Petrol price up, GST up, what else is not up?

Our Current Situation:
March 25, 2022 at 3:04 am (Quote)

I am 72 years old and have been unemployed. My elder son completed his University degree and also have not been able to get employment for the past two years. My younger son who completed his Polytechnic diploma is also unemployed but now trying to get admission to the local University.

My wife who is going to retire soon is doing clerical duties and is now supporting the four of us with S$3,000 salary.

My family is a good example of a local family in deep shits because of our government FT policy. Really disappointed.

Above is a comment from a reader to an article in TRE about the out of touch PAP Minister by a Prabu Ramachandran. Contrast this guy's pathetic situation to those that are claiming to be earning $10k pm or more and the ministers million or more annual income. What is real or what is fake? Both are equally real, depending on what you want to see and want to know and what you do not want to see and do not want to know.

To the 72 year old guy, every small increase in prices of anything, transport fare, kopi, chicken rice etc etc, is going to be very painful and unaffordable. To those high earners, what is $50, or what is $10m?

It is all relative depending on where you are and how lucky or unlucky you are, or like some like to boast, how smart or not smart one is.

The 72 year old guy is lucky that his two sons have completed their studies and not having to pay with the high tuition fees for our excellent quality education, the more you pay, the better the quality of education. But not necessary when applying for jobs. In the latter, the lower you pay for tuition fees, very likely it is easier to get a job in Singapore, but not in the same third world country they came from. 

Funny isn't it? Our first world country, producing A grade students and getting the best and most expensive university or polytechnic education, cannot compete with third world graduates from funny universities with tuition fees that cost only a fraction of ours, and according to our standard of measurement, lower tuition fees mean lower quality of education, but these graduates from funny universities that are supposedly lower in quality according to our definition, are the preferred and choiced candidates for employment here. And our university and poly graduates are mostly spending time tweedling their thumbs at homes, CANNOT GET A JOB! 

Whose fault is this? Anyone should be responsible for the shit that our young are facing and suffering? No, no one is at fault. If there is, it is our young, that they should not be wasting time getting that piece of paper call degrees. They should just go out and look for a job, like a food delivery boy, or guarding the entrance to a shopping mall or office tower, or if their daddy happens to own a car, go and be a Grab driver. Do not apply for permanent jobs. Those jobs need qualifications from funny and cheap universities from the third world countries.

Vote for the best political party and pay them millions, and everything will be fine. Continue to get your world best degrees and stay at home tweedling your thumbs. You are well taken care of, very well taken care of.

And do not any how spend, save for the rainy day, provided you are working and have a income to save, in this most expensive city in the world. It is a miracle how Singaporeans like the 72 year old guy could manage to survive with two graduate unemployed children. This is Uniquely Singapore, which can afford to bring in half a million foreigners, give them good and permanent jobs, but could not give jobs to its very own citizens with university and polytechnic degrees.

What the fuck is going on? Who cares? Why should people earning more than $10k or in the millions be caring when they are gloating about how lucky or clever they are? And if they did not get their million dollar salary, their lifestyle would be affected.

Japan Baffled by Putin's Simple Demand to Pay for Russian Gas in Rubles


On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said “unfriendly countries” would continue to receive Russian natural gas in volumes and prices fixed in contracts, but are now to pay for the commodity in the country’s national currency.

In Asia, these include Japan, South Korea, and China's Taiwan, which import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Russia’s Sakhalin-2 and Yamal LNG projects.

Commenting on the development, Japanese Finance Minister Shun’ichi Suzuki claimed that Tokyo is confused about Russia’s demand, which is actually rather simple - no ruble means no gas.

Japan is the biggest importer of Russian LNG in Asia, purchasing 6.84 million tons of liquefied gas from the country in 2021, according to Refinitiv data, which is nearly 9% of its total LNG imports.

“Frankly speaking, we do not yet fully understand the goals and how this will be carried out… the government is currently in discussions with the responsible ministries and agencies to assess the situation,” Suzuki state.

Russia's goal is clear - retaliation for Japan's sanctions.

After Japan imposed far-reaching economic penalties on Russia following its special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Japan is damaging Russian interests by taking an "obviously unfriendly" stance toward the country, and withdrew from negotiations with Japan for a peace treaty to formally end World War II hostilities.

In addition to exiting the peace talks, Russia ended visa-free travel to a chain of Russian-controlled islands called the Northern Territories by Tokyo and the Southern Kurils by Russia.

On Friday, Russian military said it has started a military exercise involving more than 3,000 troops on a chain of islands including those disputed with Japan, Russian news agency Interfax reported. 


 PS.  The Japanese are acting blur. The debt that the Japanese owed to Russia, the Koreas and China they also pretended that nothing had happened. These debts would be settled one day and there would be no Japan left to talk about.

West accused of double standards on Ukraine


Qatar and Saudi Arabia have shamed the West for paying more attention to the war in Ukraine than to events in the Middle East

The US’ major non-NATO ally Qatar, along with Saudi Arabia, have shamed the West for paying disproportionately more attention to Ukraine than to conflicts in nations across the Middle East.

“The humanitarian suffering that we have seen in Ukraine … has been the suffering of a lot of countries in this region for years, and nothing happened,” Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said during roundtable talks at the annual Doha Forum on Saturday.

He reminded delegates of “the brutality against the Syrian people, or against the Palestinians, or against the Libyans, or against the Iraqis, or against the Afghans,” and said that, in his view, “we have never seen a global response to address those sufferings.”

The US and the EU have spearheaded the international campaign to back Ukraine during its ongoing conflict with Russia, which has included delivering weapons and other aid to the Kiev government and imposing draconian economic sanctions on Moscow.

The events in Ukraine should become “a wake-up call for everyone in the international community to look at our region and to address the issues … with the same level of commitment,” the FM insisted.

The Qatari stance was backed by Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan, who agreed that “the engagement of the global community … it’s quite different.”

“The trans-Atlantic unity right now, its commendable. But I think you have to have a much better conversation with the rest of the global community,” he added.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia are considered strategic allies of the West, with the US having recently awarded the former the status of “major non-NATO ally.” Still, the two wealthy Gulf nations have so far maintained a neutral stance on the situation in Ukraine due to their ties with Russia, unlike some US satellites which didn't hesitate to jump on the Western wagon to impose unilateral sanctions on Russia.

- RT [You can share this story on social media]

PS. The pathetic part about this is that the Arab and Muslim world still believes that the Americans can be nice and fair to them after centuries of rape, plunder, massacres, looting and exploitation. When would the Arabs and Muslims open their eyes to see the devil?



US little sheriff and hegemon Australia posts a deadly threat to South Pacific island countries and ASEAN.

    Australia the little South Pacific hegemon has openly threatened to invade the South Pacific Solomon Islands country for regime change because it says Solomon Islands is strengthening security cooperation with China.  What shit is Australia talking when it claims that it must invade Solomon Islands to protect Australia's sovereignty and democracy.

Australia has carried out military cooperation with the US including signing the QUAD and AUKUS deal to acquire nuclear-powered submarines which post a serious threat to China and ASEAN countries.

Australia is against Russia's invasion of Ukraine but it thinks it has the right to invade the Solomon Islands. This shows the hypocrisy and double standards of Australia. It lays bare Australia's hegemonic and colonialist mentality toward South Pacific island countries. Australia just has no respect for the Solomom Islands and other South Pacific  island countries at all. It has always arrogantly treat the South Pacific islands as its backyard and sphere of influence  or vassal states. When these countries hope to expand relations with others it reacts hysterically.

China is providing South Pacific island countries with more options in terms of economic development and security. But the white supremacist Australia which has been a little hegemon in the region for hundreds of years and yet never do anything to help the countries in the region to develop economically view China's presence there as a threat to its hegemony.

Last year Australia together with US and Taiwan's DPP  instigated and fomented a riot in Solomon Islands in which Chinese shops were burnt and looted and many Chinese nationals killed. But with increase Chinese help in economic development and the expansion of ties and presence of Chinese nationals it is only natural for the government of Solomon Islands and China  to boost up and strengthen security cooperation.

But Australia maliciously distorted the security cooperation between the Solomon Islands and China. It smeared this cooperation as a Chinese attempt to establish a military base in the Solomon Islands, claiming it would harm Australia's interests and destabilize the region. No matter how hard Australia tries to demonize China's good intention, the cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands and other South Pacific island countries will become more diverse and enriched.  China is helping the countries in the region with economic development and treats the countries as equals with mutual benefits with no political conditions attached.

Australia's influence in the region is waning because the countries in the region feel Australia has a colonial mindset with no intention of helping them to develop economically but only treat them with derision and servitude as coloured people. They feel outrageous at Australia's threat to invade their countries when they are opening up their relations with other countries especially with China.

Australia arrogantly thinks it can adopt the American version of the 'Monroe Doctrine' in the South Pacific.It must not forget that big brother Indonesia is watching and so is ASEAN. If Australia invades Solomon Islands or any of the South Pacific island countries then Indondesia with the support of ASEAN reserves the right to immediately invade Australia. When Indonesia invades Australia it will not only have the full and total support of ASEAN but also the whole support of Asia. Thus Indonesia's invasion of Australia will rectify the anomaly of the white Anglo-Saxons illegal occupation of a continent which is a part of Asia. Indonesia will rule Australia and allow the free immigration of migrants from all ASEAN countries. Australia will then be renamed as Balibangawangtan, a name more fitting to Indonesia's ownership.


