japanese to be on the defensive. An attack, breakup and occupation of Japan would put an end to this menace of war in Asia for good.

The map of Asia would practically be unchanged except for the division of Japan to be ruled by Russia, Korea and China. This thought would make the Japanese go crazy. So far they have only been thinking of doing it to China and Korea. They cannot imagine that the same fate can happen to them if they continue to adopt an aggressive and war mongering policy. Japan could be the new Middle East of Asia, fighting an unending war against overwhelmingly superior forces till the end of time. The Americans would stay at the peripheral of Asia and remain a super power unchallenged in the eastern Pacific Ocean. They would not risk a nuclear war with the China  Russia Korea alliance. They would not be so scatter brain to think they can station hundreds of tanks along the Russian border to threaten Russia.

There will be a new peace and a new Asia. With the genie of Japanese Imperialism put away for good, peace would return to Asia for another century or more. And the bigger menace, the American Empire would have to contend to remain in the Americas.

Why must it always be the Empire and the Japanese Imperialist threatening and attacking other countries?


Amos Yee - latest developments

Roy Ngerng is making a public call to Free Amos Yee in his Facebook with a dedicated  yellow and red sticker, ‘FREE AMOS YEE – PROTECT OUR CHILDREN’.

In the main media it is reported that the  UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bangkok has called on the Govt for Amos Yee’s IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

 I dunno what to say.

PS. This just came out.
For Immediate Release

Singapore: Exonerate 16-Year-Old Blogger
Uphold Amos Yee’s Free Expression Rights, Child Protections

(Bangkok, June 23, 2015) – Singapore authorities should exonerate a 16-year-old convicted for a blog and video post about the death of Singapore’s founding prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, Human Rights Watch said today.

Should Malaysia use the ISA on Mahathir

Malays could suffer the ‘fate of Spore Malays’ if Najib stays on: Dr M.

Such a statement if quoted by someone in Singapore would be seen as inciting racial unrest. In Malaysia it would be the same if the speaker is not Mahathir. No one would see this as a very racist comment and could incite racial violence when uttered by Mahathir.

Mahathir again is rumour mongering to strike fear among the Malays, that they would be marginalized like Singapore Malays. How true is this statement? There is always a saying that one must compare apple with apple and orange with orange to make a good case on what one is talking about. It is a demographic fact that the Malays in Singapore is a minority race and relatively lesser of them would be in the Who’s Who list. But in general, are the Malays in Singapore less well off than the Malays in Malaysia without the bumiputra policies of affirmative actions in favour of the Malays?

The second point, can the Malays in Malaysia ever lose their dominance and control of the country and wealth given the disproportional distribution of power in the country? There is the Constitutions that enshrined Malay dominance and power that is unchallenged, cannot be challenged. There are the political powers sanctioned in the institutions of the Malay Rulers that are also unquestionable to protect Malay rights and dominance. And the hard realities, the Malays are holding absolute power in the govt, in the civil service, in the military and police forces. The Malays are in control of the economy and in politics. How could the Malays be marginalized under Najib or any Malay PM and govt? To quote a Sinkie saying, even if a dud is the conductor, the orchestra would go on playing and no one would miss the dud.

Mahathir’s assertion is that the Malay as a race is inferior to the other race and needs protection forever. After 4 decades of NEP and the continuation of affirmative policies, priority in education and economic opportunities, are the Malays still inferior to the other races? If this is the truth, then God helps the Malays. I really dunno what to say.

This assumption of Malays as inferior needs to be proven or rebutted. Even on a general basis it may appear so if the Malay poor is highlighted as an example. But there are poor in other races as well. Among the Malays there are many very able and brilliant people that are as good as the other races. And if there is a good core of talented Malay leaders, and with political dominance, absolute majority as a race, and control of the country, there is no way for the Malays in Malaysia to be marginalized. The Malay elite in Malaysia are in control of everything to ensure their continuous rule of the country and a bigger share of everything.

Mahathir is just stroking the fear of the unthinking masses to go against Najib in particular and the non Malays in general. Mahathir has never changed in playing racial and religious cards to divide the people of Malaysia. How many will believe in this latest claim by Mahathir? How many would believe the Malay majority in Malaysia will suffer the ‘fate of Singapore Malays’? Presumably the Malays in Singapore are in a worse off state than the Malaysian Malays. Compare apple to apple, put a Singapore Malay elite next to a Malaysian Malay elite and see the difference. Who is the better half, excluding state given largesse.

The best man for the job, not about nationalities

‘Running a business means the best man for the Job

Japanese companies such as Sony and Nissan are taking the first steps to hire foreigners for top management positions.

In 2011, the firm with the largest number of foreign professionals in South Korea was Samsung, with 16 foreign executives, followed by LG Electronics, with nine.

These expatriates were recruited for their experience and innovative thinking, to help the companies develop their international presence….