Wednesday, 30th March, 2022

China Eastern Airline crash - This is an act of war by the Americans


This pic is everywhere. No aircraft would dive in this way, like a rocket straight into earth. Below is an article posted at https://stateofthenation.co/?p=109907 by a former NSA analyst on the incident. With the reckless and evil Americans desperate to rule the world, they would do anything for it. The Americans are a menace to world peace. We are getting nearer to WW3. This cruel and nasty attack against China is the last straw. It is an undeclared war against China. China is forced to retaliate.

They used the same remote hijack system that was used with the 911 planes. The United States is the only country that has the Boeing codes, the United States did this. The hijack was unexpectedly caught on a serious HD CCTV system, the plane was clearly going far in excess of the sound barrier.

At the time 911 happened I was fresh out of the NSA and had the insider info on the remote hijack capabilities. They were put in all boeing planes after 1983 to make it impossible for terrorists to hijack the planes. But that won’t stop a corrupt government with a child molesting presidential family from using it during a war. CHINA, THE UNITED STATES DID THIS. THERE IS YOUR WAR.

Yes, this happened hours after China did not bow down to Washington, and Washington subsequently banned and blacklisted Chinese diplomats from travel. The plane had to have been perfectly intact with no problems to hold together at that speed. This is clear. View it full screen. The United States probably figured there would not be such clear video. This is going to screw the United States out of being able to claim it is a “boeing 737 problem” but they will probably try, even though it was not this model of 737 that had problems.

All Boeing aircraft must be grounded until the remote control is deactivated. China must not allowed Boeing aircraft to fly inside China as they could be controlled like the China Eastern airline to crash anywhere like 911.

How does our MIW compared to Mr Xi Jinping?


'Xi Jinping is worth more than the combined total of Trump, Trudeau, Bush, Mitt Romney, Doug Ford, Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison, Shinzo Abe, Rajiv Gandhi, Silvio Berlusconi, and every other lavishly rich democratic leader who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, never had to do a day's work in his life, never had to prove his abilities as an ordinary citizen or prove his merits as a leader even minorly through objective, competitive metrics, and never had to rise up the ranks of a meritocracy.'

'Rajiv Gandhi repeatedly failed his courses at Cambridge where he was “studying" to become an engineer, and later admitted that the reason was that he simply did not care. He was never in the mood to “muck it up" for his exams, as he later admitted. From his teens onward, everyone pretty much begged him to enter politics, because of his surname. He entered politics at 36, running for a seat in parliament that had formerly been occupied by his brother; the seat passed from brother to brother like a feudal estate. Four years later Rajiv became Prime Minister. What kind of leadership is this? Government by celebrities?

The path of almost every US Senator is very similar. Born into a rich and prominent family, easily admitted into an Ivy League, was a poor student but very social, went into law or business (often the family business), and ran for his first office by his 20s without a record of actually having accomplished anything as a human. And unless he set an old lady on fire or got exposed as a paedophile, his political ascendance was assured. It's kind of like your next 10 million dollars being easier to make than your first; after your first big election win, the rest practically land in your lap. You're a brand, famous for being famous.' 


American irresponsible sanctions - Urgency for a new international currency

 Protecting China’s national wealth and avoiding potential Western sanctions will be at the top of Beijing’s national security agenda following the West’s financial sanctions against Moscow. The lesson for Beijing is that if the US and its allies act in unison, it does not matter whether assets are held in US dollars or in other Western currencies as they're subject to possible seizure.

As recently as last August, ex-US president Donald Trump called for all countries to “collectively cancel any debt they owe to China as a down payment on COVID reparations”. Although President Biden has rejected the idea, it's clear that seizing Chinese wealth has been on the minds of many US politicians, and possibly, of some policymakers. As at end-Jan 2022, China holds USD1,060.1 billions in US Treasury Securities.

China clearly needs to diversify its reserves away from the US dollar and the euro. However, China cannot convert all its stock of US$3.2 trillion in forex reserves into gold as the total value of above-ground gold is around US$12.5 trillion, with about half in the form of jewellery. That leaves US$6.7 trillion of gold held as a financial asset, of which US$2.1 trillion is owned by central banks and unlikely to be for sale. Remaining US$4.6 trillion is too small to absorb a sizeable chunk of China’s US$3.2 trillion of non-gold reserves.

A way to insulate Chinese assets from potential Western sanctions is to redeploy them away from Western financial system and into tangible investments in countries that are geopolitically neutral and/or pro-Beijing, such as President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative. China’s gross outward direct investment escalated to US$1.6 trillion between 2014 and 2020, without which, China’s holdings of US dollar reserves would have continued to rise. But it's impossible for China to hold most of its overseas assets in the form of investment in tangible assets outside the Western financial system.

If the Chinese currency yuan were a global reserve currency, the vulnerability of Chinese assets would be greatly reduced. Therefore, the Chinese central bank must ensure the use of the yuan in all foreign trade settlements. 



Covid19 - Dr Francis Boyle - The full story of Covd19 revealed

 Dr Francis Boyle was conducting research on virus and anti bioweapon terrorism together with Fauci in the early 1980s. When he discovered what the Americans were planning to do, to create bioweapons using virus, he put up papers to stop the process and fought against it for many years, till today. His effort paid off when Bush Sr accepted his recommendation and passed a law to criminalise weaponising the virus. But that did not stop the American biowarfare proponents led by neo cons and neo Nazis to continue with their experiment on the virus. Anthony Fauci was then appointed as the head of the American bioweapon project.

The aim of this project was to create viruses that could specifically target and attack victims based on race using their DNAs. Russia and China were the main targets, but also included other races all over the world to maintain white supremacy and the American Empire.

Fauci has been the head of this project for 40 years and not the innocent virus experts that he was made up to be. They used all kinds of ruses and scientific excuses to conduct gains of function to develop increasingly dangerous and deadly viruses to be used as bioweapons to terminate opponents by race. There were two parts of the research to achieve this evil agenda and to be effective. They needed to collect virus samples from animals of the particular country to give the impression that the virus attack was from local origins and not external sources. Two, they needed the DNAs of the targeted races to be incorporated into the artificial or manmade virus to attack only the specific races as designed.

As a result, many so called biolabs, actually bioweapon labs, were set up all over the world with many at the borders of China and Russia, the two main targets of the American biochemical warfare programme, to collect DNA and virus samples from these countries. The Americans went further by convincing the Chinese to cooperate in their gain of function research in Wuhan Lab. Here they collected samples of bat viruses and transferred them back to the Fort Detrick Lab. In Fort Detrick the viruses were sliced and patched with the DNAs of Chinese, Russians and others to created manmade viruses specially designed to attack their target victims.

There was no virus that escaped from the Wuhan Lab unintentionally. The manmade virus from Fort Detrick was released during the military games in Wuhan by the American soldiers. Trump was fully briefed about this devious operations and happily went on to make it public with a Freudian Slip by calling the virus as Wuhan virus. He could not hide his privy knowledge to this scheme. His ego got so much of him that he confidently refused to take any precaution or preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus in America, believing in his briefings that the virus would only attack the Chinese race.

This evil scheme was quite foolproof and only the divine could intervene to scuttle their plans. The virus mutated so fast and became virulent to all races, more so to the white races. The rest is history. The record infection rates of America and European countries are testaments to the infectiousness of the mutated virus. The Americans have lost their plots and control over this manmade virus and became the biggest victims of their own creation.

With the full disclosure by Dr Francis Boyle, an insider, the world must take actions to close down all the bioweapon labs set up by the Americans all over the world. And Dr Boyle wants Fauci to be arrested and charge for crimes against humanity. The labs are very dangerous and offensive war cells that have the capacity to commit genocide in unmentionable scales, to wipe up millions of people of certain races. Those that were designed to take out the Russians would also take out all the Slavic people in eastern Europe when released. Those that were to target the Chinese would take out the Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese and Central Asians as their DNAs are quite similar. And for sure they would take out all the different nationalities, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Australians, Americans or whatever as long as their DNAs say Chinese, of Chinese ethnicity. The virus only know them by their Chinese DNAs, not their passports.

The UN must ban all these weapons with immediate effect and authorise all countries to destroy them. These bioweapons cannot be allowed to exist one day longer. The people of the world are at risk as the Covid19 pandemic has proven that once released, the virus could mutate quickly and no one would be spared. Russia did a great service to discover and exposed the crimes of the Americans in Ukraine.

The other very questionable thing is the so called vaccines to prevent the spread of the virus. Apparently it is not working and the Americans have given up fighting the virus with the pseudo vaccines but still faking it to make more money by insisting on more booster jabs. The real danger and risk of the pseudo vaccines must be exposed to prevent more harm to humanity and the people of the world. Latest British reports confirmed that those with two vaccine shots would have their natural immune system destroyed. The third booster shot would sealed its fate for good. Anyone asking for more booster shots?

For more details of the devious and evil scheme of  the Americans, go view what Dr Francis Boyle had to say in the scary video at https://www.bitchute.com/video/iYBpMqAC4hig/ The Link.

Ukraine - The good and bad news


Today I have the good news and bad news about the Ukraine issue and it's consequences.

First, the good news. A Russian tank driven by a soldier is said to have run over his own commander. The Russian soldiers therefore must be rebelling and Russia's fall is certain. The USA, UK and NATO must be celebrating. Then Joe Biden said that he will use nuclear weapons first if he has no way out. As I said before, Putin is ready for that and Xi could not be far behind. This will end the war in Ukraine, but also the 'New World Order' that the USA is talking about and it's self declaration that it shall lead. No shame in that? Peace is coming to the world after the nuclear war.

Now for the bad news. First, Poland is in trouble with all the refugees from Ukraine moving in only one direction and into one country. And that is creating internal unhappiness as those refugees are being treated extra special compared to the Poles.

And now for the good and bad news for one side and not the other. I am also sure Biden's visit to Europe, besides the G7 meeting, is also about selling oil and gas to the Europeans, in US$ of course, since Europe now has to look for Rubles to buy oil from Russia, so the US$ held by them for Russian oil and gas is now usable. The USA had been eyeing this oil and gas market and even trying to stop Nord Steam 2, which they have now succeeded. However, since countries are distancing themselves from the US$ progressively, notably Russia, China, India, Iran and Saudi Arabia, so Europe must soak up all the extra US$ printed day and night, to buy USA oil and gas, right? But USA oil and gas will be five times more expensive than Russian oil and gas. Now. thinking rationally, what is going to happen to the Euro, if USA oil is going to be priced in US$ and Russia is not accepting the Euro for oil and gas as well? The Euro will be suffering another collateral damage. No big deal, right?

To quote John Hannibal Smith of the A Team who said - 'I like it when the plan falls into place' or something like that. 


American Empire - The naked truth

 Most if not all the European Countries have asked for the Problems for acting in concert against Russia.

The US wants control the World is open secret. And Russia, China, North Korea threaten and impede its' wild ambition. The US and UK which are of the Same Stock want to regain its' supremacist and imperialism. Together with many European Countries and their Stooges, the lmperialists form alliances such as NATO and other pseudo World Organizations to upset Russia, China, North Korea and whoever who refuses to work for them.

Fortunately, China has progress far beyond the Expectation and Russia is well-run with Putin doing a good job.

With the Russia Ukraine War, it now provides the World with a better understanding of the political and ideological play in the World. In many ways, it is a blessing for all to have a clear picture of the Characters of the Humankind and to move forward in the Better Direction.




The Free World - democratic and freedom of association and choice

 The Americans have been blowing the trumpet of democratic values and freedom in the so called Free World. They touted freedom of choice to choose their political system and leaders, freedom of association, to be friends of who ever they like, freedom to trade, freedom to choose the American version of democracy but nothing else. Only American defined democracy is accepted and allowed to practice.

With the Ukrainian war still ongoing, how many countries still believe in the Free World?  Every American ally and lackey were coerced, pressurised and armtwisted by the Americans to sanction Russia, attack and badmouth Russia against their national interests, setting themselves up as enemy of Russia that they did not have to. Worst, behaving like bandits and robbers, seizing Russian assets and funds, including those belonging to Russian citizens living in their respective countries. Such outrageous behaviour and acts were uncalled for, insane and brutish and only inviting trouble, waiting for Russia to hit back.

And these silly countries are not admitting that they have been armtwisted, pressured or coerced by the Americans to behave erratically against commonsense and sensibility. They are behaving like the silly comedian President Zelensky, taunting the Russians to hit back. This is the kind of freedom to be members of the so called Free World, freedom to choose, to act, as directed or armtwisted by the Americans, to do the bidding of the Americans freely but not anything else that the Americans forbid them to do.

The whole of Europe that is highly dependent on cheap Russian oil and gas, would now be forbidden by the Americans to get their supply from Russia. Germany, after spending billions to construct the Nordstream2 oil pipeline has to abandon the whole project and has to seek elsewhere for more expensive oil and gas, very likely from the Americans. This is 'freedom of choice' American style. Now why would the Europeans want to pay for more expensive oil and gas from the Americans? Are they of unsound mind? Don't they have the right to choose what and who they want to do business with under a democratic and open and free system? Do they still believe their freedom shit spread and flocked by the Americans? Or are they still willing to believe in the American fake freedom and fake democracy?

A peaceful and reasonably rich Europe is now pitted against the Russians, their biggest oil and gas supplier, because the Americans told them freely to do so. Europe doesn't want peace, doesn't want cheap oil and gas from Russia?

What democratic freedom is there to talk about when the Americans dictated to them who they can do business with? What freedom is there when they are coerced and fixed by the Americans against their own wishes and interests, to be in confrontation with the Russians and living under the cloud of a nuclear war to extinguish everyone of them when they could live a good and peaceful life, doing good business with the Russians and live happily thereafter?

How many still believe in the American fake freedom and fake democracy and fake human rights, the right to choose how they want to live, who to make friends with, who to do business with?

Europe has woken up from their beautiful dream of democratic freedom to find out that they were subjects of the American Empire, shackled and chained, and have no freedom of choice but to do what the Americans told them to. And Europe is not alone.  All the American allies and lackeys are just as enslaved as the Europeans.

The only free people and countries are those that the Americans claimed to be unfree, living under authoritarian states or dictatorship. These free countries have all the real freedom to choose to be with or not with the Americans. They could exercise their freedom of choice according to their national interests without having to make themselves enemies of the Russians. But of course, their free choice would make the Americans very angry with them for not obeying the Americans. The Americans would not allow them the freedom to choose. It is either with us or against us.  This is not authoritarianism or dictatorship or hegemony.  This is American democratic freedom. Freedom under the dictates of the American Empire.

How free are the countries under the American version of the Free World? And how unfree are those that are outside of the American Free World?

What do you think? Many would still want to hide under the blinkers and keep pretending that they are free countries under the American so called Free and democratic World without wanting to admit that they are in chain and shackled by the Americans. They have no freedom of choice, cannot exercise their democratic right to choose freely.

Sanctions - What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander

 The Washington and Brussels Gang can say anything they want, because they are the ones doing the exact same thing, breaking contracts at their whims and fancies.

Take Huawei for example. What contracts have Huawei made with the USA and all the White countries and in one fell swoop they tear away all those contracts. There were also other contracts made between USA and Chinese tech companies and subsequently binned using one 'Executive Order'. And they still claim such USA companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel have no connection to the USA Government? Kidding grandmothers? Oh yes, it is due to security reasons, of which not one shred of evidence or proof has surfaced.

What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. Not only can Putin demand payments in Rubles, he could even cut off Nord Steam 1, saying that selling oil and gas to the unfriendly EU states are a security threat to Russia. It is in fact a security threat, knowing that Russian oil and gas are being used or helping to manufacture weapons and run tanks which are sent to Ukraine. The proof and connection is irrefutable, unlike the narrative on Huawei, that have yet to be proven.

Putin has already drafted legislation to prevent Western companies disposing of their assets in Russia and moving out the proceeds of such disposals out of Russia. This is as legitimate as the USA and the Western countries freezing the assets of the Russian Central Bank and it's Oligarchs from moving out of the West. The sword can cut both ways. 


The Last Hurrah of Western Global Financial Hegemony


The West's moves to exclude Russia from foreign exchange markets and to freeze its foreign exchange reserves may have been seen by policymakers in Brussels, London and Washington D.C. as an appropriate and proportionate tool to punish Russia. But like many decisions driven by geopolitics, these sanctions will have unintended outcomes and derivative impacts.

Not only do they raise profound questions about the financing of trade and the management of foreign exchange reserves, but their scale and severity must be ringing alarm bells in any country not completely aligned with the Western view of the world. And nowhere will the bells be ringing louder than in the corridors of power in Beijing.

China has always held long-term ambitions to reduce its reliance on the dollar and internationalize the yuan, although progress toward this objective has been slower than expected. But the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia have highlighted the dangers it incurs by remaining dependent on its rival's currency and will inject greater urgency to its attempts to reduce this vulnerability.

This is seen in its efforts to convert payments for imported commodities to yuan instead of dollars. Although this has had mixed success in recent years, the news that Saudi Arabia is now considering accepting yuan as payment for some of its oil shipments to China suggests that the impetus to de-dollarize such trade flows is gaining momentum. Importantly, it is not alone in such efforts to switch away from the dollar. India is also apparently exploring whether Russian oil could be purchased using rupees and by means independent of Western financial mechanisms.

Western policymakers have failed to understand the derivative longer-term impacts of their actions. The sanctions were imposed with the self-assured belief that the world's continued reliance on the existing Western financial mechanisms was sacrosanct.

But by sanctioning the world's fourth-largest foreign exchange reserves, they have triggered shock waves that will reverberate around global finance for many years to come, create new risks, instabilities and vulnerabilities, and ultimately reduce the role and influence of Western financial systems.