In Singapore, our ageing population means that baby boomers in top positions are going to retire, causing companies to lose lots of experienced talent.

Unless our universities have better training schemes, our locals will not be able to compare with expats. Companies will find it hard to get replacements locally, and will have to import foreign talent.

It is time to address the mismatch between what schools are producing and what companies need.

Competition for talent will force companies to cast their nets wider. We must come to terms with this reality as this is what globalisation is all about.’

Francis Cheng


The above is part of an article by Francis Cheng posted in TRE. It does not take much effort to see the flaws in this simplistic view and trying to be clever by quoting empirical data with superficial understanding. Japan is starting to hire foreigners, and did the author know that this is the beginning of Japan’s trouble in the car and electronic industries? The number of faulty cars being recalled is staggering and costing the Japanese car companies hundreds of millions of dollars, and the reputation of Japanese Made cars. And did he know that Sony and a few Japanese consumer goods makers are going broke?

Then look at the figures of the Koreans, 16 foreign executives in Samsung and 9 in LG. What is the workforce of Samsung and LG? Samsung has a workforce of half a million. What is 16? Did the author know the percentages of foreigners in our GLC, especially in banking and ITs? Here the 16 and 9 are in terms of percentages. In fact, the percentage could be even higher in top and middle management, going to 70% or more. What do these figures mean?

In the Japanese case, they are bringing in the wrong talents that instead of helping are destroying their companies. In the case of the Koreans, they are very selective and going for the best or hiring foreign executives in very specialized jobs. That is why there are 16 and not 50% or 70% foreigners.

In Singapore, we are hiring all the shits, from the top to bottom and called them foreign talents. This also means that we are empty of talents from the top to the bottom. And what is the cause? Our ‘baby boomers in top positions are going to retire, causing companies to lose lots of experienced talent’. Is this a reasonable comment? Does it mean that our universities are capable of producing one generation of talents and subsequently went to sleep and not producing anything except shit?

The universities are educating and producing talents every year. What happens? Suddenly no more talents? So now the schools and universities must wake up and start to train the needed talents? What cock is that? Our best education system and universities did not know what they are doing, did not know what to produce and their products cannot match the daft and cheats of dysfunctional education systems and universities from the 3rd world?

So our universities must start to work? Heng Swee Kiat, what do you think? Your MOE is a dud for all these years, wasting precious dollars from the taxpayers, and allowing the schools and universities to produce duds and mismatch? Would you care to comment?

Globalisation is not so simple as the best replacing the not so good. Theoretically that can be the case. In our case, we are replacing our best with fakes and cheats and half bakes. And our daft Sinkies did not know, could not see the truth, and believe that our best cannot compete with shit, cheats and fakes.

My God, what is happening? Maybe it is true, our education system and universities are sick to the core, producing duds that cannot think, did not know what the hell is going on. Must hire the best man for the job and the best man must be a foreigner no matter how shitty or even cheats. This is the thinking of fuckheads who believe that they are thinking and very clever.

Tomorrow when another fuckhead were to tell them to cull their parents because they are no longer productive, they will do so as a matter of fact. No need to think.


American pivot and a new Asia

What is the American pivot all about? After going round in circles, the Americans have finally admitted that it is all about the American Empire, about America’s dominance as the undisputed Number One Super Power. China would not be allowed to challenge this state of being. No, the Pacific Ocean is not big enough for the USA and China. The world is not big enough for two. Or like the Chinese saying, one mountain cannot have two tigers. In the western Pacific and the whole Pacific Ocean, there can be only one Super Power and America would not tolerate anyone challenging that position. Cut the craps, the Americans are here to rule. China should save its breath to tell the Americans the Pacific Ocean is big enough for two. The Americans want it for themselves.

What would be the American pivot mean? It would mean the containment of China or better still the defeat of China. The whole game plan is to keep China under control. And what would be the map of Asia be if the American pivot is successful? China would be a semi colonised state like Japan under the rule of another Gen MacArthur. With China’s fall, North Korea would be overrun by a combined force of the USA, Japan and South Korea. The two Koreas would be reunited under the dominance of South Koreans.

The Russians would be cornered and would be dealt the same blow by the combined forces of the US and its allies and suffer the same fate as China. Vietnam, being another key member of the Empire would enjoy the largesse of having Laos and Cambodia in the larger entity of Indochina.  Further to the west, India would be emboldened to close rank with the Americans and run over Pakistan to end the century old rivalry. All the neighbouring states of India, including Myanmar, would have come under a new regional warlord in India. Iran and the Middle Eastern countries fate need no elaboration.

Further to the south, Indonesia would then have Australia as the new regional power to contend with. The rest of the Asean countries would know which side to take.

This would be the new map of Asia under the American pivot. America is Number One, the undisputed Super Power of the day, Pax Americana.