The U.S., and more broadly, the West, will lose geopolitical influence while China will gain, although the extent of China's gain will depend on its ability to persuade others of the merits of a yuan bloc. The U.S. will lose the substantial economic benefits it derives from having the world's dominant currency. But conversely, some countries will benefit from the emergence of an alternative financial system more closely aligned with their stage of economic development.

Geopolitics will, at some stage, force international corporates operating across multiple financial systems, especially banks, to choose between the dollar framework and a rival yuan system. 



Rubles-For-Gas Plan Breaches Contract – Desperate EU Says (The knife cuts both ways)

Leaders from some European Union member states have claimed that Moscow's demand that “unfriendly” countries pay rubles for Russia’s gas could breach supply contracts, Reuters reported .

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered that gas contracts with “unfriendly countries” – those responsible for sanctions against Russia – be settled in rubles only. The announcement sent European gas prices soaring, raising concerns of a possible energy crunch in the EU.

German chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Thursday the currency that his country’s companies must pay for Russian fossil fuels is fixed in their contracts. “There are fixed contracts everywhere, with the currency in which the deliveries are to be paid being part of these contracts... in most cases it says euros or dollars,” Scholz said after arriving at the EU summit in Brussels.

Scholz was echoed by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who said “This is basically a breach of contract, this is important to understand.”

“We will not allow our sanctions to be circumvented,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated, noting that “the time when energy could be used to blackmail us is over.”

According to analysts, ruble payments would be possible without breaking EU sanctions, which do not directly hit oil and gas supplies but target banks that could be involved in the transactions.

Russian gas accounts for 40% to 45% of Europe's total consumption. Daily EU gas imports from Russia this year have varied between €200 million to €800 million, according to estimates.

President Putin said that Western sanctions against his country have dealt a large blow to public trust in the two major Western currencies. Putin said that the penalties showed it “makes no sense anymore” to sell Russian goods in the US and the EU while receiving payment in dollars or euros. 


MSM - What is the truth?

 In trying to justify the red dot's unilateral sanctions on Russia, the ST cited a recent survey by Singapore-based research consultancy Blackbox Research.

It says the survey found that over nine in 10 of those polled in Singapore supported or sympathised most closely with Ukraine in the conflict. In comparison, 71% in China supported Ukraine, compared with 91 % in India and 86 % in Australia.

It also says nearly seven in 10 Singaporeans blamed Russia for the crisis, compared with 10 % in China, 60 % in India and 82 % in Australia. Three % in China pointed to the United States as being most to blame, while 54 % said they did not know who was most responsible.

Can believe only 3% in China blamed US ??!! Can believe all the figures cited ??!!

Even my maid also know US and NATO to blame for expanding NATO up to Russia's borders triggering the crisis! 


Random facts and truth in brief: The ugly head of U.S. aggression and imperialism is everywhere.

      The United States is an illegitimate state built from robbing the lands of native Americans after killing and genociding almost all of them during the last few hundred years. The Anglo-Saxon white American invaders' hands are stained with the blood of the men, women and children of native Americans.

The US is run by rogues and scoundrels, killers and murderers of the Deep State government controlled by the Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cabal of Wall Street and Washington DC. Its arms of repression, suppression and oppression are many in the like of the military, The Pentagon, National Guards, National Police , the CIA, FBI, NED or National Endowment for Democracy (  a part of CIA notorious for infiltrating into foreign governments civil service and military to create choas and instabilities and to carry out orange or coloured revolutions for regime  change   and National Security Dept where aggressive and bellicose foreign policies are formulated. 

If you look into the eyes and face of any US national leaders be it the president, vice-president, Sec. of State, Defense Sec, Senators, Congressmen, military commanders be it Generals or Admirals and  others you do not see the face of a human but that of the savage fiends and monsters with blood shot fiery eyes showing aggressive anger and extreme hatred. How can we let these wicked fiends rule the world.

After the Second World in 1945, every country  felt at last there was hope for peace and harmony among nations. But it was not to be. White people led by the United States have different agenda. Even before the end of the Second World War America was already planning to bring the whole world under its hegemony. The United States was then the only superpower and it could do what it liked. It was the only country armed with the nuclear weapons.

It seemed in the years between 1946 to 1948  America had only a handful of atom bombs. America intended to speed up building more atom bombs before it subjugate Russia and China and thus in default the whole world under its total control and hegemony. Its hope for world domination was dashed when Russia exploded its first atom bomb on 29th August, 1949 and its first hydrogen bomb on 22nd November, 1955. It was further dashed when China successfully tested its first atom bomb on 16th October, 1964 and its first Hydrogen Bomb on 17th June, 1967.

Though the United States had lost its nuclear monopoly it had never given up hope to subjugate the whole world under its total control and hegemony.

After the Second World War 1945, US intervened in the Chinese Civil War taking the side of Chiang Kai-shek Kuomintang Party or Nationalist Party against Chairman Mao Tse-tung's CPC. US has never stopped interfering in Chinese internal affairs. It is still supporting the Taiwan Chinese traitors the DPP under the false pretext of protecting democracy. US just wants to continue using Taiwan as a base to contain China and as a beach head to attack China in any future war between China and the Taiwan Chinese traitors who are willing stooges and running dogs of the Americans.

After the Second World War US should rightly leave Korea, Japan and the Philippines. It refused to leave and continued to build military bases in Korea, Japan and the Philippines under the false pretext of protecting these countries from Russia's communism. It is in fact holding these countries in bondage as semi-colonies and as bases to contain China and Russia.It is already well known US invaded and occupied Hawaii in 1895 through cunning and subterfuge. In the same year it took control of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines after driving out the Spaniards. Except for the Philippines US is still holding Hawaii and Guam as its colonies. In fact it had illegally annexed Hawaii as its 50th state in 1959 under President Eisenhower's proclamation in spite of strong protests from the indigenous Hawaiians. The evil Anglo-Saxon Americans annexed Hawaii to preempt and prevent any future Hawaiian natives from declaring independence from US.

The evil Anglo-Saxon Americans have never stopped interfering in the internal affairs of all Central America and South America countries. It had created instabilities and choas and often regime change in Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Haiti and Honduras. In South America the diabolical Anglo-Saxon Americans of the US have constantly interfered in the internal affairs of practically every country in the region causing great instabilities and turmoils and carrying out regime change in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecaudor, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Uruguay.

Similarly the United States has never stopped interfering in the internal affairs of all Asian countries. Its interference has caused great disasters to many countries in Asia. CIA plotted regime change in Indonesia in which its American stooge Suharto toppled President Sukano in 1965 resulting in about 3 to 5 million Indonesians being slaughtered under name lists provided by CIA claiming the victims were all communists or socialists. Its diabolical interference in the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambolia, Malaysia and most of the Middle countries is well known.

In Africa US had interfered lethally in the Congo / Zaire, Republic of Congo where PM Lumumba was assassinated by CIA, South Africa where CIA was instrumental in sending Nelson Mandela a socialist and an African nationalist leader to prison for almost 30 years, Ghana, Nigeria, Somailia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan , Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tunisia, Morocco, Angola, Tazania, Uganda, Mozambique, Madagascar,Mauritania, Seychelles, Mauritius ( NB: US took by force Diego Garcia from Mauritius in 1967 and built a gigantic military base in the Indian Ocean to harass and intimidate countries in Africa and Asia ), Malawi, Sierra Leone, Niger, Mali, Djibouti, Senegal, Gambia, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, Chad, Gabon, Sao Tome and Botswana.

In Europe US controls most of the European countries through its hegemony over NATO . The United States has reduced the European countries  to semi-colonies and is using them as frontline suicide squads in its confrontation with Russia. The Evil Empire plotted, instigated and engineered the present Ukranian crisis with dual diabolical objectives to wreck Russia in endless conflict and to sacrifice and make use of Ukraine as a pawn in its contest with Russia and to provide an excuse to have full control of EU by befooling the European countries to believe that they can rely only on US to provide their security. This is hogwash as the United States is dragging Europe down the abyss of destruction while US is benefitting and profiting from the Ukranian wars by just giving orders at the sidelines. The American Oligarchy rogues in the White House and Washington DC and the Rothschild Cabal owners of Pentagon Military Industrial Complex will rake in trillions of dollars from the Ukranian war. The losers will be Ukraiine, the EU and Russia. However, the Evil Empire will eventually destroy itself in the Ukraine War from its diabolical sanctions on Russia and others as the sanctions is a double edged sword which will backlash and finish off the wicked Americans.

However since the evil empire of US doesn't know the limit of its aggression world wide it may eventually lead to nuclear war with Russia or China or with both at the same time and this may result in Armaggedon and end of mankind. Therefore the United States must be destroyed before it can bring the world to the edge of the cliff and to the end of no return. To destroy the evil empire the whole world must stop transacting trade and business in US dollar and stop the US from buying their national mineral resources. They must close down all the US military bases in their countries and send all US NGOs home. 


Sunday, 27th March, 2022

Jimmy Carter - USA the most warlike nation in the history of the world


But all the devious Americans, including the empty head hillbillies and the white supremacists are claiming that they are the most peaceful people. In fact they are the angels sent by God to make love to all the people in the world. The reality is that they massacre, terminate or genocide any people they branded as enemies or to seize their land or oil.

And many coloured people, including their victims, still believe that the Americans are peace loving people, are the angels. And the silly coloured people also believe in these evil American's lie that the aggressive countries are those branded by the Americans and not them.

See how the Americans are smearing and demonising the Russians as the aggressor in the Ukraine war when this war was started and fixed up by the Americans. And see how many silly buggers believe in the American lies and propaganda.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar has lambasted journalists from the Western media

 India's Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar has lambasted journalists from the Western media for their biased views towards people from places other than Europe and the US.

Quoting a series of tweets in which Western journalists used racial language while reporting from Ukraine, Chandrasekhar said, "This thread about why some in Western media have seriously disturbing double standards."

In a video clip, a BBC anchor can be heard saying he respects the "emotion" when Ukraine's Deputy Chief Prosecutor David Sakvarelidze explained that the conflict with Russia and Ukraine is very emotional for him because he sees "European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed."

A senior correspondent for CBS News stated that Kiev "isn't a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan, that has seen conflict raging for decades. This is a relatively civilised, relatively European…city, where you wouldn't expect that or hope that it's going to happen."

On BFM TV of France, an anchor said that European cities are facing cruise missile fire as though "we were in Iraq or Afghanistan, can you imagine!?"

A British ITV journalist considers the crisis "unthinkable" as Ukraine is not a "developing, third-world nation; this is Europe!"

Not only did the TV news anchors or correspondents make such colourist, racial remarks, but print journalists also wrote similar articles.

Daniel John Hannan, a British writer journalist, reckoned that Russia's military action in Ukraine is an "attack on civilisation" as they [Ukrainian] "seem so like us" and have Instagram and Netflix accounts.

"War is no longer something visited upon impoverished and remote population," Hannan, a former politician serving as an adviser to the UK Board of Trade since 2020, wrote in The Telegraph.

The "implicit racial bias of some of the Ukraine coverage" has not gone down well with the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association.

The association condemned and categorically rejected "orientalist and racist implications" towards the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

"This type of commentary reflects the pervasive mentality in Western journalism of normalising tragedy in parts of the world such as the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. It dehumanises and renders their experience with war as somehow normal and expected," it said in a statement. 



Biden could have set in motion the de dollarisation train

 In their madness and desperation to destroy Russia with ruthless and reckless sanctions, Biden and his circus of clowns have weaponised the American dollar and undermined the dollar's whole reason of existence. Putin is playing along with the dimwits and announced the sales of Russian oil in Roubles. He could go one step further by selling all Russian products in Roubles as well. How's that for a start in the de dollarisation trend and setting the train in motion?

The simple minded Americans had it too good for too long, always thinking that sanction is their trump card and only hurts the other party, not the Americans, never would the Americans be hurt by their own sanction game. Really?

Would the rest of the oil producing countries in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America also join in the bandwagon and accept payments in Roubles or any currency other than the dollar? When that happens, the demand for dollar would decline rapidly. China could also join in by selling its products in Yuan, by passing the dollar.

This trend of not using the dollar would mean that the dollar would become redundant. Everyone and every country would be selling dollar to exchange for other currencies to pay for oil and products accordingly. How much would the dollar be impacted by this new demand and change of taste and direction?

When this trend continues, more countries would be using their respective currencies for trade, not necessary the dollar. The worse scenario would be the refusal to accept the dollar and poops, a totally new world would arrive without the need for the dollar. And this trend could snowball when everyone is demanding for payments in any other currencies except the dollar.

Then the world would say goodbye to the dollar and to the Americans and the American Empire. And the Americans have Biden and his clowns to thank for, to bring in a New World Order, led by the Americans, yes, the Americans leading it, without the American dollar. Biden has taken the lead, the USA has taken the lead.

Well done. The rest of the world are waiting for it...a brave New World Order led by the Americans. It is unbelieveable. The accidental country has set about its own destruction accidentally by attempting to destroy Russia and China in the biggest gamble in history. The Americans got beaten in its own game, by its own design!

With Russia selling oil at a substantial discount from the inflated price, who would not want to buy Russian oil, using Roubles at bargain prices? The big consumers would not be able to say no as the cost of oil is far too high and cost too much. How long can Europe continue to buy super expensive oil and gas when the bargain store is just next door? Europe would become very uncompetitive, very high cost of living and would be bankrupt in due course.


Ukraine - Truth from the americanthinker.com

The truth from an American. So cannot dismiss this as disinformation.

March 9, 2022
Here's the truth on Ukraine, as far as I can tell
By Dan Truitt

First, and most importantly, virtually no one in the U.S. has got this right, including conservative outlets and pundits. Putin's a thug, but he's an excellent politician and a strong leader. And he's not crazy, as some seem to surmise. He is a cold, calculating, strategic thinker who has disciplined his mind and body for decades. He's a Russia first guy. Think Donald Trump minus all the hot air and Big Macs, and add a willingness to off his enemies.

We promised Russia we would not expand NATO when the Soviet Union fell. We went back on that promise and incorporated almost the entire Eastern Bloc into NATO.

Then after 9/11, Bush II unilaterally canceled the '72 ABM treaty, which until then had frozen nuclear weapon development in the Soviet Union and the U.S., effectively ending the arms race. Bush's rationale was that we needed to develop new nuclear weapon tech to defeat terrorism. As if we were going to nuke Osama bin Laden.

Bush's rationale for NATO expansion was also terrorism. So Bush triggered a fresh arms race. Bush was a decent man, but the more time goes by, the more he looks like an absolute moron to me.

Ukraine belonged to Russia for centuries. The two countries have almost identical cultures and languages. Kyiv used to be the capital of Russia. Putin's war is a war of defense. Russia (rightly, in my view) feels threatened by NATO expansion. Russia is a mainly land-based, continental power that desires a buffer with the West. Ukraine serves that purpose perfectly.

The U.S. triggered a coup d'├ętat in Ukraine in 2014, overthrowing the democratically elected president who was Russia-friendly and installing a pro-Western, pro-NATO leader. Putin has had his eye on Ukraine ever since but dared not do anything when Trump was in power because he feared and respected Trump.

So Putin in the meantime brilliantly helped move along a green revolution in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, leaving Europe, with its wind farms and solar panels, hungry for more energy, which it bought from Russia in the form of natgas.

Trump's right: Putin is a genius. Unfortunately, we seem to be in a historically rare period in which the leaders of 1.5 billion people — i.e., the West — are to a person feckless, obtuse, senile, or some combination of the three.

Now that we have President Potted Plant in office, Putin has made his move. By the way, the story is that Russian annexed Crimea some years ago. Putin's version is that the Crimeans had a plebiscite, and over 90% voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. That alone should give you an idea of what a dysfunctional country Ukraine is.

Putin has no intention of "reconstituting the Soviet Union." That's a big fat lie. This war is the West's fault, not Putin's. At any time, we could have discussed these issues with him. Instead of seeking closer ties with Russia (as Trump was attempting — he even talked about disbanding NATO, since Russia is no longer a territorial threat to Europe), we constantly antagonize Russia with our NATO expansion.

What we should be doing is assuring Russia that we are not a threat, making treaties with Russia bringing us closer together (after all, they are a European, Orthodox Christian nation), and turning our united efforts against the real threat: China. We couldn't have mishandled this more.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Ukrainians are not making a heroic stand against the Russkies. They're getting their asses kicked. They're hiding in population centers, and Russia, trying to get to them, is killing a lot of civilians as collateral damage.

They're fighting a relatively clean war (if there is such a thing), and all Zelensky has to do is meet with Putin and agree to Putin's four demands: 1) Ukraine cannot join NATO, 2) NATO arms out of Eastern Europe (honoring our promise to Russia's then-leader, Gorbachev), 3) a ban on NATO missiles within striking distance, and 4) autonomy for the two predominantly Russian provinces in east Ukraine.

Numbers 2 and 3 are a pretty big ask, but here you see how Putin himself may have read The Art of the Deal: always ask for more than you want.

Zelensky could end this in two hours if he wanted. Instead, he seems to have developed a Churchill complex. He's begging for money and arms, which will prolong the bloodshed. No one is reporting the billions in medicines, foodstuff, and other aid the Russians are shipping into Ukraine.

These insights I'm getting from the Greek press (I live here), which is being much more even-handed; from people inside Russia; and from Ukrainians whom I know. I also watched the four-hour Putin interview documentary by Oliver Stone, which skewed left but provided a fascinating look at Putin the human being. I repeat: he is not crazy. He has a surprisingly good sense of humor. Just to remind you, I'm not a fan.

The U.S. can't seem to kick its Cold War habit of looking at Russia as the enemy. The enemy, the real threat, is China, not a country of 125 million with a GDP less than that of 16 million Canadians.

I'm wondering what President Potted Plant is going to do when China invades Taiwan. Now, that is a threat to world peace. We get almost all our microchips from the Taiwanese. I wonder also how we will survive the next three years with this idiot in the W.H. The answer, as always, is prayer and lots of it.


Ukraine - The Russians took care to avoid civilian casualties

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh4ClXnv9w8 (21 minutes of truth that the Americans and the West would not want the world to know.