Would China, Russia and their allies be able to do anything? What would be their options? They can’t be sitting helplessly waiting for the curtain to fall and all march to the concentration camp by the American Empire.

Wait for American Pivot part 2.

Khaw Boon Wan – We support strong family ties

‘Strong families make strong communities and a strong nation. This is why we don’t just build flats; we also help families live closer together.

There are many benefits for such an arrangement. Grandparents can help look after grandchildren, and children can support their parents and grandparents.’

The Chinese text used a combination of two characters to define a nation, ‘guo jia’ 国家. The two characters are country and family. The family is the basic building block of a nation. Without the families, a country would just be a piece of empty land. It is the people and families that turned it into a nation. And Boon Wan must have reflected on this concept when he was doing his meditation, and he is now enlightened. He understands the importance of families and family ties. And he explained that HDB policies are crafted with the building of strong family ties in mind.

Unfortunately many netizens did not see his viewpoints and lambasted him and his policies that they said were bad for families. They quoted things like small micky mouse flats, over priced HDB flats, including his idea of sending old folks to JB nursing homes. They were furious about some of the things Boon Wan suggested that meant well. They see the Medishield Life as a transfer of govt liabilities to the children, to make them bear the cost of providing medical insurance for their parents.

They even called Boon Wan a hypocrite. Now that is a bit too much, to call a good buddhist a hypocrite. Look at the calmness in his face, non violent, always smiling, every angle you look, he is like the laughing Buddha. How can he be a hypocrite? And they even blamed him for young couples turning to their parents to foot the down payment for cheap and affordable HDB flats. How can like that?

Let me attempt, with my not super talent ability, to explain away the wrong perceptions the netizens had of Boon Wan. Yes with good communications, everything can be explained away. I hope my explanation is good enough and not half past six.

Let’ take the first issue of micky mouse flats. I think the original objective by HDB was to make the flats cheaperer and more affordable. Now people complained too small and cannot keep three generations under one roof. Ok, that was a lack of foresight. But they might look at small flats different. You see, being small, everyone will be closer to each other, at least physically, cosy and warm. 

Anyway Boon Wan is correcting that judgemental error and is building 3 generation flats. Swee boh? You people complained and he heard and responding to your feedback and trying to make it better. And he also got give good grants to help the families live together. Children want to live near parents, Govt give them money to be filial. Like that cannot say bad, tiok boh?

What, three generations flat also very small inside? This one I dunno.  Never mind, have faith in Boon Wan. He will make them right, bigger flats, bigger rooms, for happy family ties. Give him a bit more time, and allow the Govt to bring in more foreign workers to help him do a good job. Maybe the small mickey mouse flats were due to labour shortage, so build smaller flats can build faster right? Then again, if the flats are built bigger, got to pay more you know. Nothing is free.

Boon Wan is trying his best. The problems were created by his predecessors, not by him. And he volunteered to do the right things. See, now no more housing problems. Maybe the price is still affordably unaffordable.  Only two years on the job and he solved housing shortage problem. He is good. The National Day Award I want to recommend him for the highest award in public service. What bintang or star they called it?

Maybe he can do more, bit by bit, one at a time. There is this complaint that visiting parents is becoming very expensive. Children want to spend time at parent’s home or grandparents want to help out in children’s home also very expensive. Every time visits parents must pay except on Sunday or public holiday. Maybe Boon Wan can look into this. Oh, he already thought of it, that’s why 3 generation flat, stay together, no need parking fee.  Did someone say don’t drive, save money? And the media also have been encouraging the people to take public transport. Private car ownership no good, take public transport betterer.

This one I dunno want to agree or not. Got car can bring whole families to ‘chiat hong’ either in East Coast Park or go to Malaysia. Whole family, 3 generations all can go, better than staying inside mickey mouse flats. If no car, no choice, mickey mouse flats also must pretend to be good. Quality of life is not about big space small space. It is how you make do with it, go around it, buy small furniture, everything smaller, then can feel big space.

After building so many micky mouse flats, cannot simply demolish them right? And how to cope with 10m population if flats are built bigger and bigger? Like that how? Big is not necessary good you know. This one, a bit physical constraint, can’t be helped lah. We need to have 10m population to have growth and better quality of life. So no car, smaller micky mouse flats must bear with it lah. Today someone wrote to Today forum, make car use prohibitive. This is a brilliant psychotic Sinkie mind at work. And no car can save so much money, no need to pay parking when visiting parents or parents visiting grandchildren.

Ok, now I help explain leow. Take it or leave it up to you. Boon Wan good or bad you all can see. So don’t anyhow hantam him. He is good man, the best in PAP. If he is bad, then no more good man in PAP. You people so lucky to have Boon Wan in the PAP and still want to ask him go back to Malaysia? You dunno how bad things would be without him.