George Galloway interviewed Scott Ritter, an ex Marine Corp intelligence officer who explained how the Russians were avoiding attacking civilians. In so doing, they suffered unnecessary casualties when the Ukrainians took advantage of this kind act and attacked the Russians in the cities. The Russians did not hit back but withdrew from the fight not to kill more civilians. 

The Russians could have flattened he cities and killed the civilians in them. Instead, they created safe corridors to let the civilians flee before attacking. Compare this act to the ruthless monsters in the American and Brit invading forces in Iraq, Syria and Libya. The monsters just bombed everything killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, women, children and old folks. The Americans and Brits were evil to the core, treating the Arabs and Muslims as subhumans, with no respect and concern for their lives. 

The Russians could have done the same, but no, the Russians were more humane and compassionate despite the Americans and the West demonising them everyday in every media. But this restraint would not be long if the Ukrainians continue to fight back. Once the civilians are out of the way, the Russians would unlease the full might of their fire power on the Ukrainian soldiers. The Russians are giving them a chance to lay down their arms. Russia's objective is for the Ukrainian govt to take a neutral position and not become a front man to threaten Russia.

The world could see and be witnesses to the the invasion in Ukraine and the invasions in Iraq, Syria and Libya and judge for themselves who were the devils and who were more decent human beans.

Do not be blind, do not be deceived by the evil Americans and the West. Look at the facts on the ground and form your own conclusion.

PS.  According to western media, the Ukrainians are winning the war. Their statistics are like they have destroyed all the Russian tanks and armoured vehicles. Only contradiction is that they are pleading to China to help to stop the war. Why would they need to when they are winning?

And the evil Americans are accusing China for not helping to sanction Russia and not helping to stop the war while they keep in fanning the fire and sending more weapons and contractors to fight in the war. They are goading Zelensky to keep on fighting with them supporting from behind. 

The Americans did not want the war to stop. And criminal Zelensky is aiding them and conning the Ukrainians to die fighting a lost cause against a very powerful invading force that has yet to unlease its full fire power. Do not underestimate the military strength of Russia and the will and determination of Putin.

The lies by the Americans and Zelensky are giving false hope to the Ukrainians and leading them to be killed unnecessarily. Just declare Ukraine as a neutral state and not allow Americans and Nato to station nuclear and offensive weapons in Ukraine to threaten Russian security are so simple to do. But Zelensky and the Americans chose to lie to their people and to let them die, including civilians. They made the choice for the people of Ukraine, to die for a wrong and unfriendly act against Russia.


Bank run on American and western banks imminent

 The desperadoes in Washington have slammed in the last nail to the coffins of American and western banks, including the banks of allies and lackey countries with their reckless and thoughtless freezing and confiscating of Russian assets and funds, including deposits of rich individual Russians. This callous and senseless breach of faith has destroyed all confidence in American and western banks and all their associates. Which country would still dare to put money into these banks? Which individuals would still think their monies would be safe in the hands of white men and their lackeys?

The Middle Eastern countries, African, Latin American and Asian countries, including those in Southeast Asia, are all potential targets to have their assets and monies supposedly kept in the safe hands of the white men would now be shivering in their pants.  When would it be their turn to have their monies seized by the white men?  They would all be panicking and thinking seriously where to park their money safely and when to move them out quickly from the American and western banks. And if they are to pull out their deposits, in what currency would they be converted to for their own protection. 

If there is a bank run in American banks and western banks, the American dollar and Euro would likely be hit badly and their values would also take a nose dive. The daily barrage to discredit Chinese banks may now sound hollow and AIIB, Bric banks and major Chinese banks and the yuan may now look safer and more attractive a bet.

How much money would flow out of America and Europe and how many would be seeking new safe havens is still in the making but surely a big sum would flee America and Europe. Not only the American and western banks would lose customers and favours, the American SWIFT banking system would also be questionable. It's reliability is no longer a guarantee and could be weaponised anytime against any country, hijacked by the white gangsters to serve their political interests.

This rash and desperate act of the Americans have upset the whole international banking and finance system and the value of the US dollar. The Americans did not see the nuclear bomb they have set off in the financial world. Their exceptionalism to do as they pleased with no concern for the interests of the rest of the world means payback time. They are no longer trustworthy, their banks are hellholes of pirates, bandits and mafias.

It is the end of American hegemony, American dollar, American banks and banking system. It is the end of the American Empire, dismantled and destroyed by the Americans themselves. The rest of the world would be seeking a new system to replace everything American and western.

Thanks and no thanks to the idiots in Washington, a brave new world and a new world order would rise from the ashes of this Ukraine debacle. The world would not be the same again.

Good riddance to the evil American Empire.


PMETs - Jobs protected and waiting for them

March 21, 2022 at 5:07 am (Quote)

No worries,FTs will create even more *Food Panda* jobs for sgs.
The PM said he will *PROTECT* FOOD PANDAS’ jobs so that NO FTs can take away PROFESSIONAL FOOD DELIVERY BOYS’ JOBs from local graduates upgrading their jobs from bankers to FOOD PANDAs???
Else,be a professional hawker.
Learn how to make MEE SIAM MAI HUM?!

The above is a comment in an article in TRE about how lucky a 50 year old PMET landed a job after being on a $1,200 traineeship with SGUnited. PMETs should be happy now with so many jobs being protected for them. If I could still remember, driving taxi was once protected also but now any PR or so called resident or local, not citizen, can apply and drive taxis.

But never mind, delivery boys also good. Better than nothing.

The future of Singaporeans are well taken care of. Now got point system to be more selective and discriminating in bringing in foreign talents from third world countries here. But they still recognise all the funny degrees from very cheap universities that were not even ranked to compete with our world class universities. Would they be checking for fake degrees, degree mills degrees, or never mind, no way to check, too costly to check?

Singaporeans are so lucky with such a caring govt to protect their interests.

COVID-19 Likely Originated in United States


In late Dec 2019, Wuhan was first to report a pneumonia never seen before that spread rapidly locally. Before that, an unexplained pneumonia broke out swiftly in the US. Over the past 2 years, there've been many different theories and assumptions on the origins of COVID-19. The connection between the 2 bizarre outbreaks in China and the US remains a mystery.

What's puzzling is that the WHO has adopted a completely different attitude towards China and the US. On one hand, the WHO has sent international experts to China twice to carry out origins-tracing joint studies. On the other hand, the organization has repeatedly turned a blind eye to the US, where new evidence is constantly being discovered, as if its hands are tied, completely ignoring the true origins of COVID-19.

2 years into the pandemic, scientists and research institutes around the world continue to discover new signs of COVID-19 spreading within their own country even earlier than the outbreak identified in Wuhan. Among the most shocking revelations, US National Institutes of Health announced that COVID-19 has been spreading within the U.S. ahead of Wuhan due to antibodies found in local human samples collected by the end of 2019. The finding helped Americans explain the "strange pneumonia" they got in 2019. The mayor of Belleville, New Jersey said that he showed clear symptoms of COVID-19 in November 2019, and tested positive for the COVID-19 antibody in early 2020. In May 2020, the Florida Department of Health announced that as of Jan 1, 2020, there were 171 local COVID-19 cases that had no travel history to China. Among those cases, some showed symptoms in late 2019 and tested positive for COVID-19 antibody in early 2020.

After conducting research and review in China and finding no evidence leading to a "lab leak theory", the WHO expert team came to the conclusion that lab leak in Wuhan is extremely unlikely. However, across the Pacific Ocean, Fort Detrick, a military base that had the highest safety level biological labs shut down due to severe leak accidents right before the pandemic, has managed to stay out of the limelight repeatedly.

As a former biochemical weapon research base, the military base still experiments on a list of high-risk contagious viruses categorized by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as "a serious threat to the public, animal or plant health, or plant or animal products", including the coronavirus.

In May, 2018, the wastewater treatment plant at Fort Detrick had a malfunction and unsterilized wastewater leaked into the compound, which led to a mandatory shut-down of facilities. Upon review, the CDC found that the highest-security labs causing accidents did not have "sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater", and thus issued a "cease and desist order" in July 2019. However, the CDC refused to disclose to the public what the biological agents involved in the leak were, citing "national security reasons".

Right afterwards, the neighborhood surrounding Fort Detrick began to report a type of lethal respiratory disease. From July 1 to 11 in 2019, a nearby apartment building "Garden Ridge" reported 54 cases of respiratory diseases that caused 18 hospitalizations and 2 deaths. On July 15, a community 15 miles away from the initial site reported another similar respiratory disease outbreak. In the same month, outbreaks of a mysterious "e-cigarette disease" began in Maryland, where Fort Detrick is located, and its neighboring state Wisconsin, where patients developed pneumonia of unknown origin. Ever since COVID-19 was diagnosed in 2020, the occurrence of the mysterious "e-cigarette" pneumonia went on a steady decline and its area of occurrence was basically consistent with the area where COVID-19 first appeared in the United States, which seems to reveal that the great number of "unexplained pneumonia" cases could very likely be COVID-19.

According to the phase-one origins-tracing report released by WHO, more than 80,000 animal samples were collected in China and no positive result was identified for COVID-19 antibody or nucleic acid soon after the epidemic broke out in China. The intermediate hosts and animal origins not being found have been used as proof by lab leak theorists to insist on investigating the Wuhan Institute of Virology over and over again. However, perhaps this is showing that international research has been looking for the source of the virus in the wrong place.

The virus has been widely spread among white-tailed deer in the United States, and a case of antibody was also found in serum samples collected from white-tailed deer in the northeastern US in 2019, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. Whether the infection of the North American white-tailed deer was caused by an animal virus spillover or leakage from a local laboratory, the earliest existence of the virus once again points to the United States.

The earliest virus variant, type A, come from the US

In April 2020, the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published a research finding that among the earliest COVID-19 virus, there were three earliest variants: type A, B, and C. The genealogical analysis revealed that type B and C developed from type A.

And type A is mainly found in the US and Australia, while type B mainly emerged in China and East Asia and type C is mainly discovered in Europe and Brazil.

Conclusion: the Coronavirus pathogen definitely originated in the U.S. ! 


No world peace until the warmongering Americans are stopped from making wars

 The world can never do anything to change the USA's belligerent hehavior as long as they remain the only superpower. People and countries can talk about it until the cows come home and the USA will continue with it's threatening, bullying and vile agenda..

The only way to bring down that evil empire is to destroy or at least marginalise the US$ hegemony. With that the USA cannot continue printing banana notes to fund their military adventures. That is their Achilles Heel.

Russia and China today are the best prospect to make that come true. That is why the Russia/China strategic alliance must never be broken, but enhanced. And that is why many smart leaders of small countries are realising that this is the time to hedge their bet on Russia and China, instead of remaining cowed and under the control and threat of the evil empire.

And that is why the USA and the West are going all out to fabricate frivolous claims to drive a wedge between the Russia/China relationship. They keep hammering on the issue that China must come out to take a stand over the Ukraine crisis. Why not pester India, Brazil or Saudi Arabia? China and Russia must never fall for such monkey tricks. 



Ukraine - Victims of American sanctions

 Everyone can see that the main victims of this pervasive American sanctions are Russia and Russian citizens. Ukraine does not matter at all, they asked for it. The innocent Russian people would have to suffer by this indiscriminate sanction just like the people of North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Myanmar and many others that the Americans called enemies.

It is also apparent that the beneficiaries at the top would be the USA. Superficially they, including the daft allies and lackeys, seemed to be having a whale of a time confiscating Russian assets and funds held in the respective countries, and also seizing private properties from innocent private Russians. How to call this kind of lawless acts? Daylight robbery? Gangsterism, banditry, mafiadom? The thing is that such acts of unrestrained looting are short lived.  The Russians would hit back and demand their return plus compensation. For the American Empire, it would be a big tussle of power. For the smaller allies and lackeys, when the Russians throw their punches, they would only get blue blacks and bruises all over their bodies and faces. These silly little countries would be easy meat to be bashed when the time comes. There is no where to run or to hide.

For the moment the Russians would just confiscate everything these allies and lackeys have invested in Russia to offset their losses, including those of American companies. There are more than 300 American and European companies that have been coerced by this American sanction to pull out from Russia, leaving behind practically everything to the Russians. In addition they would be facing lawsuits for breach of contracts.  Many of these private companies would suffer big losses and would not be able to enter the Russian market for a long time to come. They are the real losers. And so were the companies of American lackeys and allies, private enterprises and govt investment companies.

Both Russia and those on the American sides would be the losers for sure. And this would drag on for years till the time comes for settling of scores. The aim of the Americans is to destroy the Russian economy and impoverish the Russian people. Not so easy. Russia is not a small little country to be bullied and isolated.  Russia in many ways is self sufficient and has many friends, big and small, and would survive and life will go on. The friends of Russia are the rest of the world less the American and European countries and a few lackeys.

Who would suffer most when the dust settled is yet to be confirmed. For sure, the private American and European companies would suffer the most for lost of assets and opportunities to do business in Russia. Now we will see who is able to withstand this economic war called sanction, who will wither and die, and who would recover and be stronger at the end of the day. Definitely it is a two way traffic. The pathetic part would be the allies and lackeys that were dragged through the mud and end up the real losers for being friends of the American devils. One prominent American once said, it is bad to be America's enemy, but it is fatal to be friends of America.

Wait for the Americans to find a silly reason to sanction China. Then they would exclude themselves from 3 of the biggest market in the world. All American and European countries and their lackeys would have to pull out from China and trade with the Americans and Europeans. The 3 big economies of Russia, India and China would continue to trade with the rest of the world and be very happy with that.

Just hope the Americans would not shut their doors to the Europeans and their lackeys. Then they would look so silly to the whole world, cannot trade with Russia, China and India and also got locked out of the American market.

UNCLOS a western scheme to create stability in South East Asia

 It is a well known historical fact that the appearance of white men in both North Amedrica and South America caused the genocide of hundreds of millions of natives and the illicit and illegal occupation of their lands by these white European marauders. Same thing happened in Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

To bring the story closer there was peace and tranquility in the South China Sea region among the South China Sea littoral states and China until the Anglo-Saxons of US came into the scene after the Vietnamese war in 1975.

All the islands in the South China Sea, the Paracel Islands, the Spratly Islands and others were legally returned to China by the United Nations Organisation after the Second World War. In fact US navies helped to ferry Chinese army personnels to take charge of these islands in the years 1946 to 1948 when China was then under the Kuomintang ( KMT ) government. But when China came under Mao Tse-tung's communist government rule in 1949 US changed its tune. After the Viet War the United States encouraged Vietnam, Philippine, Malaysia and Brunei to take possession or rather to steal many of the Chinese islands in the region. Up to 1970s China did not have a credible navy to enforce Chinese sovereignty over these far away Chinese island territories. So with encouragement and instigation from US Vietnam stole 25 Chinese islands, Philippine 12, Malaysia 7 or 8 and Brunei 5. The United States then created the United Nations Convention of the Laws of the Sea ( UNCLOS ) in 1986 declaring coastal states can extend up to 200 Km from their coasts as their economic zones. But US and Uk did not sign up to UNCLOS. China was naieved to sign up but with the proviso that UNCLOS does not supplant or impinge on Chinese historical and existing sovereignty over the Chinese South China Sea islands, shoals and islets and their surrounding waters.

On hindsight US was evil and mischievous in creating UNCLOS to syphon away or cut off Chinese legal rights and sovereignty to the Chinese islands and to create grounds for disputes among the littoral states and China.

Anglo-Saxons capability for plotting evils meets no ends.

All the evil Anglo-Saxon countries headed by US and UK must be conndemned and destroyed by God.

Anti white's aggression. SG


New World Order - The shifting dynamics

 Alaska, 19 Mar 21, was the official turning point in US China relations and the move towards a New World Order NWO. The move was started much earlier, in the first year of Donald Trump's presidency when he launched a trade war with China with a series of trade sanctions. The response from China was earth shaking in the sense that no one, not a single country, dared to talk back at the Americans, least to counter with sanctions against the Americans. Many countries have suffered in silence and impoverished, their economy crippled by the American sanctions and being excluded from the international trading system.  Cuba, North Korea, Myanmar and many others, recently Iran and Venezuela, were all silent victims of this all encompassing and neck breaking American sanction. 

China was the first country to say no and to push back with sanction for each sanction, including sanctioning American officials. Such sanctions were unheard off in the past and no country ever think that it could happen. The tit for tat went on till the end of the Trump Administration only to be continued by the Biden Administration. China saw no hope in dealing with the Americans on equal terms, and in full view of the world, in the Alaska Meeting, China said it would not accept any more of American bullying to Blinken and Sullivan in the face. China went on the offensive and told the Americans off.

The Alaska Meeting was very well received by the oppressed countries and victims of American hegemony and bullying. Claps and cheers were heard all over the capital cities of the world. Someone finally stood up to the Americans. The Americans were taken aback by this unexpected violence from China and was lost as to how to respond. The rest of the world saw this as an opportunity to break ranks with the oppressive and aggressive American Empire. Every move and step taken by the Americans against China was closely watched by the rest of the world. And every firm retort and response by China was quietly welcomed.

In the latest Ukraine crisis, more astounding incidents happened to the dismay and ire of the American regime in Washington. How dare Saudi Arabia and UAE refused to take calls from Biden, the President of the USA, the number one terrorist country? Were they out of their minds, did not know the consequences of such rude behaviour. No, they knew exactly what they were doing to the American President. They were not going to talk to him, no time for him. But they had meetings and phone conversations with Putin and Xi instead. Talking about rubbing salt onto wounds.

Sure the Americans were gritting in anger and would be planning some aggressive moves against both countries soon. Both countries also voted against the American resolution in the UN to censure Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This is another unbelievable act that small countries would not dare to do before. Apparently the two Arab Muslim countries must have all the support from the Arab and Muslim world, all victims of American sanctions, aggression and oppression, including invasion at one time or another. The Arab and Muslim world has taken a clear stand to stand up to the Americans, no longer would they be the puppets of the American and the West. They are breaking free to chart their own destiny as free nations, not the pretentious 'free' nations but controlled by the Americans and the West.

India, a member of the Quad set up to oppose China and Russia also broke ranks and remained neutral, refusing to condemn or sanction Russia in the Ukraine Crisis. Unbelievable, unexpected, and a big affront to the American hegemony. What more to say when one of the closest ally refused to toe the line, refused to carry out the order of the American Emperor. And the Americans are hapless against India, afraid to impose sanctions on India for they depended heavily on India to be the spoiler in their wars against China and Russia. Any unthoughtful act against India would only push the Indians closer to Russia and China.  India is having the last laugh.

Then there is North Korea. While the Americans were busy trapped in the turmoil in Ukraine, North Korea happily went about firing missiles after missiles in total defiance of the Americans. The Americans with their hands full, could only watch in silent rage. They could not afford another confrontation in another corner of the world.

Recently Iran launched several cruise missiles at the American Embassy in Iraq. This is an open challenge to the Americans. They are not going to sit there to be hit by the Americans, their generals killed by the Americans and not doing anything. The Iranians are taking the initiative to hit back. This is another act that no Arab or Muslim country would dare to ponder or think of doing against the Americans. Yes, the Iranians are hitting back with conviction.

Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi lost their lives wanting to break away from the American control of oil using petrol dollar. The Arab and Muslim world resigned to the fate of losing two of their most powerful leaders to the American terrorists. They just could not do anything to the Americans and just pretended that nothing happened. No point talking or crying about it. There was no more talks of switching from petrol dollar to petro Euro or petro yuan.

While all these were happening, China went ahead to trade with other oil producing countries using yuan, with Iran, Venezuela and Russia and a few others. Now it was the Americans that could not do anything about it. They could not invade China to kill Xi like they did to Saddam and Gaddafi, two relatively smaller and weaker countries that would not stand a chance against the might of American military power. 

With the sanctions on Russia and Putin, the two leaders of China and Russia would no longer be constrained to replace the petrol dollar with petrol yuan. All their trades would no longer be using the greenbacks and many other oil producing countries would be doing so as well. Saudi Arabia would be the latest to break free from the Americans if they want to sell oil to China, its biggest customer. Would the Americans still be able to control the Saudis like they did in the past? Would they threaten a regime change or invade Saudi Arabia like they did to Iraq and Libya?

This time both China and Russia would step in to defend Saudi Arabia and no more cake walk for the Americans. The last bridge too far was Syria when Putin finally stepped in to stop the expansion of American control in the Middle East. Today, both Putin and Xi would have nothing to consider or hold them back from defending the Saudis against an American invasion.

In South East Asia, as in Africa and Latin America, the influence and grip of the American Empire is diminishing and fading away. The Americans only have one last ally in SE Asia other than Anglo Saxon Australia. Countries are now openly taking sides with China, supporting China and Russia without having to worry about antagonising the Americans and reprisals.

The forces are shifting very fast with China and Russia crafting out the outlines for a New World Order based on equality of nations, mutual respect, diplomacy and not wars of oppression and regime change but common prosperity, not the prosperity of the Americans and the West and their hegemony and control over the rest of the world.

Countries of the world are given a chance to be truly free, free from American bullying and coercion and sanctions, and robbery, free to be truly free nations, not 'free' but under the control and dictates of the American Empire, to be whacked, threatened and sanctioned by the Americans as and when it pleases the Americans.

The world sorely needs a New World Order. The rest of the world are craving for it and waiting for it for too long and it is happening and coming soon and will be embraced with zeal to the disgust and opposition of the American Empire. The rest of the world, the world community, excluding the Anglo Saxon tribes and the Europeans, would cut lose the chain of western domination, oppression and control to build a fairer and more equal world, for common prosperity, free from the endless wars and instability created by the Americans and the West...for lasting peace and well being of the international community.

Where angels fear to tread, not the 4Gs


 Our 4Gs are very daring and adventurous - going where no one else dare!

India was a colony of the UK, their legal system was adopted from the UK laws, many countries follow the Indian Penal code as it is developed with the best legal minds of UK. This legal system was much better than the Chinese legal system when India gain independence, also India is a democracy compares to communist China.

However China has leapfrogged India in a few decades in many many aspects. What is the main difference?

Heard from the grapevines that when one of the local banks headhunted its top honcho from one US bank, on the first day of work when he was presented with business plans and projects - all projects and business in the Indian sub continent to be suspended. Heard that the American bank where he was headhunted had lost tons and tons of money there.

In a country where even the central government had endorsed a project, the company still needs to deal with local and provincial officials. Everything needs to be greased to move. Many companies were lured in by cheap promises, only when they set foot and sinks in the money, the demands and problems starts piling up - many times the budgeted amount and all cannot be accounted on paper!

In our neighboring country Malaysia, one company Sime Darby - a conglomerate computed that since they are paying so much to the banks for their services it would be cheaper to have their own bank. Yes the Sime Bank came into existence but they never deal with some of the untouchables who ask for loans and overdrafts and many others but never repay those loans and overdrafts etc. These work out to be even more costly than bank charges! Sime Bank had to merge with RHB. Lesson - never ventured into unknown territories which looks greener from the outside.

I can only say good luck to the daring 4Gs. 

Wars are only evil when Westerners are victims

There's a deep-seated belief in the Western public's psyche that white lives are more precious than those of others living in countries considered to be unpleasant. Wars are justified and tolerated if led by the West. The hypocrisy and racism of reporting on Russia-Ukraine has made this abundantly clear when the tragedies of the 21st century, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Yemen did not elicit the pious posturing of Europeans and Americans as Russia-Ukraine has.

For the first time, this duplicity has been exposed to the global majority by social media and other tech-enabled forms of communication. Hundreds of thousands of videos and messages have reached every corner of the world, as Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Africans, South Americans have the scale of this hypocrisy made crystal clear.

This is helping to combat centuries of Western propaganda, which portrayed white Westerners as superior, righteous, civilizing and the natural leaders of the world -- a perpetuation of white privilege stemming from brutal colonial exploits.

The sheer influence of this system was previously only recognized by some, but now there is a global conversation taking place about why the West is depicting the civilian tragedy of this conflict as somehow incomparable to other conflicts. This discourse is leading hundreds of millions to new understandings of current events and to not simply accept the one-sided Western version.

Russia winning the Russia-Ukraine conflict is good because it will lead to a world with more equal power-sharing that will no longer be dictated by the narrow interventionist interests of the West. America and Europe will be aligned on one side, and Russia and China aligned on the other. 



Random facts and truth in brief:Wherever and whenever white-men appear it bodes evil and danger.

       Every human being has an appendix. A disease appendix - appendicitis must be surgically removed or else it may cause you your life. 

Europe peninsula is the appendix of continental Asia. It has diseased for a long time. Asia did not remove this disease appendix and therefore it has been causing endless troubles in this world. To save this earthly world it is necessary to surgically remove Europe.

Europe is the birth place of white-men. It is the birth place of all sins, false religions, suffering and death in this world. It is the birth place of all wars and aggressions. It is the birth place of all lies, deceits, racial hatreds, killings, murders and genocide. In short it is the birth place of all that is evil and abominable. And this white men's disease is the curse of mankind. And it has been the curse of non-white people and non-white countries for the last over 500 years. 

For a long time it has turned canceros and the disease cancerous European appendicitis  ( I will call it Europendicitis ) had spread far and wide into the Americas, Africa, Australia and New Zealand killing hundreds of millions of natives in the course of over 500 years.

Now is the time to stop Europeandicitis from causing any further wars and aggression. Russia and China will take the lead to do the job of eradicating Europeandicitis. Russia has started the cleansing in Europe by stopping Western - US aggression in Ukraine. But the Europeandicitis cancer has taken deep roots in Anglo-Saxon United States and Canada in North America, and has indeed become more toxic and poisonous. I will call this mutation of Europeandicitis as Americandicitis. For the last almost one hundred years this Americandicitis has superceded the Europendicitis by many fold in dispensing aggressive wars of conquest , brutal atrocities, killings and genocide of non-white people and countries everywhere in Middle East, Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. In fact the present Ukraine crisis and war is caused by the Americandicitis of the United States through its hegemonic control of NATO which it founded in 1949 to hold European countries under its hegemony. France former President De Gaulle was so disgusted with the self-condescending Americans that he would pull France out of NATO in 1966 to preserve France sovereignty as he refused to let France lose its self-respect and dignity as a subservient colony of the diabolical American empire. At least Predsident De Gaulle was more humble and did command quite a great deal of respect from China and other non-white countries.

Since the end of De Gaulle's era European countries were held in subservience to America's interests. The United States and NATO had since then up to today imposed more than 70 wars on many other countries  causing many millions of deaths and maiming further millions. The most outrageous and disgusting thing is that after starting all wars and crisis the Americans and NATO would turn around and reversely accused their victims of aggression. The same thing is happening now in the Middle East, East China Sea and South China Sea, in Central America and South America. The United States is just a big unrepenting mafia bully in the international stage. God willing America and NATO should be justly destroyed.

Time is of the essence and so all non-white countries must come together and unite in unison and solidarity to stop the white people's menace before they cause any further toxic wars, pains suffering and death to the non-white people and countries.


Saturday, 19th March,2002.